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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 5, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mission. they say they were hit with fireworks and glass bottles for a's fans ended up being wounded by gunfire from celebratory shots that were fired nearby in east oakland abc 7 news reporter leslie. brinkley has more on a frightening scenario as bullet fragments hit fans including kids during the a's fireworks show. it was the biggest home crowd yet this year for the fourth of july a's game at the coliseum 24,000 fans. once the a's won the fireworks began and so did the gunfire but police believe the bullets were fired from inside the coliseum and then rained down on fans inside the a's released a statement saying officers located three fans struck by bullet fragments from what appears to be celebratory gunfire occurring throughout the city of oakland a fourth victim later walked into a local hospital one victim was an 11 year old boy shot in the shoulder the other bullets hit
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fans in the arms and hands everyone was treated and released the bullets were fired as hundreds of illegal fireworks were set off. throughout the city according to oakland city councilmember noel gallo, you know, we got to change our behavior here in the city of and because not only did i hear that the loud, you know m80s and the fireworks, but i also heard the gunshots going on. i can just hear the oakland a's in terms of this is why we don't want the coliseum, but the reality is it's it all down to enforce. gaia was just made that so many residents spent hundreds of dollars on fireworks and then set them off illegally and that so many fired weapons off endangering the public even more a car on the coliseum parking lot was also pierced by a bullet but no one was injured oakland police say they'll work closely with a security to ensure the safety of fans at future a's games a 20,000 reward has been posted for any information leading to the arrest of one of
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the shooters in the east bay. i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news. my sheriff's office says last night was a very busy one for illegal fireworks. it handled over 160 calls related to unsanctioned firework shows and also seized about 400 pounds of explosives. deputies also recovered a short-barreled ar-15 ghost gun from somebody's car the office tweeted that i could not shut down all the illegal activities last night, but just did its best. new developments now in the deadly shooting at the fourth of july parade in highland park, illinois the suspect now facing seven counts of first degree murder abc 7 news anchor karina nova here now with the latest karina. well prosecutors said though seven charges if convicted would result in a life sentence, but they also said kremo could face dozens of more charges in the coming days and earlier today a seventh person died. a result of the parade shooting and we're learning the names of
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six of the seven people who died they include 63 year old jacqueline sondheim 78 year old nicholas toledo. zarcosa 88 year old steven strauss 64 year old catherine goldstein 35 year old irina mccarthy and 37 year old kevin mccarthy. they're the husband and wife of their two year old son aiden who was with them at the time and survived the shooting you might have seen images on social media. showing aiden covered in blood today police also released new details of the suspects actions the day of the shooting and leading up to it. this surveillance image shows the suspect wearing women's clothing which police say he used to discise himself and cover his face tattoos. police say this may have helped him blend into the crowd and escape after firing more than 70 rounds from a rooftop police also revealed the suspect plan this attack for weeks. he bought five firearms legally in illinois over the last two years and we also learned of two
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prior encounters with police both in 2019. the first was a mental health call in the second came from a concerned family member. the second occurred in september of 2019 a family member reported that cremo said he was going to kill everyone and cremo had a collection of knives the police responded to his residence. the police removed 16 knives a dagger and a sword from primo's home. at that time there was no probable cause to arrest there were arrest there were no complaints that were signed by any of the victims. and as of right now police have not given a motive for the shooting larry. yes. so karina what happened after the incident with the knives was anybody alerted and should that have prevented him from buying five guns? after that incident with the knives in 2019 highland park police say they filed paperwork with state police to flag primo, but here's where it gets murky to legally buy a gun in illinois. you need a foid card.
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it stands for firearms owners identification at the time state police say they were alerted in 2019 primo did not have a firearms card and was not applying for one. but highland park police say sometime in 2020 or 2021. crema was able to purchase those five guns legally presumably meaning he was able to get a foid card. right now there are a lot of questions for state police as to how and why the knife incident didn't impact his ability to get the card. for a lot of questions a lot of questions karina. thank you. the electrifier burning in the sierra foothills near sacramento has exploded in size. it's burned more than 3,000 acres in less than a day. there's zero containment mandatory evacuations have been ordered for some rural parts of amador county. cal fires is at least 450 structures are threatened one firefighter has been hurt around 13,000. pg&e customers are without power
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because of the fire evacuation warnings have been lifted in solano county after a small brush fire earlier today. it broke out near cordelia road sending up quite a plume of smoke cal fire crews responded quickly and put the fire out all roads nearby have reopened. right now let's head over to spencer christian for a look at fire. yes, kristen near the electrifier fire fire conditions are favorable actually for containment even though the fire still burning and the reason for that is we have this onshore flow a very humid air much more humid than is usual. that's not only for the bay area, but it's reaching out into the area of jackson, which is near that fire now if you look at the overnight conditions, you can see the forecast animation the push of low clouds and fog and high humidity from the coast will reach all the way over to the town of jackson and the general area of the electra fire by the way the winds there right now are very light with just over 10 miles per hour humidity is about 46% and the temperatures only 80 degrees. so conditions are favorable for containing and extinguishing
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eventually this fire larry. all right spencer. we'll check back with you for the seven day forecast in a few minutes in the south bay jury deliberations resumed today, and he's sunny baloney trial the former president of theranos is facing 12 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud jurors began deliberating last week this trial comes after. former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes was convicted on four of 11 charges. the defense says bellwani bought it to holmes vision, but did not have final business decision making authority. now to the latest covid-19 headlines the omicron subverion to be a five is now to blame for majority of new us cases. it makes up about 54% of infections according to a new study repeatedly catching covid appears to increase your chances that you'll face new and ongoing health problems that's based on records of more than 5 million veterans administration patients. as the 45 to 54 last year it was
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the third leading cause of death in 2020 in 2021 behind cancer and heart disease. all right joining us live now as always abc 7 news contributor dr. relok patel doc. let's start with the new covid variance. it feels like we're just playing perennial catch up here. we're up to five who knows how high this thing goes, right? absolutely, larry and we predicted all along that if we let the fires continue to replicate it could mutate. and unfortunately, we're at a point now where ba-5 maybe more transmissible and have this immunity invasion making natural and vaccine acquired immunity less effective, but still protective against severe illness. so something you and i have been talking about i think for a couple of months now, it looks like we will finally soon get omicron specific vaccines. do you think that will actually get more people going in for boosters? because it seems right now we basically plateaued and people are not rushing to get more shots. yeah, and larry you actually call this earlier. i says government should be thanking you but i do think that
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this will add some more trust towards the actual vaccine regimen because we know now that we need a little bit more of a specificity towards elmir khan the one concern that we waited. we we have to wait to see how it pans out is some of the new various specific vaccines such as from moderna our targeting and earlier strain of overcon and not necessarily be a four or five but oh more during the statement saying that they had a large increase in neutralizing. bodies against ba-5 so we'll just have to wait to see what the data shows. all right. we just wrapped up a long holiday weekend. are you anticipating a surge? and if so, when would we start to see the begin to rise absolutely, we've seen surges recently in the last couple months. i think we're definitely going to see a surge. it may not be as reported larry because we know that a lot of people are doing home testing what we don't want to see and we what i hope we don't see is a rise in hospitalizations and debts. there's enough background immunity out there. i don't think we're gonna see that but that we'll see a lot more symptomatic illness and unfortunately we have to worry about those who are vulnerable
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or those who have not yet gotten their vaccine. well, that's a good point because we're hearing about more and more people who are catching covid more than once and now there's a new study that says this can be really dangerous in terms of your long-term health. it really could larry and this is this again just tells us about the unknowns behind covid-19. now this specific study is pre-printed observational, but the important thing to note in this study, is that the researchers found in increased level of hospitalizations and severe illness and death and people who had multiple infections. now, is it because of their underlying medical conditions something with their immune system possibly? that might be another variable. i remember i said it's observational but just goes to tell us that repeat it infections can happen. we still have to about long covid and we still have to worry. what happens if you're so far out your original vaccine series that you've now the immune response has went to the point where ba5 can really cause some illness. yeah. it's clearly a concern by the th a casual tuesday look, but
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i do actually the casual dr. patel. well, i listen. i'm not stepping up my fashion game for the larry and a log show, but this is what happens nowaday when airlines lose your luggage and i i'm bringing my a game with a nice outdoor shot to try to make up for it. well done. well done. we've all been there before doc. thank you. larry thank you. these days carry on only that's it. yeah, good making history a new sharks general manager is named 50 blocks are a series continues today with a look at the successes and failures of the tenderloin center and 76 years of a summer favorite. it's the birthday of the bikini. it's the birthday of the bikini. ally messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to.
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council is about to vote on a plan to ask voters how they feel about the a's ballpark project at howard terminal if it passes the question would appear on the november ballot. although the ballpark would be built with private funds supplied by the a's councilmember. noah gallo says he wants to make sure the public is involved because of the cities. been though to be clear oakland is not putting up any money up front. they would get paid back from taxes as a result of the construction of the project mayor libby schaaf opposes putting this on the ballot saying this is simply a stall tactic the san jose sharks today introduced their newest general manager. this is a historic move. they've made former sharks player.
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mike greer the first black general manager in the national hockey league and its history abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey has more on what that milestone means to greer and the team there's a new big fish in the take a face fans here in san jose should be very familiar with i'm extraordinarily pleased to welcome the new general manager of the san jose sharks. my career the san jose sharks are a franchise with history of success. and i'm looking forward to the challenge. of getting this franchise back. to its winning ways greer returns to san jose after playing with the team from 2006 to 2009 many of his legendary sharks teammates in the crowd as he was introduced the nhl's all-time games played leader. patrick marlowe says, he and greer's former team is in good hands. it's always impressed with you know, mike's work ethic that he put in his persistence to get things done and just a great
4:16 pm
great human being so that's somebody you want, you know with the rains and today greer already etched a new moment in history with his hiring. he became the first black general manager in the history of the nhl a milestone. he says he does not take lightly. i realize there's a responsibility that comes comes with the territory, but you know, my job is to do the best i can for the san jose sharks organ. if i do that, hopefully it opens the door to to give other opportunities to other minorities to get in front office positions and and maybe lead a team down the road as well. he follows in the footsteps of his father bobby and brother chris both with experience in the nfl front office. chris is the current miami dolphins gm now greer has a team of his own and a goal in mind to all the sharks fans worldwide. i want you to know that myself. and my staff will do everything possible. team on the ice that you can be proud of. and to bring a cup to the bay area mike greer's first jobs on duty no easy task hire a new
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head coach and focus in on the upcoming nhl draft as the sharks look to return to their winning ways in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. right now oakland police are giving an update on the violent weekend we have with homicide shootings in illegal side shows. let's go live to police chief laron armstrong. start off by saying unfortunately, we had three homicides this weekend so far this year opd has investigated 57 homicides this year compared to last year where there was 66 homicides. we've seen a 14% decrease. we also recovered over 600 865 arms this year. that is a 42% increase compared to the same time last year. i'll go over what we experienced this weekend starting with friday, july 1st. our first homicide occurred at about 11:45 pm near the intersection of 30th avenue and international boulevard officers responded to this area after hearing gunshots upon arrival
4:18 pm
officers located a male adult suffering from gunshot wounds officers begin to attempt life-saving measures. unfortunately the victims to come to his injuries at the scene and was pronounced disease. this in this next a can is has not been notified. so his information at this time is being withheld we're asking for the public's helping identifying the individual's responsible for this homicide or anybody that may have witnessed this particular homicide. we then on july 4th early morning of 12:30 am. we responded to the 300 block of perkins street where our communications division received a 911 call from a community member requesting a welfare check for family member when officers arrived they located a 27 year old male adult and a 25 year old female adult both deceased inside the residence. opd homicide division responded to the scene and classified this case as unfortunately a murder
4:19 pm
of suicide. was still investigating all of the circumstances regardless incident we did recover the weapon on the scene that was used in the crime. we do not believe that there's any outstanding suspects that involved in this incident at this time and no risk to public safety. the descendants names are being withheld pending notification of next to kin. our third homicide also occurred on the 4th of july, but at 11:30 pm yesterday it occurred in the 8700 block of dowling avenue dowling street where officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting upon arrival officers located a vehicle that was involved in the collision in which the driver a melodote appeared to be suffering from a parent gunshot wounds. medical personnel arrived on scene and provided a but unfortunately, the victim was pronounced deceased on the scene. this scene had what we considered to be over a hundred rounds of fire gunfire that occurred on this scene.
4:20 pm
by the use of multiple caliber firearms we estimated at this point three. handguns were used to shoot up this particular vehicle, which led to the tragic death of the gentleman inside the vehicle. again, or asking for the public's helping identifying anybody that may have seen this homicide or people who may have witnessed this incident or any any evidence that can help us. identify the people responsible for this tragic incident. onto our shootings. i'll start off with our first very challenging shooting that we had. we're investigating multiple shootings that occurred on the 4th of july the first incident occurred around 8:30 pm yesterday in the 2500 block of 26th avenue upon arrival officers located a three year old child who was a suffering from a parent gunshot wound. out with suffering from severe injuries to his torso area due to the injuries our officers elected to immediately transport
4:21 pm
the child to the hospital and their patrol vehicles for treatment. medical staff advice that had the officers not elected to transport this child in their vehicles. this child would not have survived his injuries. child is currently listed in critical but stable condition. are investigating the possible involvement of a relative in this particular shooting. want to transition into again another incident that occurred on the 4th of july at 9:30 pm at the oakland coliseum at the oakland a's game during their post-game fireworks show. op responded to investigate injuries in the 7,000 block of colosseum way following the oakland a's post-game fireworks show officers were notified of a possible shooting victim inside the ballpark. during the preliminary investigation officers may contact with three victims who were struck by bullet fragments
4:22 pm
either on the field or in the stands a fourth victim later walked into a local hospital and advised of the shooting and appeared to be related to celebratory gunfire which occurred throughout the city of oakland. a fifth victim was contacted had contacted the department today regarding their injuries all victims sustained non-life threatening injuries. this particular shooting really brings to light that when bullets go up. they also come down. and in this case if it's clear to us that the shooter responsible or shooters responsible for this particular shooting were not on site these appear to be bullet fragments that may have come from guns being fired in another location. right now we are not able to to say exactly where those bullets came from, but we know there were in a nearby area as we were responding to numerous calls of gunfire in the area.
4:23 pm
we have canvassed the entire coliseum both within the coliseum and within the parking lot area and we don't believe that this shooting occurred on the coliseum premises, but we are continuing our investigation opd will continue to work closely with the oakland. days and their security staff to ensure safety for all those that attend future a's games at the coliseum for each a's game. we always have a detailed deployed at the a's game. we will continue to do that. the coliseum nea's game continue to be a safe venue. the oakland police department and crime stoppers of oakland are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individual's responsible for any of the violent crimes that we have mentioned so far including the three homicides as well as the shooting at the oakland coliseum. and then lastly i want to speak to sideshow activity that occurred in the city of oakland in particular. night on the 4th of july the
4:24 pm
oakland city of oakland had upwards of 200 vehicles come to the city of oakland involved in illegal side show activity. we may contact with these vehicles to disrupt this illegal activity. we ultimately told over 27 vehicles in all this weekend. the oakland police department has recovered 12 firearms half of which we recovered on the 4th of july. will be posting photos of recovered firearms on our social media. so our community can see just how significant the gunfire was in the firearms that were being used in our city last night several of the view. the weapons recovered were automatic weapons and rifles. also had you know a lot of hard work done by our officers. i just want to thank all of the oakland police officers who worked over we had extra resources out this weekend. we did as much as we could to manage the level of activity that we've seen in the city and i want to thank the officers who
4:25 pm
were very long hours lots of things that we were responding to not only fireworks gun fire calls for service. managing critical incidents like three homicides, but also trying to to just manage the high call volume as a result of all of the things that were happening in the city. so really appreciate the hard work of the men and women at a complete police department because not only did they handle it. they did it in a safe way safer for our community safer for themselves. so all right. this is a live news conference with oakland police chief long armstrong talking about the violent weekend in oakland the three homicides shootings four people shot at the coliseum and illegal side shows all this past weekend. yeah, you really get a sense of what opd has been up against in particular during this holiday weekend if you missed any part of the chiefs update or you want more information go to our website abc 7 and we'll be right back.
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>> let's get to the forecast. christian, it is -- it already has started heating up a little bit. >> yesterday was so cool and kind of foggy for the fireworks. >> the humidity is pretty high. we have this strong onshore flow from a humid air. that contributes to the muggy feeling. the breeze is pretty strong.
4:29 pm
dusts ranging from 25 to 30 miles per hour across much of the bay area. the 24 hour temperature change shows most locations are a couple degrees cooler now than they were yesterday. here is the view looking over san francisco. low and misty clouds right now. oakland,. 7377 in mountain view. 64 at half moon bay. emeryville looking toward the golden gate. lots of clouds stacking up in the distance. 74 degrees at santa rosa petaluma. 77 in napa. upper 70's at concord and livermore. from a rooftop camera, here is abc 7 looking across the embarcadero. these are forecast headlines. humid and muggy conditions will linger into tomorrow. humidity will start to dissipate
4:30 pm
going into midweek. a warmer and drier pattern develops later this week. typical july warmth continues over. the weekend. . the fog will push rather far inland. visibility is reduced a little bit. by afternoon tomorrow, we will have mainly sunny skies. lowes will be on the mild side mainly in the upper 50's to low 60's especially as you go to the south bay. 63, the low at antioch. north bay, a little bit cooler. still pretty mild with upper 50's. the mcginnis will linger. highs tomorrow, low 60's at the coast. up to about 72 in san mateo. mid 70's from santa rosa to napa. upper 70's from 80 in the east bay.
4:31 pm
here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. not much change any the temperature range on thursday. on friday, invalid areas warming up to mid 80's. it's -- inland areas warming up to the mid-80's to our warmest days in the forecast period to near 80 around the bay shoreline. upper 60's on the coast. mild to warm on tuesday. that july warmth will hold on through the weekend and into next week. >> coming up, stories from the tenderloin. successes as well as the hurdles. >> pretty successful in making the neighborhood safer. it is cleaner probably than it has ever been but the supply and demand around drug use still persists. >> just ahead, our series 50 blocks looks at
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> san francisco's tenderloin center is open with the goal of helping to clean up a decaying neighborhood. instead, drew criticism for allowing drug use on site. >> has the center made a difference? we take an in-depth look in our continuing series, 50 blocks, stories from the tenderloin. ♪ >> it is very chaotic on the street and it is really hard for people to adhere to a program when they are on the street.
4:35 pm
housing stability really is what helps people decide when they can didn't -- decide they can get into treatment. >> the main new initiative that was brought to the tenderloin was the linkage center. it is a location where people can come and services can be provided under one roof. >> i think what we are doing is really unique and unprecedented. at the core of the tenderloin center is a seven day a week operation in which we provide opportunities for people to get their basic needs met, to get respite from the streets and connect to health and human services. >> i am one of the guests who comes to the linkage center when i need services. the living room was one of the places you can come and relax to get your mind together. when you're homeless, you feel like you have nothing but the linkage center get reds out -- gets rid of the very. i was sleeping on the streets of oakland and i came here and they
4:36 pm
got me not only a hotmail. they gave me a hydrogen kit -- a hygiene kit. they lent me back up to where i am building myself again, my trust with people. >> the number one things folks ask for when they come as food, hydration, access to our toilets, showers, laundry but the expression appreciating young off the streets. people are monitoring their safety. they can socialize. the linkage people most request is housing and shelter. we have 400 people that come in everyday. there has got to be an impact. ♪ our primary objective is to reduce fatal and nonfatal overdoses. i think it is important to room
4:37 pm
number we lost more lives to overdoses then we did to covid-19 in the past two years. our number one thing is to give folks in the door. we have to accept the reality people are at different stages of their thinking about substance use. the site itself and the staffing allows folks to observe for safety at all times. while they're there, we start to have conversations with them. we offer a hot meal. we give them things they need. then they have the opportunity to perhaps connect with somebody about their larger health and wellness goals. we may be connecting someone to methadone or pupa north enid which are the most effective forms of treatment for opioid addiction. ♪ >> the city wants to talk about people using drugs on the streets. in the high-rises, they are using as much drugs as we are using. they just get it delivered. we buy it on the street.
4:38 pm
if you are a drug user, when you buy on the street, use on the streets because your addiction makes you want to use it right now. i'm not going two blocks away. i'm going to use it right now. >> you see people like that person does not seem like they are taking care of themselves. harm is happening to them. can't we do something? i'm learning every day. a tatian's to as far as certainly compelling anyone into taking actions on their own behalf. >> before i met you this morning, i saw my sister who i left down here. all i could do was look at her. i have gone to that woman so many times. i just did there and watched her go up and down the street. it has got to be when she is ready. >> we consider everyone in the community part of the
4:39 pm
community. housed and on housed. we are trying to set accountability for everyone who is there. there have been 37,000 visits since we started to the linkage center appeared over 800 people have either gotten housing or shelter during this time. 800 people off the street in one neighborhood in a matter of four months is significant. i think during the daytime, we have been pretty successful in making the neighborhood safer. it is cleaner probably than it has ever been but the supply and demand around drug use still persists. violent behavior and illegal activities are not something that we can necessarily approach from a social service perspective. that is where we are right now is what is the appropriate role for law enforcement?
4:40 pm
>> people walking down the tenderloin and a family sees a homeless person on the street feel sympathy. they don't feel threatened. drug dealers, a different story. when the mayor made the order, we never got the police. there were no police. >> last night what we saw was horrible. >> san francisco mayor london breed reacting to friday's chaos in union square. police say luxury brand stores vandalized and looted. the louis vuitton story emptied out by a group of thieves. >> we cannot tolerate this kind of conduct at all in the city. not at all. >> half of that viral video came out of the pocketbooks being stolen and 48 officers were dispatched union square. stay there for three weeks at an overtime cost of 2.4 million. we were told tenderloin, we don't have enough officers. it's in terrible message about
4:41 pm
the city's values and its lack of equity that they care more about a union square upscale handbag store versus tenderloin families who don't feel safe walking down their sidewalks. police are on board. we have seen definite improvement in april and i hope it is going to continue. >> in social work, success looks different dependent on who you're working with. i think there is a lot of myth people don't want to help and i don't think that is totally true. i think it is time and patience and recognizing trauma folks have been through and some of it being untreated mental illness and it takes efforts to reach them, build those relations and to get folks into the services they need. >> this is just part of a 30 minute streaming specialty have put together. you can stream 50 blocks, stories from the tenderloin on demand right now on our abc 7 demand right now on our abc 7 streaming app wheally messes with you. try. hope. fail.
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>> the conversation. two climate activists wearing just stop oil t-shirts caused quite a stir at london's tithey covered aaiinthn apaltic visiand their i am officials say there was only minor damage. what do you guys think about this form of protest?
4:45 pm
i kinda feel like they should leave the masterworks alone or in tact. but they got attention. >> even if it is just a frame, you are still damaging something. at sporting events there were activists who would rush onto the court. you are getting your message across but i understand they said stop oil or something along those lines on their t-shirts but what are we taking away here? >> my feeling is if you feel passionately about a cause, you want to choose a form of protest that is going to generate support for what you are doing. not alienate people. >> they are getting attention but maybe not the type of attention they wanted. we talked about how many offices are continuing to allow employees to work from home but a new study from stanford shows it may not be such a good idea. researchers found virtual meetings can hinder creative collaboration. the study found in person teams were able to collaborate -- were able to generate effective 20%.
4:46 pm
however, this isind of a pet project of mine. teams meeting online did as well and possibly better, possibly better than the in person teams when it came to actually selecting the best ideas. so, take that. for those of you who want to stay home. >> how do they measure all this? >> i don't know. they did say it will be the managerial challenge for years to come for those who are in charge. >> we always have to look at who is funding these studies tiered when big companies are behind the study, you go -- now to a bizarre rule some u.k. movie theaters. no suits. this is why. a tiktok challenge encouraged people to wear suits to see minions, the latest in the despicable me franchise. apparently large groups of teens calling themselves gentle minions were so stripped of the band was put into place. the film opened at number one this week.
4:47 pm
>> that is such a cute name. > but what about if you are a businessman or a businesswoman wearing a suit? is that not allowed? >> i think they did not want the big groups of teens. full confession -- >> unaccompanied minors only. >> i think we should go here no suit only. >> i have a sport coat and some jeans. >> i think my son was going to do that. he asked if we had a suit in the house. the kids wanted to do that. it is a thing. >> as long as he is not dressing as a minion. >> where your birthday suit. >> we had to do that. hi, i'm eileen. i live in vancouver, washington and i write mystery novels.
4:48 pm
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>> the dell recovered from a 700 point drop today and ended down about 130 points. it is down the early 16% since the start of the year. it is time now for consumer news. >> michael finney here with a look at today's headlines. >> let's start with a little bit of good news. airlines are starting to catch up after a weekend full of flight cancellations. over the long holiday weekend, at least 25,000 u.s. flights were delayed and another 2200 flights were canceled. yesterday solves some improvement and today was better with about 3000 delays and cancellations. the rate of cancellations is up
4:51 pm
59% over the same period in 2019. scandinavian airlines has filed for bankruptcy in the u.s. just one day ago. 1000 pilots announced a strike and the sweden-based airline said that accelerated its filing. scandinavian's operations and flight schedule will be unaffected but many flights have already been canceled because of the strike. let's talk about buying a new car. there are problems other than just low inventory levels and high prices. the quality of new cars is dropping. according to jd power, vehicle quality declined by 11% in 2022 making this the worst year in the 36 year history of the study. the previous high was just three to 11% should be careful out there. check out cars carefully. >> on this fifth of july, we are
4:52 pm
marking the 76th birthday of the bikini. >> the bikini made quite the splash. when it was first one and a public swimming pool in in paris in 1946. the designer promoted the bikini as smaller than the worlds smallest bathing suit. >> and like so many other fashion staples come everything old is new again. fashion expert saving rca -- they are seeing a surge in bikini buying the summer. i think they are seeing a surge in buying of all sorts of stuff. people were not going out. >> we are allowed to go out again >> thor returning to the big screen. >> i need to figure out exactly who i am. >> this time, thor's love interest returns with a new look.
4:53 pm
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>> thor is back on the big screen. thor love and thunder opens friday. we have a preview with george pinocchio who caught up with members of the film. >> in thor love and thunder, thor's ex-girlfriend is back in a big way. >> she has a lot of power but she also has human vulnerability and you know, it is something i can relate to more than someone
4:56 pm
who is just a bad -- all the time. >> bring the rainbow. is that a catchphrase or something? >> saving lives, she is quite good at but the rest, she needs work. i think what felt special about this one as it has a tremendous amount of heart >>. chris hemsworth says the director brought his talent and his good-natured to the project. >> people know they are going to have a good time and that is what it is about. if you're not having fun making films, why the hell are you doing it? >> take off your disguise. flick too hard. >> this movie is so different than the movie i thought i was shooting. there are huge sequences that are not in the movie and there are important parts we ended up
4:57 pm
shooting in one day each week -- one day re-shoots. it turns out. >> it is such a good time. i watched it last night for the first time on a big screen with everybody. it is such a wonderful quality of life, that communal experience whi i have notch experienced for a long time. >> several of the stars kids appear in the movie. >> i read the script and i said what of my daughter played this part. i filmed her an iphone at home in two takes. she is like i'm done with this. it was really good the first two takes. she had that attitude through the whole film. i said let's rehearse. she is like, i will do it on the day. >> thor love and thunder izzard pg-13. >> thor love and thunder opens friday. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. that is going to do it for abc7news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
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>>uiing a tt bay a news. >> these seven counts of first-degree murder will lead to a mandatory life sentence should he be convicted, without the possibility of parole. >> just over an hour ago, prosecutors announced they officially charge him with seven counts of first-degree murder for the shooting during yesterday's fourth of july parade in highland park, illinois. attorneys at dozens more charges are coming. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> this comes as we learn more about the suspected gunman and the victims. >> karina nova joins us with details. >> a seven person died as a result of the parade shooting.


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