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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 4, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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breaking news as we come on the air in the west. the fourth of july holiday shattered by a deadly mass shooting at an independence day pa ray raid just outside chicago. the new images just coming in. authorities searching a silver vehicle. anointing robert e. crimo was taken into custody. the holiday celebration erupting into panic just after 10:00 this morning. at least six killed and more than two dozen hospitalized. about ten minutes after the start of the parade, gunfire rained down in highland park, illinois. authorities believe the gunman, armed with a rifle, was firing from the top of a building. hundreds of people began running for safety, leaving everything behind. people in the parade jumping off of their floats.
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some at first thought they were hearing fireworks. families frantically trying to protect their children. a father hiding his son in a dumpster. tonight, we hear from a doctor who was at the parade with his family and young grandson. he describes the horrific scene on the street. alex perez and pierre thomas are standing by. also today, a curfew in place and fireworks canceled in akron, ohio, tonight. tensions are rising after police released body camera footage of the deadly police shooting of jayland walker. the medical examiner finding more than 60 wounds on his body. frustration is already mounting as millions repair to make their return trip home after the holiday. more than 2,000 flights delayed or canceled just today. that number is likely to soar tomorrow. tracking severe thunderstorms from montana to illinois. damaging winds and possible flash flooding. red flag warnings threaten fireworks displays in the west. wnba star brittney griner's personal appeal to president biden while on trial in russia. her letter to the president
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saying, quote, i'm terrified i might be here forever. good evening, everyone. and thank you so much for joining us on this fourth of july holiday. i'm linsey davis, in for david. as we come on the air in the west, there is breaking news to report. authorities in highland park, illinois, have just announced they arrested a person of interest in today's mass shooting. authorities are now searching a silver vehicle. 22-year-old robert e. crimo was spoted in that car today. police say crimo was taken into custody tonight without incident. shots reportedly rang out at about ten minutes a of the start of the parade. at least six people were shot and killed. more than two dozen injured ranging in age from 8 to 85. many of them were shot right along the parade route. authorities believe the shooter may have been firing from the top of a building, creating
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panic and chaos in the streets. witnesses say hundreds began running for safety after their heard the gunfire, leaving everything behind, including chairs, strollers, and coolers. someone yelled out "gunshots, gunshots." a marching band then ran from the parade route. some say they first thought they were hearing fireworks. we're beginning to learn a lot about some of the victims, including nicolas toledo, killed at the parade. instead of celebrating the fourth of july. residents were being urged to shelter in place. from buffalo, new york, to uvalde, texas, there have been more than 300 mass shootings so far this year. and now highland park, illinois. abc's alex perez leads us off tonight from the scene. >> reporter: tonight, police say the suspect in the deadly shooting at a fourth of july parade in highland park, illinois, has been taken into custody. >> person of interest robert crimo iii was spotted by a north chicago unit, that subject did flee. a brief pursuit was -- went on. the subject was take into custody without incident. >> reporter: police say robert
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e. crimo was spotted by north chicago officers in the silver honda fit thatey were looking f. the horror unfolding this morning just ten minutes into this independence day parade, when a shooter armed with a rifle unleashing a barrage of bullets. [ gunshots ] hundreds of families seen running for their lives. >> i just looked back at my dad and right behind him, this girl just fell, in cold blood. and just died. and we saw a few other people just get shot. >> reporter: some witnesses say the bullets sounded like they were coming from above the parade. >> i came upon what scene i have never seen in my life. bloodied people. and i -- i almost started to cry and i just felt sick to my stomach. it was just carnage and horrific.
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>> reporter: some parents trying to take cover in nearby buildings. >> tried to break the glass to get in with my son and i couldn't break it and when the shots stopped again is when we started -- we decided we had to run, so, he started shooting again and we ran behind the building and i put my son in a dumpster. >> reporter: that dad placing his son in a dumpster to keep him safe until he could find other family members. you look at the aftermath here and you get a real sense of the panic, how quickly everything unfolded. here's what looks like a toddler's chair. there are chairs all over the place. even strollers, food, drinks, all kinds of things left behind as everyone ran for cover. john will showing us where he was sitting with his 97-year-old mother, who is in a wheelchair. they were lucky to escape. >> this doesn't happen in a little town like this. it's scary. i don't know what this world is coming to. >> reporter: this woman says her best friend's sister was shot. >> i love her and i'm sorry, you know, for her sister and, you
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know, i'll here for her and i hope that she gets better. >> reporter: at least six people were killed. 31 people hospitalized, including 25 with gunshot wounds. a child in critical condition. the victims between 8 and 85 years old. >> there are no words for the kind of evil that shows up at a public celebration of freedom, hides on a roof, and shoots innocent people with an assault rifle. >> reporter: all day, police searching for the shooter and telling the public to shelter in place. >> this is an active situation and we urge everyone to remain indoors and be on high alert, but remain calm. >> we're taking a live look here, downtown highland park. police are su urging people to y away from central and second street. >> reporter: police say the shooter opened fire from the roof of a local business, gaining access to a local business through an unsecured alleyway and ladder attached to the building. >> alex is joining us now. alex, the suspected gunman is
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now in custody. what more do we know? >> reporter: well, linsey, from authorities, we know that the suspected gunman, robert crimo, is local to this area. authorities say he did try to flee from police, but as they closed in, they were able to apprehend him without incident. and linsey, authorities tonight going even further than just calling him a person of interest. they say they believe he's the person responsible for the shooting here today. linsey? >> all right, alex, our thanks to you. dr. david baum was at that parade in highland park, illinois, this morning with his family and young grandson when the gunfire rang out. i had a chance to speak with him earlier today about just what he witnessed. dr. baum, we thank you so much for joining us. i understand what you saw was horrific, you were there watching the parade and at the point that you heard those shots fired, just explain to us what you saw. >> so i was there with my family, the children's parade that my grandson had just walked in with my daughter and son-in-law was over.
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the fire trucks had come through, the highland park police, the highland park marching band, and then you heard a series of like sonic booms coming in fast repetition. you heard people screaming, saying, "bodies down, bodies down." everybody obviously ran for wherever -- they didn't know where the shots were coming from. there were two areas where there was horrible -- a horrible number of people that were hit. some that were -- their bodies were horribly, horribly injured from guns and bullets that were made for war, not for parades. the gunman, apparently, supposedly was up on a rooftop, had a perfect perch to shoot down on the parade and he got two corners in a little sleepy community of highland park of people just sitting watching the parade go by. >> and tell us what you
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witnessed as far as the extent of the injuries that you saw. >> well, i don't think i need to be graphic, but i would say without having served in the armed forces, these are the kinds of injuries that are seen in war. these are -- these are bodies that were, you know, one had an evisceration-type injury and one had a traumatic brain injury and i don't think i need to be anymore descriptive than that. people had no chance of not being hit. there was just a series of shots that rang out, stopped for a second, and then another flurry of the sonic booms and then the people screaming. >> and i know that you said people were saying, "bodies down, bodies down." as a doctor, what were you able to do to help? >> i think i did what most people who were there helping did, which was just try to do something. it seemed as if the shooting had stopped, there was a couple of minutes of lull and then people
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did whatever they could. there is no good reason that anyone needs to have a high powered rifle capable of the injuries that we all saw. i mean, there were people -- the paramedics, you know, went quickly and assessed the damages, saw bodies that were blown apart, and put a blanket over them quickly, and then went on to try and help other people. these are -- these are injuries that nobody should have to see, i mean, you know, being a physician, i've seen bad things, but i don't -- you know, i don't think the average person could -- the image of what was there today, the average person would have a hard time ever forgetting. it was a mass casualty situation. at a parade. my little grandson was walking through the parade earlier. i mean -- any family was at risk wth what happened today. and the whole thing is just -- it's a sickening tale of what's wrong with this country. >> dr. baum, really appreciate
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you taking the time. really, thank you so much for saring what you saw with us. >> thank you. law enforcement and federal intelligence agencies have been concerned about the potential for violence at july 4th events. let's get right to abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. pierre, what are your sources telling you? >> reporter: linsey, even though this person of interest is still in custody, there are still a lot of questions to be answered. authorities are quite concerned that this attack appears to have been planned, and the shooter showed absolutely no regard for life, trying to kill as many people as possible. and this mass shooting comes as authorities have been warning of a heightened threat environment. a homeland security bulletin from early june was blunt, saying, "in the coming months, we expect the threat environment to become more dynamic." it noted high profile events, including large public gatherings like today could be targeted. the bulletin also pointed out that lone wolves and groups with a variety of grievances could be involved. the list is long, from isis to
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al qaeda to white supremacists to unstable people and other motivated by a host of hot button political issues. linsey, as of today, there have been more than 309 mass shootings so far this year. >> wow. pierre thomas, our thanks to you. and we are now starting to learn more about the victims in the hospital and their conditions tonight. let's get right to maher kawash from our station wls in chicago. >> reporter: linsey, we're here at the north shore highland park hospital, where 26 of those victims were taken for treatment. we know 25 of them were treated for gunshot wounds. and the ages of those victims ranging from 8 to 85 years old. the good news, 19 of them were able to be treated and discharged from the hospital. but in the meantime, we've seen this entire hospital property, along with some of the surrounding streets, secured and blocked off by police, as they continue to secure the entire area, escorting some nurses and doctors to their cars as they leave from work for today. but tonight, linsey, those doctors and nurses, visibly and understandably shaken from the trauma they've dealt with here today.
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>> still shocked, to be sure. maher, thank you. now we turn to rising tensions over the deadly police shooting of a black man in akron, ohio. a curfew is in place tonight and fireworks have been called off after protests of the killing of jayland walker during a police chase. the medical examiner has found more than 60 wounds on his body. walker was unarmed at the time that he was shot. abc's mola lenghi is in akron for us. >> black lives, they matter here! >> reporter: tonight, a curfew in effect in akron. about 50 people arrested after protests grew rowdy overnight. authorities deploying smoke grenades into crowds. >> we want justice! >> reporter: spoiling a day of peaceful demonstrations over the police shooting of jayland walker. body camera video released sunday showing walker leading police on a nearly six-mile chase through akron last week. police were attempting a traffic stop, when authorities say walker sped off, firing a shot out of the car.
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>> 21. shots fired. that vehicle just had a shot come out of its door. >> reporter: walker eventually jumping out of the vehicle in a ski mask. taking off on foot. police attempting to tase him. officers claiming walker then stopped and turned towards them, prompting police to fire dozens of shots. walker was unarmed when he was shot. police say they later found a handgun and loaded magazine in the driver's seat of his car. walker's cousin telling me this was out of character for the 25-year-old. >> jayland was such a sweet kid. of all the people in the world, you wouldn't think it would happen to him. >> reporter: the eight officers who fired their weapons were placed on paid administrative leave pending an independent investigation under the ohio attorney general. >> when they make the most critical decision, to point their firearm at another human being and pull the trigger, they've got to be ready to explain why they did what they did. and they need to be held to account.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: well, tonight, the police union here insisting the, quote, lethal force, as well as the number of shots fired, were consistent with the officers' training. the union adding that they believe this investigation, linsey, will ultimately justify the officers' actions. linsey? >> those protesters making their voices heard right behind you. mola, thank you. for millions of americans who traveled over the holiday weekend, many may already be concerned about the return trip home. more than 2,000 flights were delayed or canceled today. that number is likely to soar tomorrow. tens of millions are driving, despite high gas prices. abc's transportation correspondent gio benitez is at new york's laguardia airport for us. hey, gio. >> reporter: hey there, linsey, good evening. yeah, we saw a record number of travelers this weekend. just take a look at this. on friday alone, the tsa screened nearly 2.5 million people. now, that was a pandemic record.
5:46 pm
the last time we saw a number that high was before the pandemic, in february 2020. but we also saul a large amount of delays and cancellations. about 10,000 delayed flights, more than 1,000 canceled, following a slew of staffing and weather issues. now, it's not too bad today, but tomorrow, airports and roads will be very busy as millions head home. linsey? >> potentially slow going on tuesday. gio, thank you. next tonight, wnba star brittney griner appealing directly to president biden to bring her and other american detainees home from russia. griner writing to the president while on trial in moscow. she's accused of illegally bringing hashish oil into the country. the u.s. says she's being wrongfully detained. the letter delivered to the white house. she writes, "as i sit here in a russian prison, alone with my thoughts and without the protection of my wife, family, friends, olympic jersey or any accomplishments, i'm terrified i might be here forever." and when we come back, we're tracking the severe weather for millions in the central u.s. and the dangerous fire threat in and the dangerous fire threat in the west. if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure
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next tonight, we are tracking severe thunderstorms from montana to illinois. millions face damaging winds and possible flash flooding. red flag warnings are threatening firework displays in the west. let's get right to danielle breezy from our nashville affiliate wkrn. danielle? >> reporter: linsey, the holiday weekend ending with millions in the threat zone for severe weather. damaging winds and large hail possible from montana into the great lakes. the storms continue in some areas overnight, with flash flooding another big concern. dangerous heat building back into the center of the country this week. highs hitting the triple digits as far north as iowa on tuesday. and the fire danger continues in parts of the west. red flag warnings from las vegas to salt lake city. officials concerned that fireworks in drought areas could spark new wildfires. linsey? >> extra dangerous with those kinds of fireworks and those conditions. danielle, thank you. when we come back, the cdc says it's found the origin of that deadly listeria outbreak. it's a florida-based ice cream brand. details next. my a1c stayed here,
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tragedy for an indiana family on this holiday weekend. their 11-year-old son, camrynn ray mcmichael, died in a fireworks accident the night before the fourth. his family tried to rush him to the hospital, but police say he died on the way. the consumer product safety commission says more than 11,000 people were hospitalized with fireworks-related injuries last year. nine died. the cdc says it has traced the source of a deadly listeria outbreak to a florida ice cream brand. officials are telling consumers to discard any containers of big olaf creamery ice cream. the company is cooperating. the brand is sold only in florida, but the outbreak spread to ten states. symptoms can start up to 70 days after eating the contaminated product. one person has died and at least 23 people have been sickened. it, of course, would not be fourth of july without the nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island. and for the 15th time, the men's winner is joey chestnut. he downed 63 franks and buns,
5:54 pm
coming up a little short from his all-time record of 76. the women's champ was miki sudo. she gobbled 40. she took the year off last year because she was pregnant. and when we come back, we go back to highland park, illinois, for an update on today's tragedy. if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. breztri gives me better breathing and helps prevent flare-ups. before breztri, i was stuck in the past. i still had bad days, [coughing] flare-ups, which kept me from doing what i love. my doctor said for my copd, it was time for breztri. breztri gives you better breathing, symptom improvement, and helps prevent flare-ups. like no other copd medicine, breztri was proven to reduce flare-ups by 52%. breztri won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. it is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition... ...or high blood pressure before taking it. don't take breztri more than prescribed.
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5:58 pm
when that suspect was apprehended in north chicago, illinois, about 13 miles from here. authorities say that he was apprehended after a short pursuit. now, all this comes, linsey, after a gunman from a roof top opened fire on the crowd here gathered to watch the july 4th parade, killing six people, injuring more than 30. authorities now, linsey, working to figure out what exactly the motive in this case may have been. linsey? >> alex, thank you so much. and thanks to all of you for watching on this fourth of july. i'm linsey davis in new york. more on the shooter later on "nightline" and "gma." good night. person of interest n custody tonight the latest ont n
5:59 pm
the attack at a fourth of july parade that left six people dead another tragedy and you wonder when we'll wake up. we'll have reaction here in the bay area where events continued under heightened security. i'm spencer christian fourth of july fireworks begin at about three hours. we'll clouds and fog interfere. i'll have the forecast abc 7 news at 6 begins right now now. c7 live breaking news iris it's the moment reality set in a gunman had opened fire on a fourth of july parade with that. we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion limb, and i'm larryville take a look at video justin showing the arrest of the man who's been named a person of interest in today's parade shooting. police spotted the car they were looking for a silver 2010 honda fit. there was a brief pursuit and you could see the officers
6:00 pm
approaching with guns drawn. they said the driver into custody. they took him into custody without incident officers surrounded the car the driver got out lied down on the road and was then arrested this all happened in lake forest, illinois a city not far from this morning's shooting 22 year old robert. bobby. kramo was publicly named that person of interest in the shooting and this is the your released when investigators named him and he is now in police custody the attack on the highland park fourth of july parade in illinois this morning killed six people and wounded dozens more. including several children the youngest just eight years old doctors say some patients may not survive their injuries. now highland park is an affluent city located just about 30 miles north of chicago to put it into perspective. that's about the distance from atherton to san francisco. abc 7 news. anchor karina. nova joins us live with details on exactly what happened karina dion. we're now hearing more from families


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