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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  December 26, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> it is is is is is is is is the bay area. a live look at doppler seven, you can see scattered showers are moving through the bay. a downpour is on the way. one will we get a break? the key to ending omicron. promising research from bay area scientists may bring relief in the fight against the variant. a story you will only see here on abc 7. good morning, thank you for being with us. this is abc 7 mornings at 9:00. we start off with a look at the forecast.
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the rain continues to fall. lisa: it is exciting, i think we've had a lot of rain and snow mix in the upper elevations. even mount tam getting in on the action. as you look at the loop, i will stop it for you, there is a pink around mill valley. you can see the rain all over from richmond 582 san rafael and sausalito into berkeley and on the peninsula. it has been soggy. highway one over to the east bay from berkeley to walnut creek, i mentioned to mount diablo, you can see the pinks and purples. the hills east of fremont, definitely looking at the rain snow mix. we have some colder air, more cold air is driving into the bay area at the next couple of days. a level one today with rain increasing throughout the day. rain snow mix, you can see some of that from mount tam. temperatures in the low 40's, look at the stormy looking sky from san francisco.
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the cold air in place, bundle up. we will talk about how much rain we will see and when we dry out, which is in the week ahead. julian: we want to show you this, snow in the bay area. this was south of livermore. people in the area so measurable snow, it is covering san antonio valley road, making driving dicey. this is at an elevation of about 3000 feet. on the peninsula, abc 7 found people preparing for possible flooding. all of this happening for plenty of sandbags were going around for residents to load up with previous storms making a mess of things at the storage unit. the man says he was not taking any chances. >> just tried to get ahead of the game, it started raining pretty heavily this morning. i went down there, there was no water on the driveway. i am preemptively getting some bags. just in case, for later. julian: a tree did come down in
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san bruno, blocking crystal springs road between donner avenue and cunningham way. crews were able to chop that one up and get it out. also on the peninsula, flooding caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to people's homes and put a dark cloud over their christmas weekend. it happened a few days ago near sfo between highway 101 and el camino real. tim johns spoke to some neighbors who worry about the upcoming storms and that it could cause problems. reporter: flooding has become a persistent worry. in the last few months, the street has severely flooded twice. once back in october and again earlier this week. >> we were sleeping, all of a sudden i woke up at about 7:00 and found mike rogers flooded. reporter: he has lived on the street for over 20 years and says this past thursday, his home flooded with about 22 inches of sewage water. >> just clean up the whole thing
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from last time. i've to clean up again. reporter: he says his family christmas has largely been ruined thanks to the devastation the recent flooding has caused. he estimates the damage to his property totals in the thousands of dollars. >> my washer and dryer, my refrigerator, my wine, my food. reporter: residents say it is not just the flooding they are sick of, it is also the lack of solutions. he also lives on landing lane. she says she and her neighbors have been turned to get help from public officials for months, but residents say the city tells them the problem lies with a nearby airport pump and is out of their control. caught in between two entities, she says she thinks a lot of the problems could be fixed if the area sewage system gets updated. >> a lot of it is just efficiency and infrastructure. it has never been fixed. reporter: for now, residents say they live in fear of flooding
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happening again anytime it rains and hope someone can come and help. >> i hope we can fix the problems, i love this neighborhood. i love this community. reporter: tim johns, abc 7 news. julian: now, live look at the lake tahoe region where snow has been falling for days. this is in kingsbury on the southeastern edge of lake tahoe. i-80 is still closed due to the winter storm, there is no timetable on when that may change. highway 50 is closed at echo summit where several cars have been stuck in the snow. accidents have been causing major delays. chp posted this video yesterday showing i-80 after it closed in both directions. the interstate is currently shut down from the nevada state line to colfax. in this video, youideo, youideoo skiers enjoying the snow. they say they have been hammered with it this weekend. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning
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through tuesday morning for lake tahoe. holiday travelers say it has been a frustrating couple of days. >> it is already known, we are going to head home may be in an hour or two. julian: if you are us it took him seven hours to get from south lake tahoe to san francisco yesterday. you can see why. he said it was slow going and the snow, then it rained the entire ship back. you can keep an eye -- trip act. you can keep an eye on the weather with the abc 7 bay area news app available on roku, amazon fire commandery tv at apple tv. nationwide travel troubles are persisting. airlines were forced to cancel more flights due to staffing issues linked to covid-19. at least 23 flights have been canceled today at sfo. yesterday, there were 31 cancellations and more than 180 delays. travelers at minute a san jose
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airport had better luck. the airport had seven cancellations and a handful of flight delays. none longer than a few minutes or so. oakland airport reports just one cancellation christmas day. now to a story only here on seven. scientist researching covid have found a connection between a connection between the previous variant and omicron. part of our vaccine team is dedicated to getting you the very latest information and spoke with the lead scientist behind the discovery that can bring relief as the omicron variant spreads. reporter: after nine months of research, scientists made a valuable discovery that could lead to an end of it. -- endemic. >> we could fight this variant, and future ones. reporter: we were welcome inside the institute lab, where his team along with partners across the world uncovered have mutations in the alpha variant
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are allowing the virus to evade our immune response. the same key mutations outside of the spike protein were also found in the delta variant and omicron. >> certain proteins being produced at a higher level in that particular virus, these particular proteins are able to inhibit our immune response. inhibiting ourselves from fighting off infection. reporter: omicron accounts for more than 73% of cases in the u.s. he believes the key to staying one step ahead is understanding previous variants. >> it is going to come to a point where there'll be commendations of mutations that already existed. reporter: he says vaccines, boosters and pharmaceuticals will be key in the fight. >> i think this virus will become endemic, just like influenza. we will deal with it for the rest of our lives. it will not be as deadly, that
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is the hope. every year we will probably need a booster shot of some kind. reporter: researchers believe this discovery could lead to beating omicron as well as predicting future covid-19 variants ahead of community spread. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. julian: today, the world is mourning the loss of a noble peace prizewinner desmond tutu. he was an activist for racial justice and the first black bishop of cape town. his work in civil and human rights lead to prominent honors around the globe. he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom of former president obama. he was known to be oh-fer years after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. we will have more on his life and the critical role he played in the fight for racial justice coming up in a few minutes. this morning, checking back in with lisa for a look at the forecast. lisa: 30's and 40's, a little
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bit of sun and now we are looking at the rain from mount tam. saw a few flakes of snow, believe we will usher in an even colder air mass in the next 48 hours. we've seen snow from mount hamilton to mount diablo. not tam, looking likely. talking about it coming up. julian: also up next, the salvation army has a message about how you can make a difference in someone's life this holiday season and it will not cost you a dime. plus -- ♪ julian: a lively glide memorial church after last years in person services were canceled. we will be rig
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don't wait, it's time for stressless. shop today. julian: desmond tutu, the first black bishop of cape town, south africa reviewed for his dedication and the fight to end apartheid has died. he was 90 years old.
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our anchor has more on them in the country's president calls a patriot without equal. >> he will be remembered as a man of peace. he spent most of his life fighting inequality, poverty and injustice. as a child, he lived under white south africans brutally enforced segregation. it was his tireless anti-apartheid activism that propelled him into the spotlight. >> we will lead us out ofead us impression and injustice. -- oppression and injustice. >> he appealed from a global pulpit, calling for an end to the regime. >> this much is going to be peaceful. >>'s protests are both hard-hitting and nonviolent. he was the first to campaign for economic sanctions. he encouraged disinvestment. in 1985, when the u.s. and u.k.
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stopped all investments in south africa, it crippled the economy, forcing the government's hand to reform. in the international community awarded him the nobel peace prize in 1984, he accepted on behalf of a movement. >> on behalf of those committed to the cause of justice, of peace, of reconciliation everywhere. >> that signaled the beginning of the end. free elections were held in 1994, and at 63 years old, tutu cast his first vote. he then set the bar even higher in-service the chairman of the truth and reconciliation commission, a group created to probe human rights violations during apartheid. in 2009, we saw his signature smile as he received the presidential medal of freedom. >> he possesses the sense of generosity, the spirit of unity, the essence of humanity that south africans know. >> the world came to know him as
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a voice for the oppressed. that voice will live on. resume tomorrow and defraud trial of elizabeth holmes. they did not reach a verdict before breaking for the holiday season. last week, they sent a note to the judge requesting to replay audio recordings of phone calls she made with investors. she faces 11 counts of fraud related charges connected to the field blood testing started. the jury in another high-profile case will continue deliberations tomorrow. ghislaine maxwell is accused of recruiting underage girls for a long time associate jeffrey epstein to abuse. she denied all allegations. if convicted, she could face up to 70 years in prison. the east contra costa fire protection district is getting a $24,000 grid to support efforts during the pandemic. we are told it will go towards
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added cost of entering high volumes of calls during the pandemic. in 2020, the district could not respond to all calls because of severe underfunding. the grant is a part of a $100 million allocation in the 20212022 budget. -- 2021 christmas was delivered to thousands of people in san francisco by the salvation army. we were provided this video of volunteers loading up to distribute meals to those most in need this holiday season. a plan to head out total of 4000 meals, but organizers say there is something else that might be even better than a gift this time of year. >> what is more important than the food is perhaps just a visit from one of our volunteers. any of these people will go the whole day without human interaction or someone to wish them a merry christmas. julian: while donations are always welcome, this ovation
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army says its greatest need is for nonperishable food -- salvation army. glide memorial church celebrated christmas online and in person. ♪ julian: in orde in orde in ordee sanctuary, people have to show proof of vaccination, wear our mask and social distance. the recent surge in covid cases led to many churches is scaling back their christmas plans. last year, many services were strictly online because of the pandemic. many of you might be heading to the services sunday morning, we check back in with lisa for a look at the forecast. not to hang onto the umbrella. -- got to hang onto the umbrella. lisa: we are two feet away from breaking the all-time record of 170 inches of snow. we have a winter storm warning through tuesday, so it is likely.
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all of our bay area peaks of seen snow. not tam only had about 2000 feet , looking more at a rain snow mix. that is incredible. from a couple of dried drought years, around three of them. 30 to 40 inches behind, we are , making up for lost time. you can see the cold air, that will be driven in on the heels of the neck system that arrives later tonight into monday. they keep coming. look at all of the rain, it will increase throughout the day. san rafael, 101, mill valley, sausalito, richmond. as you get to martinez, it has been soggy. highway 24, mount diablo with the pink. further south along the peninsula from 280, san bruno, wet start to sunday. look at mount hamilton. he saw the snow. or to come, the snow levels
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continue to lower. the snow is down around a solo dad, no problem at 4000 feet. how low will he get -- it get? 5000 feet, possibly -- 500 feet possibly. we are on our way to an dihr ofour fer lk at tuesdthe be would be the end of the week when we get a break in the rain and snow. look at halftone, isn't that gorgeous -- half dome, isn't that gorgeous? 46 in oakland. morgan hill, 41. on the coast it is 50. the state line around reno, snowy scenes everywhere. 39 in santa rosa, 43 -- but. if you have friends -- 43 in napa. if you have friends to the east, unseasonably warm while the west has been getting a lot of rain and snow. as we look at santa cruz, few
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breaks of sun. showers will continue. the increase throughout the day to early monday, then looking at the coldest morning tuesday, left over precipitation. here is the water year. anywhere from 162% of normal, san jose picking up over six inches of rain. like it santa rosa, 20 inches with 190% of normal. we've got oakland and hayward with over 200% of average with 10in.another three quarters of n inch possibly in the mountains, 130% of average with the central sierra doing just fine. as we go to the next couple of hours, here is the rain through about 4:00 hour. and 6:00, it increases. this is early monday, heavy downpours. monday afternoon we get a break. look what happens tuesday into wednesday. still the possibility of snow, maybe in the north bay and east
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bay valleys through early wednesday, three quarters of an inch for most. otherwise, upper 40's to low 50's today. a level 1 system, we increase the rain late today into monday. here comes the break. in between, we get good pictures around here. we already saw the snow. whether it comes down to sea level, i do not know. but 500 feet, looking likely. julian: we will keep our eyes field. thank you. -- peeled. just ahead, cuddling with cows. you are taking a look at the unique type of therapy found at unique type of therapy found at a california f the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end.
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to achieve their dreams. who's your rock? ♪ julian: happening today, the start of kwanzaa now in its 16th year in san francisco. the community-based nonprofit the village project is hosting
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events all week long. it celebrates south african culture and community. this year, it will be celebrated virtually because of the pandemic. it is full of cultural entertainment, keynote speakers and music. all events are free. there will be an in-person event at city hall scheduled for tomorrow. holiday sales are expected to be higher this year compared to last year. when there are more gifts, you know that means more returns. our reporter has more on what you need to know before you return those gifts. >> if you did not give you her wishing for this holiday season and you want to return some presence, the good news is retailers are being more generous with return windows. >> with this you and lasted into the pandemic and increased need for flexibility, we saw holiday return windows starting earlier and getting more generous, encompassing gifts purchase as early as october. reporter: about 30% of gifts are
9:26 am
returned each year. >> in a lot of cases, you can return ones that were purchased online in-store to retailers in-store location if you're more comfortable with that. that can be a lot easier for people rather than having to figure it had to ship the gift back. reporter: when you are ready, here are some tips. if you unwrap a gift and know you want to return it, do not open the box. if the original packaging is not intact, stores may refuse the return or charge a restocking fee of 50% or more. keep the gift receipt if you get one. if you do not have a receipt, stores may not let you return the item. or you may get store credit instead of cash back. check the return policy of the store carefully. detailers have different return windows and some items may have shorter windows. experts say the week between christmas and new year's is a great time to return gifts, maybe find a good deal on something else. >> there are great sales. retailers know customers will be
9:27 am
in-store returning things, so they try to make it worthwhile. julian: if you are feeling stressed, maybe he will like the next idea. in animal rescue range has the cure to better your mood. it is called cow therapy. ranch owners at gentle barns are using the cattle to improve visitors mental health. their peak cows were rescued and they are now rescuing people. during the pandemic, cow therapy has been in high demand. >> we hear stories about people who wouldn't leave their homes, about people who were just lonely and locked away in isolation. they got out and were able to come here. julian: it helps visitors feel a sense of calm and feel connected with nature. for over two decades, over half a million people have hugged cows at their three locations nationwide. you can catch the full story coming up. still to come on abc 7 mornings, the cdc issues new guidelines
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: good sunday morning, thank you for being with us. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we start this half-hour off with a look at the weather, we check in now with lisa argen. lisa: not only is it exciting to see the rain keep coming, but with the colder air, we are seeing snow on our bay area peaks. live doppler 7 showing a wet start to sunday, taking you to the north bay. the pink is mount tam, we saw a few flakes. lucas valley to mill valley, soggy out there. highway 12 280, san mateo also wet weather from orinda to
9:31 am
walnut creek and mount diablo. snow as well as mount hamilton, colder air arriving after the next system which will movie later today and monday. rain increases, rain snow mix at times. have to share the half dome at 8000 feet, mid 40's for most of you. look at temperatures today pretty cool, only in the upper 40's. we are certainly chillier than we have been. here is the plan. through :00 to 11:00, look what happens by about 3:00. it is rainy, keep the umbrella. and the heavier jacket. julian: a rare sight in los gatos, light snowfall developing late christmas evening. it happened in the state forest on mount hamilton, some recent storms brought a layer of snow. highway 130 two the observatory is closed to dangerous road
9:32 am
conditions. the visitor center is expected to reopen tuesday if conditions improve. widespread snowfall is expected at the higher elevations throughout the state this week. new developments to tell you about in a shooting at lake merritt in oakland police saying a man has died after being shot along lakeshore avenue friday night. investigators have not said what led to the shooting. they are working to notify the victims family. asked to call police. the recent spike in covid-19 cases is a factor in more than 1000 airline flight cancellations this holiday weekend, leaving thousands of travelers stranded. this comes as people across the country pack testing centers and front-line workers are stretched thin. our reporter has the latest. reporter: covid infections, hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise as the highly transmissible omicron variant spreads. new york doubling its daily positive case numbers in just a
9:33 am
week in a higher recording for 43 deaths in just 24 hours. -- 443 deaths in just 24 hours. the numbers are high, but not unexpected. >> we are going to find more everything. with covid when covid cases are this prevalent. reporter: in miami come along lines for testing on christmas day. florida reporting nearly 100,000 more cases last week than a week prior and more long lines in charlotte. >> we've been here for three hours. they are doing what they can come up with the pressure is on the people who provide the service. reporter: cars affecting the lot before it even opened christmas day. pediatric hospitalizations are surging. in new york and other parts of the country. ohio, texas, pennsylvania hit particularly hard. going to the american academy of pediatrics, 170 thousand children are testing positive for covid last week. an increase of nearly 28% in
9:34 am
just two weeks. the spikes leaving many front line workers stretched thin and leading the cdc to issue an alert outlining contingency plans for raising cases. now recommending vaccinated and boosted health-care workers who test positive can return to work after seven days if they are not experiencing symptoms. staffing shortages or hospitalizations reached crisis levels, the recommending the same workers return to work after five days. resident biden says he thinks the general public should keep isolating for 10 days after a positive test. >> i just listen to my team, the doctors. they think we should keep it the way it is for now. reporter: all of this coming as families across the country spend the weekend gathering, celebrate christmas together. >> they expect we will see a lot more. we are going to see the exponential growth continue for a few more weeks. reporter: cruise ships continue to be hit hard, having to miss
9:35 am
destinations because of outbreaks on board. this morning, we are learning three members of the worldwide sensation kapok band ets -- kpop band bts have tested positive. all three have had their second shot. julian: president biden and first lady jill biden shared a virtual christmas message with u.s. troops around the world. they think the american military men and women for dedication and service. >> i want you to how much we care. we are grateful for your courage and sacrifice. not just your sacrifice, but your family sacrifice. holidays bring into sharp focus. it is part of the job. the hard part of the job. it is who you guys are. julian: did you spot the special guest? we are talking about commander, the new first puppy joined the couple on the couch. very sleepy boy there. he is a 16 week old german
9:36 am
shepherd. he just arrived home at the white house last monday. for so many attending the worship service as part of the despe highaccitionates mosque ae attendance is still far behind pre-pandemic levels. i speak to faith leaders. nearly two years into the pandemic, there are more empty places of worship them prior, signaling worshipers are elected to return. >> some communities are concerned and wary about coming back and are quite cautious. others are coming back in groves. julian: catholic bishop says despite ongoing covid safety protocols like masking and spacing, south bay mass attendance averages between 60% and 90% of pre-pandemic levels depending on the church. >> we are trying to keep the balance of inviting people back and maintaining the safety protocol. julian: now concerns over
9:37 am
omicron ahead of the christmas holiday are throwing congregations another curveball. a data team analysis of self and information estimates attendance at worship centers is down 22% nationwide compared to january -- comparing january 20 20 numbers to october 2021. alameda, contra costa have seen identical dips in attendance. >> i still think we have a long ways to go to be at pre-pandemic levels. julian: this rabbi said attendance for services at the synagogue are only half of pre-pandemic levels despite san francisco having one of the highest vaccination rates in the bay area. >> our number one goal is to connect people and create community. it's been very difficult for us to do that with all of the different variants coming out. julian: according to data team's
9:38 am
analysis, san francisco had one of the lowest dips in attendance at just 5% followed by marin county at 6% and san mateo with a 9% dip in attendance. >> my wishes san francisco and the bay area can heal from this pandemic. julian: he said he is beginning to see the healing. he was able to welcome more than 1000 people to light the menorah in person for hanukkah this year whereas last year, the event was only live-streamed. in the south bay, services continue to be live-streamed across the diocese and some congregations continue to worship outdoors to slow the spread is the church looks ahead to 2022. >> i am hopeful in simple terms of a kinder, gentler society. julian: most of our counties with the highest vaccination rates saw more people back in pews, showing vaccines are working and bringing congregations back to their faith. still ahead on abc 7 mornings.
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9:42 am
it has been a soggy holiday weekend for the bay area as it has been the last couple weeks. that did not stop people from finding ways to enjoy christmas. our reporter shows us how people stay dry and celebrated together. this family after being two years apart. >> we did it over zoom. we all did it from our dining room tables. reporter: they are from southern california. every year since 1999, they gathered as one family on christmas day. >> there's 20 to 20 five of us. the second generation, cousins love it. they never get enough of each other. reporter: last year, they met virtually. this year, they felt safe enough to rent a big place in san francisco. >> three of us moved from l.a. to the bay. one of my cousins go to berkeley, two of them work out here. so we thought we would meet them appear this time. reporter: the gathering is one
9:43 am
example of how people in the city big nor the damp weather to have some fun. whether it be walking on ocean beach. writing the ferris wheel at golden gate park or touring the fascinating exhibits. >> we get excited, our staff are enthusiastic. po she says the museum is open every day of the year. insiders fit with masks, santa hats in beards. being able to offer people fun activity as their main goal. >> this is a great family activity you can go. often families may do their holiday celebration at home, then they are eager to get out and about. reporter: whether it is learning about the environment or embracing loved ones for the first time in a while, many in san francisco seemed to have look past the rain and make the most of the holiday. >> we were not able to see each other at all during the pandemic. don't know how good you have until you are missing it.
9:44 am
i was taking for granted how often we could see each other. reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. julian: as you wake up the sunday after christmas, we check in with lisa. lisa: take a look at this a shot, this is sfo where the clouds are lowering. we have wet pavement out there. our next system is on the way, level 1. level two into monday, certainly some snowy peaks. cold enough to snow, but how low? the answers next. julian: the warriors played on christmas for the ninth straight year. how steph curry and his new brother helped golden state to victory over the sons. highlights in sports.
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9:47 am
nuggets. tip-off set for 7:00. yesterday, they spent christmas day on the road against the other top team in the west. chris alvarez has the highlights in this morning's sports. chris: good morning, the warriors short-handed entering the christmas day shirt on yesterday against the sons. santa's youngest helper watching the sons and warriors, steph curry had his best career game on christmas. five triples in the game, game high of 33. the dubs trailed at the break. auto portage or near catches fire -- porter junior catches fire. 19 in the fourth, the warriors win 116-107. >> i did, i drew up every play, i completely organized every single aspects. so thank you. he added so much to our team
9:48 am
with his shooting from that position and his rebounding. >> the teammates did a good job of finding me. i was able to step in. they kept finding me. chris: lakers hosting the nets at the newly renamed arena. scoring 34, an nba christmas day record. lakers down 23 in the fourth, here is lebron james with the triple. tying things that is on. rockland wins. l.a. has lost five in a row. ox hosting the celtics -- bucks hosting the celtics. the guard might be asking for a new tooth. fourth quarter, here he comes. c a monster slam, game-high 36. a walk he took the lead late in needed defense. the bucks when -- win 117
9:49 am
cardinals hosting the colts, down 12 to six. 24 yard connection, arizona up 13 to 12. colts up 15 to 13. buying time, desmond patton for the score. colts win. arizona has lost three in a row come out of first place. the rams lead the division. aaron rodgers and the packers hosting the browns. late first quarter, becoming the all-time leading touchdown pass are. this gives him for 43 for his career. rogers threw for 202 and three total scores. cleveland had a chance late, baker mayfield four interceptions. packers win. green bay improves to an nfl best. that is your look at sports. julian: with this being the day after christmas, if you did not love what old saint nick left
9:50 am
for you, you might be lucky -- looking to make returns. we check in with lisa to talk about what you might be seeing in terms of weather. you've been showing us the cameras from rain to snow, to the shut -- shot at sfo that looks scary. lisa: there are at least six resorts or more closed because of the closed roadways in the sierra nevada. the all-time record in lake tahoe was set back in 1970. 179 inches of snow. the seven-day total over 70 inches. for the month of december, 155 inches of snow. with two to three feet more to come, we are likely to break that record. more cold air driving in behind this system. this brings more widespread rain throughout the day into monday. is san rafael looking wet and parts of southern marin over to the east bay. soggy from highway four to walnut creek, there has been snow on mount diablo.
9:51 am
looking at san bruno, daly city to redwood, scattered showers. finally, mount hamilton in the snow. in the mountains, it keeps coming. three to five feet of snow there tuesday morning. winter storm warning. travel is impossible out there. gusty winds, this is the suture tower camera. it spun around seek can see the emotion that ocean. -- you can see the ocean. 39 in santa rosa, 42 in fairfield and concord. as we look at the 24 hour temperature change, cold air headed in. there is going to be more cold air behind the system. that one looks like it could bring snow to even lower levels. winds are gusty, certainly rob. 15 to 23 mile an hour wind gusts. some sun in san jose, showers continue this morning they
9:52 am
increased at the afternoon. by early monday, looking at heavier downpours. level two system and the coldest morning with widespread 20's and a frosted freeze advisory as we get into tuesday and wednesday. hour-by-hour in the afternoon, scattered showers. increase by 6:00, even heavier downpours. this takes us through the overnight and early monday if you are working, could win into some slick roads. look at that down around mount hamilton. here comes the cold air. into monday, we get a break. tuesday, looking at more moisture. look how far south the icy cold air mass heads our way. we could see snow in santa rosa. could it come down to lake level? it happened in the 70's, we will have to wait and see. rainfall totals through wednesday three quarters of an inch for hayward and fremont.
9:53 am
mountain view a little less. the colder the air gets, the less moisture it holds. we see the systems continue to sit by, they will be worthwhile. we are not looking at heavy rain for a prolonged time. low 50's with the level 1 system, level two system with heavier downpours tonight into monday. as we get to tuesday and wednesday, it is really cold and dry for new year's eve. 2022ll looking like we have wet weather headed our way of j. julian: mixed up, for pet up, fr you know it. the struggle israel. capturing the perfect holiday photo can see nearly impossible -- is real. -- is real. firefighter maggie gronewald knows how to handle dry weather... ...and dry, cracked skin. new gold bond advanced healing ointment. restore healthy skin, with no sticky feeling.
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gold bond. champion your skin.
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this holiday season, give $50 or more to charity, and receive $400 off stressless® mayfair recliners and office chairs. $200 off any stressless recliner and office chair, and $200 off each stressless sofa seat. don't wait, it's time for stressless. shop today. julian: this is your final weekend to check out gillett --
9:56 am
gear deli squares holiday tree stroll. you can check at 11 specially decorated trees. students from the academy designed the trees. last month, they chose a winner based on the university department representation and overall design. this year's winner was the fashion department. shelter dogs in utah made it on the nice list this holiday season. animals waiting for their forever home got to pick a new toy from a flatbed trailer also known as santa's sleigh. it is a 38 year long tradition at best friends animal society. pet lovers from all over north america donated toys for the homeless animals. the sanctuary is the largest no kill sanctuary in the country. if you are a pet owner, you might be able to relate to the struggle of trying to capture the perfect christmas photo, which is tough. a goat farmer in ohio hoped to do just that with her dog and goats.
9:57 am
the farmer assumed she could pick the perfect picture from a video. unfortunately, it did not go according to plan. she ended up choosing a holiday card showing her photo struggle. look at the chaos. on this sunday morning, final check of the forecast. lisa: good morning to you, wet weather on the way. a couple of systems, even systes colder. the accuweather 7 day forecast, rain increases. rain increases their monday with the level two. some heavier downpours, then heavier showers on tuesday with the coldest air of the season lingering. it dries out by the end of the week, the end of the year. julian: leftovers like the leftovers you be warming up from christmas dinner. think you for joining us. -- thank you for joining us. we will be back for more news at 5:00 p.m., take care.
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