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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 2, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the trigger to be pulled. reggie: and alec baldwin making that head turning claim about what happened on that set. and new this morning, someone else is coming to his defense. kumasi: and it's what we are talking about, you're 2021 spotify wrapped, all over social media. the reason you might want to treat it like a shopping list. reggie: what was it again? oh, bold and focused. we'll get into it. good morning on this thursday, december second. you're watching abc seven mornings on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. we are going to start with mike. mike: bold and focused -- weather-wise? yes, we will say weather-wise. will focus on the warm weather once again after we get through the morning fog. for solano county once again, but it is not as thick as it was
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yesterday. three miles in fairfield, concord and livermore, six and five, so not as dangerous as yesterday. san jose, pretty clear conditions. temperatures mainly in the 40's through 7:00. if you 50's out there. upper 50's are not close to setting that today. kumasi: president biden combating covid-19 as concerns grow over the new variant. reggie: this comes as a new case of omicron was discovered in san francisco, the first known case in the u.s.. jobina: the president just taking a multi prong approach to slow the spread of the omicron variant. this makes at home rapid testing free to those with insurance and giving 50 million tests to community health centers. the mask mandate will be extended until march 18.
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stringent testing will be required for all international travelers within one day before becoming to the u.s. -- before coming to the u.s. heth officials a unvaccinated americans toet theiow andhe vaccated to get there booster. >> boosting is important. that's the reason we feel, even though we don't have a lot of data on it, there is every reason to believe that that kind of increase you get with the booster would be helpful. jobina: right now, a san francisco resident is recovering from the omicron variant. that person had travel t t south africa and returned. they had mild symptoms and were fully vaccinated, but were not yet due for there booster shot. inferences go health officials say they will not make any changes to the covid restrictions right now, that as far as contact tracing for this individual, the city says they are following normal protocol. reggie: jobina, thank you.
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we will air a special report when the president officially announces this covid plan, expected around 10:40 this morning. you can also stream it on our abc 7 bay area news app, on your phone, or live on your tv. news 7 midday starts after the special report. kumasi: amy hollyfield joins us live in the newsroom. amy? amy: we checked around with health officials across the bay area and found the area is taking a wait and see approach. no changes for now. health officials say we already have good measures in place. this is not a time to loosen them. it's also not a time to add more. they are watching the situation closely and say if omicron creates a more serious situation, they would consider adding more restrictions. for now, they don't know what the impact of omicron will be. >> i believe this is going to be
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like delta, what we have right now. maybe it's a little more transmissible. maybe the vaccines are a little less efficacious. my feeling is that we are going to get all the studies done and it is not going to be as dire as everyone seems to think. amy: as of right now, there are no plans to change health orders that are in place. officials say they do not know enough about omicron, so we need to keep doing what we are doing, watch and wait. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: governor newsom continues to promote vaccinations and booster shots. he was at an elementary school inverse at county and hosted a vaccine clinic yesterday. he says the state has administered 5.8 million booster doses so far. california's case positivity rate has gone up from below 2% before thanksgiving to 3.4% now. but that is still less than half of the national average.
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do you have questions about covid-19 vaccines? ask our vaccine team. just go to and click the big blue box. kumasi: oakland police are looking to speak with a person who might have cellphone video connected with the shooting of a security guard. they are also searching for a white acura tl. the shooting last week killed retired police officer kevin nishida. his casket was escorted yesterday. the motorcade include officers from several police department. he worked at all of those before he retired and became a security guard. reggie: happening today, cooper could be hit with a $9 million fine to -- for failures to report cases of sexual assault. huber has refused to hand over
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data on 3000 assaults that were listed in the company's 2019 safety report. the money would support passenger safety initiatives and put into a compensation fund or sexual assault victims. uber would also pay a fine to the state's general fund. kumasi: developing news from major league baseball, there is little hope you will be catching any baseball games for the start of next season. the league and the players union failed to agree on the new work contract, so mlb has locked out its players for the first work stoppage in more than a quarter-century. the players and league will keep renegotiating, but if they want to start on time, the latest they can strike a deal is early march. a bay area music legend canceling some shows in vegas. everything we know about carlos santana's announcement. reggie: and the north bay's new rules and the water source we will not be seeing at all next year. mike: we will try to find some wet weather coming up in the
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reggie: new developments in california's drought. the state water project says for the first time, cities and farms stretching from san jose to san diego should expect to receive virtually no water next year. the state is likely to add more cutbacks by the spring. in santa clara county, officials say residents should expect tighter water rules next summer. in some areas, customers are banned from all landscape watering seven days a week unless it is recycled water, or you could face a fine. mike: that means more people will be drilling deeper, which will take groundwater out.
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when that happens, the central valley actually sinks. san jose is six feet in some areas since the earlier days, when it used to be all farms. here's a look at what's going on. 40 in novato, 39 in danville, 49 in york, 49 in san francisco. 10 pablo, 47. the average high is 60 for the east bay. you will be there at 10:00 and hang out in the mid 60's for the better part of the afternoon hours, dropping down to 57. we will have a canopy of high clouds, but you will need the sunglasses. in the north bay, where we set some record highs yesterday. stay three yesterday -- 63 yesterday, 69 today. there might be a fire danger, but we will talk about that next. here's jobina. jobina: fog advisories have been issued for -- bridge and antioch bridge, but the offramp at san
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antonio is closed on southbound one-on-one in nevada because of a car fire. -- 101 in nevada because of a oa car fire. things are moving smoothly, but we have been watching a trend over the last couple of weeks that as soon as it hits around 7:00 a.m., this backs up really badly in the southbound direction. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on at 5:33. the backup is starting, but not too bad once you make it through the green lights. the dublin drivetime will be around 39 minutes. antioch to concord, 29 minutes. reggie? reggie: check out this incredible drone video from a volcano still erecting on the canary islands inlet palme, spain. -- in la the law that is now threatening more homes since starting more than two months ago.
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already, more than 2700 have been destroyed, covering 28 hundred acres in size. kumasi: a zoo in sydney australia is welcoming a new resident -- a young and chubby -- i take back that word, everyone. reggie: that's a regular hippo, everyone. kumasi: why did they call him chubby? he is cute. reggie: she's thicc. kumasi: it's a her. this is a pygmy hippo and she is getting to know her surroundings and her first couple weeks of life. they haven't named her yet, but her mom and dad are loving all the quality time they are getting to spend with her. the zoo also says that she is taking a lot of naps and mastering the art of swimming. this is so cute. reggie: she is really cute. [laughter] kumasi: they need a live camera. reggie: i would watch. kumasi: i would too. reggie: something strange
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happening in alabama -- fedex packages mysteriously dumped on the side of a road -- again. kumasi: and new at 6:00, a dinosaur is your family pet? kind of. scientists say it's possible. reggie: and alec baldwin's first full interview since the deadly "rust" movie set shooting. his standing revelation -- stunning revelation. kumasi: and here's a l
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at hilton, check in, choose your room, and unlock your door all in the hilton app. thus preserving the rarest of species - the sleeping toddler. book our family of brands at to new memories. hilton. reggie: this morning, and abc news exclusive. alec baldwin is sitting down with george stephanopoulos for his first full interview since the shooting on the movie set of "rust." >> it wasn't in the script. for the trigger to be pulled. >> the trigger wasn't.
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i never pulled the trigger. >> no, no, no. i would never point a gun and pulled the trigger at them, never. kumasi: baldwin was holding an antique revolver at a dress rehearsal when the gun discharged, killing a cinematographer ander ander andd another man. >> many times. it was not dave's responsibility, but dave was there when the gun discharged. dave has told me since day one that it was an accident and it's always been a pure accident. he has told me mr. baldwin never pulled the trigger. kumasi: last night night night of halyna hutchins made his first public appearance since her death. his wife was honored at the power summit in hollywood. you can watch the full interview
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tonight on abc 7 and stream it on hulu. reggie: carlos santana is reportedly doing well after having an unscheduled heart procedure. the 74-year-old guitarist says his wife took him to the hospital saturday because of an issue with his chest. he will have to cancel several las vegas shows for december, but hopes to be back performing in january. new at 6:00, a brand-new species of dinosaur was just discovered in chilly. scientists -- in chile. scientists say it is only as big as a dog. the dino was six feet in length, but only comes up to about as high as your thigh. it appears to have had a birdlike snout with seven pairs of blades on the the the tail. kumasi: i like that one until we got some more detail. reggie: that's still a six-foot dog -- with spikes.
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kumasi: not with that tail. reggie: what it love me? what it love the way i taste? [laughter] mike: we had a basset hound growing up and i remember vividly his tail knocking me over. i would not want that from a seven bladed tail. kumasi: you're right, mike. mike: a beautiful golden gate bridge. there are clouds lining up along the coast, so far they have not made the turn in pushing through the golden gate, but by tonight they definitely will. increasing high clouds for the rest of us away from the coast today, tapering our highs below record levels. it will still be warm today. drizzle saturday and some spring goes possible monday. until next thursday, that's about it as far as any rain. we still have high pressure on the top of us, but the slow is
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sliding to the south, and you can see it climbing along the big sur coast and into our neighborhood. that will be the onshore breeze that comes in and starts to enhance our cooling trend, starting more likely tonight into tomorrow. 60 five in antioch to 73 in san jose. temperatures eight to 13 degrees above average. most of our records are in the mid 70's to low 80's, so they are a little bit out of reach. unattainable today. low to upper 40's for most of us tonight with high clouds hanging around, low clouds on the coast. 38, santa rosa, the valley also in the upper 30's. the high-pressure is steering all the storms from this monday, but it takes the entire amount of energy to move the high-pressure. no rain except some sprinkles in the north bay. same thing wednesday, but thursday they break through the barrier and possibly a third of an inch of rain as possible next thursday. i will take it -- anything we can get.
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a slight chance of drizzle saturday morning that will lock us into a cooler afternoon. a heightened fire danger in our hills, but right now, no red flag warning or fire weather. but that's what we will even ion for you. kumasi? kumasi: we will check in with ginger, with what's coming up on gma. >> we have the first variant, of course, detected in the california area, and the biden administration announcing new measures to slow the spread. we are also following details on the deadly school shooting in michigan. the 15-year-old suspect is appearing in court and his parents could also possibly face charges. and the breakout star of new west side story is getting rave reviews. she beat out 30,000 other actors -- what? she's talking all about it here on gma. reggie: i've never seen west side story.
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non-stage, the movie, -- i know. ginger: i have not been shocked more this month. it's december 2, but still. reggie: we are just getting started. i am excited to see it. i know the music but i have never actually seen it. ginger: well, homework, reggie. [laughter] reggie: everything goes well for these two, right? ginger: i don't knowowowowowowow when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. w so, i go to floor & decor where they don't just know the difference between products, they live for it. from american hardwood to spanish porcelain
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simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. mike: let's take a look at what's going on. i hope you find this interesting. yesterday marked the day of our earliest sunset, and look through the 11th of this month. our sunrises are getting later and later. the first nine days in january
6:24 am
will experience our latest sunrise. but the days are going to start getting longer, so we are in our shortest days of the year, which should coincide with the beginning of some of our coolest. we are adjusting well to the north. in canada, the entire country is warmer than average. kumasi: and fedex is with another case of packages being dumped on an alabama roadside. we told you earlier that 300 to 400 packages were discovered dumped in a ravine. the company says the driver responsible no longer works for the company, but this morning, about two hours away, dozens more fedex packages were found dumped on the road. these package problems are upsetting customers waiting for christmas gifts to arrive. >> with supply chain issues and everything going on, people are crunched. to see something like this happen, it is really dampening your holiday spirit. kumasi: fedex released a
6:25 am
statement, saying it is cooperating with law enforcement and efforts are underway to deliver packages to their rightful owners. reggie: some children could be a bit disappointed this holiday season because of the supply chain crisis. the selection is slim at some toy stores. although this owner told us, while there is short supply and he could not get a few products, his shelves are full because he planned ahead. >> eight months ago, our distributors are telling us that they are having issues getting inventory. when i heard about it, i said, we better start buying early and get our products in for the holiday. we are doing better than pre-covid now. many stores are out of inventory. reggie: toy brokers say they are having problems getting products. issues are expected to last up to nine months as containers wait to unload in the pacific ocean. you can gain some insight into your listening habits from 2021,
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thanks to spotify wrapped. kumasi: it sums up their top artists in songs. and they are telling people what their audio aura is based on their taste. for example, your or a might be wistful, calm, you might be hyped or bold. also, you need spotify to access this. maybe this year, consider supporting your favorites in other ways. reggie: i am bold and focused. kumasi: how do you feel about that? reggie: i think it is good. kumasi: i do too. i would have added energetic. reggie: bold, focused, and energetic. more top stories your way 6:30. our complete coverage on the covid-19 omicron variant, now here in san francisco. and a new poll on how many of you are planning to get a booster. kumasi: and there is a new up close way that debt collectors
6:27 am
are able to contact you. reggie: plus, police fighting back against porch pirates. it's the season for those types of thieves, but some departments across the country have an idea to keep your packages safe. kumasi: and let's get a live look outside right now. a beautiful look this morning
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♪ healthier is getting all the stuff you may need to feel better get the door! ♪ ...from the comfort of home. ♪ this is what healthier looks like ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> this is cause for concern. it is also certainly not a cause for us to panic. reggie: making news right now at 6:30, the spread of the omicron variant first discovered in san francisco. it is the first case in the u.s., found by a ucsf doctor, and he is talking about what he is being area kumasi: and here's
6:30 am
-- is seeing. kumasi: and here's a live look at sfo. the white house's new plan to contain the virus as quickly as possible. reggie: the markets are set for another seesaw date ahead. a live check in just a few minutes. kumasi: good morning, everybody. it is thursday, december second, friday eve and you are watching abc 7 mornings, live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. we want to check in with mike to see what our forecast has in store today. mike: some changes on the way today. first of all, we have to deal with this going on this morning, and you can see the fog developing around san rafael. the thickest fog and most dangerously low visibility in solano county. a dense fog advisory through 10:00 this morning, but with the offshore breeze, it is starting to slip into the delta and make its way down the san ramon valley. temperatures this morning
6:31 am
running from the upper 30's to low 40's, low 50's, i should say. look at the high clouds coming in from the south, low clouds developing along the. mid to upper 60's at noon in the onshore breeze kicks in during the evening. that's when we see more cooling coming in the forecast and a few chances of rain. kumasi: we are learning more information this morning about the first u.s. case of the omicron variant discovered in san francisco. reggie: eight ucsf lab -- a ucsf lab ran it from a person who returned from south africa. amy: like a true scientist, he was actually happy to get his hands on it. he was not surprised when it came back as omicron, saying it was a matter of time before it made its way here, and he said it was not shocking that the first case was found here, because our region has such strong infrastructure in place
6:32 am
for genomic tracing. he is saying it's a good thing this case came back positive as omicron. >> i think it's a good thing in the sense, now that we have a sample of the variant that we can culture. what we can do, we are able to culture the virus and grow it. having access to the virus is critical, because we can try to do the necessary laboratory studies to answer those questions -- is omicron more infectious? does omicron affect the immune protection avoided by vaccines -- provided by vaccines or natural infections? amy: they expedited the testing of the sample because the patient had traveled here from south africa. sometimes he says sequencing can take weeks, but they were able to sequence this in six hours. he says what has surprised him about omicron is the number of mutations. most viruses have less than 10. this one has more than 30. now they have to figure out why,
6:33 am
where it came from, and learn all they can about it. that will help local leaders in their response. they say this patient is experiencing a mild case. the patient was vaccinated but had not received the booster. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you, amy. today, president biden will announce a new approach to stop the spread of the variant. reggie: that includes travel restrictions, that includes sfo. jobina is that the live desk with what travelers are saying. jobina: as the omicron variant spreads around the globe, doctors are urging caution for those traveling out of the country. the white house new plan calls for extending mass requirements on public transit, inputting airplanes, trains, and buses until march 18. international travelers must be tested for coated within one day before entering the u.s., and that of the current three days. we spoke with travelers flying
6:34 am
internationally from sfo about the new restrictions, which for some could be costly. >> we just got our test though back, which was $190 apiece. >> the pandemic has been going on for two years already, so yeah, it's the new normal. >> you could wind up being stuck at your destination for several weeks, because those travel restrictions are literally changing by the day. jobina: some passengers are taking extra precautions, such as wearing two masks on their flight. abc news will carry a special report when the new covid plan is announced, expected at 10:40 this morning. you can also stream it on our bay area app, on your phone, or on the streaming device on your tv. reggie? reggie: the majority of vaccinated adults say they will get a booster. that's from the latest vaccine monitor by the kaiser family foundation.
6:35 am
68% of fully vaccinated adults say they have already gotten there booster or definitely will, but nearly one in five said they probably or definitely won't get a booster. the survey was conducted in mid-november, before the cdc encouraged all vaccinated adults to get boosters and before the emergence of the omicron variant. you can find all the latest on covid-19 anytime you wish, there is also sources for finding testing for vaccination sites. just had to /coronavirus. kumasi: a 15-year-old boy is now charged with murder and terrorism for a shooting rampage at his michigan high school. the shooting spree was captured on the school's security cameras. the prosecutor described how the suspect first entered the bathroom with a backpack and then came out holding a gun. >> at that point, he methodically and deliberately walked down the hallway, aiming the firearm at students and
6:36 am
firing. right outside the bathroom, he began firing. after children started running away from him, he continued down the hallway, and again in the deliberate and methodical pace, pointing and ainclassrooms and o had not had the opportunity to escape. kumasi: four students died, including hana st. juliana. her mom says she was one of the most happiest and joyful kids. reggie: new developments in the case of a woman accused of stealing more than $40,000 in items from a san francisco target. she was released on ankle monitor last week. she allegedly used self tech out -- self checkout kiosks to achieve more than 120 thefts over the last year. community members to look for city leaders for solutions over
6:37 am
the mass rash of organized theft. kumasi: december brings grinches who steals packages left outside your front door. 210 million packages have disappeared from american porches in the last year, and police department across the country are taking action to stop these package thieves. in portland, oregon, police are having previously victimized homeowners place a gps tracker inside of faith -- inside a fake package. >> it alerts deputies in the area of the package has been removed. make sure it is leaving the area and what they know it is an act of theft, they respond. kumasi: detectives say since they started this new initiative, port piracy has gone down by 10%. coming up at 7:00 a.m. on gma, more of what you can do to keep your packages from being stolen. the san francisco city council approved a plan to spend $250,000 on covid funds -- of
6:38 am
covid relief funds on license plate readers. they say they are an important tool to track down suspects. >> we know they are being used. to address investigative needs and chasing down suspects -- for example, in drive-by shootings and auto thefts, or as we have seen recently, these mob robberies and burglaries at retail stores. kumasi: the mayor added that the useful be restricted and there will be private see restrictions attached. reggie: facebook's parent company metta making a major move this morning, expanding its reach in the bay area even more. kumasi: and looking live at the pegboard in the new york stock exchange. another update, next. reggie: and tesla secretly dropped a brand-new electric vehicle to buy on its website, but it is not meant for you. sorry.
6:39 am
i'm in the market for one. mike: oh well, sorry. let's take a look at the drought monitor, and we are still seeing parts of the north bay, and severe -- north bay and ukiah in severe. it leads to the dryer ground, drier air, and the ability to warm up directly with high temperatures. 17 canfield, 73 in san francisco and oakland, san jose, 75, and 80 down in morgan hill. temperatures drop off considerably at night, 46 in castro valley, fremont, three. oakland right now, 48 and berkley, 47 degrees. we have the fog and 44 in brentwood, upper 30's around the votto and -- around novato and santa rosa. let's go back to the east bay, 44 this morning with fog, 54 with a foggy haze, and low
6:40 am
to mid 60's through the afternoon hours to 54 at 8:00 with those high clouds. and francisco, advertise around 60, but look what happens tomorrow and saturday -- the triumphant return of the fog, or our marine layer, and the possibility of drizzle saturday morning also, contributing to that cooler than average temperature. worried about air quality in the next four or five days? we will take a look at those chances, coming up in the seven-day forecast, and the fire risk. jobina: crashes to get to. we are going to start in the north bay, and you may recognize the snap, because earlier we were following a car fire in this area that was blocking the san antonio offramp. it shut it down. there is now a crash in the same spot. southbound 101 past san antonio road, he will run into a big slowdown.
6:41 am
pittsburgh, to crashes in the same area, but one crashes blocking a couple of lanes at loveridge road. down to 11 miles per hour, and that's why i'm bringing in the drive times for you. because of those to crashes, the drive from antioch to concord will be 46 minutes right now, so give yourself some extra time if that's part of your commute. a live look in oakland showing you are coliseum camera. these are moving smoothly there, but if you are traveling on 80 in the westbound direction headed towards the toll plaza at the bay bridge, metering lights came on at 5:30 three. we also have a stall at the bay bridge, so lots of things going
6:42 am
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stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ reggie: new this morning, psychologists are calling for an
6:44 am
end to -- after --. the nfl agreed to abandon the practice and reevaluate past claims, but the american academy of clinical neuropsychologists is calling for an end all race-based adjustments in medical testing. the biggest challenge to abortion rights in decades. the fate of the landmark roe v. wade decision is now in the hands of the supreme court. kumasi: the justices heard arguments about the mississippi law, which is aimed at overturning it. jobina: the supreme court appears prime to upend roe v. wade, a move that could transform a woman's constitutional right to abortion in the united states. yesterday, thousands of people protested on the court's steps, as the six conservative court justices signaled they are inclined to uphold the
6:45 am
mississippi law that would ban most abortions after 15 weeks, with no exceptions to rape or incest. roe v. wade provides the right to an abortion up until fetal viability, which is 24 weeks. >> viability doesn't have anything to do with choice. if it is an issue about choice, why is 15 weeks not enough time? jobina: liberal justices fired back, saying that touching decade-long president would subvert the court's legitimacy. >> will this institution survive the stench that this creates? in the public perception, that the constitution and its reading are just political acts? i don't see how it is possible.
6:46 am
jobina: it will be months before the supreme court gives its final ruling. a decision is not expected until june. kumasi? kumasi: new developments in the battle over admissions at lowell high school. a one-year extension has been proposed to the new lottery system. a judge ordered the school to go back to the old system that used test scores and grades. he said the district violated public meeting laws when they made this decision, but the superintendent says there is not enough time to make the switch back to the system before the next school year. reggie: the u.s. labor department has just released the initial weekly jobless claims numbers, and it shows a bit of a reversal -- 222,000 new claims were filed last week. that's an increase from a revised 194,000 from the prior week, the lowest since november 1969. artist 1,000,009 hundred 56,000 continuing claims.
6:47 am
that is down 107 thousand from revised numbers for the prior week. that's a new post-pandemic low, breaking below 2 million for the first time. the labor department will release the november jobs report tomorrow morning. x twitter ceo jack dorsey announcing a reid ryan for his other company, square will have its corporate parent be renamed block sometime later next week. this is a nod to one of dorsey's new focus is, as a wider pushing to cryptocurrency. dorsey stepped down as twitter ceo on monday. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange. considerably of, 300 72 points. the dow, s&p, and s&p, and s&p,d took a tumble yesterday, closing anywhere from 1.3 totals 2%. we will watch and see what happens later today. kumasi: the first ever passenger
6:48 am
plane powered by fuel made of sugar and corn just took off on an experimental flight. geo veneta has was on board. united airlines says this is a groundbreaking new fuel in the global fight against climate change. a lab in madison, wisconsin is behind the technology. >> we take the carbon from the sugar, we rearrange that using a catalytic process and create the same materials that you would get from the traditional petroleum refining process. >> and it smells like gas, looks like gas? >> smells like gas, looks like gas, burns like gas. kumasi: it burns up to 75% cleaner than regular fuel, but this is a whole new industry. it will take a few years for this field to be made available on a commercial scale, because refineries have to take the time to build it. reggie: overnight, tesla began
6:49 am
selling the cyber quad for kids. it is a small four wheel atv with the lithium ion battery with a top speed of 10 miles per hour. tesla says it is suitable for kids eight and up with maximum weight being 150 pounds. the actual full-size cyber quad is not available yet, but the kids model gives a good indication of what that is going to look like. remember when you just got kids a bike? like a bicycle, and that was a big deal? mike: that you have to paddle yourself? reggie: use your legs, your heart, your energy. mike: there's a little generator rubbed up against the tire that made it even harder to paddle, but it created the electricity to run the light? reggie: bells -- kumasi: we are in a new time.
6:50 am
i don't have a child, but if i did i would try to buy than that. that is so cute. reggie: you would? kumasi: it is. reggie: remember the kids in the neighborhoods who had the power wheels, there was always one? i was like, pedal. jobina: i want one too. mike: let's take a look at what's going on from our camera. it's hazy outside, we have the fog trying to infiltrate the bay, coming off the offshore breeze. the high clouds are starting to gather, which will increase and help along with the reversal in the wind, keeping us near record highs. we are not quite there today. the onshore breeze is coming. you will notice the clouds along the coast later today compared to the last couple of days. fairly cloudy with high clouds of rest tonight and low clouds at the coast. warm and dry is going to be the threat for sunday with a heightened fire danger.
6:51 am
until then, how about 60 five in antioch to 73 in san jose this afternoon. tonight, temperatures in the 30's and our deepest inland, north bay, east bay valleys. 40 for the rest of us. there's a look at the storm track. a typical la niña pattern, barreling down a moderate three out of five atmospheric river heading to the pacific northwest. for us, the high-pressure will hold, but each one of these successive storms will chip away at it. we get close monday with librarian is north bay possible and along the coast, and wednesday, the same scenario. it's thursday and friday their rain could fall that would make for a slippery friday morning commute. we got several days until that happens. 70's hold on one more day, the coolest saturday thanks to the drizzle in the morning, and the fire danger is heightened, but the rain is still holding on, keeping us out of anything dangerous for sunday. kumasi: new this morning,
6:52 am
twitter gave an update on its efforts to investigate interference on the platform. the company has removed for the 2000 accounts that were operating as foreign government linked organizations. the accounts, deems to be fake, were from six countries, including mexico, china and russia. twitter say the accounts were sharing information related to political parties and public health. reggie: menlo park based metta just signed the biggest office lease of the year in the u.s.. it rented a mega campus in sunnyvale across from caribbean drive. the tech company at least 520,000 square feet on airport boulevard. a spokesperson says that the new offices will help support the company pose the evolving workforce needs. that stranger sliding into your dm's may be a debt collector. new financial rules allow debt
6:53 am
collectors to email you, text you, and message you on facebook, twitter, and all the other social media platforms. now, there are restrictions. the messages have to be private and there has to be a way for you, the customer, to opt out of being contacted online. even though debt collectors can send you a friend request, they cannot post on your page, if that can be seen by your contact for the public. it's a new day. kumasi: a group of girls in concord is working to break through the glass ceiling. this club is an afterschool program for budding female engineers, giving girls a chance to be front and center of the programs usually dominated by boys. one project introduces a kit to build robots. >> it helps me meet new people and i also enjoyed imaginary part and the creative part of engineering. kumasi: in may, the girls will take part in a soap case -- a
6:54 am
showcase featuring your creations. reggie: happening tonight, the kickoff of the winter wonderland at chase center. the warriors posted this photo of the 90 foot christmas tree on instagram. they say it is the tallest in the bay area. a tree lighting ceremony will be held tonight. entertainment, including a performance by invoke. that should have been the lead. kumasi: the first. reggie: we started with the tree, went to zaza, and got to invoke. there is also a tree and zaza will be there. the event goes from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight. you do have to rsvp. go to the website for more. kumasi: if the 12 annual drag
6:55 am
queens on ice show, happening in union square. this is video from 2019, in the event will feature performances from bay area queens and kings. donna sashay is hosting, and she had a special message for my friends. >> we're going to go to drag queens on ice in union square. hey reggie, you better be ready. reggie: i will. kumasi: [laughter] reggie: there is so much going on in that very short soundbite, but we don't have time. [laughter] when is the show? kumasi: the show starts at 7:00 tonight. it's free. if you're going to be there, you will have a late night, friend. live your best life. reggie: are you ready? i will be. [laughter] kumasi: i kid, i kid. reggie: it will be really fun.
6:56 am
denali, one of the queens from rupaul's drag race who can actually skate will be there.
6:57 am
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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kumasi: 6:58. here are the seven things to know this morning. a san francisco variant -- rest is recovering from the omicron variant. the person was fully vaccinated, but had not received a booster. reggie: president biden will announce a new strategy to stop the spread of omicron, including a new travel restrictions and free rapid testing. abc news will have a special report on that announcement at 10:30 this morning. kumasi: an oakland police are looking for a person who has cellphone video related to the shooting of a retired police chief. kumasi: in the walnut -- reggie:
6:59 am
in the walnut creek city council, they have approved funding to pay for five additional police officers. mike: after the record high temperatures today, but it will be short. 70 in san jose. jobina: we have a sig alert in union city. three lanes are blocked right now, multiple cars and injuries are involved. kumasi: number seven, you can now get some insight into your listening habits for 2021. spotify released its yearly spotify raft feature. pirus can learn about what songs and artists they listened to the most throughout the year, and there is also an audio aura to discover about yourself. reggie: i do love this. i look forward to it every year. everyone is posting on social media about it. one of my friends, mark, said if you don't have it any post or apple music one, it is giving
7:00 am
green bubble vibes. kumasi: oooh. that is so mean. don't do u good morning, america, for our viewers in on this thursday morning. the first case of the concerning new covid variant detected in the united states. breaking this morning, the white house taking action to combat the new variant. what you need to know about mask mandates, at home rapid tests and will college students need a booster to return to campus in 2022? this as we learn more about the first known omicron case in the u.s. dr. jha is with us answering the big questions. urgent investigation. the death toll now rises to four students after a michigan high school shooting. the 15-year-old shooter appears in court facing first degree murder and terrorism charges. this morning, why the shooter's


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