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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 19, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PST

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. last minute shopping for one of the seasons hottest items covid tests are flying off the shelves as families prepared to get together with loved ones for the holidays bay area residents excited to gather safely and stay healthy. good morning everybody. it's sunday december 19th. you're watching abc 7 news at 5 am live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz and let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa. argen lisa. whether week ahead for us here. yeah liz this is the last total. dry day. we're going to see in a while this morning. it's certainly cold again in spots and not as much fog though. we do have some in livermore and
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santa rosa but the big picture still shows the jet stream and the storm track to the north, but look at the peninsula numbers. it is freezing in menlo park with 35 in redwood city 36, san mateo and as we look elsewhere into our inland valleys 36 in dublin with low. seasons san rafael due to that fog so looking at numbers anywhere from about a degree to 7 degrees slightly warmer than yesterday, but it is still chilly in spots in that fog not quite an issue as it was yesterday except up in santa rosa. so by nine o'clockhes of fog ane slow to clear again today 40s to low 50s by noon time in the afternoon. we'll see some low to mid 50s mildest numbers down in the south bay santa clara, san jose some mid-50s and see low 50s over in oakland today, so we'll track the rain for you tomorrow night. we've got a messy tuesday morning commute to track as well liz. all right, lisa. thank you with christmas less than a week away bay area
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shoppers are hitting the stores this weekend to try and find some last-minute items. but as abc 7 news reporter tim johns tells us it was more than just gifts on people's minds. as the holiday shopping season enters the final stretch shoppers are hitting the stores all around the bay area. one of the most popular spots is the village at corte madera. i found it definitely more busy than it was last year while some bought many items. so i got i'm actually sort of like sparkly sweaters others right now. i have a bag of chips for myself. not so much. i don't really have a plan of what i'm gonna get. i'm just here. trying to find stuff. after a hard holiday season last year many retailers say they're happy to see shoppers back at it again. it's been bananas today is just been. ongoing traffic back and forth. we really haven't had any down times despite not having the restrictions of 2020 many shoppers told us the new omicron. variant was still on their mind.
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i have older grandparents and people that i want to look out for one of this season's hottest items are at home covid tests. this cbs in marain county told us they sold out of about 1500 tests in less than 24 hours you get together with people that you don't know where they were and you just want to have it on hand, but covid isn't the only factor on shoppers mind some tell us that the prices are. playing a role in comparison to years past it's at least 10 to 15% higher if not more but despite the challenges this holiday season may bring many say they're just looking forward to spending time with their loved ones. we're all doing what we can to, you know, stay healthy and safe, but at the end of the day christmas the i have to be with my family in marin county tim johns abc 7 news. and it was a big night in san francisco as the castro theater rolled out the green carpet for the us premiere of matrix resurrections, all the stars
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were there including neo played again by keanu reeves abc 7 news reporter loose pain. yes spoke to him along. some other familiar faces roll out the green carpet and look up green lights. san francisco went green to honor the premiere of the anticipated matrix resurrections movie san francisco. she brings like a lot of memories as soon as i came back even mayor london breed had a short cameo on the film. it's like my dream to have matrix and other hollywood films come to san francisco film the top secret filming of the matrix began in 2020 in san francisco. the code name project ice cream right before the pandemic you got so lucky that because we actually wrapped right as the world was shutting down back in 2020 images of keanu reeves jumping off a 46 story building 19 times went viral. what would you say was a highlight of shooting this film here in san francisco or parts of it here?
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walk in the streets the light and leaping off that building. yeah, that was a pretty big. light highlight. i lik one of keanu's biggest fans is our very own former giants player hunter pence. are you inviting keanu to the ballpark? of course? he's pretty sure there's an open invitation at all times and his wife shared how the matrix inspired him throughout his career. i would do all of my interviews thinking i was morpheus as posture. oh my god, it's very amazing. wait, why didn't they cast you this time around? this is the first time i've mentioned that to anyone even. couldn't connect keanu and penn's keanuary message for him after the ballpark invitation. thanks man. the matrix resurrection is about bringing characters back together one of the ways that i process my grief was i brought two characters back to life this film also brought together a diverse. camp yeah, i think i think i thk
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every production should look like the world. so now that the fourth is coming out we had to ask there's going to be a fifth matrix that i can't say is san francisco luz pena abc 7 news. and san francisco really does have matrix mania numerous landmarks turned green for the premiere. it wasn't just the castro theater, but we had city hall there in green coit tower and san francisco international airport all lit up in matrix green. at this as well our abc 7 roof and emeryville cameras caught a big fireworks display overay b this started just before 11:30 last night the head of communications for warner media. studios the matrix franchise tweeted the fireworks show was for the movie premiere the show went on for about 10 minutes. right, we could use that good news. can't wait. okay, but moving on now across america. our nation's heroes were honored
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in a touching tribute more than two million veterans wreaths were placed at the final resting place of us service members. were held right here in the bay area as well. this is what it looked like at l tery an horwrscr america millions of voluntes ss tmembd n san francisco now have a toy for the holidays. it's part of the second annual chinatown winter wonderland, the event serves underprivileged children in the community first. bonders from the san francisco fire department shared the festive spirit as well along
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with falling snow. there were train rides along everybody is safe for the holidays chinese hospital also offered covid vaccinations to kids ages 5 to 11 as well as booster shots chinese hospital has been focusing on creating walking clinics without appointments and also participating and a lot of local events. so then people can just walk up to our tent and get it. the hospital is plenty of vaccines available both for children and for adults. on the peninsula hundreds of san mateo county families received some joy for the holidays as well samaritan house hosted a drive-thru at the san mateo event center 1700 children got brand new toys and 600 households were given $100 visa gift cards. congresswoman. jackie speier helped out at the event and she spread the word about staying safe from covid over the holidays. stay mass. stay six feet. art you get your booster and you'll be you'll be safe. and if you notice here, we all
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have our mass on even though we're outside and all the people in the caslreadyget through its holiday program. it serves 25,000 low-income residents of san, mateo county. okay, lisa and cold weekend as well yesterday. it really cold throughout the day. yeah, it was and today not a whole lot different right now looking out towards emeryville looks nice. i mean visibility is clear upper 30 oakld,gh'lle ckin t0. s and sun and then we'll be tracking rain for our last mostly dry day, which will be monday with a few caveats. we'll talk about the rainy week ahead as well next. thanks lisa also ahead preventing wildfires. the investments lawmakers are making to protect communities from devastation and continuing a christmas tradition. how the san francisco guardsmen
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the components of the federal infrastructure investment in jobs act president biden signed it into law last month house speaker o north bay neighborhood devastated by wildfire four years ago. they did this yesterday officials. say new investments may prevent future tragedies abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard was there. this was santa rosa's coffee park in 2017. zero for the fire 3,000 homes lost across the city more than a thousand of them right here in this neighborhood. the catastrophic laws hard to fathom. we lost lives. we lost businesses. we lost livelihoods and we lost homes north bay congressman mike thompson and house speaker nancy pelosi toured coffee park saturday where many homes have now been rebuilt you suffered so
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much. came together so beautifully. you listened to each other in terms of how to build back better pelosi speaking to fire survivors at this news conference touting the passage of the infrastructure investment and jobs act providing 1.2 trillion and funding for jobs highway improvements and wildfire prevention in california. the truth is we can improve our infrastructure. we can improve our vegetation management our preparedness and these things can help us prevent the kind of catastrophic damage. we lived through in 2017 wildfire survivor. lisa frizzy is still rebuilding her home. she says preventing future wildfires is crucial. we're fire family and one of the things we're working for now is we love our family, but we don't want any new members. we don't want any more fire survivors to have to join us the new funding couldire. for the city specifically we're looking at things like we need
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to build three fire stations within the wildland urban interface. so there's potentially funding for that. we need to build a fire station. that's within an area that's underserved and has been marginalized for a long time in roseland. so potentially they're spending for that. the investments can't guarantee more wildfires won't happen, but new tools can keep resilient communities like coffee park safer and better protected in santa rosa cornell bernard abc 7 news. the salvation arm hard at work here in the bay area right now helping thousands of families. make sure this holiday season is a memorable one. the san francisco chapter is handing out toys and holiday cheer as part of its angel tree program 2000 children homes. so excited will receive a big bag of gifts. families had to pre-register to receive the holiday goodies. the salvation army says this past year has been an especially tough one for many. we're we're seeing an increase in the number of people asking for help. and unfortunately, we're seeing a decrease in the number of donations. i think there's a lot of issues,
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you know inflation and the pandemic and you know, there's a lot of it been a lot of concern about crime and here in the bay area salvation army says there are fewer donations coming in through the red kettles near busy shopping areas. so they're trying to get the word out that they do need more donations to help meet the growing demand and need. okay happening today a christmas tree giveaway for people. in the bayview or hunters point area of san francisco every year the guardsmen sell christmas trees to raise money for at-risk youth and then the leftovers are given away to families in need who maybe can't afford one of their own. so today's giveaway will be in the bayview on jennings street starting at one this afternoon. there will be another giveaway tomorrow in the fillmore. and the urgent threat posed by climate change is driving an intense search for solutions abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian has a look at that are homegrown if you want to see the
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future of climate sustainable architecture. you could look under this floating lab in san francisco bay or maybe examine the oyster friendly panels embedded in this marsh at chrissy field or perhaps like me you could visit the california college of the arts where the floating lab and oyster project were engineered and where architecture students are now building on what they've learned like using locally source materials to kind of you know enrich our like local habitats, the current student projects were assigned by professor. margaret ikeda with many incorporating native dogwood used by indigenous bay area peoples several student created reef prototypes have already been placed under the college's floating research platform near the port of oakland to learn more about the sea life. they might support and other uses expanded from there. so my challenge to them was what could you design with this material that is easily source with the seed of your design that was going into the water as something that could begin to take on.
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above water or below water that they care about like the floating lab and the oyster platforms installed at chrissy field. the idea is to create architecture that supports native organisms engineered habitats that help structures like buildings levies and seawalls adapt to climate change like the environment itself. the concepts are broad and diverse. so basically the idea is to make a bunch of little module nests that become a ecosystem and for my project. to explore the creation of a bioplastic technically edible, but the idea would be that it'd be paneling my final project for the class. what inspired you to all of you to focus on this particular project. we all maybe subconsciously dug into what we really care about right and then tackled that and i think it comes from like the idea of hope over the years students from california college of the arts have competed in many design competitions producing the kind of ideas that are you finding their way into
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real life projects from parks to levees to urban seawalls and ultimately turningntion.erere a. they know their impact of their profession on the environment and potentially on their future. t was spencer christian reporting the design class and those projects you saw along san francisco bay are part of the college's architectural ecology's lab which collaborations between designers researchers and manufacturers. okay, lisa. let's go to check out side. we are tracking rain and a lot of snow up in the sierra this week, too. yeah, once that winter storm warning goes up, which will probably be tomorrow. it could be up through the end of the if that's we're gonna have multiple waves of energy and rain and snow visiting us for several days. now, the models have scaled back somewhat on the amount, but still we're looking at a good amount for the bay area that we needed.
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we're not going to be in any sort of flooding potential but winds will be gusty at times and we could see some ponding on the roadways as we get into tuesday and wednesday potentially the end of the week into christmas eve as well live doppler 7 shows the activity up to the north of us and we go in closer. there is some fog. it's a developing over into the east bay also a bit in the north bay not as widespread as yesterday, but there are pockets where you need to watch out especially up in santa rosa there five mile visibility and concord and livermore and elsewhere not doing too bad, but the temperatures wow, check it out 32 in blackhawk 34, danville. upper 30s in pleasanton and 37 in livermore. look at the peninsula though 32 mountain view redwood city is in the upper 30s with 41 in novato. so overall not quite as cold, but still plenty of thirties out there as we look at coit tower looking at the valley fog in parts this morning chili and by the afternoon partly cloudy with 40s and 50s again, they'll be
5:20 am
warmest down around the south bay and looking at a chance of rain arriving tomorrow, but more widespread rain arrives overnight into tuesday. so far since october 1st, santa rosa's picked up 18 inches of rain, that is 205 percent of normal san francisco 12 and a half inches oakland. almost 11 san jose almost five inches and over 11 inches at sfo. so way better than we had done last year and the year before but there's still a lot of ground to make up as we look at sunday and we get into the clouds. it won't be as sunny in the north bay and you'll notice a few areas of prep some drizzle as we into your monday, but overall cloudy skies. this is your monday night with the front still well offshore and as we track it and get closer to your tuesday morning commute six o'clock. it's raining in the north bay. it pushes across the bay by noon time and by 3 o'clock. we still have rain over into the east bay the south bay and it's really 11 o'clock it begins to wind down.
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so rainfall totals monday into tuesday night over an inch to near two inches in the north bay into the third, san francisco. over an inch in oakland the south bay about a half inch and looking at anywhere from about three quarters of an inch in livermore to maybe a half inch along the coast still looking at snowfall totals that could be anywhere from four to maybe seven feet of snow through christmas day. so low 50s today on the peninsula. mid-50 san jose 48 in vallejo the accuweather 7-day forecast, maybe a few showers into monday, but overall we get the rain early tuesday. it's a level. them into wednesday and then the next storm arriving on its heels on thursday taking us through christmas eve christmas day. and looks like the rain wants to keep coming not a whole lot after christmas liz but enough to maybe keep a level one. wow, what we needed with everyone traveling. it's sure going to be tricky for everybody this week. definitely. all right, lisa. thanks just ahead. not the face covering that to
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you're used to seeing. i don't think so. at least why this man says he wore a pair of underwear as a mask on a flight coming up. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click]
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companies are warning governor gavin newsom that the state's legal industry is on the verge of collapse more than two dozen industry executives officials and advocates put their case in a letter to the governor. they want immediate tax cuts and a rapid expansion of retail outlets. the group says the heavily taxed and regulated industry cannot compete with the widespread illegal economy where prices are lower and sales are double or full the legal business a florida man is now banned from flying united airlines for now over what he used as a mask. yes. he wore a pair of women's underwear over his nose and mouth while waiting for takeoff, but the airline notices and kicked him off the flight reporter. rob manch has the story.
5:25 am
let you trave you trave you trae clients. you can see jenny's bright red underwear hanging on his face as he gets walked off the plane in the video taken by another passenger. he says he was trying to show why the rule doesn't make sense to him. there's nothing more absurd than a to wear a mask. until i get to cruising altitude so that i can order tito's by the double and snack on pretzels. and illustrating that absurdity by wearing women's underwear on my face sounds perfect shortly after jenny left other passengers started to speak up wearing a mask this man then chose to leave the flight as well. jenny says several passengers ended up getting off the plane to support him. thank you to that because they saw something in injustice something that didn't make sense and they stood up afterwards jenny received.
5:26 am
this email from united airlines saying he's now banned from united flights until his case has been reviewed by the passenger incident review committee. jenny says, he still feels like he was in the right your rights and were mine begin. and you don't get to tell me how i conduct myself. all right. well, that was rob manch reporting and according to united's website. mass. should not have any vents or openings and should fully cover your nose and mouth. jenny says he believes his underwear. ask followed those guidelines, but he says he was also kicked off a delta airlines flight for wearing underwear as a mask. moral of the story don't wear underwear as a mask lisa. i think ' wbc 7 warnings closing arguments set for tomorrow in the trial of a former officer accused of killing a man during a traffic stop her emotional testimony as the victim's family says his death was preventable plus the
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good morning everybody. you're watching abc 7 news live on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream we're going to start this half hour with another look at the weather where it is very cold right now lisa. i mean you need your warm jacket right now. yeah, there's some very subtle differences in terms of visibility. we're doing better but temperature wise we still have 30s out there on the peninsula our the east bay and there's 40s as well. but yeah, it is cold out there 36 castro valley as well as berkeley union cities at 37. how about fremont at 35 and mountain view 33 as well as los altos little warmer in the north bay, but you have fog there and you can see novato is seven degrees warmer and livermore says you're warmer, but it's
5:30 am
cold. we're talking visibility the worst now up in santa rosa 9 o'clock. we've got 40s partly cloudy skies the fog trying. mix out and we'll take till about noon time inland and looking at partly cloudy skies, 11 o'clock with plenty of forties low to mid 50s today for the east bay down along the santa clara valley and still some 40s with more clouds around in the north bay today so you can see it's dry. we'll see a few sprinkles into monday our last pretty much dry day liz. alright lisa. thank you with an increase in covid cases across the country several mayor major events. this week have been rescheduled. or even canceled organizations are pointing to rising positive cases within the last two days abc news reporter christine. sloan has more covid is causing big disruptions in the sports world this weekend two games scheduled for today are being pushed to tuesday. the nfl is enacting new covid protocols that will include a
5:31 am
more targeted testing plan and the ability for players to opt out for the rest of the season this new variant. you could see teams kind of try to huddle up again, so to speak and lockdown with their own individual bubbles meantime, the biden administration says, it's delaying enforcement of its vaccine. test rule by a month osha says companies with 100 or more workers will now have to require proof of vaccination or begin testing workers in early february as covid-19 infections and hospitalizations continue to rise across the country health officials. say omicron is spreading quickly and is said to overtake delta as the dominant variant this variant is spreading faster than any other variant before millions of cases will come in the next few weeks. so there's an urgency to double down an interv. this latest surge comes as the holiday travel rush gets he tsa screening 2.2 million travelers on friday long lines at airports across the country finally bringing hand
5:32 am
sanitizer a wipes with you if you're on the airplane or even in the airport if you eat something or drink something just put your mask up immediately afterwards, new york state breaking a record set. just one day ago reporting nearly 22,000 positive tests in the past 24 hours president. biden is set to us the covid surge on tuesday christine, sloan abc news, new york the city of light won't be welcoming the new year like this in 2022 paris has canceled its traditional fireworks display because of omicron fears the news follows an announcement by the prime minister who banned big outdoor events and gatherings on new year's eve covid cases have increased nearly 7% in france. and coming up on this week with the omicron variants spreading quickly throughout the country and hospitalizations going up dr. anthony fauci will talk about the latest threat boosters and concerns over that winter surge. you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at eight this morning right here on abc 7.
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meantime closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow in the trial of former, minnesota police officer kim potter. she is accused of shooting and killing dante wright during a traffic stop in april of year, here's abc news reporter faith abubay with potter's emotional testimony. former, minnesota police officer kim potter taking the witness stand friday afternoon. and for the first time publicly explaining the events of april 11th when she shot and killed 20 year old dante wright she's pleaded not guilty. remember yelling teaser taser taser. and nothing happened a rookie police officer. she was training stopped rights vehicle for an expired tag. an air freshener hanging from the young father's rear view mirror a violation under minnesota law.
5:34 am
looking to prove potter was negligent and reckless during that traffic stop focusing on this moment immediately after the shooting. potter breaking down during cross-examination you didn't communicate what happened over the radio, right? no, you didn't run down the street and try to save dante writes life. did you? you are focused on. what you had done because you had just killed somebody. i'm sorry. dante wright's family attorneyst telling abc news potter's testimony further confirmed quote dante writes killing at potter's hands was absolutely preventable. she's a law enforcement officer who was on the force for 26 years yet. she couldn't differentiate the difference between her taser and her firearm that says a lot about the lack of training that was happening both the defense and the prosecution have rested their case. we're expecting closing
5:35 am
arguments on monday. meaning the jury could start to liberating potter's fate as as next week in washington. and faith abubay abc news jurors, and the elizabeth homes trial are resuming deliberations tomorrow the judge gave them instructions late friday and they broke for the day a short time later, but thereinos founder faces a total of 11 charges in connection with the blood testing startup if convicted homes could face 20 years in prison, and there is an excellent podcast about the case one of my favorite hosted by abc news chief business economics and technology correspondent, rebecca jarvis. it is called the dropout there are episodes every tuesday you can listen wherever you stream your podcasts. texas has started building its own border wall. the first panels have gone up in star county in the rio grande valley governor, greg. abbott says texas is stepping up to do the federal government's job. the governor called out president biden for allowing oprah open border policies and
5:36 am
for refusing to enforce immigration laws passed by congress to secure the border the consequences of biden's failure to do his job. already this year there have been more than 1.2 million people who have been apprehended coming across the border illegally. the price tag is estimated to run billions of dollars so far texas has raised $54 million dollars in private donations to build the wall. the state is using the same contractor who built former president donald trump's border wall. and the last kmart in california is closing today. it is located in grass valley. the nevada county store is the final kmart on the west coast. everything here is for sale. even the fixtures locals say the store is going to be missed. the poor kmart finish done over with i used to work here a long time ago. so i've got come by and say goodbye. yeah, it's kind of a
5:37 am
moment at the same time. i miss it. kmart began as a dime store in detroit it eventually grew to nearly 25,000 stores across the country, but in 2002 kmart filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. there are only a few dozen kmarts now left in the united states. this one in grass valley is set to become a target store. and still ahead on abc 7 mornings welcoming new businesses who is a new storefront. i want to san francisco's most iconic buildings and the products that they're offering and here's a live look outside. this morning is 5:37 on this sunday last sunday before christmas gonna be a a busy week. we'll check in with lisa. you get back?
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. shopping center in novato
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enjoyed some seasonal carols our own cornell barnard saw this and took this video. they're the merry old christmas carolers, and they've been entertaining audiences since 1977. the singers come from opera and theater companies throughout northern california and they perform new arrangements of familiar holiday songs accompanied by sleigh bells finger cymbals tambourines and kazoos definitely gets you in the spirand it was an all handsk effort to brighten the holidays for many south bay families the salvation army teamed up with the san jose sharks and sap center to deliver hundreds of gifts and food boxes volunteers loaded cars full of gifts and meals at the center's parking lot in past years the salvation. organized in-person shopping experiences for families. this drive-thru event is how the organized organization adapted during covid and at least continue this year. the nutcracker is a holiday staple and it is returning to the oakland ballet today.
5:41 am
it's the first in-person performance since the pandemic. there's only one show left this we can only at the paramount theater in the ballet is really pulling out all the stops performances include 20 professionals dancers 40 local students the oakland symphony and the east bay oakland children's choir the last show is today at 1 pm tickets are available through ticketmaster or visit oakland for more information. alright, lisa. let's go check outside. all right, trying to find the coldest temperature out there liz. it's just above freezing and gilroy and palo alto, but probably feels that way for you over in fremont and livermore fog not as wide spread. we have a couple of dry days before the rain begins and we're looking at beneficial rain, so nothing in terms of flooding for the holiday, but certainly messy out there. we'll talk about it coming up. all right lisa. thanks also next the warriors wrap up their five-game east coast swing sending only. players to toronto could the
5:42 am
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afternoon. the 49ers will be back at home for the first time in three weeks. san francisco takes on the atlanta falcons. it's a big game with both teams fighting for a wild card spot. kickoff is at 105 at levi's stadium and the warriors will be back at chase center tomorrow night against the kings last night. the dubs wrapped up a five-game road trip in toronto. here's abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning sports. good morning. just nine warriors made the trip to toronto on saturday six players including stephen curry and draymond green flew back to the bay area early avoiding some of the canadian covid travel logistics in toronto toronto. rookie. scotty barnes. here. he is dribbling nice pass fred van vleet. how about the triple? it's good. heig7omts late warrior o offense get the ball to jonathan coming and
5:45 am
watch the kid go to work. how about dribble drive and elevate get out? poster nice move from the rookie. also coming a working on a shooting here one of four triples. he hit in the game camiga. definitely making the most of his minutes on saturday night late second quarter 17-point game barns hoop and the foul a lefty finish and he says, thank you very much to his hand. yeah. it's working early third raptors running away gary trent jr. the lob to chris boucher that made it a 26 point game. let's go back to coming a chris chioza. nice pass to coming who finishes high 26 for him the warriors lose 119-100 they finish that road trip three and two now back to the bay for a monday night matchup against the kings big success to go three and two on a tough trip with two backs back to backs and obviously very short-handed tonight. really proud of the guys and now we've got a get some rest and bounce back pretty quickly with
5:46 am
the game on monday night. top 10 showdown in women's hoops number three stanford number seven, tennessee stanford outscored the vols by 13 in the second quarter haley jones team high 18 stanford up 17 at the break tennessee cut the lead to three but hannah jump beats the third quarter buzzer sanford goes back up six ashton pretzel scored 11 straight points in the fourth finishing with 12 total in stanford wins, 74-63 handing tennessee their first loss the usf men don's basketball team won a seven undefeated teams left at canyon iversity just over a minute ago dawns down one javon blackshear jr. had a game high 23 makes it a so go now don's down four need to stop and they get the steal and now defense to offense swing it to josh coonan. the triple is good. it made it a one-point game, but usf missed two chances at the buzzer don's loose for the first time this season 49 48 saturday night football mack jones in the patriots taking on the colts late first passed down seven
5:47 am
nothing, but pun is blocked e speed will recover the end zone 14. nothing the colts led 20 to nothing after three pats had 17 straight points the colts the first down to close it out. but jonathan taylor wants it all 67 yard house call and the colts win 27:17. that's your look at sports. send it back to you. and let's go check out the weather now with lisa argen and lisa a lot of rain on the way this week. that's right liz it is going to come at us in waves as a system sets up offshore and it'll be enhanced by systems that will come down to meet it and bring in some energy or rain showers pretty much every day beginning late tomorrow. here's a look at the storm track. it's to the north and as we get in closer there, is that tule fog a little bit of it anyway and to mostly cloudy skies. icon current visibility five miles in livermore up to three miles saels nrar' as t we yesterday for most of
5:48 am
youinitely see that 33 popping out around palo alto with 42 up in napa upper 30s for you in the san ramon valley. out towards livermore. it's another cold start, but we've seen you felt cold or six to nine degrees warmer for livermore and novato with the cooler numbers here in the city and along the coast so looking at the clouds right now for mark's floratorium camera valley fog chilli this morning and partly cloudy and cool this afternoon a chance of rain for your monday, but more widespread rain arrives with the cold front overnight monday into tuesday. it's going to be a level two. we're have some wind company that and some heavy downpours. unfortunately. the timing is for that tuesday morning commute. you can see the clouds moving in later on today to the north bay. we've got the niners game and members will be in the 50s with partly cloudy skies by about one o'clock and as we get towards your monday, maybe a few areas of drizzle monday morning.
5:49 am
commute looks dry. mostly cloudy skies right on through the day and here we are monday night. the front is offshore. we'll track it for the six o'clock hour on tuesday and you see the showers from santa rosa highway 1 down through marin and spotty over into the east bay, perhaps the richmond san rafael bridge, but the front moves through right around midday, and it's going to take the wind and rain with it. so it's going to be quite gusty out there with the downpours into the afternoon on tuesday. it all winds down by tuesday night and current rainfall estimates mostly up in the north bay over an inch. so we're talking an inch and a half to maybe an inch and a third in san francisco oakland though picking up an inch as well as preps out towards concord livermore three-quarters of an inch and anywhere from about a third of an inch to inch along the pins peninsula and the south bay, so that's just the first system will keep the snow going when we get that winter storm warning probably tomorrow
5:50 am
from wednesday through christmas day upwards of two to six and seven feet at the tahoe ski resort. so travel not advise will probably get into some road closures and perhaps and definitely chain controls low 50s out there today in the warmer locations inland. it's kind of cool accuweather 7-day forecast chance. hours later in the day tomorrow that level two system on tuesday with the rain and wind ending on wednesday and then as we get into the second half of the week christmas eve will bring us more rain and we're talking about a soggy start on christmas day, but we're not looking at any huge problems. i think we'll add up to maybe two and three inches locally as we get towards the end of the weekend that accumulated precip. so that's that's a good present for a 2021 list. yeah. it is people going to be shopping. and out of the of the rain. all right lisa. thanks. we've seen so many businesses close in the bay area during the pandemic. well now new businesses are on the way to san francisco's ferry
5:51 am
building and many are owned by immigrants or people of color issues of racist social justice are important to us at abc 7 as we work to build a better bay area here is abc 7 news. anchor kumasi aaron with a look at doing business and one of the city's most iconic buildings. yes, maison verbena at the ferry building is beautiful to see but it really draws customers the smell it's fragrance soy candles are the most popular followed by its goat milk soaps. everything is made by hand. so for the holiday, we have the cold so we dip it in the soil and then you could smell from there the company started 10 years ago as a passion project its owners never imagining they'd be selling their products in their own storefront and one of san francisco's most iconic buildings. luckily that we've been given an opportunity by the ferry building we've been doing better than ever and are really proud to say that it started from
5:52 am
humble beginnings, derek. jen says they've been in this location for about a year and have done. well, despite the pandemic where we get a ton of people from around the world, but also a lot of natives coming through so you see this huge mix of people and you get a lot of exposure to really what everyone around the world might want to see and if you stick there then you know that you're offering something that people really want soon even more bay area small businesses will have their own stores in the ferry building. we're excited to welcome, you know a handful of new businesses to the ferry building this year. and braun our heads programming and marketing at the ferry building. she's proud that five of the new businesses are owned by immigrants or people of color toledo linda a latin american eatery grand creperie a french creperie. obora foods with gourmet dips and spreads sar nikolai a sustainable caviar producer. and yes pudding which sells bread puddings in seasonal cobblers. we feel the ferry. needs to represent the bay area community as a whole and so, you
5:53 am
know having immigrant owned or a black owned businesses. is such an important part of representing the bay area and so, you know, we're thrilled that you know businesses like redway have been so popular, you know lines out the door every day and you know, i think that really just speaks to what people want to see and what's important to show. okay, maison barbina hopes their new neighbors will share their evne needs that luck. the help . nothing comes super easily, but you need to be prepared and you need to and once that luck hits will take off at the ferry building kumasi aaron abc 7 news. okay, next an inaugural christmas event in one of san francisco's most famous neighborhoods what's on tap at the very first castro winter, wonderland?
5:54 am
how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing.
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invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign. check out the great dickens christmas fair at the cow palace the ferris transformed into an
5:56 am
outdoor drive-through event to provide a safe experiment experience for all you can enjoy live music handcrafted gifts like ornaments and candles and great food and drinks the dickens fair website also features an online shopping portals that you can buy. gifts it costs $25 per car and the fair runs from 11 to 5 today also today businesses in san francisco's castro district will hold the first castrote woar, n street at market will turn into a joyous holiday festival. there's going to be photos with santa a petting zoo storytime and live music and entertainment merchants in the area will also hold a holiday artmart so you can shop for last minute gifts the block party runs from 11 to 5 and on abc 7 mornings at 6 am roll out the green carpet. we take you to the star studded event celebrating the us premiere of matrix resurrections, and we're taking a live look outside right now from our emeryville camera. the last week has been really cold here in the bay, but now
5:57 am
get ready for days of rain lisa argen tracking the forecast coming up.
5:58 am
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arrey to du re with ls asthma? dupixent. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> last-minute shopping for one of the season's hottest items. covid tests are flying off the shelves as families prepare to get together with loved ones for the holidays. bay area residents excited to gather together safely and stay healthy. you are watching abc seven news at 6:00 a.m.. i am liz kreutz. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. it feels like christmas season. lisa: we are going to hold off on that for another day and a half, maybe two days.


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