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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 10, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, the major severe weather threat as we come on the air. more than 30 million bracing for a dangerous night ahead. tornado watches in effect across several states at this hour, severe storms firing up. authorities most concerned about possible tornadoes after nightfall when it's most dangerous. heavy snow and wind also from the rockies to the midwest. and then the northeast tomorrow, the warm air and then the major shift, which could bring dangerous winds. ginger zee times all of this out tonight. also, the prices you're paying. inflation hitting a near 40-year high in the u.s. american families paying more for gas, food, clothing, and cars. tonight, what the president is now saying. and when will the fever break? the supply chain issues leading to these prices. employers looking for workers. we break it down.
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the major news in new york tonight. the governor ordering people to wear masks inside all public places and businesses where they're not checking for proof of vaccination. hospitalizations in new york alone now up 86% since just last month. the new omicron variant now detected in half the u.s. and the new forecast just in onight for the coming w. what they're now expecting with covid here in the u.s. dramatic new images revealed at the trial of former police officer kim potter, showing the moments right after she shot and killed daunte wright inside his car. and officer potter's emotional reaction, threatening to take her own life. the supreme court ruling allowing challenges to this new texas abortion law. but the law stays in place for now. and chief justice john roberts with a warning to the court. terry moran with us tonight. with millions traveling for the holiday, the news about unruly passengers. the new case, an unruly
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passenger accused of assaulting a flight attendant and air marshal. from d.c. to l.a., and where they were forced to land. tonight, authorities investigating the death of a former super bowl champion, found dead in his home at the age of 33. and this evening, the moving images and tributes. the final farewell to former senator bob dole. good evening. and it's great to have you with us as we near the end of another week together. a very busy friday night here. the major change in new york involving masks amid this new fo stcare f involving covid in the coming weeks. also, that news on the economy, the prices you're paying. but we are going to begin tonight with the severe weather threat as we come on the air. a tornado threat for more than 30 million americans. part of a very active system sweeping right across the nation reaching the northeast tomorrow. tonight, though, the concern
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possible tornadoes after dark. the severe weather threat from texas to ohio, severe thunderstorms and strong tornadoes possible in these overnight hours when it's most dangerous. and then into the northeast tomorrow, the very warm air and then the major shift, which could bring dangerous winds. whiplash for much of the country now, but of course first this tornado threat tonight. let's get right to meteorologist ginger zee, tracking it all again tonight for us. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey, david. a tornado watch just got expanded from springfield, missouri, all the way to canton, illinois, and that older one from paducah back to little rock. we already saw tornado warnings starting to pop, and we'll unfortunately be seeing those throughout the overnight hours. and that's what makes it frightening. they could be twice as deadly because people go to sleep. you need two ways of getting warning tonight if you're anywhere inside the red circle. southern illinois back through western tennessee and northeastern arkansas, and much of southeast of st. louis. now, this is in part fueled by
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records we saw broken today from new orleans to jackson, mississippi, but really damaging wind will come along with this 70-mile-per-hour threat through the night. you can see trees into homes, into cars all along that path. then that line moves to the east. but with it, gusts up to 40 miles per hour and 10 to 30 degrees above average. david? >> a difficult 24 hours ahead. ginger, thank you. in the meantime we're going to turn to the other major news on the economy and the prices you're paying. you don't need us to tell you what you're seeing already. the new report out tonight showing inflation is now near a 40-year high in this country. consumer prices up 0.8% last month alone. year to year, prices up 6.8%. americans are paying more for gas, food, clothing, and cars. tonight, president biden acknowledging it is squeezing many families across this country. he pointed to the pandemic, the supply issues not just in the u.s. but around the world. but we know there are many moving parts on this. businesses looking for workers.
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so when does this start to ease up, and what will it take? here's our chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, americans crushed under the highest inflation levels in nearly four decades. >> the price of almost everything is going up, and it's going up very quickly. >> reporter: consumer prices last month surging nearly 7% compared to one year ago. the fastest pace since 1982. >> people are spending a lot more than they were before, and it's people buying more that's driving up prices. >> reporter: president biden today blaming supply chain issues and assuring the rising prices are temporary. >> it's a real bump in the road. it does affect families. it's not gone down quickly enough, but i think it will. >> reporter: the biggest inflation explosion in a generation coming as unemployment falls to near pre-pandemic levels and job openings outnumber those looking for work. but the soaring costs are unavoidable.
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>> what you used to get no problem, now you have to say, okay, maybe i'll get it next month. >> reporter: grocery prices up nearly 6.5%. meats, poultry, fish, and eggs up nearly 13%. with beef rising more than 20%. housing up nearly 4%. gas prices jumping to their highest level in seven years. and used cars and trucks climbing more than 30% from last year. our victor oquendo is in miami, where that increase has people rushing to buy cars. >> reporter: cars are moving so quickly here at prestige auto miami, the manager tells me his customers aren't even coming to the lot, much less test driving them. he's selling half of his cars through facetime. customers are eager to buy before prices jump again. >> they want to secure the car because there's no cars. >> we're really seeing it everywhere. rebecca, we were watching the president today blaming the supply chain crisis, calling the rise in inflation a bump in the road, saying hopefully it's only temporary. we also, though, have these competing headlines.
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we just reported on jobless claims plunging to a 52-year low. fewer americans actually filing for unemployment, so it seems like a bunch of competing factors out there. so are these prices here for a while, these skyrocketing prices? what do we have to watch here? >> reporter: david, most economists do see these prices as more than a bump in the road. they expect inflation to persist through next spring, and remember, these supply chain issues are global, caused by the pandemic, but there are also, as you point to, labor shortages, issues of people, many americans waiting to return to work until they see wages rise more significantly, having saved up $2 trillion during the course of the pandemic by not dining out, not traveling. expectations are now that the federal reserve will have to step in and hike interest rates next year in order to cool things off. david? >> rebecca jarvis tonight, thank you, rebecca. of course, one of the main
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drivers of inflation, as you heard, the pandemic. tonight the nation is now battling this new winter surge driven now by delta and now bracing from the omicron variant as well. tonight, new york now imposing a statewide mask mandate at all public places and indoor businesses. it's one of 30 states where hospitalizations are now up 10% or more. the u.s. military stepping in to help in at least five states tonight, including new mexico. there is a new forecast out tonight about what we could be seeing here in the u.s. in just the next few weeks when it comes to covid. here's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, the original epicenter in the u.s. bringing back a statewide mask mandate. new york's governor announcing the requirement for all public places and businesses indoors starting monday, unless customers are checked for proof of vaccination. >> this is a crisis of the unvaccinated. those are the individuals that are ten times more likely to be in our hospitals, creating undue stress on those poor health care workers who've been through hell and back.
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and this is where i get angry. >> reporter: new york facing a sharp rise in hospitalizations, up 86% in the last month. kemesha salmon owns tp toys and accessories in new rochelle and says she follows the science, but worries about enforcing the mandate. >> it's just putting us at physical risk. i've seen different situations where people asks for masks or a vaccination card, and it became physical. i do not want to put us in that situation. >> reporter: so you're worried somebody could actually get violent? >> i'm very worried about that. >> reporter: from colorado to minnesota, the military deploying medical teams to help battle the surge fueled by the delta variant. in new mexico, navy medics pitching in to treat patients at san juan regional, where the icu is topping 200% capacity. and some hospitals in pennsylvania running out of beds. >> the health care system in pennsylvania is at the brink of collapse. people continue to come with strokes, heart attacks, car accidents. it is hard to get them out of the ambulance because we don't have a place in the emergency
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department to put them. >> reporter: and tonight in the uk, where omicron cases are doubling every two to three days, preliminary data suggesting two doses of the pfizer vaccine may be just 30% effective in protecting against symptomatic infection of the omicron variant. but a booster shot increased protection up to 75%. >> although we don't have all the answers on the omicron variant, initial data suggests that covid-19 boosters help to bolster protection against omicron. >> reporter: the omicron variant now detected in half this country. most of the 43 cases were in vaccinated people, but just one person was hospitalized. >> most people experienced only mild symptoms, which is what we would expect from a group of fully vaccinated individuals. >> reporter: this, as the booster rollout expands to 16 and 17-year-olds. >> we have ours, but you don't feel safe until your kids are safe. >> reporter: and david, a new forecast out from policy labs shows a significant growth in cases across much of the country
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and especially the northeast. in new york city and surrounding areas, they're expecting covid cases to double through december. similar growth is already occurring from baltimore up to boston. david? >> this is what they had expected with the colder weather returning. whit johnson, thank you. in the meantime, we're going to turn to the dramatic new images tonight at the trial of former minnesota police officer kim potter, showing the moments right after she shot and killed daunte wright inside his car. officer potter's anguish, at one point threatening to take her own life. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, the prosecution presenting this new video as it makes its case against former brooklyn police officer kim potter. showing the moments right after she shot and killed daunte wright. potter saying she meant to use her taser. >> oh, my god, what have i done? >> reporter: an officer on the scene fearing potter would harm herself. >> kim, i'm going to take this but give you mine, okay? >> oh, my god. no, just let me kill myself,
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mike. >> no, that's not happening, kim. >> reporter: potter crying today as the videos were presented in court, putting her head in her hands. during that traffic stop in april, officers tried to arrest wright for a misdemeanor warrant. >> you're under arrest, daunte. >> reporter: that body camera footage belonging to officer mychal johnson. you see him open the passenger door as wright struggles with the officer potter was training. johnson attempts to put the car in park as wright gets shot, all in a matter of seconds. >> taser, taser, taser. >> stop! >> and then what happened? >> and then i heard a loud pop. >> reporter: the defense focusing on justified use of force given wright's resistance. the prosecution shifting away from the right potter may have had to use deadly force, saying potter's actions endangered those around her. testimony resumes on monday. david? >> stephanie ramos tonight. stephanie, thank you. now to that supreme court decision allowing that new texas abortion law, a near ban on abortions in that state to remain in place, but also allowing a narrow path for abortion providers to challenge it.
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and tonight, the warning to the court from chief justice john roberts. terry moran has covered the court for years for us. >> reporter: today's ruling by the five most conservative justices on the court, the texas law known as sb-8, which has effectively banned almost all abortions in the state for 101 days, can remain in effect for now. sb-8 empowers private citizens, not government officials, to enforce the abortion ban by bringing private lawsuits. justice neil gorsuch, in an opinion for the court, declaring that courts cannot simply order all private citizens not to file those suits. and so the supreme court does not have the power to strike sb-8 down. one thing this court may never do is disregard the traditional limits on the federal courts just to win the day, he wrote. chief justice on the losing side warning that the clear purpose and actual effect of the texas law was to nullify this court's ruling.
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but today's opinion does allow a much narrower legal challenge to sb-8 to proceed against a few state officials in texas. justice sonia sotomayor, in an impassioned dissent, declaring the court should have put an end to this madness months ago. and warning, the court leaves all manner of constitutional rights more vulnerable than ever before to the great detriment of our constitution and our republic. and at the white house, press secretary jen psaki called on congress to act to enshrine the right to choose abortion in federal law. >> the ruling this morning is a reminder of how much these rights are at risk. >> reporter: now that this court has ruled on this texas law, all eyes now on that mississippi law the court has heard, and that case could overturn or gut roe vs. wade. if the court does decide to overturn roe vs. wade, this texas law would stand, and many more laws limiting or banning abortion would follow. >> thank you, terry.
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next, with millions traveling for the holidays, the new case of an unruly passenger. authorities say the passenger assaulted a flight attendant and an air marshal. abc's zohreen shah at l.a.x. tonight. >> reporter: tonight, that frightening midair confrontation. a passenger accused of assaulting a flight attendant and then an air marshal. >> please! help! >> reporter: the passenger then restrained in a seat. the delta flight from washington, d.c., diverting to oklahoma city. police taking 35-year-old ariel pennington into custody. booking him on disorderly conduct and public drunkenness charges. one passenger telling abc pennington had refused to wear a mask. the flight eventually reaching its destination here in los angeles. >> he was pretty much, like, yelling that people were trying to tell him what to do. >> reporter: there have been more than 5,500 cases just this year of unruly passengers, the most in faa's history. >> it's scary to experience something like that, especially being however many thousand feet in the air and not knowing what to do.
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>> reporter: pennington could face federal charges, and the fbi is now investigating. david? >> zohreen shah tonight. zohreen, thank you. we turn next to the horrific accident in southern mexico. a truck carrying more than 160 mgrants slamming into a pedestrian bridge, ripping apart. at least 54 people killed. more than 100 injured. most believed to be from central america, paying thousands of dollars to smugglers for that ride. in washington today, a final farewell for the late senator bob dole. today, senator bob dole's casket entering the washington national cathedral. his wife of 46 years, elizabeth dole, greeting president biden. >> i found bob to be a man of principle, pragmatism, and enormous integrity. bob was a man who always did his duty. >> president biden has called the late senator a patriot, and today he spoke of the senator's
5:47 pm
trademark humor and a time when dole broke with is own party on a key vote to keep funding amtrak. >> he was asked, why? why would you do that? he says, it's the best way to get joe biden the hell out of here at night so he's not here in the morning. excuse my language. true story. >> senator dole's daughter robin, remembering her father. >> i stand here with a heavy heart and also as a grateful and proud daughter. >> sharing a farewell letter her father had written. his faith and his humor. >> i'm a bit curious to learn if i am correct in thinking that heaven will look a lot like kansas. >> afterward, she and her mother laying a wreath at the national world war ii memorial, a memorial senator dole, a decorated veteran of that war, fought to build.
5:48 pm
actor tom hanks spoke of the lessons he learned from the late senator. >> there are many great lessons to take away from bob dole's life. go to the other guy's office. so you can decide when the meeting is over and get up and walk out. speak straight, even and when it gets you in trouble, because it will. but at least everyone will know how you stand and what you stand for. and always plan not just to win, but win big. yes, you may try and fail, but you will not fail to try. >> a nation honoring a patriot, senator dole. when we come back here tonight, the death of a former super bowl champion found dead in his home at the age of 33. and remembering a member of the monkees. an adult newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that's spread
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tonight, authorities now investigating the death of former nfl star demaryius thomas, found dead in his home outside atlanta. police now believe it was a medical issue. his family says he suffered seizures. a super bowl winning wide receiver for the denver broncos, he was just 33. when we come back here tonight, remembering a member of the monkees. 33. 33. when w take a moment to pause and ask, why did you get vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia? i help others. but i need to help protect myself. honestly? i couldn't afford to get sick. i want to be there for this one.
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for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪ be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. leaf blower law why the landscaping industry has some issues with it plus a spike and request for therapists. there's one thing that many patients need and they're not finding it abc 7. finally tonight here, just hours away, one giant leap for gio b. >> reporter: tonight, we're just hours away from michael strahan's launch into space, and our cameras are right there as he and the crew get their final training lesson. >> at this point your training is complete. i am no longer your instructor, i am your evaluator. >> reporter: they run through a launch simulation. >> main engine start. >> reporter: joining michael,
5:58 pm
laura shepard churchley, the daughter of alan shepard, the first american in space, and lane and cameron bess, the first parent-child duo to launch together. the launch had been delayed because of strong winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere. blue origin watching that closely. >> parachutes come out right around 10,000 feet. that is completely at the mercy of the winds at this point. so if those winds are really strong at 10,000 feet, it can actually blow our capsule outside of our landing area. >> reporter: meanwhile, michael saying he's ready to blast off. >> excited about tomorrow, going to be a lot of fun. >> reporter: and david, blue origin is feeling very confident about the weather tomorrow morning. our coverage begins right here on abc at 9:30 a.m. eastern. david? >> thank you, gio. michael's got this. we'll be watching. i'm david muir. good night. watching. i'm david muir. good night. dan: hundreds of san francisco
5:59 pm
students walked out of class today, saying they have a message to teach people in charge when it comes to making campus safe. >> enters the look of the draw. kristen: medical workers went to a wedding and came home with covid. a warning for all of us. spencer: an atmospheric river is bringing us the wettest other we've had in some time. the news at 6:00 begins right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kristen: enjoy this live look at clear skies over san francisco. this will change over the weekend when the atmospheric weather -- river arrives. i'm kristen sze. dan: i'm dan ashley, you are watching abc 7 news live and wherever you stream.
6:00 pm
drenching rain, gusty wind and the possibility of problems that come with conditions like that. let's get to spencer christian to find out how much time we have two prepare. spencer: about a day. starting with the forecast animation, beginning tomorrow at 11:00, the first wave of rain will start to push into the north bay during the overnight into sunday. we will see some heavy rain and a strong, gusty wind which in parts of the bay area. we will wind down late sunday, but by monday it will start to spread across the bay area with cold air axing in which could produce some snow in our high elevations mixing in with rainfall. certainly snow in the sierra. the potential for rainfall totals in the bay area, over a three-day period sunday through tuesday, ranging from 2.5 to five inches or more. and the winter storm watch is in effect. expect to to five


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