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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 27, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. this is the 10:00 news. >> an apartment biling goes up in smokes. tonight new information about what happened. good evening. >> a four alarm fire chases dozens from their homes in the south bay. tonight some of them have nothing to return to. the fire caused damage to the dana gardening apartments on east dana street near highway 237 in mountain view. we responded to the scene shortly after the fire started
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and we are live to tell you what's happening. >> reporter: minutes ago the police removed a roadblock here at the dana garden apartments. they have allowed the majority of the residents of this 149 unit complex back. residents of c building where the fire started are still in the cold as the structure is weak and it's to dangerous to go in. this is cell phone video of the fire when it started this afternoon. a man who does fire repair work just happened to be in the area working. >> flames were just rolling. they were about 15 feet high and just -- you kept hearing a popping and the fireman yelling. >> reporter: five apartments were totally destroyed. another four the first floor of the two story building had water damage. this woman is just glad she got out with her 80-year-old
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father. >> i heard somebody screaming for help and i went to look out the window and the people in the complexes in the condos were looking at me telling us to get out and screaming and pointing to the roof of the house. that it was on fire. >> reporter: some workers went this to the building pounding on doors and telling people to leave. >> got big. it started on one balcony and went to the next and then to the roof and to the bottom and just burned everything. >> reporter: 60 firefighters from five different departments respond. there were no injuries and everybody has been accounted for. >> we will go back in eventually. we have to. we hava figure out what happened. once we make sure it's sound. >> reporter: 25 people are displaced. the red cross is helping them find a place for the night. the fire chief said they were lucky this fire. it could have been a lot worse. live in mountain view. >> investigators in san
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francisco are trying to figure out what caused a two alarm fire at a house in the glenn park neighborhood. is it started around 4:45 on hearst avenue. fire officials say flames spread to a neighboring home before it was put out. they are still trying to find out what caused it. >> bart service was disrupted for almost two hours after a bart train hit and killed a man in oakland. happened about 6:50. a spokesperson said foul play is not suspected. the only witness to the incident appears to be the train operator. the identity of the man is not been released. full train service was restored at about 9:00 p.m. one of the most contentionous parts of the deal to bring the america's cup to san francisco is dead in the water. the mayor said plans to renovate two piers have been
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scrapped. heather holmes. >> reporter: there were big plans for the piers here at the foot of brian street but organizers backed away from this site saying that it's because of the tight time frame. opposition didn't help either. there will be no dramatic over hall of this part of the waterfront now that the development plans have been thrown out. >> we have agreed that the pier's 30 and 32 will no longer be leased for this event, immediate discussions for development fort. >> reporter: the mayor said this major part of the deal was abandoned after weeks of contention house negotiations. america's cup officials had planned to spend $55 million on improvements in exchange for long term development rights.
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today both sides said time has run out to address all the issues that have come up. >> when we looked at where we were at, where the city was at, ourselves were at, we came to the decision that maybe this is the best way. >> reporter: the decaying pirs were going to be renovated. instead the challengers will be based further south. >> there are many of us asking questions about this. >> reporter: board of supervisor's president said the deal was to big a risk. >> by taking aspect off the table i think it lets us move forward and really focus on the race. >> reporter: the mayor insisted the race and construction of the racing village will go on as planned. the board of supervisors is expected to vote on a final agreement that includes the changes in the coming weeks.
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reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> big changes tonight for another major development project planned for san francisco. sales has leased space and the company planned to build a huge campus in mission bay. now they say they are growing to fast and the construction would take to long. instead they will now reportedly lease several large locks of existing space in the downtown area. plans for the mission bay side are on hold. >> now to the continuing coverage of efforts to identity human remains in the central valley. we found a copy of a new letter from the convicted killer asking about possible identification. in that letter sent to the bounty hunter he writes i want to know the results of the dna tests and if they found joanne. she was a 16-year-old who
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disappeared in 1985. dna tests going on on the bone pieces found. the sheriff's department is talking with the fbi on how to proceed in the search for more sites. >> the fbi, no doubt in my mind will bring him out of that prison and have him point to the ground that all the -- all the new areas he is talking about. >> reporter: maps led to the human remains and so far two victims have been identified using dna. in seven minutes more on the speed freak killers the 19 hours of police interviews that we obtained. see how they pointed the finger of blame at each other. >> police arrested a man this afternoon who they say shot at officers which then prompted a neighborhood search. police responded to a burglary call near roosevelt middle school. when they arrived on 17th avenue they saw a man with a gun in each hand. they say he started shooting and then took off when officers
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returned fire. fortunately nobody was hurt but the search fort gunman prompted the school to go on lockdown. one woman said she saw the man leaning on her back door. her son called the police and they ran. >> he said to get down behind the police car and just -- like popping sounds. >> reporter: police arrested the suspect just before two this afternoon after a chp chopper saw him not far from where it happened. they found two guns during the search. coming up in about 20 minutes the lasting impact of traumatic experiences on children. we look at research and what is doing down to get them help. >> now to the campaign for president. a new national poll of the republican hopefuls shows santorum maintaining a slight lead over romney. he is favored by 36% of republican voters, compared to 34% for romney.
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gingrich is third at 13% and ron paul has 7%. two more primaries are scheduled for tomorrow in arizona and michigan. santorum campaigned across michigan a total of 30 delegates up for grabs there. michigan could be key, it's where romney grew up and his dad was governor. polls indicate the race is close. >> we have an opportunity here tomorrow in michigan, to go out and do something big, shock the establishment. > its been fun these last ten days. we started off about 15 points down and now we are leading. thank you. > romney is expected to take arizona and it's 29 delegates. others haven't put up much of a fight there. >> chaos at the capitol where police were caught in the middle as occupy protesters clashed a prowhite group called the south africa group.
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members of occupy were involved in dust up that left two police officers injured. >> reporter: the confrontation happened right outside this parking garage next to the state capitol. >> [bleep] >> reporter: this video captured the chaos as protesters supporting whites in south africa were hustled by police to a parking garage after a clash with occupy protesters. . >> reporter: officers on horse back charged but the intersection next to the state capitol. occupy oakland members came by bus from the bay area to challenge what they said was a neonazi demonstration. >> when the skinheads were marching here, go in to the parking garage to basically take off one of the protesters ran up and knocked out the cop.
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>> reporter: a two officers were hurt. occupy protesters threw cans and bottles at about 35 members of the south african project. the group is said to be with a kkk leader. >> what did i see? people getting tackled. i don't know what the guy in front of me got tackled for. >> reporter: some were hit by containers filled with paint. >> i don't know who threw what. i wasn't aware of that. i didn't see it. i know something was thrown and the officers reacted violently. >> reporter: police eventually cleared the street as the protesters made their escape. at least two occupy protesters were arrested and a teen detained. occupy protesters say they were trying to take a stand against racism. >> it was like sharp so the skinheads against racism it was punks, it was anarchists and
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members of occupy oakland and object my sacramento. >> reporter: occupy sacramento put out this news advisory today saying it had nothing to do with today's protest and doesn't condone violence. we talked to some people today who said they were with occupy sacramento as well as occupy oakland. live in sacramento, ken wayne. >> there is fresh snow in the sierra because of a snow that rolled in today. take a look. this is what it looked like along interstate 80. you can see the slick and icy conditions. chains are required right now for those headed to the tahoe area on highway 50 and interstate 80. bill martin says a stronger storm will arrive on wednesday. >> yeah i will be back in just ten minutes to talk about tomorrow's forecast. its cooling off. the clouds increase and we will get a return to winter. >> hundreds of hens saved from being put down. how you can help them and the
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one requirement. >> and in 17 minutes coping with violence. the
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. a hi school in ohio will be closed as the community deal was a school shooting. it happened in a school just east of cleveland. the student walked in at 7:30 and opened fire on a group of
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kids. police haven't released his name because he is a juvenile. school officials say he is not a student at the high school but attends a nearby lake academy. others describe him as a out cast who was often the victim of bullies. >> kids would make fun of him all the time. in class and in the halls, he would be made fun of for his hair, for the way he dressed, for being so quiet. he would just -- kids would just pick on him so much. >> police arrested him near his car about a half mile from school. two of the wounded students in critical condition tonight. the other two are in serious and stable condition. >> only on two, from his jail cell on death row one of the speed freak killers drew maps to where he and another man dumped dozens of bodies. he said it was the other man who killed them but interrogation tapes made by authorities in march 1999 show
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just the opposite. amber lee. >> reporter: i spent much of the weekend going over the videotapes and speaks to victim families. herzog gave a road map of crimes over a span of 15 years. they graduated from lyndon in 1984. herzog said a few months later he saw the first victim murdered a stranger on the side of the avoid. > killed someone for $45. he killed someone for that. no matter what, i hope you believe me. >> reporter: he said he was at the scene of many other crimes. >> has he described any others to you that he has done? you said he killed others.
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>> he told me about debbi. >> reporter: 16-year-old chevy cut school in 1985 to hang out with him and was never seen again. she was found recently. her mother told me she plans to hold a memorial for her this weekend. >> hopefully now -- we never thought we would be getting her back. >> reporter: the mother of joanne said her daughter went on a date with the man two months earlier never came home. investigators also questioned herzog about a 24-year-old of stockton who turned up dead around the same time. it appears the last victim was 25-year-old cindy. she disappeared in november, 1998. herzog's attorney said the interrogation led to the arrest ending the killing spree. >> i want to see him on death
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row. that's my feeling. i don't want to be there with him. >> reporter: some of the videotapes helped his defense team overturn most of his convictions. when a court determined some of the admissions were forced. he killed himself last month hours after learning that the locations of the bodies would be found. >> reporter: dot victim families have problem was this video? >> no. they said they saw most of the tapes and some of them saw all of them during the trial of the two convicted killers. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> stay with us for continuing coverage. amber is continuing to look through the 19 hours of video that we obtained. we are also staying on top of developments at the search sites. >> a search and rescue tome found the body of a young ike
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hiker who fell to his death. he fell east of gilroy. rescue crew has to wait until today to retrieve the body with ropes and harnesses. their names haven't been released. a member of the cal crew team is in the hospital after falling a fraternity house on saturday night. police say he used a pipe to climb up the side of the house on piedmont. the pipe gave way and he fell two stories. the school identified him as andrew crowley. we spoke to the fraternity president who said that he is not a member but does have friends in the house. >> new, the humane society wants people to adopt hundreds of chickens saved from horrible conditions. we have the story and the one thing that the society said
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they cannot be used for. >> reporter: how does farm fresh eggs sound for breakfast tomorrow? take a look at just some of the hundreds of hens the humane society has coming up for adoption later this week. when you think about adopting a pet this is the image that probably comes to mind. you probably don't think about these. herding hundreds of chicken is like herding cats. they are coming up for adoption soon but before you get any ideas about stocking the freezer,. >> we want to adopt them as pets and as egg layers only. >> reporter: no dinner. >> not dinner. >> reporter: they have been way to much to end up on a plate. >> you will be okay. >> reporter: they are the lucky ones, among the thousands rescue from a egg laying facility. authorities say the owner had stopped feeding his 50,000
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birds, a third died. others had to be put down . they have been through a horrible experience. they haven't eaten in a few weeks. >> reporter: the lucky remaining hens went to a place in grass valley and the hue mean society. here they are getting the food and nutrition they need to get healthy. >> you can feel their breastbone, you can see them. they are just really thin. >> reporter: they will be ready for adoption soon. >> we are looking forward to getting them into new loving homes. >> reporter: finally able to spread their wings, if only they could fly. so it costs five dollars a hen to adopt them. now you should know that each city has different regulations about keeping chickens. you should check with the city first before adopting. reporting live. >> big changes coming our way.
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its cooled off as the weekend temperatures, couple days ago were 20 degrees warmer, it's really cooledu. snow in the mountains right now. weak system, chaining up on 50 and 80. the next system off shore. this is the real deal here. this is one of the better weather systems here. it'll get in. when it does we will see low snow levels and clouds increasing. that cloud increase starts tomorrow as we move through the morning hours you will see more clouds, by 7:00 tomorrow you will see rain. rain starting late in the afternoon and evening and it'll carry into wednesday. when i come back we will run it through and look at the five- day forecast. rain in there. >> a quake rattled mount diablo state park. it measured 2.9 and hit at 12:04. the quake was centered inside the state park just a couple miles danville. there were no reports of damage orrin juries. >> san francisco sheriff looses a round in court.
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the judge's ruling on a key element in the domestic violence case. >> first plans to expand
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man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] . plans officials gave the green light to film maker george lucas to build a new facility. the proposal calls for the newcombe pound to be built on grady ranch near sky walker ranch on lucas valley road. during the meeting a number of neighbors expressed concern about noise, traffic and harm to the environment. >> its going to impact a whole area frankly, an area and we don't have the structure to support it. >> we don't believe that those are significant issues, we believe they are mitigated through the conditions the county requires.
11:56 pm
>> opponents have two weeks to appeal the decision. construction can't start until the project goes through a long permit process. >> acquiralling in the case against the san francisco mayor. it went in favor of the prosecution. david stevenson with what the judge decide, what it means and the potential witness that the judge wants to see as soon as possible. >> reporter: san francisco prosecutors claimed a victory in their case against the sheriff. trial judge ruled a jury will see a videotape of his wife. these are still frames taken from the video. lopez appears to be crying, a day after the sheriff allegedly grabbed her arm hard enough to bruise. >> we have maintained it's admissible and evidence that is critical. >> reporter: in court the attorney argued the video shot by a neighbor was meant to prepare for a possible divorce
11:57 pm
or child custody case and didn't meet legal guidelines to be used in a trial. >> i think it should be thrown out because it's hair say, unreliable and they have no foundation. >> reporter: the judge disagreed saying the video showed no signs of being staged and clearly showed lopez upset and tearful a day after the incident. >> this is a huge win for the prosecution. now a jury in san francisco probably some time next week will watch the statements in that videotape and decide if he is guilty. >> reporter: juries will come in on evidence. prosecutors were ordered to bring in the ex-girlfriend of the sheriff to determine if jurors will get to her hear allegations avenue ations of abuse. david stevenson. >> new developments in a story we first told you about last week with the admissions policy at san jose state. the university had planned to end it's so-called local area
11:58 pm
guarantee because of a surge in applications. the guarantee is a longstanding csu policy that make itself easier for students to gain admission. the university today did a 180 saying it's decided to retain the easier standard for local students for at least one more year. >> violence on the streets, stays with students here in the classroom. still ahead, what one school district is doing about it. >> also people in one south bay neighborhood say this home sweetheart. we need to talk.
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suffers ptsd. in tonight's special report, rita williams shows us how many of them are dealing thing that most of us can only imagine. >> when i hear the gun shots i get to the floor. i just wonder like who is next? i pretty much race myself since i was five. i been through emotional, physical abuse. >> reporter: kids coping life in and out of their homes. imagine, experiencing that then going to school and trying to focus on learning. >> like four balloons and eventually they will pop if they don't let it out. form for 25 years joe marshall founder of san francisco's omeba boy's club has helped young people deal with ptsd to deflate the balloons. >> our results have shown that once you can help them do that it, resolve the issues, help
12:02 am
them deal with the -- that balloon their academics take off. >> reporter: because a study that just started in san francisco, more students and public schools may bet get that help. the study focuses on incoming middle school students, 6th graders. if parents give permission they answer these questions about trauma they have experienced. then they indicate if they are having symptoms of ptsd. nightmares, flash backs, fear, guilt, withdrawal, rage. >> what this is lets us do is identity students we wouldn't have nobody known about. >> 15 to 17% and we got 16%. >> reporter: that's one out of sever six tested. >> 63, 6th graders with the highest ptsd symptoms including
12:03 am
15 here at this middle school are now in the next part of the study. do you remember who is he talking to? >> his dad. >> reporter: half are getting traditional counseling at school and referrals for private therapy. the other half get ten weeks of group therapy with social workers already at the schools. one said she was surprised by how many are traumatized by fear of deportation or the stress of living in poverty. >> if fear is -- it's a tool for them to understand. >> reporter: with three dozen in her class this is new 6th grade teacher welcomes help with any student she may overlook. >> i really have to recognize that i have no idea what is going on outside of the classroom. >> reporter: the purpose of the four year study is to determine if the specialized group therapy improves academic
12:04 am
achievement. >> it's a good investment because we want to learn what is a effecting students. >> reporter: money well spent to prevent drop outs. >> i think it should start in elementary school like when very young and keep teaching so a person can only take so much. it's like okay, i'm not alone. >> reporter: they can't stop the violence but they can teach these youngsters how to cope witht. in san francisco, rita williams, k tvu. >> and we post all of our special reports to the website. just look for the tab on the front page. >> relief may be on the way for residents in east san jose complaining for years about a house piling up with trash. it's on south clairmont and everything from furniture to parts to animal cages are cluttering the front yard tomorrow the board of supervisors is expect to do
12:05 am
claire can a nuisance. the owner disappears for long periods of times. animals living among the debris. >> kept having kittening, so i trapped like 23 cats, seven kittens, two possums and a raccoon. >> the city can go in and remove the junk. i a public hearing set for march 12th. >> new details about a triple shooting at a san jose restaurant over the weekend that claimed a man's life. police identified him as 33- year-old anthony salazar of san jose. two others were also shot in the parking lot of the catina and were treated release. they happened about 1:00 p.m. yesterday morning during a large birthday celebration, no arrests have been made so far. this was san jose's 5th homicide of the year. >> a close call in berkeley as the driver of an suv hit a parkl meter, a parked car and
12:06 am
just missed crashing into a produce market. it wound up on the sidewalk stopping just short of the marchk. near 51st. the driver of the land refer said she lost control because the brakes failed. new information on a deadly hit and run. we know the identity of the man killed. he was constantine perinstinse. he was broadsided by a truck. the truck driver ran and is still being looked for. the crash happened about 3:30 sunday morning at california and battery street. >> the bay area customers of the failed home savings of america bank were relieved to learn their money was sent out this morning. a representative greeted them to give them information on the bank closing. the bank based out of minnesota was closed by regulators last friday. no other banking institutions was willing to absorb it.
12:07 am
it was another day of close but not on wall street. the dow was around the 13,000 mark but fell. it closed down a little more than a point. the nasdaq was up two. >> thousands of city dollars spent elsewhere. the fraud case that led to a ban on official business a hardware store. >> and back here i have the cheer model lined up and ready to go. i have rain drops, snow in the mountains. . and
12:08 am
12:09 am
. aloin time store is banned from doing business with the city because of a fraud
12:10 am
allegation. kohl has four stores in san francisco including one on cole street. the da said an employee was involved in a conspiracy with city employees. they would bill the city for supplies that went for employee personal use. w. >> we would have invoices for lumber, we were buying t had, hard to know part went to the guy's home and built a deck. >> reporter: the owner of the store said he was shocked didn't know anything about it but agreed to pay $50,000 in restitution. the employee faced criminal charges and six city workers already plead guilty. an emergency landing this evening shut down liberty airport in new jersey. a plane with 71 people on board landed safely after the pilot reported a landing gear malfunction. the entire airport was closed when that plane landed at 6:20 tonight eastern time. two runways opened about an hour later.
12:11 am
no injuries were reported. >> in news of the world in the indian ocean a cruise ship lost power after a fire in the generator. more than a thousand were on board. a french ship reached them this evening and is now towinng is to land. it's a sister ship to the one that it ran aground in italy last month. in chile a wildfire has destroyed more than it 70 homes since it started in past weekend. authorities suspect it was started on purpose. 11 people have suffered burns, one firefighter said it is the worst fire he has seen in 27 years on the job. in london a senior police official said that murdoca's top selling tabloid had a culture of paying people for gossip. it included police, military and the government. the accusations come a day
12:12 am
after they published their first sunday paper, selling more than 3 million copies. >> new legislation spells out regular layings for medical marijuana. it would create a board and limit clinics to one per city of 50,000 people. it could be cultivated sold under state law. some authorities contend the first law doesn't legalize the sale of medical marijuana. state senator announced a bill to freeze the spending of anymore toll money on the moving of the mtc headquarters. the commission is now located in oakland. it's already spent $93 million to purchase a building and started awarding contracts for renovation back in december. the senator questions using toll revenues for that. >> two mountain lion cubs found after their mother was
12:13 am
killed are in a sanctuary in arizona. a worker said they started chirping when they saw each other following their separation during the flight. they were found near san jose last month. each weighing only seven pounds and suffering bites. they were taken to the zoo but it couldn't keep them so so they went to arizona. >> a labor of love. the classic hollywood pose that's inspired amoral. . >> and. >> cyber security professionals lining up. we have found just how easy it is to hack. >> and bill tracking much needed rain
12:14 am
12:15 am
. new, think your information is safe online in a group of
12:16 am
security experts said think again. our health and science editor say itself they are high end or just teen was apps you are at risk. >> reporter: the conference started a started assessment. one security firm reported details. >> of the group information spending weeks recruiting amateur hackers trying to take down a vatican website using a application that nearly guarantees they stay information. >> there is always new problems. >> reporter: experts say its designed to always be on, not always secure and that groups like nothing will always about a threat. >> i need to find one mistake.
12:17 am
>> reporter: security guru jack daniel said if it's just teens with weapon apps. >> you can defend. if you get in the cross hairs of the high end people, the people who know what they are doing then its much harder > >> they can strike just because it goes with their ethics and politics and that's why they are dangerous. >> reporter: experts say security is continuous and expensive. though one called anonymous a few geniuses surrounded by idiots. >> the defense wants probation when a former police officer is sentenced. is he convicted laugh july of 12 felonies for giving privileged law enforcement information to a member of the hell's hell's angels. prosecutors say he undermined
12:18 am
the public's confidence. police are searching for an arsonist the who burned itemsa the main library. officers were called to the library just before four yesterday afternoon. they found several burnt items ono the second floor which is now closed -- which is closed to the public on sunday. the fire damaged books, computers and a desk. investigators say they have surveillance video that shows the suspect. >> a haywood artist is almost finished his labor of love. andrew is painting three murals on the parking structure. this last one is avenue clark gable and vivian lee he wanted to show his love for old hollywood and haywood. this is my hometown and there is a chance for me to express my art and a chance to prove the city. i'm honored to do this project. >> reporter: he said the style
12:19 am
is art deco to go with the style of the structure. >> and the wait system off shore right now will visit us as we head into tomorrow afternoon. lue notice the clouds increase. take a look. it's a nice look weather system. this one has cold air for shower. snow levels come way down tuesday night into wednesday morning, a winter storm warning for the lake tahoe area. they will have a nice run of snow. it'll keep snowing through thursday. they will continuely snow down about 2,000 feet. even lower through thursday. we will get a beak break by the time we quiet to thursday. morning drive looks wet. wednesday afternoon we start to get a break and by thursday we should clear out. it's old overnight. it was cold last night. clouds increase all day. by late in the afternoon you go, starting to look like winter as this weather system gets closer. by tuesday night we see showers
12:20 am
starting to develop in the north bay and they will peak overnight during the -- early morning shower hours. wednesday morning i think that -- four to seven that's the bulls eye for rain in the bay area. as we go through this you can see the system as it moves in, snow in the mountains, maybe an inch of rain in some locations, especially in the heaviest locations the north bay. tuesday at eight and then there we are, wednesday morning, there we have wednesday morning, and then there we are lunchtime and then seven. it's kind of a quick mover. as we go through time you can see rain showers start to rece de up north. we go back into a drying period. forecast highs tomorrow on the cool side. all about clouds increasing tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s and we are returning to winter. lue notice the it, you will notice the cold tomorrow but notice the increasing clouds tomorrow and it'll feel a lot
12:21 am
more like february, late february instead of the way it's been feeling. the five-day weekend in view. weekend looks dry. tuesday night this to wednesday. plenty of snow for the mountains. >> they need the snow. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> morgan hill police asking for help in finding a man who beat and rob a woman last week. this is a sketch. police say he was driving a stolen vehicle when he rammed her vehicle from behind wednesday night. when the two pulled over at watsonville road at monterey road he started punching her in the face and grabbed her purse and took off. is he latino in his early 20s with black hair. >> what a race. >> what a race. delayed by a day, then (car horn)
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always like the indy 500. you never know what you are going to get. immaterial long day into night. long weekend. you won't get to many auto races fans to admit they liked the race but they love the wrecks. this year's long delayed race, like it or not, you have car carnage all night long. started the second lap, sadler spinning johnson, patrick and pain also involved. pain last year's winner. same crash, five time nascar champ johnson inside his vehicle right now. watch him take a big hit right there by david regan. patrick in the green car, barely missing more trouble herself. sliding across the track, look at her in the circle there. unhurt. that could have been bad. later montoya, under a caution
12:26 am
flag losing control hits a fuel truck carrying 200 gallons of jet fuel. he was not injured but it created a two hour delay, finally after an eternity -- this is the 36 hours of daytona and it's matt, the winner. there is his crew celebrating. there he is climbing out of the cab. his second career win at daytona's 500. first time in recent memory, the sharks, just don't look like a legit cup team. trade deadline comes and goes though san jose picked up a couple of forwards today in a deal with colorado. tj and his buddy daniel to it the sharks in exchange for jamie, mike and mike -- the gm feels the two new guys may head much needed chemistry. >> knew the friendship of
12:27 am
the two. only 21 games left but also the way they play and feed off each other and pk and we think they work well together. >> all right. the sharks horrible road trip wasn't bad enough you talk about adding insult to injury. the coach hit with the head with a hockey stick yesterday accidentally in minnesota. he was cleared to fly home and probably won't miss any time on the bench. even the coach tough guise. the warriors, should be the most rested team in the nba since they were out of the all- star weekend. they are off to start the second half of the season. kobe bryant's return to action may be delayed for the lakers, he had a broken nose on the hard foul. they are delivered by dwayne wade. kobe is also a tough son of a gun and a gunner. probably won't miss any time. that's the sporting line up for
12:28 am
a monday night. a lot going on get the week started. >> looked like it hurt. >> it did. >> and all-star game. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t.
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