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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 19, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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kumasi: remember what this look like? rain. assyria of storms we've waited weeks and months for starting tonight. how much rain we will see. we are tracking all of it. reggie: you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with drew. drew: the rain returns tonight. the last time we sought substantial steady showers across the region, we were talking about mid-march. it's been a long time since we've seen a series of storms. live doppler seven, we are down to zero miles, there is some dense fog in spots. it's a mostly cloudy day. you don't need the rain gear. it's warmer compared to
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yesterday. tonight into wednesday, the impact scale comes back. we are going to go hour-by-hour and timeout the rain for you in a few minutes. kumasi: pg&e is working to restore power across the bay area. this is the map -- outage map. you can see there are so many people that have power out in the east bay as well as on the peninsula. they told us a mud phenomenon was responsible. that started on sunday night. it happens after dirt and debris buildup on the equipment over the summer and then trouble starts when the first rain arrives. >> that can cause it to become a mud. mud conducts electricity. sometimes we see whole fires and outages related to that. kumasi: they are trying to limit the problem with a pole washing program. they washed about 2000 polls in
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richmond. you can check live doppler 7 and the weather conditions on our news app. it is free to download in the app store. reggie: a huge firevernht doit happene at aapartment building before 1:00 a.m. massive flames were high in the air. dozens of firefighters responded. no word on if anyone was hurt. the investigation is underway. kumasi: the oakland city council will reaffirm its commitment to stopping violence in the city by considering a resolution acknowledging this week as love life week. it comes as police are working to find out more about wet -- let up to a woman being hit and killed by a driver. somebody got upset. amy is joining us live in the newsroom. amy: the
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love life week as a number of people murdered continues to rise. there have now been 113 killings this year. there were 109 in all of last year. this is one of the most recent murders. we have video of a woman being hit on purpose i a car. we can see that the car is in the wrong lane and the driver leaves the scene after the crash. it appears the driver was pursuing the woman. it appeared the driver was angry because the woman was doing in the area. >> doing was breaking into people's automobiles. the individual got upset. he ran her over and killed her. amy: he worries more people will
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take the law into their own hands. this woman was hit at miller avenue and foothill boulevard. officials have not released her name or any information about her killer. city leaders say love life week is a mantra against violence. they are asking for random acts of kindness throughout the week reggie: the woman was was yesterday morning shot to death in an area of the oakland hills. our media partner discovered her body inside the park. kumasi: u.s. appears to be turning the corner on a surge of covid-19 cases.
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we wait for major news booster shots. jobina: the fda is considering whether american should mix-and-match the booster shots. the washington post is reporting a decision is expected this week read a source tells abc news the fda is recommending people get boosters that match their original doses, but give leeway for doctors to allow a shot from a different brand. an advisory committee of the cdc is slated to discuss boosters and could issue recommendations in coming days. >> i think mixing and matching would reduce supply chain complexity. that matters a lot. jobina: cases are falling across the country, down 50% since the beginning of september. there are still millions of unvaccinated americans. in chicago, police officers are being stripped of their police out powers and being sent home
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without pay. in the sports world, washington state university fired head football coach and for assistant coaches for refusing the mandated vaccine. at midnight, a mandate when into place in seattle. they are reporting 99% of their employees have complied. reggie: school bus service for berkeley elementary school students is suspended. 11 drivers have been exposed to covid, most of them in the transportation department. that's going to be unavailabl tb through thursday. they did not see any significant changes yesterday. kumasi: the new nba is kicking off when the royals -- lawyers take on the lakers. they finished the preseason 5-0. you can compare that to the lakers, they have the oldest
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team in the league. tipoff is set for 7:00 tonight. the warriors take on the clippers at chase center on thursday. reggie: anti-lgbtq group taking aim. one critic came right up to her home. kumasi: mountain-based google came forward to shut down those cyber attacks. they are accused of not doing enough. drew: we are tracking a cool start to the day. most of us are starting off in the 40's. we are tracking the next storm system. this is going to move through tonight. the rain re
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in jeopardy tahoe. most of the chairlifts. they have to wait for replacement parts. because the backlog it, it could take much longer for shipments to arrive. pg&e is using the resort as a staging area. crews have removed wendy 5000 hazardous trees. kumasi: let's check out this time lapse. this was sunday into monday. truckee saw its first storm of the year as we saw rain here. more rain is on the way tonight. let's check in. i know you are tracking all of this. drew: this weekend, we will see substantial snow showers move through. we are tracking rain returning
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after sunset. we have widespread rain. we will all see showers. hour-by-hour, it's a lot of cloud cover. during daylight, we are dry. if you are out in about, you don't need the reindeer. at night, the rain returns. even into the day on wednesday. total rainfall with the storm, it's likely higher in the north bay. we will see some substantial rain in the next 24 hours. jobina: metering lights just came on. that's our latest update. you can see the back is beginning. we are following a new crash. we will stop by walnut creek as you travel further south. you may run into some people traveling from these areas.
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looking at before i came on camera. this involves a big rig and one other car on 680. no slowdown at the moment. we are seeing the lanes are blocked. reggie: hungry hungry hippos. these are not so playful. colombia has a hippo problem. the reason and the way they are protecting citizens. kumasi: the popular dish at a well-known restaurant chain is now unlimited. the internet has seemed to notice. reggie: a live look outside
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anti-lb t q group is taking aim. there is new video of one person targeting the mayor at home over the weekend. >> we know all about you. you need to leave this town. we don't want you here. reggie: the woman says the the e has said ideologies. referencing her support of the lgbtq community. the group is shut down multiple public meetings after the town installed rainbow stripes near a town hall. it's no coincidence the attacks are aimed at the mayor, the only person of counter on the counter. -- color on the committee. >> i think other committeemen members on the council who have stood silent should have said more. reggie: we hacd t to the mayor and other town
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leaders. we have not heard back. the late pablo escobar is known for his massive drug trafficking empire. have you heard about his hippos? officials announced 24 of his invasive hippos received a contraceptive to control the population. in the 80's, he smuggled a small number of the animals to his private zoo. over the years, their population has grown to 80 and they have taken over the countryside. will be open today after a mountain lion caused a lockdown. the female mountain lion was spotted yesterday morning. officials were able to capture her neare s to sonoma while life rwe are told that e reggie: the zoo was launching a
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of beer. you can buy it in a can or order an ice cold glass of it on on on draft. there is also a logger. kumasi: this morning? apparently red lobster. endless shrimp is a they are offering the popular dish when everyone it, it's not just monday anymore. you can get coconut shrimp, garlic shrimp, grilled shrimp. there is also a hand breaded option. it also comes with unlimited cheddar baked biscuits. the plate is $18. one plate is -- m
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calories. we were doing so well. and here we come with that line. drew: information is power. those biscuits. reggie: i have never had it. drew: that's what you are getting for christmas. kumasi: that is a good christmas gift for him. drew: i don't want to know the calorie content of that. kumasi: there wasn't a red lobster where you work? reggie: there was. we went to the sizzler. i also worked at the olive garden, which was the sister restaurant. drew: if you grew up in maryland, you just got fresh seafood. reggie: that is also true. grandma had the crab situation going on.
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kumasi: we do need to get you those. drew: google it. let's get you prepared for what's happening. live doppler 7 is quiet. in 12 hours, it will be active. we are still dealing with fog out there. it is dense in spots. we are traveling in this area. take it slow. you will have this for the next 60 minutes before the sun gets up. right now, temperatures mainly in the 40's. the jacket is needed. the rain gear during the day, you can leave it at home. we have mostly cloudy skies. we have a warmer afternoon it to
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yesterday. at night, take the rain gear. temperatures are mainly in the 50's as we head into wednesday. we are tracking a lot of cloud cover during the day. it is sinking into the entire bay area. though showers will linger through the day. accuweather seven, look at this, we have a number on the storm impact scale. throughout the week, they are level 1 storms. we have stronger storms on the index. reggie: now we are going to turn to ginger c. ginger: it's nice to be with everyone this morning. coming up, not only will i be talking about your rain it, we
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have to get into the search for the missionaries kidnapped in haiti. they've been missing for four days. the fbi has made contact with the gang. the news about mixing and matching vaccines and boosters, the mandate battles in your state. parents are keeping their kids home to protest. supply chain strain, cargo ships unable to unload. our panel of experts is here with shopping strategies. then we are still abutting 10 years of deals and steals. my husband's advice? we are not buying anything. that's how he solves the supply chain issue. reggie: are you worried about this for the holidays? ginger: not at all. last year, we did the orange and the sock and one gift wrapped
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like laura ingalls. they won't be missing anything. reggie: i love that. they lived. ginger: they did. they needed a bicycle at a certain point, we got that later. everyone is going to think it sucks to live at my house. reggie: those kids are doing just fine. ginger: that's right. reggie: they have two parents who love them. that's all that they really need. we will see you ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you.
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♪ cyber attacks, it's time for world leaders to create international legal standards for increasingly connected worlds. he made the comments during a
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wall street journal conference. he's calling on the government to take a role in fostering innovation in the u.s. amid rising competition from china. the fcc is cracking down on unwanted text messages flooding so many of our phones. the agency is considered opposing require wireless companies to block illegal robotech's. many are scams. it would expand on the rules already in place. kumasi: a new season of the bachelorette kicks off tonight. 30 men will be vying for her heart. including one from the bay area. >> i'm a teacher. class is officially in session. kumasi: hearts of millions when she was a contestant on it. a former division i basketball player and fifth-grade teacher, she's looking for a teammate who
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wants to make the world a better place. >> the diverse love stories. the very diverse love stories that come in it, that were huge part of the journey. so me different conversations. the realizations. kumasi: you want to watch out for this guy. this is ryan. he's a 30-year-old environmental consultant from san jose. reggie: another premier, the title is queens. top the charts more than 20 years ago. the music industry has moved on without them and they have traded rap battles for baby bottles. now they get a second chance at success. it stars brandy, who, who
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role spoke to her. >> the entire struggle of being at the top of your game and then losing it. this is your prime time planet. queens is at 10:00. the news is at 11:00. more top stories at 6:30. why the breakthrough case should not be bringing you alarm as his wife tested positive. kumasi: parts of one bay area counties saying they're fighting a peculiar taste when they turn on the faucet. reggie: apple's big reveal, giving people plenty
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: making it news, shocking surveillance video showing the car running down a woman oakland. officials explain why they say the driver was going after her. kumasi: here's an incentive to get the vaccine, you could go to school for free with the new scholarship. >> i'm very excited. anything that helps the environment. reggie: we badly need the rain it. a series of storms moving in starting tonight. here's a live look outside. our live cameras are across the area. everything we need to know today. kumasi: you are watching -- youo are watching abc 7 news, live on
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abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we want to get right to droop. drew: it's not just one day of rain. we are tracking seven days of rain, really beneficial. that rain returns we are tracking fog in the north bay with issues of fog. through the daylight hours, we are tracking mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are in the mid 60's to low 70's. that impact scale does come back late tonight. we have pockets of downpours and dusty wins. reggie: new this this firefighters investigating the cause of this two alarm fire the damaged half a dozen stores and a strip mall. the flames sparked last night. there is severe damage to the attic and water damage to all six stores. nobody was hurt. kumasi: we are tracking a series of storms will hit throughout
6:32 am
the week. california just wrapped up the driest water year recorded. says state reservoirs have stored enough water. the rain doesn't arrive the next few months, the drought will get much worse. >> those stocks will be depleted. there will be a much greater use of conservation. kumasi: customers should be mindful of how much water they are using and can service much as they can. you can keep track of weather conditions any time, including live doppler seven. reggie: the oakland city council will turn it city motto love
6:33 am
life into a dedicated week. this is meant as a rallying cry against the violence we have seen plague the city this year. police are investigating another death. amy is live in the newsroom with that investigation. amy: it looks like vigilante justice. the city is trying to pull residents together, to unite against violence. they have called this love life week as the number of homicides this year surpasses the number and all of last year. this is one of the latest. a car hit a woman in oakland hills on purpose. police say the driver was mad the woman was breaking into cars. one city councilmember is worried that as we see more murders, more people are going to take the law into their own hands. >> it's what we saw four years ago when having 150 killings.
6:34 am
it's the norm. at that time, many of us started carrying two protect ourselves. miller avenue. police have not released her name or any information about her killer. the neighbor say it was clear the car was pursuing her and she was trying to get away. love life week is a mantra against violence. people are encouraged to do random acts of kindness. live in the newsroom. kumasi: thank you. donald trump wants to block the release of documents related to the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. he is suing the house select committee investigating the insurrection. jobina: the january sixth
6:35 am
committee has requested a wide range of documents to establish what trump and his aides were doing during the riot. those documents are now located in the national archives. president biden has approved the release. trumps lawyers are arguing none of them should have been released. the committee is nothing less than an illegal fishing expedition openly endorsed by joe biden and unconstitutionally investigating president trump. the january 6 committee released a statement accusing former president of obstructing the investigation. this could set up a lengthy legal battle. reggie: today marks 30 years since the oakland hills fire storm. that left 25 people dead and many without homes. our latest production shows how that day unfolded.
6:36 am
>> i don't think we are going to stop this thing. reggie: the east bay hills fire will be released tomorrow. you will hear from the people who lived through the experience. you can download the bay area app. it is free. kumasi: new details, the widow of former secretary of state colin powell is battling a breakthrough covid infection. she was treated at walter reed. she was never admitted to the hospital. we learn more about the health of colin powell before he died. you can see flags are at half staff in honor of him this morning. his family said he died from complications of covid-19. a spokesperson tells abc news he had been undergoing treatment for blood cancer and he had been diagnosed with parkinson's
6:37 am
disease. they weakened his immune system, making him more vulnerable to covid. he was set to receive his booster shot soon. reggie: the death is highlighting the importance of getting the booster shot, especially for older people. even though deaths are extremely rare, the latest cdc data shows 7000 breakthrough cases have led to death. 85% were among people 65 and older. a doctor leading the study on breakthrough cases believes immunocompromised patients could benefit from multiple easter shots. a fourth dose may be needed in order to develop the same immune response that those without conditions achieved. reggie: anyone 65 and up or with an underlying condition should get a booster shot as soon as you can. the cdc reporting 15% of
6:38 am
americans have received a booster shot. the cdc says more than 10 million people have received a booster. half were people in that vulnerable age group. officials are stressing the importance of eligible people receiving booster shots before winter spike of covid-19 cases. kumasi: san francisco state is getting young people vaccinated. a scholarship moderate was announced. 10 students will get four years of free tuition. the contest is open to san francisco residents. even those who have already been vaccinated can enter as long as they were 12-17 when they got the first shot. young people can register at 10 locations around the city at specific times starting monday. we have information on reggie: a vacation turning into
6:39 am
a nightmare. it's the top story you are searching for. a rental home became much more than they asked for, finding themselves in a neighborhood battle. kumasi: let's take a look at the new york stock exchange. another update on the markets next. reggie: the full video of this breathtaking surprise. plaza, this is by far our busiest spot. i am looking at a couple of crashes i want to get to. this is in pleasanton. get this back up. speeds are down to seven miles per hour. a car didn't roll over on its
6:40 am
side. injuries to been reported. just slightly north of it, this is right on the line between dublin and pleasanton. this is southbound. this will impact people traveling further south. this is all starting this morning. drew: rain will make roads slick tonight and tomorrow. this is the satellite. you can see on satellite this cold front is going to move in late tonight and linger through the day. widespread rain, we will see showers. we have gusty southerly winds. this morning there is a lot of cloud cover out there. we are still awaiting the rain. it's after the sun goes down. the rain arrives first in the north bay. there are some pockets of
6:41 am
downpours expected. early wednesday, the showers will linger. we have scattered showers on the menu for much of wednesday. rainfall estimates, a good estimate is 0.25 now for some other temperatures around the bait. -- bay. on
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members will face a recall vote. a parent launched a campaign to recall the school board. >> they have fallen so far behind. the school board did practically nothing to help with the situation. kumasi: six months and 200 40,000 signatures later, the petition is to recall the board of education members. the union that used to represent the members when they were teachers, he says the recall is anti-democratic. >> it continues for us to distract from the very real need in education right now, which is
6:45 am
dealing with massive resignations, competitive pay. students need social and emotional support. kumasi: the election will be held february 15th. voters in san francisco could go to the polls four times next year. voters will be deciding on a new assessor. a general election to replace outgoing assembly member is possible in april. the statewide primary will be june 7. on november 8, that is the general election. reggie: a statue is one step closer to being removed. the art commission recommended the statue of the former mayor be taken down and placed in storage. he was a captain who raised the u.s. flag in 1846 to claim the land from mexico during the
6:46 am
mexico american war. the city council will make a final decision november 9. this is gaining a lot of attention. a vacation in one country turned into a nightmare for a group of friends. duringduringduringduring vandalized with a threatening message. this is your final warning. leave this place or else. the tires on their rental van/. the homeowners do not have a permit for short-term rental. a supervisor said it was denied after a contentious debate. neighbors say the home is a nuisance. >> they pack this house with seven bedrooms and 10 beds and try to make it a party house. >> the homeowners keep renting, no matter what. there should be policies to
6:47 am
investigate. reggie: we reached out and did not hear back. harrison says the website appears to of taken down the rental. kumasi: some positive news on the economic front. u.s. stock futures kept up slightly as companies reported strong third-quarter earnings. 82% of s&p 500 companies beat expectations. investors are expecting major earnings reports from netflix and united airlines. the latest numbers are easing concerns that apply chain issues and inflation. despite competition, it looks like tesla owns the electric vehicle market. it's not close. new data shows tesla models made up more than 60% of all ev's in the u.s.. the chevy volt which was victim
6:48 am
of recall was next. if more than 22,000 cars registered. after that, the ford mustang. that's take a live look at the new york stock exchange. we are starting up by 90 points. reggie: a new pixel six phone, it started around $600. it will be $300 more. that comes with a camera. apple introduced to new macbook pros. one of the biggest benefits is the new computer chip that can support up to 32 gigabytes of memory. apple unveiled the new generation of airpods. they are up -- there are new colors. kumasi: if you are concerned about safely cleaning your apple products, you can buy an apple polishing cloth. there it is. the company unveiled it yesterday. it is made from unspecified
6:49 am
nonabrasive materials. it can be used on all of your apple products. it is $19. reggie: princess diana's brother is taking us inside his new book. he describes it as titanic meets game of thrones. we sat down with charles spencer to talk about his sister and the book. >> it's quite a difficult pitch. there's a ship that went down 900 years ago. essentially, this is titanic meets game of thrones. the story is timeless. this is something that could happen to anyone anywhere. reggie: the conversation continues on gma at 7:00. kumasi: can we talk about apple? do you need new airpods? do you need the cloth
6:50 am
specifically to wipe down the airpods and your phone? reggie: probably. i'm just very susceptible to this messaging. drew: the only thing i care about is the battery. we've got two more hours on the battery. i'm sold. reggie: what was that thing called? the little bar at the top? the touch bar. people worried about that. i don't have a computer that ever had a touch bar. i don't even know what the problem is with the touch bar. drew: they took it away. don't worry about it. kumasi: now you have your $20 polishing cloth. reggie: probably need it. kumasi: you get that and the biscuit. drew: i'm happy for the seven-day forecast. we have rain chances every day. i can't remember the seven-day was filled with rain. it is quiet and dry.
6:51 am
101, use the travel slow. during the day, it's a mostly cloudy day. you don't need your raingear. tonight, the rain returns after sunset with that cloud cover overhead. we will stay in the low to mid 50's. this is a level 1 storm we are tracking. we have pockets of downpours and gusty winds. this increasing clouds throughout the day. the rain approaches the north bay by 7:00. it is sinking south to the rest of the bay area. let's look at rain chances. we will get you through friday. we will see decent rainfall totals.
6:52 am
we will scars. we are looking at a wet pattern for the next seven days. rain at night, scattered showers tomorrow. thursday, the focus is on the north bay. friday, showers are everywhere. sunday into monday, a level moderate storm. reggie: an iconic building up for sale. it's the 100-year-old bank of america tilting. a soulcycle and laser hair removal studio are there. property tax records show the land is worth more than $8 million. kumasi: many residents are noticing the tapwater is salty. according to data, 18,000
6:53 am
customers are affected. the north saltwater intrusion. that is when high tides overcome low elevation. eight water stations were set up. people can fill up their jugs and bottles. they are working on building another for the community. that likely won't be ready until next year. reggie: crews are working on the first vietnamese-american service center. plants to create the center in san jose started in 2011. the first wave of vietnamese people arrived in santa clara county about 40 years ago. the county has the second-largest vietnamese community in the country. the center has one main goal. >> after 40
6:54 am
things that everyone else wants, but in a specific way based on their needs. reggie: the center is located at center and tully road. it will offer health services. grand opening is saturday. kumasi: tourists on a whale watching boat could not leave their eyes when they saw hundreds of dolphins. they were jumping in and out of the water. they look happy. this is what a stampede of dolphins looks like. the whale watching shared the video. it showed a massive pod of dolphins swimming alongside their boat. people in the book believe they saw as many as 400 dolphins. reggie: i finally saw a after soma years of going on hawaii both trips.
6:55 am
everyone sees dolphins. i never did. ititit i got to see a mom and her baby in the clear blue water. it was great. we had a moment. it was speaking to me. kumasi: i saw a turtle. reggie: how was that? kumasi: it was right in the water by me. i thought they would be further off. it was like -- reggie: what's going on over here? kumasi: up next, the sevent, thn things of the day. it was right there with everybody. reggie: they just wanted to say hello. they are very friendly. don't touch them so. you can watch all of art newscasts live. we are very friendly, don't
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touch us. down notice on streaming. kumasi: let's sit and look at this. beau
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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things to note this morning. drew: we are tracking rain returning tonight. widespread rain and pockets of downpours, rain returns on tuesday. kumasi: the power is out for hundreds of people in the east bay. the lights went out on sunday night when rain caused power poles to catch fire. pg&e expects power back later today. reggie: disturbing surveillance video of wilma getting hit and killed by a car in oakland. a city councilmember says the woman was breaking into cars beforehand. somebody got upset. kumasi: three san francisco
6:59 am
school board members will face a recall vote. the petitions to remove them now certified. reggie: the 75th nba season begins. >> their bank accounts were drained. reggie: i don't know why he's there. the warriors faced the lakers nla before coming back for the home opener thursday. tipoff is at 7:00 tonight. jobina: we are checking in on this sig alert. southbound 580, the fire is out. hundreds of gallons of oil spilled into the roadway, it's been a mess. kumasi: apparently, the internet loves red lobster. now the chain is offering endless shrimp all week long, not just on monday.
7:00 am
i looked. i think the closest one is in san bernardino. reggie: give me that cheddar good morning, america. to our viewers in the west and on this tuesday morning, the race against time to find the americans held hostage in haiti. 17 missionaries and their families including 5 children missing for the fourth day. now the fbi has made contact with the gang suspected of the abductions as new reports say the gang seeks $17 million in ransom. what will it take to free the missionaries? colin powell's health battle. the former secretary of state succumbs to a breakthrough case of covid just days before he could get the booster. as tributes pour in for the soldier and statesman, what we're learning about his compromised immune system, and his treatment for cancer. big booster news.


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