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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 11, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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announcer: now from abc, breaking news. >> dozens are dead after tornadoes swept through four states including kentucky. at least four tornadoes tore through overnight, devastating several towns. rescue and recovery operations are underway right now. good morning. it is saturday, december 11. you are watching abc at 5:00 a.m. live right now on hulu and wherever you stream. we have a busy morning. let's start with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. a lot of people waking up to devastation. lisa on the ground for over 200 miles and the old record was 219
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miles. the rotation has been heavy debris just flying everywhere. you can see the path from court tuckey -- from kentucky. with this tornado continuing to spin for such a long time, we are looking at a lot of people impacted here. it has been certainly violent. we have had the warmures yestere upper 70's in kentucky and cold air rushing behind it and that instigates a severe thunderstorm that essentially has created that red line of tornadoes. very dangerous situation. we will talk about our own weather and the changes coming up in a few minutes. tornado outbreak in western kentucky that has killed 50 people. governor beshear says the total could reach 75 to 100 people,
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calling it one of the toughest nights in kentucky history. the governor says dozens were killed at a candle factory in mayfield, a small town where 110 people were working when the storm hit. the governor says one tornado was on the ground for 200 miles, devastating towns like mayfield and princeton. at least four tornadoes tore through western kentucky. the governor has activated the national guard with 180 one guardsmen deployed for search-and-rescue and recovery operations. we will keep you posted on any new developments that we get this morning on this breaking news. meantime, we are a little over an hour away from blue origins left off with michael strahan on board. this comes two days after a delay due to wind conditions. morgan norwood is live in van horn, texas with a preview of this morning's launch. good morning, morgan. morgan: good morning.
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today is finally the day after a week of suspense. we had that weather delay. we know that michael and the crew have trained for this. they have gone over some last-minute safety briefings and simulations. we just got word within the last 15 minutes that the spacecraft is on the pad and things are looking good for launch. after a false start to launch week, former nfl great michael strahan along with his blue origin teammates are finally ready for liftoff. >> it is going to be an adventure. morgan: strahan and other crewmembers were slated to board the rocket thursday mother mission postponed due to high winds. >> if those winds are strong, it can blow the capsule outside of the landing area. morgan: the crew is prepped for it all. >> learning how to buckle up in zero g. learning how to getting your seat in the first place. learning the access control panel. morgan: strahan will travel to
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low orbit along with five others, including shepherd whose dad was the first american in space, whom the spacecraft is named after. we got a look inside the replica of the rocket. this capsule has the biggest windows in the space industry and each of the crewmembers get their own. they also have a screen that tells them everything that is going on with the flight. what will you be doing? >> i will try to do some flips. but then i will stay by my window and you all will enjoy yourselves. morgan: as much as michael says he will be taking in the sights, he is taking up a few personal items to make the trip more memorable. >> my hall of fame ring, my super bowl ring, and the most special thing to me and my father passed away and they had his military funeral, the bullets that they fired from the gun. morgan: just like the lastthe le blue origin flights, the crew will experience about three minutes of weightlessness. i am morgan norwood, live from
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van horn, texas, abc7news. liz: thank you for that. you can watch the launch on abc7 starting at 6:30 a.m. an hours long standoff in antioch ended with a man setting a house on fire and being shot by police. gunshots had wrung out in this cul-de-sac all day yesterday. officers say the man had been shooting as neighbors cowered in their homes. tim johns has more the details. tim: antioch police initially responded to calls of shots fired friday afternoon. when officers arrived, it was confirmed that the suspect was armed with a rifle and was actively shooting at cars and houses. nearby residents were told to shelter-in-place and police created a perimeter several blocks wide around the house. antioch pd says they attempted to make contact with the suspect several times, but the suspect continued firing, even in down a police drone. >> over the course of those
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hours, the suspect fired shots from inside the house come outside in the direction of officers, as well as other residents. tim: terri lives one block over from where the events were unfolding. she says several officers came to her house in the afternoon asking for access to her backyard to get a better vantage point. she tells me she never expected anything like this to happen in her neighborhood. >> it is really quiet. a lot of older people, people with kids, grandkids. we don't have a lot of problems. tim: after hours of stalemate, police say the suspect set fire to the inside of the garage. the flames engulfed the house and the man came outside where he was confronted by swat officers. [gunshots] >> after making contact with officers, they fired their weapons and the suspect was struck. tim: the men received immediate medical attention, but was pronounced dead on the scene. when essay if he was armed when
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he was shot. no officer was injured, but a community service officer who was directing traffic was hit by a car. he is in serious condition. police do not think anyone was inside the house and there is no indication as to what the motive is. the man is believed to be in his 30's, but his name has not yet been released. because an officer fired their weapon, the contra costa county law-enforcement protocol has been enacted. that means the officer will be placed on leave. that is standard procedure. in antioch, tim johns, abc7news. liz: last night, we kept antioch neighbors updated with the latest information from police. we set this alert as we streamed the press conference from police. if you want alerts like this in the future, the app is free to download in the app store. a visit from san francisco's archbishop to a local church was rescheduled after many people in that parish voiced concerns over his unvaccinated status.
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luz pena spoke to one of the parishioners from saint agnes church who said the archbishop is welcome, but only if he gets the covid vaccine. luz: the news that archbishop is unvaccinated just cost him a visit to a search -- church in san francisco. >> because he is not vaccinated and we have had breakthrough vaccinations in the church, i am not comfortable. luz: decem decem decem decem dem was scheduled to visit saint agnes church. but several weeks before his visit, church leaders voiced concerns. now this church is taking a stance. i spoke with him and asked him to reschedule his visit for a later time. this was a bulletin pastor posted on the website. the san francisco archdiocese has been outspoken about the covid-19 vaccine, encouraging san franciscans to get vaccinated. meanwhile, the archbishop is
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not. the archdiocese responded. "healthcare decisions are a very personal matter. archbishop salvatore cordileone has every confidence in the pastor's ability to know his people well." >> not that he is saying we do not want you. we would more than welcome you here if you are vaccinated. luz: pope francis urged people to get vaccinated in august, calling it an act of love. during an interview with the san francisco chronicle, salvatore cordileone said his personal doctor told him it is probably not necessary for him to be vaccinated, citing his immune system is strong. >> if there were some health reason, i could see it. there is no religious reason from the catholic church that would stop you from being vaccinated. luz: in san francisco, luz pena, abc7news. liz: more than 50 million americans have received a
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booster shot. else officials are urging everyone who is eligible to do so amid concern of the omicron variant. santa clara county reported its first case of the variate yesterday. it is the eighth case in the bay area. the county public health officers as the person was vaccinated, but not boosted. they are experiencing mild symptoms. in the east bay, there are six cases among people who work at kaiser oakland medical center. the infections are linked to a wedding in wisconsin. guests who live in other states also got sick from that wedding, including an epidemiologist at michigan state university. >> we all did the right thing. we got tested in advance. we got our vaccines. many of us had our boosters and we still ended up infecting each other. liz: an oakland clinic offering vaccinations has plans to reopen at frank ogawa plaza. it shut down this week after a contract dispute with the city. there is currently light dusting and vaccination clinic on east 12th street in oakland's
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fruitvale neighborhood. the information is on your screen. you can walk in between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. seven days a week. in the north bay, people are getting ready for the rain and the potential for flooding. in san rafael, cruise used a leaf vacuum to clear storm drains. in healdsburg, they were trimming trees near power lines. the utility says extra crews are on standby for the storm and extra equipment is being brought in. >> the ground is already wet so when that happens with the winds we are expecting and the rain and cold temperatures, we could see potential power outages. liz: sonoma county is also increasing capacity at homeless shelters because of the expected rain and a freeze warning. the county is providing 53 beds on a first-come first-served basis. san francisco restaurants can pick up 10 free sandbags tomorrow between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at the san francisco public works operation yard at the marin in kansas street gate. you will need to show proof of
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address to get them and masks are required. keep an eye on the weather including live doppler anytime on the abc 7 bay area news app available on roku, amazon fire, android tv, and apple tv. as we head to break, it is dry right now. lisa: we will have the entire day dry to get out and get your tree, maybe clean up the yard because we have an atmospheric river on the way earning rain tomorrow, intensifying sunday into monday and bringing anywhere from two to five inches of rain to the bay area. we will talk snowfall and particulars in your neighborhood when we come back. liz: also, new details about the ceo who fired hundreds of employees over zoom. his apology to the company. we will have that and raising the iconic building. the proposals the port of san francisco is considering to deal with climate change. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes
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liz: a series of powerful storms and tornadoes ripped through the midwest. in edwardsville, illinois crews responded to a roof collapse at an amazon warehouse. at least two people have died. employees were transported safely to a local police department to reunite with families. officials did not know how many people were inside at the time of the collapse or how many are still inside. >> i have no idea to get a hold of them. i have no idea what is going on. we are worried sick. we want to know if he is ok. liz: amazon has released a statement. they say, "thoughts, prayers, and deepest sympathies are with the loved ones and everyone impacted. this is a devastating tragedy and our focus is on supporting employees and partners." also, one person was killed and
5:16 am
five others injured at an arkansas nursing home. at least 20 people were trapped inside the building when the roof collapsed, but they were rescued. you can see first responders helping some of the residents get to safety. we will keep you posted on that breaking news that is happening right now especially as the sun comes up and we continue to see the damage. we have new details this morning about that ceo who fired 900 employees on a zoom call before the holidays. he is taking leave effective immediately. he fired 9% of his workforce without notice in a virtual meeting. after that meeting, three of the top executives resigned in protest. he later apologized for his lack of respect for the people who were let go, saying it made a difficult decision even worse. he said the reasons for the firing included market efficiency, performance, and productivity. house speaker nancy pelosi and
5:17 am
congresswoman jackie's beer will be in san francisco to celebrate the bipartisan infrastructure law. it is worth more than than billion. they will hold a news conference at 9:30 this morning at salesforce transit center. also today, san mateo county is hosting a drive-thru gun buyback event. you can turn in firearms anonymously, no questions asked. $100 will be given for each handgun, or rifle. $200 for an assault weapon. people can choose to keep the cash or donate it. 10:00 to 2:00 on skyway road in san carlos. the alameda county cororner's office has ruled the death of mario gonzalez a homicide. body cam video captured the april encounter between gonzalez and alameda police during which officers pinned him to the ground. the coroner's report says being pinned down was one factor in his death. gonzalez was also on
5:18 am
methamphetamine. the report cites alcoholism and obesity as other contributing factors. it is up to the alameda county district attorney to decide whether to charge the officers who are on administrative leave. hundreds of san francisco students rallied to protest what they say is this school districts lack of response to sexual assault and harassment cases. sky seven was over city hall when the students presented the district with a list of demands. among them, a support system for survivors and teach students starting in elementary school the meaning of consent. >> they would have days where they would go around and slapped people's butts. >> there are upperclassman above us. stricts sehoard tno. omtmen it is to sexual harassment. the district wants to engage students in that process as well. the climate and environment are issues that we are focusing on
5:19 am
in efforts to build a better bay area. san francisco's iconic ferry building could be raised as part of the port of san francisco's efforts to protect the embarcadero from earthquakes and sealevel rise. the court has released several early proposals. one includes strengthening the structure of the ferry building, which may later include raising it to install a new seawall. there is another project focused on the stretch between pier 5 and 22.5, which is most at risk of flooding. it could be protected with new railings and deployable barriers. today, the giant forest is expected to reopen three months after a wild fire burned through california's ancient sequoia groves. the area has been closed since mid september the complex fire burned through 88,000 acres. wildfire threatened the trees, including the world's largest, which was wrapped in foil to protect it. visitors are warned to bring their own food and water since
5:20 am
none is available in the grove. a check the . we are tracking rain coming this weekend and also these horrible tornadoes in the midwest. lisa: and the snow in the mountains, at least five to seven feet. upwards of nine feet in some areas. another atmospheric river on the way. this will be a moderate one. remember that one in october. that was about five in a scale of one to five. this could be a three. as you look at the moisture over the pacific northwest, we remain dry. the system is still cranking in the pacific. going for a closer look to home, partly cloudy skies and clear conditions that brought frosty numbers. 42 -- 32 in pleasanton. 30 in black hawk. 33 in livermore. 33 in danville. low 30's in napa. 33 in santa rosa. 39 san carlos. mountain view at 33 degrees.
5:21 am
we have these frosty numbers the past few days. it continues today. winds coming out of the south will allow temporarily for us to get away from those cold conditions. and then they are going to come back on tuesday. cold this morning. turning rainy and windy early sunday morning. stormy through tuesday. looking at a possible rain-snow mix on tuesday. here is your sunday. we start out at 5:00 in the morning. it is raining in cloverdale, santa rosa, and lighter amounts in the east and south bay. we go through 9:00 and 10:00 and it is not raining everywhere, but we are looking at a couple of lines of moderate rain. as we go through the rest of the afternoon, 4:00 you can see breaks in the north bay, but the south bay and east bay remain active. it will be the type of event where it will not be raining the entire time, but we will get into the heavy rain sunday night into monday. rainfall amounts for anywhere from about one third of an inch to over one inch and a half.
5:22 am
ben lomond, get over one inch and a half. winds will accompany the system as we get through sunday and monday. when a five to 35 miles an hour dusts. this takes us into early monday. it will be a tough time into early monday through monday afternoon. let's show you your monday morning commute. pretty rainy as we get into the afternoon. we have a solid deck of rain showers into the mid morning hours tuesday. we get a bit of a break throughout the day and look what happens by late tuesday and wednesday. more rain heads our way. if we add it all up, we are looking at upwards of two inches to about five inches around ben lomond. i think this is a little underestimated. of course, we have that rain shadow that we will not be picking up three inches in san jose. i think two to three inches of san francisco to the east bay. maybe 46 inches in the coastal hills. two to four feet of snow.
5:23 am
five to eight is more likely around the ski resorts. if we look at the numbers, incredible. 99 inches around kirkwood. look for increasing clouds today. 57 in fremont. 54 in santa rosa. mostly cloudy toward the afternoon. morning chill is out there. highs in the 50's. a level two system gets going tomorrow. it will be a level three on monday. we add the wind, rain, the morning commute and by tuesday, we will still see rain, but it could be a rain-snow mix as that cold air is in place and it looks like more level 1 systems throughout the rest of the week. this is certainly what we need. the soils will absorb this.okin. otherwise, it will be beneficial if you can stay off the roads. liz: good to know. we are happy to have it. just ahead, say goodbye to reading glasses. the new product the fda just approved and how it could change the fut
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liz: new eyedrops approved by the fda could limit the need for reading glasses because the drops help muscles in the eye focus better. ryan curry talks to an ophthalmologist about how this could change the future of eye medicine. ryan: reading glasses could be a thing of the past. a new prescription uses eyedrops to help treat age-related law revision. -- blurry vision. >> if we live long enough, our eyes are going to age. ryan: he is currently writing a book. he says he often spends hours staring at a computer screen. >> if i read too much or write too long, i tend to just close my eyes and relax. ryan: an ophthalmologist with pacific vision says the drops worked with the focusing mechanism in our eyes. she says the drops make the pupils smaller and increase the range that the eye can see. >> you can see computer, you can
5:27 am
see the phone so you can really improve the range of vision. i think it is huge. ryan: she says many pharmaceutical companies have been working on this technology for years and they are the first to be fda approved. patients will need to consult with an eye doctor to get it prescribed, but the drops are already popular. >> this morning, i have written to -- a prescription to all of my family members because the glasses for reading are very annoying. ryan: julie with ucsf says the tools for treating eye conditions have gotten better. she says a breakthrough like these drops can pave the way for a bright future for eye treatment. >> the data we have shows that it really works and the patient reported outcomes are extremely favorable. ryan: leaving people like him hoping they will not have to use their glasses is often. >> the idea that i will be able to read and write longer and not have that downtime afterwards, it just gives you back a little
5:28 am
bit more of your life. ryan: ryan curry, abc 7 news. liz: if you need to mail items, something to keep in mind before the holidays, u.s. postal service is extending their hours and even offering sunday hours this monday through saturday will be the busiest days. a spokesperson for usps says the busiest day will be monday through next saturday. today, the willow glen post office in san jose is open from 9:00 until 4:00 and tomorrow, the san jose and cupertino post offices are open from 10:00 until 2:00. still to come, new data about young children and teens show they are contributed into the jump in covid transmission rates. what doctors are saying if you are planning together for the holidays. a beloved tradition is back. why it is giving that humidity - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor. [lea] i'm a retired art teacher.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning. you are watching abc 7 news live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. let's get back over to lisa argen. a busy morning. lisa: and widespread rain is returning to the bay area with a moderate atmospheric river tomorrow. today is your dry day where we look at current temperatures all in the blue here. freezing in napa. 33 in san ramon and livermore as well as santa rosa. 39 in fremont. ready for in gilroy. -- 34 in gilroy. we are looking at temperatures anywhere from two to 11 degrees colder. one of the frosty mornings yet. by 9:00, we are still in the 40's. we have clouds increasing throughout the day. by 11:00, 40's to near 50.
5:32 am
the sun fades away and we will be looking at numbers only in the mid-50's for most of us. the corner of your screen, you can see some of that green. rain will be moving in so today is your day to get out and do some cleanup. we will be adding it in inches s across your neighborhood. liz: more than half a fully vaccinated people 65 years and older have received a booster and about 2 million total shots are being administered each day. covid-19 cases continue to go up across the country. here is karina mitchell with the latest. karina: the number of new cases in new york city because double and infections may rapidly rise across the country according to a concerning new forecast from the policy lab at children's hospital of philadelphia. although experts are keeping a close eye on the omicron variant, they say the delta variant is largely to blame for the rise in cases. >> we are seeing high numbers of
5:33 am
cases in emergency rooms and hospitals. those cases are continuing to go up in the last several weeks. karina: hospitals in connecticut overwhelmed. >> on a daily basis, we are challenged. our emergency departments are very busy. our floors are very busy. karina: alex kenner of northern california is in the hospital battling covid-19 complications. >> he is still sedated. he has been sedated for a long time. i am grateful for that because he cannot feel pain right now. karina: new research shows people under 18 are playing a key role in the rising infection rate. the cdc says more than 50 million americans have gotten their boosters. health officials are pointing to boosters as a way to protect against the omicron variant. >> although we do not have all the answers on the omicron variant, initial data suggests that covid-19 boosters help to bolster protection against omicron. karina: the pentagon is
5:34 am
considering making the booster mandatory for service members. karina mitchell, abc news, new york. liz: as covid cases spike across the country, health experts warn new data shows young children and teenagers are the ones contributing most to the jump in transmission. that is a concerning trend as kids under five are not yet vaccinated and remain unprotected. stephanie sierra, a member of our vaccine team, has a look at the numbers. stephanie: since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 7 million children have tested positive for covid-19. both age groups not seen as super-spreaders, but data shows that is changing. >> the data is getting intong io pediatric populations and we are seeing it. stephanie: children under 18 represent the largest per capita increase in cases. dr. george rutherford says that is due to pediatric cases already being low before our latest delta surge. >> it is being diagnosed in
5:35 am
greater numbers in children and part of that is we have extensive screening programs in schools that are picking up asymptomatic cases. stephanie: across the country, more than 1500 children are currently hospitalized with covid. it is a 37% increase over the past week. rutherford explains that is due to delta as the risks omicron poses are still unknown. would you recommend families change holiday plans given what we are learning? >> these are relative things. if they are a 17-year-old who hangs around all his friends unvaccinated, then there is some risk to that. stephanie: stanford physician dr. selena's says getting fully vaccinated over the holidays will be key to minimizing any future surge. >> i am somewhat optimistic about the fact that a winter surge may be different this time. stephanie: different given the level of immunity already
5:36 am
present in the community, but what about those under five, not yet eligible, or unprotected? >> it is a question of checking on symptoms. we have not seen months -- much in nursery schools and preschools. stephanie: rutherford says elementary school aged children should be vaccinated, but if they are not, he cautions families to be careful in planning gatherings, especially with unvaccinated teens as the risk of transmission is just as high as it is with adults. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. liz: if you have questions about vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. head to a tradition is back bringing hundreds to the plaza. the fiesta was canceled lastsued s, but ast swss, the cmutyol
5:37 am
season. amanda: maria check mark and the return of the fiesta in east san jose. on this night, hundreds of festivalgoers braved for the cold. >> i think it is very powerful. amanda: a significant turnout cap of the largely latino community was hit hard by the pandemic. most of the deaths were reported in just four zip codes. >> last year, it was right after the spike in holy in this area. we had to cancel completely. amanda: on friday, and an opportunity for to reconnect. >> great to be here to support everyone. amanda: part of the tradition is the towering christmas tree provided by local philanthropists for the last 11 years. >> this is over 20 feet.
5:38 am
this is one of the tallest i have seen in a long time. it takes eight men to get th is tree up. amanda: dancers entertained as others shocked the vendor market amid the merchants and small businesses hoping for economic relief. >> some of them where referrals and people that we knew. we said, this present has not had the best luck during the pandemic. can you ensure that they get in? amanda: for many, getting out was reason enough. >> it is great to see the people having a good time. that is why we support. >> if you do not know about the culture, this is the best place to learn about everything. amanda: amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. liz: still ahead on abc seven mornings, actress and resident marine amaretto turns 91 years old today. we take a look at her historic
5:39 am
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liz: today's foundation will be collecting toys for the giveaway event. the foundation works with community partners to serve low income children. today they are short hundreds of choices. you can drop toys all through thursday at 330 ellis street in san francisco. if you cannot make it to the site, the organization is taking donations on its website. also today, something different about how a weekend might take place at ikea. the emeryville location is hosting a free fruit festival. something you do not usually hear. guests can sample festive trees and recipes, build a charcuterie board, and check out a
5:42 am
gingerbread house demo. to take part, you have to be part of the ikea family program, which is a free loyalty program available to everyone. interesting way to enjoy ikea, lisa. lisa: it should be a lot of fun. we are looking at a dry day. temperatures will be in the 50's. you will enjoy some sun, but clouds and trees and rain by this time tomorrow morning and it is just the beginning. an atmospheric river on the bringing several inches of rain here, several feet of snow in the mountains. i will track it for you. liz: also next, steph curry closing in on breaking the three-point record. the question is when. will it be tonight against his little brother?
5:43 am
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5:45 am
annual teddy bear towels. last year it did not happen because of the barracudas -- not happen because of the pandemic when the barracudas scored their first goal. they will be distributed to children in need just in time for the holidays. the puck drops at 8:15. steph curry is just 10 three-pointers away from passing real and in becoming the nba's all-time three-point leader. you can watch him try to break the record when the warriors try to break the record right here on abc7. join larry beil around 8:00 four post game reaction. here is larry with a preview on the chase of history. larry: morning. steph curry might break the all-time three-point record tonight in philadelphia. you can watch it right here on
5:46 am
abc7. however, it might happen monday in indiana. there is some chatter that st eph might rest that night. curry needs 10 threes to pass ray allen. >> knowing how many i have to hit to do it, it would be a pretty stressful night. again, just enjoying the process because it is a major milestone. it is something that will happen at the right time. >> i think the biggest thing is just simply. -- the biggest thing is just to play. the record is going to fall whether it is the next game, the game after that, the game after that. larry: we are holding it is tonight because we have the warriors and sixers right here on abc7. tip-off at 5:30. plus, all of the post game
5:47 am
interviews. the warriors coach will be doing a little moonlighting. he will be named the new head coach of team usa basketball. he was an assistant to gregg popovich in the tokyo olympics. this is a natural passing of the baton. he says he was someday like to coach team usa. that time is occurring, although the official announcement has not been made. the nba, kevin durant, trae young, merry christmas to you too. i have to show you this because it is nasty. that is with authority over two dudes. that is a bad man. which also describes durant. the nets are victorious. elijah mitchell on sunday for the 49ers, he is hurt. debo listed as as a after missing last week with an injury. the usual recovery time is two weeks. he is on track.
5:48 am
he did this two years ago coming back to score a touchdown after sitting out one game. >> client feeling good. i have been working out -- i am feeling good. i have been working out all week long. i missed a weekend and came back and played after that game. it will be similar to that. just taking it day by day and trying to get ready for sunday. larry: who has it better than this man? jim harbaugh.right now, nobody. the michigan coach just named the coach of the year. he led the wolverines to a big ten title with an 11-1 record and a spot in the college football playoffs. that is your morning's sports. have a great weekend, everybody. liz: the storm system is welcome news for ski resorts in the sierra. northstar, heavenly, and kirkwood will all open this weekend. oriole not resort is already packed with tourists.
5:49 am
caltrans warns the timing of the storm may be treacherous for travelers who are advised to carry chains and be prepared for major delays. everybody who has been waiting for snow will be happy about this. lisa: if you were to go today and come back today, that would be your only window. it will be virtually impossible all of next week and we are looking at amounts we have not seen in quite some time. kirkwood has a higher base so they are looking at the potential of the most snow, which could be upwards of nine feet. as we look at live doppler 7 we will get a shift tomorrow. we have the clouds increasing today and looking at partly cloudy skies. that cold air is still in place. it is chilly out there. frosty in many locations with numbers in the low 30's from walnut creek to san ramon. 32 in dublin. pleasanton 31. 35 in pittsburgh and martinez
5:50 am
and lafayette. as we get closer to the bay, numbers are cold in the upper 30's from oakland and san carlos. san francisco, 35. 45 on the coast. freezing up in napa. the numbers will stay chilly today and we will get cloudy by the afternoon. it will turn rainy and windy early tomorrow morning. by this time tomorrow morning, we should have some rain in the north bay and we are looking at rain showers on sunday. the rain will pick up night into monday and as it moves through, cold air is in place. we could see a rain snow mix locally around our mountains. 10:00, saturday night we have the winds beginning to pick up. southerly winds ahead of the system. they will be anywhere from 20 to 40 miles an hour from oakland over to hayward and along the coast and as we get the first wave of rain coming in, it is going to be breezy. it is so dry that the rain
5:51 am
really will be absorbed into the soil and we are not expecting much problems as we look at our level two system at 5:00 on sunday in the morning, we are looking at the rain moving into san francisco, mid morning hours, the peninsula, and by the afternoon, it is the east bay, the south bay, the peninsula, not much going on in the north bay. this will be the order of the next several days with pockets of heavy rain and maybe a break. here we are 11:00 and still looking at heavy rain to the south of us. tomorrow's totals anywhere from 130 vintage -- one third of an inch in mountain view. and then the interesting part comes as we get into early monday morning. i'm heavy rain monday afternoon and monday night. here is tuesday, a break, and more rain on wednesday. we are adding up the rainfall totals on tuesday and we have
5:52 am
two to four inches. there is more rain wednesday and thursday. we are looking at two to three inches san francisco, oakland, five inches in the santa cruz mountains. three to five inches in the north bay. two to four feet in the mountains. five to eight more likely at the resorts. 99 inches in kirkwood. upper 50's in oakland. chilly, dry, cloudy. in level two system on monday. in level three system on monday. -- a level two system on sunday. a level three system on monday. liz: thank you. this next story, rita moreno turns 90 years old today. our sister station spoke with her about her historic oscar win and her new role in "west side story." reporter: nishita
5:53 am
first and only -- reporter: rita moreno is nominated next year for the new version of "west side story." 60 years after starring in the original, the veteran star would be the oldest performer ever to get a nod. i want to talk about oscar and another chance to make history. what was going through your head when you won? >> being puerto rican. being an outlier. being from another country. that is the only thing i could think of and i felt that i could not speak of that. i should have. i regret that to this day. i just said, i cannot believe it. i leave you with that. this was my speech. i had not prepared anything because i was absolutely certain
5:54 am
that judy garland was going to win. it was astonishing. how in heaven's name did this happen for me and to me? reporter: i have seen the new "west side story." it is a wonder, you are a wonder and you made me cry in those final minutes. >> really? reporter: yeah. when did you know that this was going to give you a world-class acting opportunity? >> the minute steven spielberg asked me and he said me a script and i was bowled over. the very first day of shooting, stephen said do you mind if i citroduced you to the cast?pe al. i said no. and he did. there was polite applause. it was so wonderful. liz: she is just incredible. i am so excited to see this movie.
5:55 am
"west side the seven happy birthday rita moreno. okay, next a holiday tree lighting like no other where you can see a special. laser show and snow happening tonight.
5:56 am
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when you have a rock you can depend on for life you'll be unstoppable. like the millions of people who rely on prudential for financial planning and investing. who's your rock? liz: where can you find live entertainment, laser light shows, snowfall, and carolers? jack london square in oakland. today it is hosting the annual holiday tree lighting. the first ever laser light show will be on display twice tonight and it will feature multicolored beans. families can take selfies with rudolph's and santa is expected to make a special appearance. the interface gospel choir is also set to perform. it all starts at 6:00 p.m. tonight. it should be a great event. next on abc seven mornings, at least four tornadoes ripping
5:58 am
through kentucky leaving dozens of people dead. the latest on the recovery efforts this morning. >> one giant leap for michael strahan. the gma anchor and nfl great making a historic trip to ♪ ♪ when the chapstick goes on. it's on. get yours on at
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because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> breaking news, dozens of people have died after tornadoes swept through four states including kentucky. at least four tornadoes tore rescue and recovery operations are underway right now. good morning again everybody. it is saturday december 11th. you're watching abc 7 news at 6 am live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz a busy morning a lot to get you. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen some real devasthere. that's right, liz and you know, you usually associate tornadoes in the summer months, but they can occur any month


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