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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. a health violation at san francisco's only in an out location forces the restaurant to temporarily shut down indoor dining, but the company is calling the closure governmental overreach plus the south bay mother accused of providing alcohol and hosting teens sex parties is back in the bay area. live doppler 7 tracking a storm that's just hours away with wet windy weather. i'll have the timeline coming out. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. we're here. to target everyone have to get to the root of what is causing the issue. the mayor of san francisco announces a new plan to tackle car break-ins by offering money to find those in charge of the crime rings good evening and thank you for joining us some
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amidates and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at 5 live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream mayor london breed plan is to go after the big fish by offering up to 100,000 abc 7 news reporter. leeann. melendez is live with details, leanne. well up to 100,000 for information dan that leads to the arrest and conviction of these so-called big fish now, ironically while all of this was being announced today sever. blocks away a couple from seattle got a rude awakening. the criminals are committing these acts in broad daylight in this city while mayor london breed was addressing the city's bitter reality just four blocks away this couple from seattle fell victim to this type of crime. we both had our backpacks. he had like his work laptop in there. hi folks. we quickly called two police officials who were with the chief and the mayor at that
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press conference just moments before to try to help the couple who said they were disappointed by what just happened. not the best impression earlier the mayor had acknowledged the damage car break-ins are doing to san francisco's reputation it is. really embarrassing for our city, ironically the city was rolling out a new incentive to try to reduce this type of crime a reward of up to $100,000 is now being offered for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the high-level leaders of organized auto burglary fencing operations. every time they pay off a thief their friends and their associates the people that know who they are and know what they do. weak spot and this reward helps provide a motivation for those people to stand up and do the right thing and let us know who they are so that we can shut them down. officials from the hospitality and tourism industry and have
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become so frustrated with these car break-ins that private donors have offered to fund the new cash reward system last july the mayor expanded the number of community based ambassadors and police patrols in and retail areas since then there has been a 37% drop in auto burglaries. the police chief said 26 officers were added the majority of them focusing on the fisherman's wharf area this is where we've seen a significant amount of reduction in burglaries a carbury's since we roll this out in july, unfortunately for this seat not a single officer was nearby to stop this crime from occurring. we have a whole. more work to do. and knowing that more needs to be done police and other city officials have stepped up the smart park or park smart campaign to remind tourists to never leave anything inside
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their cars. i'm live in san francisco. lyanne melendez abc 7 news. alright, leanne. thank you and ac. bay in oakland some citizens are taking crime fight again to their own hands that city has had 113 homicide this year abc 7 news reporter leslie. brinkley has details on the most recent incident that term deadly just a wild wild west and it's just not because of oakland's police force. it's because we live in a different world now community activists and executive director of the alameda county beautification council. ken houston knows the streets of oakland. well, he's not surprised at what happened monday morning at 8:30 when a hit and run driver struck a woman as you see in the surveillance video. she was killed council member noel gallo says the driver he came after the woman because she was trying to break into his car. individual got upset trying to because she was trying to break in his and he went after her and ran her over and killed her. it's a sad i'd come out and any time anyone loses their life,
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but it clearly what the person was doing was, you know, breaking into people's automobiles my understanding somebody does that. i mean, it's just the way it is. i hate to say that but the crime and the violence is escalating because of the lack of services the lack of opportunity. that's it. nothing stops the bullet or crime more than a job oakland police later arrested. man who struck the woman in the street the case is being investigated as a homicide in oakland. i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news. moving on we are on storm watch tonight as the bay area braces for the next round of rain that's coming in. this is a live look now north from our camera in emeryville and while everything is dry at the moment. that's all about to change later this evening and abc 7 news meteorologist, sandhya patel is here with a forecast. we've been waiting for sandy. absolutely dan beneficial rain
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coming our way. so let me show it to you the storm on live doppler 7. it's a light level one storm. it is going to be moving. later on tonight and it will bring with it. not just the rain but the wind as well as we show you our local radar here the rain. still off the mendocino coast it will be moving in late tonight going into tomorrow winds are beginning to pick up out of the south mount saint helena 33 miles an hour. the stronger winds are expected later tonight wind advisory 8 pm tonight until 4 am tomorrow. you might want to tie down any loose objects because those strong winds 45 some of the windiest spots 50 plus could take down some power lines trees and blow things around in your backyard. so eight o'clock tonight north bay is getting that rain by the time we head into 11 pm. it's in the east bay san francisco and then scattered showers going into wednesday morning. it's a level one owner storm impact scale like to moderate rain strong gusty winds and a slight chance of thunder. that's not our only chance of rain. i'll be back with a closer look coming right up mama. all right.
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thank you sandy. i'm with rain on the way. some are starting to prepare abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry is live in walnut creek tonight where restaurants might have to make some changes ryan. yeah restaurants in walnut creek have had to make a couple changes for this upcoming rain outdoor dining became popular because of the pandemic not only because it limits the transmission of covid-19 but also because it's been nice out. it's been relatively clear, but that's about to change in restaurant managers say they're prepared to make some changes. lunchtime in downtown walnut creek saw the majority of patrons at broderick restaurant eating outside. everybody loves the outdoor dining. in fact, i would i would say that more people. fur to sit outside than they do inside nowadays manager candice williams says outdoor dining has been popular since they started doing it but soon they'll be faced with a challenge for mother nature several straight days of forecasted rain, we still are able to do the outdoor dining we might a little section, but we have a bigger section for outside. so it's still works great almost every restaurant on locust
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street has outdoor dining the manager at doorstep ties says his outdo. up can survive light rain, but if it turns into a large downpour he may have to close his street dining people that cannot see that and but lucky we have another section under probably your ex section over there. you have all shade in there. and yeah, it's better for us. it's now getting to that time of year where rain can frequently enter the forecast. this is our signback station where we provide sandbags and sand available to the public contra costa public works say they have already started preparing for storm season. they say cruise have been clear. debris from storm drains and sandbag stations are ready for use. we just are preparing this week to provide the sand. we provide the sand and the sand bags. we ask that the residents bring your own shovels and gloves even though it has been several months since strong rain fell in the bay area. it's something people here will now have to readapt to it has been relatively dry, but every winter we've prepared the same because we never know when it's
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going to be a large winter or spawn winter. we always prepare as if it's a normal or larger event. now both those managers i spoke with say they're going to kind of feel it out to see what changes they need to make as the rain approaches now something to keep in mind is that contra? costa county does have that indoor vaccination requirement for indoor dining? it's just something to keep in mind if you're going out to walnut creek live in walnut creek ryan curry. abc 7 news alright, thank you ryan. well still ahead after the break she's accused of throwing drunken sex parties for teenagers in los gatos and after being extradited from idaho tonight that south bay mother is back here in the bay area plus, san francisco's only in an out burger temporarily shut down by the health department. now, the company is lashing out at the city. that's nex
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drunken sex parties for teenagers in los gatos is back in the bay area this evening shannon o'connor also known as shannon bruga was extradited back to santa clara county. she arrived at san jose's airport today. you see her there in the wheelchair investigators say she got teens as young as 14 drunk at her home. encourage them to take part in sex acts sometimes non-consensual a mother from los gatos came to the airport to express her outrage. i just wanted to be here to support those that are in school that at work right now, and i was hoping to get a chance to be able to see her and scream at her she won 100% light to us. o'connor faces 39 counts or two teenage sons have been removed from her custody a college friend of elizabeth holmes's brother took the stand in her trial today in san jose testifying about his time wo at theranos. daniel edlin worked as a sen. project manager and says his job
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included scripted tours for potential investors and hiding certain areas of the lab from important visitors edlund also said that he set up decoy blood testing devices homes is accused of misleading doctors and investors in the blood testing company that she founded high-end butcher shop and restaurant that became popular because of its commitment to sustainable. eat has suddenly shuttered all of its locations belcampo had two bay area locations one in oakland's jack london square and another in san mateo's hillsdale shopping center in addition to the closures. the company has also ceased its e-commerce and retail operations. this comes after controversy earlier this year when bell campo admitted to mislabling meat products at santa monica location. it's now exploring other ways. continue selling non-branded products. in-n-out burger is lashing out of the city of san francisco after the health department briefly shut down its restaurant at fisherman's wharf last thursday officials closed the location for a single day because it's employees were not
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verifying vaccination status from customers as required by city ordinance in and out blasted that move in a statement to abc 7 news writing quote. we refused to become the vaccination police for any government. it is unreasonable. active and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who whether based on the documentation, they carry or any other reason and quote san francisco. mayor london breed defended the ordinance on our three o'clock show. getting answers. none of us ever. thought we'd be living through a global pandemic where hundreds of thousands of people will die have died because of covid and so what we're trying to do is we're trying to reopen we're trying to keep people safe and this is a public health crisis. restaurant is back open but for takeout only at this point this afternoon. we learned that contra costa county issued two fines to the in-n-out in pleasant hill for violating its vaccination verification policy parents are
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forming carpools in berkeley to get their children to school now that a covid outbreak has suspended school bus service the district canceled elementary school buses through thursday after 11 drive verse for exposed to covid a district spokesperson said it did not have a significant impact on attendance yesterday. parents say during this uncertain time. they're taking it in stride. she's already lost three weeks of school because she got exposed to a positive case outside of school. we suddenly have to change our schedules around so actually this is a pretty light impact all things considered parents say they're making adjustments to find ways to get their kids to school including carpool networks nearly 1400 children use the bus service. coming up next tackling. the bay area's green space problem. there's not enough of it and that could mean real trouble for your health. we're going to explain why and look. possible solutions as we continue the abc 7 storm impact scale today's storm is level one. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely track today's storm
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committed to building a better bay area and one topic we're concentrating on is the climate and the environment with the current focus on climate change and its effects the issue of urban greening is taking on a new priority and now when you study by researchers here in the bay area is suggesting that differences in the urban landscape may affect health issues including covid. drive-through almost any part of the bay area and you'll eventually pass from treeline streets to grittier cement heavy neighborhoods with far less tree canopy a so-called green divide that's often visible in lower income areas with a higher percentage of people of color, but now a new study is suggesting the consequences could also be an actual health risk. so we wanted to ask our communities that have least the least green mass the same communities that have higher rates of covid in them.
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circus spotswood is a lead scientist with the san francisco estuary institute along with colleague rob mcdonald of the nature conservancy. she compared data from 17 states that track covid infections by zip code. they found that neighborhoods with predominantly people of color had both less access to green space and higher infection rates to better understand the link the team then adjusted the numbers to account for variables like race income and population density. they found that even a modest of greening correlated with a 4% lower covid rate in statistical models. so that's like more green had less covid researchers have theorized that the availability of green space might lead people to separate more or perhaps contribute to healthier populations in general, whatever the driver they believe the difference can now be viewed as both a health and social justice issue.
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it could be easy to spot the difference in tree covers you pass through various neighborhoods, but it can be harder to spot the invisible borders that explain the reason for it for that you have to drive back in time. they're absolutely is a history of redlining and blockbusting in this area and that occurred, you know during the same time period as a lot of these these big infrastructure projects for being put in place your real hernandez is an urban forester. he's worked to increase tree density in areas like east palo al and other cities were banks may have historically been hesitant to write single-family mortgages or where local governments were strapped for cash. it's an effort that's taken broad initiatives not doing it piecemeal doing piecemeal is really how we got into this situation with all these neighborhoods being so distinct and different and things kind of being being overlooked and back at the san francisco estuary institute researchers are hoping that framing the green divide as a significant health issue will help convince cities and
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counties to devote more resources to repairing it. you know, maybe people don't care as much about the birds that can be supported by the trees outside your house, but if you know how how closely connected those trees are to your human health maybe more incentivized to do to take action and perhaps help write a historical role in the midst of a historic pandemic. now one note here the study focused on states that track covid cases by zip code rather than larger areas like counties. that's to give researchers a more diverse and detailed picture of what's really going on. all right. we want to get a check on the weather because we know dan that more rain is coming our way. yeah, i mean it is battened down the hatch's time. it sounds like sandia. yeah, absolutely because we're gonna have wins associated with this storm, dan and i'mma i want to show you live doppler 7 in just a moment. first a live view already getting gusty out there in san francisco as you will notice that camera is shaking from our sutro tower camera winds are coming in ahead of the storm live doppler 7 showing you a little bit of moisture right
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over cloverdale, but not all of this is actually hitting the ground as we do have dry layers to get through. here's the storm. it is starting to move into the north coast. it's a level one on our storm impact scale light to moderate rain between tonight tomorrow strong gusty winds. there is a slight chance of thunder. this storm the winds will be picking up over 35 mile an hour gusts expected late tonight at 11 pm. you will notice that it is still gusty going into tomorrow morning. so definitely hang on to the steering wheel if you do have to hit the road now rainfall as you will notice at 8 o'clock tonight, we start to see the rain in the north bay that red and orange. there is heavier rain along the mendocino coast as it starts to move south and east the intensity lessons a bit, but there will still be some mod. pockets of rain at midnight sliding southward and then as we go into tomorrow morning certainly some scattered light showers expected continuing right on through the afternoon and evening hours that system goes out another one comes in right behind it now rainfall totals with this system really beneficial we're looking at
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anywhere from about. of an inch in the inland east bay to about three-quarters of an inch around cloverdale some of the wetter locations in the north bay will be picking up over an inch of rain. look at this lovely view from our golden gate bridge camera. this is what it's like right now outside temperatures in the 50s to 70s a little warmer than where we were 24 hours ago tomorrow morning. it's going to be windy 40s 50s on those temperatures. make sure you grab the umbrella before you go and hang on to it tomorrow afternoon lowe's 60s to the mid 60s lakeport. degrees so those showers continue mixing in with sun now we're going to fast forward with two more storms coming between tomorrow night going into early tuesday and really into late tuesday night. so what are we looking at if that atmospheric river comes through sunday monday tuesday, we're talking about rainfall that will measure between three to six inches ben. lomond could be picking up over nine inches of rain small window where we'll have some dry
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conditions for the walk. end alzheimer's in san ramon mid to upper 50s walk time. it's gonna be comfortable weather low to mid 60s and as we check out the accuweather 7-day forecast. it's a one with scattered showers tomorrow more rain with a one on thursday wet and breezy friday as that next system moves in saturday some showers in the evening and then the potent storm is sunday monday, which is a level two before we go to just lingering chance of showers with the level one on tuesday, dan and okay great sandy. thank you so much. facebook is shelling out millions to settle a discrimination lawsuit the department of justice claimed the tech giant favored foreigners with special visas over us workers to fill high paying jobs as part of the settlement facebook will pay a nearly 5 million dollar fine and another nine million dollars to eligible victims company also agreed to train its employees and anti-discrimination rules and conduct more widespread recruitment opportunities. well halloween tradition reunites students for the first
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time since the pandemic we're going to take you to the special event in the east bay that's next is
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android tv fire tv and roku just search abc 7 bay area and download it well. here tonight in pleasanton into the fall spirit by hosting a pumpkin patch for preschool and first graders. yeah, the school's agriculture class got involved creating a pumpkin decorating station a spider hunt and offering halloween story time. even with my middle schoolers who i have every day. they don't get as many interactions with the preschoolers and elementary kids as they used to so this day they've been looking forward to they've been working hard. the event will run for two days for some of the elementary school children. this is their first field trip ever and for the middle schoolers. this is their first chance to interact with the elementary kids since the covid-19 lockdown ended. well, that's a big day. yeah, and certainly is you can't see their smiles because of the mask, but you know, they're smiling having a good time. all right world news tonight with david muir's next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates for sandhya patel all of us here. thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you again at 6
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tonight, the plane crash in texas, going up in flames. how did the passengers and crew survive? the flight from houston to boston crashing during takeoff, engulfed in flames. 21 passengers and crew onboard, including a 10-year-old child, escaping the flaming wreckage. surveillance showing the md-87 speeding down the runway just moments before. also tonight, the major news coming in on boosters in this country. what the fda is now saying about mixing and matching when you get your booster. and in particular, if you got the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine, tonight, what a new study shows if you get a different booster, pfizer or moderna. what they saw in the antibodies. and news tonight on this new delta sub-variant fueling this new surge in the uk. and now seen in at least five


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