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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 1, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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salonpas. it's good medicine. anchor 1: today we nation's first case of the omicron variant has been detected in san francisco. thank you for joining us. anchor 2: you are watching abc seven news live at 5:00. that patient is a san francisco resident in the case has put the u.s. on the map of one of about two dozen countries. san francisco's health department confirmed the infected person returned on november 22, developed symptoms on the 25th, and tested positive on the 29th. it was confirmed this case was
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caused the omicron variant. >> we have discovered our first case, not only here in san francisco but the entire country. anchor 1: health officials say the person received two doses of the moderna vaccine but had not yet received a booster shot. the patient has mild symptoms. the city is reaching out to anyone in close contact. >> this is not a surprise. for those of you following this, we knew that omicron was going to be here, we thought it was already here, we just had not detected it yet. this is cause for concern. it is also not a cause for panic. anchor 1: the doctor went on to say there is a strong likelihood the variant is more infectious than the delta variant, but he stresses doctors don't know how sick it will make people. san francisco will not make any changes to the current restrictions. anchor 2: as we mentioned, a lap
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was the first to confirm the first case. it received a sample last night and put it through genomic sequencing. the doctor was the first to identify the patient was infected. >> one of the key questions we want to understand, is it more transmissible? will the infection impact tt effectiveness of our vaccines? in order to be able to answer these questions, we need to have access to a clinical sample. anchor 2: once confirmed, the lab contacted local and state officials as well as the cdc. dan: this news did not come as a surprise. we explained the expected it would only be a matter of time. reporter: whether it is wearing
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a mask or getting vaccinated, health officials urged people to focus on existing precautions rather than worry. >> than delta, that has implications. if it breaks through vaccination more easily, that has implications. those are things that are really important to note, -- to know. >> maybe it's more transmissible. maybe the vaccines are less efficacious, my feeling is we probably won't get all of the studies done, it will not be as dire. reporter: impacts may be lessened here thanks to the high vaccination rates. but there is still work to be done. >> encouraging everyone who has not been vaccinated to get vaccinated and for people who are eligible for boosters to get boosted. reporter: best advice?
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make sure everyone is vaccinated and consider the option of testing. >> we want families to evaluatel the risk, try to keep gatherings as small as possible. if people are vaccinated and can utilize testing, i think that will work fine. reporter: some people we talked to plan to keep on doing what they are doing. >> keep wearing masks be vigilant. ama: wall street turned word got out about the omicron case, wiping away gains. the dow dove for 61 points ending the day just over 430 that -- the s&p was down by 54. dan: in the south bay, san jose city leaders are outraged that murder suspects are being released back onto the streets. releases come as part as a bail
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reform r but as dustin dorsey explains, police say the system is not working and they fear their work to arrest suspects is all for nothing. reporter: the safety residents could be at risk. that is the feeling by the mayor. >> to appreciate the peril created by these decisions. reporter: the supreme court ruling allowing for individual analysis right to trial release with two no bail. there were arrested for what police call a halloween road rate and shouldn't -- road rage incident. they were released without bail. oscar was arrested and suspected of the second homicide of 2021.
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police say he has since fled the country. >>f at is wi is wi compels them to do, the law needs to be changed. reporter: the pendulum has swung too far. we need a justice system that is balance. reporter: he was enacted last year to preserve that balance. steve clarke says two criteria are considered. as a suspect considered safe, and will that person show up for future court dates? if the judge feels both are true, the suspect legally must be granted supervised release. >> until you are convicted, you should be can -- considered for some type of pretrial release, otherwise you have to fight your case in custody while everyone else can fight their case after bail. reporter: even so, as a community watches crime rates
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rise, the san jose police chief says residents and victims deserve better. >> we need to work together to come up with better solutions to keep our communities safe. reporter: dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. ama: the san jose city council took action to combat smashing trap robberies. they agreed to suspend covid release funds on license plate readers. the readers are an important tool to track down suspects. dan: council approved new funding today in response to the nordstrom robbery two weeks ago. council members agreed to spend $2 million to pay for five new police officers and increase the police overtime budget. >> this is the actions with the most immediate impact, to increase over time and allow for additional officers.
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dan: additional federal stimulus funds will help pay for new security cameras. ama: this comes as we learn about yet another error in the arrest of three suspects. one is a formally convicted felon was on parole. that is information walnut creek police should have had. abc 7 has the story. reporter: when police arrested dana dawson, they say she had a glock, nine millimeters handgun, a violation of parole. walnut creek police did not know she was on parole. when officers ran her name, the police chief said a hit did not come back. >> i don't know if it's a system failure or a delay in information getting to us. reporter: that matters.
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had officers known, they would have had a parole hold issue. >> it would give us more to hang onto that person. typically what happens is they are remanded to the prison system. reporter: according to the sheriff's office, she was released on thanksgiving, five days after the incident. during her arraignment, the deputy district attorney told the judge dawson's parole agent was attempting to get a warrant signed by a judge. an effort deputy da said fell short by about 15 minutes. rather >> than being remanded to custody, dawson walked out of court. >> i want a reliable system, and our community expects that. that information should be in there. reporter: who is responsible when it's not, the chief says they are partnering up with the doj to find out where the breakdown occurred. >> when someone has committed a
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felony, they are kept behind bars. reporter: >> can't speak to that. reporter: the revelation is the second error in the arrest. the sheriff's office said they made a mistake resulting in another suspects release. >> its human error. this is a regrettable mistake. reporter: underwood is back in custody as is rodney robinson, who has been in custody since the incident. he is due back in court this week. dan: controversy over the release of a convicted rapist. the hearing held today and what the judge decided. ama: plus, a closer look at the supply chain. we will hear from a bay area toy store
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raping people will be released. a judge approved his relocation. johnson was arrested in 1984 no word exactly when johnson will be released. ama: new details on the investigation. oakland police say they have cellphone video connected to the shooting. this shooting killed a former police officer. law enforcement honored him. the motorcade included
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wearing -- he was working as a private security guard for a tv news crew when he was shot and killed. you can watch on the streaming app. dan: a violent home invasion in berkeley hills has claimed the lives of a los angeles philanthropist. she was shot just before 230 this morning. aerial video shows a sliding glass door that it is to have been shattered. the 81-year-old was taken to a hospital but did not survive. she is the wife of a music producer. >> i have lived here since i was a child. i moved back. it's very devastating. dan: hills. the family made a statement thanking the community for the output of support.
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ama: the announcement today from water
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disappointed this holiday season because of the supply chain prices. selection is slim at some toy stores. one owner said there is short supply. still, his shelves are full because he planned ahead. >> eight months ago distributors were telling us they were having issues. when i heard about it, i said we better start buying early and get our products in, and we are doing better than pre-covid. many stores are out of inventory. ama: toy brokers say they are having problems getting products with issues expected to last six to nine months as shipping containers wait to unload. the thing he thought ahead. dan: smart thinking.
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the california department of water resources announced a zero allocation from the state water project to its 29 contractors. officials say exceedingly low water storage as well as forecast for dry conditions prompted them to take this action. i locations can be changed monthly based on snowpack. state officials also warned mandatory restrictions could be coming. sounds like we should brace for that. ama: it's tough because it is so nice when we have the nice sunshine, but we know we need the rain. dan: we do desperately. sandy: we are so desperate at this point, instead we are talking about december warmth and record-setting temperatures. take a look as to where we set records, san francisco and oakland surpassing the records
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by a couple of degrees. kentfield was 70, but when you look at kilroy, that is the one that sticks out. 80 degrees for september 1. it was 71 in concorde, 79 in santa cruz. definitely a beach day. we see a breeze as you take a look at those temperatures. 67 in san jose. post-sunset view is very obvious. hayes in the air with high-pressure overhead keeping a lid on things, that is why air quality is suffering. mid 60's in santa rosa, 61 in concorde. live doppler 7, we should be seeing rain. instead we are talking about this, which is clear from our camera although it does look very festive. areas of fog overnight, warmth
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eases and there is a chance of sprinkles or drizzle with the best possibility in the north bay. here is a live view, it's a lovely view. wind is pretty much light to stagnant, basically keeping us in that moderate air polity. fog is back in that picture, hire clouds as well. this will help to take temperatures down a few degrees. tomorrow 40's and 50's for most of you, 39 in ukiah. areas of fog out towards the delta. afternoon highs will look like this. mild for this time of year. that rain coming back?
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monday. at least it is something. the north bay on monday. hopefully we can start paying that. december 10 we may talk about a pattern switch which would include rain. dan: let's hope so. 10 long days to wait. ama: an assembly member has announced plans to resign. in a statement, he wrote this is the best job i have ever had, i appreciate the confidence my constituents have shown me over the last nine years. district 11 must call for a special election within 14 days. dan: a tradition renewed at the
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white house. a giant red ribbon two stories tall has been on display every year since 2007 to remember those who lost their lives to this disease and there is a symbol inside the white house. president biden unveiled a national strategy with the goal of ending the hiv epidemic by 2030. >> the latest available to everyone regardless of sexual orientation or disability. it should not matter where you live in the country. dan: included is a budget request of $670 million to help reduce hiv diagnosis.
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expected to make a return. organizers are planning to bring back the fair. it will be an outdoor only events running from june 30 through july 4. all of the favorites will return. headline acts will be announced and tickets will go on sale in the spring. dan: one of the events coming back as the holiday are fair. noxious a chance to buy gifts but a significant source of income for local artists. reporter: sean i was hitting her stride. >> it was the first year i started selling my work in person. look at i do
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reporter: they are a community gathering place for those who toil alone in homes or studios. >> other vendors were out there all day. reporter: she makes ceramic home goods out of her studio. she estimates her income disappeared when our fears were canceled. >> my business and job imploded. i had housing issues. reporter: the pandemic hit hard. the industrial -- offers welding, ceramics and more. it had to close. >> a lot of our teaching artist, folks that rely on teaching their graphs, we lost a good number of their faculty members. reporter: they set up a free pantry. it's also bringing back its
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holiday are fair that was canceled last year. >> happy to provide a platform for local artists. display the work that they were doing. >> there were supply chain gifts. local art. when you put money into artists they put it back into the community. >> to meet people who come to events, that is rewarding. i usually pass out. ama: the show will take place saturday and sunday. there will be live demos. dan: great skills. fascinating. world news tonight is next, we appreciate your time. ama: thank you for joining us tonight. we will see you again at 6:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the first case of the new omicron variant detected here in the u.s. health officials confirming a patient in california returning from south africa three days before thanksgiving. they say the person was fully vaccinated and had mild symptoms and is now recovering. the person did not have the booster. tonight here, the soaring demand across this country now for boosters. and what dr. anthony fauci said just today about antibodies in your system and why it matters after two shots and the booster. also developing as we come on the air tonight, the deadly school shooting. a fourth student now dying. and what we've now learned tonight about the alleged


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