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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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is live in lafayette with more right? yeah, good evening that report. you mentioned tonight showed that 2020 was a relatively dry year and 2021 wasn't a really any better and we're going to be getting some rain this week, but it's not a lot of rain, but any rain should be really considered a positive now drought experts are worried that if we don't get much rain throughout this winter 2022 will be an even more strout. it's been a while but northern california will finally start seeing more rain later this week. i want as as we can get no, i'm very excited. yeah, so, you know anything that helps the environment, you know, it's wonderful mary carillo hikes frequently in the east bay hills. she says seeing them look dark brown makes learned about the local environment. i'm a native californian and it's beautiful out here and i i'd like it to remain so according to the california department of water resources. 2021 is the second driest year in state history the driest year
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happened all the way back in 1924. very little rainfall has left the state in a significant drought this week's rain is going to be very small compared to them accumulated moisture deficit so i don't think this week's rain is going to end the drought but it certainly very welcome. jay lund is a professor at uc davis who specializes in engineering for water structures. he says right now state reservoirs have stored enough water, but if more rain doesn't arrive in the next few months, he fears the drought will get much worse. perfect. next year's as dry as this those stocks will be depleted then. you know probably be some. it's greater use of mandatory water cons? he says people should still focus on efforts to conserve water because this year's rain season is only just beginning we have just seen the very beginning of the wet season, which is happening about several weeks later than average and several weeks later than we would like it to start.
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now i spoke with east bay mud earlier about water conservation and they told me their customers did worse in september compared to the rest of the year throughout this year. they've been saving around 8% but back. timber they've been only conserving around 6% so their message to their customers is really just a focus on how much water they are using live in the east bay ryan curry abc 7 news. alright, ryan. thank you so much and more rain is on the horizon abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel joins us with a look at the week ahead sandia. yeah. i am really happy to report this to you the next seven days. we have the storm impact scale every single day. it's a one for the next five days but notice sunday monday potential for a stronger. atmospheric river which is a level 2 storm right now. we'll see if that materializes certainly will help to put a dent in our deficit our drought and the next storm is a light one. it is on live doppler 7 right now moves in tomorrow night going into early wednesday and as you look at the hourly forecast nine o'clock some heavy rain hitting the north bay tomorrow night.
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it spreads at 1 am going into tomorrow wednesday morning some scattered showers will continue but that's just the start of what's to come look at the series that comes in here. we have more wet weather. thursday friday, and then a stronger storm is coming in as we hit the weekend potentially sunday into monday that could bring impressive rainfall totals. i'll be back with a closer. look at those coming up amma. all right. look forward to hearing more. thank you, sandia vice president kamala harris traveled to southern nevada today to discuss climate change. she stood near the shores of lake mead, which is at its lowest level in 86 years the vice president urge congress to pass the biden administration to infrastructure and build back better. they contain investments in water recycling reuse and desalination. this is about thinking ahead recognizing where we are and where we're headed. if we don't address these issues with a sense of urgency understanding. this is literally about life. travel lake mead is considered a
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lifeline for 25 million people and millions of acres of farmland in california, arizona, nevada and mexico, the lake level has dropped 140 feet in the last 20 years. today former secretary of state colin powell died of complications from covid-19 his death is highlighting the importance of booster shots for older and immuno immunocompromised people abc 7 news reporter news. pena is part of our vaccine team and spoke with several experts who believe some people could benefit from multiple booster shots. she is in the newsroom to explain loose done. not everyone builds up the same level of immunity and younger people are known to produce a stronger. response to the vaccine now when it comes to break through. says even though they are rare the vast majority are happening among those who are 65 and older. former secretary of state colin powell was 84 years old had cancer and was fully vaccinated. he died from covid-19 complications. what happened when you are
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treating a person with an underlying condition. like cancer or some autoimmune diseases you are actually affecting their immune system. so the vacations that people are taking or even the itself may actually make your immune responses not as good as a healthy individual dr. yvonne maldonado stanford university's professor of global health and infectious disease believes powells break through case is a prime example that even when vaccinated there's always a risk of infection, but specially if you're older than 65 years old or have underlying health conditions. we also know that after four to six months there is evidence that the immunity overall drops off. we met with ucsfs, dr. timothy henrich. he's been leading a study and breakthrough cases to understand what's causing severe disease. he believes immunocompromised
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patients could benefit from multiple booster shots. sometimes the third or even potentially a fourth doses needed in order to develop the same antibody and same immune response that those without cone the latest cdc data shows a total 7,178 breakthrough cases of covid-19 that have resulted in death of those breakthrough cases 85% were among people 65 and older and 57% were among men. we know for example that there may be biological differences between males and females that prevent males from from fighting that very initial infection during the first few. days to week or so. one of powell's longtime spokespeople confirmed to abc 7 news powell was scheduled to receive a booster shot again. breakthrough cases are extremely rare more than 187 million people in the us are fully vaccinated and there have been 31,000 breakthrough cases
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reported. so that's a 0.0 17% of a chance in the newsroom. use peña abc 7 news. yeah and lose as we point out here importantly a general power had multiple health issues. loma type of blood cancer. is there any data as to how much immunity the vaccines produced in cases like his? yeah, we don't know about his case specifically but according to any study that civic type of blood cancer only 47% of them developed an adequately immune response after receiving either deficer or the modern vaccine and 22% had a partial response. that's why experts believe those who are immuno compromised might need multiple booster shots. okay loose. thank you. across the state parents teachers and students took part in a number of protests opposing governor. newsom's covid vaccine mandate for school children. this was the scene outside the state. building in sacramento this morning. you see how many people came? out more than 1,000 people rallied on the west lawn. objecting to the upcoming
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vaccine requirement protesters called on local school districts to oppose the mandate despite many of them already announcing that they will comply. protesters in the north bay rallied outside education facilities to push back against the upcoming mandate once the fda fully approves the vaccine for children 5 to 11 all students who attend school in person will be required to get the vaccine. i'll unvaccinated students will be required to role in an independent study program for both public and private schools life is hard. but when when you start biting people let alone students. i mean it becomes a huge issue. enforcement for the mandate could begin as soon as january but it is not likely until july. san francisco state university is getting in on the effort to try to get young people vaccinated today university and city officials announced a scholarship lottery that offers 10 individuals four years of
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free tuition if they get vaccinated the contest is open to san francisco residents ages 12 to 17 even though those who've already been vaccinated can enter as long as they were 12 to 17 when they got their first shot university president. mahoney says the drawing is an attempt to do two things. it is to support. city in its efforts to get us back to normal. i getting us as close to 100% as we can of vaccination rates, but it's also about reminding students that there is nothing more important as they view their own upward mobility and their families upward mobility than attending college. young people interested in entering the drawing can register at 10 locations around the city starting one week from today. tires slashed and a graffitied message on the garage the dream trip that turned into a nightmare at a north bay vacation rental also a wildfire that started with a prescribed burn is up to 80% containment, but neighbors want to know how it got out of contr hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas.
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they sure can change year to year compare plans now at open enrollment ends december 7. y ets take apa fory the daren of health an accused of deliberately running down a room woman with his car killing her. happened this morning on miller. junior foothill boulevard about an hour later police arrested a man from oakland and less than an hour after that a woman was found shot to death in an area of the oakland hills that's popular with hiker and hikers and cyclists. our media partner the east bay times reports that a bicyclist discovered the woman's body this morning on redwood road inside reinhardt redwood regional park investigators think she's in her 20s. this is oakland's 113th homicide of the year in the north bay.
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nightmare scenario for a group of friends from kansas on a recent trip to wine country. they woke up to their van's tires slashed and a threatening message painted on the garage of their vacation rental as abc 7 news. anchor liz kreutz learned. these friends got caught in the middle of a contentious neighborhood debate. i can't even believe that it's real honestly when alana harrison and her friends booked a dream vacation to wine country. never expected it to end up like this the home they rented in the green valley neighborhood of fairfield was vandalized with this threatening message. this is your final warning. the tribe has spoken leave this place or else also all four tires on their rental van were slashed. i don't understand still like why they vandalize our car if they wanted us to leave. it was only after this the group learned the couple who owned the home they rented through vrbo did not have a permit for a short-term rental according to solano county supervisor james sparing. it had recently been denied after henches debate and pushback from the neighborhood from my outstanding as that permanent permit was denied or delayed. so we just
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home is still being rented out. hi. this is liz chords from abc 7 news. i'm tried contacting the homeowners to ask them about the incident, but could not get through and have not yet heard back neighbor clif neal shared this surveillance video from the night of the vandalism which shows the suspect entering the property and soon after running. way, you don't recognize the person in that video. but i hope someone does it's appalling. i mean, there's no one that could justify spray painting and and popping tires. still neil is also one of the many neighbors fed up with this short-term rental. they've packed this house with seven bedrooms and 10 beds and try to make it a party house as for harrison and her friends. they are disturbed by all aspects of this experience the response from the neighborhood the homeowners and vrbo, which they it would not help them relocate after the incident the most wrong to me would be the homeowners because they're just like let's keep ranting like no matter what but like verb code
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should have like policies in place to investigate vrbo did not respond to abc 7 news by our deadline harrison said after much urging the website did appear to take down the rental she and her friends are still dealing with trying to get reimbursed by the homeowners and are shocked to hear they currently have it rented out for now. they're sharing their story as a warning. i just learned like be very dil. and looking up the property you're staying in don't go based on reviews alone. the group did file a police report in hope. someone will be caught in charged in fairfield liz kre. abc 7 news three members of the san francisco board of education are facing a recall election tonight. they are board president gabriella lopez vice president for u-haulia and commissioner alison collins a group of parents began collecting signatures nine months ago. they complained the board wouldn't allow in-person teaching during the pandemic and then plan to rename schools the city's board of elections certified the petitions today and set the election for february 15th in santa cruz
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county. the estrada fire is now 80 sent contained it started when a prescribed deliberate burn jumped cal fire lines on friday abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey. spoke with a homeowner who planned the burn to find out exactly what happened. smokey the bear said at best only you can prevent wildfires. so with fire danger considered to be very high. why exactly do they control burn get out of control in santa cruz county? it's a question. some residents are asking as the estrada fire continues to burn if they're gonna do a controlled burns when it's so dry and we have such problems with fire here. they need to have the resources on hand. to be able to you know combat any issues that arise from the controlled burn. otherwise, it's not a controlled burn. you know, this is where it all started on friday afternoon along hazel dell road. cal fire says a 20 acre prescribed burn quickly jump to nearly 150 acres after breaking the containment of crews on hand. so why the burn now sjsu professor craig clement says,
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this is actually the perfect time the conditions are perfect for doing a prescribed fire just because it's cooler. we're in fall. and so this is time that we have to do it the owners of estrada ranch say they were the ones who planned the controlled burn with cal fire along with several other agencies who all signed off on the plan. we spoke with greg estrada one of the family property owners and retired cal. battalion chief today. he didn't want to go on. but he told us he's saddened that his family's plan to help prevent fires ended up. this estrada says cal fire was in control of operations on friday as they attempted to create a fuel break to prevent future fires from spreading east and eliminate a fire fuel source, dr. clement says despite the results here prescribed burns are crucial in this shouldn't be a warning against them. absolutely have to get fire on the ground to manage these forests. so it's just something that happened and i think that this can these conditions were just very rare that it got out of control.
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cal fire did not respond to our attempts for comment in santa cruz county dustin dorsey abc 7 news. we've been waiting for it and the weather is officially changed dan. yeah, it really has a significant way san diego really your panel tonight tells the story. yeah. absolutely. it's the kind of thing. we want to see dan and which is a series of storms bringing us much needed rain. i want to show you what it looks like from zephyr cove. is this gorgeous or what? yeah, beautiful view of the setting sun by the way, the from the last storm that came through last night into today brought anywhere from one to 10 inches of snow. they'll be seeing some more. between tomorrow night and early wednesday expecting the snow level to go from 7,000 to lake level but only a couple of inches is expected. here's the storm on live doppler 7 looks impressive it is going to bring us more rain than what we just received in the last 24 hours right now on live doppler 7. it is quiet. our radar is scanning for any potential storms and they're coming this week. so let's look at the rainfall
6:19 pm
totals anywhere from a couple hundred seven inch in the last 24 hours to just over 2/10 of an inch. in ukiah give or take a few there as we look at a live picture from our golden gate bridge camera, just a beautiful view 55 right now in the city need the jacket oakland 59. jose 60 degrees and a lovely view from our east bay hills camera of the sun getting ready to set low 60s from napa to was definitely feels more like winter 64 in concord and one other live picture from our emeryville camera as we look back towards sutro tower and san francisco partly cloudy chile tomorrow next storm arrives tomorrow night with periods of wet and gusty weather into next week on our storm impact scale this one for tomorrow night into wednesday is a level one. it's a light system widespread rain expected, but there will be briefly moderate to heavy rain with gusty southerly winds timeline looks like this 8 pm north bay is getting hit. downpours tomorrow night 11pm you will notice still the moderate to heavy rain is in the north bay, but we are going to see the wet weather move into
6:20 pm
san francisco peninsula east bay scattered showers for wednesday morning if you have a commute allow that extra time as we go into wednesday afternoon evening showers become a little less widespread more isolated in nature now in terms of rainfall totals with this system. we're looking at anywhere from a few hundreds of an inch in the southern end of our viewing area about a tenth of an inch in san san jose to be precise over an some of our wetter north bay locations. i'm going to forward this from wednesday night all the way into early next week and if the atmospheric river materializes sunday, monday rainfall totals could be over a half a foot to the north and less than that. and ease, but we'll definitely be monitoring that 30. is morning temperatures will be on the chili side afternoon highs lows 60s to low 70s. the rain doesn't arrive until tomorrow night going into wednesday. so it's a one on the accuweather 7 day forecast going into wednesday and then thursday friday. we have some more wet weather level one. another system comes in. that's the stronger one level
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two for sunday into monday. so stay stand in arma all right. thank you. sandia coming up next calling for changes in the san francisco district. attorney's office the letters supported by several groups urging better communication with the asia your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant, it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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calls for changes in the way the da's office handles asian american victims cases abc 7 news. anchor dion limb was first to obtain that letter and brings you the story. better communication is just one of the calls to action outlined in a letter from the california asian pacific american bar association apoba for short sent to san francisco district. attorney chase. abudin monday morning members of the community deserve to know that they're being protected and if they've been victimized by a crime the letter is cosigned and supported by eight local and national organizations such as the chinatown safety patrol and southeast asian development center. it cites the more than 9,8. nationwide reported by stop aapi hate from march of 2020 to june of 2021 tonight is acutely present in people's minds anymore, but it should be a papa was inspired to penn the letter based off the handling of the vishal-ratnapakti case in particular. where an 84 year old ty grandfather was shoved to the ground and killed in january of
6:25 pm
this year. we asked the da to commit to timely communicating with victims and family members of victims. asian hate providing in language interpretation services and identifying what he and his office are doing to protect the api community and to to be transparent about how he's making charging decisions with respect to hate crime. i reached out to the district attorney's office for comment they responded saying in part. we jrust today and have already reached out to the group and hope to meet with them soon. the da's office cares deeply about boarding victims and survivors including by expanding language access and support for victims in the courts and in our victim's services division last week boudin did take part in discussion with contra costa county's da to listen to victims of violent crime in that discussion. he addressed the need for better interpretation services my goal before i leave office is to
6:26 pm
ensure that we have enough victim advocates to respond to every single victim of every crime within 48 hours until them what their rights are in a a language they can understand. montana's rotten apakti visha ratnapakti's daughter. she says her initial requests for a tie interpreter were denied i was refill ed and i have to push back for it the letter also referenced the quote boudin gave to the new york times that vicious attacker was having some temper tantrum a quote boudin says was out of context but one vicious family learned of via twitter. i remember that my body found numb family and others like them should not be hearing about developments in the case through the news while montana's now has access to a to a to a to a all victims whose lives are forever changed by crime and aap. in san francisco dion limb abc 7 news remembering colon powellell
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better bay area moving forwardn. is abc 7 news. american across the country are flying at half staff tonight for general colin powell the former secretary of state as you've heard died this morning due to complications from covid-19 and the nation tonight mourns the loss of a public service pioneer colin powell the former secretary of state and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff was the first black man to hold those positions. he was born in new york to jamaican immigrants and flourished in the army later. he became chairman of the joint chiefs during the george hw bush administration and the us led victory in the gulf war while highly distinguished powell's career was not without controversy. he played a key role pushing faulty intelligence before the united nations to advocate for the 2003 iraq war a moderate
6:31 pm
republican powell had friends on both sides of the aisle. not only a dear friend in the patriots. one of our great military leaders in a man of overwhelming decency. powell died this morning as we said due to complications from covid he was fully vaccinated, but also had a rare blood cancer that weakens the immune system colin powell was 84. i had the opportunity to interview colin powell at the commonwealth club back in 2012. we spent about an hour and a half together half an hour or so. before we went out into public and had a good chance to chat with him powell visited the bay area several times before and after his time as secretary of state and he was highly intelligent obviously, but it was also very warm and engaging in the time i had with him among those paying tribute to colin powell tonight is retired us army general stanley mcchrystal who i interviewed today for the commonwealth club. he had become a friend to me while i was on active duty when he was a four star. i was a more junior officer major at the time, but then when
6:32 pm
i was commanding in afghanistan, he would reach out to me as a retired general officer just to provide a hearing we think of him as a general or secretary of state. he was a class act as a human being. general mcchrystal described powell as a man who had his feet firmly planted on the ground in addition to powell mcchrystal and i discussed the situation in afghanistan as well as his new book called risk a user's guide. we turned out a 7 on your side a company which lists a san leandro addresses being accused by dozens of people of sending and billing many of them for products. they didn't order 7 on your side's michael. finney is looking into the complaints michael. accusations against nutritional ink have surged in the last few months one of those who says he was targeted is a veteran abc 7 reporter. okay, this is the youth miracle repair. that's the supposed benefit of a
6:33 pm
nutritional supplement howard hernandez received in the mail. even though he says he didn't order howard says the fountain of youth is of no interest to him, and he does not want to pay for it. same thing happened to elizabeth roman a bridgeport, connecticut. i just received the package in the mail just a package with two different supplements. um, and i had no idea where they came from. elizabeth received two charges your credit card each for under $8 the good news federal regulators. say if you receive something you didn't order there's no obligation to pay for it. my question was how did you get my account to begin with i didn't please this order. then that was pretty disturbing the better business bureau has identified the company as nutritional inc. the bureau has received more than 80 complaints about the company more than half since august nutritional inc. lists, its address as in san leandro the company appears to be renting a private mailbox from the ups store there.
6:34 pm
it's not known how nutritional ink chooses who descent its products to but one is a familiar face to abc 7 news viewers long time. porter david louie the package he received had a nutritional ink return address inside the package not a nutritional supplement but earbuds, but this is a bizarre. this is a bizarre situation. kids came in a white box similar to what you might see with an apple product. yeah, that makes me suspicious that it's not an apple product because there is no apple branding at all. no copyright no notice. so why would nutritional ink send david earbuds the company's own website features nothing but nutritional products. we reached out several times last week two nutritional ink customer service. it said someone would get back to us, but we have yet. to hear back the federal trade commission says it seen people send out products just to get tracking codes. those tracking codes can then be
6:35 pm
used to publish verified but fake reviews on sites such as ebay and amazon those caught in the middle want to stay clear of this whether they're getting earbuds or nutritional supplements. i don't want anything to do that. you know, i i don't know what's in them. and and frankly, i don't want to know so there's mystery here that i'm hoping michael can get down to well, the bbb has givenn nutritional ink and f rating the bottom line. you're not obliged to pay for anything. you didn't order and be sure to shut down your credit card, which everyone in this story has done. be careful and let me know if this has happened to you. amazing. all right. thank you. michael very much. we're coming up next they were pioneers of lesbian rights this lgbtq history month. we look back on the lives of phyllis lion and del martin. how organizations are working to preserve the san francisco couples home of six decade
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♪ ♪ ♪
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october is is history month and we're highlighting some of the people and events that helped launch the lgbtq rights movement. the 1969 stonewall riots in new york are widely seen as the flashpoint in the fight for
6:39 pm
equal rights, but there were many events and people across the country that helped ignite the national convers. before stonewall that includes a san francisco couple abc 7 news race and culture reporter. julian glover has their story. could easily be called the mothers of the lesbian rights movement. they spent most of their adult lives fighting for recognition and equality. they found at the daughters of the lightest the first organization for lesbians in the united states in san francisco back in 1955. they started primarily socially just as a way to bring people together, but they quickly became political they became sort of engaged in the politics of the day trying to win more rights for women more right for a lesbians, but also for the broader lgbtq community at the glbt historical society museum in san francisco a display highlights the contribution of the two women to the community the display includes the magazine.
6:40 pm
they started circulating in 1956. the latter was the first national lesbian publication in the us and one of the first magazines to publish statistics on lesbians and most of the united states the latter was illegal because the content talked about same-sex relationships. but that didn't stop phyllis and dell and 1960 the hella convention here in san francisco. that brought a lot of women together to organize to learn together to just beat each other. this was really groundbreaking. this was not a time when it was very common to have large scale gatherings. list spoke with us in 1966 about those conventions in this interview not seen in more than half a century the membership restricted only to lesbians now is restricted only to women. in other words can be 21 years. we don't inquire into their sexual orientation if they want to become a member. is it more or less taken for granted? hi by the very nature of the organization. it's i would say 99% lesbian the dob as it was called had
6:41 pm
chapters around the country, which city has the greatest membership. fine, i think san francisco in los angeles. i was rather san francisco in new york are running neck and neck and membership. each of us has approximately 80 memb. ers what problems have you run into holding conventions? we've run into no trouble out here in let's go when our chapter in new york tried to reserve a hotel for the convention in 1964. they had difficulty getting a hotel in new york. why is this they're very strange on the east coast apparently? the planning for the daughters of politis happen here the san francisco home phyllis and del bought in 1955. if its walls could talk. they would tell the story of two incredible lives filled with fighting for equality. they did work on youth issues and poverty and aging and you
6:42 pm
know, they became i would say with the rise of the second wave feminist movement. they became very ardent feminists as well as people who are and gay rights give you this ring when the city of san francisco dove into the debate over same-sex marriages in 2004 phyllis and dell were the first couple to be married. i now pronounce you spouses for life. it was a short-lived union. however, the state's high court voided those marriage licenses. we talked to phyllis and dell about what they thought about being married on the eve of their second final and legal wedding in 2008. i don't know that we even had a chance to think did we no after 55 years together, they tied the knot at san francisco city hall when we first got together, we weren't really thinking about getting married. we just thank you. about getting together but i think it's a wonderful day two
6:43 pm
months later dell died from complications of an arm bone fracture in san francisco lyon passed away last april the home they lived in for 65 years was sold last year for more than two million dollars the city recently declared the home of land. and the new owners have pledged to preserve it for the future. that included allowing oakland-based sciarc to come in and take detailed 3d images of the home. so there'll be a what a virtual 3d tour of the house so that anyone can visit it online explore the space, but also learn about the stories of what happened here in this house. the whole needs a lot of work and the national trust for historic preservation is now trying to figure out what to do with the house. so ideally we wouldn't just deserve the past but we're thinking about ways that we can restore and reactivate the site is a place where there can be women's rights and lgbt rights lead. up advocacy and activism in a way that will help not only respect and honor the work of
6:44 pm
phyllis and dell in their lives, but carry that legacy forward. creating a home for tomorrow's lgbtq leaders to remember where their history begins and just how far it can take them. julian glover abc 7 news. they were truly something and saving phyllis line and delmart. will cost a lot of money maybe even millions if you'd like to contribute to the preservation or hear more of that 1966 interview with phyllis head to our website abc 7 our website abc 7 it's well wor to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means. asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali... when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant alone. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems,
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councilman and mayoral candidate mike matt and has come under fire for criticizing santa clara county's decision to provide some workers with hazard pay protesters gathered at san jose city hall demanding the mayhan retract statements opposing those payments after learning. he approved similar payments for city workers the board of supervisors recently approved distributing funds from the american rescue plan to assist workers who jumped into service roles during the pandemic. we actually need leadership supporting essential workers. we need to be giving them. we need to give them support not just this statements insulting essential workers. councilman, mahan says he
6:48 pm
supports bonuses for workers, but that it makes no sense to take money directed toward recovery and give it to quote highly paid bureaucrats who did no frontline work. he says in san jose. the money was a one-time bonus as part of regular negotiations with workers. a group of lawmakers is issuing a warning to amazon. they say top executives may have missed letter even lied to congress the bipartisan group of lawmakers is questioning amazon's this practices the company previously testified that they do not use the data of third-party sellers to help develop their own brands so far. the company hasn't provided enough evidence to makers to confirm their testimony lawmakers are telling the company's senior executives including jeff bezos that this is their last warning to provide. evidence before legal action is taken apple held its second product event of the year today the company introduced two new macbook pros the m1 pro and the m1 pro max. it says that one of the biggest benefits of the new products is the new computer chip that can
6:49 pm
support up to 32 gigabytes of memory. apple also unveiled the new generation of air pods and announced upgrades to the home pod mini including new colors. another thing announced today a voice plan for its apple music. service all right. it's a nice day to stay inside. listen to music get cozy. yeah all week. maybe like yeah pretty much off and on we have storms coming in dan and alma and i want to show you live doppler 7 because this is her break things are gonna look different come tomorrow night late tomorrow night. it's a level one system going into wednesday widespread rain briefly moderate to heavy. especially in the north bay with gusty southerly winds expect. so nine o'clock. it's in the north bay tomorrow night by 1 am. it's spreading across other parts of the bay area scattered showers for your wednesday. and really this isn't our only storm system. we'll talk about the rest in just a moment high temperatures tomorrow 60s 70s. we have more storms on the way the next one thursday into friday that'll bring a rain snow mix to the sierra.
6:50 pm
we have a weekend system that comes in that sunday monday storm looks to be an atmospheric river if it holds together impressive. expected but for the walk to end alzheimer's in san ramon weather should cooperate as of right now. it's going to be cool and cloudy accuweather 7-day forecast level one every single day through saturday and then a level two stronger storm sunday into monday. very good. thank you very much. all right, and chris alvarez is here with the latest in sports a lot to talk about tonight. chris always a lot to talk about we got. sharks niners and the warriors plus the giants put a bow on the 2021 season what gabe kepler and farhan zaidi said what they will miss the most from this past baseba ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. and protect against vision loss. ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too.
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hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. with chris alvarez well after their first weekend without baseball in about nine months gabe catherine farhan zaidi held their end of the season press conference the biggest focus the roster in free agents like chris bryant and brandon belt as well as four fists the rotation not named logan webb, those questions will be answered of course in the coming months. but today i asked both guys what they're gonna miss. about the 2021 campaign there is a feeling that happens prior to the game. this is unmatched. you can't can't manufacture it. there's an adrenaline rush that comes being a player being in uniform being in the dugout having all the fans in the
6:54 pm
stands and the unknown of that game just it's incredible. it's a feeling that i think drives us to do what we do. there was such a feeling of rebirth this season. i don't think i've everpreciatee to the park and watch game and see fans in the stands c fans get excited like we did this year and i hope that carries over this year, but i think next year, but i i think that is something that was pretty special about this season around baseball and particularly for this team. 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo returned to practice today. he's been dealing with a calf injury fellow quarterback trey lance did not practice. he's recovering from a left knee sprain offensive tackle trent williams said jimmy g look like he's ready to go. keep an eye on both of their progress as the week develops n was the colts sunday night and we are on the eve of a new nba season warriors tip off tomorrow in a marquee matchup against the lakers at staples center stephan curry entering his 13th season. remember he finished third in the mvp voting last year warriors finished preseason. perfect 5-0 and have a good mix
6:55 pm
of established veterans and some younger guys contrast that with the lakers who have the oldest team in the league and winless in the preseason. my suspect they've been applying possum a little bit in the preseason, you know. they've been around long enough to know that. preseason games don't mean to think so we're expecting their best ever tomorrow. we want to set the standard, you know, we want to come out and and be aggressive from the stars. so whether it's in preseason or this first game we want to, you know, set the tone early. the san jose sharks begin in five game road trip montreal tomorrow today the nhl announced that evander kane has been suspended 21 games without pay due to violation of the covid-19 protocol cane released a statement saying quote i would like to apolog my teammates the san jose sharks organization and all sharks fans for violating the nhl covid protocols. i made a mistake and one i sincerely regret and take responsibility for during my suspension. i will continue to participate in counseling to help me make better decisions in the future
6:56 pm
when my suspension is over. i plan to return to the ice with great effort to termination and love for the game of hockey and one more quick note bay area native nick rollovich has been fired as a head coach of washington state football team after refusing the washington state mandated. 19 vaccine four other cougar assistants also fired for not getting that shot just to go back full circle back to the giants. i also asked those guys what they're gonna do this offseason gapecaptor talked about seeing his sons and kind of doing some scouting as they get next season farhan zaidi also talked about that, but he also talked about finishing squid game, which i have not seen but apparently a very very very positive. it's all about it. she talks about it. he does absolutely thanks chris very much. all right coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8 dancing with the stars followed at 10 by the real queens of hip hop the women who changed the game and stay with us for abc 11. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm on dates and i'm dan ashley. or sandhya patel chris alvarez all of us here.
6:57 pm
we appreciate your time as always. hope you have a nice evening and that we see you again for abc 7 news at 11.
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and securing a spot in the tournament of champions. will this week see a continuation of his victorious journey? or will it be interrupted by adam or anna? let's start finding out in the jeopardy! round with these categories. starting off with... and... jonathan, as champion, you will pick first. let's do disney songs for $800. anna. what is "you got a friend in me"? no. jonathan. what is "you've got a friend in me"? - that's correct. - disney songs, $1,000. - jonathan. - what is "mary poppins"? - correct. - songs, $600.


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