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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. the water was rising so rapidlyp that the fire department had to reposition their fire truck because they began to take water. deadly flooding on the peninsula claims the lives of two people after heavy morning rains contribute to the flooding of an underpass. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm a date and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at 5. here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream now the heaviest rains have eased up for most parts of the bay area this evening, but not before creating dangerous and even deadly situations we have tim carjar, ryan curry is on the peninsula where two people were killed after driving through a flooded area and laura anthony is tracking the conditions on the roadways. that's all coming up, but let's begin with abc 7 news meteorologist, sandhya patel for the very latest on the condition sandia. yeah, dan. let's take a look at a picture
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right now because while most areas are in a break, it's still a slick out there on the golden gate bridge. we do have still some spotty showers live doppler 7 showing you a quiet picture is certainly wasn't like that earlier in the day when we had those downpours this morning. it's a light level one system that is still producing snow in the mountains. i want to show you a timeline of what you can expect six o'clock. couple of showers dotting the bay area really picking up as we had towards ten eleven o'clock tonight, and then the intensity comes up 4 am to 7 am tomorrow. we'll have some brief heavy downpours speaking of look at these rainfall totals in the last 24 hours over an inch, santa rosa san francisco oakland close to two inches got three quarters of an inch in concord livermore ben lomond nearly three inches of rain. we have more rain coming potential for higher elevation snow here locally. i'll be back with those details coming right up dan ama. okay, sandia. thank you. now on the peninsula two people are dead after driving into flood water early this morning
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in a third person had to be rescued abc 7 news reporter ryan curry talked with a neighbor in that area and he joins us live ryan. yeah, i could even danould evenn this is the scene where that flooding happened earlier today. the water level has subsided and the cars have been cleared, but i want to give you a look at this tunnel and this underpass right here. this is what happened earlier today above. that is where caltrain tracks are and you can see how deep it is between where the road is and where it meets the tracks and those lights over there. that is how high the water got this morning that led to two people dying. underneath this over hidden by water are two cars. this morning's rain caused water to fill up this entire area from the street all the way to the bottom of the train tracks the san mateo county sheriff's office. emergency crews were able to save one person, but they couldn't reach two others the attempted to gain entry into the
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second vehicle. however, the conditions were changing rapidly. the water was rising quickly and it became a little too dangerous for first responders. this all happened just before six thursday morning officials. say the water rose to the point where it wasn't even safe for the fire department to attempt to rescue. the water was rising. so rapidly that the fire department. to reposition their fire truck because they began to take water crews were able to get to the others once they drain the water neighbors say it is rare to see flooding this bad. it was filled up probably about eight to ten feet deep that whole area and that's the first time in many years at his flooded and water guzman lives down the street from the flooding. he says this whole street was blocked off this morning. i've seen it maybe a foot deep but never quite like this guzman told us he to be more cautious around the area when it rains especially knowing two people lost their lives here. it's very shocking. very shocking. i'm you know, my heart goes out
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to their families. i've been here for roughly 10 years and you know, hopefully it's not someone i know but my heart goes out to the the friends and family. and as far as figuring out a cause of the flooding earlier today the san mateo county sheriff's office told us that is still under investigation whether or not we know a pump failed or drain wasn't cleared that is still unknown at this time. we did see however crews from caltrain and the city of millbury out here throughout the day to investigate what happened. we're live in bilbrey today ryan curry abc 7 news just a shame ryan. thanks very much if you ever find you or your car submerged in water. are things you can do to save yourself safety experts say don't wait for 911 because the first 30 to 60 seconds really are the key to getting out instead on buckle your seatbelt get the window open and get out before the sinks now because some back windows don't roll all the way down passengers should use the front ones and experts
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also suggest having inexpensive tools easily accessible so you can punch the glass before water fills the car. you can buy a tool specifically for that purpose and it's very inexpensive. yeah even goes on your keychain. that's one of those down. oh you do? yeah. well, this is what happened to an uber driver who is going down highway one in sonoma county just before dawn the bmw ran into standing water on the road and stall out the driver and passenger got stuck inside until rescue crews arrived the car had a passenger who was headed to sfo. needless to say. he missed his flight. super dark and by the time we got into it my driver here. it was like it was just too late. so we definitely the windows down or thinking about bailing out. but and then the fire department showed up and here we are. that wasn't the only road affected by the rain and marin county highway 1 south of tomales is closed because of flooding keep in mind that driving through water can cause damage to sensitive electronics on the lower part of vehicles. the rain also caused a variety of problems on the roads across. the bay area and as heavy snow
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fall is being reported in the high sierra getting there may require a fair amount of caution and patience abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in alamo with the story laura. well, hi, dan. yes, we'll show you what's going on in the high sierra in a few minutes right here in alamo where i'm standing the skies are clear. it's been like that for the past several hours but earlier this morning a much different story. the signs are everywhere. the marks left small and large by the season's first official winter storm in oakland a huge eucalyptus tree fell across highway 13 forcing a road closure that lasted most of the day in the hills above heavy rains forced a mudslide on a lot where home was under construction and in lafayette on highway 24 a big rig hit from behind tumbled more than 20 feet to the roadway below somehow the driver escaped uninjured. in the high sierra this video
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sent from the uc berkeley central sierra snow lab near soda springs shows the heavy snowfall blanketing the summit. we've got an amazing amount of snowfall coming down right now the rates that we're seeing now at the lab are probably the highest that we've seen this year so far at least during the day the big snow comes just in time for a holiday rush to ski areas like palisades tahoe, which is expecting as much as 10 feet and higher elevations by the new care we have all hands on deck. we are doing our best to make sure the mountain is open for everybody to join but with a big storm like this when holds might happen we might be delayed in opening. so we appreciate everyone's patience. perhaps the biggest challenge will be getting there chain controls are up on the major highways a reality not lost on those planning to head up to the snow. you have to kind of take on the challenge to get to the good stuff. that's right. you need the snow to ski it but you got to be able to get there.
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so why are you down here? there's a bunch of snow up there. i know right i should be up there, but i'm just visiting family for the holidays and when you going back saturday morning, are you sure you're going to be able to get? up there. we'll see. yeah, we'll see is rig rig rig moment. i just checked their chain controls on interstate 80 as well as on highway 50 getting up to the tahoe area. of course. we all know that these things will come in waves or maybe some good times to go etc, but there were also times today where they actually close the roadway for a while because there were so many spinouts in the east bay laura anthony abc 7 news. alright laura. thank you and you can keep an eye on the weather including live doppler 7. time you'll find it on the abc 7 bay area app available on roku, amazon fire android tv and apple tv let's move now to the latest on the federal fraud case against former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes. there's still no verdict and the jury has finished deliberations for the week. but as abc 7 news reporter
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stephanie sierra explains before going home. the jury sent a request to the judge. for the second time this week elizabeth holmes walked out of federal court with her attorneys still without a verdict this time the jury sent the judge another note requesting audio recordings be replayed of calls homes had with several investors. this is important given six of the 11 counts. she's facing pertain to investors the jury listened intently as both clips were played inside the courtroom as these transcripts were not previously provided by the defense. and clip included a critical line where you hear holmes admit herself. we have built a business around our partnership with pharmaceutical companies and our partnership with the military, but the evidence revealed throughout this trial made it clear those partnerships with pfizer and the military were not how homes portrayed them to investors in journal. legal expert michelle hagan says this question from the jury doesn't look good for the
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defense as it shows intent, but all the audio tape just listening to elizabeth holmes make those claims in her own words can be very damaging. but you know what juries every day apply that reasonable doubt standard and the question is whether or not the doubt they have is reasonable. all it takes is one juror to believe holmes is not guilty to avoid a conviction. that would make it a hung jury at hagan says sure to happen. it's still possible homes could be retried on some of the counts the jury has left for the day and we're told deliberations won't resume until monday morning in san jose stephanie sierra abc 7 news. most agree. it's a public health crisis, but there is no consensus on how to address the issues of drugs and homelessness in the tenderloin after the break. what the board of supervisors and community members. think about the mayor's emergency declaration. plus she was left bruised and beat. how one robbery victim is speaking out about her horrifying attack abc 7 news at horrifying attack abc 7 news at enjoy the gift of being together.
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supervisors is meeting right now on the possibility of declaring a state of emergency in the tenderloin neighborhood last week as we reported mayor london breed. that declaration in order to cut through the red tape and more quickly address the rampant drug dealing drug use and homeless encampments abc 7 news reporter cornell. barnard is live with the latest cornell. yeah, dan. supervisors are still debating the issue right now the pandemic brought an explosion of new crime and drug use to areas like the tenderloin the mayor says it's now become a public health crisis that needs attention now, but declaration has many critics. on a clear day children play in the tenderloin local city services estimate. there are nearly 3,000 kids in the neighborhood. but this is what they see when they walk down nearby. treats tents drug dealers and open drug. use things have gotten worse and more and more people are
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continuing to die. the board of supervisors is reacting to a demand last week by mayor london breed calling for more police in the tenderloin to crack down on crime people selling and using drugs on city streets as well as those selling stolen property and when we take the steps. to be more aggressive w w enforcement more aggressive with the changes in our policies. and less tolerant of all the that is destroyed our city the mayor also called for increased overtime funding for the police department in the tenderloin and funding programs that will link people to. medical care and crisis supported services, but not everyone is on board with the mayor's plan. what i disagree with vehementlyh is that criminalizing addicts is the way to solve. the overnight dose and drug crisis conversation so far should certainly has not
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reassured me in any way that there's any real plan here other than police engagement community advocates agree. there is a public health crisis in the tenderloin, but say more isn't the answer. of the community and it doesn't have the community. part the vote to ratify the mayor of state of emergency comes as abc 7 news has learned more about the severity of the drug dealing problem in the tenderloin according to data obtained from the san francisco police and fire department there have been more than 337 people arrested for selling drugs in the neighborhood during the first nine months of this year of those 65 people were arrested more than once in the neighborhood for the same crime. the most frequent offenders were involved in selling the potentially deadly drug fentanyl a drug. responsible for more than 1,300 deaths in san francisco in the last two years. yeah, and that data also shows a dramatic decrease in the amount
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of time. people are spending in custody for these crimes down from nearly 18 days in custody to just over five days since the pandemic began the mayor and police chief both stressed. they want treatment not arrest for drug users. we will let you know when there was a vote on this declaration. he well, i'm cornell bernard abc 7 news. okay cornell. thanks very much and coming up at 6 o'clock abc 7 news insider film mateer has more details from those sfpd numbers. we're talking about including insight on the number of drug dealers who are arrested and then return to the streets only to be arrested again. and again only on seven she was one of more than 170 people victimized by six men who police say targeted asian americans and hate crime robberies across the bay area tonight. she's sharing her story, but we do want to warn you you may find some of her injuries upsetting abcs7 news. anchor dion limb talked to her and has and has her message to the public. right leg
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that's why i break my teeth and bleeding on my arms this woman who requested we only use her first name of anne hang described for me the terrifying moments of september 1st when at about 1:45, she and her husband stopped by costco in san jose where she was knocked to the ground dragged face down on the pavement and robbed because he saw painful so i have to give up and he took away my purse and ran to the car and being waiting for they are this incident according to police is part of a string of racially motivated robberies targeting asian americans across the bay area for more than a year, san jose police in partnership with multiple other agencies announced arrests of six men in connection to more than 170 crimes. i spoke with supervising deputy district attorney of santa clara county marissa mccune last week who says the primary suspect committed these crimes daily. he admitted that he was deliberately targeting asian victim.
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on a mistaken and prejudice belief that they quote did not believe in bank accounts while three of the six suspects arrested have been released the da's office says charges are coming, but that there are dozens of other victims. i students stuff from us that is made me very upset and hang is still suffering from her injuries and hopes to be able to pay for her costly dental surgery. she is speaking out to encourage other victims to do the same. she hopes for a strict punishment for her. sure, i think. he should. stay in the jail, you know. for a long time and think it over why he doing this to us, and i'm very very upset about this in san jose dion limb abc 7 news for her for speaking out still ahead bracing for the
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omicron surge and possible hospital staffing shortages. the cdc is now shortening the quarantine period for some people. we'll tell you wh
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authorized use of the mark covid-19 pill today. it will be administered to certain patients who are high risk with severe illness. this is the second pill cleared to use the other is made by pfizer federal officials have set shorter covid-19 isolation protocols for health care workers workers can return to work after seven days testing negative with no symptoms if there are staffing shortages, it could be five days or less california's positivity rate jumped to 4.2 percent. there are more than 15,000 new covid-19 cases and 102 new deaths sonoma county is requiring the booster shot for frontline workers. that includes first responders law enforcement medical staff pharmacists and those operating disaster shelters. anyone who can't provide proof of a booster shot will be required to test at least twice
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weekly contra. costa county is now requiring appointments at its covid testing sites. this comes amid high demand ahead of the long holiday weekend. county has two testing locations in richmond. and san ramon appointments are required until further notice. all right all aboard the storm train. yeah or rain today more coming alma. yeah abc 7 news meteorologist. sandhya patel is tracking it all for us. and yeah, that's right. i am and dan and alma there is a break coming from all of this right now. you may be seeing it. it's going to come back again tomorrow before more storms come in and they're going to be colder speaking of cold want to show you this live video from tahoe a look at so just coming down. it is snowing heavily right now in the sierra, nevada 80 50 88 and 4 all requiring chains, but when you take a look at blue canyon, they're actually seeing mix precipitation rain snow mix. the snow levels are going to be going down to the foothills as we head towards sunday a winter storm warning until 10 am
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tuesday four to six feet of snow up to 12 feet for the peaks. we are looking at major travel delays and difficult travel conditions. so keep that in mind. we have a winter storm. learning coming up tomorrow morning here in lake and mendocino counties. it's going to run until monday morning above 2000 feet expecting accumulating snow up there it is going to be also tough to travel because of this but definitely feeling more like winter live doppler 7 showing you a couple of showers have developed in the north bay. this is how it's gonna be through the night. they're gonna be very spotty around silverado trail you unload is calistoga road a few raindrops falling at this hour but really light stuff tonight temperature is 60s for most of you los gatos 48 and look at this beautiful view from our san jose camera. you're actually even seeing some clearing there spotty showers tonight brief downpours in the morning. we're looking at a colder storm for christmas weekend going into early next week and snow is likely for our highest peaks. we'll take it light level one tonight tomorrow morning looking at those showers moderate and
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intensity tomorrow morning and it will get gusty with a slight possibility of thunder. so those winds ramp up as we had towards 9 am friday 35- smiles an hour near the coast at noontime still pretty gusty so keep that in mind, especially if you have holiday decorations that get blown around a little bit tonight. you're good to go. i mean there will be some off and on spotty showers, but it doesn't really intensify until tomorrow morning at 5 in the north bay. am crossing the central bay and then you get a nice big break. so the ground can actually absorb some of that water before the next storm comes in on saturday. that one is going to bring us some heavier rain as well, but it's going to be in pockets and then we will see some snow on christmas. that's just gonna accumulate over mount hamilton as well and even beyond that rainfall projections taking you through sunday. it's going to be a decent storm with this one. we're looking at anywhere from about 7/10 to about an inch and a half of rain. morning, temperatures 30s 40s. you need the umbrella. it's going to be windy give yourself extra time and then
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what your case could be worth. you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ it's a white christmas in one part of san francisco. the mission district firehouse has created a winter wonderland and we just found out it's earned the top spot in the city's decorating contest. this is the bureau of engineering 25th street complete with fake snow brightly colored lights and even santa it was announced as the winner a short time ago. you can see why we showed this yesterday amma they went all out. well the top three fire houses decided to split $6,000 in prize money among several charities including saint jude's and the san francisco firefighters toy program. congratulations great work. that looks awesome. i was just staring at it. beautiful. all right, one of these tank with david mirrors next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and i'mma dates for sandhya patel all of us here. thank you for inviting us into
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breaking tonight as we come on the air, former police officer kim potter found guilty. a jury today convicting potter of both first and second-degree manslaughter in the fatal shooting of daunte wright, a 20-year-old black man, during a traffic stop turned arrest in minnesota last april. potter showing little emotion as the judge read the guilty verdict. a stark contrast to her time on the stand. she faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. potter taken into custody and held without bail. what daunte wright's family is saying tonight. also developing tonight, the busiest travel day of the year, as rain and snowstorms sweep the country, creating dangerous driving conditions. in wisconsin, a crash involving dozens of cars and trucks. vehicles overturned, sparking massive flames. at least 20 people hurt.
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