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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 20, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> major moves being made on the vaccine rollout for children. the new information in this morning. the white house is standing by to get shots into millions of american children. >> mask mandate no more. a bay area county considering issuing the order for vaccinated individuals. >> live doppler seven still showing green. tracking the first of our big storms this week. you're watching abc seven mornings. >> we are going to have the have raingear handy. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the first storms of the season tend to turn our roads into slick spots. light showers along along alongg
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peninsula. our biggest concern is the slick roads. take the umbrella and drive slow this morning. >> it might seem like all of us are having to get react committed to it again. amy hollyfield joins us live on the road. >> good. dry so far where we are. we are right at the 580 interchange. cruising around trying to find some white weather. here's a look at the rain last night. this is in santa rosa. there hoping the rain will bring an official and to wildfire season.
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walnut creek went ahead and opened up their sandbag stations, providing bags and sand for those who want to block water from getting into their homes. officials say they know flooding isn't in the forecast but they set this up anyway when rain arrives. >> every winter we prepare the same because we never know when it's going to be a large winter or small winter. we always prepare as if it's a normal or larger event. >> restaurant owners are now negotiating how much rain there outdoor seating areas can handle before they need to pull them in. many of them saying outdoor dining has become very popular with many diners choosing it over sitting inside. those who aren't vaccinated aren't allowed inside so this is their only option. if there is a heavy downpour many of them saying they will
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have to reconsider all those outdoor seating areas that we now see everywhere. >> we are going to be watching for power outages during this week's storms. video shows crews trying to prevent them by power washing poles. the utility says light rain can turn dirt on the power lines into mode which conducts energy and can start fires. showers on sunday caused transformers to blow all over the bay area knocking out power for thousands of people. you can always check live doppler seven and the weather conditions where you live on the abc 7 news app. search abc 7 bay area. >> federal investigators are expected to arrive at the sight of a fiery plane crash outside of houston today. it really was amazing how this all unfolded.
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>> when people watch this video you will be stunned. first responders say it's a miracle that all 21 people on board the jet managed to evacuate safely before it was engulfed in flames. ntsb investigators will get their first look at the jetliner today. look at this video. they arrived to the houston executive airport today. the plane was speeding down the runway and the pilots tried to abort the landing. the airplane did not stop. it caught fire. a fellow pilot who knows the owner of the plane says he has flown his jet before and he's not surprised there were no major injuries. >> he's the first person that is dictating his safety. they all have seatbelts. we'll have to have seatbelts on. he's adamant about that. >> the plane is registered to
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james allen canned. chartered flight was headed from houston to boston for the american league championship series. >> knew this morning, the biden administration is laying out plans to vaccinate tens of millions of american children ages five to 11. the federal government says they are ready to respond once the fda authorizes the vaccine. the fda says they have enough vaccines on hand. the administration says authorization is given they are ready to respond within days. new developments are weighing a plan to lift the current indoor mask mandate. the idea was presented tuesday
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by the county health officer. officers, gyms, fitness centers were vaccinated groups regularly meet could be mask free by the end of the year. the exemption could reportedly be issued by the end of this week. the proposed change in masking rules is basically the same as what san francisco and marin county currently have. >> new detail -- new details about the fine for not checking the indoor vaccination status of dining customers. and out burgers reps say they refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. the pleasant hill location was also fined $750 for not checking for customers proof of covid vaccinations. the county supervisor says adding vaccination benefits the community.
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hat mylf a it's really smallri protect our community and prevent the transmission of this virus. >> i think shutting down the restaurants is ludicrous personally. >> the owner says they aren't in the business of asking for people's personal health information. >> a high-end butcher shop is suddenly shuttering all of its locations. bell campo had two locat locat t it became popular for its alleged commitment to sustainable meet. the oakland-based company caught controversy for admitting to selling meat products from other purveyors and labeling them as their own. the company has ceased its e-commerce and retail operations.
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>> a southbay mother accused of throwing wild teenage sex parties at her house. >> the netflix worker walkout. the ceo now admitting his stakes. >> the proposal already drawing plenty of attention online. >> live doppler seven tracking showers this morning. we will take you to the peninsula. east palo alto. we are finding wet roadways. take it easy out there this morning. we will go hour-by-hour to timeout the rest of your day.
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>> take a moment to see this. a stunning site over this rhode island lighthouse. the october full moon rising last night. this full moon following the harvest full moon is known as the hunters move -- hunter's moon. it coincides with the peak of the meteor shower. that's a big if. >> the hunter's moon and when you would hunt and gather for the week ahead. we are certainly loving the rain. light scattered showers. our biggest concern is slick roads. the first storms of the season turns our roads pretty slick.
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it's an unsettled day. it's not rainingeingf owers. nd showershowe continue into the forecast even later on thisning. limited sunshine and a lot of cloud cover. you will need the umbrella for the entire day. >> on the traffic front we do have wet conditions. we are seeing the spinouts and overturned vehicles. we have a spin out on westtttttt and we have an overturned car on eastbound 24 before wilder road so we are seeing injuries there as well. a slow down on union city. we have a crash. metering lights were turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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chp also has a wind advisory in effect. it can see the droplets on the camera. >> a massive east bay drug believed to be fueling the tenderloins fentanyl deals. a statewide smuggling network. . >> facebook now reportedly rethinking the entire direction and name of the country. >> a southbay mom accused of throwing illegal sex parties for teenagers. >> we will be right back.
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>> on mom accused of throwing secret don't -- a mom accused of
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throwing secret drunken sex parties for teenagers was extradited yesterday. you can see she's in a wheelchair. investigators say she got teens as young as 14 drunk at her home and then encouraged them to take part in sex acts sometimes nonconsensual. one mother came to the airport to express her outrage. >> i just wanted to be here to support those who are in school and at work right now. i was hoping to get a chance to see her and scream at her. she 100 to us. >> o'connor f f f her teenage sons were removed from her custody. >> netflix employees are planning a walkout to protest dave chapelle's new standup special which includes transphobia material. -- admits he screwed up in response to staff.
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>> in a series of new interviews, ted sarandon said he should have acknowledged that a group of his employees were in pain from a business decision that executives made. he said instead of acknowledging that first, he went into some rationales. he reiterated his support of chapelle's comedy show. he says he does not think it it needed a disclaimer and does not believe it falls into hate speech because the jokes are not intended to cause physical harm. there will be a walkout netflix trends employees and allies. his jokes about trans people and his alignment with people who believe a human sex at birth cannot be changed leads to violence against marginalized communities. organizers say they will give him a public service announcement that includes stars such as angelica ross, jonathan
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vanness, jamila jamel and colton haynes. >> facebook will rebrand itself with a new name for the parent organization. the rebranding is in line with how google reorganized under the holding company alphabet. facebook owns whatsapp, instagram and oculus. facebook declined declined decli that report. >> should animal lovers be granted paid time off if they get a new pet? a british ceo asks on his linkedin page whether he should grant leave to an employee who just got a puppy. most felt the boss should not grant paid time off. nearly 40% said it would be a good thing. the ceo said the employee and his dog would be working from home for the time being.
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>> didn't you say that tha wanted a puppy? >> i also want leave. i want us to take a trip around europe. >> why is that puppy living a better life than me? >> that's not how it works? >> it's not how it works. you have to train that puppy. >> across europe. >> no. you stay at home. >> storm one of three we are tracking is creating slick spots out there. good morninggood morninggood mor peninsula. san mateo, foster city. certainly seeing some light showers. you can see even 680 wee likely seeing some slick spots as well. here's the san mateo bridge
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right now. it's a similar story over the bay bridge this morning. so the story story showers out there. right now it's also a mild morning. oakland at 60 degrees. time very light in nature. the biggest concern we have is slick roadways. later today low-to-mid 60's for afternoon highs under mostly cloudy skies. upper 50's to lower 60's. our next storm comes late thursday into friday and then we are watching our atmospheric river that moves into northern california and could bring us a soaking rain and some very
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strong winds. scattered showers today. still unsettled thursday and friday. we will watch sunday and monday for that stronger storm. ginger who is live with what's coming up on gma. coming up on gma, we are also getting into the latest in the breaking news in the fight against covid. the white house announcing new potential vaccines for kids five to 11. they voted unanimously t t steve bannon and criminal contempt. plus celine dion heartbreaking announcement. what we know about the issues
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delaying her return to the stage. a community hero about to get a life changing million-dollar surprise. celine. we got that message yesterday. >> she's really disappointed, too. she's probably the most disappointed of all. >> we wish her well. we will be driving all night to get to you. >> thank you.
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>> we are tracking a wet wednesday morning. drops on the lens, slick roadways. you can see light rain moving through. the east bay getting hardest hit with the light rain.
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certainly have some slick spots out there. more light showers will be moving in from the coast throughout our day today. it stays unsettled throughout the entire day. >> new developments on a plan to turn a hotel into homeless housing. it's not going through. the owners of the hotel confirmed to abc 7 they will not be selling the property to the city. they will continue to operate the buchanan as a tourist hotel. the plan came under intense scrutiny from japan town locals who feared the loss of the hotel and how it would impact struggling businesses. san francisco will move forward with plans to convert other hotels around town. a huge drug bust has cut off a
6:26 am
group that was fueling fentanyl sales in the tenderloin neighborhood. 12 and a half pounds of fentanyl were seen. -- were seized. the opethe opethe ope and a half pounds of other guns and $27,000. >> williams life from his early days on the san francisco comedy scene to becoming a huge movie star. >> it was like being with the beatles or something. his stardom was huge. interviews with his peers and more about his personal struggles.
6:27 am
next win or loss could help house the homeless. the idea getting support from the mayor. >> we know how much pets hate vacuums. one family has a household idea. >> a new plan to crack down on car break-ins. the new wealthy reward to catch the thieves and if you think it will actually work. >> rain. make sure you are careful if
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♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> the bay areas rain relief.
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the series of storms we have all been waiting for. they're finally here. we feel so much better now that it's raining. >> our team coverage all about the rain today. >> our meteorologist is timingsg out and we expect to see scattered showers. amy hollyfield is out live checking conditions. good morning everybody. you're watching abc seven mornings live. >> live doppler seven getting a workout this morning. very light rain but we are seeing it create slick spots early this morning. foxwood city redwood city.
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certainly seeing some wet roads. san leandro seeing some wet roads this morning. the biggest issue is this morning we have some roads that are slick. we will track the light showers through later on this evening. >> no one in their right mind is actually complaining about the bay area getting rain although it does take a little adjustment. that includes getting ready for a damp commute. amy hollyfield is getting close to the bay bridge. >> we are approaching it right now. it is wet out here. it's a light rain. we've been dry for so long. it is a little wet out here.
6:32 am
that has many restaurant owners trying to figure out what to do with all those outdoor dining areas they created during covid. many of them are saying they hope the outdoor seating can withstand some rain. some tell us they plan to leave them for as long as they can. they are the only option for those not vaccinated who can't eat inside. those who are nervous about catching covid indoors also feel safer eating outside. >> i would say more people prefer to sit outside nowadays. it works really well that we have the extra patio. >> some cities went ahead and set up their sandbag stations ahead of the rain. heavy downpours are not in the forecast. city workers prepare the same
6:33 am
every winter. it's a light rain getting everyone thinking about adjusting for the new season. the new season is here. >> chp is warning drivers headed to lake tahoe to be extra careful. caltrans crews are working to clear trees in the area of the caldor fire burn scar. the loss of foliage creates the perfect conditions for mud and rock slides. chp says the best thing to do is stay alert, drive slow and keep the distance between you and the cars ahead of you. you can keep track of real-time weather conditions anytime streaming right now on our app.
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>> there's a new indication that we all need to do better when it comes to conserving water. governor newsom expanded the drought emergency to include all of california. the state can out ban certain uses of portable water. state water officials say august data show urban areas only reduce water usage by 5%. >> a pivotal decision on covid booster shots is expected. >> there's one key take away. but the end of this week intensive millions more people could be eligible for booster shots. these -- the advisory committee will issue recommendations for moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots.
6:35 am
the fda is expected to greenlight mixing and maxing booster shots. one dose of johnson & johnson followed by a shot of moderna could used immunity much more than another shot of j&j. it won't be required to get the same vaccine brand for boosters. back to being one of the states in the orange tier of the covid data tracker. our state was in the yellow on monday which is better. orange signifies substantial but not high transmission of covid. most of the u.s. is in red. we've been going from orange and yellow back-and-forth for weeks.
6:36 am
>> 40 seven san francisco police officers are on leave because they haven't gotten the vaccine. a spokesman said the officers were placed on leave last thursday. officers and other city workers in high-risk settings had to show proof of vaccinations to comply with city orders. hearings are underway for the workers who did not comply and want exemptions. 93 members of sf pd have not shown proof of vaccination that includes 46 active-duty officers. more than 1400 employees are unvaccinated. yesterday the mayor said there would not be an impact to services. the police association also said san francisco is experiencing a shooting and retail theft epidemic. oakland will begin to accept
6:37 am
applications for the second round of its guaranteed income program. 300 low income families will $500 a month in cash with no strings attached. the first round was awarded to 300 families in east oakland over the summer and we are expecting more information about this later today including how to apply. the city of san francisco will offer $100,000 in rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of leaders of auto burglary rings. donations from tourism and hospitality business leaders will fund the program. abc 7 news reportedly a couple whose car was just targeted. and it was just a few blocks away. >> we didn't see it happen.
6:38 am
we just got in the car and noticed the back was smashed. >> officers who adjust mayor were notified. there is nearly 40% break-ins after adding officers to fisherman's wharf. >> queen elizabeth suddenly taking a step back from her scheduled events. >> another update next. >> some people from the bay thet trying to connect on their flight to greece suddenly in the middle of a nightmare. they were arrested unexpectedly. their story and the warning to know. it is so beautiful.
6:39 am
into san francisco. we've had a number of issues on the bridge. hard to make out the traffic through all the droplets on the camera but traffic is under the limit there as well for people traveling towards the north bay. we have been seeing the spinouts. the biggest one causing a slow down right now is on westbound 24 before wilder road. >> the slippery roads our biggest concern. some light showers. light showers in the the the district. showers over the bay bridge. light showers as you approach the golden gate bridge moving
6:40 am
south. san lorenzo, san leandro, castro valley, alameda. drive a little bit slower morning. foster city, san mateo, belmont. it's a muggy and mild either side of about 60 degrees as you step outside this morning. it is a level one light storm we are tracking today. highs around the region not climbing too far from where we are right now. low to mid 60's later on this afternoon. sponsored by ron's gone wrong in theaters this friday. >> halloween comes early. >> critics love ron's gone
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>> knew this morning, queen elizabeth -- doctors advised her to take it easy. the 95-year-old monarch was supposed to be in ireland. buckingham palace didn't give a specific reason but we are told she reluctantly agreed to stay home.
6:44 am
she's looking forward to visiting northern ireland in the future. >> last night's night's night''s virtual because angry protesters have shut down several recent public meetings. police had to respond to the mayor's home last night after protesters showed up outside trying to disrupt the online meeting. -- a small group that is opposed to her vaccination policies. she earlier suggested the emergency order after protesters targeted her at home this past weekend. >> i know that nobody should ever be terrorized in their own home. nobody's personal sense of safety and privacy should be invaded and no one's family should be subjected to that. >> the mayor received words of support from several politicians.
6:45 am
>> a production years. the disaster left 25 people dead and many more without homes. >> there was stuff on fire all over the place. >> flames were within one mile of downtown berkeley. >> there was a major flare up this afternoon. >> it was like a war zone. everything was just gone. >> firestorm shares a stories directly from people who live through the experience. you can stream it by downloading the free abc 7 bay area.
6:46 am
area coupled became a real nightmare. cindy miller and her friend brad were ecstatic about a three week tour of greece so imagine the frustration and fear on they arrived into zurich to connect to a flight that went to athens. they were denied entry into switzerland over covid travel restrictions. swiss border agents arrested them and told them they had to return to the u.s.. >> passport control says you can't come in. what do you mean i can't coming? he took our passports and called the police. the police came for long police with guns and everything. >> they were put back on a flight to new york. cindy is blaming the airline for flying them into a country where they could not get in.
6:47 am
thethethethethethethe in airfare. youyouyouyouyou side's reporting through the pandemic at our website. >> procter & gamble is warning of higher prices on everyday items. -- retailers that will used prices. company officials say they have yet to see notable changes in consumer behavior and reaction to these higher prices. how much is marriott making off of those dreaded hotel resort fees? they brought in $17 million in 2019.
6:48 am
attorneys general calling for marriott to be more transparent about the fees. guests have complained about the fees because they are not included in the room price. betting to end homelessness is getting support from the mayor libby schaff. funds would would would would wu housing and expand mental health and addiction treatment services. major sports betting pla are backing the measure. the sf eagle bar now has landmark status. it has been a staple in the neighborhood since it opened in 1981. board of supervisors held that final vote yesterday.
6:49 am
on our website we have a local story of an lgbtq landmark of a different kind. two women pioneers spent years organizing and fighting for lgbtq equality. >> a tracy light show creator is added again. now he's also having a dance off. expecting. of their homes and on discussed logistic. i thought it would be cool for their houses to dance it out from different states.
6:50 am
>> ok. i'm here for it. i just found out about that last night. your life just scrolling. we are tracking some light rain. it's the first of three storms that we are tracking. some light showers around the bay bridge. you can we will take you into the east bay. likely seeing some slick spots early on this morning.
6:51 am
san lorenzo, hayward, we have slippery spots even across the san mateo bridge. scattered light showers. our biggest concern especially this morning some slick spots. take the umbrella with you out the door this morning. perhaps a pocket of downpours moving through. today a lot of cloud cover. low to mid 60's. overnight tonight we will keep that cloud cover. the picture towards the end of the week. here's our second storm thursday night into friday. we are watching very closely sunday into monday.
6:52 am
seven day forecast still unsettled through the week. all eyes on sunday and monday for that stronger storm. >> the nfl plans to make changes to the one billion-dollar concussion settlement following -- the new testing formula will remain secret until a federal judge has time to review it that means more than 1400 former nfl players who have had dementia claims denied won't know if their prior test will simply be rescored or if they have to go through another round of cognitive testing. >> paris hilton is helping unveil the troubled teen industry bill. the potential legislation would establish a bill of rights to protect children placed in congregant care facilities.
6:53 am
hilton is opening up about why this cause is so important to her. >> estate protection is not enough. these kids need to be protected on a federal level in all 50 states. i won't stop until i see change. i just know the little girl in the would be so proud of the woman i am today. >> you can see more of that interview with paris hilton coming up. >> if you are already starting your holiday shopping, there's a bay area business being featured on good morning america. it's offering its best-selling net treatment on deals and steals. >> another big winner for gma viewers. number one best-selling. this is their number one selling the cream. it does everything. it sculpts. sculpts the jawline, beautiful
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what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ >> here the seven things to know this morning. >> we are tg llight showers.
6:58 am
seeing some slick spots. scattered showers throughout your day today. grab the umbrella out the door this morning. >> you're are going to face a wet commute this morning. spinouts have been a big problem this morning. we are seeing a spin out on westbound 24. >> pgd has been washing power poles. we have seen a couple outages in the santa cruz mountains. the federal government is ready to administer tens of thousands of pfizer vaccines to children once the shots are authorized. >> the cdc advisory committee will take up rooster shots tomorrow.
6:59 am
they will issue recommendations for moderna and john john -- johnson & johnson. >> netflix employees are planning a virtual walkout in protest of transphobia. >> a british ceo is sparking a big online debate after asking on linkedin whether he should grant paternity leave to an employee who just got a puppy. 40% of responses said it would be a good thing. >> we have thoughts. >> he can't even get paternity leave for your kid. can we start? there's got to be a hierarchy of this. as soon as to get a new dog. >> she really thinks she can take this puppy and go on a european vacation.
7:00 am
>> they are not going to let you in. >> i just checked. tes for our viewers in the west on this wednesday morning, one of former president trump's closest allies under fire. breaking overnight, the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection votes unanimously to hold steve bannon in criminal contempt. the latest on the capitol riot investigation showdown. turk up the pressure, president biden pushing for a deal on his massive social spending package. the president meeting with members behind closed doors. can he get everyone in his party on board? the high stakes right now. miracle in texas. this plane skidding off the runway during takeoff, bursting into flames. seconds after, everyone escap.


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