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tv   ABC7 News 430PM  ABC  July 2, 2022 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ >> next, california's governor announces a tax incentive targeting states that have outlawed abortion. overwhelmed airline struggling with a start to the july 4 weekend, the number of carriers making the change to handle the passenger rush. organizers say this celebration in the bay area is the first of its kind in the u.s., giving old and new immigrants a chance to connect and support each other. abc 7 news starts right now. ♪ announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. on this weekend, many women in the bay area spoke out today, saying they do not feel free
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after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i am j.r. stone with this is a special edition of abc7news. today, people spoke out in support of abortion rights hours after two states took different stances on the issue. our reporter has more. >> artion is pro-life. >> abortion is pro-life. >> abortion is health care. >> dozens of women and men marched through the streets to support reproductive rights. why are you here today? >> to fight. >> one week after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. >> we are outraged that this happened. >> abortion is health care. >> this parent organize this march and rally over the july 4 holiday weekend, but she says there is nothing to celebrate. >> this is not independence day. i am not an independent body anymore.
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this country is not free anymore. >> the supreme court reminds me of the taliban, trying to drag women back to the 17th century. >> this person from san mateo made the signs with her daughters. >> nobody is for abortion. you are for the choice of what you want to do with your body was so -- body, so i want to make sure they have that choice. >> new york enshrining abortion rights in the constitution, but the supreme court blocked the lower court's order that allowed abortions to resume. >> i am heartbroken for texas and all the states where it is an absolute no go. >> abortion is health care. >> abortion rights remain intact in california, but that could change going forward. >> we must organize, vote, but most important of all, we must
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not be silent. >> abortion is pro-life. >> california governor gavin newsom is offering tax breaks to encourage businesses to move out that antichoice states like texas. he tweeted california is the real freedom state, where we wer will not find you hundreds f thousands of dollars for employee health care. they are looking into finding businesses each time they pay for an out of state abortion. oakland is preparing for large crowds at a lake this weekend. temporary street closures will be in place tomorrow and monday. you can see those areas, including lakeshore and grand avenue. closures will also be in place in grizzly peak. closures are intended to give emergency vehicles better access, help cut down on parking congestion and traffic jams.
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oakland fire department officials that they are also taking action to prevent people from setting off fireworks. >> on the fourth of july, we will be having patrols through the city, and in the hill area, to discourage the use of fireworks. and we have collection barrels at a number of stations, in which people can come and turn in fireworks. >> a reminder that all fireworks are illegal in oakland. safe ones are only allowed in newark, union city, and dublin. the holiday weekend is getting off to a rough start for a bay area nonprofit, following a burglary. the optimist club said fireworks every year are set off, with the proceeds helping children in need. our reporter has the story you only see on seven. >> to have somebody take away our livelihood was very disappointing. >> a less than explosive start
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to the fourth of july weekend at this fireworks stand in newark, run by the optimist club. it sells a variety of fireworks every year, but on monday night, the day before they started storageheand 000.ntor y run the stand and they say the theft has left them devastated. the money helps disadvantaged and disabled youth in the community, money that now this could simply will not see. >> scholarships for graduating seniors to college, special ed christmas party with santa. >> it's not just the immediate impact that worries them, it is also the long-term effects on their budget. >> the group has had to spend an extra $1500 in security,
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regarding what is left of their stalking case the thieves try to strike again, but despite the hardships, they say they have been lifted up by their friends and neighbors, many of whom have donated to try to help the group get the money back they lost. >> now but i know, i would like to shop and see how i can help. i would do whatever i can do for this community. >> no matter what comes their way, she says they will keep moving forward, determined to help those in need. >> if we have to cut back, we will cut back, but we will keep doing what we do. >> and certainly a good luck to them. san francisco is gearing up for the return of the fireworks show this fourth of july.sht totart y night, 9:30. they are best viewed from fisherman's wharf and hyde street harbor. other areas to watch from include pier 39 in the peer 43 walkway. from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m., there
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will be extra service provided. after the show, there will be three express shuttles. bart will run on a sunday schedule on the fourth of july with extra event trains for the fireworks. there are many events around the bay area to celebrate this holiday. we have all the information, including a list of fireworks shows on abc7news. san jose police are investigating three stabbings this morning. the first happened near santa clara. one man was stabbed. the suspect has been arrested. police say two suspects stabbed two men in another case. all three victims are in the hospital and are expected to survive. investigators do not believe the knife attacks are related, but say both started as fights as bars and nightclubs were closing.
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in san jose, a man who police say was on supervised release for burglary and narcotics has been arrested again for leading officers on a chase that started just after 3:00 a.m., when police tried to pull over that vehicle. officers say the driver took off, and a short time later, ran a red light, bus control of his vehicle, and hit a pole. the driver was treated at hospital been taken to jail. hundreds of tenants forced out of a san francisco high-rise because of flood damage may not be able to return home until october. the san francisco business times reports that that is the latest estimate for management, the company that runs a water main inside the building broke a month ago, sending 20 thousands of -- 20,000 gallons of water pouring from the building. 95 buildings number 403 unit suffered water damage. p is hopefule
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first tenants will be able to return later this month. getting away this holiday weekend has pushed airport traffic to a pandemic hi. airlines are struggling to keep up with the demand, and some airlines are making changes in order to deal with that challenge. also, a high-tech twist to the traditional independence day celebration, the environmentally friendly option. >> clouds and drizzle will expand across the bay area tonight. what about the fourth of july?
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>> welcome back to abc7news. flight cancellations and delays are hampering one of the biggest travel holidays of the year. 2200 delays in 540 flight cancellations have been recorded across the country today, after more than 7000 delays and cancellations yesterday. the bay area's three biggest airports, san francisco, oakland, san jose reported 19 cancellations in the last 24 hours, 15 of those at sfo. tsa estimates 2.5 million passengers went through security checkpoints at u.s. airports on friday, surpassing the previous pandemic record reached earlier in the week. friday's passenger volume is a 13% increase from july 1 last year. experts say the holiday spike is
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proving to be too much for some airlines to handle so far. >> rescheduled for 4:30, so we have a long day at the airport. >> demand has come roaring sooner than expected. >> many airlines including delta, southwest, and jetblue have responded to the challenge by curtailing their summer schedules in an effort to reduce the inconveniences. the states wildfire risk has some places reimagining their fourth of july celebrations, using drones instead of explosives. at cache creek casino, they opted to forego fireworks thursday night and used a dazzling display of drones. you're looking at that right here. they showed this video with abc7news. the tribe said this shift is in keeping with the spirit of blending ancient culture practices and new tech allergy to safeguard the environment. it featured 300 drones
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synchronized to music. drones will be used for the annual july 4 celebration at the north end of lake tahoe. an event today in the bay area was designed to restore a legendary culture and celebrate pop-culture. organizers say this event has never happened before in the united states. i look at the celebration of hong kong. and, some spotty sunshine today. a bit chilly. spencer christian will have your forecast and if you would
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howie: man, it's lonely. going through life, it's lonely. kamauu: there is the therapeutic aspect of music. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. today, one organization organized the first hong kong carnival, promoting culture and bringing home congers together. it was a sellout. -- hong kongers together. it was a sellout. >> we were surprised. we targeted 1000 to 2000 people. >> at least 4.5 1000 tickets were sold ahead of the chronicle open and it gave all the new immigrants a chance to connect and help each other. organizers say this represents the spirit passed along from generation to generation. we are joined now by spencer christian. so much going on. cold in the city. hot outside the city. i can't complain about the cold. >> it is microclimates.
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if you don't like the weather, drive 5 miles. the wind is windy, especially the coast and bay, with gusts from 25 to nearly 40 miles per hour. you can see the temperature change. it is cooler across the region in virtually every location. this is from our camera looking at the bay bridge. 58. 61. upper 60's to about 70. san jose. santa clara. 50 seven half moon bay. low clouds of the golden gate. traffic moving smoothly. 78. 65. 71. 74. mid to upper 60's concord and livermore. one more live view. lots of blue skies. it is windy. these are at forecast features. low clouds. patchy drizzle tonight and early tomorrow morning. breezy and cold tomorrow.
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a little bit of sunshine and slightly mild on monday. overnight, as clouds thickened and expanded inland, there will be some patchy drizzle and of the coast. low temperatures drop into the mid-50's. tomorrow, high temperatures ranging from near 60 of the coast under windy conditions once again the mid 60's right around the b shoreline, inland areas will warm up to the low to mid 70's, so not very warm. what about conditions for the fireworks monday night? many people are asking. here is the answer. if you're in san francisco neil the coast, there is a chance your view may be obscured by expanding low clouds and fog, however, as you move across the bay into inland areas where other fireworks's blazer going on, mainly clear. temperatures in the mid 60's for much of the area. san francisco will be cool, about 60. san jose will be mild, about 70. here is the accuweather 7 day
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forecast. more sunshine monday. each day after that, it will get sunnier, milder, and finally some warm summer-like weather friday and saturday at the end of the week going into next weekend. >> now abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> the league is underway. warriors in action against the kings. highlights of 11:00. earlier this weekend, preparation for the california classic. ryan rollins is a broken foot. he will not play. patrick corbinio g some work in, but has ankle issues. james wiseman practice. he will not play in the san francisco games, but could play in las vegas. he is pumped. >> i could not contain myself because i was smiling the whole time, but it is a great process, great journey. i am just blessed to be here in
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the nba, as a player. everything about this is a dream still. i can't wait for everything that is coming for me. i really want to play every game. it is just based on the coaching staff and everything, so i'm just going with the process. >> according to reports, a warriors developing coachesheint sacramento. brown would want from the your faces and sacrament appeared -- sacramento. the wnba all-star draft was today. while creek native starting in her first all-star game in chicago next sunday here on abc 7. it is her third season. she is 10th in the league in scoring. the first player to have a triple-double in three quarters earlier this month. the giants managed only three
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hits and no runs last night for the white sox in a loss. after two batters today, the giants had two hits and a run, but could they turn that into a win? family fund at the ball mark dust ballpark. bobblehead day. his third career leadoff homer in early afternoon, giving the giants a 1-0 lead. logan webb was dealing until the fourth. race is loaded. to the left. he misjudged that. two run score. chicago adds another pair 3-1 p top six good bases loaded. one out. belt to second pair back to first offline. two runs scored. five-was chicago. giants made an error in three consecutive games. they got the winning run, two outs, but they lose 5-3. the oakland a's and mariners.
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we know it is good to eat vegetables. this guy is dancing with the property. never seen that before. he retired f ♪ -- 14 straight batters at one point. solo shot. we are tied. ouch. bottom of the ninth. bases loaded. right center. holds. can't grab. the man is walk with a 2-1 win. almost done with the first week of wimbledon. he was mad, so he served underhand as protest. he was so stunned. back of the net. that was goofy. he won seen dribbling, then there is tennis. shot people in tennis. it is dangerous. you better get that tennis ball. >> thanks. if we saw that every day, i
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would watch tennis on the radio bases. >> he is pretty good. the trick shots are good. >> dancers got their chanc cros. >> just hours after this dance lesson, aspiring dancers young and old put on the of a
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>> 100, legaworks are a huge sof
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revenue for nonprofits. why this could be the last year for one bay area city. that is tonight at 11:00. women and girls got their groove on today with a little coaching from the warriors. ♪ they held the warriors dance clinic today. the goal is to inspire, build confidence, and give dancers a unique expense to perform on the court. dancers five years and older took part, with different routines designed for specific age groups. >> i grew up from a rural country, so to come here and see the girls perform, even different ages coming together with different backgrounds, i appreciate that and everybody is super supportive. >> the group got to perform during halftime of today's nba summer league game between the lakers and the miami heat. what a great time it was.
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three prelims down.
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for to go. they ♪ the roof has been here in dublin. >> montreal. >> china. >> melbourne. >> london. >> las vegas, nevada, usa. >> the energy is unmatched. >> king of the middleweights. >> i'm the champ. you want it, come get it. >> i get the shot next. nobody else. me. >> he ain't ready for this. let's go. >> those men have fought nearly an hour together and act three is upon us. >> feels good to be back. feels so [ bleep ] good to be back. ♪


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