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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 7, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. good morning, america. breaking overnight. mass shooting. at least nine people wounded in a cincinnati neighborhood after bullets went flying outside a bar, what we know right now. vote-a-rama. a historic climate, health care and tax bill taking a major step forward. >> what happens next and what it could mean for you. setting the stage. donald trump's newest allies in the spotlight at cpac. >> we drove a stake through the heart of the mccain machine. >> how it could affect the midterms and possibly the party's future.
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plus, is there support for another trump run? flooding threat. inundated areas including eastern kentucky could see even more rain today, while in death valley scenes of destruction from flash flooding that stranded tourists. the weather picture ahead. targeting muslims? the investigation in albuquerque where law enforcement is looking into the murders of four men, is there a link? casting criticism. anger over james franco portraying fidel castro in a movie even though the actor is not latino. the fierce backlash this morning. teacher shortage hitting crisis level across the country. what's behind the shortage and the incentive to get educators back in the classroom. and the queens remix. beyonce and madonna team up for
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a new version of "break my soul." shoutouts and the reaction. good morning, america. great to have you with us this morning. linsey davis in for eva. we have a lot to cover here. overnight the democrats' massive economic and climate change bill clearing a major hurdle in the senate. >> the senate could vote to pass the legislation in just a matter of hours. the inflation reduction act is a key part of president biden's agenda. we'll have more on that in just a moment, but we do start with breaking news. another mass shooting overnight, this one in cincinnati, multiple people reported wounded. abc's zachary kiesch joins us now with more. good morning, zachary. >> reporter: the incident happened in cincinnati's neighborhood at a popular saturday night hangout. police say shots were fired sending nine people to the
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hospital. they're still looking for a suspect who fled on foot. according to the gunman archives there have been over 400 mass shootings this year. earlier this week, 50% increase in homicides and roughly 36% increase in aggravated assaults. it's the latest incident in a summer of record gun violence. these numbers overall indicating a massive spike in violent crime that shows no sign of slowing down. >> all right, zachary, thank you. we move to our other top story, this is the senate working to pass the inflation reduction act which includes major changes in health care and a big investment in green energy. abc's maryalice parks is on capitol hill with more. maryalice, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. senators here debating and voting all through the night. senate democrats clearly eager to get this bil to the president's desk as soon as possible. overnight, senate democrats taking a major step forward, now on the verge of passing their historic climate, health care
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and tax bill. >> this is one of the most comprehensive and impactful bills congress has seen in decades. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris stepping in as a tie-breaking vote to advance the bill. >> on this vote, the yeas are 50, the nays are 50. the senate being equally divided, the vice president votes in the affirmative, and the motion to proceed is agreed to. >> reporter: the legislation would make the single biggest investment in clean energy in the nation's history, allow medicare to negotiate some prescription drug prices, set a $2,000 annual cap on drug costs for seniors. and lock in a minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. using special senate budget rules senate democrats can pass the bill with a simple majority. but they have no votes to spare. >> this amendment is simple, expand to include vision, dental to our seniors. >> reporter: senator sanders offering last-minute changes to expand medicare benefits.
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but having no luck. the final deal was the fragile result of months of negotiations among democrats. the last holdout, arizona senator kyrsten sinema finally coming on board. with only three months until the midterms, democrats now rushing to get the bill to the president's desk. republicans unsuccessfully offering dozens of amendments of their own. united in their opposition. not wanting corporate tax hikes. >> democrats wants to hundreds of billions of dollars in reckless spending. >> reporter: now senate democrats i spoke to are clearly excited about this bill even though there were big compromises in the end. they say this gives them something to talk to voters about, to point to. senator warren said she wanted much more in terms of health care and child care funding. but it was time for democrats to book this win. whit. >> that's moving forward, but maryalice, we heard from the white house that president biden has tested negative for covid-19 again, what more are you learning about his condition?
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>> reporter: yeah, whit. just moments ago we saw the president emerging from the white house, ending his isolation. hi's headed back to delaware, to the beach actually, remember this was the president's second stint in isolation after his so-called rebound covid case, the president's doctor said he had been feeling well, he had a cough, but he was working from the white house residence this entire time. whit. >> maryalice, thank you. linsey? >> thanks, whit. now to donald trump speaking to conservative voters at cpac where a poll showing strong support for a 2024 run. abc's zohreen shah is in washington. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: fworn good morning, linsey. it's a conference for conservatives, but ron desants wasn't there. mike pence wasn't either, and nikki haley nowhere to be seen. cpac focused solely on donald trump. trump's newest stars taking center stage at cpac, setting the tone for the midterms and the party's future.
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>> we drove a stake through the heart of the mccain machine. >> reporter: fresh off her primary win in arizona, the trump-backed gubernatorial candidate kari lake. ramping up the crowd over the former president. trump also mocking the january 6th hearings. >> if they used the same energy to go and make our country great it would be an incredible thing. i don't know if they could do that. >> reporter: in a more bizarre moment, a man portraying a january 6th defendant dressed up in a prisoner's suit crying in a fake jail cell while marjorie taylor greene prayed by his side. notably absent republicans who once stood by trump's side including 2024 candidate ron desantis, mike pence, mike pompeo, and nikki haley. >> i want trump back in there in 2024. these are my people. >> reporter: political watchers
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say that trump's influence over the republican party is likely to loom large at least throughout the next presidential election cycle. >> i think the other candidates are expecting trump to fade. but the establishment has expected him to fade for years. and he hasn't yet. but if they see that trump is still extremely strong i don't think some of them will stay in the race very long. >> reporter: some republican voters surveyed said they would be open to another candidate. so there were two straw polls at cpac. one with trump and one without. the one without governor desantis, leading with 65% of the vote. >> i would probably end up going with desantis. i think a younger person would be better. i think trump has too much controversy htied to him. >> reporter: in the poll with trump he got 69% of the vote, that's a 10% increase from the same cpac poll just earlier this year. and it highlights the tight grip he has on the party.
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ja janai? >> all right, zohreen. we'll stay in washington and bring in rick klein and ask him about that. trump at cpac last night, as zohreen said, rumored 2024 other candidates weren't there, this came after the president he endorsed won key primaries. what if anything does this signal for republicans moving forward? >> so striking to see these trump-backed and in many cases election-denying candidates winning up and down the ballot in battleground states. including just this past week in arizona and michigan. a congressman lost his re-election race in the primary. we'll have major tests coming up in a couple of day now, wisconsin, another place you have trump on one side and pence on the other side. pence lost round one. but what's going to be interesting now is to see how this really translates into the fall, because trump has shown an ability to elevate people that the voters like in these states, the maga movement is extremely strong inside republican primary politics. that's not the same in the
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general election. as we turn to the fall, more scrutiny on some of the people that trump selected and boosted. >> in the meantime, looking at the democrats, do you think they're feeling better with chances of winning the midterms. >> the hope among democrats is that they can start talking about what they've done and what they've not done. their hope is a major legislative package on key priorities in health care, environment, taxes is one more thing to bring to voters. but i got to say it's about the economy. a poll coming out later this morning, how voters are viewing the economy, and until or unless that really changes democrats are going to have a hard time making an affirmative case to voters. the best thing is some of the candidates that are winning republican primaries, that might be their best shot to hold on to the senate in particular. >> so many americans feeling the pinch and focused on the economy. rick klein, thank you so much
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for being with us this morning. just a reminder to tune into "this week" later this morning as senate democrats seek to pass their climate and tax bill. george stephanopoulos will go one-on-one with democratic senator chris coons and gop senator mike rounds. plus, bill richardson. they'll discuss prisoner swap negotiations with russia to release brittney griner and paul wh w w whelan. that's all coming up on "this week" right her on abc. one of the largest employers in the state of indiana is speaking out. over the state's new law restricting access to most abortions. eli lilly says the new restrictions on abortion could make it difficult to recruit talent around the world. the drugmaker says that means now plans on growing the company's business outside of indiana which could be a very costly move for that state. now to severe weather, the area in eastern kentucky where president biden could be touring tomorrow is bracing for more heavy rain. danielle breezy has the very latest. danielle, good morning.
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>> reporter: whit, it's not just kentucky that's dealing with flooding rains, death valley although known to be dry picked up a ton of rain on friday. that led to big problems. take a look. this morning, we're hearing harrowing tales from death valley national park in california. after that dangerous flash flooding that was triggered by record rainfall, the park remains closed. >> you can couldn't drive anywhere for sure. it was difficult to walk anywhere as well. >> reporter: in just a few hours, the park saw more than 75% of its annual rainfall. during its second wettest day in recorded history. the floods burying around 60 vehicles under feet of debris and stranding about a thousand park visitors with no way in or out. >> it sounded like the world was ending. rushing water everywhere in a place that's usually bone-dry. it was pretty incredible. >> reporter: john from arizona was among those stranded, now safely out of the park. emergency crews working hard to rescue the stranded. making progress, with hundreds
7:13 am
able to return home. and this morning, eastern kentucky bracing for more rain. after deadly flooding ravaged the area just a week ago. now survivors dealing with washed out roads, destroyed homes and businesses and scarce resources, as the threat of more heavy rain and flash flooding looms. president biden planning to visit the region monday to meet with families and survey recovery efforts. unfortunately, eastern kentucky under the threat again for flooding as flood watches are posted. we're going to have a lot more on that coming up. janai. >> danielle, thank you. mexico, where a fourth muslim man was shot to death. now authorities are investigating whether these murders are all linked. abc's alex presha joins us live. alex, three of those murders happened in just a matter of days. >> reporter: that's right, janai. today, albuquerque police are investigating a horrible murder,
7:14 am
a young man from south asia who's muslim shot to death. they haven't released his name, but there's concern in this community because he's now the third muslim man in coalbuquerq killed in the last two weeks. law enforcement investigating whether this latest murder is connected to the others. if the heinous act were carried out because the victims were muslim. on july 26th, 41-year-old aftab hussain was shot and 41-year-old aftabhussein and then back in november a fourth man, was pkiln with his brother. the president of the islamic center for new mexico telling abc news they haven't gone through anything like this. the fbi now assisting albuquerque pd with this investigation. new mexico's governor's sending additional police to the area and in a statement, anger and saddened this happened. linsey, going forward, investigators are going to be relying on the public even offering a cash reward to help bring the person or people
7:15 am
responsible for these heinous murders to justice. linsey. >> hoping someone in the public knows something and comes forward. the u.s. coast guard and border patrol agents were right there there at the shoreline when a boat arrived with haitian migrants at the florida keys. more than a hundred people jumped into water and made it to shore, they're being held in a border patrol detention center. the ones that stayed on the boat will likely be sent back to haiti. there are reports that russia could be preparing to launch a new offensive in ukraine. as concerns grow over damage at nuclear power plant. abc's britt clennett is in kyiv with the latest. britt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. that's right. fears looming here in ukraine of nuclear leakage from europe's largest power plant. as fighting at the southern
7:16 am
plant rages on. the u.n. nuclear watchdog warning of a nuclear disaster. they're concerned about reports of shelling there. as of now it's important to note there's no increase of radiation levels at the plant. though they also warn it may be harder to monitor any potential leakage because of damage to senses. the head telling abc news that if russia were to disconnect nuclear power from the ukrainian grid, that would cut off a large supply of energy to the country and this would also have disastrous consequences, so the stakes here are very high. they took control of that plant in march. ukrainian staff is still running the site but kyiv accuses russia of terror tactics. using the plant as essentially a military base, as russian forces push on in the south trying to control the black sea. a ship though entering odesa for the first time since russia's invasion. the vessel will be loaded with
7:17 am
grain and travel to turkey. so this really is a positive sign the deal to release that grain trapped by that russian blockade is working. giving a glimmer of hope among a global food crisis. janai. >> a little bit of a glimmer of hope. britt, thank you. back here at home now to. ale getting drawn into the tensions rising among china, the u.s. and taiwan. abc's economic correspondent deirdre bolton with more. this comes at a delicate time for all involved. >> reporter: apple is in the middle of this ongoing conflict between china and taiwan. the tech giant telling its suppliers in taiwan for items being sent to china that have to follow customs rule to label their products being made in china, taiwan or chinese taipei. the move coming at as you said a very tricky time, just days
7:18 am
after house speaker pelosi visited taiwan angering china, the nation saying it's cutting cooperation with u.s. for military, climate and anti-drug tafficking efforts. this as apple is expected to launch its new iphone in september. apple by the way not respondsing to our request for comment, but one chinese iphone assembler say it's operating normally. so will move markets in september, no doubt. time now for a check of the weather with danielle breezy once again in nashville. >> and good morning, we're talking about the heat today and it's ot from coast to coast as we have heat advisories from portland, maine, to portland, oregon. want to show you what's going on here, first a beautiful shot, at sunrise this morning from maine, just off the coast of portland, people usually flock to area for summer vacation, but the heat is on there. in the northeast heat advisories
7:19 am
in place from philadelphia all the way up to the canadian border. we also have heat advisories in place for oklahoma city, kansas city, omaha, nebraska. it's going to feel like up to 105 in that area. then the heat will be returning to the pacific northwest. as we head into monday, these are your high temperatures, triple digits in so many spots. so get ready for more heat. that's a look at what's > good sunday morning. you can see patchy fog here and clouds clearing for a sunny day. mid and upper 70's here. the summer time pattern with us again today with near average temperatures bayside. inland, we are a little shy of average through tuesday and then warmer days arrive inland but not too warm. highest come about 83 in the livermore valley. 79 in hand so, yes, it's going to be hot out there today, we've got
7:20 am
excessive heat warnings up for yakima, washington. whit, i hear you're familiar. you like that place. >> my first television news job, we have more weather shoutouts in my last month. >> when the map came up, whit said there's yakima. >> it's never been the same. >> i know. coming for you, next visit. thank you so much, danielle. we appreciate it. all right. another story that we're following here this morning, the u.s. marines now have their first black four-star general in the military branch's history. general michael langley was promoted during a ceremony in washington, d.c., on saturday. born in shreveport, louisiana, he's the son of a u.s. air force veteran. he has served for 37 years. general langley will lead the u.s. african command base in germany. tensions escalating in the middle east now. plus, a teacher shortage is
7:21 am
leaving thousands of vacancies across the country, what it could mean for your kids' classroom. also, criticism over casting james franco. the role some say the star shouldn't be playing. we'll be right back. meet google pixel 6a a smarter phone for a smarter price powered by the google tensor chip so your camera can see in the dark with night sight fix your photos with magic eraser photograph all skin tones accurately with real tone and last up to 72 hours with extreme battery saver it's all you want in a phone. google pixel 6a switch it up, and get the all new google pixel 6a. hey, got you a drink. thanks! ♪ ♪ it's right around the corner. do you see that? hiiiii! that's what's so good about it! ok, you can look. i like it. ahhh! (laughter) what are you doing tomorrow? (laughter)
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solutions. >> today is the last day of the -- it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. admission is free. >> 75 in fremont today. the clouds have overspread the bay this morning. 61, palo alto. a look outside our window. 63, concorde. very similar with 70's bayside. a bit of a warm week through the week ahead. >>
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♪ there you go. welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning, beyonce and madonna releasing a remix of "break my soul" featuring shoutouts to some famous black women. they are taking notice. lizzo tweeting, i always believed in me and now beyonce believes in me, too. jill scott saying the name drop left her in tears. >> i was waiting for you to do your moves, whit. >> you know. >> he's got the shoulder going. >> i don't dance on tv. >> since when? let's take a look at some of the other big stories we're
7:31 am
following right now. happening right now, tensions are escalating, in gaza, where overnight an israeli air strike is said to have killed a senior leader. palestinian authorities say 31 people including six children have been killed in the cross-border conflict, which has also seen hundreds of rockets fired. sources telling abc news that in a highly unusual move the secret service has given the january 6th committee investigating the insurrection a list of the capitol agency-issued cell phone numbers. the committee can now decide which phone records they want to review. now travis scott is back on stage performing, the rapper headlining his first arena concert since the fatal crowd rush at the astroworld festival in texas, scott is doing two shows this weekend in london. we begin this half-hour with
7:32 am
new casting criticism in hollywood this morning. james franco selected to portray fidel castro in a movie. despite not being latino. abc's phil latest. good morning, phil. >> reporter: this decision to cast james franco coming on the heels of "that girl" being cancelled by warner brothers. it would have showcased the first latina star in a starring role there. the decision, the vitriol to cast franco in this role came quickly as it always does on social media. this morning, actor james franco embroiled in a heated social conversation spurred on by his latest role. >> i probably won't be making it into work today. >> reporter: the oscar-nominated actor -- >> i'm only guy in the whole city who has it. >> reporter: now cast to play fidel castro. in "alina of cuba," a film about the cuban dictator's daughter. the casting outraging some in the latinx community. sparking conversations about race in casting in hollywood.
7:33 am
>> roles for latinos are already scarce in hollywood. we don't get to see them very often. when we do have an opportunity to play someone, like a fidel castro, it's given to a white actor. >> reporter: colombian american actor john leguizamo posted, how is this still going on? how is hollywood excluding us but stealing our narratives as well? no more appropriation hollywood and streamers, boycott. i don't got a problem with franco, but he ain't latino. a producer of the upcoming film firing back at leguizamo, telling the hollywood reporter, saying he should move past himself and acknowledge this story is about a latin female immigrant living in america who is of historical importance. "the view" co-host ana navarro stepping in as well, tweeting, john leguizamo is absolutely right. hollywood still struggling with representation on screen. according to a 2020 study by the
7:34 am
annenberg inclusion initiative, latino performers appearing in only 5% of speaking roles in 2019's top 100 movies. despite being 18% of the total u.s. population. >> this is very disheartening, and it continues this perpetuation that latinos are disposable. we're not disposable. we're not invisible. we're here. >> reporter: others criticized the casting for allegations he faced four years ago. he settled a class action lawsuit last year without admitting any wrongdoing. >> there were people who were upset with me. i needed to listen. >> reporter: "alina of cuba" is scheduled to start production this month. franco is set to star alongside ana who portrayed gloria estefan on broadway. franco was also cast in a post-world war ii movie. he hasn't been seen on screen since 2019. guys. >> all right, phil, thank you so much. turning now to elon musk firing another shot in the battle with twitter, challenging the company's ceo to a public debate about bots on the platform. it's just the latest sparring.
7:35 am
plu plus, pulling his offer to buy the social media giant off the table. deirdre bolton is back with more. you've been following this from the beginning. >> reporter: here's the very latest in the battle of the bots. take a look at this tweet musk put out, i hereby challenge the twitter ceo to a public debate about the twitter bot percentage. let him prove to the public that twitter has less than 5% fake or spam daily users. so the question here is that, if there are basically more than elon musk lawyers say, well, they can get out of the deal. there are more than a few legal experts who say that's not the case. as you may remember, in april, musk filed a bid with s.e.c. to buy twitter for $44 billion. the companies agred on terms. one month later musk tried to back out. a week after that, twitter sued musk to try to force the deal to go through, musk filed a counterclaim, countersuit, which the delaware court just made
7:36 am
public yesterday. it's 165 pages. it's online if you want to check it out. elon musk and twitter, the next steps here unless they reach a settlement first, they're headed to a five-day trial in delaware and that starts on october 17th, so lots of fireworks to come. >> not to enter that debate, but depending on how you define them there are also the trolls who have like 20 different accounts. >> there are so many shades of grey, keep all the lawyers very busy. >> the trolls are our favorite. >> not to be confused with bots. >> thank you so much, deirdre. time now for a check of the weather and danielle breezy from our nashville station is out there for us, wkrn, once again.
7:37 am
>> good morning, and yes, we've been talking about flooding across the country. unfortunately yesterday, virginia, maryland saw some flooding. take a look at this video out of mclean, virginia, you can see cars driving through those flooded waters. you don't want to do that. right now in parts of the threa- midwest, we've got that flood watch up, there's been flash flooding happening this morning and we're also monitoring the tropics, we have the area off the coast of africa that now has a 40% chance of becoming tropical in the next five days. we'll have to watch for that. here's what's happening where we're dry right now in
7:38 am
nashville but we're expecting some storms later today. we have the music grand prix happening. we're hoping it doesn't happen. i'm going that race. >> that sounds great. got to deal with the twitter trolls first, though. coming up on "good morning america" -- the teacher shortage that has school districts scrambling to staff their classrooms. brad pitt talks about his fashion-forward looks on the red carpet. that's coming up with will in "pop news." we hit the bike trails every weekend shinges doesn't care. i grow all my own vegetables shingles doesn't care. we've still got the best moves you've ever seen good for you, but shingles doesn't care. because 1 in 3 people will get shingles, you need protection. but, no matter how healthy you feel,
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we're back now on "gma." with kids heading back to sc we're back now on "gma." with kids heading back to school as soon as this month, parents worrying if their child's class will be overcrowded as school districts across the country struggle with a teacher shortage. "the washington post" headline calling that shortage catastrophic. abc's em nguyen has more. >> reporter: the teacher shortage in america hitting crisis levels. in florida. >> we're short about 200 teachers and with a week to go
7:43 am
that's quite alarming. >> reporter: across the sunshine state, around 9500 open teaching jobs. according to economic policy institute. she felt overworked and underappreciated and that's what forced her out of the profession. >> i was definitely very emotional leaving the kids. i just started to realize i needed to do it for myself. i felt a lot of guilt. because i know there's that shortage. >> reporter: teachers claim they're experiencing higher levels of disrespect from students and parents. amid hybrid learning, and persistently low wage. >> they deserve a working wage. if not more. >> reporter: in wisconsin, officials scrambling to find qualified educators. >> we've looked at people who don't have teaching degrees who come in and we put them to work and get them up to speed on
7:44 am
learning how to teach. >> reporter: some rules school districts in texas switching to four-day weeks this fall due to the lack of staff. safety concerns atop of mind. following the uvalde massacre. >> it's an emotional toll on top of everything else. >> reporter: last year, one of two special education teachers at a school in houston. the other special education teacher left midyear for personal reasons so busby taught both classes. >> at times it was tiring trying to manage everything. >> reporter: a recent poll of over 3,000 education majors emphasized over 90% polled say feeling burned out is a problem. busby understands those who leave to prioritize health. >> you need to make sure that you can take care of yourself and make your own needs professionally and personally. >> reporter: with 372 public school teachers resigning here since january, that's about 9%
7:45 am
of their workforce, the district is recruiting with an ad campaign. offering up to $2,500 to those who can teach in highest content areas in s.t.e.m. >> all right, em, thank you. coming up here on "good morning america," the shoplifting suspect being called a dead ringer for a hollywood star. see if you can guess who. that's ahead in "pop news." that's ahead in "pop news." "po" every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified.
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large out-of-state corporations have set yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. time now for "pop news" and time now for "pop news" and will ganss is going to take us where the money resides. >> all right. >> you look like the riddler in that green suit.
7:49 am
>> that's not what i was going for. we starting off with that hilarious new video with a fab collab. the new song "bad decisions" blanco portraying a die-hard bts army member who does some heavy prepping before their concert. blanco getting a surprise when he finally gets to the show. 16 million views in less than 2 days. leave it to the bts army, they'll do it. we all know the first rule of fight club is don't talk about fight club, brad pitt's recent fashion choices. brad pitt wore a brown linen skirt, then there was this mint green suit with bright red and yellow sneakers he rocked at the los angeles premiere. pitt telling "variety," quote, we're all going to die, so let's mess it up. this is nothing new for this 56-year-old actor.
7:50 am
he also graced a 1996 cover of "rolling stone" magazine wearing a dress. here's my take. when you're brad pitt you can wear whatever you want. >> that is true. >> i thought you were going to have a kilt on today. >> time for the change. >> if you can see linsey's shoes, she's got it going. >> always, always. the fashion here, brad pitt quality for the record. finally a star is born, the henry county georgia police department posting this picture of a man who allegedly stole a rotary laser kit from a home depot but everyone is commenting about how the guy looks like bradley cooper. some are writing, hard times when bradley cooper has to steal. >> i see it a little bit, shoulders up. >> i have seen bradley cooper in person, though, and that person just radiates hollywood. he's a star.
7:51 am
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so before we go, we want to take a moment to rem so before we go, we want to take a moment to remember our dear friend and colleague bill miller. you guys let us into your homes every week. we're letting you in now because we're dealing with a tremendous loss here at "gma". bill passed away this week, a trusted abc stage manager for decades and for our weekend "gma" family, he was the nucleus in this studio. he had razor-ship wit. keeping everyone humbled. and he could have the entire crew rolling with a one-liner or just a sarcastic shake of his head. >> known by all as big bill. he was larger in life in every way. we're just devastated by his loss and want the world to know how special he was to all of us. we send our love and condolences to bill's entire family especially his two young boys.
7:56 am
who were truly the center of his universe. bill, your spirit lives on in our hearts and in this studio. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: rallies against continued attacks on asian americans.
7:57 am
organizations have come forward to have a grass roots efforts against attacks on elder americans. last week 70-year-old public servant was brutally attacked outside of his home on market street rate in north beach, a seven-year-old woman was assaulted while in her lobby. >> they hit a fist to hit my head multiple time and then they pulled me down to the ground and kicked me. liz: now she is bedridden and fearful to leave her home. organizers have set a fund. we can see -- lisa: we can see scattered clouds. low 60's in santa clara. from santa cruz, 57 right now. highs in the mid 70's.
7:58 am
it is 65 in concord where we are seeing the sun, and the next hour or so with a cool start but temperatures will be below average, looking at midmorning sun, and a sea breeze allowing for a cool day but near average sunshine in san francisco. 72 in oakland. upper 70's in santa rosa. modest warming trend for the end of the week, mainly away from the coast. liz: this week now you can save big on supersonic wifi from xfinity. can it handle all of my devices? oh, all that. and it comes with a 2-year rate guarantee.
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8:00 am
>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. breakthrough. >> i'm pleased we have reached an agreement on the inflation reduction act. >> senate democrats unite to advance their landmark climate and tax bill. >> we're moving forward on billionaire corporations pay. >> republicans unite against it. >> what will vote-a-rama be like? it will be like hell. >> the latest from democratic senator chris coons. republican mike rounds. rising tensions. >> americans stand with taiwan. >> china activates its military. sanctions nancy pelosi. after her trip to taiwan.


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