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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 27, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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nitoght, bakreing news as we meco on the thcde c todaynn aouncing a moraj shif tto isolation guidelines as omicrofun els the latest pandem icsurge. the cdc srthoeningts i coremmended cidov ilasotion ripeod from ten days to five. r those testing positi,ve but who d'ton haveny a symptoms. followedy b five days of mkas wearginhe wn around . ashh isjha breakin dgown what it all mes,an as covid case sskyroctke over the holayid weekd.en across the country, peoepl waitin fgor hours in long testing nelis. presidenbit den today acowknledging the vegornment's pandicem response isle carly not enough and saying, "we heavor me wo trko do." covidos hpitalizations amg on chdrilen surgi ingn parts of the in new york tyci, a five-fold increase w,ith less tnha a third
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ofli egible cldhiren flyul ccvainated nationwide. ol hiday travel nigmahtres playg inoutt a america's airptsor. remo than 1,000li fghts canceled today,ft aer thousands more were halted orve the weekd.en aiinrles blaming omicn-rofueled ewcr shortag aesndad b weather. people lteftr sanded at the aiorrpt, scraminblg to getom he. at fci said datoy about whether vaccineshs ould be requir tedo fly. atth dgeanrous wteinr blast targeting millions tonight ross more than 20 states. in the west, bitter ldco, snow and rain. in californ,ia i-80hu st dnow idam white outconditis.on and more than 100 inches of swno since last week. izblzard contidions hitngti pasrt of the uerpp th satystem nowov ming boo th nortashet fmro pennsylvania to w neengld anwith freezing rain. brgiinng treacherous driving ndcoitio fnsor millions making theol hiday trek home. rob marcianota snding be i with e timing. soal breaking tonit,gh a dreriv slamming into veseral
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children outside fort laeruddale. at lea tstwo killed. lateep rorting fmro the scene. >>a> violent midair fhtig caug ohtn camera. joingin aro gwing list of airpla cneonfrontaontis in a recordea yr. and america strg a family celraebting their first official christmas together. good eneving. 'sit great to heav youit wh us on a byus monday ghnit. m whit johnson, in for david. we bineg tigonhtit wh that nouncing a major sfthi cuttingn in half e thisolatiopen riod for asptymomat piceople who test sipotive for cod,vi from ten ysda down to fi,ve followed by ve daysf o weangri a mask ouarnd otrshe. the cdc aolsed rucing the quaranneti time for ppleoe who are expod seto the vusir, b iutt mecos as cases are arsoing. the s.u. avegirang 206,000 cases r day now. long lines fores tting again
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today incdilung these imasge omfr esprident benid acknowlgiedng the governntme's pdeanmic sponse icls early noent ough, and sayi,ng "weav he moreor wk do." e pandem aiclso impainctg lihoyda travel, as mliilonsea hd home. at least 1,100or me flights canceled today. remo than 004,0 scein chrisastm eve. the aiinrles blaming weather and covid-reladte crew shorgetas. neyow rk city noanuncing ferew oppeleil wl be aowlled to gheatr in times squear on new arye's eve. dr. anthony fauci wniarng againscet lebratining large groups. dhe t concern for children tonight. the naonti's hospilsta reporting an 80% irencase in pedtriaic covid admission isn the past four weeks. dr. jhata snding by with his ke in a mome.nt and what he's sinayg about tseho wne cdc guidineles. t first, abc's mcuars moore leadin ugs off he iren new york. >> repteorr: tonig, htthe cdc chgianng guidae ncfor all americs anwho get feinctedit wh e thcoronavirus t buare ymasptomatic. recoenmmding theisy olate for ve days stinead of t.en
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and siftill witutho symptom s, sk for fe ivmore days. their cle oscontactsho suld also quartianne for fe ivdays from exposu iref they a re unccvainated olar te for tirhe osboter. the cdc inpoting to idevence that mt ostransmisonsi happens earlony in the lniless. itom ces as necow vid cases skyrkeoct to 20600,0. in m aeeting wh itgovernors today, t pheresident knacowledged americans need remo vid sttes. >> seeg inhow tougith was for someol fks to gea t testhi ts weekenshd ows thate whave more worko tdo and wree' doing it. >>ha tnk you vyer you'rwee lcome, he ava good one. >> rorepter: in ammii today, meso waingti hours tgeo t their hands conovid teskit ts after stor resan out. i>>'ve beener he since 456:. >> reporr:te for daynos w, long nes fores ttingtr setching yobend parngki lots anard ound city >>t' is like, w homany plas ce arwee going tgoo where ty he y "sorryno, testing"? it's lik ie, have toor wk. r>>eporter:he t white hseou anplning to ndse out 500 miiolln free tt eskits next month. >>e whave to mdoore. hweave to dbeo tter. d we will. >> reporr:te before y animpact from chrtmisas gathengris, the
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icomron surgise alreadyea nring la wstinter's akpe. new rkyo today ectnaing its w ne swpieeng vacci mneandate f aorll ivprate sect wororkers. >> i a11m 0% conviednc this was the rit ghthing too, d remains the ghrit thing dtoo, particarully with e thferocity of ocrmion. r>>eporter:t icomes ashe t mber of ilchdren hostapilized in new ykor is up five-fold. none of the 5 to -y11ear-old patien wtsere vaccatined. thiiss a wake- cupall to everyoneha tt even ithf is virus isru tly mild,f iwe contie nuto t it sprd eathrougho tuthe cotruny and ha ovever 100,000 positiveas ces in ki ds ekwe by week, wene ivitably llwi see a t lomore illssne. r>>eporter:n ichicago, -y13ear-old basestian irheecta s unvaccatined, got vicod and alstmo wound uonp a ventitolar. >> whe ynou're sitting trehe and yoreu'oo lking at your cldhi and youon d't know if they're going to live, you don'tno kw if they'r geoing to meak it -- it's chsu a struge glto see tm.he >> repteorr: thankllfuy, bastian dema it himos m regretnos t gettinhig m
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vainccated, bauecse she w as afidra to miss work. >> i don t'think anydybo should feel se afand thinitk 's not going mtoake its y wainto your house. >> rorepter: tonhtig, the spadre of t hheighly coagntious omioncr rivaant srdiupting me orholiday tboureakabs oard carnivaanl d llhoand amera iccruises ndseing ousands vofaccinated passenge arsnd crew ckba to rt. we werell a wonderi, ngdo any of the pseasngers ha ivet? how exteivnse it is? >>ep rorter: n yewear eve'ins metis squareca sled backo t requirpre oof of vciacnation, masks,nd a social stdiancing. and spdeite encoaguring news fr somouth afra,ic where ocrmion cas seare now opdrping shalyrp, peexrts warnt' is too eay rlto edprict whenha tt could pphaen here. >> it's ingog to getor wse befo iret gets bteetr, that's fosur re. we don e'txpect thgsin are going to tn uraround ia n few dayso t a ekwe. litikely wi tllake chmu longer anth that, b tuthat's >> reporte jr:t usas israel todasty arted teinstg a fourth vacce inshot, ofcifials in ts hi couny trare urgi mngore amicerans to g tethe shot. the esprident toy dawarning thwi llions sllti unvaccitenad, hospits alin some acples wl ilbe erovrun.
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om nebraa skto new hpsamhire, ctdoors are realady feelg inthe rain. >> wree' caring r fothree to four tesim as manyat pients than we er vehave. d anwe don'tav he enoughta sff to dsoo . >> hpiostalsnd uer pressur oence again. marc musoore jnioing us now. and marcus, back to those new ccd guidelin fesor isolation and arquantine. there are also different coremmendatis onfor boosd te amicerans whore axp eosed to covid? reporte r:whit, thast' ghrit. those whoav he bstooers do not need to quarainnte after exporesu, but shldou wear a mask r ten days and get tested. but healthff oicials stress, if sytompms do occur, theyho suld meimdiately qrauantine until a netigave test confirms it is not vicod. itwh? a>>ll righ t,marcus, thankyo u. les t'bring in dr. ashh isjha, deanf ohe t brownni uversity scho oolf public health. dr. jha, great to have you. and i want to start whit that ws lateod tay fromhe t cdc, now reducing the isolation peodri for tseho who haveee bn inctfeed with covid from ten days down to vefi. yifou're asymptomat.ic follow bedy five days of weangri
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a mask around others. they'r aelsoed rucinghe t quaranti tneime if y'roue poexsed. isth is ara dmatic shtif. is this the right meov right now, geniv what wee 'rseeing with ocrmion and do we have nccorete data on how long people are actulyal contagisou, peescially wh itthis new varit?an >> whit, first of all, tnkhas for hangvi me tihink this is a terrificov me there's reayll no reason w whye ne tedo be isotilang peopleor f ten da ysanyme.or ihi tnk we have very good evidenceha tt most peop,le particullyar those who heav vaccatined and bstooed areot n ntcoagious f torhat long. ihi tnk adding five days of mask wearingri bngsor me confenidce. 'll getor me data,ut b i tnkhi isth is clearlyhe t rightov me for the uncotry. >> i kwno a lot ofeo pple and sibunesses weer eagero tget people bkac to work and school. we'llta snd byor f more informioatn on that. alth exrtpes have also jug zest tedhatmi ocron might be less vesere, and yet, at the me time, we're sineeg a concerni ingncreasen i hostapil admissnsio among ilchdren. it h'sard to sarque tseho two thgsin. ywh do you think more kids are going ttohe hpiostal now?
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ye, ahit's a reayll good quesonti. iits a troubling developmt.en as fars a allhe t data right now suggtses that, you kn,ow kids ear undervciacnated. dski under 5 not egilible yet. aot l of kids 5 to 17 haven't goentt the shot. we dohi tnk omicron connuties to pose a teahrt to unvciacnated people and so thast' why it's urgent tt hakids get vaccinate d and pwerotect tseho who can.'t >>om sethingls ee to watch closely. . jha,ha tnk you ainga for your timtoe night. andha tt newui gdance from eth cdc comesft aeraj mor airlesin bladme many ofho tse flig chtancellatnsio on sfftaing shortages fuedle by ocrmion tbreaks. outhsands ofli fghts grodeund on one of the busiest travel ekends o tfhe year. badea wther also havgin an impact. here's abc a'slex perez. >> repteorr: tonig, htno end in sightot the tral venightmare playinoug t at airrtpos across the uncotry. >>t iwas terrleib. peescially tinryg to tral ve dungri the holayid. >>ep rorter: me orthan 3,000 flightnes ver tookff o isth weekendru, ining ma ny
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famiesli' christmas and more than 1,010li fghts nceled datoy. talasha fami ilys trying to get back toew n orleans with her r flighalt readyel dayed. >> having tbeo arodun so many oppele at one time, that's chaos for me. reporte wr:eather, peescially in the wt,es pary tlto blame. avhey snow isen attle grndouing dozensf ofligs htsunday. feet of snow in the sierra. and whiteout conditions in the minnotesa. but the mainro pblem, ringsi vicod cases rcfoing staftof ca illn sick oisr olate. >> weav he to meak sure that emoyplees don f'teel pressedur ctoome to workhe wn thevey' been exsepod orhi tnk they veha mpsytoms. reporte dr:r. antho fnyauci suggesti tngoday it y mabe time to reqreui proof ovaf ccination to f dlyomesticay.ll >>he wn you make vaccitinaon a requiremt,en that's anotr he
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inntceive to g metore peop le vainccated. if you wt anto do th watith mestic fghlits, i thk inthat's somethinthg at shoulbed nscoidered. >> repteorr: but so fa nr,o cision oman king thaa t ndatory qureirement. alex perez joining us now from chicagso' o'hare. d exal, want to go back to the trelavers stu acktir aports acro tsshe country. you're lrneaingbo aut some key wa pyseople can actuallgey t eithr money ckba. >> repteorr: yeah, whit. ifou y'reli fght wasan cceled or veserely delayed, their alines will geiv you a rendfu. u just have to ask for it. and as far as those voucrshe, on tlyake a vchouer if th'sat e thoptionou y preref. eyth say ifou y're comgin to the aiorrpt, of coseur, you have to prepear yourself for anything atth could psiosbly go wron sg,o a lot of patieenc needed if yoreu' coming ttohe apoirrt re, whit. >> patieenc but at least ppleoe have tiopons. exal, thank yo u. > and ttha dangerous winter weatr hecausing headachesor f avelers, as we noted. moreha tn 20 stetas on alert coast to coast. western stosrm nowea hding to the ar re heavyno sw in seate,tl as parts of the srriea nevaad mountains in california set a new record for the snowiest
3:42 pm
december. a multicar pileup in ayi-94, th'sat in nnmiesota. that stormow n aivrring in the northet asand abc's rob marciano is tckraing it all. ro wb,here could the roads really g ietcy tonig?ht >>ep rorter: llwe, a good chunk of theno rtheast, whit, especilyal away fmro the water. 'll sho iwt to you o tnhe rada rrehe. all the winter advisieors are - out foras etern pennsyanlvia, a od chunk of new york and new gland and mostly inhe t form ofle set and freezgin rain. a litetl bit ofno sw minixg in there. that comes through, mosytl ears out by 3:,00 004:, 005: tinhe moinrng. the erwill be leftover slick spots. be aware of that. it wl ilbe chiyll in the rning. anotherla bst of swno and rain comingnt io the stwe. ok at the aisdvories up. avanalche warnings. atth's becoming a huge obprlem. wi,nd as we.ll 16 feet of snow falling, tt'has the record you spoke of. at piece of erengy getti ng in ttohe plain asnd we'reoi gng see aev sereea wther thrtea
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around weesdnday. whit? >>ob r, tnkha you. > w,no to that breinakg story out of fort udlaerdale. a devastating hit andun r crash, driverar ceening tarowds a ougrp of chdrilen, killing at aslet two of emth,nj iuring frou otrshe. night, the search is onor f that and here'sbc a's victooqr uendo. >> reporte tr:he horric fiscene founlding in wilton nomars, florida,hi ts afternoon. thauoritiesay s at least two childr wenere strkuc andil kled by a hit andun r dreriv. >>ne o cldhi is scktu uerndneath the veclhie. >>ep rorter: frou other cldhiren rt and st ento the hpiostal. rescue srscene rusnghi them into e themergencroy om. fit rsresponde srsay the yngou ctviims in t hheospital e ar between the as geof 1 and 9. at least one of them sdai to be in ctirical >>hi ts is a arhetbreaking eveninfog r everyone f,or fami,ly fridsen and for t he fit >> repteorr: stree htsave been closofe f tora tffic. drerivs told tavo oid the eaar.
3:44 pm
afficom hicide instveigates. this tgerady happened just aew f ocks away. authorits ienow askginny aone with anynf iormationo t come forward. whit? >> our thoughts go out to those families. vict, orthank yo u. >>an> d with milonlis tveraling forhe t holidays, the new case of an unruly pasngseer capture d on video. the womanee snll aegedly asulsating an 80-year-ol dman. viode shows them ylielng at each her about skmas. th febi later takgin hernt io custy.od here'sbc a's zohre senhah. reporte tr:his is the moment where inthgs quilyck got out of contl roon a short delta flitgh omfr tampa tato lanta. authorieits say paenssrge patric ciaornwall siseen on deviola spping an 80-yeaolr-d man, spittgin on him and raising her stfi. entuallyel yling at chea other about nowet aring chean be hed arsaying hhae d taken oitff whileat eing. her maskle carly dowasn well. the two llyeing and easwring at ch otheror f severalin mutes. put youmar sk on. >> repteorr: crew membe trshen
3:45 pm
forcgin her to the back ofhe t anple for three st of the upon ldianng you she was detainedy b poceli,he tn tak en in ftobi cusdyto. the lema passeng werasn't charged. cr mewembers and sever oalther passengers say they were injured duringhe t incident. there has been aunn precenedted numberf oheated, often violent nfroatntions sin tcehe start of the yea fr,ueled by the ndpaemic. video oaibtnedy b tmz showing an apparent flight bakreing out on an erovnight dtael flighfrt om a. to mehimps last week. american airlinebas nning a passenr gefor life forll aegedly taatcking a igflht attenntda in tober, bakreing sevel rabones in her heading in ttohe chrisastm weeken td,he faa rorepting more than,7 500 incidtsen involvi ng unrulyas psengers. remo than 4,0 10involvinmag sks, is year onale. delta saying such situaontisre a rare and the hyave zero letorance fornr uuly habevior. wh?it >>oh zreen shah,ha tnk you. >>an> d from overseas s,outh after rf cseastte toon hor lobevedrc ahbishop smdeond tutu.
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free yougur t, a nd your md oowill follow. >> n>exton tight, a terrifying collioisn in maschsauset.ts an amtk ratrain siktring a veclhie just 40 minutesut oside of boston. leavinthg e car a mglaned mess, coacrding to a wiestns. amtrak ssay the vehleicas w structin tghe track asnd is reportgino n injieurs amonghe t train crew or 8pa0 ssengers >> n>ew develmeopnts tonhtig in e thcase of that houonst truck driver sentenced t11o 0 years in prison forau csing a deadly intersteta crash. a colorado judge today gntraing the d.a.'s qureest to recoidnser e uctrker's sentence and seinttg aew n heangri for januy ar13th. the i nowsk aing for 20 to 30 petitionor fle cmency has rnered meorha tn 4 milln io siatgnures. nd a a 9 1/2-urho flighto t nowhere. ael dta flitgh from seattle to shghanai turned aunrod midair edu to new pandem-ricelated cleaning requires at the shghanai airport, which the
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amidon ccerns abtou the eicffacy of thelu f shothi ts ye,ar combin wedith the pandicem. tbu theyre a still emphasizi ng the nee tdo get th fatlu ccine. colleeg bowl gesam are being call oedff for a second yrea in a wro as covid cesas climb and otball teams are left with a shortagef o the haiiwa bowl, theil mitary wlbo, anden fway bow hlavell a been nccaeled. the univeitrsy of mmiia withdrew from friday's sun bowl, citing a covid tboureak. and the nfl nitoght, more ayers have tested positive th misonth tnhall a of last arye, accordg into espn. and twpao ssings tnoo te night. anje-marc vaeell, the arawd-winning director behind the oscar-minonated fi "lmthe llas buy'ser club" a tndhe hit tv sw ho"big lite tllies," h as di.ed was fou dndead at h cisabin in quebec tyci. s publict issays theea dth was unexpect.ed e cause cisurrentlynk unown. he was8 5years old. and sarah weddgtinon, the texas attorneyho w succesulsfly guared the landmark r voe. wade
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as k your provider if cologuard is ghrit for you. >>fi> nally toghnit, ameri ca stngro. a falymi spendinthg eir first ficial cishrtmas togheetr. r foone fami ilyn kansas, th is holiday weenekd was unlike any other. >>'m i harmony moore. >> jayn limoore. >> i'm ca armoore. >> and'm i brady mreoo. >>ee mt the moesor, celebrinatg their ve fryirst chrtmisas as an official filamy.
3:57 pm
>> that was super excitg infor us. >> it's specia bl,ecause i have afa mily. >> it's special, bauecse i have my momnd a dad andy msister with me. >> they' kreind of ahr ctmisas essing. >> aerft 3 1/2 years inos fter ca, retwo sists,er 7-year-dol jaylin and 10-yr-eaold harmony, were offiaiclly adopted by raca d anbrady moe.or theiner w extend fedamilies on bo sthides, weomlcing the rlgis thwi open grdpanarents, eagrt-grandpenarts. uncles, couss,inun ats -- >> greatre-gat aunts. >>or f jaylin d anharmony,he tir cosend fostehor me becamthe eir foverer home. e mooresin fally abltoe comptele the adoioptn process. >>us jt knowi tnghey're osur forer veand it's just a great feeling. >> reayll neic toav he everything finalized and meak everytnghi our n,ow start our ownen w traditions. and a sprurise awaite tdhe girls wh teny heretuedrn home fromhe t
3:58 pm
a new trpoamline thealy ways wanted. >> tt hawas theiadr option day esent from us. that's a tllhey coultad lk out. that washe t icing othn e cake wasn'tt? i >>ea yh! >> jliayn and haonrmy feeling gratulef andov led. f ielt happy. i>> felt souc mh happr,ie cabeuse theyct aually -- i feel keli they acaltuly care ouabt us. some new traditions. new ornaments for the tree -- >> says,ve erydo aption day is autiful but ours is my farivote. andt' isus jthe t beginning. >> happy holidays! >> happy lihodays. and congralatutions. thk anyou so mhuc for i' wmhit johnson in n ewyo.rk pe to see you back here tomorrow have are gat night.
3:59 pm
announr:ce this is a 7bc news. >> cutting covid ilasotion time. the major w nedevelopmt entoday. the cdc sinayg aho srter arantines iok. the announcement cesom as testing is eth hotstte ticket in town. goodft aernoon. >> tha ynkou for jnioing us. y'u're watchg inthe newats 4:00. chrimasts is behdin us. hope you had a gatre holiday. omicn rois still t aop conce.rn check outhi ts long linfoe r covited sting inay hward. all of osthe peoplery ting to t testedef bore we head back intono ather weendke. a simaril sce inen san ancisco. a simir la-- a set- - steyad stamre of oppele at seveh ntand brennan. bay area counties are working hard to meet the high demand. safuc entes has more on what the day wasik le at some of theos
4:00 pm
stteing tesis. >> peoplhae ve been lining up at st sitesnc iluding t sheanta ara county frgairounds ipan lo >> we ear tinakg wk-alins, but i haveo twait a ltlite bit. overl,al gettinghe t soonest availae blappointmten was two ysda from now. >> he told us hfee lt sytompmatic a tndook an ahot-me stte. hisoa gl was tora tck down pca r sttes to conrmfi the restsul. >> youan wt to keeyop ur fins -- fries ndand fami slyafe. >> at the rglaest coun ttyesting site at the fairorgunds, csar coinntue to file in fildle with peop lleooki fngor pcr ttses. the couy nttelling ushe tit se typillcay does 0015 and 1800 head -th- at nbeumr hasho st up to 350an0 d they are wkiorng to contuein todd a slots. >> any briarers u yoput in people's'way, wheerth thaist hangvi to waitut oside in eth rain, if they are


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