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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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camera on 101. tracking the fog to start the day, jobina has the impact on your commute. reggie: good morning. >> you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike? mike: the fog is staying in place but it has the potential to move as we have an offshore breeze. it's thick around byron, the north bay valleys, and san martin. looking south on 101, it is pretty foggy there and it will be through the morning commute. chilly this morning, temperatures in the low 40's to low 50's through 7:00. transitioning into sunshine and high clouds, back into the mid to upper 50's at 7:00. the rain is on the way as early as tomorrow. see you in a bit with that. kumasi: thank you, you, you, we are on vaccine watch and we
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know a lot of you are looking to get the booster shot ahead of the holidays but it's proving to be pretty challenging, even with the governor and local and state health officials encouraging it. amy joins us live in east bay with what you need to know if you are hoping to get the shot. amy? >> i appointment here, couldn't find any available. a lot of people are struggling with that, so they tell us they are trying the walk-in method. here's a picture of what that looks like at at least one cvs. venice avenue is a popular location for people trying to find the booster, people going in at night saying they are waiting on mine, being turned away. those who made an appointment said they got the appointments about a week ago. we talked to a woman who said she has dropped in three nights in a row hoping to get the shot but she has been turned away every single time.
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>> i'm thanksgiving and i wanted a booster before i was traveling and i cannot it an appointment until like december, sorry, so i'm just coming here every night to like try to get in. >> another woman told us she has tried six times with no luck. health officials are encouraging people to get their boosters before the holidays but that might not happen for many before thanksgiving. california is allowing any at all booster. the cdc has stricter guidelines, you must be over 65 and work in a high risk environment. but the federal government is possibly going to be listing -- lifting those requirements by the end of this week. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield. reggie: we are learning that the fda and the cdc both have meetings on friday to expand eligibility for booster spots -- shots. jobina: the food and drug
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administration could authorize boosters for all adults are godless of age or risk category as early as tomorrow and if they also sign off on the plan on friday, anyone 18 and up in the u.s. can get a booster shot as early as this weekend. as we all know, california is not waiting for word from the feds about the boosters. they are one of several allowing everyone 18 and up to get the extra shot. california is hoping to reverse the case count. naturally 21 states have a sharp run on infections with 12 of them seeing hospitalizations creasing dramatically. here's dr. anthony fauci about why this is happening. >> when you have a virus as transmissible as delta in the context of waning immunity, that dynamic will affect even the vaccinated people. so, it's a double way of me. the unvaccinated are clearly
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highly vulnerable. jobina: arkansas, new york, new jersey, and more states encouraging residents to seek out boosters regardless of age or risk. the associated press reporting that moderna is expected to associate -- send its own request to the fda soon to broaden the availability but for now every adult could get the pfizer booster. kumasi: thank you. the oakland teachers union is asking for an increased commitment to teacher safety. they shared a video taken in the cafeteria and it is clear that there is not much social distancing going on. there are fans to help circulate the air but the union once scrubbers, commercial grade air purifiers. the district tells us that what they have now exceeds state recommendations. >> it makes sense to get as much out door equipment as possible. >> all this stuff in place is protecting the kids and you have
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seen that because we haven't had any cases of covid since august. kumasi: oakland unified schools have had hepa filters in every classroom since the start of the school year. happening today, workers at hayward will be joining community groups ahead of tonight's critical vote that could close or relocate eight district schools. enrollment is declining in the district is facing a $14 million budget shortfall. another 900 million dollars in facility repairs need to be made as well. a majority of the schools in jeopardy our elementary schools. the special meeting starts at 6:30. reggie: san jose city leaders making a landmark decision for the future of coyote valley, protecting the open space preserve, farmland and more. developers wanted to build two massive warehouses on the property that each would have spanned the length of more than
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six football fields and before the vote residents urge city council to think of wildlife, flood mitigation, and future experiences for generations to come. >> it's their space to step off a concrete jungle and get into the earth in climate that we claim we are trying to teach the next generation to preserve. >> if you put a structure in that area, you are going to have a tremendous traffic problem everywhere. 101 to monterey road and on. reggie: the city will now consider those costs as a way to permanently protect coyote valley. kumasi: imagine this, a trip to treasure island costing you $10 in tolls. it could be sooner than you think. reggie: the western monarch coming closer to extinction that there is a signal that they may be on the rebound. mike: i'm tracking not only fog but chances of rain starting tomorrow and through friday.
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most of us are not doing enough to conserve water. state statistics show californians reduced water used by only 3.9% in september, down from august. water agencies say previous conservation efforts during prior droughts make cutting more now even harder. the bay area had the biggest conservation rate statewide at 7.6% and the governor has asked californians to reduce water use by 15%. mike: another october day that will be better thanks to all the rain.
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total capacity change from last week to this week. a couple have changed but it has only been 1% to 2% so there is still some water trickling into the reservoirs, just not enough. we need more. 42 in menlo park. 47 in san mateo. pacific bay, 50 to 55. 52 in oakland. everybody else in the 40's, taking it to napa, 35 degrees, you win hands down for the chili spot. look at the low to mid 60's, noon to 6:00 with high clouds and sunshine. let's talk about what is going on with your activity plans, a good day to be outside for exercise, yardwork, even running errands. looking at the cloud cover you can see the low clouds melting away, the fog that is, high clouds into the afternoon and evening, overnight hours.
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no rain out of these but there is a chance for rain coming in on friday. i will talk about that next. jobina: starting here just really quickly, mentioning on camera for you all a brand-new crash northbound on 101 near brisbane. there is debris and all lanes reported there. i was looking at that information from the chp but now we have a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we also have a stall on the upper deck of the bridge. the backup is starting to get thick there. what is not as thick anymore on the san rafael camera is the fog that mike and i have been following all morning. smooth in both directions and here you can see the overall look at the map where we have big slowdowns coming out of tracy at the bay bridge toll plaza. we also want to let you know though that treasure island is being transformed into the newest community of san francisco and they are hoping to dissuade nonresidents from driving there.
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the virtual meeting will take place today to talk about the proposed toll for private cars driving onto the island. the rates will be anywhere from $2.50 to $10. residents of the island will not have to pay that, of course, and there will be discounts for low income people. the city is adding 8000 new homes on the former naval base by 2024. kumasi: thank you. a new change to your instagram feed and the privacy concerns over what is having to be done. reggie: plus the accidental eating habit that we can't believe we have to tell you to avoid. kumasi: an reaction still pouring in, constituents and bay area leaders talking about the jackie spears legacy as she leaves congress. reggie:
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kumasi: happening today, the conference of catholic bishops is deciding whether president biden and others should continue to receive communion. jobina: the bishops are meeting today in baltimore on the controversial draft a document. after the meeting last month with pope francis, biden said the pope told him that he should continue receiving communion and the pope called him a "good catholic," but some bishops see things differently, citing the vocal support of abortion rights as key to who can receive communion. this vote is the culmination of years long debates between the largely conservative bishops in the vatican about whether punitive measures should be taken against public officials
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who controvert -- contradict a church teachings on abortion. biden is the nation's second catholic president and has said that his personal views were a private matter and has openly professed his faith throughout his career. kumasi: thank you. the story is still making headlines after we broke the story yesterday. jackie spear, calling it a career in congress. reggie: she's not s reelection, ending nearly four years and -- 40 years in congress. it will be hard for anyone to fill her shoes. when you think about what she has done around consumer protection, when you think about what she has done around women's rights, she is truly beloved by her constituents. reggie: she was elected to her
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first term in 2008 enter term ends in 2023. and it's possible she could run again for something else. we don't know. we have more on her legacy in congress on our website and you can see an archived interview she did about surviving the jonestown massacre. kumasi: a hopeful sign for the dwindling monarch butterfly population on the central coast. it's bouncing back rapidly. last year at the winter count fewer than 2000 were reported, an all-time low. recent counts have hit over 50,000. western monarch otter flies are in california mainly in nomb and then they spread out across the country once the warmer weather arrives. researchers say these recent observations are positive sign. >> it was a real disaster and it was the first year in many that
6:18 am
i don't recall having such a bad year before and i thought they were done, gone, might never come back and sure enough, this year, boom, they landed. kumasi: a preliminary count found nearly 14,000 arriving in pacific grove. scientists say they are not really sure why the population has bounced back so rapidly this year. reggie: is it ok to eat the stickers on produce? that's a real question posed by someone in a recent new york times column. the person wrote -- i keep finding myself biting into an apple or peach only to find i had eaten half of the sticker on there. is there a harm in eating produce pickers? -- produce stickers? a spokesperson says that eating a sticker now and again won't hurt you. but yes, please don't do iten 't them in the compost, because they won't break down.
6:19 am
it's not as if these stickers are new. kumasi: and they are bright and colorful in most cases and easy to distinguish from the fruit. reggie: you can feel it with your fingers if for some reason you aren't looking. kumasi: and first you need to wash the sticker to see that there is no sticker on there. mike: thank you. that was going to be my point. wash your food, rinse it off and you will find the sticker. kumasi: and if you accidentally bite it, stick it out. >> go to the trash. all these steps. [laughter] what has happened to common sense in this world? we don't have enough, you are right. gorgeous shot this morning, high clouds with seasonal highs and a chance for showers tomorrow afternoon through friday, trending dry into next week.
6:20 am
let's take a look at what the high clouds do. not much, filtering t s to seasonal levels, 63 to 68, 69 degrees and tonight will be chilly once again. but not enough to keep us warm. we will be back in the 40's. with the hills calming down, you will also be falling into the 40's. one of the few 50's will be around san francisco and you can see heading through future radar we will be starting off with high clouds thickening and a chance for showers in the north bay, pretty much where they stay in the overnight hours. friday morning it's live doppler 7 with drafty showers mainly in the north bay swinging south and east heading from the morning ring and umbrella. we took the one off on thursday because most of the rain will be
6:21 am
staying in mendocino county is in the bulk of the wet weather will be friday with less than 2/10 of an inch of rain. that's why we have a one on the storm impact scale. it's also our coolest day after some fog again on saturday morning with increasing sunshine saturday and sunday and temperatures in the mid to upper 60's with a dry pattern can canoeing through tuesday. kumasi: now we are checking in with ginger who has what's coming up on gma live. >> coming up here, we have the countdown to the verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial, the jury beginning the second day of deliberations and we are there live. the holiday travel crunch set to start with a vaccine mandate for workers. will there be chaos at the airports? the agency administrator joins us to discuss. gma is your one-stop shop for the holidays. we went into the biggest
6:22 am
shipping hub in the world to see how they are getting millions of packages to their destinations and we have tips to make sure that your gifts arrive a little faster. and we are going to turn times square into a disco celebrating 50 years of soul train. that and so much more, coming up right here on gma. reggie: does anyone get down? kumasi: what i need to know. >> the platform shoe is what really takes me there. so no, i didn't see any of those , but yes, a couple of people got down. reggie: ok, ok, i can't wait to see this. tease us, ginger. leave us hanging. we will watch. >> it wasn't me but i will do it on the way home.
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reggie: house democrats expected
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to vote to censure an arizona congressman because of a cartoon he posted online depicting violence against hunger -- democrats. his social media accounts social aid -- circulated an animated video showing the killing of alexandria, -- alexandria a cause io cortez and he later mocked the outrage, saying that it's a cartoon. relax. >> threatening the president. >> he's exp he's exp he's exp 's of his committee assignments. censure is a formal statement of disapproval in the most soup -- severe punishment in the house other than expulsion. kumasi: instagram is stepping up efforts to get rid of fake bots on the app, asking for flagged
6:26 am
and suspicious accounts to record video cell fees but it has brought up privacy concerns. some users have been asked to show multiple angles of their face. reggie: mark zuckerberg, feeling the metaverse. really feeling it. the head of the menlo park company showing the gloves that let you feel texture in the virtual world and let you play things like janke, chess, shake hands, fist bump. facebook says it has been working on this for seven years. earlier this month their new company said they were also developing a full, touchable bodysuit skin. kumasi: and my real-life body. reggie: same.
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kumasi: next at 6:30, searching for a shot. some of you saying you can walk right in, others saying you have to wait for days. the differences in finding a booster before thanksgiving. reggie: brand-new video of a journalist arriving home overnight. kumasi: and a chinese tennis star disappearing after accusing a government official over sexual assault. the international concern over where she is. reggie: heading to break, a live look outside, i'm going to need to stare at anything wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: making news at 6:30, a
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vicious and violent robbery at a san francisco atm, the 84-year-old man and his son talking about the attack. kumasi: turkey day travel rush. how many more will you see on the roads and in the skies? the head of the tsa calling for fears over vaccine mandate staffing freezes. reggie: another live look outside, dry with a potential change in the coming days. kumasi: good morning, everyone. >> you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. let's start with mike for a check on the forecast. mike: we will start by taking a look outside to show you one of the areas that has been dealing with fog. the san rafael camera is looking south and coming back. it was super thick, we couldn't see the road but now it has the ebb and flow to it. the fog is now thickest in the east bay with an offshore breeze
6:31 am
that is dry. that is why the fog hasn't spread very far but it still could during the morning commute back into the bay. temperatures are definitely colder this morning. near 60 to 62 with high clouds and sunshine, 60 to 65 in the afternoon. the update on the rain that reggie mentioned is coming up. reggie: state leaders have made it clear they want all adults to get booster shots. ok, now try to make that appointment before thanksgiving? a lot of us are finding it very challenging to get the third shot, giving us real march 2021 vibes. amy is live for us in walnut this morning. >> that's what it feels like. i tried to book an appointment for today, next week, i tried locations in the area, i couldn't find anything. people on twitter reporting back
6:32 am
that they are finding appointments in december. it's tough, you have to really try. a lot of people are going for the walk in method and here's a picture of what that looks like. this one was taken at the cvs in san francisco. that is apparently a popular spot at night, people after work going there to get a booster but getting turned away. health officials have advised people to get the booster before the holidays if they can but for many it doesn't look like that will happen by thanksgiving. >> there's no way to get online for an appointment before the middle of december or so. so, i spent as much time looking for a booster and then i come here every night to see if i can get one. i hope the state actually opens up some of the large centers. i got my original two at the city college, which was wonderful and easy and i don't understand why they can't be some -- doing something like that this time. >>2 an -- >> until that happens,
6:33 am
people are doing the walk in method. they may meet california requirements but not federal choir's for boosters, and the state says they hope to update the mike turner website by tomorrow, so, maybe start trying that i tomorrow or friday, maybe . officials have recommended that maybe people talk to their provider or walk into a clinic in the meantime but that is proving to be tough with thanksgiving just one week away. don't give up, but it's not easy as what we are hearing. reporting live, amy holyfield. reggie: thank you. if you are flying for the thanksgiving holiday next week, you are not alone. we have more from the tsa on how many people will be traveling reportedly by the millions. jobina: thanksgiving 2021 is expected to look a lot like thanksgiving of 2019, with
6:34 am
passenger volumes at pre-pandemic levels. the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday is actually after thanksgiving on sunday the 28th. that is when most people fly home. two point 4 million people are estimated to pass through u.s. airports and the days leading up to the holiday are expected to be just as busy with 2 million passengers flying into the u.s. per day. the tsa administrator is speaking about a vaccine mandate that goes into effect for agents on monday. >> i don't think this will affect staffing whatsoever and implementation of the mandate will make things safer and healthier for everyone. it has been a significant increase in how many have been vaccinated and we are confident there will be no impact for thanksgiving. jobina: the tsa is just a part of the travel experience. remember the meltdowns?
6:35 am
how can we forget. southwest and american are offering bonuses for employees willing to work to avoid the headaches but travel pros say that if you are flying next week, factor in the extra time, be patient getting to and from the airport, and good luck to you all. kumasi: new details to share with you this morning, a strike at uc campuses have been called off. the union representing their lecturers tweeted the announcement this morning. both parties had been negotiating about this for months. instead the union is planning a rally to celebrate the new agreement. it will happen at noon in berkeley and in santa cruz. reggie: a smash and grab robbery with at least nine people involved and that the suspects had everything planned beforehand. this happened monday night in the video shows thieves running up to smash display cases with hammers and taking off with a bunch of jewelry.
6:36 am
kumasi: an elderly man sharing his story of a violent robbery in san francisco. the 84-year-old, who asked only to be called mark, tells dion that the man demanded money from him monday when he was at the atm mark says that as he reached for the cash, the robber hit him twice with a bottle. >> the first thing is to pray. pray. because i believe in prayer. >> it hits home when it happens to you or a family member. meeting med out of the hospital, i got really tearful. kumasi: the robber has not been caught. reggie: a new push to provide a safe place for people to use
6:37 am
drugs in san francisco. purchasing a boarded up building as a supervised drug use site. currently sites like this are not allowed under state and federal law. senator scott weiner has introduced a bill to make them legal in los angeles. >> i would be really surprised if joe biden took the same right wing position as donald trump. no kid should have to see that and have to step over people shooting up or potentially step on a syringe. we don't want that in our neighborhoods. reggie: there were 700 overdose deaths last year on city streets. supporters say that safe injection site can help prevent the deaths by providing clean meals and lifesaving medical care. a decision may not be made until well into next year. kumasi: students lacing up their
6:38 am
walking shoes to honor a legendary activist. the first ever ruby bridges walk to school day. you remember she made history in 1960 when she became the first african-american student to integrate an all-white elementary school in the south. it has become a pivotal moment in u.s. history. senator josh becker will join the walk, highlighting the fight for equal rights. >> her story shows the power of one act, of one person that can truly make a difference in that is evidenced by this day that we now have, walked to school day. as a car crash hero who saved a little girl in front of a taco bell. kumasi: you are looking live at
6:39 am
big board. another update, next. reggie: and a cargo ship backlog that could finally be freeing up. mike: you can see from our cameras that there is a lot of sunshine developing a bus the neighborhoods. temperatures are pretty chilly in san francisco. 48 in sunset. in the valley, everyone else is 50 to 54 degrees. warm spot 57, tacoma, with everyone else in the 40's. look at american canyon. 39 degrees this morning. san francisco will be stuck in the 50's through 10:00. low 60's for the better part of the afternoon, just a bit below average. definitely sunglasses needed around 8:00.
6:40 am
the commute outside the north bay in the east is pretty quiet, but we have got to take caution because of that and you will want to dress warm or if you are going to be standing at a stop with those cooler temperatures this morning. a look at future radar in gray, you can see the high clouds increasing as the low clouds fade away this morning. quicker than yesterday. that's all we are pretty much going to have throughout the day. i want to focus your attention on this storm. it doesn't look very impressive and it's not going to be very impressive. it comes in tomorrow evening and lasts through friday with scattered showers. i will show you when to expect that to heat your neighborhood, coming up. jobina: we have a brand-new update coming in right now from bart. traveling on the barry line in all directions, you will experience a 20 minute delay and
6:41 am
possibly more because of an equipment problem between the bay fair and hayward stations. want to bring you a live look right now from 880 traveling further south. another problem i will show you on the maps in a moment but i want a quick look at that toll plaza because of this all where you will be experiencing a pretty big backup there. now this is the issue i talked about on 880. coming out of oakland traveling further south? southbound before west a street there is a crash there with debris in the roadway and according to the chp there is also an oil spill that is really also an oil spill that is really everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month.
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. reggie: danny fenster, back
6:44 am
to michigan. kindig -- convicted for spreading false and inflammatory information, he was the managing editor of the online magazine "frontier me and mark," arrested in may following a military coup that has thrown myanmar into chaos. his release was secured by bill richardson, who runs an organization that helps americans detained abroad. kumasi: she heard the crash and jumped into action and this morning a good samaritan is being credited saving a two-year-old girl who was badly hurt in a crash. it happened last night in oakley. this is what it looked like last night. firefighters say that a 30-year-old woman and a two-year-old were inside of the sedan. the mom and the daughter had major injuries. the good samaritans saw the car speeding through the parking lot moments before the crash.
6:45 am
>> it was 60 miles per hour past the store. accelerating, no breaks. i got here. once they said there was a baby in the car i jumped on top of the car and when the officer gave me the ok i pulled out the baby and handed it over to her. kumasi: both victims were taken to local trauma centers. police said they are looking into why the driver was speeding through the lot before the crash. reggie: day two of deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse trial. jobina is that the live desks with more. jobina: the governor is asking for peace and calm in kenosha as the governor -- as they finished deliberations in the case. yesterday there were heated clashes outside the courthouse between supporters of rittenhouse and those that insist he's guilty. rittenhouse faces five felonies
6:46 am
for shooting three people, killing two of the victims during protests last year. prosecutors say that he provoked the shootings by pointing his ar-15 style weapon at the victims. rittenhouse says that he fired in self-defense after they attacked him. >> the fact that they are going into day two at the least means they are taking their time, evaluating, and assessing the facts. >> rittenhouse faces a life sentence if convicted on the most serious charge of intentional homicide. the jury deliberated for eight hours yesterday, at one point asking the judge for jury instructions that explain self-defense versus provocation. the wisconsin national guard is on alert in case of trouble after the verdict. right now authorities say there is no need for alarm. kumasi: lawmakers to investigate police
6:47 am
surveillance in california. hours of footage were obtained of demonstrations in several cities, including san francisco, oakland, and berkeley following the police murder of george floyd. they say that the concern is that the footage of people exercising their constitutional rights could be used to intimidate them. chronicle reached out but have received no response. reggie: growing concern about a tennis star who has been seen or heard from after using a former chinese leader of sexual assault. top players demanding answers as to the whereabouts of the 35-year-old. she posted november 2 into -- by saying that she was forced into a sexual relationship with the vice premier three years ago. the posts were removed within an hour. >> it's honestly shocking, someone i have seen on the tour in previous years quite a few times. >> i can't think of anything
6:48 am
like this happening before. everything about this story screams trouble, something is wrong. reggie: the former vice per mayor has not responded to the allegations in gma has much more on this coming up at 7 a.m. line kumasi: now, -- 7:00 a.m. kumasi: walmart insists that they are ready despite the supply chain crisis with a new earnings report showing us that the walmart inventory levels are up 11% from the same time last year. it's also a positive sign for the backlog of cargo ships at the port of los angeles, reporting a 29% drop in the amount of cargo sitting on loaded since last month. pete buttigieg says that encouraging more 18 to 21-year-olds to start a career in truck driving could help ease the bottlenecks.
6:49 am
they are away. kumasi: to get around the bottlenecks, amazon says they are increasing their fleet during christmas. positive signs for construction, industry groups saying low industry groups with homes and strong demand have a stubborn supply chain with shortages and home depot reports strong demand for home improvement projects, helping the company beat the earnings forecast. home goods and t goods and t got quarterly earnings reports due today. this famed l.a. arena is getting a new name, now known as arena. the 20-year-old -- the 20 year deal is reportedly worth $700 million, the biggest naming rights deal in sports history. the name change starts on christmas when the lakers host the nets.
6:50 am
let's take a live look at the stock exchange as trading gets underway. still down by 95 points. reggie: craving a sweet holiday treat, red vines is releasing gingerbread twists. we are told they are are chewy. but that color? the american licorice company has the flavor on their website and a warning, they aren't cheap. a four ounce tray is $19. mike nicco warned me about this in the last hour, saying that there's a whole conversation that goes on anytime you ring up to his letters versus red vines, telling me to watch yourself, you don't want the fire and he was right. really. mike: they get after you? reggie: i just said one thing, our red vines liked twins i said yes but i liked was learn more. boom. drag.
6:51 am
[laughter] kumasi: it's ok, stand by your position. reggie: i just didn't grow up with red vines being around. i had twisters, yes it taste like plastic, leave me alone, let me live. mike: maybe this won't. maybe we can drink coffee or eggnog latte's through it? reggie: i just like that color. kumasi: moving on. -- mike: the fog is pretty limited this morning. high clouds keeping temperatures close to average this afternoon. patchy fog with chill tonight, calmer conditions in the hills, sunny and slightly milder weekend after chances for rain tomorrow and friday with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. tonight is going to be just as cool as this morning, widespread 40's in the hills with winds
6:52 am
keeping you in the foothills won't be around tomorrow. increasing clouds with the best chance for a scattered shower in the north bay, pretty much where it stays in the evening hours. overnight maybe a rogue shower down south, but it's really midmorning through the thing hours that this slow-moving cold front will scattered showers across neighborhoods and there could be several waves of these like showers. the first will hit in the north bay on thursday, which is why we took the storm impact scale off thursday. you can see the bulk of the wet weather is going to fall friday. this is a one with less than 2/10 of an inch of rain, making things slippery from time to time. you might want to shift your outdoor plans inside if you can. next week, chilly east of the rockies. for us, a 50 percent chance of above average temperatures. here we go, the coolest day will be friday with the rain 68 to 62
6:53 am
and otherwise low to mid to upper 60's sunday moving forward. reggie: the board of supervisors has signed off on repairs to storm grove. a major leak flooded the outdoor music venue in august, leading to the final summer concert being canceled, the damage putting next year's concert series in limbo. as of right now the water damage created a dangerous and money mess. no timeline yet for how long the repairs will take. kumasi: from a back flipping gymnast to a man pulling a car while walking on his hands, this year guinness world records is as colorful as ever, people from around the world smashing all kinds of records. ok, look at this, a 29-year-old british gymnast broke his own record for the furthest backlit between two horizontal bars, managing to propel himself over
6:54 am
19 feet through the air. goodness, football free styling holding the record for the most sit down, ok [laughter] reggie, stop laughing. most sit down football crossovers. >> what i love about record-breaking is it's a way to inspire the new generation and for me the most important things to inspire girls to follow their dreams. kumasi: all right, look at this. this is tyler so fly phillip phl who broke the record for the most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick. reggie: ooh. look at him. kumasi: all right, ty so fly. mike: real emphasis. reggie: that's my favorite one. kumasi: five black cabs in london. reggie: guess what time it is? kumasi: lesson time. reggie: we got a special request
6:55 am
from jazz thomas and her dog. they said that we need time to get through on this wednesday and i agree with them. mike: it smells sooo it's not gingerbread twister good. reggie: don't get us into a fight. [laughter] mike: thank you, i needed that. kumasi: thank you, jess and crew. reggie: do we have a picture of them? there they are. kumasi: i like it, you all look cozy and comfortable. jobina: that's how i want to watch the news. [laughter] reggie: they get up early, watch us, we love them for it. kumasi: thank you. all right, up next, the seven things you need to know today.
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6:58 am
kumasi: number cdc have given the green light for pfizer boosters for all u.s. adults by the end of the week. california is one of several states already encouraging adults to get them. reggie: struggling to book a booster shot, you are not alone. people telling us they can't seem to get an appointment before thanksgiving. california is allowing any adult to get a booster. kumasi: san jose city leaders voting to protect the open space preserve farmland and more along the boulevard. developers had wanted to build massive warehouses on the property. reggie: queen elizabeth holding her first public engt overnight. she had been forced to skip a
6:59 am
number of engagements last month. mike: number five, we are looking ahead to the rain rolling into the north bay tomorrow evening, spreading to the rest of us with light showers on friday. it's a one on the storm impact scale. jobina: if you are on th you ar line, you will experience 20 minute delays in all directions. kumasi: a new trailer just drop for the new marvel superman movie. spider-man, excuse me. including appearances from past movie villains. no way home is only in theaters december 17. reggie: i watched the guy that i followed who said the trailer, he went to wash up her mirror of it and actual tom holland showed
7:00 am
how exciting would that be? kumasi: good morning, americ our viewers in the west. tensions high this wednesday morning as the country awaits a verdict in the rittenhouse trial. protests in kenosha overnight with jury deliberations about to enter a second day, kyle rittenhouse himself randomly picked which jurors would serve as alternates. who will decide the teenager's fate as he faces five charges carrying the possibility of life behind bars? also this morning, when the fda is considering expanding booster shots to all adults as pfizer now seeks authorization for its antiviral pill as many fear a winter surge with hospitalizations up in at least a dozen states. deadly wildfires. a pilot killed while battling the flames in colorado. this morning the mandatory evacuations in the west.


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