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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 20, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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against covid as omicron surges. new information from moderna about its vaccine response. >> 30 million. that is how many people tsa is expecting to screen today through the new year. >> you will not need your raingear today, but you will need it soon. it is monday, december 20. mike: good morning. welcome to our only dry day out of seven day forecast. today is a day of preparation. find the umbrella, abie put it in the car. get the drains, the downspouts. you have already noticed a change. it is not nearly as foggy as it has been.
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but at least it is not dangerously low, the visibility let us talk about your temperatures today under increasing clouds. 36-48 as we head through each hour, the codes will get thicker and thicker light to moderate storms every day starting tomorrow. >> moderna says it's covered vaccine booster increases antibodies against omicron in a month. >> more countries of bringing back travel restrictions. jobina: the ceo of moderna says data shows a third dose boosted antibodies against omicron. the company says it will continue to advance in omicron- specific booster. it has been detected in all but
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four states. a new study finds it could spread up to three times faster than delta. a doctor with brown university on gma talking about the importance of getting vaccinated >> the gold cannot be used to avoid infection at all costs. the goal should be to prevent deaths and serious illness. this is contagious. lots of americans will end up getting it let us make sure they do not get area sick. >> meanwhile, israel is planning on banning travel to the u.s. and canada over concerns about variant. tomorrow, president biden will receive a re-think. he -- plans communities. reggie: senators elizabeth
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warren and cory booker have tested positive for covid. both are vaccinated, boosted, and are experiencing mild symptoms. >> a lot of you are planning for holiday travel. thursday is expected to be the busiest day. >> video at lax shows long lines. sfo, a different story sunday evening. the average time to get through security was only a couple of minutes. tetra pleasant and her family were in town from los angeles this weekend. she says the two airports were almost night and day. >> one of them said, it is not as crowded as lax. >> many are surprised to seeo se airport this empty only a few days before christmas. purse parisi is finishing her
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holiday travel. she's going home to celebrate the holiday. >> i went to new york to see it edwin-year-old mother that i had not seen for two years. then i went to san francisco to see my 92-year-old godmother. >> both sfo outlook and, the sunday before christmas. the people we spoke with say they do not plan on making more trips this holiday season. >> i am just hoping that i will get home safe and sound. >> feeling a little more comfortable, we are still being cautious, not doing too much traveling. reggie: people in oakland we need to show too -- show proof of vaccination at restaurants, bars, gyms. if this is past, it would go into effect february 1 the
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ordinance would apply to anyone 12 and older. san francisco and berkeley recently approved similar measures. if you have questions about covid vaccines, you can ask our team. >> no creeping back up, and armed robbery outside the marriott in downtown oakland. surveillance used in the police investigation shows a and who did not want to be interviewed unloading his car, trying to check in on tuesday evening. in an instant, you see these two men. one grabs his bag, which included cash, laptop, a high-end watch, some christmas gifts. the victim says he thought it was a safe area given the amount of people. reggie: a group of thieves attacked the store security officer in san jose saturday night.
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two loss prevention officers tried to detain one of the suspects. that is one -- is when some of the thieves came back. the thieves were able to get away, but police say they did recover thousand dollars in merchandise. officers arrested a woman they say was not involved but interfered. >> jurors in the elizabeth holmes trial begin deliberations today. she faces 11 charges in connection with her field testing startup. prosecutors have accused her of misleading investors while the defense argues she ever misled anyone. mike: our our morning, look at how much milder they are then this time yesterday.
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good news if you are about to head out -- the fog and frost limited. south of morgan hill is where our tickets fog is right now. enter teresa, morgan hill around 35. 51 in may. the rest of us in the low to mid 80's, until we get to alameda and sanford two. yardwork, tod tod tod it is her last bright day to get your shopping in and do any type of exercising or outdoor dining without having to worry about getting wet this is tuesday. that is wednesday. you can see. look at all of that rain. let us take a look at the first 48 hours. already, most of us are pushing nearly an inch if not more.
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that is just date two. jobina: good morning. we are following a new crash in menlo mark -- park on northbound 101. injuries reported. there is no backup. it is still pretty early. bringing in a live picture of the san mateo bridge. very clear conditions there. the state thing goes -- the same thing goes in emeryville. bridges, everything is looking great. vulnerability -- golden gate bridge southbound six minutes. reggie: tiktok set to serve up more than videos. >> make or break time for small businesses. reggie: h
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colorado for a decades-old cold case in san francisco. the 76-year-old was arrested on thursday. the victim was visiting her sister from new york in arch of 19 78s -- 1978 when she went missing. investigators are now urging other law enforcement agencies to see if he could be a suspect. reggie: it comes after a fellow trucker was sentenced to more than 100 years in prison or a deadly crash. his sentencing came after his big rig slammed into stopped traffic in 2019. four people died. the trucker said his brakes failed, but he ended up being convicted on 27 counts for the crash. >> once you have 23 felonies
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with mandatory minimums, that can quickly add up. reggie: the judge said he had no choice but to issue the sentence because of colorado's minimum sentencing laws. truck drivers are urging the governor to commute the sentence. the families of those who died said they are the root of the kumasi: a new photography installation in san francisco features more than two dozen portraits of people experiencing homelessness. in -- it is opossum the sf jazz center. the exhibit is the brainchild of dr. eduardo payne you dolan. he said he was inspired in 2019 to start saying hello to his neighbors expressing homeless in his neighborhood. >> that led to me interviewing
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them, hearing these interesting and rich stories. the purpose was to get their stories, their photographs out into the public, into the open air. kumasi: facing homelessness together be up for the next month, presented in conjunction with a documentary. reggie: we are in the home stretch of christmas for some small businesses. it is make or break time with the struggles of the ongoing pandemic. how neighborhoods are getting creative. >> lee and steve stafford are tackling their christmas list in berkeley. where else can you get grinch and elf socks on the same block? this family's game plan?
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shop local. many small, look lyon businesses have struggled during the pandemic. bullish bookstore owner say the community has come to their rescue. >> we could always use more business, but this year, we felt people were out early. >> 80 a few doors down, berkeled borne title ix is hoping for a new holiday shoppers this week. >> people are saying this is the first time they have come out and shout. it has been two years. >> in san francisco, the ca fra merchants association was taking things to the next level by hosting this locke party. -- block party. some business owners and artists are the real stars. >> our number one goal is to get
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people shopping in our local neighborhoods. >> it is wonderful to see the children here. the locals are here. >> our economy is all these small little businesses. they employ people. that is the life of our economy. >> some businesses, big and small, are still dealing supply chain issues. american express says spending locally keeps an average of $.67 on the dollar in your local community. kumasi: tiktok is partnering with grubhub to start a food delivery service. it will serve dishes made popular by the social media platform. it is expected to launch in 300 locations in march. menu will include pasta chips and smashburger's. reggie: [laughter]
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giving up for new year's? mike: i have slept a bit lately, but thanks. it is december. i am going, how many swims can i get in before friday? let us talk about what you are going to be doing outside in the rain and hopefully preparing today. down in san jose, that is where our best fog is, the thickest around stan martin a possibility that it will migrate into san jose. great to date with increasing cause, just like this morning with mostly cloudy and dry conditions. the weekend, santa is going to need a waterproof suit. 46 in lakeport, napo 49. low to mid 50's elsewhere, and tell you get down around san
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jose -- the outlier of about degrees. we will be coolest in our valleys, some upper 30's there. low to mid 40's around the bay, a few upper authority -- 40's around the coast. here is a look at what is going on across the state. a little moisture possible near you recover. that is it 40's and 50's in the mountains and through the central valley. across the entire country, it is really portland and seattle and to a lesser extent detroit, and you can see some rain from new orleans, back into florida, up to north carolina. if you're headed that way, there could be some delays. definitely can see that area of low pressure. this is going to tap into waves of moisture.
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it is going to sit here and only but pretty much up and down the west coast. seeing anywhere from an inch and a half in san francisco, to about three and a half and medford and two up around oregon andit is going to be wet in the lower elevations and there is a whole lot of snow coming to the sierra. starting tomorrow, we are a two, but we are a one wednesday. a series of ones for friday, saturday, sunday. reggie: marvel's spider-man: sp: way home swung its way into the top of the in box office. the movie earned $253 ticket sales in the u.s., exceeding any pandemic era box office movie. the only other movies to do
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better ever our avengers endgame and avengers affinity for. marvel and abc 7 both owned by wednesday. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: outsmart the christmas grinch. the strategy for a last-minute shopper
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things to know. mo darren at says it booster increases antibodies against omicron thin one month. the company will continue to advance in omicron specific booster if needed. reggie: three new omicron cases in san francisco's nation district. the cdc predicts that could become dominant. kumasi: holiday travel is in full swing. tsa says it expects to screen 30 million passengers from today through january 3. reggie: jury deliber deliber today in the trial of elizabeth
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holmes. people expect a verdict by the end of the week. mike: the seven day forecast. starting tomorrow, it is going to rain on and off all the way kusi: the biggest thing on roads is a crash. it is on northbound 101 before marsh crowed in and though parkl spending plan is in jeopardy. senator joe manchin said he will not support it. his boat is critical. reggie: shipping deadlines for holiday packages fast approaching. here is deirdre bolton. >> a strategy session for last-minute shoppers. >> higher demand equals higher prices. if you are last-minute shopping, you are going to pay more. >> just five days until the 25th.
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now, you need a strategy. for those who want to stay out of crowded stores, curbside pickup is growing in popularity. >> this ends up being one of the most reliable ways to place an order. the item is in stock. >> buying online at picking up in-store is a great way to go, but your first choice items may not all be there. >> there is definitely stuff still on stores and online, but you may not have the selection. >> coming up, the information you need to outsmart the christmas crunch. reggie: the covid situation in professional sports is worsening. five nba games have been postponed because of rising covid numbers. three has postponed yesterday, one tonight, one tomorrow. the warriors are still playing. there are at least 75 players who are in over protocols.
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that number is climbing fast in recent days, given the rising number of infections. the nhl has postponed all games involving cross-border travel until after christmas because of rising cases. the sharks scheduled home game against vancouver and edmonton have been postponed. kumasi: the rose parade will barge between -- through capacity. so strict covid rules. if you are going to any ticketed events, you will either have to show your vaccination records or a negative of a test taken within 72 hours of the event. there is also advice to people along the parade route. >> knows that camp out overnight, we cannot enforce that, but we need to encourage people to get vaccinated now if you are not already. if you are vaccinated, get the booster. kumasi:he parade will be in is
5:25 am
133rd year. there were fireworks to celebrate 40 years of metallica. they took over san francisco this weekend with two concerts. reggie: coming up. a glimpse of what you can expect at airports. we are hearing from the ceo of united. kumasi: dozens of beauty products recalled. reggie: minimum wage going up across the state into the new year. kumasi: a the look outside at 55 510. sfo getting ready for a busy week.
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with 30 million expected in and out of u.s. airports. we are hearing from the ceo of united airlines. kumasi: a new year's eve tradition in jeopardy because of rising covid cases. new york state now reporting three straight days of record infections. reggie: the build back better bombshell. the potentially fatal blow to the social spending plan. kumasi: rain. mike is talking several days of wet weather.
5:29 am
it is monday, december 20. reggie: it is not going to rain today. mike: not today. to our north, absolutely. for us, no. we have some dry air at the surface, but rain will evaporate before it reaches the ground. milder than over the weekend. some upper 30's. otherwise, low to mid 40's as we head through the morning. you can see waves of clouds increasing as we head through the day. 54 in half moon bay. usually, half moon bay is it equals coast guard and antioch is the warm spot. cloud cover by 4:00. upper 40's to mid-50's. by 7:00, we are clouded over, we
5:30 am
think that rain to come in. it will last four days. reggie: covid infection rates and hospitalizations are rising. new york is breaking records with his number of daily cases. new york city is rethinking its iconic new year's celebration. if you are trying to get a covid test, be prepared to wait in line. >> with just days before christmas, health officials are sounding the alarm about omicron. dr. fauci: it seems to be overtaking delta, with the doubling time of 2-3 days. >> nationwide, hospital admissions are up 41%. the current surge still being fueled by the delta variant. >> we are all tired of this. >> new york, new hampshire,
5:31 am
maine, ohio calling in the national guard ease the burden. new york state is promoting the three straight days of record infections. near -- mayor bill de blasio is still debating if the times square ball drop will the one as planned. >> we need to act urgently. we are seeing a substantial rise. >> concern growing over omicronn detected in at least 46 states. many waiting in lines to get tested before gathering with family. >> testing is important so people can gather safely. >> millions expected to travel in the coming days. overseas, israel is recommending travel from the u.s. to israel be banned. israeli citizens returning home will need to go into full isolation. reggie: everywhere across the
5:32 am
country, holiday travel is expected to be a lot busier than at the bay area airports. kumasi: airlines estate travel over the holiday weekend is expected to be busier than thanksgiving. >> different airports, different cities, but we are seeing one common thing -- long lines. here is what it looks like in atlanta. a mass of people. crowds are everywhere -- cleveland, philly, lax this weekend is expected to be even busier. officials are projecting the busiest travel period of the year. lives are hitting these guys to reconnect with family and friends over christmas. here is a united airlines ceo scott kirby talking about how his airline has ramped up staffing. >> we felt pretty good about it, but there is strain in the
5:33 am
system, across the board as we go through the holiday season this year. >> kirby yates as his airline is bracing for what is expected to be the busiest travel period since the start of the pandemic. an estimated 600 30,000 passengers will fly through sfo in the next two week. . reggie: experts are urging you to get boosted as they detect more omicron cases in san francisco. it has proven to be the most transmissible invariant to date. luz pena spoke to experts who believe community spread is happening now. >> there is urgency out of the chan zuckerberg biohub. >> omicron is on the uptake. people need to protect themselves. >> nearly three weeks after the first omicron case in the u.s.,
5:34 am
this is dr.'s team just detected three omicron cases in the mission district. >> those three cases did not have a travel history. meaning that there must be unseen community spread of that virus is that we are not yet detecting. >> to avoid a winter surge, doctor is urging the public to get boosted before holiday gatherings. >> large numbers of people are coming together in indoor spaces probably without masks. omicron is going to take advantage of this. >> according to the world health organization, omicron cases are doubling every one half to three days. ecdc projects it could become dominant in the coming weeks. >> now, we are seeing over 30 positives a day, which is an
5:35 am
alarming weight -- rate. >> if infected, symptoms can appear two days after exposure. now seeing an increase in testing across the bay area. >> get tested and get your booster before you go to a mullet party -- a holidayy reggie: you can go to kumasi: joe manchin may have it sealed the fate of the bill back that are plan. he says, cannot get there. his comments effectively and hopes of passing president biden's nearly $2 trillion social spending plan. that plan was passed in the house last month along party lines. mansion -- joe manchin is that critical 50th vote needed to
5:36 am
pass the bill in the senate. >> i have always said, if i cannot go home and explain it, i cannot vote for it. i cannot vote to be do with this piece of legislation. >> i would have hoped that we could have had at least 50 democrats on board who have the guts to stand up for working families. kumasi: the white house says it was cut off guard by senator manchin's comments. reggie: minimum-wage will be making more in the new year here in california. the local city is increasing pay. kumasi: countdown to the fourth installment of the matrix series. the premier party here in san francisco. mike: a look what is going on with this next system. we are going to do a deep dive into what it is going to do to the sierra. here we are about 24 hours from
5:37 am
now. nothing is going on. on the move to the other side of the screen. watch this come in. we have got not only grain, we have got yellow, orange. that means that we are going to have some moderate showers by the time we get to 2:00. some of that is coming out of the north bank. -- north bay. towards wednesday morning, but our next chunk of energy, look there. it starts to come down. as we had to wednesday evening, another uptick in the intensity in the amount of rain. through some :00 tuesday, -- 7:00 tuesday, everywhere. if you are doing some shopping after work, grabbed the umbrella. you will need it. wednesday evening, there will be
5:38 am
puddles on some of those parking lots. most of us are around three quarters of an inch to nearly an inch and a half. travel the sierra. today is best. tomorrow ok. once the sunsets, the snow begins and it gets heavier as we head toward thursday. after thursday, i would say it is too late. when have you ever seen a winter storm watch goes from -- that goes five days. 5-8 feet. here is my seven-day forecast for tahoe. snow comes in tomorrow evening. this is the key. it is not only heavy, wet snow, but it is going to be blowing sideways. that is going to reduce visibility and, what is going to cause such an issue.
5:39 am
they may not be able to keep up with plowing it. chains are going to be required. make sure you pack all of that extra necessity if you have to travel through there you may get stacked. reggie: how is the monday morning commute? jobina: pretty much the opposite of step. -- opposite of stuck. if you need to head in this morning, a great time to head out the door. senate seat looking nice. everything moving at the limit. the only slowdown i am seeing is out of tracy, our usual spot. 40 minutes for the drivetime. the overall map is green across the board.
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begin in two high-profile trials. reggie: in minnesota, we will hear from both sides in the trial of kim potter. she says she meant to draw her taser instead of her gun. she testified she was ghislaine maxwell could be in the hands of a jury today. the socialite has denied allegations that she helped jeffrey epstein abuse cross -- abuse four woman -- women. reggie: there are three investigations into three deadly crashes on bay area freeways. one victim reportedly jumped in front of a tractor-trailer on
5:43 am
880 sunday morning. another crash reported in san jose. the driver of a record -- of a honda accord hit the center median and got out of his car. another driver hit him. an hour later, three vehicles crashed near dublin on 580. one car burst into flames. the 16-year-old was killed. kumasi: new details about a stabbing at a concert in los angeles. stabbed saturday. it happened during a fight backstage. >> i dow if it it it confrontation with another artist, but right after that, we saw the helicopter. the performer never came out to perform. kumasi: the concert had to end
5:44 am
early after the stabbing happened. dozens of artists were scheduled to perform on three stages. no word on any arrests. reggie: a $15 an hour minimum wage becomes a reality in california in just a few weeks. it will be $14 an hour for an ho companies with 25 or your employees. the increase takes effect january 1. employers in some local cities will be paying more. redwood city goes up to $16.20 an hour. kumasi: the matrix resurrection is in theaters this week, but over the weekend, the stars came out to celebrate the fourth installment of the series. there was andy green carpet in front of castro theater. part the movie was shot here
5:45 am
in san francisco. >> walking the streets, the light, and it leaping off of that building. >> we jumped over about three mornings. it was about 44 stories. reggie: i still cannot believe he the it it. kumasi: the maitres -- matrix resurrection is out in theaters on wednesday. reggie: what is the highlight for you? kumasi: i got to go to the the premier and the after party. my highlight was meeting my favorite actor in the movie, yaya. he has roots here in oakland and the bay area. i was really excited to meet him. being they are, they are just walking around. i saw gina pickett smith, smith,
5:46 am
pickett smith, keanu. then in the after party at epic and waterpark, you know it is two -- one side is the roadside, the other is the blue side. there is a whole food vibe on the red side. different food and vibe over here. in the middle, a little tense with the dj. they had fireworks. reggie: the fireworks is what got me. kumasi: it was an evening. mike: that is how the other half lives, or the other 1%. kumasi: then i met this guy who was from l.a. they were like this is just premier's. i am jealous. i am trying to go to all the
5:47 am
premier is now. -- premieres n n n reggie: who were you within in that one picture? kumasi: yeah yeah. reggie: you two look like you belong together. here is a look at south beachh b this morning. pretty quiet about weather-wise. some hands of sunshine through then way through monday -- seven straight days of wet weather. it will not be rainy the entire time, expect -- except for the usual spots like marin county and the coastal mountains, but it is going to be a soggy seven days. 37 in black hawk. low 40's in our inland
5:48 am
neighborhoods. mountain view, 38. san francisco and oakland 45-47. clouds will keep temperatures down. lakeport, napa, vallejo, concord set in the upper 40's. low to mid 50's everywhere else. tonight, upper 30's in in in i ramon valley. low to mid 40's elsewhere. area of low pressure just going to sit there and spin all week and drought in wave after wave of moisture. here is a look at our rainfall potential. nearly an inch and a half to possibly four inches. over seven days, we will have urban and road flooding. these streams should be able to handle it. so should our debris flow and
5:49 am
mudslide-prone areas. definitely wet. the two tuesday, a wednesday. cookies and milk for santa or a squeegee? the reindeer will be sopping wet, too. reggie: the las vegas raiders and cleveland browns will play today after tobit hit some teens hard. the game was originally set for saturday. the raiders fought the scheduling change. two games scheduled for yesterday have now also been moved. washington will play the eagles. the seahawks will play the rams tomorrow. tonight on abc 7, it is the vikings and the bears on monday night football. you can watch at 5:00. more local news on abc 7 news at
5:50 am
9:00. th iernet use in the skies. airlines now racing for trouble once 5g rolls out. kumasi: the trend around the home that has seen a 70% despite since the start of the pandemic. reggie:
5:51 am
this holiday season, give $50 or more to charity, and receive $400 off stressless® mayfair recliners and office chairs. $200 off any stressless recliner and office chair, and $200 off each stressless sofa seat. don't wait, it's time for stressless. shop today.
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a voluntary recall of dozens of products including dry shampoo and conditioner because of concerns over the benzene levels, a chemical known to cause cancer. the products were sold under a number of brands. you can get more information at
5:53 am
if you are still looking for gifts this holiday season, how about slippers? slippers have seen a 70% spike since the pandemic started. podiatrists say shop for slippers with good arch support. always buy a pair with breathable material like condor will excessive moisture caused by slight can lead to athletes foot. never go barefoot on hardware floors. >> you break down the pad that protects the bones on the partum of your feet. if you feel like your toes are gripping inside the slivered to on, that can cause problems. reggie: on gma, the top slippers to put your best foot forward. that is at 7:00. kumasi: christmas came early for a low girl in san diego county.
5:54 am
santa recently visited penelope on her birthday. her dad decided to surprise her right dressing up as santa. the costume worked well. it took penelope's teacher telling the class what was happening for penelope to figure out that it was her dad in that red suit. >> what i want for christmas is my friends and family. >> this is actually penelope's daddy who she is not seen -- >> that. -- dad. i did not expect you. >> happy birthday. kumasi: penelope's gift turned n out to be a memory that she will cherish forever. reggie: she said, i do not
5:55 am
expect that. that is the best kind. he startsing when his heart swells. mike: who says that? reggie: the grinch. the jim carrey grinch. mike: a look at your weather. let me throw some statistics at you. all of us but oakland are above average for rainfall already in december. we have got a whole lot coming our way. what has it done for our reservoirs? it has helped, but not a lot. since the beginning of the month we are up about 3%, 2% in shasta. we will see those guys once again as we head into this next rain event. this was friday's snow.
5:56 am
they do not take measurements over the weekend, but we are at 90%. by the time we get to the end of the holiday weekend, we could be 110 possibly, it may be higher because of that 5-10 feet of snow coming to the sierra. kumasi: atopic automakers shutting down five of its factories in the year. the impact it will have on the car world at large. reggie: the top story on this latest armed robberyobberye downtown oakland. kumasi: we are watching for the verdict in the trial of elizabeth holmes. potential jail time awaiting the ceo. reggie:
5:57 am
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announcer: building a better bay area. move forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> top stories right now at 6:00, covid cases climbing coast-to-coast as americans get ready to gather for the holidays. one vaccine provider put out promising data on its defense against omicron. the new precautions being taken with one bay area city set to go on a sweeping mandat vaccine m certain areas. and a day of calm before the storms. here's a live look out at our dry monday morning. but mike is tracking a rainy holiday week for the bay area. he's timing out when the rain
6:00 am
will be falling where you live. >> it is monday, december 206789 good morning. we're going to get a check on the forecast right now from mike. mike: can't stress enough today is our only dry, completely dry day the next seven to possibly eight days. a little bit of fog out there but not nearly as thick nor as widespread as it was over the weekend. except for around san martin. here's a look atwal nut creek for a couple of miles toward highway 24, temperatures are milder this morning in your day planner. 39 to about 47 degrees. from inland to the coast. we'll stay mainly in the upper 40's, mid to upper 40's inland from noon to 4:00. low to mid 50's from noon to 4:00 for our bay and coast and back to 43 to about 51 at 7:00. hints of sunshine today and then a whole lot of rain. i'll show you that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. developing news, moderna says its covid-19 vaccine booster increases antibodies against omicron within a month of getting the shot.
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