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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 1, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you are ready for awesome videos, we have them for you, "right this minute." a young trooper breaks into a burning building to save a 2-year-old little girl and her nurse. >> how the rookie pulled off one dicey rescue. it's a robbery caught on tape. but this time, it's the robbers who are -- >> recording the entire event. >> see it all from the stupid criminal's point of view. a new show goes in search of home grown genius'.
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>> the usa is no longer the home of innovation. if you believe that, you should shut your stupid face. >> meet one of the brains behind the reality show starring smart people. and a program called adopt a jewish mom. we set the record straight about having a jewish mother. >> i went to the doctor, she wanted to know about it. >> when you see this video, you are going to think this trooper is young to be this kind of hero. he is 22 years old. he's climbing up a ladder to go into an apartment to rescue a 2-year-old little girl and her nurse. this happened in columbia. the apartment was on fire because of an electrical short. he's climbing up the ladder. he doesn't have gear like a firefighter. he's climbing in after he broke
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a window. a trooper is handing the little girl to another trooper. they take her to safety. he's not done. her nurse is still in there. he had only been on the job for four months when this took place. >> you can't teach that kind of urgency and willingness to want to help. not only that, he only has that thing tied around his nose and mouth. his eyes are open. he's in a smoke filled room. that's tough. >> if you don't see flames in the window. you can see him coming down and the nurse following. think how nervous she is, taking care of somebody's baby and the house is on fire. what goes up must come down. we know that. you hope to be up longer than this. this video was sent from our friend and he went paragliding and goats geared up with his camera. here we go. he takes off running and he's
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airborne. just as he gets up, you can see he's all out of whack. he comes down crashing hard. he says that he doesn't think he ran enough before he took off. he also said they changed his hands too early once he got up in the air. see if you can pick up on that. he take as few steps, then watch his hands. he changed his hand position and that brought him down to the ground. he wasn't that high up and he landed in the grass, fortunately. >> how was his glider? >> a few broken parts on the glider and engine. all in all, he was okay. it protected him from serious injury. mark it down in your book as the shortest flitever. >> everything fmgood. >> the wright brothers flew that long. >> let's hope he gets up in the
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air. the days of heavy rain created flooding in parts of saudi arabia. you can see how deep the floodwaters are as this suv drives straight into it. you are probably thinking this is a bad idea. >> yep. >> but, this person isn't just trying to make it to the other side of the floodwaters. the person in this suv is trying to get over to this suv. there are people trapped in the floodwaters inside of that car. these brave folks go in to make sure they make it to safety. >> keep watching. as the suv pulls up to the other suvs, you can see people begin to get out of the back of that suv and on to the hood of this other car. >> now, what do you do? pop it in reverse and get out of there? >> that's exactly what you do. this guy throws it in reverse, backs out of there and now these
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folks are safe. >> i love when a plan comes together. >> more video of the floods in saudi arabia. this time, a bus stuck in the middle of the floodwaters. these waters are raging. >> it's a much different picture. >> watch what happens. the bus driver is being swept away from the bus down the rushing rapids. >> the people on the banks notice this guy. you see them shut their camera off. watch when the camera comes back on. that is the bus driver. these guys put the cameras down, they said we don't care about the video, we want to save this guy's life. there's the bus driver soaking wet. >> cameras capturing the action inside a jewelry store in iran. two guys come into the store. one quickly pulls out a weapon. they are both wearing helmets. shots are fired. the men behind the counter
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terri terrified. you can hear their scream. the guy with the gun turns around, points the gun at somebody who appears to be coming to help. the other accomplice jumps over the kounder and they take off. they got into a shoot out with police after they ran out the door. >> they seem to be ready to fire at people. >> a lot of times they come in with no intent to fire guns. in this case, they were ready fire. one police officer was hit in both legs. he should be okay. let's move over to another robbery video. the amount of stupidity in this one. the guys have their point of view camera rolling. you can see the people they are robbing face-to-face. one guy holds them briefly hostage. the other guy running through the store, recording the entire event. >> they uploaded this. they were proud of their behavior and uploaded it for their friends to see, and police to see.
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>> ift's ridiculous. look at how excited they are about what they did. they appeared to scream. >> they posted it like lives weren't affected by this and they laugh about it. walking and texting can be a dangerous thing. but -- >> new york city got smart and they are launching a pilot program called seeing eye people. >> is it the real deal? >> a new station tells the soldier's life that they were going to do a story on families. >> little does the family know, ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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texting and walking is a huge problem. >> people die because of it. >> well, the department of transportation in new york city got smart and they are launching a pilot program called seeing
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eye people. >> are you kidding me? >> oh, brother. >> people will not stop walking and texting, so they figured they would get city workers to put on a vest that identifies them as seeing eye person. >> they have to grab on to the leash and continue texting and walking. >> this is a fake. look how ridiculous this looks. it's because you look ridiculous when you are texting and walking. >> look at the reactions of the people around them. they are laughing, but people are really partaking. >> some say it's because of many accidents. >> as much as i like them, this is not a real pilot the work of improv everywhere. >> comedy truth written all over this one. >> with a message here. i think they are sending a message. >> it's part of the project. later in the day, they
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collaborated with them and offered the service to real new yorkers. >> if you are going to text and walk, would you grab on? you are barely paying attention. >> that is a true new yorker, he didn't acknowledge the guy. >> you will trip over a homeless guy or trash can. >> i think it's a good idea. it's cleaver, it's funny and silly. and you can get a great laugh out of it. i think you are going to need some tissue for this one. the story we got from central pennsylvania is a tear jerker. >> i have been here 7 1/2 months in afghanistan. this is my fourth deployment. >> this is army sergeant first class sean. he has big plans about this particular homecoming. >> she's not on the plan at all. >> instead of meeting his family at the airport, he decided to get the help of fox 43 and
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surprise his family. fox 43 told his wife they were going to do the story on the effects of military deployment on military families. they have a camera set up like an interview. >> if i was able to talk to him right now, i would say i love him, i miss him and hurry home. >> he's just down the hallway. >> oh, my god. >> his daughters just run into his arms tears pouring down their faces. he has flowers for each one of them. >> one for you. >> beautiful. >> tears of joy. >> it's awesome. they haven't seen him in so long. itis also kind of a prank. >> i was surprised no one gave it away. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you so much. >> i was trying to come back home is a great feeling.
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>> what's peering into the future of video games. this is from the microsoft research team. it's a proof of concept system that augments the area surrounding the television. you have a flat screen tv and furniture in your room. there's a projector they have set on to the coffee table in the room that projects the image over the room. it's connected with a microsoft connect as well. it scans the room and projects over your furniture. in this case, you can change the color of the room and make it into a cartoon version of the room. bullets and lasers come off the screen. it makes it appear like the whole room is part of the game. it's fascinating. >> wouldn't this distract you? >> no, the field of view is focused on the television. that's the thing that is most in focus. everything around the tv screen is extra. what matters is still what's on
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your tv screen. this is the type of thing we are going to see more and more of. it's not just for video game. if you are a tv watcher, this same technology can be applied to tv viewing. check this out. it can project across the whole room or projects to make it look like it's behind the furniture. the last view is sort of like a blurred vision. >> this footage was captured with a custom dual camera with a narrow and wide field of view video. >> what if they do this and 3-d and it's everywhere in the room. it's like marry poppins. you can jump into every cartoon. they are the dudes who make everything look cooler in slow motion. >> this time, it's a bowl of cereal. >> my favorite food group. >> he went two years without
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communicating with his mom. >> she asked me what i wanted for dinner. >> how he &
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are you guys ready to fight the battle against idiocracy? >> get ready. the discovery channel has the chance to do that. >> some say the usa is no longer the home of innovation. if you believe that, you should
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shut your stupid face. we found home grown genius'. >> i work on nuclear reactors for the u.s. navy. >> they are going to duke it out. >> we will find the next innovator and win the war on stupidity. >> that's right, the show "the big brain series: pure genius" is looking for the next innovator. >> are they looking for smart people? >> if it gets through, it is going to be messy. >> oh, my god! >> they'll live together. work together. >> [ bleep ] it's on me. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ gunfire ] >> each week, one will be eliminated. >> the winner gets $50,000 and a one year contract. they are the people who put on the big water show in front of
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bilaggio. we have the ceo with us. >> what made you decide to do a reality show based on genius'? it's a genius idea. >> who can decorate the best cakes or what have you. there's first an excitement in everybody's life to see major hurdles concurred. here take ten unbelievably bright people. it brought in human dynamics, leadership and the soft side. >> you are dealing with brain yaks here and there's a lot of drama. were there fights and conflicts? >> you think? there were fights, screaming, throwing things. not because they were performing for television. it was because they were passionately convinced they had the best idea and they wanted their team to win. the emotions were running as high as the iq.
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>> series premier wednesday may 10 on discovery. it is important to let you mom know how much you love her. for this guy, it was incredibly important to show her how much he appreciates her. he tells us he didn't go home for about two years, didn't call, didn't do anything, doesn't communicate with her. when he came home -- >> she smiled, asked me what i wanted for dinner. didn't ask any questions. i guess it's unconditional love. >> he appreciated that. his birthday was coming up. instead of celebrating with a big party and gifts for himself, he decided to do something for his mom. for more than two years, he saved his money and right here, he walked into a bank. he is going to get a check in her name for the entire amount of her mortgage and call her
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home her own. >> wow. >> that's quite the gesture. >> i wanted to do something for her. >> she's like wait a second, are you kidding me? is this for real? >> look at her reaction. he says this is for you. >> wow! wow! wow! wow! >> ahh. >> i find it funny where he says ethiopian women can be -- come visit a latin woman. >> immateri wanted to celebratee with the woman who gave me -- >> every year, thousands of jewish mothers are neglected
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with their constant and neurotic nagging. >> there's a charity to enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good.
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looks to me like maybe this guy made a wrong turn in a russian neighborhood. he's slowly backing his car out. it's another gray, gloomy day. a couple neighborhood heavies drop in to send a tougher message. he's like hey, what you think you're doing in this hood. get the heck out of here. it's not russian, it's neighborhood heavy. they don't like this guy driving
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down their alley. it's these two trying to show a little must cht when he doesn't move fast enough, they call in the rest of the guys. she's like yeah, get out of here. you should have seen what happened to the last guy. now it's a mob scene. they all descend on his car, dropping bombs on the way. >> are they putting birdseed on the car? >> the uploader says no birdseed. maybe the chipped paint on the car could be what attracted the pigeons. just in time for mother's day, a charity to help neglected moms. >> every year, thousands of jewish mothers are neglected by sons they have driven away with their constant and neurotic nagging. fortunately, there's a lifetime. >> these guys are in new york city. >> we do all kind of things, go
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for a walk, go to the movies, walk out of movies if we see something marginally offensive in the first five minutes. >> come on, we're going to be late for the doctors. >> go to a doctors appointment. >> i think people are pretending not to like that. >> the jewish kids in the office. matt come and tell us about your jewish mother. >> the jewish mom thing? >> yes. >> she called me before i got to work. >> and said what? >> how was the doctor? she wanted to know about it. >> are you serious? are you being completely honest? >> this is all completely true. i have not seen whatever this video is. >> do you like it that she's so concerned about her son? >> no one else cares about me. i love it. >> thank you. >> would you adopt another jewish mom to help jewish moms
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in need? >> i am committed to my mom. >> he's a keeper. >> give these moms hope for as little as two hours a week. plus occasional phone calls if they read an article about someone around your age that died in a freak jet skiing accident and they need to warn you about it. >> a well done video for everyone who -- >> is lucky to have a jewish mother. >> exactly. >> they like to blow things up. it's in slow motion. this time, it's a bowl of cereal. >> oh, favorite food group. >> i'm happy it wasn't captain crunch. if it was, i would have to say a bowl of captain crunch wasn't harmed in this video. >> it's just fruit and fiber. >> blow that up all day long. >> i thought you would agree with that. they dropped the explosive in the bowl. you wouldn't guess what happens next.
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now here it is in slow motion. do you notice the orange juice? it didn't get hurt and wasn't destroyed by the sh rap nell. the only thing that happened with the glass is it got knocked over. >> did you see the spoon? it got knocked off. look at the shards from the bowl. they ripped it to shreds. >> it disappeared. >> the rest of it went away. >> it disintegrated as well. >> that's our show. see you tomorrow. i wanted to be in the military since i was a kid.
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i served a total of 16 years. and at 19 years old, that's the first time i ever saw somebody die. coming back, i was raging. i started having pretty horrible nightmares. i started drinking a lot. i guess i never recognized it in myself. it all starts with going to the va. there's a whole community of veterans that just want
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to help you out. it's for the guys who couldn't come back, you owe it to them to live well. because they're not here with their families. coming up on "dish nation." the release of the video with a kim cakardashian look alike. >> it shouldn't be surprising. >> julie-ann hough, jada pinkett smith and the kardashian sisters all hit the beach. who is on top and who bottomed out? >> it's time for dish nation. >> it is so funny i cried my contacts out, the entertainment news show, the rickey smiley show, atlanta and beyond. broadcasting from the heart of texas. and special guest deejayses, this is dish natio


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