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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 19, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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news. reggie:shocking video of a woman getting run over industry, the tragic example of how some people are taking the law into their own hands. kumasi: the likely decision on mixing and matching vaccines expected this week. reggie: a new nba season tipping off tonight as the warriors take on the oldest team in the league. kumasi: the weather is going to be much different tonight and there is a series of storms moving into the bay area. reggie: good morning, it is tuesday, october 19. kumasi: let's check in with drew to see what we have in store. drew: the clouds will thicken throughout the day on the rain will return tonight after sunset. we are dealing with fog this morning and visibility has some issues. we have thick fog right now with visibility down to zero miles and it will stay that way at
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least through 7:00 a.m. widespread 40's, 39 in clear0''' lake. the heavier jacket is needed this morning and the daylight hours today are dry. if you are going to be out and getting back to where your home is by sunset, you don't need your umbrella. you will notice the mild air under mostly cloudy skies. the storm impact scale comes back in late tonight into tomorrow bringing widespread rain most of we will time out the storm in a few minutes. reggie: pge still working to restore power to hundreds of customers across the bay area. you can see that there are a lot of outages in the east bay and out on the peninsula. a spokesperson says mud phenomenon was responsible for the majority of power pole fires and outages that started sunday night step it happens after dirt
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and debris buildup on the equipment over the summer and the trouble starts when the first rain arrives. >> that can cause it to become a mud and mud conducts electricity so when those situations, you get fires and outages related to that. reggie: they are trying to limit the problem with the pole washing program and recently watched 2000 polls mostly in richmond. you can always check the conditions where you live in our abc 7 news app. kumasi: the oakland city council will reaffirm its commitment to stopping violence in the city by considering an official resolution acknowledging this week as love life week. this comes as police are working to find out more about what led to a woman being hit and killed by a driver. it appears the woman was breaking into cars near miller avenue and foothill boulevard
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and someone got upset. we go live to the newsroom with more with what we know. >> the city has declared lovliff people murdered this year continues to rise now that 113 killings this year and 100 nine in all of last year. this is one of the most recent murders. this is video of a woman being hit on purpose by a car yesterday. you can see the car is in the wrong lane and the driver leaves the scene after the crash and city officials say it appears the driver was mad. >> it's a sad sad sad sad sad ss anyone loses their life clearly what the person was doing was breaking into people's automobiles from my understanding the individual got upset because she was tried to rake into his car and she ran her over and killed her. >> he worries more people will
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take the law into their own hands as violence continues to escalate and open when. the woman was hit at miller avenue and foothill boulevard but officials have not released her name or any information about her killer. city leaders say love life week is against violence and they are calling on oakland to come together this week and practice random acts of kindness and on sunday, they encourage everyone to pause for a moment of silence in honor of all victims of violence. kumasi: thank you. a second woman's death is under investigation in oh wind after the woman was found yesterday morning shot to death in an area of the oakland hills which is popular with hikers and cyclists. a bicyclist discover the woman's body on went wood road inside the redwood regional park. reggie: a man has died after falling at san francisco's chase center during the fish concert
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sunday night before mine just before 9:00. no details on how he fell but foul play is not suspected. a second falling incident that night, the victim was taken to the trauma center and they should survive. kumasi: new details on the 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti in the gang they kidnapped them is asking for $1 million each for their release and haitian officials say the gang kidnapped the missionaries on saturday when they were on their way to visit -- from a visit to an orphanage. according to the wall street journal, the fbi and haitian police are in contact with the gang and negotiations could take weeks. the u.s. appears to be turning a corner on a surge of covid-19 cases but battles are still growing over mask and vaccine mandates as we wait for major news from the fda on booster shots. we go to the live desk. jobyna: the fda is considering
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whether american should mix-and-match their booster shots and the decision is expected this week. the fda is moving toward recommending people get boosters that match their original doses but would give leeway for doctors to allow a shot from a different round. an advisory committee this week is slated to discuss boosters and issue recommendations in the coming days. >> mixing and matching would reduce supply chain problems. jobyna: covid-19 cases are falling across the country. there are so -- there are millions of unvaccinated americans and in chicago, police officers are being stripped of their police powers and sent home without pay for refusing to comply. in the sports world, washington state university fired the head coach and for assistance for refusing the state mandated vaccine.
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at midnight come a vaccine mandate went into place in seattle which is reporting 99% of its 11,000 employees have complied. reggie: in the east bay, school bus service for berkeley elementary school students is now suspended. 11 drivers have be11 drivers h covid, most of them at the transportation department step 1400 kids rely on that service and i was unavailable through thursday well exposed step members quarantine. the district says it doesn't see any significant changes -- in attendance yesterday some parents kept their kids out of school to protest the covid vaccine mandate for children they held protest across the state in the mandate would require students to attend school in person to get the vaccine once the fda approves it step you can always ask our vaccine questions at kumasi: the new nba season kicks off today with the warriors taking on the lakers before
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coming back to san francisco for their home opener thursday. they finish preseason a perfect 5-0. the lakers have the oldest team in the league and they went winless in the preseason. >> to know it's a preseason game doesn't mean a thing so we expect their best ever tomorrow. >> we want to set the standard and come out and be aggressive from the start so whether it's preseason or the first game, we want to set the tone early. kumasi: the warriors take on the clippers thursday. reggie: check out this time lapse of snow moving into lake tahoe sunday into monday. truckee saw its first snowstorm of the year as we saw rain here and more rain is on the way
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tonight. this is pretty. let me see this again. not going to do it? kumasi: you only get it one time. drew: it's beautiful and we expect more snow over the next seven days and likely the heaviest snow will fall later this weekend with a series of storms over the next seven days. the next one is an area of low pressure that will move in late tonight and linger through much of the day on wednesday. the storm impact scale will be level one and the rain is going to return after sunset tonight post-up during the day, you don't need rain gear but late tonight, you need a number l. there will be some gusty southerly winds but there is a lot of cloud cover patchy fog in the north day and by 4 p.m., we are still dry in the sun goes down and the rain returns. pockets of downpours moving
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through the north day beginning to knock on the door of the city and parts of the east bay. 10:00 p.m., we will track showers and most of us will see the wet weather and tomorrow morning, we will still track sums at her showers throughout the day on wednesday. we are thinking about as much as three quarters of an inch of rain and this is one of three storms we are tracking over the next seven days and we will show you that in about seven minutes. jobyna: we are starting with a look at the map because we have a high wind advisory for the ultima pass issued by the chp. grout 80 with headlights traveling west found with no blocking issues to report. bringing in a live picture for the san mateo bridge, things are still moving at the limit. reggie: a stampede of dolphins
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reggie: i vocal anti-vaccine, anti-lgbt groove just group has been showing up at council meetings and out as a video showing one person targeting the mayor at home over the weekend. > we now all about you, you need to leave this town. we don't want you here. reggie: the woman continues saying that he has sick ideologies and referencing her support of the lgbt community. the group has shut down multiple public meetings for the town installed rainbow stripes. it's no coincidence the attacks are named at the mayor, the only person of color. >> in any other circumstance, i
5:14 am
don't this would've happened in the same way and other committee members on the council who have stood silent would have said more. reggie: we have reached out to the mayor and other town leaders but we have not heard back. kumasi: the ceo of mountainhegok on cybersecuty attacks. they say it's time for world leaders to create international standards for an increasingly connected world. he made the comments yesterday during a wall street journal story. the sec is bowing to act on unwanted text messages that we often see on our phones. the agency is considering a proposal that would require wireless companies to block illegal robo texts and it would ask band curbing local calls.
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an iconic san francisco building is up for sale, the nearly 100-year-old bank of america building. a laser hair removal salon are there in the square foot building and the asking price is not been revealed but property tax records show the land and the building are worth more than $8 million. reggie: to north bay schools will be open today after mountain lion caused a lockdown. it was spotted near to schools yesterday morning and officials were able to capture her and she was tranquilized and taken to sonoma wildlife rescue. wildlife experts are lying to return the mountain lion to her home stop the san francisco was launching a of beer and you can buy it by the can or cozy up to one of their cafes and get meerkat mauve on draft.
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watching button southern california could not believe their eyes after they spotted hundreds of dolphins jumping in and out of the water. kumasi: look at them. this is what a stampede of dolphins looks like. captain dave's well watching share this amazing video and it shows a massive pod of dolphins swimming along the boat lost -- off the coast of dana point. people claim they saw as many as 400 dolphins including the calves in this pod. this is a sign that we need to go well watching. drew: i went one time and i saw zero whales and did not get a refund. when you sign up, you could see zero whales. the captain was like they are on
5:17 am
my sonar. zero whales. if you are going well watching, don't go with me. i'm not paying 20 bucks for no whales. we have rain coming, the waves will be rocky over the next seven days. i live look from the exploratory camera with overcast skies and we are tracking rain. we are quite right now and have visibility issues in the north day. dense fog right slow and use your low beams. jacket -- so graph the jacket but you don't need rain gear.
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it feels a little bit warmer compared to yesterday, mid 60's to the low 70's as we await the rain coming later tonight. warmer weather tonight as we track showers. it's a light tomorrow with widespread rain all stuff we are dry at 3 p.m. than the rain returns late tonight by 8:00 p.m. and into the north bay by 11:00 p.m. the rain is going to linger there much of the day wednesday. about three quarters of an inch of rain is what we are anticipating. we have level 1 storms through friday than this weekend especially sunday into early next week i'm even stronger storms, the rain gear is getting a workout in the next seven days. kumasi: a dire demand for blood
5:19 am
donations and where it's needed most. reggie: also the journey to find love, the local man on a brand-new season of the bachelorette tonight. kumasi: see you later teeth stains. colgate optic white renewal deeply whitens with the power of hydrogen peroxide. and, try the optic white whitening pen to remove 15 years of stains in just 1 week.
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drew: here are seven things to know this morning. rain returning late tonight and it's a level 1 light showers lingering into wednesday. kumasi: power is still out for hundreds of people in the east bay and the peninsula with lights that went out sunday when rain caused power poles to catch on fire. pge expects the power to come back later today. reggie: shocking video of a woman getting hit by a car and killed in a city councilmember says it appears the woman was breaking into cars before hand and someone got upset. kumasi: the fda is considering whether american should mix-and-match booster shots and the agency is moving toward recommending people getting boosters matching their original shots. reggie: the petitions to recall three san francisco board of education board members have been certified in the election
5:22 am
will be held november 15 next year and the petition gathered over 400,000 signatures in six months. jobyna: no major crashes to report, just patchy fog in the south bay. kumasi: begins today. the warriors face the lakers tonight and i lay before coming back to san francisco for their home opener thursday and tip-off is 7:00 p.m. tonight al. reggie: a new show premieres tonight called queens. >> sorry, this is mine. >> this is about a rap group that top the charts more than 20 years ago. the music injury -- the industry has moved on without them. it stars three real-life chart
5:23 am
toppers. >> just the entire struggle being at the top of your game and kind of losing it and getting an opportunity to do it again. >> the women get a second shot at the music business and she says when she heard what the show was about, she signed on instantly. the super producer executive music producer on the show and there was a bunch of new music. eve did not get a chance to write her own rhymes. >> we wouldn't have time. if i had to, it would be old mcdonald had a farm over and over again because our production schedule is so tight. >> another singer next to eve. >> i was a little bit nervous.
5:24 am
i really have to kill it. i cannot come after eve and not kill it. >> a bunch of brandy wrapping as well. she says the show with its for women color leads is groundbreaking. >> i love that it was a 90's hip-hop bunch of women. it was never a hip-hop girls group ever. >> it stars a newcomer to the world of rap. it airs tuesday nights on abc. kumasi: excited aboutbout excited about this, the brand-new season the bachelorette kicks off tonight here on abc 7. 30 men will be vying for the bachelorette's heart including one from the bay area. >> i am a teacher and class is officially in session. >> she is looking for a husband.
5:25 am
kumasi: hearts of millions of americans when she was a contestant. she is currently a fifth rate teacher and she is looking for a teammate who wants to make the world a better place. >> what makes the season different? >> the diverse love stories, the very diverse love stories that come in, that were a huge part of the journey, so many different conversations, controversial conversations, realization. kumasi: we will be watching for this guy on tonight's episode. this is ryan who is 30 years old from san jose. i told you a lot so here's a look at the can prime time lineup tonight.
5:26 am
west and now what he is legally known as. kumasi: the sharks player suspended for 21 games with the violation of covid-19 protocols. reggie: a local doctor explains who could benefit from booster shots the most. kumasi: taking a look at the day bridge at 5:26 a.m. the dove beauty bar makes my skin feel fresh.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: shocking surveillance video showing a car running down a woman in oakland and city officials explain why the driver was going after her. kumasi: new details in the death of colin powell and his struggles before his death and what we learned about his widow. reggie: a new incentive for young people to get the vaccine, going to school for free, the lottery for a college scholarship. kumasi: more rain is on the way so let's take a live look outside stop no rain yet but it's coming and drew his timing everything out. reggie: good morning, it is october 19. kumasi: we want to check in with drew to find out about the rain. drew: we are about 12 hours away from the first drops falling
5:30 am
stuff this morning, we are dealing with patchy, dense fog. f willier e atmo clears out 90 sunix the fog. his 39 in fairfield so some cool spots out there. you don't need raingear today. later this afternoon, mostly cloudy ahead of the storm and it's a little bit warmer, and our warmest spots. up in about seven minutes. reggie: we are tracking a series of storms throughout this week as california just wrapped up the driest year he ordered nearly 100 years. experts do not expect this week's rain to make any big
5:31 am
changes to the state's current condition. a uc professor says state reservoirs have stored enough water but of more rain doesn't arrive in the next few months, he fears the drought will get much worse. >> if next year is as dry as this, those stocks will be depleted and there will be much greater use of mandatory water conservation. kumasi: customers should be mindful about how much water they are using and try to conserve as much as they can kumasi: stop vice president harris is talking about climate change after visiting lake mead which is at its lowest level in 86 years. she urged congress to pass the biden administration infrastructure and build back better plans. they contain investments in water recycling, reuse and desalinization. >> this is about thinking ahead and recognizing where we are and where we are headed. we don't address these issues
5:32 am
with a sense of urgency, understanding this is literally about life. kumasi: lake mead is considered a lifeline for 25 million people and millions of acres of farmland in california but in arizona, nevada and new mexico. the lake level has dropped 140 feet in the last 20 years and you can keep track of real-time weather conditions any time by downloading the abc 7 bay area app for your streaming device. reggie: the oakland city council will meet to turn its city motto into a dedicated week. this meant as a rallying cry against violent crime plaguing the city as police investigate another death. amy hollyfield is live in the studio with more. >> the city of oakland is trying to pull residents together against violence as they declare this love life we stop the number of homicides so far this
5:33 am
week surpasses the number in all of last year stuff we have video of a car hitting a woman in the oakland hills on purpose. the driver was mad that the woman was breaking into cars in the area and hit and killed her. one city councilmember is worried that as we see more murders, more people will take law into their own hands. >> what i'm starting to see is what we have seen four years of go when having grown up with that as a young man. at that time, many of us started carrying to protect ourselves. not only small businesses. >> the woman was hit yesterday s on miller avenue at foothill boulevard the police have not released her name or any information about her killer. it's clear the car was pursuing her and she was trying to get away. city leaders say love life week
5:34 am
is a mantra against violence in oaklanders are encouraged to protect -- to perform random acts of kindness. kumasi: thank you. former president donald trump wants to block the release of documents related to the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. he is suing the house select committee that is investigating the insurrection. >> jobyna: the january 6 committee has read arrested a wide range of documents to establish what trump and his aides were doing during the riot in the days leading up to the riot. the white house documents are now located in the national archives. president biden has approved their release but trump's lawyers are arguing none of them should be released, writing that the committees request amounts to nothing less than an illegal fishing expedition, openly endorsed by joe biden and designed to unconstitutionally investigate president trump and his administration.
5:35 am
the january 6 committee released a statement accusing the former president of obstructing and delaying the investigation. this could set up a lengthy legal battle over the principle of executive privilege. reggie: new details on the widow of former secretary of state colin powell is battling a breakthrough covid infection. she is now home after she was treated at walter reed but was never actually admitted to the hospital. she is fully we are learning more about the health of colin powell before he died. this is a live look at the white house where flags are at half staff. the pel family said he died from complications from covid-19. he had been undergoing treatment for a blood cancer for a few years and he had been diagnosed with parkinson's disease. doctors say both weakened his immune system, making him more vulnerable to covid even though he was vaccinated. the powell spokesperson said he
5:36 am
was scheduled to receive his booster shot soon. the colin powell death is highlighting the importance of booster shots for older people in the immunocompromised population. the debts of richter cases are truly rare but the latest data shows more than 7000 breakthrough cases have resulted in death. of those cases, 85% were among those age 65 and op. a doctor leading a study believes immunocompromised patients could benefit from multiple booster shots. >> sometimes the third or fourth doses needed in order to develop the same antibody and immune response that those without immunocompromised conditions received. reggie: doctors urge anyone 65 and older or with an underlying health condition to get a booster shot as soon as you can. kumasi: san francisco university is getting in on getting young people vaccinated. they announced a scholarship
5:37 am
lottery, 10 vaccinated students will get four years of free tuition. the contest is open to san francisco residents age 12-17 and even those who have it -- who have been already vaccinated step university president says the drawing is an attempt to do two things -- >> it's to support the city to get us back to normal by getting us as close to 100% as we can of vaccination rates. it's also about reminding students that there is nothing more important as they view their own upward mobility and their families upward mobility then attending college. kumasi: young people interested in the drawing can register attend specific locations around the city starting monday and you can find out more details on our website, reggie: a councilmember is being criticized this morning.
5:38 am
protesters gathered at the san jose city hall to demand that statements were retracted opposing payments learning that he approved similar payments for city workers. the board of supervisors recently approved funds from the distribution plan to help service roles during the pandemic. >> we actually need leadership supporting essential workers. we need to be giving them hero pay and give them support, not just statements assault -- insulting essential workers. reggie: the counselor says he supports bonuses for workers but it makes no sense to take money directed toward recovery and give it to highly paid bureaucrats who did no frontline work. gutiations withsays, t mey workers.the nc schl meofficially facing the debate about what propped of effort in the first place.
5:39 am
this talks about -- adorable reaction when he see something past by the street but drew: drew: first a check on the weather. we are tracking a cooler morning than this time yesterday, 13 degrees cooler. at the winter jacket. you will need rain gear later tonight after the sun goes down. we are tracking our next storm that will move through northern california late tonight and early tomorrow morning. it will be a light storm tonight with widespread rain. some pockets of downpours and gusty southerly wind especially late tonight. we are just dealing with a lot of clout cover this morning. but it's dry all day. cloudy skies in the sun goes down and bring returns. it will first arrive in the north bay after 8:00 p.m. the showers will linger into part of our day wednesday.
5:40 am
tomorrow morning looks wetter. rainfall totals are estimated at a good number from one quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain for most of us. every day this week, we will have showers but let's get a check of traffic. jobyna: we have a wind advisory for the dumbarton bridge and the ultimate pass but that's it. -- the alt -- the altamont pass. southbound traffic has been a problem the last few days a week's pet at to fill in more. a live picture showing off 280 with clear conditions. here are some drive times.
5:41 am
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kumasi: three san francisco school board members will of visually face a revote next year after the recall effort is questions in the first place. >> fed up with distance learning , he launched a campaign to recall the district school board. >> plenty of kids have fallen so far behind and we saw the school board do practically nothing. spend the time and energy doing political gimmicky stuff. they did not focus on the practical things. >> six months and 240 thousand signatures later, the decision to recall the councilmembers
5:44 am
made. >> it is the rate of hope in a school district struggling with crisis after crisis over the last year. >> the executive vice president of education leaders used to represent them when they were teachers any says the recall is anti-demo attic. >> it continues to distract from the real need in education right now which is dealing with massive resignations, lack of pay, students needing social and emotional support. >> a 20 year teacher is now upset with the union because he never received a survey about teachers thoughts on the recall and the school board. >> utter and complete chaos. i didn't even receive my air purifier in the classroom until
5:45 am
two months after the class started pos. >> by politics. kumasi: voters in san francisco could go to the polls at least four times next year. in addition to the recalled, they will decide on a new assessor, order on february 15 and a general election to replace the outgoing assembly member david she was possible in april. the state primaries june 7 the general election is november 8. reggie: a nonprofit is in dire need of people to donate blood. they are asking for 1000 more people to donate each week for the foreseeable future. there is less than two days of
5:46 am
type o blood left. that's most needed and is radical in emergency situations. they are asking for blood of all types. you can check for a place to donate. there are restrictions for men who have sex with men due to the fda rules. in the south bay, crews are working the finishing touches at the first vietnamese-american service center and plans to create the center in san jose started in 2011 when a health assistant revealed the needs of the local vietnamese community. the first wave of vietnamese people arrived 40 years ago and now they have the second largest vietnamese community in the u.s.. the center has one main goal. >> deliver to the vietnamese-american community after 40 years the same things that everyone else wants but in a specific way based on their needs. reggie: the center is located at
5:47 am
center and telly rolled and will offer health services and community events and a grand opening is saturday. kumasi: a san francisco dog appears to get happy about fire trucks. his mom says this happens but it bit but the border collie mix is very particular about who he talks to. beans never howls that ambulances or police cars but he does howl and sing along with fire trucks when they go by. they shared the video. jobyna:jobyna:jobyna:jobyna:job: dolores park, that was me.
5:48 am
is that my friends? he was like, what? all the way across the park. he is tall and he has that disney backpack on. my best friend. reggie: who else could it be? drew: you can see him anywhere. reggie: it's a good thing and it can be a hindrance. drew: p is trying to find you. we will find rain later tonight and it's unsettled this week with clouds building overhead. mostly cloudy day in the rain will come back tonight. we are dry right now but this picture will look much different in abo 12 hours. fog in some spots especially in the north bay. we are dealing with pockets of
5:49 am
dense fog this morning that linger for the next hour or so stop mainly in the 40's and you need the jacket out there. you won't needntlate ton compared to yesterday. mid-60's and low 70's with her n and off showers and it's a warm night compared to where we are now step we will have we will hi light system tonight with widespread rain. some pockets of downpours and gusty winds. future weather shows you that it's a cloudy day and the sun goes down than the rain returns in the north bay at 7:00 p.m. with a line of showers approaching the city then moves into much of the region by 11:00 p.m. the showers continue for the day tomorrow.
5:50 am
rainrain scattered showers wednesday, showers focused on the north bay thursday and then we are tracking rain returning saturday night and strengthening sunday into monday staff reggie: evander kane is suspended for 21 days. after he submitted a fake covid-19 vaccination card step in a statement, he apologized to his teammates, the organization and fans. he will now forfeit about $1.6 million of his $7 million salary -- salary from the season. he is eligible to return at the end of next month kumasi: kumasi: step it is official, kanye west has officially changed his name to ye. a judge approved it and he says he was making the change for personal reasons but in 2018
5:51 am
when he released his album by the same now i'm, he said is the most commonly used word in the bible. reggie: new at six, so nice they made it unlimited and the well-known chain claiming they are serving a specialty seven days a week. kumasi: the controversial statue one step closer reggie: reggie: to being removed. all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all. new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at dennys it's time for “operation: get kids to think learning is fun.” any ideas? we can give them all osmo. it's technology that turns a tablet
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♪ ♪ kumasi: a controversial statue in san jose is one step closer to being removed. they are commission recommended the statue of a former mayor be taken down and put in storage. he was a captain who raised u.s.
5:54 am
flag in san jose in 1846 to claim the land for mexico during the mexican-american war. the city council will make a final decision on the statue. november 9 reggie: princes diana's brother has written a new book called the white ship and he describes it as game of thrones meets titanic. >> and this morning's gma first look, one on one with rinses diana's brother, lord charles spencer. what is it like for you to know that your home is a place that honors your sister's legacy. >> he has invited gma to his home in the countryside. do you have any favorite childhood memories from your time here? >> we were very much outdoor children. people think of my sister is a very city person but not really and we love this place.
5:55 am
this park is 500 acres of just beautiful english countryside and what an incredible place to grow up. >> coming up, we will have more with lord spencer on his book and his sister. kumasi: mountain view-based google is revealing its new pixel six phone today. the starting price is around $600 and the six pro will be $300 more in that one comes with a better camera. apple just introduced two new macbook pros. they say one of the biggest benefits is the new computer chip that can support up to 32 gigabytes of memory. apple unveiled a new generation of airpods up drew: raids to the home pod many including new colors. we are tracking rain returning tonight.
5:56 am
allowed of -- a lot of cloud cover and temperatures cool tonight. we have a level 1 light storm tonight with pockets of downpours. total rainfall estimates, over the next 24 hours, about three quarters of an inch of rain area bride and we could exceed that number in parts of the mid bay. look at the next seven days, rain chances every day over the next seven days, mainly level one storms but we are watching sunday and monday with a tensely stronger storm. a good idea to download the abc 7 news app. kumasi: the new numbers from the cdc showing the rollout for easter shots among seniors across the country. reggie: i fire ripping through downtown san diego in the middle of the night post-up dozens of firefighters called to the scene. kumasi: plus, school bus service
5:57 am
suspended for days and the reason hundreds of kids are left scrambling to get to class. reggie: here
5:58 am
5:59 am
moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: a deadly hit-and-run in an oakland street. new security video is the latest example of a much larger problem. reggie: guidelines becoming more
6:00 am
concrete with a decision on what to do expected in days. kumasi: remember what this look like? rain. assyria of storms we've waited weeks and months for starting tonight. how much rain we will see. we are tracking all of it. reggie: you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with drew. drew: the rain returns tonight. the last time we sought substantial steady showers across the region, we were talking about mid-march. it's been a long time since we've seen a series of storms. live doppler seven, we are down to zero miles, there is some dense fog in spots. it's a mostly cloudy day. you don't need the rain gear. it's warmer compared to
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