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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 15, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> strike averted, more than 1000 pharmacists have reached a tentative deal with kaiser. >> the president said to sign his landmark legislation to improve our nation' infrastructure. s>> beware of the black bear, residents stay inside for safety. an update on the bear's whereabouts. >> what a pastor in chicago is spending the night on top of shipping containers all winter long. >> oh, in chicago. >> all winter. >> it's cold inside of chicago sun-times. good morning. you are watching abc7 live. mike: when you see the fog made me want to go back inside also.
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look how thick it is in the north bay and east bay. winds are blowing offshore once again, so this will work its way into the bay and also, possibly come into the south bay by the time the commute is over. you are looking south as you drive into fog. this is how it looks from the tower, fog taking over san francisco. we are in the low 50's through 7:00. the planner shows low to mid 60's by noon, with fog turning over to mostly cloudy skies and barely in the upper 50's, mid-60's by 4:00 p.m. the fog will go away a little bit and we have a chance of rain, coming up. kumasi: hours ago, a deal is reached with kaiser permanente and pharmacists, avoiding a strike that had many people rushing to get their prescriptions, just in case. we have more on this last-minute
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agreement. amy: yes, you and not see pharmacists picketing outside of the medical centers today. this would have been a weeklong strike. would've started today and it lasted until next monday morning. kaiser permanente members rushed to fulfill prescriptions before the strike was set to begin, but they were able to reach a deal at about 1:00 a.m., preventing a strike. kaiser is already dealing with another strike, its engineers are on the picket line. that started last month. they say they are holding out for more pay. >> kaiser is pushing everybody to take less than other people doing the same job. they say we are overpaid and they are trying to turn the rest of the employees against us. if we start leaving, that hurts kaiser. amy: kaiser did have a backup
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plan for a possible pharmacists strike, members would be sent to other retail pharmacies for the week, and the co-pay would've been the same as it would have been at kaiser. but the strike has been averted. they say they have reached an agreement, a three-year contract with kaiser. kaiser is still negotiating with the union that represents in the engineers. kumasi: kaiser also averted another major strike set for today, reaching a tentative agreement with the alliance of health care unions, keeping 60,000 workers from walking out, close to half of them in california. it is a four-year deal that includes wage increases, no reduction in retirement benefits either. they will be working on the contract over the next several weeks. reggie: one person is dead in an early morning crash on interstate 280. it happened just before 11:00 p.m. last night.
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officers say they arrived to find a body blocking part of the southbound lanes. chp is still investigating what happened. all lanes are back open. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left a girl and a woman her. it happened just before 10:30 p.m. near columbia drive. both were taken to the hospital, their conditions have not been released. you can see in front window of a home was hit, but it is unclear if the victims were inside at the time. no details yet on a suspect. three people are recovering after being shot over a peaceful vigil. it happened about 5:40 p.m. at the hillcrest park in antioch yesterday. the victims are a 23-year-old man, a 20-year-old woman in a 17-year-old boy. they were part of a crowd at a vigil. all three were taken to the hospital. they are expected to survive. officers have not yet identified suspects. kumasi: today, the president
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will sign his historic bipartisan infrastructure bill into law, but the rest of his agenda hangs in the balance as concerns roll over inflation. americans paying more at the grocery store and pump. faith has the details. reporter: the white house is preparing for a historic moment, hours away from president biden inking his landmark infrastructure bill into law. governors, mayors and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are set to join the celebration. officials are touting the one point $2 trillion bill as -- $1.2 trillion bill as a vehicle for growing the economy. >> we will work without delay to get the money working for the american people. reporter: the plan includes $110 billion to build and upgrade highways and bridges, $65 billion for high-speed internet, and $39 billion for public transportation. the president has named mitch landrieu to oversee the rollout of the bipartisan bill, with
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work on the nation's airports and roads starting right away. mitch landrieu saying he will work with government officials and business owners "to create good paying jobs and rebuild america for the middle class." the new legislation comes at a crucial time for the president, a much-needed victory as his poll numbers tumbled to a new low. while americans feel the pinch of rising prices. >> i would've never believed joe biden 10 months into the presidency could bring us to a 30 year high of inflation. reporter: in new washington poll shows 70% of americans say the economy is in bad shape, more than half disapproving of the president's handling of the economy. but the white house is pushing back, saying passing the reconciliation package to go along with the infrastructure bill, will go -- will make things better. >> it will pass. reporter: also today, a high-stakes meeting with china's president. they are expected to discuss
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managing competition between china and the u.s. in washington, abc7 news. kumasi: abc news will air a special report when the president signs infrastructure bill at about noon. it will be right here on abc7. the latest round of the child tax credit payments is scheduled to go out today. parents who fall under the income maximums will automatically get a credit of up to $300 for each child under six, and a credit for those 6-17. reggie: concerns continue to grow over a possible winter covid surge. nationwide, cases and hospitalizations are going up after weeks of decline. i just looked at her hospitalizations in california and of those are remaining steady. jobina: the daily new cases are up about 23% in the past two weeks and half of the country is seeing an increase of about 10%
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and infections. health experts are urging adults to strongly consider getting a booster shot, even though it has not been recommended for everybody 18 and older. four states are already advising fully vaccinated adults to get the extra shot, six months after their second dose. >> we are seeing a decline, more breakthrough infections. the good news is the vaccines are holding up again severe hospitalizations and deaths, but for most adults of the risk of breakthrough infections has risen with the delta variant. i think people should the about getting the booster. jobina: medical experts say they believe it is safe to gather for the holidays with family and friends who are fully vaccinated. a federal appeals court has appellate indecision to block the biden's administration vaccine mandate for private businesses. "it's fatally flawed," they are saying about it. reggie: if you have questions
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about the vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. just go to coming up on 5:09 a.m. mike: dense fog. for another six hours at least, the visibility could be down around a quarter of a mountain solano county. they are under their jurisdiction of the national weather service in sacramento, the one taking over the rest of us is in monterey. they are still contemplating whether to put us in one, but trust me, it is low visibility out there in many areas. in the central valley, it will be foggy. so if you are waking up in san francisco, it is about 52 to 56 degrees with fog in the air. palo alto 46. saratoga avenue 48. everybody else is about 55 degrees. san francisco, we expect the fog to hang around through 10:00 a.m.
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cloudy for the rest of the afternoon. and it will take time for the fog to fade, longer than it did over the weekend, that is why the temperatures are cooler. barely 60 for the afternoon. and i think the actual high will be around 64. we have a cold front sweeping down from the north, leaving most of the rain during the daylight hours, up until 5:00, to the north. there is a chance of some sprinkles in the north bay in the evening, but take a look at the cold front -- it wipes away the clouds, leaving fog for tomorrow morning. not like this morning. we will have easier commutes. we have a chance of rain coming up in the seven day forecast. now over to jobina. jobina: good morning. the chp has already issued a fog advisory for the carquinez bridge. and i am looking at a crash on northbound 101, past atherton avenue. injuries are involved.
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it looks like they hit a pole. oakland, showing you 880 at the coliseum. the headlights are traveling southbound for your reference. and these are traveling westbound. and showing off 80, no major issues to report. reggie: coming up, rampant retail theft shuts down two san francisco walgreens. what it means for customers and their prescriptions. kumasi: wisconsin on edge ahead of the verdict of kyle rittenhouse, how officials are preparing for potential interest. reggie: a blackberry makes itself -- black bear makes it so very comfortable in a local neighborhood. kumasi: and we will tell you about monday night football, because ♪ ♪ my name's caleb. what's yours? i'm grace! did you just move here?
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prescriptions to other walgreens from sees nearby. are because of shoplifting. earlier this year, this video was shot of a shoplifter clearing out shelves at one of the stores. five walgreens are shutting down in the city this month. reggie: oakland a's legend stuart is looking to buy a share of -- who, will present his plan to the city tomorrow. stewart says his group as a revitalization plan that will work whether that is decide just a -- decide to stay or move. he says he has support from many. we spoke with him and his wife and they say they are ready to implement their ideas. >> we are not talking about $115 million over eight or nine years, when the site is given to our group we plan to pay that
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$115 million upon approval. we are backed by true oaklanders, people who have been in it and continue to give to the area. reggie: this comes as the a's continue to explore sites for their new ballpark. kumasi: a bear trapped in a tree for hours and petaluma has climbed down and returned to its home. it caused quite a stir. people were told to stay inside, as officials waited for the better to go back to the wild. it was high up in a tree on bremen heights near sixth street. shelter-in-place has been lifted. ryan: this neighborhood was on high alert on sunday. >> we were kind of in shock that there was a giant bear. they said it was really big. so i called at 911. ryan: a large bear going up a redwood tree in the middle of a residential area. todd lives near the home where the bear climbed the tree.
5:16 am
he woke up in the middle of the night to his dog barking. >> we thought it was a person and we went to the backyard, and, um -- she was barking up a tree. eventually, a patrol person came in and it said there was an animal, to keep the dog inside. ryan: they spent most of the day trying to keep the bear up the tree. they say it came to the neighborhood because of wildfires and drought. >> he has traveled more because of the drought. i have been doing this for a long time, and you do not normally see this, so something changed. mike: how are you? kumasi: feeling good for a monday. how are you feeling? mike: a little rushed.
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i apo. things are usually not that short. kumasi: and i was like, it is over. reggie: no more to say about the bear. [laughter] mike: ok, we will move on. 5:17 a.m. on a monday, looking from the east bay camera. fog trying to come around the bend, into the delta, into the bay, and start heading down. you can see some over there by the oakland docks. dense fog, then mostly cloudy today. a chance of rain thursday into friday, a very small chance. amounts will be very light. but it will lead to a dry weekend. remember these they were sitting? in the same area on friday. now they have moved and we have opened the door for another atmospheric river. it will be atypical -- a
5:18 am
typical la nina pattern. the drought is going away for them, but we are still sitting in it. 60's for the afternoon. tonight, the cold front we talked about is going to bring some sprinkles possible to the north bay tonight. then it will clear us out in the morning commute tomorrow, so fingers crossed we will not have as much fog to deal with as this morning. we will jump ahead to this impact scale. as we get closer into the evening, you can see rain breaking out in the north bay, but look what happens to the rain in the overnight. it will pretty much dissipate. so we are looking at possibly 1/10 of an inch, may be more in the north bay mountains. less in the east bay and south bay inland neighborhoods. today could be one of the last days of 70's, that is for the
5:19 am
south bay. and you can see that tomorrow, even with the fog going away, the high clouds will build in. we will drop a couple degrees wednesday with thicker clouds. and then you have a chance of rain on thursday night into friday. saturday and sunday will be a mixture of sunshine and clouds with low to mid 60's. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know. reggie: a woman facing the consequences for assaulting a southwest airlines agent. kumasi: he is not letting a chicago winter slow him down, why a pastor is spending the night outside for months. reggie: all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all.
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kumasi: 5:21 a.m. seven things to know. one, a last-minute agreement has been made between kaiser permanente and 1000 pharmacists. reggie: another violent night in oakland when a girl and woman injured last night when somebody shot into a home on sterling drive. no arrests made. kumasi: an american journalist has been sentenced to 11 years is coming back to the u.s. he was released after three days. reggie: president president pret
5:22 am
to sign his $2 trillion infrastructure bill into law today. abc news will have a special report on the signing around noon. mike: otherwise, we have fog coming from the central valley. it will be an issue for the morning commute as it continues to spread all the way through 9:00 a.m. jobina: no major issues on the roads, but we are following this. here is 101 this morning. kumasi: check your bank account, the next round of child tax credit payments is set to go out today. eligible families can get $300 a child, depending on their age. closing arguments are set to begin today in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, facing charges for killing two people and injuring another last year and kenosha, wisconsin. the city is on edge, national guard troops are on standby. we have the story. reporter: this morning,
5:23 am
preparations underway in wisconsin for a potential unrest in the streets as closing arguments get underway in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, the governor deploying about 500 national guard troops. rittenhouse is on trial for shooting three people, killing two during protests last year after the police shooting of jacob blake. during emotional testimony, he claims self-defense, saying he was in kenosha to protect businesses. in an interview, rittenhouse's mother defended her son carrying an ar-15 rifle. prosecutors have portrayed rittenhouse as a violent vigilante who instigated the deadly chain of events, but on friday asked if they could submit lesser charges against him, something the judges said he would allow. legal analysts say that is because the prosecutors are not sure of a conviction. rittenhouse's mother saying her son is regretful.
5:24 am
reggie: former trump advisor steve bannon is said to turn himself in today, he was indicted for contempt of congress for refusing to cooperate with the committee investigating the january 6 insurrection. he would not turn over documents under the direction of the former president. mark meadows has also been a no-show on capitol hill. part of a wave of officials who are defying congressional subpoenas. bannon could face up to two years imprisoned. a southwest airlines agent back home this morning after being attacked by a passenger. the incident sent the agent to the hospital. we have the details in gma's first look. reporter: new details on the assault against a southwest airlines operation agent. >> an altercation on the ground and dangers of the people involved, but in an airplane, it
5:25 am
endangers everybody on the airplane. we continue to see the number of assaults on flight attendants increase, but this was one of the most serious where the person actually had to be hospitalized. reporter: some flight attendants pushing federal agencies to remind passengers about the consequences of interfering with flights. >> if the airlines banded together and they would not let these unruly passengers back on their airplanes, the violent behavior would quickly into. reporter: coming up, we will tell you how southwest and the faa are responding to the latest incident. that's your gma first look. reggie: coming, a strike averted after kaiser reached a tentative deal with thousands of northern california pharmacists. kumasi: the fbi hit by hackers, with the agency is revealing about a cyberattack. reggie: britney spears's next steps on her road to freedom, what legal action she could soon be taking. kumasi: here is a look outside at sfo.
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wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions, this is abc7 news. reggie: a strike called off, kaiser reaches a deal with pharmacists. kumasi: racist graffiti and vandalism, two separate crimes. the response from community leaders. reggie: honoring native american heritage month, a social media
5:29 am
star educates her followers on the beauty of being black and indigenous. kumasi: new measures in europe to control covid-19. millions of unvaccinated residents under lockdown, starting today. reggie: good morning, it is monday, november 15. abc7 mornings are wherever you stream. kumasi: here is mike. mike: hello. no matter how many times you wipe your eyes this morning, you will still have a hard time seeing. it is foggy. the thickest fog, the fog that will linger the longest, will be in solano county. but it is not solely in that area. you can see from our sfo camera, there is fog on the peninsula, in the east bay and northbay. d shing into the bay. so look for increasing fog and 50's this morning. once the fog slowly, even slower
5:30 am
over the weekend, dissipates, high clouds will roll in, so do not expect a lot of sunshine. we are in the 50's and 60's by noon. by 4:00 p.m., 58-64. in the evening, everybody falls into the mid to upper 50's by 7:00 p.m. a chance of rain in the forecast, coming up. reggie: a prescription for drama averted, pharmacists make a deal to stay on the job. amy is live with the last-minute agreement. amy: hi, good morning. pharmacists will not be out here picketing in front of kaiser medical center's. they will be at work. a deal was reached at about 1:00 a.m. this morning. the strike would've impacted 2100 employees and would have lasted until next monday. kaiser warned members to get prescriptions filled before hand, just in case.
5:31 am
some say they felt conflicted about the pharmacists walking off the job. >> i am picking up medicine for my parents. it's not good not to have access to medicine, but i understand if they are not happy. if the workers are not happy. there is no right or wrong. amy: kaiser is already dealing with another strike, engineers have been on strike since last month. kaiser says the negotiations continue. but the pharmacists union kaiser did reach an agreement for a three year long contract, so pharmacies will be open today. in walnut creek, amy hollyfield. kumasi: the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is can do me racist graffiti found at a business. a safety patrol group out yesterday did notice these phrases on the side of a market. the messages have been blurred out here. they immediately notified of the
5:32 am
chamber. chan says it is crucial to telling the police, to unite the community. >> we thought things were getting better. but the graffiti is specificalls targeting our community, that is concerning. that is why the entire community, and myself, we always want to support the police. kumasi: the chamber issued a statement as well, saying that they will not tolerate the ignorant and disrespectful behavior that leads to senseless violence. reggie: the islamic center of san francisco is reaching out to an unknown vandalism suspect after a glass bottle was thrown inside of the mosque. members were inside when they heard the sound of glass shattering. they sought a shattered window with a broken bottle.
5:33 am
leaders believe this was an active hate and are asking the suspect to come forward so they can educate them about who they are and what the islamic religion represents. >> i feel scared. the community feels scared. we would love to have dialogue with any individual interested, especially the one that committed this act of vandalism. reggie: you donation page has been set up to help they for the damages. kumasi: hundreds of mergers in the streets of los gatos to end hate. it went from fisher middle school to the civic center. they carried signs with messages of inclusion from end racism to stop asian hate. more than 40 groups were represented. last month, protests were banne outside people's homes. a wealthy county in the bay area has one of the largest gaps in racial disparity in california. the advancement project
5:34 am
california has ranked this county second out of the state's 58 counties. romano county is number one. the report looked at categories including health insurance. this county has the highest disparity when it comes to residents who are insured. reggie: today, the president and first lady will take part in a tribal nation summit, part of native american heritage month. this is the first since 2016 and the first time it is being hosted at the white house. the president will help to improve public safety and justice for native americans, protect tribal lands, treaty rights in sacred places. native american heritage month honors the ancestry and culture of those who first inhabited this land. those who identify as afro indigenous are often left out of the conversation. cara smith is a member of a tribe from martha's vineyard,
5:35 am
and she is educating her followers about what it means to be black and indigenous, and navigating both identities. >> i get comments from people in the black community that think i am trying to disown or separate myself from my blackness, and that is not the case. reggie: there are more than 269,000 americans who identify as afro indigenous. the identity harbors a shared experience of descendant -- disempowerment, with many people having a degree of the african-american history. kumasi: if you have a good pastor will spend the winter on top of storage containers, part of his effort to bring a new community center to the city's south side. pastor brooks is trying to raise $30 million. 10 years ago, he spent 94 days on the roof of a crime infested motel across from his church. he raised $450,000 to tear it down and buy the land.
5:36 am
he says the impact this time will be greater. >> it will be a safe even, in place of transformation and life change. businesses are leaving every single day, so it is important that we get an economic base in this community and it is important to get entrepreneurship started back up. we need this center, it is urgent. kumasi: he says the community center will include job training. as is less space for restaurants. new concerns about the health of queen elizabeth, an injury that has her sidelined. reggie: images of climate change, why a great treasure is losing its beauty. but first we will check in with mike. mike: take a look at what is going on in the inland areas, where we have plenty of fog, dew and temperatures right around 50 degrees. so, let's take a look at other areas, where you can see fog in the north bay.
5:37 am
fog around the bay. and this is one of the cooler spots. we have warmer air, but it is above where we live. 66, los gatos. because of the slow sunshine today, we will not tap into the warmth. east bay valleys, fog around until 10:00 a.m. with temperatures around 55. mostly cloudy conditions, a touch of haze in the air. 60 at noon. low 60's in the afternoon. by 6:00 p.m., falling into the mid-50's. take a look at the fog slowly taking over the western span of the bay bridge. for the commute, exercise caution. the roads are sweating a little bit. there's slippery spots. it will be foggy for your ferry ride. and make sure you do not get too far from your stop if you are taking mass transit. let's talk about the cold front from the north.
5:38 am
healthy rain, yellow and orange. for us, pretty much nothing through 5:00 p.m. 4:58 p.m. will be sunset. by the evening, here is a look at mist that is possible, with fog, but by tomorrow morning the cold front will be sweeping through and we will see more sunshine. a chance of rain on thursday. here's the commute. jobina: good morning. happy monday. we are starting on walnut creek with a look at 680. this is the biggest issue, the fog. no major blocking issues. southbound traffic is picking up. foggy san rafael, 101 here. you can see the soupy sky. tracy to dublin, 45 minutes. antioch to concorde, 16 minutes. san
5:39 am
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reggie: a 10th person has died after the disaster at astroworld. nine-year-old ezra blount has been on life-support for days. treston blount took us on to see perform. ezra was trampled by the crowd. the fbi is addressing reports of hackers compromising the agency's email system. at least 100,000 emails went out from a legitimate email from the agency, one claiming to be a warning from the department of homeland security that the recipient was a target of a sophisticated attack. the agency says it is aware of the fake emails. the fbi says the emails are the result of a software misconfiguration. agents are warning people and businesses to be cautious of unknown senders and urging
5:42 am
people to report suspicious activity. kumasi: israel is the latest to approve pfizer's vaccine for children. the country's ministry of health expects shipments to arrive from the u.s. this week. last week, experts voted in favor of approving the vaccine for children. they are urging parents to get their kids vaccinated. in august, zero began offering booster shots to children as young as 12. reggie: cuba will reopen to tourists for the first time since the pandemic's start, though visitors could face protests. visitors are demanding change. if you are visiting cuba, you will not have to quarantine. cuban officials hope reopening the border will help revive the island's economy, which has been hit hard by the pandemic. a different story in europe, where a lockdown for millions of unvaccinated people in austria begin today. it applies to upper austria and
5:43 am
salisbury, unvaccinated residents are only allowed to leave home for specific, necessary reasons, like buying groceries. covid patients to get 20% of the icu beds there, and that level is rising. kumasi: queen elizabeth has delayed her highly anticipated return to public life. she did not attend a remembrance day service yesterday after straining her back. buckingham palace says that she is disappointed she could not go to the event. prince charles went on behalf of his mother. the queen is the head of the armed services. she served as a mechanic during the second world war. >> we are used to seeing the clean be busy despite her advancing years, but she said herself, none of us will live forever and this is a reminder that she is 95 and her time may have to be modified in the future. kumasi: the palace insists the queen is in good spirits and she
5:44 am
will continue to h sold his washington dc hotel in a deal worth about $375 million. sources confirm in miami-based group has purchased the property. it will become part of the hilton hotel portfolio. the trump name will be dropped from the hotel. and the hotel has come under scrutiny by congress for accepting payments from foreign governments during the trump presidency. there's evidence this morning of the devastating impact climate change is having on the great barrier reef in australia. 98% of the reef has now been impacted by bleaching, when warmer temperatures cause the coral to lose vibrant colors. eventually, the extreme temperatures kill the reef altogether. but there is hope. peter harrison and graduate students are really seeing 3
5:45 am
million coral larvae, hoping they can restore the reef. >> we need real action, internationally and in australia, on climate change in greenhouse gas emissions. otherwise, the future of the reef looks bleak. kumasi: harrison currently has about a dozen reef restoration experiments going on and he hopes his research can be expanded to other reefs around the world. a squirrel's attempt to get his next meal from a birdfeeder did not go as planned. this video was recorded in maine , by a couple frequently visited by squirrels. he gets so close, but -- he could not quite make it. the scroll is by far the jbs, the couple -- the chubbiest -- the squirrel is by far the chubbiest and they have encountered. mike: aren't they supposed to be
5:46 am
plump? reggie: that would be equivalent of a pole twice the height of your house over and over again. i would like to see them do it. mike: now everybody is having flashbacks to fifth-grade, trying to climb the rope to the ceiling. reggie: and only two kids can do it. kumasi: the whole gym looking. mike: i am sorry to take you on the trip. 5:46 a.m., here is a look at san jose. you can see clouds moving in. expect fog here during the morning commute. mostly cloudy this afternoon. a cold front will bring is a chance of drizzle overnight, but then it will also bring more sunshine tomorrow before another chance of wet weather on thursday. the week and will feature clouds and sunshine. the pacific northwest, we have amazing video to show you of the waterfalls there because of
5:47 am
another atmospheric river, another el nino signature event happening there. this is not us. we are getting the tail end of it. by then, it would've spent all the wet weather. here's a look at a mostly cloudy afternoon. san jose could see more sunshine in morgan hill. the rest of us around 63 to 67. here's the cold front tonight. it will try to take away the clouds, but we will still have moisture, so patchy fog in the morning. but cooler temperatures. 40's in the north bay valleys. most of us in the low to mid 50's. so go ahead to thursday evening, friday morning comedians of light rain, anywhere from 1/100 of an inch. a third of an inch in the north bay mountains. timing out this far ahead of time, we have a pretty good handle on it.
5:48 am
it will come in as the sun sets into lake and mendocino counties. while most of us are home overnight, it will rule through. on friday morning -- roll through. on friday morning, some drizzle left over. then sunshine for saturday. not a lot of sunshine this time of year. the sun angle is so low, it does not warm us up much, so we expect lou to upper 60's tomorrow. low 60's for the rest of the seven day forecast, with a slight chance of rain on thursday night into friday. but nothing over the weekend. reggie: supply chain issues facing the country, and inflation -- nearly every aspect of the u.s. economy impacted, from discount stores to school lunch lines. reporter: this morning, the supply chain crisis is impacting schools. according to the minneapolis star tribune, 57 districts in
5:49 am
minnesota are scrambling to find food for students after their provider ended their contract because of labor shortage issues. one superintendent saying, "it's every district for itself." experts blame the supply chain crisis on several factors, including stimulus checks boosting demand while there has been a reduction of certain products. a shortage of truck drivers has led to a number of ships waiting to unload offshore, meeting gifts will be in short supply for the holidays. >> some of mine are already purchased and wrapped. >> i have five grandchildren and it is important that the trees -- the gifts are under the tree. reporter: ralph lauren and steve madden have announced they are leaving discount chain outlets because of dwindling supply. some companies are charging customers a supply chain surcharge. this business owner was shocked to see it for percent surcharge at a -- 4% surcharge at a
5:50 am
painted store. >> 4% on a one million-dollar job is $4000. reporter: the cost of steak is up this year, and that will likely rise as the cost of cattle food increases, and the labor shortage hits slaughterhouses. meanwhile, people at food banks say it is even harder to serve people in their communities. >> previously, my order could get here within six weeks, but having visibility on the trends happening with shipping, th e ports, i extended the lead time to about nine weeks. reporter: federal reserve official says the cost of everything could keep going up for months. >> we will see somewhat higher readings before they likely started to taper off. reporter: abc news, new york. reggie: the bank teller behind a heist in ohio has been found. the 52 year mystery of a man who
5:51 am
walked out with a small fortune. kumasi: britney spears is free from her conservative ship, but her legal battle is not over. what lies ahead. reggie: amc theaters now accepting a different form of payment. kumasi: taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, it is foggy.
5:52 am
look! it's working. he thinks it's a video game. [dad] he's learning. [mom] and he doesn't even know it. mwuahahaha. mwuahahaha. ♪mwuahahaha♪ ♪mwuahahaha♪ ♪mwuahahaha♪ ♪mwuahahaha♪ ♪mwuahahaha♪ ♪thank you, thank you, thank you osmo♪ ♪ learning made fun. parenting made easier.
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[santa] ho, ho, ho... kumasi: you can now use bitcoin at amc theaters. you have to pay for tickets online and amc is also accepting a theory on, along with the google pay. movie theater company is hoping to expand to more cryptocurrency in the future. reggie: britney spears is free from her conservatorship, so what is next?
5:54 am
now that she can make her own decisions, she has a team of her own choosing to support her. a temporary conservator will continue to work for her, but have limited powers. her fight in court continues. subpoenas have been issued to her father and former management firm, her attorney could seek damages from them. >> they could also seek personal damages, damages for any harm that she felt. reggie: britney spears's attorney was asked if she would ever perform again, and he said for the first time in years it is up to her. a big honor for vanessa bryant. she was honored at a fundraising gala for her support of children in need for the nonprofit, baby to baby, which provides essential products for children living in poverty. vanessa and kobe have been longtime supporters of the nonprofit.
5:55 am
she said in her speech, kobe loved attending the galas. kumasi: taylor swift's release of "red" broke spotify records. she now has a title for raining female artist ammo streamed album by a female artist. album features collaborations with phoebe bridgers and chris stapleton. the previous album record was also taylor swift. lovsnoopy is heading to the moo. nasa will be sending a stuffed toy of snoofy -- new become a part of the artemis moon mission. under artemis, nasa is working to land the first woman and person of color on the moon. this is the 50th year that e have a big game tonight. nasa. let's see what will happen at
5:56 am
levi stadium, the rams will take on the 49ers at 5:15 p.m., 63 degrees, dropping down to 59. no need to worry about rain. maybe a little -- no, no fog. here is a look at thursday into friday, one on the storm impact scale. just not a lot of moisture with this system. it will leave most of it in the north bay. this is the european model. the medium-range model. it's actually more aggressive with the wet weather, so we will stick with this one until we get closer with the high-resolution models. not a lot of rain. kumasi: the future of fashion according to a top company chief of clothing, the high-tech trend we need to get used to. reggie: plus, president biden's deal, the key things that will be signed into law today.
5:57 am
kumasi: a blackberry taking a sunday rest in this tree with people living nearby now talking about the hours long saga that captured the neighborhood's attention. reggie: we have fog as you get
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ remember when no dream was too big? and you could fearlessly face the unknown. you still can. ♪ ♪ when you have a rock you can depend on for life you'll be unstoppable. like the millions of people who rely on prudential for financial planning and investing. who's your rock? announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> top stories right now at 6:00, strike averted, hundreds
6:00 am
of pharmacists reached a last-minute deal, which means you may have avoided a major headache. >> plus, buses, trains, highways, and bridges. president biden set to sign his landmark and for such a bill today. the rest of his economic agenda facing a major uphill battle. >> make sure you are taking it slow out there. this is a live look outside. an extra foggy start to your commute. >> good morning on this monday, november 15. you are watching abc seven mornings on hulu live and wherever you stream. we are going to check in with mike. mike: it is really thick out there in many areas. the most prevalent area and the most widespread for that reduction in visibility is solano county until at least 11:00. the national weather service out of sacramento issuing that and also for pretty much the entire central valley. we have a light offshore breeze. it is drifting to the east.


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