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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 29, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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evacuated at lax. >> joe biden and joe biden landing in rome overnight. he sets out on a foreign trip. >> the kickoff to outside returns to san francisco for the first time since the pandemic. we are live without you can expect at the music festival. >> waking up this friday morning, get out while you can. mike has your halloween forecast. thank you so much for being here. you are watching abc 7 warnings live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> thank you for being with us. look at the forecast for the weekend. mike: let's take a look at friday and beyond.
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it does not as foggy as it was. but fog is developing. where the fog is thickest in solano county where we have a dense fog advisory. visibility could be a quarter mile or less. let's take a look at what is going on with the wind. right now, looking from the east bay, it is clear. mid-50's into your day planner. low to upper 60's with low clouds on the coast but high clouds elsewhere. inland will still be warm. a slight chance for showers tomorrow and more wet weather next week. jobina: west county high school and laguna high school activities will be closed after receiving threats yesterday.
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district officials were advised by police and made the decision to close the campuses out of an abundance of caution. >> two people detained after a shoot scare at lax.e evacuated. flights were also stopped for a while but they have since resumed. police responded to reports of a person with a gun inside a terminal. it turns out there was no shooting. police did not find a gun. two people were detained. it is not clear why at this time . medics treated two people hurt while trying to evacuate the airport or to third percent was taken to the hospital. jobina: president joe biden's trip is underway. he left with the domestic agenda hanging in the balance after a flurry of activity on capitol hill. here is the reporter.
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agafakers punted a vote on the structure bill. >> too many no votes to pass. faith: they clash over the details. the president made a stop on capitol hill and then offering a new framework of the spending package in hopes progressives and moderates will rally to get it across. pres. biden: it is for our people. faith: the framework includes money for free universal pre-k, extending the child tax credit, money for child and elder care and expanding medicare to cover hearing. there is also $500 billion for action on climate change including tax incentives for electric cars and stations. f any one piece of it would be transformative.
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faith: freak munich college was on the cutting room for and paid family leave. >> it is in it is in it is in and then all of a sudden at the last-minute summit he said it is out period and going to fight every moment to try and get this back in. faith: the president had hoped the fight would be behind him with a win in his pocket but this morning the negotiation's continue. pres. biden: if you make these investments there'll be no stopping, so let's get this done. faith: white house officials say both spending packages will pass. they have yet to pass any kind of timeline. jobina: residence near the russian river are still dealing with major damage from the storm last weekend. a large redwood tree fell nil
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duncans mill, damaging a home and an suv. a home on santa rosa avenue slid off his foundation yesterday. a large tree is the only thing keeping it from falling down the hillside. firefighters told all below evacuate. >> a virtual meeting to address concerns about water. surcharges would be added to bills if you don't cut water use by 15% from 2019 levels. it would equal seven dollars for every extra unit of water. a unit is 748 gallons. the san jose water took 100 questions from the community. >> as we state we are going to retain the fees collected. how are we justifying keeping those fees. it seems like a cash grab. >> i did address the question before and i can unequivocally tell you it is not a cash grab.
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>> the surcharges will take effect on november 15. jobina: music festivals are back. it is going to be exciting. tens of thousands of people are expected for the three-day event. you can see them here. have you worked on the vip to get there will be changes this year! year. here we are on halloween weekend talking about the return.
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a lot of changes in safety protocols have been implemented. one of the biggest is people attending the concert have to show proof of x nation or a negative covid test 72 hours before they go in. outside lands is offering rapid covid testing at the civic auditorium it will cost money. the only thing is you would get them back in a timely fashion so you use it to go to the concert. they do allow people to have a good and going into the concert. >> that was always our mission was to do something that could be an iconic representation of the cultural experience of the bay area. >> park is requiring full vaccination proof and that will be considered an indoor area and
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that has to follow the current mandates. you have to show proof of vaccination. live at golden gate, ryan curry, abc 7 news. >> we are going to have to work on those tickets. jobina: and oakland's very own. please find her. >> we will see what we can do. >> show, give us something. jobina: -- ryan, welcome welcome morning show, give us something. mike: 57 at 7:00. there is not a lot of sunshine. it will play peekaboo with the cloud cover. it is clear in the south bay, low to mid 50's.
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63 across the south bay. low 60's by 8:00. if you're headed out, grabbed a coat. right now, nowhere near the bay bridge. it will be something that will challenge your morning commute. as we look at future can see sunshine in the afternoon. waking up tomorrow morning with a slight chance of drizzle. the area of low spinning off of the coast will keep the north bay most likely in the chance of scattered showers tomorrow.
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an isolated chance for the rest of us. that w continue. nd ening, no need to worry about the wet weather. if you get caught under one of these, a couple hundred of an inch. two 1/10 or so. >> keeping an eye on a few areas for westbound 37 approaching mayor island. not blocking any lanes. but there is dense fog in the area, so it might be difficult to see we are seeing green traffic. westbound 580 a possible rollover crash blocking lanes. you see lots of green out there. a live shop at the live look at the total plaza.
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his 101. 880 across the screen. little bits of slowing. own and historic venue in san francisco. the ballroom now on the market. jobina: a local investigation into this costume worn at a costume contest. the principal said about the student who had it on. julian: the facebook name change and the rebranding effort. jobina: to get live look outside.
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julian: students demanding answers after a student dressed up in a kkk good. -- hood. it was far a costume contest good we look at what is being
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done. >> this costume worn by a student at pittsburgh has been confiscated according to a note from the principal that went out. other students very upset over what they witnessed at school and saw in this photo. >> i was surprised how the principal or none of the security agents didn't stop him or anything like that. >> students tell us there was a costume contest at lunch and that is the day the costume was worn. in a note that went out to parents, the principal says the student in the ku klux klan costume admitted to wearing it on a dare. >> that was still disrespectful to our kind and it is still disrespectful. >> the student were through for periods without being told to take it off. it is believed he were the costume during certain times and not during class. >> why would you let somebody
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come to school and walk around all day. >> it is been noted that the student has been assigned consequences and will participate in the restorative justice access to learn how his actions have impacted and harmed others. in that process it will appear harm he has caused. some we spoke with believed stronger disciplinary action should be taken. >> he should be expelled, no, you're is what it is. that is disrespectful. >> i did reach out to the principal and the superintendent to get their take on all of this but have yet to hear back. reporting in pittsburgh, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. julian: another controversy at an east bay school. a photo surfaced on social media showing two daily cell heist -- two students reenacting the death of george floyd. last week it was said that we
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did not act in keeping with the community expectations and we have handled that situation appropriately and will not share additional details about the consequencor t disciplinary manner. when it comes to issues of race and social justice, you can check out our list of resources on how to find an ally. go to abc 7 jobina: mark zuckerberg says it is rebranding its company and is named meta. it will be a virtual world where people can meet, work, and play. the announcement comes as the comfy faces backlash and claim the company ignored reports of the harms social media network created pier 1 tech expert says just because the timing works for them doesn't mean it will lead -- created. one tech expert says just
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because the timing works for them doesn't meet it will be successful. >> is trying to limit the damage likely being done to the company. jobina: you can see the virtual world become mainstream in the next decade. the ceo of patagonia wants to pull funding from facebook. ryan gellert said it stopped paying for advertising back in june of 2020 because they were spreading hate speech. now he is pushing for the company to prioritize people over profit. julian: here is your chance to own and start ballroom. it is now on the market could you can buy or lease the building. no word on the asking price. i think it is one of those if you have to ask, you might not be able to afford it. the ballroom was purchased more than two decades ago by a private investor. the real estate listing says
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potential buyers can keep it as a concert venue or transform it into something else, including residential or office space. jobina: happening today, the ad -- the costume extravaganza. this year's theme is out of this world. callie and ryan will wear 40 different outfits during the show. before the pandemic, people in the costume -- in the audience came in costume. this is not the first time the hosts have fun at tv shows. >> with 40 costumes us, the queens gambit, how they collide we don't remember. jobina: since chips by civilians into space inspired the out of this world theme for the special today. you can watch it and it airs every weekday at 9:00.
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julian and i have our couples costume ready for midday live. what are you wearing? can you tell us? julian: give us a tease? mike: it has to do with ted lasso . . i can't wait to see yours. jobina: julian: it will be a clean costume for all ages. let's take a look at what is going on otherwise. mike: we are looking at walnut creek, south from main street. cause and son cooler around the
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bay. the offshore breeze brought a warm, sunny day. we'll have a cooler breeze off of the ocean and clouds the sky. tonight, because we'll get thicker fog and fizzle possible. sunday will be dry. across the north bay. you can see more 60's, especially along the coast and into the day. almost as warm in land it was yesterday. we were in the mid to upper 70's low to mid 60's. tonight, temptress back into the 50's peel let's jump to monday where -- temperatures back into the 50's. let's jump to monday. the evening commute will have the widespread shield of rain. a break for tuesday night and
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then wednesday light rain in the morning which will increase as we head into the evening and overnight hours erie by thursday afternoon -- hours. by thursday afternoon, the rain is over. and into the north bay with the first storm. the entire total should push us all over an inch. a nice way to start november. 70's today. then they are gone from the forecast, as will be -- we will be cooler than average. jobina: coming up, the seven things to know. julian: is your dog a super smart or just typical. what some of the adorable things they do can be a sign of intelligence. jobina: he was the 11th overall
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jobina: president biden landed in rome overnight to kick off a pair of international summits and he's at the vatican eating with pope francis and he later heads to scotland for the u.n. climate concert -- conference. julian: scare at lax sent
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hundreds of passengers onto the taxiway. police responded to reports of a gun. two people were detained. jobina: contra costa and alameda counties using indoor mask mandates good starting monday, fully vaccinated people can be unmasked inside and businesses not open to the general public. julian: outside lanes kicks off at golden gate. the three-day festival is making a comeback after it canceled last year because of the pandemic. if you have a ticket, you will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 test to get in. for halloween, a gorgeous night on tap with creepy clouds. temperatures in the 60's and fall into the 50's. >> traffic is owing to be bad near golden gate park outdoor land. a live look at emeryville. delay free heading to the toll plaza. jobina: a new bus service in
5:25 am
hong kong is just for sleeping. it is a five hour ride that includes a mask and goodie bag. start at $13. julian: open a's manager bob melvin is going to the padres. they extended his contract for next season but he was allowed to interview with san diego and he signed a three-year contract with the team. he led the a's to six playoff appearances and one the manager of the year award twice. his departure fuels fears they may be sending other top players to other teams this winter. we argued from the former nhl player who is suing his former team for a sexual assault allegation. here is will reeve. will: this issss >> the system is broken. will: the interview with kyle beach.
5:26 am
kyle: the people i was supposed be able to trust and rely on completely left me abandoned. will: he was the 11th overall pick in the 2008 draft, this week stepping forward as the john doe who sued his former team, the blackhawks, for a sexual assault allegation. what should've happened then that did not question mark -- did not? >> an investigation. it is now 11 years later and i had to bury this so far down to chase my goals and dreams of being an nhl player. will: we will have much more with him and his message for athletes everywhere. jobina: it it it at the chase center. and our friend, reggie, all the topics. >> i remember walking by the campus and seeing these brave people who were way ahead of
5:27 am
their time and letting us know about national coming out day and being so scared. jobina: analysts including the host of queer i and the executive director of the transgender initiatives. you can watch the whole panel on the wave -- youtube page. there may be one thing republicans and democrats can both agree on, halloween event on capitol hill. julian: carlos santana will be in san francisco. the event happening. jobina: after three feet of snow last weekend, ski borders will hit resorts in tahoe, it opened a month early. julian: taking a live look at sfo. it is 5:27.
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annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> what happens if they deny my exemption form, then it's too late to apply someplace else. jobina: a college student who has not been vaccinated fears what it could mean for her future. the policy that has her worried. julian: it is the return of music festivals in san francisco. gates will open in just a few hours. julian: winter has arrived in tahoe. skiers and snowboarders will hit the first time of the season today. abc 7 warnings is live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. jobina: a check on your forecast. mike: something we haven't talked about in a long time, a fog in the central valley and some of it is leaking into
5:31 am
places like fairfield, where we have won eight of a mile visibility. a dense fog advisory, visibility accord mile or less during the entire morning commute and could linger until 11:00. some of that spilled into napa. less than a quarter mile along the coast. we will have to deal with those challenges during the morning commute. day plan for today, you can see the onshore breeze compared to yesterday. low clouds at the coast and passing high clouds for the rest of us. starting in the 50's. load upper 60's by noon. we stay in the 60's at the coast and around the bay where all of us at the 70's here at 70's in the inland neighborhoods. even those will be a couple degrees cooler. this is -- this evening, falling into the 60's. light jacket weather for friday evening plans. julian: the stages are set. outside lands kicks off in
5:32 am
golden gate park. it is the first time the festival return since the pandemic in the first time it has been on halloween weekend. ryan curry is live with what pants -- fans should expect. ryan: good morning. the gates are expected to open around 11:00 a.m.. that is when people can start making their way in. the first bands take the stage around noon. one thing you need to keep in mind is you have to show either proof of vaccination or a negative covid test set into hours -- test 72 hours before the event. a lot of this is due due to the changes from covid-19. gates opening in a few hours to diverse artists expected to take stage in the early parts of the afternoon. organizers have been implementing safety protocols as well it all vendors will be wearing masks and those vaccination screenings will be happening as you enter at the gates. there is also concern about the
5:33 am
park conditions after last week's storm. make sure the soil is in good condition. >> we know the park has done an amazing job. we feel very confident in the mitigation efforts we have taken to deal with all the rain and whether that have happened. -- and weather that it happened. ryan: it has been two years since it has returned to san francisco. many are eager to get back into the park and see the live music. it is apparently sold out. they expect around 70,000 people to be attending throughout the weekend. a good weekend. jobina: there is a covid-19 outbreak at berkeley high school. berkeley unified said seven people have tested positive and are isolating at home. five cases are linked and six
5:34 am
impact the athletics program. they have contacted people. julian: we are hearing from an unvaccinated san francisco state university student who is now worried about what the system's vaccine policy means for future. california state university is requiring proof of vaccination or approved exemption request. the deadline was last night. >> submit your covid vaccination record or request an exemption today to avoid spring registration hold. san francisco state student said this notification is a threat to her future read fashion design major is taking classes online only she planned to graduate next semester and fears the policy will put her back. >> people have dedicated time and money to this institution and now they are denying them the right to go there because of this, something that is going
5:35 am
inside our bodies. >> is a system policy that students required to comply arista hold on registering for next semester's classes, even if you take classes remotely. >> going into the library or neck endemic building or activity where it will be impossible to confirm on an individual basis who has complied with the policy. >> she is filing for medical and religious exemptions. >> what happens if they deny my form, then it is too late for me to apply someplace else and then i am stuck. >> a statement said, in instances where students do not qualify to be exempt from our policy and are not vaccinated, all caps presidents were provided alternatives to offer. appropriate safeguards dropped
5:36 am
completely. according to bobby king with s.f. state, over 90% have already showed proof and less than 2% have requested exemptions. jobina: contra costa county and alameda county are easing mask mandates starting monday. fully vaccinated people will be able to unmask indoors but only at businesses not open to the general public at offices and gyms. san francisco counties made several -- similar moves. if you have questions about the covid-19 max 8 -- mandates and policies, go to our website. julian: a mural featuring legendary bay guitars carlos santana and his family will be unveiled in san francisco. a private ceremony will be held at the 24th station. the dedication will honor his younger brother who passed away
5:37 am
suddenly last year. jobina: begins at palisades tahoe after three feet of snow fell during the big storm last weekend. it is opening in october for only the third time in the 72 year history. the last time the resort open with comparable snow was in 2004. preparations kicked into high gear this week when the decision was made to open. skiers and snowboarders expected to wear costumes. >> that is going to be fun this weekend to see what people come out wearing. jobina: palisades tahoe was recently changed because its old name was deemed it to be racist. a newly designed children's museum and zoo. the bay area reopening three years in the making. julian: a california family
5:38 am
evacuated from afghanistan. the emotional update from roots of peace. mike: i want to circle back to tahoe and show you the seven day forecast. 61 degrees, high clouds and sunshine. everything will re-freeze at night if it thaws during the daylight. cooler and dry sunday. but monday, look at snow levels, a thousand feet, and the same thing thursday. it is going to be raining. clear and the inland east bay area spared 48 in cimarron -- area. 48 in san ramon. the montague, 51. --heoun view, 51.fog possibly ce to the golden gate. yesterday it did not.
5:39 am
there is a look at the east bay valleys, average high is 74. starting off at 54. warming into the upper 60's by lunch or low to mid 70's during the afternoon hours. if you're headed out, find a seat under one of the heaters. air quality will be cleaned with future radar showing we are in and out of clouds except for the post. the closer you are to the north bay, starting off with drizzle and random showers as we head into sunday morning. by sunday afternoon and evening, it definitely will be dry for trick-or-treating. the best chance for rain will be santa rosa northward. the rest of us will be spotty. sunday will be a dry day. francis: good morning, everyone. you can see on the maps, lots of green out there. we had a few accidents but they were not causing much of a delay
5:40 am
was found 80 out of tracy making their way through the altamont pass. brake lights into livermore. drivetime's not horrible. northbound heading into san francisco also delay free. a live shot of the bridge, the roadwork on the peninsula has cleared on 101. we will show you 101 in the north bay. southbound traffic on the right-hand side. no delays as you make your way past
5:41 am
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kumasi: former -- julian: new york mayor andrew cuomo has been charged with a sex crime. he resigned in august following an investigation by the attorney general that found he sexually harassed 11 women, including current and former state employees. he has denied these allegations. jobina: an emotional update on the roots of peace charity to evacuate members from afghanistan. another family safely out of the country and on the way home to northern california. cheryl jennings has cover the organization for years and has this update. cheryl: this was the late night scene at the airport. a large bus arrived with afghan families who had been evacuated from couple -- from kabul and had their documents processed. they were greeted by a very
5:44 am
excited bay area roots of peace founder. >> we are feeling well and have been good. >> to see that bus men escorted by the police and be able to see that family that we had worked so hard to get them safely. cheryl: we cannot show the faces of the families because they have relatives that might be at risk. he also changed his name to protect him. they live in northern california and were on vacation in afghanistan when their world turned upside down and they became trapped. >> in the last days, we tried our best but due to the and mismanagement we were not able to do that. my children became injured during the crowds. cheryl: and she and her team
5:45 am
have been trying to evacuate their team. a personal appeal to anyone with the rescue efforts. slowly, afghan families are getting out. the family has been through so much and are finally at the airport ready to head back home and start their lives all over again with memories they will never forget. and roots of peace is hoping to evacuate more afghan employees who might be at risk. jobina: the land cultivated for farming by roots of peace has been cleared of man -- land mines and war debris. another key mission of that organization here you can find
5:46 am
more on their efforts and other ways to help afghan refugees on our website. the junior museum and palo alto will close after three years. we were invited to the newly designed museum and zoo. since 1940, the institution has offered interactive opportunities to learn about science and nature. n.l. it has rebuilt -- and now it has rebuilt. it offers a series of interactive exhibits and it up close interaction with the animals. >> everything is interactive and hands-on. it is a child led experience. it is about exhibits that get kids to move and use all of their senses to explore the world because kitchen -- kids are natural scientists. jobina: the grand reopening is november 12. julian: if there is one thing
5:47 am
republicans and democrats can agree on is dressing up their dogs for halloween. senator thom tillis opened the annual bipartisan dog costume party yesterday. he dressed his dogs up as minority leader mitch mcconnell and democratic senator kyrsten sinema. dog stressed as a hotdog, a lion and even house speaker nancy pelosi. it started in 2017 with the intent of bringing members of congress together. i have to sue the mitch mcconnell dog. julian: -- jobina: that is what i am waiting for. the adorable head from dogs could be a sign of intelligence. for three months, researchers trained a group of canines to remember the names of toys are the owners as their pet to fetch a particular toy by saying its
5:48 am
name. the researchers noticed when a dog tilted its head, it would often fetch the correct toy the dogs who did not do the head tilt really got the correct toy. the remaining -- behavior remained consistent for two years. julian: that is the thinking face. that is the positive side of it. the other times they are looking at you saying no. jobina: or where is my food. julian: what is wrong with your intelligence. mike: and i stay for under activities, including walking the dog. next week, indoor weather. mostly sunny today, except for the coast, where it will be partly sunny. spotty showers tomorrow. nothing to cancel plans over. santa rosa northward could be of those more of a nuisance it will
5:49 am
be dry halloween. let's take a look at today's temperatures. you will notice 70's inland where the sea breeze will have the hardest time reaching. looking at 60's. let's take a look and show you how the storm door opens. monday, heading to work with a little bit of light rain. the rest of us will have it during the afternoon and evening . it will be in the north bay at that time. a few spotty showers left over for tuesday. wednesday morning, and roles in once again. wednesday evening into thursday is when we get the healthier rain peered a faster moving storm will bring snow to the sierra. taking a look at the rainfall amounts, -- healthier rain. a faster moving storm will bring
5:50 am
snow to the sierra. taking a look at rainfall amounts, a storm with a half inch or less and then a second storm and all of us could receive more than an inch of rain. storms right now are light on the storm impact scale. what it will do tomorrow with the low spinning off is bringing the onshore breeze and keeping the 70's out of the forecast. cooler through thursday. have a good weekend. jobina: for the first time in 20 years, bart is bringing back bathroom access at underground stations as part of an effort to get writers -- riders back on the trains. they will look much like the ones at the del norte station peered the first two are set to open in february of next year and in the process of being remodeled as a nightwing -- 19th street station. >> i cannot hide my excitement about this. it has taken years and years to get to this point.
5:51 am
>> this won't be the end where people are visiting bart to see the restrooms, but we are doing the right thing. jobina: as shown in these photos, the sinks will be on the outside of the main bathroom itself because we need to make sure people are washing and to enhance security and cleanliness. there will be a full-time attendant for the first few months. julian: it is about time, 20 years. jobina: i was doing more research and didn't realize they stopped doing it post 9/11 for security purposes. awesome step forward. julian: new at 6:00, an important item left behind on a local highway. jobina: hobby lobby recall, the furniture that can break while you are using it. >> it was probably one of the worst days in my life. julian: a local eight-year-old band from his favorite game,
5:52 am
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julian: hobby lobby is recalling 14,000 stools after some of them broke, causing people to get hurt. here is a picture of the stool in question. it has a wooden brown curved seat with white legs. it sold over the summer in june and july for about $80. hobby lobby said it received seven reports of the stools breaking. everyone who got hurt received minor injuries and hobby lobby said customers can return them for a full refund. jobina: an eight-year-old was banned from an online gaming platform. the company accused him of
5:55 am
trying to steal people's information. his account and all the assessor reese he purchased for his avatar -- assess series purchased for his avatar. his father tried to roadblocks it was an innocent mistake. >> he tried to explain that he is eight years old. i am sure he didn't intend to. jobina: the family says the please to get reinstated went nowhere until they contacted 7 on your side. roadblocks to less it is possible the user could have copied or pulled malicious script into his game without realizing it and therefore roadblocks has reinstated his account as a one-time courtesy. julian: outside lands, a nice day today. mike: a mixture of sun and clouds.
5:56 am
temperatures warm up to about 65 degrees and then drop down to 55 this evening. you have to definitely have a jacket ready. as far as hallowe are looking at nice weather. we will have some wicked, awesome weather at 5:00 and then it will become gorgeous temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. let's take a look at the drought monitor. notice the dark red, which is the exceptional, has shrunken. look where it did that it it went from 46% to 39%, and a lot of that was across the north bay. we are still in the highest two categories. it is a start. jobina: new at 6:00, a potential breast cancer breakthrough. an aggressive form may have new help with new development. julian: scary moments break out at lax.
5:57 am
travelers running for emergency exits. the investigation into what happened. jobina: did this past weekend's mega storm to ♪ i see trees of green ♪
5:58 am
♪ i em bloom for ♪ r m(music)o o ♪ ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.”
5:59 am
well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you. definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: wake up at 6:00, the world's climate commitment. this week summit taking center stage.
6:00 am
new video of president biden landing in rome overnight, but he faces big domestic troubles at home. >> iconic representation of so many elements of the cultural experience of the bay area. jobina: the windmills are up, golden gate park getting back its outside lands music festival, but not everybody is happy about it. mike: let's give you a live look outside to start this spooky halloween weekend. there is a chance of some rain this weekend, but mike is tracking the changes and we will check in with him in a second. julian: good morning. it is friday, october 29. you are watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. isn't always better when halloween lands on a weekend? mike nicco is tracking the trick-or-treating forecast. mike: good morning, julian, hi, jobina. and frances is with us. we will get to her nest second. let's talk about the


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