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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  October 19, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> you are watching getting answers, live on abc 7, who live , and wherever you stream it. we answer your questions everyday at 3:00 to get answers san francisco's mayor will join us live today. we have a lot to talk about, including an in and out in the city shut down for not checking customers vaccine proof. and jangly cash to stop auto burglaries. also dangling cash to increase vaccinations among young people. also, how would you like to work a full-time job four days a week? we will explore the growing movement with the bay area company that's doing it from top to bottom. first, with news about mixing
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boosters and vaccines for kids, we have a lot of covid-19 headlines to cover. so if you have any questions and are joining us on facebook live, into your question and i will try to get to our experts and pose those questions. running us in just a moment is g on. k for us quickly, president bidn is meeting with progressive and moderate democrats at the white house today as he continues to try to build a consensus to pass his agenda. both sides are siding headways and negotiations after months of delays. we will get more into that later on to get back to the doctor the fda is meeoiting on boosters ths week and it looks like the panel is leaning towards recommending the same shot, but allowing mixing and matching. can you give us the details? >> what happene when
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the fda reviewed the johnson & johnson on friday, moderna on thursday, just a day before there was a mix-and-match study from the nih that looked at the combinations of products and whether that would mean in johnson & johnson with an mrna or vice versa. and saw a higher antibody responses, especially if you got johnson & johnson followed by maternal or pfizer that, then wn incredible study this morning sweden that showed if you had a johnson & johnson equivalent, called astrazeneca, followed by an mrna vaccine, you were more protected, 20 percent higher again symptomatic covid. so all the data put together means mixing and matching could not only be allowed, but probably encourage for johnson & johnson. >> mixing and matching is something that has been done before with other vaccines, even hiv? >> yes, not hiv because we are waiting for a good hiv vaccine, but this is done often in the
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setting of vaccines. we never even know what brand we get, if it's measles, mumps rubella. the point about why this would be better is the dna vaccine and rna vaccines are code for a slightly different part of the spike protein. so you raise an antibody response against ager part of the spike protein. >> by hiv i meant experimental because, as you said, there isn't actually a vaccine out there right now. when recommendation of allowing mixing make the j&j booster, which was approved, unnecessary? with the efficacy of what people think, don't you think people just won't get it? >> it's true that the one combination that worked the best after johnson & johnson was getting a johnson & johnson, then followed by moderna or pfizer. that was just antibody data from the nih.
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but, the study today really nailed it, sweetest study that looked at -- swedish study that looked at johnson & johnson dna for astrazeneca, and followed by mrna vaccine in a clinically protected you more. so, yes, i do think as a clinician i will make recommendation after johnson & johnson for an mrna vaccine, and it will make the second shot of johnson & johnson not as appealing. >> general colin powell's passing yesterday had vaccine hesitant folks again asking, isn't that proof that the vaccine doesn't work. before you answer, i should point out that his wife was also fully vaccinated, was infected with covid, vet has been treated and has been sent home. can you analyze their situations and tell us what you think they actually show about vaccine effectiveness? >> the vaccines work really well. i am sorry for his passing, but
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what happened here is that he was being treated for multiple myeloma, and then have this chronic immunocompromised position as a result. where the vaccines work best are there will be some severe breakthroughs. it's a total of about 5000 in the country that have had severe breakthroughs like this that have passed. and in that setting, they are usually -- 85% are over 65, and there are multiple other conditions that are immuno compromised. so, they are not foolproof, but the number of jets we have reverted, there were cdc data, you are 11 times more likely to die if you are unvaccinated across all age groups, than if you are vaccinated, since the delta variant. quests -- >> how concerned should i be with my 18-year-old son if you were to get an mrna
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booster after getting the j&j shot back in march, he's otherwise healthy? >> great question. the cases that we see that are rare, that are absolutely there, are mostly in young males. but they are.soisase, i jns. you shot of the mrna, and you should be good with the mrna second shot. >> andrea wants to about having moderna vaccine's, then a j&j booster? with that work the same way, the concept of mixing and matching? >> the concept is there, except for the fact the mix-and-match did not show that you necessarily got higher antibodies with mrnas followed by johnson & johnson. there is something about priming , the first one went johnson & johnson and the second one that works better.
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you can do it if you are concerned about anything else. but there is nothing that is better. >> and some folks want to know if you can tell them about super immunity, whether that's really a thing from being infected with covid, than getting a vaccine? >> it is a thing, it's called hyper immunity. it's called hybrid immunity. and it really is your antibodies, if you have been infected, then you get a vaccine , they are super antibodies. it works the other way, getting vaccinated, then getting a mild infection afterwards, like colin powell's wife, that will boost your immunity and get into this hybrid immunity situation where you have stronger and more durable immunity than if you got the vaccine or an infection. >> if you are over 65 with underlying health conditions and you got the moderna vaccine, how
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risky is getting pfizer after the third shot, especially with dosage issues? >> not risky at all, pfizer is less of a does, is 30 micrograms where the maternal booster 50 micrograms. and we don't need all of that, for a booster especially. boosters are less of a does, so getting pfizer right now is perfect. >> always great information, thank you for clarifying the latest booster news. coming up next, we will have sav francisco's mayor joining us. we, hey, i just got a text from my sister. you remember rick, her neighbor? sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right? sadly, not anymore. -what, you mean-- -mhm. -just like that. -wow. so sudden. um, we're not about to have
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san francisco and its bid to curtail organized crime. also, san francisco has just swung the pot for young people to give vaccinated in the city. dining us to talk about these issues is san francisco's mayor. good to have you on. >> how are you? >> i can see you are smiling because we all love a good sweepstakes. tell us about this new offer where 10 lucky teens will win free college tuition, a full ride to sf state if they get the shot? >> what we are doing is, those kids who are in our public school system, if they agreed to give vaccinated, they can enter into a sweepstakes to win a full scholarship at san francisco state university. san franciscans are 83% fully vaccinated, but kids ages 12 through 17 are over 90% vaccinated. so the kids are leading the way, and this is just another incentive to get the rest of
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those young people to get vaccinated, but also to support and encourage the others that have gotten vaccinated. so, it can be a great free ride through college, and we hope more kids will give vaccinated as a result. >> considering tuition is over $7,000 a year, that is potentially a lot of money. who is eligible? do you have to be a san francisco resident? >> yes, you have to be a san francisco resident at any san francisco public school in our city ages 12 through 17. so, there are a number of sites that we put out, and they are being distributed to the kids and their parents at our school so that they can register to debate -- to become eligible to enter into the drawing. >> speaking of vaccines, a big local story today, the in-n-out and out burger on jefferson street in san francisco is back open, but it was closed by the department of public health because employees were not checking customers for vaccination proof.
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it is not opening for indoor dining right now, so people can do takeout. will g w.y s o want you, is this a h manr checking?ave been shu >> from my understanding, this is one of the first. they refuse to check proof. and in most cases, it has been really simple, people have been complying, many businesses have been complying, but restaurant week in san francisco, do you know how many great places all over our city have amazing burgers besides in? so i say, get out there, go to some of our great restaurants, go to sf restaurant week in san francisco and enjoy a burger at one of your local locations in your neighborhood. >> i was wondering how you would get restaurant week sf in there and that was a really good pivot. i was going to ask you if you
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have been eating out every night. >> i think that's a great message to eat local and shop local. but i want to bring this back to in and out, because they released a statement saying we disagree with any government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose to patronize their business. this is clear governmental overreach, is intrusive, improper and offensive. what do you say to that and do you acknowledge there is a burden? rex i would say everyone is entitled to their opinion, but none of us thought we would live through a global pandemic where hundreds of thousands of people have died because of covid. so we are trying to reopen, trying to keep people safe, and this is a public health crisis. that's what this is about. san francisco has never done anything like this before, that there is a reason our public health experts are provided data and information and are helping us to make good decisions, which
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is why not only has san francisco seen one of the lowest death rates of any other major city, we are seeing the highest vaccination rates with over 83% of san franciscans fully vaccinated. we are following the signs, people have their opinions but we are doing what we need to do to keep the public healthy and safe. >> part of that involves your own employees in the city of san francisco. you announced that employees would have to be vaccinated and gave them until november 1 to do so. you tweeted today that 96% are now vaccinated, that's great, but that still leaves over 1400 who are not. will you actually fire those who don't find the deadline, and if you do, are you concerned about a shortage? >> to be clear, we are grateful to the many employees of san francisco who have been fully vaccinated, which i think is one of the highest anywhere in the country. the fact is, we made it clear
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that services will not be impacted if we have to take anything a step further. we are looking at each of the cases of those who have asked for an exemption. everyone is entitled to a hearing, so we will be appropriate with the process. we will do what we need to do. in addition, we put in place systems because this has been months in the making. we put in place systems so we could move forward rapidly to rehire if there are vacancies. and also making sure that services are not interrupted for the public. so we appreciate those people who have been vaccinated, we are talking about 35,000 employees in 1400 are not. i think that's pretty good. and as you can see, we are doing everything we can to get our city reopen. city employees return to work november 1 so we can improve on services we already provide. we are moving forward and doing
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what we need to do because of public health in any of the decisions we make have centered around that. >> i know you are working to hopefully not have to lose anyone, especially police officers and sheriff's deputies who you are depending on to battle crime. i will switch over to organized crime. a high-profile case this past weekend when an australian singer was held at gunpoint by thieves, breaking into his car. what is the effort you are launching today to try to deter auto burglaries specifically? >> this has been a challenge for us, but since we announced our tourism deployment system, our team back in july, we have seen a 37% reduction in car break-ins, and that's great, but it's also terrible for those who sadly have to experience those break-ins. and today we launched a reward of $100,000 for those folks who provide information leading to the arrest and prosecution. people who are committing these
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crimes because -- and not just a people who are committing their crimes, but anyone involved in the selling and distribution of the products that are stolen. because we know that this is just bigger than just breaking in a car and finding things, it's like finding things that you can sell to someone who then sells it on a larger platform, sometimes online. there is a market out there for this. we are going to need a lot more help in san francisco. we need state and federal support, and ultimately this is another incentive to try to get people to help us to cooperate to provide license plate, descriptions or other information. the last thing we want is for somebody to get hurt. we are not asking people to get involved, but we want to make sure that we capture, prosecute and hold people accountable for these crimes. >> we will continue to follow-up with you on that because obviously this is an important
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safety and quality of life issue you are trying to address. also, you are trying to address two crises at once that will turn parking lots and garages into housing. tell us about the program called cars to kosice -- 's. >> it takes long to get anything built, which is why it's so expensive. we are providing another tool that will eliminate a conditional use process. so if there is a parking lot, garage, carwash -- carwash, or a gas station that can only be those things relevant to vehicles, we will allow, through this process, the ability to skip that conditional use process if there is an interest in building housing, so that we can speed up the process. we are talking about anywhere between a 12 month period 18
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month time savings of getting housing built, and also making sure that you can at least build up to four units on those particular parcels. >> we will definitely watch that one closely. in the meantime, don't think i did not notice you are wearing blue and gold. i will give you 10 seconds to say what you want to say about that tonight. >> the warriors, they kickoff their new season. i know they have a number of games they are playing. but on thursday it will start the season, and we are hopeful that they will bring us a victory, and we are excited. the chase center will be packed with fans that are vaccinated and having a good time. so the city is opening up. outside lands will be a holiday weekend. it will be a great time in san francisco. again, it's because people are vaccinated and we are able to do so many great things. >> and away you are doing tonight, checking out restaurant week sf. plopping down in front of your
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tv and cheering for the warriors. sounds like a plan. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, there is a movement in the push
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>> we further conversation, before, but is it time for a four-day workweek? joining us as the stanford graduate and ceo of a tech company streamlining the checkout process for retailers like forever 21. good afternoon. >> it's a pleasure to be here, i'm doing fantastic. >> a lot of your employers -- employees are saying it's fantastic because you are calling for a four-day workweek. tell us what the motivation is behind it. >> we always have pushed the envelope when it comes to building culture. we pioneered what's called the conscious culture movement. we have solicited other country -- companies to join.
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how do we maximize our time and work and out of work so we live the most fulfilled lives possible, also having the most impact for ourselves, shareholders and investors, and we believe a four-day workweek is the future and it is how to do that. >> so is this flexible where employees can choose which four days, or is it companywide where we choose monday through thursday. is it 10 hours per day or is it still eight? >> friday is the extra day the way it works is we say treat fridays like a weekend. friday is light saturday and sunday. you might do some work to catch up on your weeks work or you could work on your weekends like people do today, but don't expect collaboration, don't put meetings on people's calendars, so it's really a clear day, assume your teammates are off with their families.
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>> monday through thursday is there the expectation that people will work longer or no? >> the expectation is monday through thursdays we go all in. we have a saying which is, work like lions, not like cows. a lot of cultures are doing the same repetitive things over and over again. and frankly it's a drag. instead, we say work like lions. pursue your objectives aggressively, go big and make the most out of monday through thursday. >> i feel like i work like a lion five days a week, but that's another question. i wonder how the remote working factors into your equation here? >> our we are reopening offices soon. we still remain a remote first
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workplace with offices being more of a social environment. >> how about stress levels of employees? since you started it i realized it's relatively new, what is the feedback? >> this is an experiment, a three-month long experiment, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far, 83% of employees report one month and having a surge and increase productivity. 86% of employees report improvement in their work life balance. 95% of employees say they are in favor of continuing a four-day workweek. >> obviously, for anyone who's in a business, they are there to make money, do you think this will be good business and resulting in you getting the best employees and making the most money? >> absolutely. we want to build one heck of a business and we have some of the strongest growth in silicon valley.
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we are in the top percentile in terms of growth of companies, and we will keep that up. our investors expect us to keep it up. we tell investors our growth will accelerate. we made this move not to work less, but to work smarter, more efficiently with higher productivity, and overall, be able to have more fun and enjoyment while we do the work. >> speaking of fun, you are doing something else that in
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on getting answers, today we cover the latest covid-19 headlines with dr. monica and we talk with san francisco mayor.
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we look at the idea of four-day work weeks. we will see you at 4:00. world news tonight is next. tonight, the plane crash in texas, going up in flames. how did the passengers and crew survive? the flight from houston to boston crashing during takeoff, engulfed in flames. 21 passeners and crew onboard, including a 10-year-old child, escaping the flaming wreckage. surveillance showing the md-87 speeding down the runway just moments before. the major news coming in on boosters in this country. what the fda is now saying about mixing and matching when you get your booster. and in particular, if you got the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine what a new study shows if you get a different booster what they saw in the antibodies. and news tonight on this new delta sub-variant fueling this new surge in the uk. and now seen in at


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