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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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seeing the wet weather. san francisco into the peninsula into san bruno. send carlos skyland boulevard is wet. it is light and very soupy as the level 1 storm has stalled out from last night. the wind has let up but you are still seeing that moisture leading into the area. rainfall totals over one inch in santa rosa you will notice there were only trace amounts from hayward to san jose. as you look at the timeline you'll notice the showers keep on coming. 8:00 tonight we have more showers and storms for tomorrow morning and a little more in terms of the intensity going into late morning and early afternoon. this is just the start of what looks to be a very wet pattern. the next storm friday morning with a stronger atmospheric river sunday night into monday. ama: grenell bernard continues our team coverage.
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reporter: we have seen rain falling all day long. certainly a welcome sight. some cities are concerned about too much rain falling over a short amount of time. we also want to talk about accidents. we have seen more than a few today including this for car collision that happened five minutes ago here on northbound 101. for a time all lanes northbound were shut down. it appears they are now reopened. earlier one homeowner said the weather took its toll on one is is -- one of his favorite trees. >> we were inside the kitchen and we heard a crunch. we said what is that? reporter: it was a large pine tree which toppled in his yard in mill valley. the tree took powerlines down with it. david believes cent rain tble. >>nk theju saturated.rter:heainmakg aow dr.
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lots of umbrellas deployed. it is a game of beat the clock for public works crews trying to clear debris before a forecasted atmospheric river this weekend. >> the past few weeks we have been focusing on cleaning the curbs come cleaning out the catch basins, trying to get a head start on the rain to avoid flooding, clogging. reporter: flooding now on the radar for firefighters who are less concerned about wildfire threats. >> we have low-lying areas prone to flooding. especially if the rain is coming down at a rate not consistent with the tide, some low-lying areas are prone to flooding. reporter: mill valley posting this alert on its website with a special advisory to those living in low-lying areas to be careful and take the cautions. this sandbag station is now open.
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>> we are making sure our community knows would means to be prepared for the rain. especially thod around our burn star area are protected and prepared. reporter: live with a shot of this four car collision on northbound highway 101. traffic now backed up to san pedro road. we saw at least four or five people out of their cars but we are now seeing an ambulance showing up. police are urging drivers across the bay area to be very careful over the next several days because we are going to see so much rain. be careful and take it slow on the roadways. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. ama: in the east bank, businesses shut down when power went out this morning. people in the area say they heard a boom before they lost power. it kitchen supply store tried to keep its doors open. >> we can take cash and credit
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card by hand. we will see. i just walked around the block and every other business is closed. it is hard not staying in business right now. ama: the power came back around 2:00 this afternoon. pg&e in the past has -- some employees say businesses -- dan: this pg&e map shows a wide swath of outages with the largest number indicated in orange. areas hard-hit includes parts of oakland. in addition the san martin area and santa cruz mountains are also represented in orange. ama: keep an eye on the storms with live doppler 7. see it on our streaming app available for roku, amazon fire, android and apple tv. dan: new developments as the fda has authorized booster shots for
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several people who received the moderna or johnson & johnson vaccines. it will also allow mixing of booster doses. boosters of moderna can be administered at least six months after the second shot two people 65 and older and people 18 to 64 at high risk for severe disease or who work in a frontline job. the johnson & johnson booster can be given at least two months after the original shots. the cdc advisory committee will meet tomorrow to vote and then the cdc director will release final recommendations on this. today the white house detailed plans to get shots into the arms of kids ages five to 11. the biden administration says it has enough supply to vaccinate 28 million children. more than 25,000 pediatricians and family doctors have been enrolled in order to administer these vaccines. vaccines will also be offered at schools and other community-based sites. >> our plan is geared to meet these specific needs including
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offering vaccinations and settings parents and kids are familiar with. dan: the fda advisory committee is scheduled to meet next week to consider pfizer's emergency use authorization request. cdc advisory panel will meet a week after that. ama: the ceo of a cove a testing company is warning there could be testing supply chain issues in the coming months. melanie woodrow has the story. reporter: as employees, some not vaccinated return to work, demand for cove attesting continues to grow. >> many employers are requiring testing. reporter: -- >> we believe employers with more than 100 employees will have to test employees not vaccinated at least once a week. that challenge will drain the supply chain. reporter: he says there will always be a covid test available to it just might not be the one you want. >> pcr tests are largely available at an almost unlimited quantity. reporter: rapid antigen test
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will be more difficult to find in the coming months. >> those tests locally available are being bought up and disappearing off the shelves. reporter: a spokesperson for a rapid antigen test for sale at pharmacies like cvs and walgreens says they are seeing unprecedented demand. the spokesperson tells us they are scaling back up manufacturing of test kits since delta became the dominant strain. new cdc guidance calls for a re-prioritization of testing, saying by the end of october we will be producing more than 50 million tests a month. we have hired additional employees and have turned on parts of our establishing network in the u.s. pharmacies are also taking steps to address rising demand. cbs confirmed they have introduced purchase limits. >> if you are in a big city like san francisco or new york there is a really good chance finding a rapid test on the shelf in the coming months will be almost
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impossible. reporter: he says they are not immune to the potential shortage of rapid tests but with the right planning they might not be needed. he says that ptr -- pcr tests have a turnaround time of 18 to 24 hours. ama: while flu season was not existent throughout much of the pandemic, doctors warned this year will be worse. stephanie sierra is in the newsroom with a look at the importance of getting the flu shot. reporter: doctors say now is the time to get that shot if you have not yet. two studies suggest since we have had such flu -- low flu activity over the past year resulting in less immunity, this upcoming flu season will be much worse. not just in more infections but the models expect hundreds of thousands of additional flu hospitalizations. whether you're coughing, sneezing or just under the weather, it is a dreary reminder flu season is not only here but sweeping and fast. >> we predict there are going to
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be a lot more flu cases. people getting infected but also people getting hospitalized. reporter: he expects we will see far more flu cases this winter than covid cases. two new studies shared a similar sentiment. one study predicted there could be an additional 100,000 to 400 thousand more flu-related hospitalizations this fall and winter compared to an average year. >> estimates are right on target. it comes with some level of uncertainty. but in the uncertainty around how bad it could be, meaning it is going to be worse than last year for sure. reporter: how much worse? that is unclear. >> the reason we are not sure is because we do not have information from other parts of the world because everybody did not have bad flu in the last year or so. reporter: he explains since we
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do not have population immunity from the flu last year it leaves us more vulnerable. usually scientists will look at the flu prevalence in the southern hemisphere where the winter season just finished to help predict what may happen in the u.s. >> empirical data from the southern hemisphere is that flu rates have remained at historically low levels in australia and most of the southern hemisphere. in australia fewer than 10% of the flu tests they have done have been positive. they have only had 483 cases and no deaths. reporter: but we cannot be too safe. >> because if we have a covid surge and a flu surge it creates all sorts of extra pressure on the hospitals. reporter: he added we have already started to see shifting immunity with other viruses like rsv, a common respiratory virus usually contracted in the winter but became more common in the summer this year. so he says when changes like that happen it could further prolong our current flu season
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even past april or may when it is supposed to finish. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. ama: since the symptoms for flu and covid are so similar, how do doctors recommend we differentiate them? reporter: they are very similar. the main difference to covid is upper respiratory symptoms. for flu look for fever, cough, cold and muscle pain and for covid, it is cough, runny nose, with more of a focus on upper respiratory issues. certainly if you are struggling to breathe. but as always consult your doctor first if you experience any of these symptoms, because it can certainly be easy to mix them together. ama: thank you. dan: netflix employees walk off the job. the changes they want as the process the company's handling of the new dave chapelle comedy special. ama: and more efforts to end gun violence in oakland.
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comprehensive dental coverage, and so much more. for the benefits that matter most to you, call scan at 1-877-212-7226. or ask your agent about scan. dan: in oakland, homicides are at the highest they have been in years and people in the community are demanding something be done. tim johns talked with one man who lost his daughter to gun violence about what he is doing to try and make a difference. >> our city is hurting right now. so we are just doing what we can to try and bring oakland together to stay -- say stop the violence. tim: 24 years ago his daughter was shot and killed while walking home from school. now all these years later, he worries oakland is still facing a wave of senseless violence, one that has see 113 homicides
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so far this year and counting. >> it is not acceptable. we have to value life more. >> ♪ isn't she lovely? ♪ isn't she wonderful? ♪ ♪ tim: he founded the love life organization, a group inspired by her vision to try and bring awareness within the community to help end the violence inflicted upon so many families. >> there is so much good in our city. let's start bringing a spotlight on the good and changing people's minds and hearts so we can put an end to this senseless violence. tim: it is a message that resonates with the police department. they say the only way for the issues to be resolved is to work together hand in hand. >> it is about partnership and we are here to partner with oakland to take down this violence we are seeing. tim: despite the daunting task,
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lacey says he is determined not to give up hope. not just for his daughter, but also for everyone else. >> i am a prisoner of hope. and i ascribed to that philosophy. the only way i can get out of bed in the morning and do this work is to be hopeful and prayerful. tim: tim johns, abc 7 news. >> thank you all for being here. dan: new at 6:00, vandals in san leandro damaged a beloved symbol of the holiday season. they destroyed at least 15 fiberglass nutcrackers valued at more than $16,000. they are part of the annual tree lighting and placed on city corners by the benefit district. the district says someone broke into their storage building sunday night. there is a gofundme to try and raise money for new nutcrackers. ama: a group of homeless advocates is urging san francisco to keep open hotels being used to house the homeless. the coalition on homelessness held a rally on taylor street at
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one of the shelter-in-place hotels the city used to house people during the pandemic. they want the mayor to keep the hotels open through the end of the year. >> the possibility of a twindemic and new strains, we cannot close these hotels. we need to keep them open and fill the beds. ama: the department of homelessness tells us that while the hotels have been an excellent emergency option, they must continue to focus on long-term solutions. dan: san francisco today and the sf mta hit a transit milestone. they celebrated the completion of the geary rapid project intended to make one of the city's busiest bus lines more efficient. this shows the three mile stretch of the project. the 38 and 38 are geary buses transported 56 riders a day before the pandemic. there are now two red transit only lines in both directions.
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the mayor says that will mean faster and more reliable bus service. >> we are glad to see gary improve for pedestrian safety to meet our goals to keep people safe and to ensure our transit system is working more efficiently. dan: three new crosswalks were installed with longer crosswalk times to make sure people can get across safely. the geary rapid project will reconnect neighborhoods from downtown to the western tradition. ama: it is going to be hard to be outside without getting wet right now. dan: may be very wet. sandhya: we have more showers that have developed. i want to show you live doppler 7. the focus is across the san francisco east bay and south bay. this get you into street-level radar where it is wet at this hour. mount diablo boulevard heading into 680, walnut creek will notice also around san rafael we are seeing spotty showers.
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want to show you the view from our golden gate bridge camera. take it easy on the roadways. visibility is low. from san francisco heading down towards south city daly city. also around the peninsula, half moon bay, old county road. some light showers. 50's and 60's on the temps today. we got into the upper 50's to low 70's. here is a live view. you will notice the raindrops. showers often down through tomorrow, gusty and wet mainly friday morning with a next system and a stronger storm sunday night into monday. the current one is at level one through tomorrow. scott it -- scattered showers and it will be breezy. i want to time it out. 10:00 tonight widely scattered showers. tomorrow morning, allow that extra time to get to where you need to go because the roads will be slippery. visibility will be low. yet another push of moderate rain at noon time.
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make sure you have your raingear handy. it starts to shift northward at 3:00 and stays in the north bay until the next storm comes friday morning. tomorrow morning temperatures will be really mild. afternoon highs with breezy conditions and showers anywhere from the low 60's to mid 70's. certainly a milder day than today. i want to show you the rainfall projections taking you right through tuesday night. if that atmospheric river comes through the bay area as we are expecting between sunday evening and monday we could see rainfall totals especially in the north bay between three to six inches and for the rest of our viewing area between one to three inches. it could be enough to not only put a dent in our deficit but also end our fire fire season. seven-day forecast, off and on showers tomorrow with a level 1 system. gusty morning friday. this is when our next storm comes.
6:21 pm
it is going to be a fast mover. then we get a break until saturday late afternoon. a level one. stronger storms sunday and monday. a potent storm with the potential for atmospheric river to develop heavy rain. we still have a few days to go so we will see what happens tuesday. some lingering showers with a level 1 system. ama: next, the gunman who killed 17 people at a florida high school pleads guilty. dan:
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ama: the gunman who carried out the 2018 parkland school massacre pleaded guilty today in a florida count room. >> to murder in the first degree of victim luke hoyer, how do you plead? >> guilty. ama: that is nikolas cruz pleading guilty to the first of 17 counts of murder and attempted murder for the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. afterward, he apologized to his victims and their families. >> i just want you to know i am really sorry and i hope you give me a chance to try and help others. i believe it is your decision to decide where i go and whether i live or die. ama: the jury must now decide whether to sentence the 23-year-old to life in prison or give him the death penalty. the prosecution stated it's intention to get seek the death
6:25 pm
penalty. dan: new details about brian laundrie. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains although -- along with personal items such as a backpack and a notebook belonging to ryan laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently have been underwater. it is likely the team will be on the scene for several days. dan: police called in a team to the site. he is the only person of interest in gabby petito's murder. they went on a road trip together but laundrie returned home without her. her body was found in wyoming a month ago. ama: the only way to stop global warming may require an extreme course of action. a u.n. study concludes the world needs to cut more than half its production of coal, oil and gas in the coming decades. but most oil and gas producers are planning to increase production until 2030 and
6:26 pm
beyond. there is still time to limit little warming but the report says the window is rapidly closing. dan: held without bail. a mother makes her first court appearance on charges she enticed teenagers to drink and commit sexual acts. reporter: accusations that the dashboards on a popular auto brand are melting. ahead, why
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>> this is abc 7 news. dan: a los gatos woman made her first court appearance this afternoon, accused of hosting parties and enticing underaged teenagers to drink and commit sexual acts. ryan curry was at the hearing and has the story. reporter: shannon o'connor in court in san jose after being extradited from idaho on tuesday. she was arraigned on 39 counts. according to documents, for over a year she would hold gatherings at her home where minors would drink arch amounts of alcohol, leading to sexual acts or bodily harm. >> there is nothing cool about
6:30 pm
letting children drive drunk. there is nothing cool about children getting so drunk that they vomit on alcohol that you provided in your own home. ryan: the santa clara district attorney says the charges will be taken very seriously. today the judge denied a request from her attorney to postpone the case. her attorney claimed they did not have enough time to read the complaint against her. she is currently being held in the santa clara jail without bond. >> we filed a motion for the court to set no bail in this case in order to protect the victims, the community and to secure the defendant's appearance for trial. ryan: we reached out for an interview with o'connor but she declined. court documents say shet documes use social media to lure them to her home. >> one of the crimes we have
6:31 pm
charged involves committing the crime for sexual gratification. we can certainly say sexual gratification is one of the motives in this case. ryan: the next court date is set for december 17. the district attorney did say there is a separate set of complaints about an embezzlement issue with her that could be tied to this case. they are currently investigating whether or not they are related. ryan curry, abc 7 news. ama: new developments on it instance in fairfield involving a home booked on short-term rental website verbo. 11 people woke up to threatening messages spray-painted on the garage and attires -- the tires of their rental cars slashes. we received a statement saying quote, we have removed this property from our site. the host has refunded the guests and we are reimbursing the gusts for the additional cost incurred when they rebooked the property for the rest of their stay.
6:32 pm
dan: an auto safety group is going public with this concerns a possible defect in older model nissans may cause a safety hazard on the road. michael finney is here with a report. this report is literally heating up. reporter: they are based out of washington, d.c. and have found more than 1000 nissan owners have complained to federal regulators that their dashboards are melting. the group says this is more than just a cosmetic defect. adam clock shows us his 2008 nissan ultima. >> it runs great. it just looks like hell. reporter: the body paint is fading significantly but he says he has a greater concern. underneath what he placed on his dashboard he says is a gooey mess. he says it became so sticky he didn't even need adhesive to get the cover to stay in place. >> you try and cover that up and
6:33 pm
hide the mess and you don't want to have anyone in your car because it looks horrible. reporter: jason thinks he knows what is causing it. >> we have what can only be described as melting dashboards. they are changing their properties in the heat, literally across the country. reporter: on the day we spoke with adam the sun peaked through the clouds despite the overcast skies. adam says the sun's intensity is enough to cause what he considers a dangerous glare. >> it is constantly in your face. cannot avoid it unless you lay something over the top of your dashboard. reporter: these are photos submitted as evidence as part of a class action suit against new son -- against nissan. the suit alleges the glare is so harsh it is causing a safety defect. most of the complaints to federal regulators are from southern states but no owner from oakland complained his
6:34 pm
dashboard on his 2004 model bubbled and peeled. another infinity owner says his 2005 infinity suv melted internally and another in san francisco described his dashboard as cracking. >> we are now seeing these complaints all over the country. northern california southern california, arizona, texas has quite a number. it is all over the country. reporter: we reached out to nissan and said it has found this issue does not pose a safety concern. however, we continue to to assess any consumer concerns and will take appropriate steps in dealing with each case. the average cost to replace a dashboard is $2000. the lawsuit we mentioned ended in a settlement which resulted in nissan owners in florida eligible to get their dashboards replaced for $250, but it only covered those in florida.
6:35 pm
we will be watching this closely. dan: everywhere around the country this is happening. ama: hundreds of netflix employees walked off the job today protesting the company's response to complaints about what they say are anti-trans comments in dave chapelle's newest special. we have a look at the walkout and what employees say they want changed. >> you are laughing at the face of our pain. reporter: netflix ploy you said a walked out of the office in protest of how their own company handled backlash to dave chapelle's new comedy special where the comedian makes jokes about transgender people. >> the support is incredible. reporter: tera field is a bay area netflix employee who was recently suspended after she tweeted criticism and then tried to attend a meeting with netflix executives to voice her concerns. she has since been allowed back to work her experience as part of what led to the walkout today. it has support from celebrities including dan levy and elliott
6:36 pm
page. >> the focus is on being a force for good in the world and for understanding the responsibility that we have as a company with a level of media influence that we have. reporter: dave chapelle says gender is a fact and shows his support for j.k. rowling, who expressed anti-trans lease last year. chapelle also said he is team term, which stands for trends exclusionary radical feminist. >> this crosses the line of fun. this was hate speech. reporter: netflix ceo ted sarandos initially defended the special. but in an interview with variety last night he acknowledged he screwed up and should have led with a lot more humidity. >> --- more humanity. >> apology is wait too -- apology is way too late. reporter: they hope netflix will
6:37 pm
do better to create more inclusive programming. >> so often only the mocking stories are told about us. but nobody talks about how beautiful our truth is when we get to live it. reporter: netflix said today they respect their employee's decision to walk out and they recognize they have much more work to do within netflix and within the content. dan: marking the anniversary of the oakland hills fire storm. ama: the event that just wrapped up and how survivors are educating people about living in harm's way. ♪cough cough ♪ ♪ sneeze sneeze ♪ [ sneezing ] needs... ♪ plop plop fizz fizz ♪ [ loud fizzing ] alka seltzer plus cold relief. dissolves quickly... [ loud fizzing ] instantly ready to start working. so you can bounce back fast with alka-seltzer plus. now available for fast sinus relief. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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we save a lot. aaaaaahhhh! ohhh! (loud drumming) animal! aaaaaahhhh! for bundling made easy, go to uh-oh... ama: ceremony at the tree of hope took place and i to mark the 30th anniversary of the firestorm. they were remembering the 25 people killed. the tree is a monument as a beacon of resilience soon after the firestorm. more than 3500 homes were destroyed in a matter of hours 30 years ago. dan: for the people that survived and rebuilt in that
6:41 pm
area, the inferno certainly left a lasting mark and a determination to prevent it from happening again. >> the people that are looking to the magnifiers we have right now and were not around for that fire, forget that was the first one we had. all the way back in 1991 in october. people did not think those areas could burn down, but they did. and you are very aware that they can happen again. >> a big challenge is just educating people who choose to live in this beautiful area to know that they live in harm's way. it is the topography, it is the weather, and it is the fuel. and part of the fuel is the houses themselves and the other part is the vegetation. those are the only things we ca. cannot do anything about the weather early topography. but you can do something about the removing dead trees is a crucial piece of the puzzle.
6:42 pm
where these trees have been thinned out the fire will probably stay on the ground. that will be a knee-high fire and will not have a lot of fuel to ignite. it will not ignite into the tree canopies which means they will not be a lot of those really hot intensity fire embers that then blow into the community that could create a real danger for the community. >> there are many hazards around houses that cause it to go house to house. a lot of homes have shingles on the outside and they can be very combustible. the heat from that will generate enough heat to start the next house on fire and so on moving through. the other major danger is vegetation around the homes. since the inspection program is in place we are able to go out and let people know if they have any kind of dangerous around their home and let them know what they can do to make their home more safe and then we go and we do a reinspection to make sure they have done it. it has been a great advantage to us in terms of having properties prepared and fire safe.
6:43 pm
>> it looks like this wholeally. this is a 5.5 acre canyon. a lot of vegetation and trees, so there is a lot of dead wood. if there were a fire down here it would just race up the canyon walls to the houses. there are about 35 houses in this canyon. the city does not have all the resources it needs to handle all the fire work that needs to be done. so fire to -- volunteers can do a lot of volunteering. we live in a high fire zone. >> typically here in california, our winds come well out of the bag. they bring in all the moisture. instances of hot and dry air coming off the continent from the east and blowing down into the area are only increasing. that is what climate change is doing. so the danger we had that day in october in 1991, those occasions are increasing and that is what
6:44 pm
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dan: robin williams was one-of-a-kind. he inspired a generation of entertainers. a new abc special shows us the way the bay area shaped his artistic genius. chris connelly talked with us about it. reporter: i think what made robin williams the wonderful comedian, actor that was so special to so many of us was really forged in the bay area. in the excitement and tumult of the late 1960's and just as a highschooler coming from michigan to live in that part of the world and exposed to all the intellectual ferment and the comedy scene of the late 1960's and early 1970's, it really shaped him so much as a human being. it made his comedy so much more intelligent and in touch the world than it might have been otherwise. dan: superstar, robin williams,
6:48 pm
airs tonight at 10:00 right here on abc 7. ama: caltrans is offering a way for people to help beautify their community. the agency is expanding its adopt a highway campaign. it pays people up to $250 to pick up trash. it is being offered in 13 counties outside the bay area, but they plan to expand statewide. dan: a san francisco museum reopens tomorrow for the first time since march of 2020. the museum of the african diaspora. reservations are required. you can book timed entry tickets on the website. you also must show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test from the past 72 hours. the museum is hosting a community day with free admission this saturday, so check that out. ama: nice to do something indoors when it is raining outside. sandhya: absolutely, a good time to go out and do that. let me show you live doppler 7.
6:49 pm
you will notice it is all lit up. most of this is light rain hitting the ground. let's start around laurel grove avenue. we are seeing what roadways. san francisco down the peninsula into san bruno come also wet. you will notice light rain from fremont boulevard heading across 680. the evening commute a little on the slow side. that storm system that came in last night over the higher terrain is a light level 1 system to stall -- it just all over us so it is feeding us the moisture. heavier rain is coming. a flash flood watch thursday until friday. expecting the potential for debris flows and flash flooding. scattered showers in the bay area into tomorrow morning and then into tomorrow afternoon the rain line will begin to shift into the north and east bay. high temperatures tomorrow will be coming up with scattered showers. looking ahead for the next storm
6:50 pm
friday it is a quick mover in the morning. a stronger storm is coming our way for the weekend which is an atmospheric river. saturday for the walk to end alzheimer's just a brief break with clouds. seven day is a level two for sunday into monday. so stay tuned. dan: an atmospheric river runs through it. ama: could the weather impact football at all? larry: i do not know how jimmy g. handles atmospheric rivers. his first priority is the colts but he is back in the saddle. cutting ready to start once again for the 49ers.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
larry: kind of a weird vibe around the 49ers as they head into that sunday night game with the colts. you have the quarterback situation in flux. more questions about kyle shanahan's playcalling and some openly asking if this is now a team in crisis. we expect jimmy garoppolo to be back. jimmy g. was limited in practice tonight because of a nagging calf injury. trey lance did not practice because of his own knee injury. the offense predicated on over r and a pretty conservative passing attack. the niners are not scaring anybody. garoppolo says they need to get momentum going. >> when we are at our best is
6:54 pm
when we get into a rhythm. when the run game and pass game are working together we have a couple easy ones. ase things are clicking and we can get into a rhythm, that is when we are at our best. really get into a drive and get things rolling. when we get off the field quick it puts our whole team in a bad situation. that is the football we have played in the past year when we play our best. we can turn one score into two real quick. larry: let's see if they can get it rolling against the colts. deshaun watson has not played a single down for the houston texans this year. he has all sorts of legal issues. but that may not stop the miami dolphins from acquiring him in a trade. he is facing lawsuits for sexual assault and misconduct. the texans were originally asking for three first-round draft picks. miami has --
6:55 pm
the warriors home opener is tomorrow night against the l.a. clippers. they surprised the lakers last night at staples. steph curry had a triple-double but did not shoot particularly well. last year a game like this would certainly have been a loss, but the roster this year is much deeper. you have the new guys who can space the floor. depth that might just reignite the old slogan, deeath in numbers. >> the fact everyone on the floor contributed in a meaningful way speaks to our depth and how we want to play going forward. excited about that. >> we have a long way to go. if we can continue to playlay together and figure those roles out, we have a chance. just allowing us to play our game. everybody on this team knows how to play the right way. larry: the astros are just one
6:56 pm
win away from reaching the world series. another victory tonight in boston. game five, red sox fans did not have much to cheer about. houston chance -- fans sure did. deep and over the green monster, 1-0. and things unraveled for boston in the sixth. alvarez again gets the best of him, a two run double. this turned out to be a five-run 6th. what's a two out, two run single? fatal for boston. astros just one win away from reaching the world series. in the national league you have the braves leading the dodgers 5-0 in the fifth. if atlanta wins, they would go up 3-1. nobody going to be crying about that situation here. ama: my friends are all texting me, what is wrong with our
6:57 pm
pitching? i am not responding. coming up tonight, the goldbergs, the wonder years, the connors, and home economics. that is it for this edition of the abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. enjoy the rest of your evening.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a financial writer from san francisco, california... a hotel loyalty analyst from bethesda, maryland... and our returning champion-- an actor originally from coral gables, florida... whose 7-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny. welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" it was another runaway game for our champion jonathan fisher on yesterday's show. can he be stopped?
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