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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 21, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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breaking news. dan: a retired police captain has been shot. it happened during an attempted robbery at the chevron station in west oakland. he was pumping gas at the time. it's unclear whether he was targeted. he took out one of his weapons and killed one of the suspects. there were at least three suspects who drove a getaway vehicle. police reveals first responders on the scene quickly recognized that he had been injured in the shooting. >> he was shot multiple times. >> as many units on possible. we need an ambulance going now. dan: he's in stable condition right now. he underwent lengthy surgery. he is well known in the community as the former head of oakland cease fire, an organization that aims to reduce violence. he retired from the oakland
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police department in 2019 after 28 years of service. police are asking anyone with please call them thank you for joining us. we are on the storm watch. . the bay area microclimates are in full effect. you can see how foggy it is on mount tam. emeryville, ominous storm clouds looping over the city. dan: further south, a different story. blue skies in san jose. things looked overcast at the beach in santa cruz. let's go to sandhya patel. sandhya: let me show you live doppler 7 right now. spotty showers as expected, focused in the north bay at this hour. around greenville, monterey, getting light showers. that's going to change as our next storm is coming in overnight tonight, going into tomorrow. tonight, showers between 6:00
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and 11:00 p.m. are in association with the current system. tomorrow, we are expecting moderate pockets of rain, especially for the morning commute. it could be messy. tracking a stronger atmospheric river, the first of the season. that's to win on sunday. it's a level three. i will be back with a closer look at how much rain that will bring and what else it will bring. dan: thank you. with more rainy days ahead, schools are trying to play it safe, keeping kids indoors while continuing to follow covid-19 protocols. leanne melendez explains that it's a balancing act. reporter: this was everett middle school in san francisco on the first day of classes back in august. the outdoor space big enough to make students and staff feel comfortable amid covid. today, the rain forest many schools to have a staggered recess and lunch time. schools make sure to keep
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students in smaller groups while indoors. >> we will have indoor lunch in the classroom. we have the ability to deliver the lunches or stagger when students go to the cafeteria to get their lunch and bring it back. reporter: this was one of the san francisco unified school districts preschools this morning. teachers had to get creative during the recess time. a month ago, san francisco unified distributed more ventilators to be used in the classroom. the next step is to have them in all common areas like cafeterias. >> now we have the additional cost of making sure that every six months, read -- we replace reporter: the air filters. reporter:high school teachers talked about their day. >> some of the teachers opened up their classrooms during lunch so we could spread the students out that way. we have a relativr of students. reporter:e most cafeterias have large fans to help with ventilation.
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the teachers union is asking oakland unified to purchase industrial-strength air scrubbers. >> they are going into the cafeterias during lunchtime and eating mask lists and cafeterias that don't have filtr oakland up students safe. abc 7 news. ama: the weekend forecast is causing organizers of some events to make backup plans. ryan curry is live at the alameda county fairgrounds where preparations are underway. reporter: this event typically doesn't see much rain. this months when the weather is nice and clear. now it's being held in october. with rain and the forecast, it's creating another hurdle for people and vendors. ♪ live music, carnival rides, and festival food. >> oinrsuring e
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sha gsntni this. we a instead of warm summer days, fair attendees will embrace rain. tiffany doesn't think rain will damper too many activities. if the big downpour happens, they will be ready to make changes. >> we are and following all the weather that's coming down the pipeline. there's a plan in place should we need to pivot. reporter: crews have been setting up the fair ahead of friday's opening day. >> it'st now. reporter: one of the food vendors. he says heavy rain arriving, crews will move their booths inside. >> we have umbrellas. we can put the registers inside. with hot food, it's easier. people like hot food while it's cold. drinks won't sell very well. cae ofer: the county fairnl mins paha t ofeoeeavy. >> the rain h
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before that, it was sunny most of the time. business was good up to this point. this weekend will be the test. reporter: officials think the weekend will still be enjoyable. >> we are optimistic and ready for the community to come together and celebrate with us. reporter: officials at the fair did tell me they have inspectors going around each ride to make sure they are safe and running. if big rain does happen, they could cancel some of the rides for safety reasons. they do expect that a lot of them should be running, depending on what the weather should be like. abc 7 news. reporter: thank you. ama: you can track what the weather is like with live doppler 7. it's dan: fans are just beginning to filter into chase center. we are less than two hours away from tip-off of the warrior home opener.
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chris alvarez is live at the chase center as the team gets ready to play in front of dubnation. reporter: yeah. late lastited capacity. now a full house will be back here at chase center to read the warriors and clippers. t the video from the game against the lakers the other night at staples center. the warriors are going to celebrate their 75th anniversary season special jerseys. they honor those beginnings in philadelphia. coming off of and oppressing opening night win over the lakers on tuesday. there's an excitement about getting in front of their home crowd. >> dubnation will pack the house out i'm sure. covid was a hard time. it's fun to see the nba back, people back in the building. >> it will be different this year to last year. just excited to get things going. now it is starting.
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>> the whole idea is that this will allow us to transition to the next iteration of the team. we want the warriors to be great for the next decade, just like it has been for the last decade. reporter: so every seat has this very t-shirt awaiting them, really cool. home opener sure. it looks really cool. you can seal the shirts behind me. tip-off at 7:00. ama: thank you so much. a government panel is discussing the best way to expand the country's covid-19 booster campaign. the cdc panel is trying to decide who should get extra doses of the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccine. two thirds of americans were eligible for shots are fully vaccinated. a pfizer study reported the third pfizer booster shot is 95 point 6% effective against covid-19. that's according to blumberg. apple will require an vaccinated
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corporate employees to take a covid-19 test enter their offices. vaccinated employees are required to take a rapid covid-19 test once a week. dan: stephanie sierra is in our newsroom. earlier today, you toured the headquarters of summer bio, the tiny lab responsible for processing one fourth of all of california's covid tests. you are here to tell us the company is trying to transform the cost of covid testing. how will they do that? reporter: they launched during the pandemic to help make testing in schools more accessible. along the way, they developed a strategy to not only test the fastest but maintain the lowest price on the market. setting an example of how the state can save some money. when the pandemic hit, it came with a plethora of problems. a big one, covid testing. >> everybody was scared. reporter: the cofounders set their sights on a solution. >> we felt that if you could get people the information to know
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what their status is, they can make informed decisions. reporter: they created summer bio in may of 2020. diagnostic testing at that time was limited, expensive, and played with slow turnaround times. their mission was to change that. >> we wanted to enable surveillance testing throughout high-volume, low-cost, and fast turnaround. reporter: an ambitious trifecta accomplished in a number of months. summer bio was responsible for processing more than a quarter of all california covid tests. so far this month, 96% of results were posted within one day. each test costs around $10, the cheapest on the market. >> how many tests can each machine process? >> about 30,000 samples per day. that's right. reporter: the company expanded its testing volume from 10,000 tests per day to 100,000 tests per day. mainly providing testing for
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students and staff at san jose and los angeles unified school district. the steps are simple. i tried it. tril forsecond and the it takes 40 minutes fore samples to work their way into the system. reporter: it may appear small but don't judge the lab by its square footage. 7 million tests processed, the largest covid volume testing lab in california. it may be the largest covid testing lab in terms of volume. the price point is also raising questions about a sizable contract stateside with another company that is charging five times more. why? we dig into that coming up tomorrow night. ama: thank you so much. one east bay city is partnering up with the department of justice. we tell you about their training and reforms. dan: phase -- the proposal announced by governor newsom
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chase. make more of what's yours. questions about the murder of the father of her two children. a jury found her not guilty of killing him but she's being sued for wrongful death by his mother. that case goes to trial in january. lee is pointing a figure at her former boyfriend and her former personal trainer. lawyers wrote, mislead believes defendant killed keith green. in a deposition, she told lawyers that she didn't know how green died and that she never asked him if he killed him. the jury deadlocked on the guilt . the district attorney's not to retry him. dan: the city of antioch and the
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u.s. department of justice are joining forces to reform the city's police department. the mayor says the partnership will provide the city's police department with intensive training and technical assistance. the department of justice will help to modernize police officer training and address gun violence. ayheartnship ll a transparency and accountability to the department. ama: gavin newsom was in southern california today where he proposed new buffer zones around oil drilling facilities statewide. it's part of his multipronged effort to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in california over the next 25 years. laura anthony has a closer look at the timeline and how it will impact a majority of californians. >> we don't see oil in our future. reporter: gavin newsom is going all in in moving california away from its dependence on fossil fuels. >> today, we are advancing with more accountability. a cleaner, brighter, greener future.
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reporter: by 2024, he wants to curtail all new fracking permits. the sale of all new gas powered cars will be prohibited. by 2045, all oil extraction will be phased out in the state. the western states controlling association says the governor's is to aggressive, especially given the fact that california now has 40 million liquid fuel powered cars and barely one million electric cars. >> these are certainly ambitious goals that the governor has laid out. we think some of them are unrealistic. they will force consumers into tough choices. reporter: some environmentalists believe the timeline isn't aggressive enough. >> my concerns is that it will be too late in the game. the crisis is here and we have to react with the crisis mentality. reporter: the supervisor says the transition is already underway in his county. >> two of the oil refineries here are applying to convert to
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processing renewable fuels. i think most experts believe that chevron will probably be the last refinery standing. reporter: newsom has announced a 3200 foot buffer zone around oil drilling facilities, most of them in southern california. abc 7 news. dan: it may be rainy today but the drought is still a very real problem. now experts predict a dry and warm winter is on the way. we dig into the 2022 outlook and how the bay area will [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin.
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or staying fit for occasional heavy lifting... we have the coverage and support to keep you moving forward, with benefits such as low maximum out-of-pocket costs, comprehensive dental coverage, and so much more. for the benefits that matter most to you, call scan at 1-877-212-7226. or ask your agent about scan. winter outlook and it follows a la niña pattern. we look at at the waters off of the equatorial pacific of south america. they are cooler than average right now, signaling a la niña winter is ahead. in america, f of the west coast, it creates a blocking area of high pressure which pushes the storm track well to
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the north. the pacific northwest will be wetter than average this winter. southern california will be drier than average. they gave an outlook to the drought over the next couple of months. some encouraging news across northern california. they are thinking that the drought will improve in spots. central and southern california, they are forecasting the drought to continue if not worsened. a closer look at that drought outlook. the northern half of the bay area has the best chance of seeing improvement in the drought conditions. the southern half will likely continue or worsen under this forecast. they do call for eureka and parts of coastal northern california to completely and there drought. that is something we will be watching very closely. our drought monitor has not changed over the last week. a large portion of the state is under exceptional drought, including the bay area. much of the bay area under that worst category, exceptional drought that we are looking out over the next couple of weeks to continue. ama: dry weather is not the case
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today. [laughter] what are we getting? dan: how much more of it is coming? sandhya: yeah. i knew what you were talking about. we have more rain coming. over the last 48 hours, impressive totals for some areas. two inches in santa rosa. over an inch in san francisco. san jose in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains, picking up 107 inch. the focus of the rain is up in the north bay. i will get you into street-level radar, right around river road, cloverdale, highway 101. geyserville avenue is getting wet, just a few spotty showers in advance of our next system. now you probably noticed this with the south wind. it's really feeling sticky out there. look at the dew points, 60's. this is not what you are used to.
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iq made feel out there. get used to that idea. 60's, 70's on the temperatures. they are up compared to 24 hours ago. a jury review from our mount tam cam. showers in the north bay tonight. a stronger storm for sunday, monday. spotty showers tonight. moderate rain. widespread in the morning with wind gusts 30 or higher. be prepared for that. 7:00 tonight, a few showers. into 2:00, the next storm moves into the north bay. at 5:00, pockets of downpours across the bay area. give yourself that extra time. by the time the lunch hour arrives, it will be long gone. rainfall totals with the storm system, looking from 15 hundredths in the east bay to an inch in the north bay. morning temperatures on the wild side.
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your afternoon highs coming dono from today. mainly in the 60's and 70's under cloudy skies. i want to fast-forward forward to the weekend. saturday afternoon, more showers developing. sunday into monday, the first atmospheric river of the season moves in. it's going to dump some heavy rain across our region. the wet weather continuing into tuesday. in terms of rainfall totals, many parts of the bay area will be looking at one to three inches of rain. the wettest north bay locations, 4-6 inches. the mounds could pick up more. flood watch for solano county. heavy rain could lead to urban and small street flooding. winter storm watch for the sierra. looking at two to three feet of heavy wet snow. difficult to impossible to get up there. in san ramon, it will be cloudy.
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level 1 for tomorrow. strong level three storm sunday, monday. it will be stormy on sunday with a level 1 for tuesday and then potential is there for a lingering shower on wednesday. dan: thank you. ama: people across the bay area took place in the great shakeout. the annual drill highlights earthquake preparedness. >> please drop. ama: san francisco mayor london breed led a drop cover and hold drill. simmler drill took all around the state at exactly 10:21 this morning. participants were encouraged to hold their spot for at least a minute as if it were a major earthquake and use that time to look around and imagine what me -- might need to be secured in
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this is work! this is hard! learn more about gig-speed wifi, or get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. all might be feeling stir crazy. dan: it's no different in the animal kingdom. a massive 900 pound alligator in australia named kanye has earned a bad boy reputation. he was acting hostile toward other alligators in the zoo lagoon. keepers decided the best thing to do was wrangle him out for a timeout. the video is pretty hard --
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heart stopping. take a look. >> he will jump now. no. go. be careful of the head. all right. ama: be careful. it's safe to say whatever the zoo keepers get paid, they need a raise. the alligator was released into his own private pond. he will stay there while zookeepers teach them to play nicely with others. did it change its name from kanye? dan: it should now. it can do whatever it wants. it's huge. a breaking news update on covid vaccine boosters. the cdc director has expected to endorse vaccines boosters for people aged 65 years and up. ama: and people with certain high-risk medical conditions and people who work in high-risk settings. the boosters could be available as soon this weekend. eligible individuals may choose which vaccine they receive as a booster dose. people can mix and max vaccines. dan: that's our report.
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world news tonight with a veneer is next. ama: thanks for joining us. we will see you again at 6:
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like you, my hands are everything to me. but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture. and it got to the point where things i took for granted got tougher to do. thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer.
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like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the fbi moments ago revealing the human remains found in florida are brian laundrie. the news just coming in. those remains found in a florida nature reserve more than 24 hours ago. they have now determined they are laundrie after a month-long search in the gabby petito murder case. late word coming in. we'll go live to florida. also breaking as we come on the air tonight, a cdc panel moments ago voting unanimously to recommend boosters now for all three vaccines, not just pfizer. now the moderna and johnson & johnson boosters, too. the panel also clearing the way for mixing and matching. and this question tonight -- if you got the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine, should you


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