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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 21, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coming down across the bay area. use a look at live doppler 7. we have team coverage timing out the storm and a more serious storm that is still underway. >> and booster shots authorized. the next step in getting shots into arms, and the big milestone from the white house this morning. >> all bark trains will come into stop for a short time this morning. the drill happening throughout the system. >> it has been a long time since worry is have filled the gold and one center. the changes you need to know before the home opener. >> you're watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> we want to start with the forecast withdrew. drew: this slug of muster is over the central part of the bay area. it is raining over the city right now. patchy radar for oakland, even
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to the delta. on the storm impact scale, a light storm today. on enough scattered showers and pockets of moderate rain. and it is breezy at times. today is just an unsettled day. i think the morning is the weather half of the day. showers are pretty much focused in the north bay. everywhere else, it is cloudy and warmer, some spots getting into the low 70's. we will go hour-by-hour and plan out the next several days in your forecast. >> still, rain is a welcome sight in a parched area. but it causes problems. power outages is what we are seeing. here is a look at pg&e's outage map. about 1500 customers are in the dark this morning. anchor dan ashley has more on that in the slick
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>> sirens wailing combined with the sound of falling rain. wet roads contributing to several crashes, including this one on highway 101 involving four vehicles. power outages affected several neighborhoods, like here in montclair village in oakland, where several businesses had to shut down. service was restored hours later. >> it was scary outages also left parts of the peninsula, berkeley, el cerrito and albany in the dark. pg&e says some of the outages are due to pole fires caused by rain turning dirt near the power lines intermed, which conducts electricity, and starts fires. >>. >> crews are preparing for the possibility of heavy rain over the next several days. ve thisld bring inches of rainrr to the north bay. >> we have been trying to clean
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out, get a head start on the rain to avoid flooding, cloud gate, all that stuff. julian: and flooding is underrated for firefighters. they are watching for heavy rain falling at the same time as low tide in low-lying areas. you can keep an iron the storm in the bay area on live doppler 7, or on the abc 7 bay area streaming app. >> now to some important covid vaccine news. federal regulators have made a decision on two closely-watched topics -- boosters, and the mixing and matching of vaccines. reporter: the food and drug administration officially authorized booster shots for people who receive the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccine. received a booster shot after six months. that also applies to people at high risk due to their health or wherever they work.
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johnson & johnson boosters can be given after two months for anyone over 18 years old. the fda is also allowing americans to mix-and-match any of the three vaccines as a this population and also provides flexibility to people. reporter: a cdc advisory panel on vaccines will meet this morning in atlanta, expected to sign off on the authorization, and this number from the white house, 200 million. that is how many doses the u.s. has hand-delivered to countries around the world. that biden administration is responding to criticism that americans have taken most of the vaccine supply, while poor countries around the world face a shortage. the u.s. has pledged $1.1 billion for other countries, more than any other country has promised. julian: a pfizer study shows a third booster shot can bring vaccine efficacy passed 95%.
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the study was conducted during the highly infectious delta variant search. out of 10,000 people enrolled in the trial, there were only five covid cases in the group selected to get the third shot, compared to 109 cases in the placebo group. the company says it will send the data to federal regulars to make sure boosters are safe and beneficial. kumasi: more fallout on the january 6 insurrection in the capitol. the congress will vote on a contempt resolution for trump ally stephen bannon. in a closed-door conference meeting, democrats say do not need any republican votes to pass a resolution. the department of justice will ultimately decide charges against bannon, which could lead to present time or fines. meanwhile, president trump has announced he is launching a new media company with its own social media platform. he is calling it the "truth social" app.
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you may remember trump was expelled from twitter and facebook for his role in inciting the january 6 capital insurrection. it is in beta testing for the next few weeks. julian: five northern california counties are suing pg&e for damage from the dixie fire. it broke out in july and burned more than 900,000 acres. plumas county, butte county, shasta and tehama county's are suing for lost revenue, increased expenses, lost infrastructure among other things. the lawsuit alleges that pg&e equipment cause the fire. cal fire says the cause is still under investigation. in a statement, pg&e says, quote, "we have not been able to review all the evidence that calfire collected. pg&e believes we operated our system prettily." the fire in santa cruz county is 100% contained. it broke out friday when he prescribed 20 acre bird jumped when winds picked up.
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it spread to 4800 acres. no structures damaged there. kumasi: it was a moving ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of the deadly oakland hills fire storm. the tree of hope was lit up to honor the lives lost. the fire destroyed nearly 3500 homes. at the time, the fire was not the most destructive in california history. abc 7 news put together a special on the deadly fire, including footage not seen since the deadly inferno. to watch the east bay hills firestorm, go to abc, or on your abc 7 bay area news app. >> do you and your family have a plan for when an earthquake hits? today people across the country will participate in the great shakeout. >> you never know. an earthquake can happen just like that. >> we never get tired of seeing this. that shaking is the equivalent of an 8.0 earthquake, and shows the importance of being prepared. today's event encourages you
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to practice an earthquake drill for a few minutes, including making sure things in your home are secure. you may notice part euros today. the transit agency will trigger its early warning earthquake system at 10:21 a.m. this will automatically slow and stop all trains. they will also lay a psa. to get prepared, go to you will find advice on how to plan ahead. drew: we are tracking more rain. certainly a stormy start. overcast skies, light rain over the city and across a large portion of the bay area with this storm that is slowly moving through the region. you can see, even down towards daly city, they sure, we are seeing light rain. late rain over the bay bridge.
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good morning in southern marin county, dealing with light rain. the richmond center field bridge right now seeing some slicks. the southbay, mainly dry for much of the day today. futurecast will have lighter showers throughout the day, in the afternoon, really focused in the north bay. much of the south is dry. the next storm moving in late tonight into friday will sink south and bring us more rain across the region. let's get a look at traffic. to peanut: it is much more slick out there. we are following a crash in richmond causing a slow down. you can see on the map on westbound 80 past solano avenue,
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speeds are less than 10 miles per hour. so a heads up if this is part of your commute. in live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza, i can attest to how slick it is coming into san francisco this morning. so make sure to lure the speeds and use defensive driving, and that is really just watching out for others because when someone has a spin out, they can't stop themselves. let's check back in with kumasi. kumasi: thank you. tonight, the warriors are playing their home opener against the clippers, the first regular-season game at chase center with no capacity limits. they opened their season tuesday night with an impressive win over the lakers. tonight's game tips off at 7:00 with arena doors opening at 5:30. kids 12 to will be required to show proof of a negative covid test.
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your bart ticket allows you to write to and from the game on muni for free. >> a local community is not trying to reclaim this. kumasi: and remains found in the search for brian laundrie and new questions in the gabby petito case following the discovery. also this morning -- >> oh boy. his central valley restaurant has hired this new employee. i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile.
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>> officials in florida are working to identify remains that could be brian he was the boyfriend of murder 22-year-old gabby reporter: this morning, and new questions in the gabby petito case just hours after the fbi found apparent human remains in the search for potato's fiance, brian laundrie. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items such
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as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. reporter: the discovery made in this florida nature preserve after laundry eggs parents called police tuesday night, saying they wanted to join the search in the morning. >> chris and reporter informed me last night that they wanted to go to the resort today to look around. i notified the north port police , who i believe notified the fbi and they make them -- they met them there this morning. reporter: then nature preserve has been the focus of the month-long search for laundrie, but the area where the remains were found had been underwater until recently. >> as you can imagine, the parents are very distraught. they will wait for the results of the forensic identification before making any further comments. reporter: laundry's parents say brian often hiked in that area, but this latest development has experts once again questioning his parent's corporation with the investigation. >> there are too many strange
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turns that chris and roberta laundrie have been involved in, to not believe something is amiss here. reporter: the couple went on a cross-country road trip and he returned home to florida without her. her body, later found in wyoming. a coroner ruling she had been strangled. laundrie's reported him missing after they say he went for a hike. gabby petito's parents have said they never felt their daughter was in harm's way with brian. to be clear, he has never been accused in her death. he has been accused only of illegal using her debit card in wyoming. meghan trainor vizio, abc news, san diego. kumasi: a mom accused of throwing secret drunken sex parties for teenagers is staying in jail now. she was denied bail when she appeared in court yesterday. investigators say she got kids as young as 14 drunk and in her home and then encouraged them to take part in sex acts, sometimes
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nonconsensual. o'connell is facing 39 counts. the district attorney explained one of the charges. >> one of the crimes we have charged involves committing a crime for sexual gratification. so we can certainly say that sexual gratification is none of the motives in this case. kumasi: her two teenage sons have been removed from her custody. she is facing up to 20 years and eight months in prison if convicted on all accounts. reggie: our community is coming together to try to replace a beloved symbol of the holiday season. vandals in san leandro destroyed 15 fiberglass nutcrackers valued at more than $16,000. nutcrackers are part of the annual tree lighting by the downtown san leandro benefit district. now there is a gofundme page to raise money to replace them. kumasi: it's the end of an era. california's last kmart store will permanently close its doors in grass valley in december.
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the target will eventually replace it at that location. until then, locals are worried about where they are going to shop. >> i think it is going to cause a pretty decent hardship for some of the people who rely on kmart here and the things that they have, even if it is just cat food and cleaning supplies. kumasi: kmart was one of the biggest disco chains in u.s. history, with 3500 stores across the country. the stores have steadily been shutting down since the company filed for bankruptcy in 2002. reggie: staffing shortages caused owners of the stockton restaurant to turn to a high-tech employee. >> good morning, it is robbie. reggie: oh, boy. i don't like that voice. meet rosie the robot. it is programmed to go to each individual table without fail, serving 50-70 meals per day. she has worked at this italian greek cuisine eatery for nearly four months. >> the robot is here 24/7. it doesn't call in sick, it doesn't get any time off, it is
5:18 am
always working and never complaining. >> we were so engrossed in our conversation and all of a sudden there was someone else talking to us. i was trying to look behind and there wasn't anyone there. [laughter] reggie: one of the owners saw the robot on youtube and thought it would be worth a try. by the way, the robot cost $20,000. kumasi: but like she said, it never calls out sick, doesn't give you attitude. [laughter] drew: it could use a better voice. very jeten.nt scary. reggie: it is also not that cute. kumasi: i am not trying to see that when trying to enjoy my meal. if it was a person, that would make it a lot cuter. if it had arms and a smile. reggie: what are you supposed to say? i need catch up -- never mind.
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see: and then everybody's food, i was thinking because it has all those rows. drew: you take someone else's food? , see: just bring my food. anyway. drew: bring me some brain, you guys. we are loving it. reggie: we got some rain. drew: we got some rain today and tomorrow and even for the weekend. live doppler 7 gray skies. you can see the moisture hovering over the bay area. good morning, oakland, san francisco and south san francisco, that is where we have the light showers. also mild and muggy. 61 in the city, 65 in oakland. a warm start as we have that humid air overhead. scattered showers, downpours as well and it turns breezy at times. scattered showers this morning. for most of us, the morning
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is the wetter half of our day. today is just mostly cloudy and mild later this afternoon. a friday, here comes the next storm moving in and this one looks to finally bring some rain for the southbay. so add up the rainfall totals in the next few showers. you can see in the southbay, nothing to talk about. but tomorrow you will find showers becoming more widespread across the region. warm in the southbay today, 70's there. temperatures tonight in the upper 50's to the lower 60's. fast-forward to the weekend, some light showers on saturday. but we are watching sunday very closely. there is our atmospheric river that will bring us rainfall. look at the weekend, monday, we have bumped it up to 83. a strong storm. so sunday we'll have to increase the number as well.
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kumasi: thank you, drew. coming up, the several things to know this morning. robin roberts is going one-on-one with dr. jill biden. one thing at the top of the first lady's agenda that affects women everywhere.
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>> here are seven things you need to know before you go. we are tracking some showers. this is a light storm, even lingering into your friday morning. jobina: we are following a number of crashes because of the wet commute. starting in daly city where we have an overturned car on westbound 280. injuries have been reported. kumasi: number three, people across the bay area are waking up without power. pg&e's outage map shows several outages. reggie: number four, the fda has authorized booster shots for people who received the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines,
5:24 am
and it is allowing americans to mix and match any of the three vaccines as a booster. kumasi: authorities in florida are trying to identify human remains that could be brian laundrie. federal agents found the remains yesterday along with a bag belonging to laundry, the boyfriend of 22-year-old murdered gabby reieinstiglliousf and theet mer while hiking the yosemite. kumasi: number seven, for the first time in nearly 600 days, the warriors will play a regular season home game at full capacity. they face the clippers in the home opener at 7:00. reggie: it warning about onions that you may have been your kitchen. they are being blamed for a salmonella outbreak, including here in california. more than 600 people have gotten sick, including less than a dozen cases in california. the source is white, red, and yellow onions imported from
5:25 am
mexico and sold by pro source. the cdc says to throw them away and wash surfaces they may have come in contact with. the important dates from the onions are from july 1 to august 27. today in gma first look, robin roberts is talking with dr. jill biden to educate people about breast cancer. reporter: in this morning's gma first look, robin roberts, one on one with first lady dr. jill biden. at the top of her agenda, making sure everyone prioritizes rest cancer screening. >> can you be specific with what you are hoping to do? >> i go back to being an educator. i need to use this platform and educate people that things like getting their screenings and talking to them about good practices, just like actually most american families who have dealt with someone in their family with cancer, i know what it is like to sit in that chemotherapy room with your loved one and just holding his or her hand and just helping them to get through.
5:26 am
reporter:. reporter: and coming up at 7:00, we will have much more of robin roberts' interview, plus a roundtable discussion of breast cancer research and advocacy work. with you gma first look, i am andrew dymburt, abc 7 news, new york. >> dating during the pandemic is not simple, but it is certainly possible. kumasi: the u.s. surgeon general is now on. dr. vivek murthy is not there looking for love -- [laughter] so dramatic, wasn't it? you just watched a new campaign to help singles go on covid-19-safe dates during the holidays. he posted an advice video on the dating site and said, don't be afraid to ask your date about covid safety. >> everyone has to ask these questions in the style they feel most comfortable with. the most important thing to do is to be respectful in the conversation and to ask open ended questions, recognizing people may have different points of view on things.
5:27 am
kumasi:. kumasi: there are tips to stay safe on dates that include first getting vaccinated, then, having your date in an outdoor setting, and as an extra precaution, he could get a rapid test within 24 hours of the date. reggie: why didn't he just say the first question is, "are you vaccinated?" and if the answer is no, ghost. kumasi: the question is on the apps already, so if they don't answer, you can just -- [laughter] reggie: coming up at destinations and 65 countries in less than 300 days. the vacation itinerary available to you. kumasi: and one airline is warning about higher prices just as we are going into the holidays. increasing costs the company says it will have to pass along to you. reggie: the demand for rapid covid tests, expected to search soon. the pharmacy not limiting how many you can buy. kumasi: let's look at side as people are trying to make their
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>> building a better area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: stormy weather ♪ hitting the bay area this morning and there is a possibility of heavy rain in the next few days. kumasi: and let's take a live look outside at four of our tower cameras. we are typing out a break in the wet weather, and when the atmospheric river is really going to soak us. reggie: good morning on this thursday, october 21. abc 7 mornings is live on abc seven, hulu live, and whatever you stream. kumasi: the atmospheric river does sound dramatic, drew. drew: it is coming this weekend right now it is all about the showers out there. downtown to the city we go. we saw the drops on the lands.
5:31 am
light rain across the entire city. we have rain on the bay bridge, alameda, some light showers. light storm today lingering into friday. we are still in the unsettled pattern with scattered showers and even pockets of downpours. the rain is focused in the northbay, so the southbay, much of your day is just cloudy, a bit warmer than yesterday. 70's there. mid-to-upper 60's with showers in the northbay. we will show you more on the atmospheric river, coming up in your aki with a forecast in a few minutes. kumasi: happening today, authorities will give details about the mysterious deaths of a family and their pet dog. they died in the summer while hiking use committee. jobina:. jobina: we will finally get an answer about what killed the three and their pet dog. the mariposa county sheriff is expected to reveal the cause of death in a 2:00 press conference this afternoon.
5:32 am
jonathan, his wife, their one-year-old daughter and their family dog hiked most of an eight and a half mile trail in triple digit heat in the sierra national forest in yosemite. all were found dead on the trail on august 16. the family had ties to the bay area. follow player, lightning strikes, suicide, and drugs have been ruled out. that drew speculation that the family might have all suffered heat stroke, or they were poisoned by toxic algae blooms in the water along the trail. we will set off a push alert when the press conference starts. you can watch it live on the abc 7 bay area news app on your phone, or stream it on tv. reggie: jobina, thank you. sonoma county has laid out plans to vaccinate children under 11 once the fda authorizes vaccines for that group. they want a quarter of three vaccinated by december 1. and by january, half.
5:33 am
by february, they hope to get to 70%. meantime,, health officials are warning parents and children to take precautions over the holidays. they are encouraging mask-wearing and avoiding large crowds. kumasi: the demand for rapid quote -- rapid covid tests is expected to surge. the ceo of a testing company is warning of supply issues. as some on vaccinated employees go back to work, the demand for testing is continuing to grow. many employers are requiring testing for those with exemptions. >> we believe employers will have two test employees who are not vaccinated at least once a week. that challenge will be one of the things that will drain the supply chain even further. kumasi: habit, the makers of a rapid antigen test at pharmacies like cvs and walgreens, says they are seeing unprecedented demand and ramping up production. cvs confirmed that they have
5:34 am
introduced covid test-purchase limits on and at cvs pharmacy. now as more people are jumping back onto flights, the ceo of united is warning the cost is going to go up. that's of higher fuel united expects to pay $2.39 a gallon for jet fuel in the fourth quarter, which is up from $2.14 a gallon that the carrier paid last quarter. coming up at 7:00 on gma, how much longer you have to book flights for the holidays and still get a deal. reggie: where flu season was nonexistent during much of the pandemic, doctors are warning of farm workers flu cases this winter than covid cases. two articles in a medical journal shared a similar one study predicted there could be an additional 100,000-400,000 flu related hospitalizations this winter, compared to an average year.
5:35 am
>> the estimates are right on target. but it comes with some level of uncertainty. but in the uncertainty around how bad it could be, meaning that it is going to be worse, for sure, than last year. reggie: that was a usf infectious disease physician, who explains that since we don't have immunity from the flu last year, it leaves us more vulnerable this year. get your flu shot. kumasi: local, state, and federal leaders are getting the word out about prescription drug takeback day. this event is on saturday and it gives you the opportunity to clear your cabinets of old unused and expired medications. >> drug overdoses killed more than 93,000 americans last year. these aren't just statistics, these aren't just numbers, these are real people and real lives. kumasi: two-thirds of overdose death involved a prescription or
5:36 am
illicit will. there will be 50 drop off sites in the bay area. you can find that closest one to you at takebac bay area parents are sounding off about plans to close schools. their concerns. reggie: for a weeklong vacation, how does a 274-night cruise sound? the itinerary that will take you. first, a check of the weather with meteorologist drew tuma. drew: a live look outside the bay bridge, rain is falling. visibility is low, only a few headlights as you head into the city, so it is a slow go across the bridges. we are tracking the wet weather for you. marion county, light showers. also in sausalito. richmond center failed bridge, it is wet. into the east bay, richmond and hercules, were refined some light showers running over the
5:37 am
city. richmond, light showers for daly city. wet in nature. 880 has some slick roadways. the southbay, you are missing out on the action this morning and for much of the day, you are dry and mostly cloudy. you will get some rain tomorrow morning with the next storm we are tracking. when it comes to visibility, the storm impact scale is a light storm today. hour-by-hour we go. scattered showers this morning. the rain is focused on the north way this afternoon. i will next storm will move in tomorrow morning and soak the southbay. rainfall, estimates today the southbay is pretty dry. but. friday, everyone will get showers by the end of the week. coming up in eight minutes, we will track the atmospheric river coming this weekend. first a look at traffic with jobina.
5:38 am
jobina: look at this rainfall on the golden gate bridge, this is what you will experience as you head out the door, so give yourself extra time as you head out. practice the defensive driving, just watching out for people, as we have seen a number of spinouts already. on the richmond-san rafael bridge, we have a tire blocking a lane and sometimes that can result in a crash. spinouts two and an overturned car in daly city. a minor slow down on 280. the earlier crash enrichment has the earlier crash enrichment has cleared fast the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails.
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severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. reggie: this morning, more rain means a slick commute for many of you. amy joins us live with how it
5:41 am
looks now. amy: we are on highway 24. we are driving right now and i want to show you what the road conditions look like. it is very wet out here, raining right now and we are going slowly and carefully as everyone else appears to be doing. we are all out of practice, we haven't seen this in a while, but expect a very rainy commute especially if you are about to head out. just want to give you a heads up, this is what it looks like. he will want to give yourself a little extra time so you can take it slowly and be very careful. reggie and, see, you. reggie: keeping an eye on the storm rolling through the area. the other in a few minutes. kumasi: palo alto is addressing a string of incidents involving racist graffiti, homophobic
5:42 am
slurs, and anti-asian attacks. yesterday santa clara county's das office joined the city of carlisle to -- the city of aloe alto and others to tackle hate crime during the meeting. it was meant to give residents the confidence to report incidents, and background on how hate crimes are investigated. >> hate crimes are one of the only crimes where approving the motive is kumasi: the deputy district attorney says the asian community has been targeted the most this year, and those cases have in the most violent. when comes to issues of race and social justice, abc 7 is helping you take action. check out a list of resources. . go to reggie: parents are sounding off on a plan to close schools. education is a key part of the effort to rebuild the bay area.
5:43 am
officials announced plans to possibly close or consolidate nine schools because of a major funding shortfall. reporter j.r. stone has more on the specific worries for parents. reporter: wednesday evening, hundreds of hayward committee members attended this townhome zoom meeting about a plan the district says would close and consolidate these nine schools over the next three years, and an additional five, according to these plans. parents, teachers and even students sounding off. >> one of my teachers is great to work at doordash and uber. it is unacceptable. reporter: while jobs are a concern, the superintendent says no teacher would lose their position, also saying that there are major many issues to be addressed we have a. >> budget shortfall of $14 million. even if that is addressed, we have $900 million in facility repairs to make, and we don't have those resources.
5:44 am
reporter: administrators feinthisrat shgruadecline of students at hayward unified since 2005. 5500 fewer students now. parents andhay plan close schools. they say it would proportionately affect minority families in many locations. >> it is an attack on our community. >> at a time when we are still dealing with the social and emotional impact of covid. >> how many people can you jam in there and how many people should you put in there are totally different numbers. >> you need to stop. >> between us and the other schools, there are a couple of freeways. they can't walk. you can't get bus drivers in this day and age. reporter: school officials say they are evaluating that and the other points made here so they can vote on the finalized measure by the end of the year. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. kumasi: new this morning, initial unemployment claims are below 300,000 for a second straight week.
5:45 am
the u.s. labor department just released the weekly jobs report. there is a decrease of 6000 new jobless claims from the prior week. continuing claims went down for 132,000 two just above 2.4 million. both figures are post-covid lose. reggie: oakland is accepting applications for a second round of guaranteed income program. 300 families will receive money in cash payments for 18 months, no strings attached. the oakland mayor was live, explaining to us. >> you can live anywhere in the city of oakland. you do need to be extremely low income, and the income maximums are on the website, basically, if you have a family of two, that means you are probably trying to get by on less than $20,000 a year, family of three, $30,000, et cetera.
5:46 am
you do have to have a dependent child in your family. reggie: you can apply at o. kumasi: a mega merger could be on the works for two companies in the bay area. san jose based paypal is in talks to buy san francisco-based pinterest. a half a year ago, pinterest was valued at $10 billion. the deal with paypal could be worth $45 billion. mountain view based company way will help to deliver packages with drones. passengers will be able to order from walgreens and participating stores and a drone drop it off in a few minutes. this is the first time drones will be delivering packages to a major metropolitan area. reggie: royal caribbean is announcing the mother of all cruises. 274 nights on the ship. you visit more than 150
5:47 am
destinations. this is what the company has cooked up in 2023 on their ship. the royal caribbean is calling this itinerary the longest and most comprehensive crews out there. it will stop at all seven continents, hitting 150 ports across 65 countries. rates start at $61,000 per person, not including taxes and fees. . the company says it is also shelling shorter cruise segments separately, just in case you are not available to enjoy all 274 days on board. i have done the math. that comes out at about 220 dollars per night, per person. no windows. we need a balcony. drew: never been on a cruise. don't really want to go on a cruise. kumasi: need to
5:48 am
me we will drop yout at the port sense even a couple of daysoo. drew: so i will see. reggie:. reggie: you at mykonos. drew: nine months? who has nine months? reggie: kumasi is going to go on that thing when she gets a copy. kumasi: my maternity leave. reggie: do we have a thanksgiving schedule yet? drew: we do not. but if you are thinking about today, it is rain on your agenda. here you go [laughter] light on live doppler 7. reggie is pressed about that schedule. satterfield, we have light rain in the city. with light rain overhead. for this time of year and this n t0'f day, it isare in '
5:49 am
certaiy mid feeling and mild. scattered showers and pockets of downpours and breezy at times. scattered showers around this morning. the afternoon, the wet weather is focused in the north way. for a lot of us outside the north way, it is mostly cloudy and on the mild side. by friday morning, more wet weather returns. later today, temperatures are location dependent. 60's in this's northbay. the next storm arrives tonight. it will bring widespread rain tomorrow morning with temperatures in the upper 50's to the north 60's. let's go to the weekend. saturday morning starts out dry. saturday afternoon, light showers. but sunday night into sunday morning, you can see the atmospheric river pretty much
5:50 am
over the bay area. it will likely bring snow to the region saturday night into sunday morning features strong wind and heavy rain. monday is now a strong level 3 storm. the atmospheric river is kind of sunday night, monday morning, so we may have to increase sunday 283 as well, but the end the weekend, it is wet and windy out there, guys. reggie: new at 6:00, tracking the trends of your grocery orders. the survey showing how america got their goods during the pandemic and in the future. kumasi: and the network that is expanding in a big way. reggie: a transit milestone t ♪ ♪
5:51 am
♪ got an amazing deal on this gourmet pepper mill at marshalls. its so fancy! ♪ its so fancy! living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2-metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor start an anti-diarrheal and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death. life-threatening lung inflammation can occur. tell your doctor about any new or worsening trouble breathing, cough, or chest pain. serious liver problems can happen.
5:52 am
symptoms include fatigue, appetite loss, stomach pain and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. kumasi: welcome back. in the north
5:53 am
lion will be euthanized today because of a neurological condition. it was captured monday because i got pretty close to two elementary schools. sonoma wildfire risk you have been tracking the mountain and i am since march. her health has gotten worse over time and she will not be able to survive in the wild. reggie: sorry to hear that. an extreme course of action may be required to stop global warming from reaching dangerous levels, this according to a new u.n. study. the study concludes the world needs to cut more than half its production of coal, oil and gas in the coming decades. but the report says most oil and gas producers are actually planning to increase production until 2030 and beyond. there is still time to limit global warning, but the report says, that window is rapidly closing. kumasi: san francisco and the -- just hit a transit milestone, celebrating the completion of the gary rapid project, intended
5:54 am
to make one of the city's busiest bus lines more efficient. this map shows a three mile stretch of the project that connects five city districts. the buses transported 56,000 riders every single day before the pandemic. now there are only two transit lines. the mayor says it will mean faster and more reliable bus service. >> we are glad to see gary improve for pedestrian safety to meet our vision zero goals, to keep people safe, and to ensure that our transit system is working more efficiently. kumasi: three new crosswalks were installed with longer crosswalk times to ensure pedestrian safety. the project will reconnect neighborhoods from downtown to the western edition. the real link company that won -- clark county commissioners gave approval to the boring
5:55 am
company's plan for 29 miles of tunnels and 51 stations. it will have tesla's speeding through these tunnels, getting to the casino and the airport. all of this is just a concept, with the details about funding still needing to be worked out. reggie: and on elon musk, he could become the world's first trillionaire, according to a prediction made by morgan stanley. what will make him wealthier will not be tesla, it will be his space startup, space x. muska's personal wealth has hit $222 billion. . he is the wealthiest person in the world after eclipsing amazon founder jeff bezos earlier this year. drew: in live doppler 7, we are tracking somewhat whether. i want to zoom in on marin county. you see this yellow. we are started to see some downpours, pushing off to green bay and wexford.
5:56 am
light showers from el cerrito, oakland and san francisco. a level one light storm we are tracking into friday morning. so we have scattered showers and pockets of downpours, breezy at times. later today, the wet weather is focused in the north -- in the south bay. little bit warmer of an afternoon on the way. we could see some cities getting into the low-end mid-70s later this afternoon, guys. kumasi: thank you, drew. new at 6:00, the wrong place and long for a would-be gas station rubber. reggie: plus, five california counties trying to put pg&e on the hook for the dixie fire. the utility responded with what he believes happens. kumasi: and an important day every year. the great california shakeout keeping you prepared. the drills happening from bart, for your very own home, and the easy guide to help you any family plan
5:57 am
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ what are you ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ breakthrough. the green light many were waiting weeks for. there are important roles to know depending on the first shot you got. a brand-new study showed the power of pfizer's showed -- third shot. >> former president trump is
6:00 am
starting his own social media service. this morning it is already running into issues. >> we are all about the rain this morning. check out our live doppler's ever -- doppler seven radar. good morning everyone. it is thursday. you are watching abc 7 morning live. we'll start with drew and a check of the rain forecast. drew: we have light showers and an unsettled pattern that will continue into friday. live doppler 7. closer to the action. it is really in no event county, nevada, san rafael. light showers around el cerrito and the city in parts of oakland. level 1 light storm. you could have some pockets of downpours. later on this afternoon, showers are focused in the north they. most of


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