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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 20, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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most pro-trump state in the union. >> right, exactly. i think it says a couple of things. one, it says that people continue to believe the lie. they continue to believe what he's saying, which is very dangerous. i think it also tells you that large portions of our party, including the leadership of our party, is very sick. >> you can watch more of jonathan karl's interview with cheney this sunday on "this week." that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time monday. have a
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night federal investigators are on the scene in watsonville. after three people were killed in a rare mid-air collision air traffic audio is revealing new details about the moments before the crash. good evening. i'm on dates abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo was in watsonville tonight and has more from the tight-knit community now reeling federal investigators putting the focus on people planes and the environment following thursday's mid-air plain collision that killed three people and a dog at watsonville municipal airport on friday. those who knew the victims securing flowers to the chain link fence separating the plane wreckage from the public. airport director ravon williams speaking on behalf of the local aviation community. it's a small community and there are people here that certainly are grieving williams joined the national transportation safety board the ntsp for friday's update air safety investigator fabian salazar addressing
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questions about the uncontrolled airport watsonville municipal is without an air traffic control tower or specialists guiding planes the aircraft people in traffic pattern will communicate through the common traffic advisory frequency. are working to get the radio communications that we're occurring at that day audio link to the planes tail numbers show the pilots work communicating just before the collision. philosophy princesses 740 straight in 204 south looking for traffic on left base. yeah, i see you're behind me. going to go around then because you're coming at me pretty quick man moments later everybody. please be advised there. it's an accident towards the runway 2-0. please be advised watsonville the first accident of its kind in at least a decade according to airport officials the single engine, cessna 152 with one person on board crashed into a field the second plane a twin engine, cessna 340 carrying two
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people in a dog flew into a hanger. the immediate aftermath was caught on surveillance cameras. something went wrong here. because this system works pretty good pilots like william armstrong says he and others rely on that common aircraft traffic frequency a communication tool federal investigators confirm is not mandatory here. friends of the victims declined to speak on camera only sharing their shock in watsonville. i'm amanda del castillo abc 7 news we sent this alert on our abc 7 news app today as we livestreamed the news conference by investigators if you want breaking news alerts like this in the future download the app just search abc 7 news bay area in the app store. the weekend is here in the warm weather is sticking around in some places. let's get to abc 7 news meteorologist, sandia patel sandia. yeah. i'm a summer is going to live up to its name this weekend. you will notice especially tomorrow. we'll have the sizzle around as
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high pressure nudges closer to the bay area temperatures are going to soar into the triple digit territory hot enough heat advisory is still up for solano county until 7:00 pm tomorrow moderate to high heat risk for that entire county. so definitely be careful as we go our by hour tomorrow morning with the fog. it's going to be the most comfortable at 8 o'clock 50 60. so if you want to go out for a walk and take the dog out, that would be your best time at noon time. it starts to warm up into the 80s inland still comfortable at the coast, but look at this by three o'clock, we're talking mid and upper 90s for our hotspots and that is not exactly where the high temperatures will end up. it'll get even hotter. i'll be back with a full look at the forecast with some changes coming coming beyond tomorrow. all right. thank you. yeah a bay area school district is sharing its side of the story after video surfaced of a confrontation over masking that video shows a four year old boy who was removed from class for failing to keep his mask on the boy's father filmed the video
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and shared it with several parents groups the superintendent of the mountain view whisman school district accuses the father of trying to get national attention for the video in order to shame the public servant last night. the district changed its rule from masks required to masks recommended. it says the mandate did not change because of the video but rather because of health data showing this bread of covid-19 has slowed in the area abc 7 news obtained the letter the superintendent set home to parents. it reads in part quote while i have experienced a lot of unique situations in my 25 years in education. i have never seen someone resort to making someone feel unsafe as a way to prove their point. turning now to your health the key part of building a better bay area as more bay area. knees are switching to distributing monkeypox vaccines intradermally just under the top layer of skin some local doctors worried demand for vaccination might be starting to fade abc 7 news reporter. tim johns explains why that could be a problem and what health experts say needs to be
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done to fix it. race cooper was the first person in line at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital friday morning his goal to get a monkey pox vaccine. i figured if i was going to be going to any events it would be safer for me to make sure that i had this vaccine but after weeks of long lines and a very limited supply of vaccines some local doctors say they're beginning to see signs of a dip in demand a potentially worrying sign. we're not even close to what we expected. the the numbers should be for those to get immunized dr. peter chin hong is an infectious disease expert at ucsf. he says the bay area has received more vaccines in recent weeks and many counties are also trying new methods to expand supply but chin hong worries many people haven't gotten their shot yet simply because they still think not enough are available. people are afraid that it would go line up take time off work and not get it. it's based on the experience
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recently that there weren't enough vaccines while the majority of people infected in the current outbreak have been men who have sex with other men the virus can infect anyone dr. chinhong worries that unless the spread is brought under control. we run the risk of having monkeypox become an endemic disease among the wider population time is money when we think about controlling an outbreak. so that's why i'm a little bit nervous. that's why he's calling on city and statewide leaders to increase outreach to those most at risk expanding accessibility to make it as easy as possible for everyone. it's not really everywhere like the covid vaccines were they only had student locations in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news. the state department of public health, which is now calling monkeypox mpx is working on using the my turn vaccination website to schedule mpx vaccines. the my turn site was set up for the distribution of covid vaccines and we have everything you need to know about monkey pox including vaccines symptoms and treatment find it all at our website
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there are growing fears of the potential nuclear disaster in ukraine shelling has been intensifying at the site of europe's largest nuclear power plant and that's prompting concern. the attacks could lead to radiation contamination across the continent new video circulating online shows a projectile landing and exploding nearby hundreds of ukrainians are now fleeing russian occupied areas around the plant the un secretary general is calling on the area to be demilitarized. agreement is certainly needed to establish zapporism as purely civilian infrastructure and to ensure the safety of the area. the calls for calm come as the us announces a massive new 775 million dollar military aid package for ukraine for the first time the pentagon is sending 15 drones to better identify key russian targets. here in the bay area local ukrainians are gearing up for the country's independence day
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next wednesday. they tell abc 7 news reporter tara campbell while it's somber there will still be celebration. the sound signaling the start of russia's invasion of ukraine a moment melina neymarq watched from her woodside home in disbelief 30 minutes before the bombing started in kiev. i was talking passionately to american friend on the phone and just saying there is no way they're gonna started but started they did on february 24th exactly six months ahead of ukraine's independence day. we're still gonna celebrate it if they break our spirit. then the fact that they want and we're not gonna allow that molina's lived in the us for more than three decades, but still has family in ukraine. i'm just really scared and every day this month every morning a check what's happened the site
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and sounds of the bay area backing ukraine going a long way. we see ukrainian flag displayed all over the bay area yana rafman lives in san francisco and says seeing the support in the city helped her through the darkest days, even the sales floor forest hour, you know with displaying this and you could see from many corners never doubting ukrainians would fight for their freedom. there was not a question in my mind that ukrainians are gonna defend their independence and back in the bay area showing up for their homeland ahead of independence day gathering at golden gate park saturday. making i don't know five six hundred people together. we're all gonna celebrate and rallying local leaders to once again lift up and light up the yellow and blue san jose is gonna raise the flag and do the ceremony. san francisco is gonna do something. so everybody and everywhere is
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gonna celebrate tara campbell abc 7 news. tonight san francisco business owners are threatening civil disobedience the changes their demanding from city leaders. fallout from summer travel chaos the federal government warns airlines to fix their issues now and a sneak peek at a new museum exhibit opening tomorrow all about ancient egypt. we'll be right back. now you can save big on supersonic wifi from xfinity. can it handle all of my devices? all that. and it comes with a 2-year rate guarantee. what?! ok! no annual contract. no equipment fees. oh, and a free streaming box. i like streaming. it's all just $50 a month when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. will you add a motorcycle? no.
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has issued a warning to airlines telling them to fix their problems after a disastrous summer travel season part of the airline stepping up could include meal vouchers and hotel accommodations for passengers whose flights are delayed or canceled abc's transportation. correspondent gio benitez has the story. tonight the department of transportation putting airlines on notice saying fix your problems or new rules are coming secretary pete buttigieg riding to america's 10 largest carriers that the level of disruption americans have experienced. this summer is unacceptable. noting that in the first six months of this year roughly 24% of domestic flights have been delayed and 3% canceled the secretary has had to take a step back. let's rethink where we are in the industry and actually get back as scheduling and operation that you can actually accommodate the airlines lobbying group not staying quiet responding that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on all businesses
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saying industries across the economy are facing a range of challenges including a tight labor market and the government tonight with direct requests for airlines to provide meal vouchers for delays of three hours or more and lodging accommodations for passengers who must wait overnight at an airport because of disruptions within the carriers. so what are you owed if an airline cancels or delays your flight? well the department of transportation now says in the next few weeks, it's going to launch a website making that crystal clear no matter which airline you fly. gio benitez abc news, new york 30 new officers have joined oakland's police force the department shared this picture after today's graduation for the 188th basic recruit academy with the 30 graduates the oakland police department now has 683 sworn officers. that is the highest number since january. business owners in san francisco's castro district are frustrated with the unhoused
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community impacting their business the economy and tackling homelessness are key parts of building a better bay area david carricker is a gym owner and has installed extra surveillance cameras to protect his business as co-president of the castro merchants association. he's asking the city to beef up patrols instead aside beds for people publicly intoxicated or in the throes of a mental health crisis in a letter to the city business owners are ready for civil disobedience by not paying taxes and business license fees. you shouldn't have to worry about is your window going to get smashed today by a mentally ill person who sees their reflection and reacts to it. you know, i should be worried about whether or not i can sell more gym memberships. abc 7 spoke with the district representative supervisor rafael mandelman says safer streets is an entirely reasonable demand. the city is responded to the letter from the castro merchants association saying quote city partners are working together to take a multi-pronged approach to address the health and safety of
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individuals and communities and are committed to using all available resources to connect individuals to assistance and to promote community safety and stability in the castro city teams meet regularly with castro residents through meetings organized by supervisor mandelman's office to update them on our continued efforts and progress. it seems californians aren't too keen on president biden seeking a second term or a second donald trump presidency a berkeley igs poll found 61% of registered voters opposed by the running again, republicans overwhelmingly oppose. it democrats are evenly split at 46% trump doesn't fare better 71% overall oppose a presidential run as far as who else should run governor newsom leads a field of potential alternative candidates followed by vermont senator bernie sanders. vice president. kamala harris is third. this is a story you will see here only on abc 7 news biotech corporation. genentech is celebrating the
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grand opening of its 250 million dollar lab facility in south san francisco the new facility guarantees to develop medicine at a faster rate and make smaller batches of drugs according to demand. it's modular design allows multiple drugs to be made simultaneously while using less water and energy compared to other biotech labs. where we're making medicines for clinical trials that are targeted to an individual patient's needs and that allows us to make just the right medicine for the patient when they need it. the clinical supply center plans to recycle and reprocess plastics to prevent single-use plastics in landfills for over four decades. genentech has remained a pioneer in biologics and sustainable manufacturing. all right. let's talk about the weekend because it is here sandy patel has our weather sandia. yeah, alma and it's going to be hot inland. we're gonna feel it tomorrow, and then sunday is going to be quite a different change.
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it'll be nice and cooler. so let's take a look at the satellite and the radar high pressure bringing the heat tomorrow. so get ready for that. the good thing is we're still gonna have fog around here the coast so it's not gonna get hot there area of low pressure coming in on sunday. we'll start to cool us off and it will be most dramatic in our inland community. so it was a hot one today away from the coast. you will see low to mid 90s concord fairfield triple digits around you kaya and cloverdale right around the coast half moon bay 63 degrees with the fog. so a nice wide range of temperatures or summer microclimates playing out fog on live doppler 7 right near the coast. it will advance a cross parts of the bay by morning. it's about 1500 feet deep right now the marine layer that is so 50s temperatures right around the coast 60s and 70s. inland let's take a look at a live picture try to find san francisco. it's buried in the fog somewhere air quality will be good to moderate tomorrow sunday with a stronger seabreeze. we'll go with a good air quality for the entire bay area from our
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emeryville camera. we are looking back towards san francisco and it is a little breezy out there sizzling inland tomorrow miles at the beaches relief from the heat arrives on sunday hot summer weather returns early next week. so hour by hour we go tomorrow morning some patchy drizzle fog as we go into the afternoon notice. the fog doesn't quite clear the coastline so going on to it well into the afternoon at 50 60s on those numbers fog and drizzle. it's already a little misty right now in half moon bay afternoon highs 89 in the south bay in san jose 76 santa cruz 92 morgan hill, so it's going to be warm on the peninsula 78 in san mateo 65 half moon bay downtown san francisco 70 degrees breezy along the coastline here north bay numbers 90 in san rafael degrees in calistoga 93 santa. was a triple digits up there around ukiah, cloverdale and lakeport? the east bay 78 oakland 86 fremont just really a beautiful summer day. inland areas will be toasty but at least you have the air conditioning 97 in livermore 100
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fairfield 98 in concord a's are playing the mariners tomorrow if you're going to the game at the coliseum just nice looking weather sunshine breezy in the afternoon mid-70s and then dropping off to the mid 60s as we check out what's ahead for next week there's a system that is going to develop the middle of next week could see could see a couple of showers between tuesday and thursday stay tuned. it's just one model. i know it's hard not to get excited accurate the 7-day forecast hot day inland triple digits there. that's the hottest day numbers going down in a big way inland sunday upper 80s low 60s coast side, and then it's back up with some heat on monday, but at least at levels off the middle of next week. all right. sounds great. thank you, sandia.
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most celebrated and powerful pharaoh of egypt's golden age opens at san francisco's deyoung museum tomorrow. it's called ramses the great and the gold of the pharaohs
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curators say i' the second. jackson egyptian jewelry ever to come to the us it gives the visitors an opportunity to learn about ramses as a leader and as a father. but you'll learn about him as a family man who actually fathered sons and daughters. you'll learn about him as the chief of all of the priests of the different religions. the exhibition also highlights recently discovered animal mummies and treasures from the other royal tombs ramsey's the great and the goal of the pharaohs runs through february 12. well friday night baseball the a's hosting the mariners while the giants begin a road trip in the mile high city chris alvarez the sierra sports chris. i'm coming up in sports the niners get ready for preseason game number two and a rocky start to the road trip frustrating night coors is the giants dig in early deficit can't get out against the
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rock casino giants beginning at three-game series in colorado and entering play tonight just 44 games left every single one crucial in the fight for a wild card spot giants and rockies fans discussing their teams at coors field one time. giant connor jo was four for 47 before this home runoff. alex wood has three nothing colorado in the fourth woods struggled in this one last picture of the game was the second homer for elio reese montero seven. nothing rockies in the 5th would give up all seven runs and he hated every second of it top of the six giants looking for any sign of life and there goes jock peterson's first home run since june 25th. he still leads the team with 18 peterson representing the time running the seventh strikeout ends eating slams the bat toss the helmet giants lose seven four the overall record falls back under five hundred. a's rookie catcher and top
1:34 am
prospect shay langoliers making his coliseum debut tonight his first at-bat deep center. no not a home run, but it is sac fly made it to one as sean murphy comes on home top to six seattle three, two one out. this looks like an inning inning double play. but nick allen this handles it and then the runner is safe at first oakland challenge, but the call stood very next better. ayo. henio. suarez makes them pay second home of the game in the a's lose it 10 2. it was a homecoming this week for minnesota native trey lance kids from his alma mater marshall high school attending practice against the vikings this week. lance's not scheduled to play in the preseason game tomorrow against the vikings, but he is enjoying the ride leading up to the week one opener. i mean i was always the dream but man it happened fast, but i'm excited to be here, you know kind of obviously settled in now year two i guess, you know, see my family see some friends, but i mean it's work at this point, you know, cal football different kind of dog after practice guide
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dogs guide dogs for the blind is headquartered in san rafael and they need foster parents for their puppies since cow head coach justin wilcox his uncle joe was blind. this is a cause that means a lot to him. i just remember that it changed his life significantly. and so i've appreciation personally for it. and you know, this is nothing that we we mandate for our players but a number of them are looked to be eagerly awaiting their opportunity to help out at some point. sportszone abc 7 7 sponsored by r
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tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'm on dates right now on jimmy
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kimmel jamie foxx. have a good night and a great weekend everyone. weekend everyone. after my car accident, weekend everyone. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, our r inry a attneysys wk hahard i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪♪ >> hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪♪ on today's show, a hidden military museum full of
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antiques... >> we like antiques. we like collectible stuff. we like something that tells a story. >> ...a 3-d printer comes to the rescue... >> i am using a 3-d printer to create coral out of calcium carbonate. >> a cafe feeding neighbors in need... >> i'm very happy, what i'm doing right now. it's my american dream. >> seven-layer fudge. >> i want people to walk in, and i want them to feel like they're a kid again. >> but first, a bay area legend says goodbye to her loyal customers. ♪♪ >> my name is dolores jeanpierre. i was a waitress at ole's waffle shop in the city of alameda, california. i worked there 42 years. i was the first black waitress in the city. ♪♪
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>> she...has been a trendsetter. she makes her own path. she always, and she's done right by this business, and... people all across this community. >> i have been coming here for the past 45 years, and i have met many, many beautiful people in this place. one of them definitely top of the list has been dolores. >> i'm happy that i could be there and work in this city and make people happy. ♪♪ this is jose. he's a regular. i got up at 3:00 in the morning in fremont for 28 years. i left home at 3:45. i got in alameda at 4:15. got everything set up and... did my job. ♪♪
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it wasn't like a job, because i would talk to all my customers and i know 80% of them by first name or what they would like, most of their food. that's what i loved about all this is people showing me kindness back. they appreciated me being there. >> it's people like dolores who have helped this business become what it is. she is an amazing person in her own right. >> alameda was mostly a white city, and i knew i was the first one. it didn't mean anything to me being in that position. i was the first black at the high school in louisiana, so that's nothing new to me, you know? when i first started at ole's, we didn't have any spanish customers, black customers. it was mostly...all white clients, customers, at ole's in
1:41 am
the '80s. i treat people the way i want to be treated. everybody should be treated equal, and that's the way i feel about life. >> i think they were lucky to hire her, and i think she did a fantastic job here. ♪♪ >> when you've got employees like dolores, 40 years in one job, you just don't see that anymore. her energy level has never wavered. when she comes in in the morning, she knows your name, she knows what you drink, she's got it right there ready for you. and you just don't see that kind of customer service in this day and age, so she will be dearly missed. >> okay, i love you. thank you. have a good time. >> thank you. i enjoyed working here. i'm not ready for retirement, but it's a forced outcome with my health. i have a bad knee, which i hope i can get fixed next y


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