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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 20, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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burr right now on "america this morning" in contempt. the decision by the committee investigating january's attack on the u.s. capitol and what it could mean for former trump adviser steve bannon, who refuses to cooperate. the showdown looming in washington. runway disaster. new details about the shocking plane crash near houston and how everyone got out. attention shoppers. more prices going up. the everyday items getting more expensive. and the new ideas to address the supply chain crisis across the country. happening today, the nfl confronting race. a new plan to address a concussion settlement, in which players were denied payouts for what is known as race-norming. word that facebook could be changing its name.
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and should workers be allowed to take a leave of absence when they get a new pet? the debate over leave. good morning, everyone. we begin with the looming showdown in washington, over steve bannon, one of trump's closest advisers. >> the committee recommended holding bannon in contempt, for refusing to cooperate with the investigation. >> it could result in bannon facing prison time. alex presha is here with more. >> reporter: good morning, mona. the bottom line is that the charges are moving forward and could become official by thursday. this morning, one of former president trump's strongest allies on the brink of criminal contempt charges. the house january 6 committee voted to recommend against steve bannon for refusing to cooperate
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with the investigation into the capitol riot. >>stds mplete defncptablecotr n matter how wealthy or powerful, is above the law. >> reporter: next, the entire house must confirm the decision. the attorney's office saying, if the house of representatives certifies a criminal contempt citati citation, the department of justice will evaluate the matter based on the facts and the law. in a 26-page report, the committee alleged that bannon had specific knowledge about the events planned for january 6th before they occurred. pointing to bannon's own words when he said this on his podcast -- >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. just understand this. all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. it will be moving. it will be quick. there's going to many moving ec. >> reporter: bannon's lawyers said he is refusing to comply at
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the request of former president trump. the president is suing the committee from access on getting white house record on what he was doing leading up to the riot. >> there's nine ayes, zero noes. >> the measure is agreed to. >> reporter: liz cheney with this for her republican colleagues. >> all of the elected officials must do our duty to prevent the dismantling of the rule of law. and to ensure that nothing like that dark day in january ever happens again. >> reporter: the full house will vote on thursday on whether or not to hold bannon in criminal contempt. after that, it's in the justice department's hands whether or not to prosecute a case that could take months to litigate. >> alex, thank you. former president trump is gaining more support within his party. a new poll finds 78% of republicans want trump to run again in 2024. and that's up 12 points from may. republicans say immigration is the most urgent issue.
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democrats say covid is the top issue. a proposal to offer free community college is now being dropped from president biden's massive new spending plan. the president met with democrats for three hours yesterday, seeking a compromise on the plan originally valued at $3.5 trillion. that's where it says the tuition-free college plan will likely be removed as the spending package shrinks. biden wants a deal before next week. now, to an amazing survival story from texas. everyone on this plane survived a fiery disaster on the runway. the question now is, what went wrong? new details about this fiery crash that left the passenger plane engulfed in flames, after trying to take cough from an airport near houston. a survivor saying he thought the plane was going to explode. the fire spread and everyone evacuated through the emergency slides. >> i was sitting here. i saw in the rear-view mirror. it went boom. a big, orange explosion. >> reporter: all 21 people
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onboard escaped. the youngest just 10 years old. >> no one is deceased. that's an awesome feeling. >> reporter: among the passengers, the plane's owner, a local developer who retro fitted the plane to make it more luxurious. terence has been on that plane. he's friends with the owner. >> he's the first person that is dictating safety. you see the sofas and the chairs, they have seat belts. we have to have seat belts on and a certain posture that he is adamant about that. >> reporter: in this video, just before the crash, the plane is seen taxiing like normal. soon, racing down the runway. but it never leaves the ground. >> the actual airplane will roll down the runway. it struck a fix. and from there, became disabled. >> reporter: in that runway video, a puff of smoke can be seen out of one engine. but experts say it's too soon to say if that played any role in the crash.
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and you can see tire tracks from tend of the runway to the crash scene. >> it's clear that the pilots were trying to abort the takeoff. why were they not able to stop in time? and why did they abort so late? that will be answered by the cockpit voice recorders. >> the plane was headed to boston for last night's playoff game. that survivor that spoke to the houston station, said things were flying around inside the plane. they had no time to grab belongings. the ntsb is investigating. u.s. officials are vowing to do everything possible to secure the release of the american missionaries kidnapped in haiti. a gang demanding a $17 million ransom is holding six men, six women and five children, the youngest is 8 months old. abc's marcus moore reports, the hostages are believed to be close where they were >>r: t po missionaries and the children are being held somewhere close to port-au-prince. he didn't mention a deadline but said that negotiations are under way.
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>> a french nun was held captive in a forest and slept on cardboard. the fbi will say it's conducting an ongoing investigation after raiding two homes linked to an ally of vladimir putin. the russian oligarch had been investigated for money laundering and racketeering and had alleged ties to former trump campaign manager paul manafort. turning to the pandemic, a major decision on covid booster shots. cdc advisers meet to review the booster shot guidance. the fda is expected to approve the mixing and matching of booster shots within days. a limited shud di shows a single shot of johnson & johnson followed by a pfizer and moderna shot offers more production than two j&j shots. >> people are seeing, that if you boost with the johnson & johnson vaccines, if numbers
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weren't as high as with the mo dern in a or pfizer fravaccine. the booster is advised for older americans and people at height risk. a popular in-n-out burger restaurant is take-out only. the store was closed not asking customers for proof of vaccination. the restaurant said it refused to be the vaccination police. changes may be coming to the nfl's $1 billion concussion settlement, part of an effort to end race-norming, a practice pthat assumed that black player have lower cognitive function. and it made harder for the players to earn payouts for dementia. the changes won't be announced until a judge reviews them. time for a look at your wednesday weather. people living around san francisco are preparing for a week of rain. a series of storms is expected to douse the area for at least
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seven-consecutive days. checking the radar, that storm system is part of the so-called bomb sicyclone, set to target t region in the pacific northwest. parts of the midwest and great lakes could see some strong storms. looking at today's high temperatures, 60s across much of the northern u.s. but warming into the 70s and 80s across the southeast and texas. coming up, health concerns for celine dion. also ahead, the husband of a mother of three from california who has been missing for nine months is now charged with her murder. the evidence coming to light. and new fallout from the dave chappelle special on
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♪ we'll stay forever this way ♪ fans of celine dion won't see her that way on stage in las vegas for another few months. the singer has delayed her residency because of persistent muzzle spasms. shows have been canceled through february. now, to a search of a missing mother of three. her husband is facing murder charges. here's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: this morning, a major development in the disappearance of southern california mother maye millieta. nine months after maya, known to her family, was last seen, her husband larry is under arrest. >> her husband is responsible for her murder and disappearance. >> reporter: she was last seen january 7th. the same day that security video shows larry moving his car to an area outside their home with no camera coverage. the next morning, they say he
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left home for 11 hours. >> as the evidence unfolded in this case, meticulously and carefully block, by block, it pointed in one direction, that may was murdered. >> reporter: authorities say she wanted a divorce. but her husband was so desperate to keep her in the relationship, he sought help from supernatural powers. >> spell castors would asked to make may stay in the relationship. but as december of 2020 came, the messages to spell casters were a lot more threatening. >> reporter: news of the arrest, hitting her family hard. >> he's our family. he's our family. he's been with us for 20 years.
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>> the family organized search parties, hoping for her return. now, they are more desperate to find her. >> we're asking the public, please, help us bring my sister home. >> reporter: the d.a. insists they can file murder charges even though the body has not been found. lrry is due in court tomorrow. >> thank you. new fallout from dave chappelle's latest special on netflix. outraged employees are staging a walkout to protest the show, which they say is transphobic. he says he screwed up in response to the outrage. he says he should have showed more humanity. but he continues to defend the special on the grounds of creative freedom. facebook is reportedly looking to rebrand itself with a new name. ceo mark zuckerberg said that facebook is transitioning from a social media company to what he
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chain crisis drags on. prices are surging up. this morning, american consumers are about to pay even more for everyday items. procter & gamble says it's raising prices on many of its products, including tide, pampers, crest, bounty and gillette. >> you have more demand. not enough supply. that means higher prices. and that means higher ingration. >> reporter: procter & gamble blames the price hikes on the rising cost of merriaterials, including a backlog at the ports. 100 ships are waiting to unload cargo in los angeles and long beach. according to "the washington post," the white house has considered using the national guard to move the cargo. >> are those options? >> i'm not here to take options off the table. we have made a great deal of progress already. >> reporter: this morning, officials at the port of oakland, california, say they are no backlog and are offering to help. but the ports of l.a. and lang
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beach have yet to respond to the offer. >> the dockers are ready. we can't handle all of the additional cargo. but we can handle a significant portion of it. >> reporter: a trucker shortage is partly to blame. the ceo of one trucking company says, the industry needs 80,000 more drivers. that shortage is now causing some gas stations to run dry, including this one near phoenix. >> god, we're short here. >> reporter: other retailers are also bracing for a lack of inventory. >> where are the toys? when are they come? are they coming at all? >> reporter: this toy store owner is especially worried. >> i will call it. by december 1st, i will not have bun lego product in stalk. what is the product i'm going to put on the lago wall. school cafeterias are being hit. lunch trays to food items are in short supply. the fall classic is nearly upon us. the astros poured it on against the red sox. houston scored seven rupps in the ninth inning to win the
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game, 9-2. that series is now tied at 2-2 games. a pivotal game five is today. winner of this series goes to the world series. we head out west, where earlier, the dodgers came from behind to beat the braves, 6-5, in what was a thriller. now, atlanta leads that series, 2-1 games. and they play game four tonight. world series is almost upon us. >> that is right. coming up, you don't want to miss this story. it is one inspiring pep talk from a toddler. also ahead, should workers get a leave of absence when they get a new pet? get a new pet? the ♪ ♪ traveling has always been our passion, even with his parkinson's. but then he started seeing things that weren't there and believing things that weren't true. that worried us. during the course of their disease, around 50% of people with parkinson's may experience hallucinations or delusions. and these symptoms can get worse over time. nuplazid is the only approved medicine prescribed
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a british video posted a poll on linkedin, asking if he should allow an employee to have paid time off. 30,000 people weighed in with more than 60% of them saying, no way. >> some people joked that people have officially gone crazy. others took the employee's side, calling it a life event. >> the ceo decided to let the employee work from home for a few weeks. look at this policy passed, i feel like "ace ventura" pet detector can take nine weeks off. >> it's bonding. next, queen elizabeth is offering her version of thanks but no thanks. >> she was invited to accept an award from a magazine called "the oldie." the award is known as the oldie of the year. the queen turned it down saying, you are only as old as you feel. and therefore, a more worthy recipient should be found. >> driving home the point, the ear-olqun had neuses leadss yesterday. >> to a fashion statement in baseball.
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>> atlanta braves outfielder peterson has been wearing a string of pearls on the field for the last three weeks. he likes how they looked in a jewelry store. he bought them. >> maybe they are good luck. since he started wearing them, he hit four home runs in ten games. wearing pearls to try to win a ring. finally, the adorable pep talk from a toddler. >> a mom in australia posted a video of her daughter. take a look for yourself. >> i can see myself. you're bold. you're beautiful. today, you are not going to let people's words affect you. >> she said today you will not let other people's words affect you. those are words to live by. just beyond her years here. and also so cute. >> supercute. she got the words from supermodel ashley graham.
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kumasi: -- >> we feel rain moves into the area. kumasi: brand-new details on the vaccine rollout for kids ages five to 11. the plan to get shots into arms of 28 million children. reggie: welcome to wednesday, october 20. kumasi: we want to start with drew. drew: we are not done with the rain yet. showers late last night. those will linger through much of the day today. a live look from a richmond san rafael bridge camera. we will deal with these on-and-off enough showers through the day. still showing some light rain. we zoomed onto the east bay paid over to san ramon and parts of livermore we are dealing with some light scattered showers. it's unsettled with


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