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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 19, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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who i hadn't seen for two years because of covid. got home and came out this weekend to san francisco to see my 92 year old godmother all week long tsa has reported travel numbers nearly twice as much compared to last year. but with sfo looking calm the sunday before christmas the people we spoke with tonight say they don't plan on making any more trips this holiday season. i'm doing it because i really want to see these people and i care about them and i'm just hoping that i'll get home safe
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and sound feeling a little bit more comfortable to get out. but i mean, we're still you know cautious so we're not gonna be doing too much traveling. and back here now live at sfo you can kind of see just a few cars. it's late in the evening. yes, but a few travelers coming through the airport again, it has been a pretty quiet sunday. we have seen some crowds coming go probably to catch those late red eye flights back east, but again the sunday right before christmas pretty shocking to see that sfo had a pretty relatively quiet day. we're live at san francisco international ryan curry abc 7 news. quiet in this case, not a bad thing. all right, ryan. thanks. well a big week ahead looking to christmas francis and glossen joining us now and francis clear tonight, not so much the rest of the week. yeah, in fact things are going to start to change overnight into tomorrow with increasing. low clouds will show you live doppler 7 the satellite raider image and this is all due to a system heading our way. you can see bringing rain to oregon. this is going to bring us rain starting on tuesday. i'll show you the forecast
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animation. so tomorrow we could see some spotty showers throughout the day, but mainly you'll just notice the increase cloud cover will be another cool day tuesday later in the morning. it starts to hit the north base a moderate rainfall the areas there in yellow and orange and then it moves through tuesday night through the area bringing us more waves of showers through wednesday. in fact the rain continues through christmas weekend, and i'll let you know how much rain and even snow in the sierra. you can expect deon. all right francis. thanks to the east bay now where people in oakland would need to show proof of covid vaccination at restaurants bars gyms and other indoor public places under a new ordinance city council is expected to vote on the measure this tuesday if passed it would go into effect, february 1st. ordinance would apply to anyone 12 and older san francisco and contra costa county as well as the city of berkeley recently approved similar measures. the omicron variant has proven
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to be the most trans visible variant to date tonight experts are urging the public to get boosted as they detect more omicron cases in san francisco abc 7 news reporter luz pena is part of our vaccine team and spoke to experts who believe community spread is happening now. there's urgency coming out of the chen zuckerberg bayou hub. we know there's confirmed cases elsewhere in the city. the uptick is now i'm a crown is on the uptick. and people need to protect themselves nearly three weeks after the first omicron case in the us was detected in san francisco dr. joe. the reese's team just made a new discovery. they detected three omicron cases in the mission district. those three cases did not have a travel history. it wasn't like they just got off a plane from south africa or somewhere else. meaning that there must be unseen community spread of that virus that we're not yet detecting to avoid a winter surge dr. durisi's urging the
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public to get boost. ed before any holiday gatherings large numbers of people are coming together in indoor spaces close together probably without masks. and so omicron is really going to take advantage of this. this is the worst possible situation according to the world health organization. omicron cases are doubling every one and a half to three days and in the us the cdc projects this variant could become the dominant strain in the coming weeks. i used to see two to three. two to five positives a day now. we're seeing over 30 positives a day, which is an alarming rate that we never seen the past. any of the firm if infected? tomskin appear two days after exposure covid testing company bay pls is now seen an increase in testing across the bay area get tested and get your booster. before you go to a holiday party in san francisco luz pena abc
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all around the topic of reminder if you have questions about covid vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team just head to abc 7 slash vaccine and click on blue box. now to a brazen crime you'll see only on seven with hotel occupancy creeping back up for the holiday season stunning video shows an armed robbery right outside the marriott in downtown oakland take a look surveillance used in the police investigation shows a man who did not want to be interviewed on camera unloading his car to check in thursday evening in an instant two men with handguns run toward the victim juan grabs the victim's bag which included cash a laptop a high-end watch. christmas gifts the victim told me he thought the area was safe giving the amount of people who were around. in the south bay a group of retail thieves attacked a store security officer last night in san jose police. say up to 15 people stormed the
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macy's at oakridge mall to loss prevention officers tried to detain one of the suspects when some of the thieves then came back and began beating an officer police released this photo today showing the victim and you can see her injuries the group of thieves was able to get away but police say they did recover a thousand dollars in merchandise officers. and arrested a woman who they say was not involved in the actual theft but interfered while they tried to arrest one of the suspects who then managed to get away. you at 11 now cracking a 43 year old san francisco cold case homicide and police think the suspect could be responsible for other killings 76 year old mark person that was arrested in colorado on thursday in connection with the death of 15 year old marissa rolf harvey. harvey lived in new york and was visiting her sister in san francisco in march of back in the 80s. she went to golden gate park one day but didn't return and her body was later found in nearby
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sutral heights park sfpd says it reopened the case last year and used advance investigative methods to identify the suspect investigators say other law enforcement agencies should review sexual assault related cold case homicides to see if personnet could be a suspect. well coming up it could be a make or break weekend. see how the bay area's small businesses are faring and if the last minute rush will make for a merry christmas at the cash register. plus art and life collide in san francisco the serious issue a new installation is calling attention
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for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. home stretch of the holiday shopping season for small businesses. this weekend is make or break time after the struggles of the
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ongoing pandemic abc 7 news. burke cornell barnard has howmeg creative attracting shoppers and their dollars. we're doing some last-minute shopping lea and steve stafford are tackling their christmas list on 4th street in berkeley where many shoppers had the same idea after all where else can you get grinch and elf socks on the same block? well, we have the mothers to take care of and my daughter this family's game plan shop local, so i'm big on not supporting the big chains keep of money in the local community many small locally owned businesses have struggled during the pandemic builders bookstore owners say the community has come to their rescue. we can always use more business. that's that that's that's the truth. but this year we really felt that people were out early. everything entitlement is designed by women a few doors down. berkeley-born title. nine is hoping for new holiday shoppers this week many people are still saying this is the first time they've come out and shopped and it's been two years. so important for us to have a
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presence in the community francisco the castro merchants association was taking things to the next level by hosting this winter. wonderland block party lip syncing drag queens. a sexy elf contest even a petting zoo for the kids. but small business owners and artists are the real stars. our number one goal right now is to get people out of the house get them off amazon and get them shopping back in our local neighborhoods. it's wonderful. you can see the children here. the locals are here tourists here the distler family for marin came to check things out and spend some cash our economy is all these small little businesses and they you know, they employ people and that's the life of our economy. really? yes. some business is big and small. are still dealing with supply chain issues american express has to make spending locally keeps an average of 67 cents on the dollar and your local
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community. i'm cornell barnard abc 7 news. a new photography installation in san francisco features more than two dozen portraits of people experiencing homelessness this video from sf jazz shows the giant photographs in the windows of the san francisco unified school district building at franklin and fell streets across from the sf jazz center the exhibit called facing homelessness together is the brainchild of dr. eduardo pena dolan. he says he was inspired in 9th 2019 to start saying hello to homeless people in his neighbor. that led to me interviewing them getting these very interesting and rich stories. together and i promise of them was to get them. the stories their photographs out into the public out into the open air. facing homelessness together will be up for the next month. it's presented in conjunction with a documentary short film by
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dr. dolan called fog. a holiday tradition is taken over the paramount theater in oakland. this video was shared with e7 the oakland ballets performance this afternoon of the nutcracker. this was the third and final performance of the holiday season. the ballet has limited some of its traditional events this year because of the pandemic but is hoping to ramp up once again next year. alright new at 11:00 fireworks to celebrate 40 years of metallica. check it out our camera at sutro tower captured all of the action tonight the heavy metal band took over san francisco this weekend with several events, including two concerts at chase center friday night and tonight and looking totally clear out there for fireworks or whatever you be doing francis. yeah, we really lucked out in terms of the timing of the fireworks and the dryer weather. we have one more dry day before we have at least five rainy days in a row. i'm saying at least because the rain will start on tuesday and
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possibly continue into next week. so let's start off with live doppler 7 and the satellite radar image. we see some rain. this system is bringing lots of rain to oregon, but we did just get trace amounts in napa this past hour and we could see some spotty showers throughout the day tomorrow a live view from exploratorium. those shows partly cloudy conditions over san francisco. so it's going to be another cool night, but overnight not quite as cold in san francisco. it's 46 degrees right now. 144 mountain view down to 39 as well as morgan hill 45 in san jose and half moon bay hanging on to 50 degrees and here's a pretty shot from emeryville looking across the water so notice it's calm out there and we will see increasing clouds tonight load mid-40s for santa rosa novato napa where we already had a little bit of rain and fairfield conquered and livermore. so lowe's will be mostly in the 40s instead of the 30s. we're going to see increasing cloud cover and that's going to
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allow to keep temperatures a little bit milder compared to this morning. so lots of 40s around the bay 42 in oakland and san mateo, but we will still drop into the upper 30s like a nap of vallejo, fairfield and concord antioch down to 36 and cold and livermore at 35 and then tomorrow you'll see increasing clouds throughout the day with temperatures on the cool side mainly in the low to mid 50s around the bay san francisco 53 oakland 54 milder in san jose at 58 and upper 40s through napa vallejo fairfield conquered and antioch. so here's a forecast animation the later this model run shows possibly some spotty showers throughout the day tomorrow, but mainly just a lot of clouds. so mostly dry if you want to get anything done outdoors, tomorrow's the day to do it because tuesday morning 7 o'clock will start to see rain in the north bay the heavier rain the yellow there and the orange and the darker green then it slides south and east tuesday afternoon. most of us will get rain including the south bay and it
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continues overnight into tuesday and wednesday. we'll see spotty showers throughout the day, but then the latest model run shows possibly some heavier showers affecting the east bay. the south bay wednesday afternoon, so we'll be watching this because the model runs keep updating and adjusting rainfall estimates generally one to three inches around the immediate bay area anywhere from one to four inches through parts of the north bay and even up to six inches in some of the coastal ranges in the mountaintops. not a good time to travel. we've got a winter storm watch through the tuesday morning through sunday afternoon up to 10 feet of snow. you want to avoid traveling during that time? here's the accuweather 7-day forecast cool and cloudy tomorrow the wet weather winter weather starts tuesday a storm level 2 on our storm impact scale out of five wednesdays a one right now, but it could change to two thursday looks like another rainy day, but definitely the rain does look
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lighter friday saturday for christmas and through the weekend and maybe beyond that dion. so a lot of on the way. yeah, i get that christmas shopping done early. that's for sure. all right, francis. thanks. it's a great way for us to say thank you and every year it gets bigger and better. this is great to see all of the toys you're looking at. they are going to children in the bay area. the spiri everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium check to see your new lower price.
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organizations are doing their part to ensure bay area kids. have a happy holiday season abc 7 news was in fremont today where every year festival of globe federation of indo-americans of northern california and fremont hindu temple. hold a holiday toy drive and blanket drive local charities pick up the toys and blankets to distribute them. have come here as an immigrants community or hindu american community and a fremont hindu temple has been doing it since
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1983 for many many years 38 years now. we've been doing it and every year it gets bigger and better. so awesome to see this year the toys and blankets will be going to children in alameda contra costa san mateo and santa clara counties. all right, chris alvarez joining us now with a preview of sports chris dion coming up in sports covid concerns continue to pop up across sports how it's affecting the warriors and sharks plus it's winning time for the 49ers the playoff push continued against the falcons highlights reaction
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sponsored by river rock casino the 49ers are in control of their playoff destiny with today's win over the falcons. they hold key tiebreakers over
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philly, minnesota and atlanta as the fight continues for the six and seven seats in the nfc 49ers hall of famers. john taylor patrick willis bean honored today at levi's opening kickoff first play of the game joe michael hasty returning hit fumbles and the falcons recover. what a terrible start for san francisco ensuing drive fourth and goal matt, ryan. looking for kyle pitts, but jaquasky tart breaks it up huge stand by the defense momentum goes to san francisco late second quarter. we're tied at 10 handed to deebo samuel his seventh rushing touchdown of the year. 1710 san francisco at the break george kittle has been an absolute beast since returning from the il and early november jimmy g finds kittle fighting for yards. he had six catches for 93 yards nick. bosa has to be my vote. offensive player of the year watch out for 97 his 15th sack matt ryan fumbles fred warner
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recovers. so the defense leads to offense and that's good news for the niners set up this jeff wilson jr. who missed the early part of the season due to injury rush for 110 yards and scored his first touchdown in nearly a year everything going well and jimmy g continuing to do his thing 235 yards through the air. touchdown and no turnovers joanne jennings caps the scoring 49ers win 31-13. they've won six other last eight with a nice hold to the sixth seat in the nfc standings. you just gotta take advantage when you get the chance. i think guys realize that i think they've you know more and more weekend week out. it's become bigger and bigger and like this thursday coming up. it'll be a big game for us just like this one was and we just got to keep a good mindset right now. we just know what they say steak. we got a game on thursday. it's a short week. we just got lock in and continue to build off of this game and just continue to play the ball. we've been playing we have a lot of play players that can make a lot of really big plays and so no, i've always believed in this offense and this team that we can go out there and make plays earlier in the season. we're just turn the ball over like way too much and we've just
11:31 pm
stopped doing that and it's given us a chance to win. warriors forward andrew wiggins has entered the nba's health and safety protocols and will miss tomorrow night's game against the kings. he's the second warrior player to enter protocol this week jordan poole still in protocol. he'll miss a third straight game tomorrow as well due to rising covid cases in the us and canada the nhl has postponed all games involving cross-border travel until after christmas be scheduled home games against vancouver and edmonton now postponed. the shark's next scheduled game is december. seven in anaheim abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion thanks, chris. just ahead omicron is here and now there are new concerns about hospitals being overwhelmed and will the recent surge put a halt to one of the biggest new year's traditions and new details are coming out about a deadly stabbing at a rap concert in los angeles what we now know about the victim and the famous musicians who
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holiday safely sales event. a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. sooner or later with omicron and its capability you're going to be seeing it everywhere. and ominous warning from dr. fauci about what is now a rapidly spreading covid variant infection rates are rising as our hospitalizations, new york is breaking records with its number of daily cases and new york city is rethinking. it's iconic new year celebration for those trying to get a covid test be prepared to wait in line. here's abc news reporter deirdre, bolton. with just days before christmas
11:36 pm
health officials are sounding the alarm about the rapidly spreading omicron variant. it seems to be overtaking all the other variants including delta with a doubling time of about two to three days, which means that this is really something to be reckoned with nationwide hospital admissions are up. foreign percent sur beds are available and this is getting really free i know we are all tired of this. i am tired of this, new york, new hampshire maine and ohio calling in the national guard to ease the burden new york state is reporting three straight days of record infections more than 22,000 in the past 24 hours mayor bill de blasio is still debating if the times square ball drop on new eve will go on as planned. it's an urgent situation and we need to act urgently. we are seeing a very substantial rise in a number of cases in a way. we haven't seen previously concern now growing over the
11:37 pm
omicron variant, which has been detected in at least 46 states many americans waiting in long lines to get tested before gathering with family as we go into the holiday season. testing is really important so that people can gather safely millions are expected to travel in the coming days. december 23rd and january 3rd are expected to be the busiest overseas. israel's ministry of health is recommending travel from the us to israel be banned and israeli citizens returning home will go into full isolation deirdre, bolton abc news, new york. senators elizabeth warning corey booker have tested positive for covid warren who is vaccinated and boosted says she's experiencing mild symptoms. she had tested negative earlier in the week booker is also vaccinated and boosted and said he started feeling the symptoms yesterday and like warren says they are mild. and entertainment venue in new york city is now requiring customers to show proof of vaccination and a negative
11:38 pm
covid. test city. winery says it wants to create an environment that as safe as possible. it'll accept pcr tests within the previous 24 hours or a rapid test taken within six hours before the event date. well new details now about a stabbing at a concert last night in los angeles. we now know the victim died and is identified as rapper draco the ruler the rapper whose real name is daryl caldwell was stabbed at the once upon a time in la concert at exposition park. it all happened during a fight backstage. he was playing and in some i don't know if it was a confrontation with with another artist, but right after that we seen the helicopter and that performance that we were waiting for never came out. to perform which it would have been. snoop dogg quite a frightening experience dozens of artists had been scheduled to perform on the concert's three stages including al green 50 cent and bay area native e-40 the concert ended early following the stabbing so
11:39 pm
far. no word on any arrests. three people died in three crashes on bay area freeways early this morning one victim reportedly jumped in front of a tractor trailer on 880 in milpitas. just after 1 am minutes later another crash was reported on highway 101 near trimble road at san jose the chp. so the driver of a honda accord hit the center median and got out of his car. he was then hit by another car and that driver kept on going three other cars hit the accord but no one else was hurt then about an hour later. the chp reported three vehicles crashed near dublin on interstate 580 under interstate 680 one car burst into flames and a 16 year old was killed. democratic senator, joe manchin may have sealed the fate of president biden's billed back better plan. he said he quote can't get there abc news reporter faitha -- has more on this story. democratic senator joe manchin telling fox news sunday. he's the no on president biden's
11:40 pm
built back better. know i've always said this if i can't go home and explain it. to the people of west virginia i can't vote for and i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't mansion said despite working every day for five months with different members of his own party his concerns about inflation and the cost of the program prevent him from supporting it his comments effectively ending the democrats hopes of passing biden's nearly two trillion dollar social spending plan, which passed in the house last month along party lines, senator bernie sanders on cnn state of the and i would have hoped that we could have had at least 50 democrats on board while the guts to stand up for working families and take on the obvious and the powerful special interest mansion, is that critical 50? the democrats need in the senate to get the bill passed democratic congresswoman. ayana presley on cnn. he's continued to move. goal is never negotiated in good faith. and he is obstructing the
11:41 pm
president's agenda and an obstructing the president's agenda. he is obstructing the people's agenda white house press secretary. jensaki, issuing a lengthy statement following mansions announcement saying it is quote at odds with what the senator indicated during private negotiations with the president last week sake confirming the white house was caught off guard by mansions news. it was just this past thursday that president biden put out a statement saying the negotiations with senator mansion would continue this week republicans expressing. port for mansions decision several like senator ben sass writing quote. this should be a reality check to wild-eyed progressives that they are not the mainstream gop senator john cornyn adding quote demps in dc should focus on the real challenges. we face inflation and the border crisis faith. abubay abc news, washington well for now, it looks like the famous rose parade will be making its return but for those who are planning on going to pasadena there are lots of restrictions what's changed because of the pandemic and we're going to have another cool
11:42 pm
and dry day tomorrow, but then get ready for the rain. it's moving in tuesday morning, and it's gonna stick stick
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will march through pasadena on new. day again after a one-year hiatus there will though be covid rules in place reporter leo stahlworth from our abc sister station in los angeles has details. the 133rd rose parade is back and open to spectators this year last year. the event was mothballed if you are excited to attend the parade another big ticket events, including the football game be advised. there are covid safety protocols in place. you must follow mega events include the parade at tv corner, which is orange grove and colorado the game and float fest which were all the loads are highlighted the following day city of pasadena spokesperson. lisa de durian says you will not able to get a ticket to any of
11:46 pm
these events if you do not follow the strict covid safety protocols. those are ticketed events you. planning to skip getting a ticketed seat to view the parade. now those that camp out along the free route overnight. we cannot enforce that but we really get vaccinated now if you're not already, so you're fully vaccinated in time. and if you're vaccinated get the boost. with this variant that's out there. our numbers are going up. they're going out through up throughout. the state are concerned as people are going to gather they're going to leave their social groups or pods and commingle with others that are next to them along the parade route and you don't know who is back say or not. so it's imperative that wear your mask. even if you're outdoors that extra layer of protection will always help socially distanced as much as you possibly can. and continue to wash your hands
11:47 pm
leo stalworth abc 7 news. or christmas came early for a girl in san diego county santa recently visited nine year old penelope sandoval's class on her birthday penelope's father decided to surprise her by dressing up as santa he is in the navy and just returned after serving nearly a year in guam the moment as you'll see simply precious. oh, it almost brings tears to my eyes these never get old penelope's gift. this year turned out to be a holiday memory. she will cherish forever. all right doesn't matter if there's no snow or not feeling like it's holiday weather still those moments got to be made. yeah. thank you. i just couldn't wait that long. i wouldn't good at i
11:48 pm
tuesday. so there we go. no surprise for you. here's a live view from sutro looking down towards. francisco just a beautiful cool day. we have another one like a tomorrow, but we will see increasing clouds so cloudy and cool tomorrow wet and windy for the first day of winter, which is tuesday and then a rainy pattern through next weekend overnight lows will be a little bit milder because of cloud cover. so we'll see some 40s around the bay some upper 30s through parts of the inland areas like napa fairfield antioch and livermore and then tomorrow we'll be cold once again low to mid 50s around the bay some upper. through some of the interior locations there is a winter storm watch tuesday morning through sunday when we'll be getting the rain. they'll be getting the snow up to 10 feet of it. so try not to travel during that time. and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. so cloudy and cool if you need to get anything done outdoors do it tomorrow because we've got rain tuesday wednesday. thursday is probably the heaviest lighter friday saturday and into the christmas weekend
11:49 pm
dion. that is some good advice. all right francis. thanks. let's get back to chris now with another preview of stress deon coming up in sports plenty of college hoops on this sunday and call to the 49ers hall what two of the greatest enfranchise history said about their time in san francisco sports is next. san francisco sports is next. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls.
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. sponsored by river rock casino with now just three weeks left in the regular season. the 49ers are eight and six so they solid hold on the six seed in the nfc after today's victory over atlanta, but no time to celebrate san francisco now prepares for a short week and a thursday night tilt in tennessee, but we can celebrate to the greatest in 49ers history wide receiver. john taylor and linebacker patrick willis the latest inductees into the 49ers hall of fame both sporting those nice red jackets and were honored at halftime of today's game and while the fans have memories of
11:53 pm
two legends the impact the faithful made on them isn't lost i enjoyed every play that i played for you. eyes. i wish i could still play today. i was a little bit younger. i'd have a whole lot more fun than i did back in the 80s and 90s, but i would rather play nowhere other than right here because you guys are awesome. now, let's roll this into the playoffs for this year. and then jt said i would not want to play for anyone else but the faithful. so on this day i appreciate you all. thank you so much for your change your love. work it was a pleasure to play in front of you all. thank you bucks hosting the saints holiday spirit all over the stands new orleans kicked two field goals to take a six-stuffing lead. tom brady sacked by former cal star, cameron jordan six-nothing saints at the half third quarter now. 80 trying to get up off his feet now. he's scrambling and here's that jordan guy again knocks it loose
11:54 pm
coming up right here and marcus lattimore recovers at another field goal made it nine. nothing new orleans brady picked off by cj gardner johnson right here saints win nine. nothing first time a team has beaten brady without scoring a touchdown in the first time. he's been shut out since 2006 there goes the ipad packers are the nfc's top seed tampa bay now, dropping the third at ipad is done usf at arizona state with their free throw curtain of distraction featuring santa claus don's with their first loss yesterday khalil shabazz. nice move season high 20 kept the don's in it late three minutes. tied at 60 zane meeks go ahe triple is true don's take the lead now four seconds to go don. still up won asu with two chances and they're gonna miss both don's win 66-65 improving to 11 and 1. sought right here on abc 7 stanford taking on number 17,
11:55 pm
texas in las vegas. jayden delay the flush opens the scoring early on cardinal led by four midway through the half, but texas slowly takes control christian bishop and one longhorns up seven at the break stanford had 22 turnovers, texas took advantage with a 13-0 run. it's gonna be bishop on the other end with a slam longhorns led by 18 in stanford falls 60 to 5. mark fox and the bears going for their seventh straight win at home hosting dartmouth silver five minutes left in the game jordan shepard floater and the foul 11 have his 18 in the cal executes down the stretch breaking the press and andre kelly finishes. he had 14 and 10 cowan 6155 their 7th straight win at home and five of six overall santa clara hosting montana cub scout enjoying that m&m ice cream sandwich at the levy center second. app game tied keyshawn justice remember the name nice move right there broncos take the lead then justice again works
11:56 pm
off the screen a little step back part of a 14-4 run where he scored 10 points in that. run and justice wasn't done. how about the pull-up? knock it down a season-high 23 and 11 rebounds. he leads all wcc players with five double-doubles broncos win 79-64. they're nine and five golf tiger woods and his son charlie rocking the sunday red second and final round of the father-son pnc championship. they made 11 birdies in a row to make a charge the 12 year old making his pops proud. here's charlie on 17 notice the water the left not a problem. look at this. got right here. i will learn in a fist bump team woods finished at minus 22. that's the third lowest score in the father-son challenge history, but they finished second john daly and john daly the second finished 2500 to take first place, which is the lowest score in this tournament's history. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion chris thank you very much and a reminder that
11:57 pm
you can always get our live newscasts along with breaking news whether and much more with our brand new abc 7 bay area app. it's available on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku just search abc 7 bay area and download it for free. with that that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at 11. i'm dion limb the news continues bright and early tomorrow at 5 o'clock for francis deglassen and chris alvarez and all of us. much for joining us. we leave you with the live. look outside while it's still dry.
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. holiday nightmare. >> things will get worse as we go into the depth of the winter. >> people are underestimating the power of omicron. >> for unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death. >> as omicron sweeps across the
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