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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 21, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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we're hearing from family we're hearing from family members of two people hospitalized after tuesday's plane crash in texas. ken melber's family says he had to be helped off the plane. he's awake and alert but his back is fractured. all 21 people on board survived. the nfl has promised to get rid of race normin as part of its $1 billion concussion settlement. the practice which assumed that black players had lower cognitive skills was used to determine who got awards. black retirees will now either have their cognitive tests rescored or undergo a new round of testing. the proposed deal still has to
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be okayed by a federal judge. we're hearing for the first time from a veteran stunt performer who was injured. jonathan goodwin is bruised, bandaged and hospitalized after a stunt went wrong on the set of america's got talent extreme. he appeared to bounce off the hood of a car before falling to the ground. among his injuries is two broken legs. one of them was a compound fracture. goodwin says he's facing a long road to recovery. production on the show has been paused. >> we wish him a speedy recovery as well. one half of the world series could be set tonight after atlanta pushed the dodgers to the edge of the playoff cliff. >> eddie rosario homered twice and drove in four runs as the braves beat l.a. 9-2. a win tonight sends atlanta to the world series for the first time since '99. >> which would be crazy, because atlanta was considered one of the worst teams to make the playoffs this year.
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the second worst, the red sox. they're still in it, though. a five-run sixth inning helped houston pick up a win in game five of the american league championship series. >> the series shifts back to texas tomorrow. one more win sends the astros to their third world series in five years. coming up, the least-ordered item at mcdonald's, can you guess? >> i'm still going to say the fish fillet. plus, the mom who sent her son off to college and decided to tag along herself for her own degree. first one of the members of a rock band opening up about the accident that changed his life. that's next. you're watching "world news now." ♪ pour some sugar on me ♪ d thank you guys for these gorgeous flowers, so thoughtful. young woman whispering: hey, did you bring the... the condoms? young man whispering: what's up?
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♪ pour some sugar on me ♪ ♪ in the name of love ♪ ♪ pour some sugar on me ♪ ♪ pour your sugar on me ♪ ♪ pour some sugar on me ♪ he's one of the, if not the greatest drummer in the world. now rick allen is pouring some sugar of his own and spreading inspiration. >> but for the def leppard drummer, it's been quite a journey. here's phil lipof. >> reporter: he's been one of the best drummers of all time, with hits like "pour some sugar on me." def leppard has sold more 100 million records worldwide. all the money that comes with it, those who know rick best tell you that's not what's most impressive about him. to really understand that, we need to go back to the '80s. rick joined def leppard when he was just 15. by the time he was 21, the band
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was a huge success. rick was on top of the world. >> hi, we're def leppard on mtv. music television 24 hours a day. >> reporter: and then, you buy a corvette. >> ah, yeah. >> reporter: december 31st, 1984. an afternoon drive in that corvette would change the course of rick's life. the crash happened fast. it was a violent rollover. his right arm broken. his left arm gone. this picture taken of rick the first day out of the hospital. it would be the first day of the rest of his life. relearning how to do everything from water-skiing and shooting pool to playing drums with just one arm. the band stood by rick, and when he was strong enough, def leppard went on recording and touring. releasing hysteria with a chart-topping hit "love bites". the band's most successful album to date. >> so this is where it all happens. >> reporter: today with the band
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on a pandemic pause, we visited rick and his wife lauren at their california home. in their recording studio, rick shows us his drum kit and how the technology allowed him to sound like he did before the crash. the foot pedals sort of mimic what your left arm would do. >> absolutely what it does. instead of it being the snare drum, say it would be tom one. so i'm playing. so i can actually go here instead of having to reach all the way over here. >> reporter: playing, rick says, is almost a meditative experience. he's hap o and, on this day, happy to jam with a journalist. >> one, two, three, four. >> that's great. >> hey! >> i told you, he's a real player.
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>> reporter: okay, that was cool. all these years later, rick is still healing. still drumming, and touring. working through the pain and emotion of that crash and all that followed. >> in so many ways, it became a blessing, a responsibility. a responsibility to, you know, to other people, to myself. and i think that has become a huge gift. >> reporter: phil lipof, abc news, california. >> our thanks to our friend phil lipof, jamming with the journalist. >> first i want to comment on the message there, basically making your mess your message. i love it. that doesn't mean that you can't keep following your dreams just because something tragic like that happens. but now i'm going to talk about phil. phil's a friend of the show, and i know he was living his best life right there. >> yes, he was. >> oh, my gosh, to get an opportunity to do something like that, and get that kind of compliment? >> yeah, i know, right? i kind of wanted to hear a little more of that song.
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♪ ♪ all right, i don't know how i feel about this. time for "wait, what." we're starting with a mother and son both enjoying their freshman year in college at the same school. >> wait, what? >> brandi mitchell has made a name for herself as co-captain on the soccer team. while her 18-year-old son maverick is on the water polo squad at miramar college. she enrolled in a conditioning course. by the end of the course she was eligible to join the team. >> their unusual situation gives new meaning to mom helping out with the homework. >> it's been very cool to be in a class with her, because we do all our work together. >> he actually checks in with me to make sure i'm getting my
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homework done, that i'm keeping on top of my test preparation. >> she jokes saying maverick now knows more than she does. >> i love this, because you're never too old to get a degree, also mind your business. you do your thing, i'll do my thing. shout out to san diego. >> i wonder if they'll run into each other at any college parties. mom! next to a woman filing a lawsuit over pop-tarts. >> wait, what? >> kellogg's is being sued over the claims that they are misleading buyers about what's in their pop-tarts. the suit claims the sweet filling is filled with pears and apples more than strawberries. >> she's claiming damages in excess of $5 million. yeah. good luck with that. all right, next, drum roll to the least-ordered item. >> wait, what? >> on the menu at mcdonald's. we've been talking about this all night.
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>> okay, wait, what? >> a regional franchiser in ohio says there's one menu item rarely ordered. the item is hot tea! steven patulla spoke about the weak performance at his family's franchised restaurants. >> ironically, one of their most-sold items is iced tea. >> i didn't even know they had hot tea. i guess that makes sense. >> yes, me neither. finally to the deer that did a cartwheel across the road. >> wait, what? >> caught on camera, the moment a deer sprints across the road through a charity cycle ride in new jersey. >> the deer hit one of the cyclists before flipping over on the other side of the road. >> bambi's wild. luckily the rider wasn't hurt and completed the ride.
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i always say when things like that happen that are just like freak accidents. >> look how much air the deer got. i mean,
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