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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. live from mccovey cove this morning, we are all things giants. we're looking at the headlines, "trash texas" and talking about how that is going to happen later today. plus a major drug pipeline running through the east bay is derailed. see how feds found out about it. it's wednesday, october 27th, let's go giants, "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. i kind of want that organ music to get everybody going. >> good ring tone. >> we begin with rob mayeda with your game one forecast. he is experiencing the weather firsthand this morning, he is live outside at&t park. rob, it is cold. it is chilly out there. >> reporter: i can't handle this weather. we've got 40s to near 50 here in
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san francisco and i don't know how those guys from arlington, texas, are going to have to deal with this chill that we have in san francisco this morning. good enough for patches of frost in some spots around the north bay. let's show you our forecast as we go hour by hour. you'll see our temperatures will be climbing into the upper 60s to maybe even near 70 inland around san jose. game time around san francisco we're looking at temperatures pretty close to the low 60s. so very chilly start to the morning. you'll want a nice winter coat. anything orange and black will do you just fine. bundle up this morning. as we go through the game, chilly temperatures, probably dropping into the 50s in some of those latter innings as we go through the fifth, sixth, seventh and ninth inning. things cooling off. very chilly this morning. >> got to keep the pitcher's arm warm. >> and you've got to get ready for the commute as well. whether you're heading out this morning or trying to get to the game later on, mike inouye has that covered. >> we're expecting a little different flow on the bay bridge today because some folks might hold off heading to work or go
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into the city later. a live look at the bay bridge. another issue that's been going on since monday, they're putting a tower up next to the bridge on the s curve so that will be a distraction. if you haven't traveled the bay bridge in the last couple of days, you might be distracted as well. they raise 107 of the new tower. more folks heading into the city. the upper deck moves smoothly with no metering lights. 18 minutes still so you're close to the limit in your commute direction off the carquinez bridge through hercules. typical slowing right on schedule for antioch, westbound highway 4. a little more slowing than we typically see coming off the antioch bridge so keep that in mind. pittsburg, bay point, that's where things start to clear up. patches of slowing for livermore. a 15-minute drive. speeds on average, under 60 miles per hour. you still have a few minutes to beat the big rush if you're heading over to the dublin interchange. highway 84 over to 680 not a big
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problem right now. game on, world series finally here, hours away. giants fever will keep you warm. it's in full effect across the bay area as the g men try to cash in on a giant opportunity. >> the entire city and we right here at nbc bay area kind of get in the spirit of things. buildings are lit in orange, the local papers are printing headlines and kris sanchez is live near mccovey cove and she has a look at hot topic number one printed all over the front page. >> reporter: do you like this one, "trash texas"? >> another classic. >> reporter: i think they have had the best headlines for this series. inside you'll find all kinds of articles, a story about the making of brush back pit, also the brassy welcome the rangers are getting outside their hotel room. bob redell will tell you about the wake-up call they're getting where they're staying here in san francisco. we were at the "examiner" as
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these little puppies were rolling hot off the press. it was a really cool sight to see the imagine inmagic behind . also you'll see the bet gavin newsom has made with the arlington mayor. there's community service at stake and also local treats. we won't be sending crab or beer or chocolate but we will be getting some texas barbecue in return. it is pride week. today is the start of san francisco giants pride week as declared by san francisco mayor gavin newsom. he wants to see flags, he wants to see orange, he wants to see signs in all the local businesses around town just to set the tone. he's flying the giants flag over san francisco city hall. you might have noticed some of the over landmarks around town. coit tower is lit up in orange lighting. city center plaza, city hall is orange as well. we also saw a flag flying proudly at the ferry building
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and that has been there all weekend long. that was a cool sight to see along the embarcadero. mayor gavin newsom is going to be at the game. he has pride at stake, he also has a bet on the line. you can find that in the "examiner" and also on our website, the loser has to go to the other mayor's city and do community service wearing the victor's jersey. we know mayor gavin newsom is not going to have to do that. we also want to talk about the tickets to the game. i will be watching at home because i can't afford to go to the game. bob, some folks can and it's unbelievable considering how high some tickets prices are. >> reporter: what do you mean you can't afford it, it's only several hundred dollars. come on, kris, dinner out for you. we've got joe ellen from, the marketplace for tickets. what are you guys seeing out there as far as the prices and the demand? >> well, demand is certainly through the roof. it's not only the hottest ticket in san francisco, world series
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tickets are the hottest ticket across the country. on any given day you can buy tens of thousands of tickets and it speaks volumes. fans are paying about $800 per ticket. they start about $500 range. there are about 1,000 tickets left. it's certainly not too late and everything is fully guaranteed on stub hub. >> reporter: $500 is going to get me what? >> standing room tickets. for 550, 600 there's tickets in the view reserved level. but ticket prices are constantly fluctuating. sellers constantly change their prices to meet demand so as you approach game time itself, tickets may go down or may go up, it's hard to tell. for fans looking for tickets, they can certainly keep checking the site. they see something they like, it's an easy process. printout your tickets at home, bring them in here to at&t park. >> reporter: it sounds like demand is more than you're
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expecting. why do you think there's more demand this world series than others? >> the last two years it's been that east coast world series party and this year we're changing sides of the country. we've got two new teams that were kind of seen as the underdog. you're rejuvenating fans and creating new fans and have loyal fan bases that are driving up the demand. >> reporter: all right, joe ellen with thank you very much. again, it's going to cost you at least five bills if you want to get inside. there's always the knot hole on the promenade between right field and mccovey cove. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> yeah, you can go get your spot this morning, bob. >> he could stake it out and be right there in prime real estate. the real action starts this evening. the first pitch schedule for 4:57 on the dot. and it's going to be cliff lee for the rangers. he is undefeated in ten post-season starts. he faces giants ace tim lincecum. a couple of great pitchers
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there. they have some cy youngs between them and it's going to be a good duel. >> it's going to be so exciting. i've been waiting anxiously for tonight. tune into for all of your giants coverage. we'll have post-game highlights. but if you can't get enough giants info, check out this brian wilson uncovered. we take a look at his life as a secret ninja among other things. maybe we'll see his mohawk too. new this morning, a big bust in the east bay. federal drug agents say they shut down a major drug pipeline that ran right through oakland using amtrak trains. christie smith is live in oakland with how they uncovered the operation and what it was they found. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. yeah, the feds say they busted this man carrying quite a stash, oxycontin pills with a street value of about $126,000. his big delivery may have started when he got on the coast starlight train here in oakland.
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he may have actually stood out right at the counter, paying $360 cash for a last-minute sleeper car ticket from oakland to seattle. that was a few days ago. lennel massey was arrested at the king street station on a train similar to one you might see here. when he arrived, members of a drug task force were there waiting to surprise him. they say when confronted he reeked of marijuana and tried to run, but undercover agents caught him. they say he was carrying 1,650 pills with him. investigators say he actually told them he was just the courier and would have been paid $10,000 to carry the pills. now, oxycontin is a prescription pain killer that's often abused for its morphine-like high. since new prescribing and manufacturing rules went into effect, users are looking for the old type of oxycontin, the kind that you can crush and snort, not the new ones that are apparently crush-proof. live in oakland, christie smith,
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today in the bay. >> thanks a lot. now we want to turn to some developing news this morning. the head of al qaeda is issuing some more threats. scott mcgrew joins us. he's been following this and has every latest. >> reporter: what appears to be a tape from osama bin laden has surfaced. in that tape he threatens french citizens saying al qaeda will kill french people for helping americans in afghanistan. there are 4,000 french soldiers fighting alongside americans. 49 soldiers have been killed in the war. meanwhile the head of british airways says his country should stop performing all the security checks mandated by america. america's tsa has certain requirements for screening passengers flying into our country, even if they are flying on, say, british airways. he's not calling for less security necessarily, only security that's more logical in his word. for instance, the bans on liquid, he says, does not make overall sense. back to you. >> thanks, scott. traffic is moving pretty light this morning. right now we're going to head
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out to rob. he is at at&t park live with a look at the forecast. i know it's chilly this morning. >> reporter: oh, yeah, any traffic that's moving out there, you'veer cranked up to 10 or 11. i just checked, san francisco 48 degrees. san jose 44 right now and napa about 35. as you take a look at the outer wall there facing mccovey cove, might we see any home runs today? my bet is on juan uribe putting one over the fence. let's show you the temperatures as we go hour by hour. 60s around san francisco around game time. we will see increasing clouds and temperatures starting to cool off a little bit. in fact as the sun goes down, we will cool off pretty quickly so it will be pretty chilly as we go through the game. our temperatures, we'll be starting off quite cold. 30s an 40s this morning. as we get towards the afternoon, noon time towards 4:00, maybe
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even as warm as 70 around some spots around gilroy down towards livermore. seven-day forecast for today looks just fine. it's tomorrow, though. stay tuned, we'll have to watch that closely because the next batch of showers may roll in right around game two. today just fine. just bundle up if you're going to head out here this morning. there are folks there are starting to show up out here with the big game just about ten hours away. >> you know what, rob, it's that giants fever that will keep you warm this morning. >> reporter: it's contagious. >> you can tell by his chattering teeth. it's 6:12. we have so much more coming from at&t park coming up. we'll hear what a couple of bay area sports insiders think about game one. plus meg whitman and jerry brown asked to stop running negative ads. matt lauer is right in the middle of that debate. we'll take a look at what the candidates might do coming up next. reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the bay" with laura garcia-cannon, brent cannon, business and technology with
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good morning. looking live at the bay bridge this morning, you can expect a chilly morning and even chillier as the day progresses. san francisco, a high of 62, los gatos 68, fremont 66 is what you expect for your high temperature today. the first game of the world series will be decided out here at at&t park later on tonight. the decision of the next election, of course, is coming up next tuesday. laura, you have all you need to know on that, right? >> yeah, exactly. we're going to talk to larry gersten right now. he's got a look at really what's going on with the election right now. we want to start out with what
6:16 am
happened yesterday. there was a huge women's conference held by maria shriver in l.a. it's something she does annually. matt lauer hosted it. and it was interesting because, you know, the governor was there sitting between meg whitman and jerry brown. matt lauer kind of threw out the idea, larry, of why don't we just ditch all the negative ads and it was really interesting. in fact let's listen to this and then i'll have you react after it. >> that you would pull your negative ads. you've got plenty of positive ads. that you would pull your negative ads, replace them with positive ads and talk to the surrogate groups as well and express that to them, that you want only positive messages out this. >> if meg wants to do that, i'll be glad to do that. we can have a little discussion today and i'm sure we can work something out. >> i will take down any ads that can be remotely be construed as a personal attack, but i don't think we can take todown the ad
6:17 am
that talk about where governor brown stands on the issues. i just think it's not the right thing to do. >> listen to the crowd there. it is a crowd of mainly women. it's the women's conference. initially -- she was the only other woman on the stage there. initially they were really cheering her on and then it ends in that. is that going to hurt her? >> we'll have to see. there are a series of events that happened. the closer you get to election day, the larger the events loom because she loses control of the narrative. she loses control of what she wants to talk about and instead this morning everyone is talking about what meg whitman said that was a negative. in other words, she's withholding something. what else is she going to be doing. that's just not the kind of thing a candidate wants this time of the season. >> was that a fair challenge to put out there, do you think? >> it was a fair challenge. how you respond to it, of course, is the answer. the interesting thing is meg whitman had more of an opportunity to adjust than jerry brown. jerry brown was the one who answered first and said, yeah,
6:18 am
i'll do it if she does it. she had the opportunity to give it some thought. in the process when she answered in that hesitant way, well, yeah, but maybe. well, what other things are you withholding and it just doesn't look good. it may have been a harmless remark, but it doesn't look good. >> exactly. it will be interesting to see. but a lot of people, this is what they're talking about today so we'll see if they can change the mood and talk about something else tomorrow. >> you want to be making your points at the end, laura. you want to emphasize the things meg has been talking about all along. instead this morning people are doing what we're doing. >> exactly, talking about it. we always love to have you, thanks, larry. now, business and technology with scott mcgrew. >> reporter: well, good morning, everyone. if you've been holding off on buying a new iphone 4 because you'd like knit white instead of black, you'll have to wait longer. apple says white will not be available until spring of 2011 so it will miss the holiday season. now, exactly why white is a
6:19 am
problem isn't clear. as you well know, all iphones before this one started in white. >> once again you'll know it's time for the adventures -- >> and the man who created the rocky and bulwinkle show has passed away in carmel. alexander anderson jr. was 90 years old. his wife, patricia, tells us anderson was suffering from alzheimer's. now, the name bulwinkle comes from the name of a car dealership in berkeley where the andersons used to live. though he created the show, alexanderson did not write or produce it because all of that was done by nbc in los angeles and anderson never wanted to leave the bay area, laura. so he created it but then left it to other people to do in l.a. >> interesting that his hands are still on the legacy of that great cartoon. we want to check in with mike right now. >> reporter: nothing up my
6:20 am
sleeve. look over here you guys. we've got to pull a piece of metal off of the roadway because it looks like it has been the source of a number of accidents. several accidents reported for southbound 680 right around south main street. that's just off of the walnut creek interchange with 24, so you might see a crew heading to the area. that's not playing a major issue as far as the speeds go through the walnut creek interchange. volume of traffic just starting to build over 680. nice easy flow towards the toll plaza but a new accident westbound 80 at carlson. that's your east shore freeway coming past the racetrack. no lane information yet but there may be a couple of lanes affected because it does sound like cars are sideways over there. meanwhile there will be more of a distraction for folks heading over the bay bridge heading into the city or out of the city for the first time because of that construction that continues. you've heard about the game going on in the city so bart is a good option for you going into the city.
6:21 am
>> thanks a lot, mike. now we want to go back out to kris. >> yes. she's got all the excitement, the giants fever that's really building out there at at&t park. it's a cool morning but i keep telling rob that fever will keep him warm. how about you? >> reporter: it's keeping me warm this morningi, that's for sure. it is really exciting. if the as were in it, i would be rooting for the as. you live in the bay area, you have to love your hometown team. you have to love the headlines the "examiner" has been putting out as well. their big headline today "trash texas." right in the center fold i found three keys to the giants winning. one, continue to deal, two, flash some leather, three, a box other than rocks. that means everyone needs to hit one out into mccovey cove. bob redell has some insider information. he has two sports authorities right now by the willie mays statue. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. right now we've got ray and
6:22 am
dave, both with comcast sports bay area network, soon to be the owner of our tv station here. i'll start with you, dave. what gives you hope about the giants and this series? >> look at this giants team what they have done all year. they have just been resilient. any time that you think the chips are down, they found a way. we've kind of thrown this term around a little bit on our preand post-game shows. you start to think at some point it's a team of destiny. all the little breaks seem to foe their way and this is -- it's just a bunch of misfits is the phrase that's been going around. they're very popular because of it. everybody feels like they can relate to them and they do not know how to lose and that's the thing that makes me feel like this could be the year. >> reporter: ray, what gives you concern? >> the fact that texas feels it's a team of destiny too. everything you could say about the giants, you can say about the rangers. the only real difference between these two teams is that the
6:23 am
giants have a better bullpen and the rangers have a better everyday lineup, so it's a great clash in styles. as much as we love the intangibles, this is still baseball. and when two teams face each other, you get a lot of weird ball and i think that's the thing that you worry about with the giants is that when they need the five-run game, do they have the ability to get it? so far in the playoffs, they haven't needed it but they might need it now. >> reporter: quickly, what's your prediction? how many games? >> i've been all over the rockies, padres and phillies, so i'm going to say rangers in seven, just to make the fans happy. >> i'm going giants in six. i think if they win the first two here, it might not get back here, but i'm going to say it gets back here and the giants win knit front of their home fans. i think this is the year giants in six. i've got to give a shameless plug. pre and post-game editions of
6:24 am
sportsnet central live from willie mays plaza at home, plus we'll be in texas and have a crew there an hour before the first pitch and immediately after the first pitch. you're not going to get any better coverage anywhere else. >> reporter: thanks, dave. thanks, ray. appreciate it. that is shameless. the first pitch 4:57 against the rangers, at&t park. brent and laura. >> it is, especially because the best coverage is right here at we're going to be taking you back out live to at&t park for more on that giants fever. game one is today. we certainly are celebrating. warming up. >> and of course we've been doing this all week long, preparing you for the world series and helping you to get to know some of those players. there's a little bit of that music we've been looking for. this is right fielder cody ross, number lucky 13. he had a hard time making the roster when he was pulled off the waiver wire earlier this season. with just seven rbis going into the playoffs, it looked like he might see limited action.
6:25 am
however, he has exploded in the playoffs. he hit four home runs. ross was even named the national league championship series mvp. so there you go. a little rally music. let's hope that he continues to show more of the same tonight. >> somebody get some cracker jacks. we're just getting in the mood. taking a live look outside beautiful at&t park. i feel like i need to startaste music too. giants fever. stay with us. our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors,
6:26 am
including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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welcome back here at at&t park this morning. one of the warmer spots around the bay area, even though to me it feels really quite cold, we're about 48 degrees here in san francisco, but some spots dipping into the 30s this morning. let's show you your forecast hour by hour. if you're lucky enough to have tickets to the game, well, game time temperatures likely will be in the low to mid-60s as things get started around 5:00 and then dipping into the 50s as we go through the end of the game or the middle part of the game. maybe some clouds starting to come in from the west.
6:28 am
no worries about rain today, but the chances of rain actually will be on the increase as we head into tomorrow. so temperatures around the bay area today, we're looking at highs despite the chilly start to the morning looking pretty good. 60s to near 70 at the warmest places inland but the item to watch will certainly be tomorrow's forecast. that's where we'll see a chance of some showers coming in. then as we head towards halloween, it looks like things will dry out just in time for trick-or-treat time so hopefully the weather will hold off for tomorrow as chances of showers will be on the increase around midday in the bay area. that's how things look here. now let's send it back to you in the studio. it is 6:28 right now and we are all about the giants today. we have a full crew outside of at&t park keeping you updated on the very latest, plus all the day's news, traffic and ather. 'lweather. wel 'llook at the commute coming into the city this morning. mike will have that coming up. [ male announcer ] with jerry brown, it's just one dishonest smear
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after another. and another. just a dishonest politician, trying to hide his record of failure. the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-control state pensions. more favors for the big teachers union, blocking education reform. more job-killing taxes and regulations. more of the same old failure from sacramento. job killer jerry brown. always more taxes, more spending,
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and more lost jobs. always more taxes, more spending, the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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good morning from mccovey cove where we are all things giants. how to get into the game, how to watch if you can't get a ticket and all of the orange and black tributes across the bay. also today, california's whooping cough epidemic is getting worse. find out what doctors want you to do today to keep your kids safe. today, october 27th, on "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." and good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. the time now is 6:31, i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. break out your giants blankets an jackets, it's cold out there this morning. rob mayeda is live outside at at&t park to tell us if it's going to warm up at all today. >> reporter: well, we're hoping for that sun to come up as scheduled right around 7:30 this morning. we need it. some spots waking up to the 30s. here at at&t park we are at a relatively balmy 48 degrees. let's show you the temperatures here to plan your day. the morning obviously quite
6:32 am
cold. cold enough for patchy frost in a few areas. as we head through the afternoon, we'll warm up pretty nicely. we'll see some of the warmer spots actually getting close to 70 south of san jose. game time temperatures around san francisco likely low to mid-60s, cooling into the 50s, though, as we go through the rest of the game. everybody already pumped up for the giants as you can hear the sights and sounds around at&t park this morning. that's how things look out here, let's send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, stay warm. >> you better do the same thing in your car. get out there and get it warmed up, get the heater going. it's cold in the car. >> rob shouldn't be so humble. those folks are shouting for rob mayeda. folks are complaining about an accident that has just been cleared from westbound 80. 24 minutes now off of the carquinez bridge down through hercules and in through richmond. that's where you'll find the most slowing. an accident took a couple of minutes to clear from lanes and that's why we have the slowdown.
6:33 am
the lower east shore freeway looking pretty nice. so berkeley and emeryville, you get a little break. there's a slowdown that started and we should see those metering lights on right now, although i haven't got confirmation on that. the rest of the feeder routes in towards the toll plaza and the maze looking really nice. a lighter volume overall. keep in mind the city is going to be very busy because of that game we're talking about. back to you guys. >> what game is that? oh, yeah, that game. >> orange glow everywhere. the weather is chilly but giants fever is heating up. we're about ten hours away from game one of the world series. >> can't wait for the first pitch. kris sanchez is live with fans' last-ditch efforts to get tickets for that first pitch. >> reporter: we saw some very interesting offers on craigslist. one person offering up their suv in return for some tickets to the world series game. i'll be watching at home. that's a little too rich for my blood. now, san francisco mayor gavin
6:34 am
newsom is going to be at the game tonight, not only because he has san francisco giants fever but also because he has a friendly wager riding on this one. as always, he made a pet with the mayor of arlington, texas, home of the texas rangers. and if the giants lose, the mayor is going to have to get his hands dirty. this wager includes one day of community service for a youth organization of the mayor's choice. now, here in san francisco that would be the junior giants, which is the youth league that's affiliated with the san francisco giants. now, also the winning -- or the losing city has to fly the winner's team flag over city hall. we saw that one in the last series. and also they have to wear the victor's jersey while they do their community service. now here's the rub. if the giants win, the mayor still has to get his hands dirty and that's because he gets some of the local loot. texas is going to send some sticky, delicious barbecue our way. should the giants lose, which is obviously not going to happen,
6:35 am
we would be sending some crab, sourdough bread, beer and chiradelli chocolate and other treats like that. fans are carving pumpkins. we got one from brian westlake who sent us a picture of his. he says there's nothing scarier than the fear the beard jack-o'-lantern on his porch. if you're doing something creative, we want to see your pictures. send them to or friend us on facebook. my friend, bob redell, is down the walkway at willie mays plaza with how the giants are showing a little rless friendship towar the rangers as they wake up this morning. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, kris. as you are well aware san francisco has a very rich musical history, so out of the kindness of their hearts, the folks who run lefty o'doul's,
6:36 am
the iconic restaurant there in downtown, which is located across from the westin st. francis, the hotel that is allegedly housing the rangers during their stay here for the world series, that restaurant has hired a trio, two trumpets here and a guitarist to be within ear shot of the team so they can be serenaded to sleep every night. boy, think of what lefty o'doul's did to go out of the way and do that. it's so kind to give the rangers another experience of part of the culture here in the bay area. speaking of music, we do have a lineup for the next three games as far as who will be singing the national anthem. john legend here game one at at&t park tonight. first pitch at 4:57. tomorrow night, thursday, also at&t parkestla, lady antebellum.
6:37 am
and then saturday back there in dallas, kelly clarkson will be singing the national anthem for game three of the world series. again, game one here, first pitch 4:57, at&t park. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> reporter: all right, thanks, bob. now, the national anthem series is all lined up, but bruce bochy's roster is not completely set. the ink doesn't have to dry on that until about 10:00. barry zito is in a nail biter. he doesn't know if he'll make the roster. we'll talk about that more coming up in just a bit. >> thanks, kris. by the way, if you want to get more giants info, go to we are going to have post-game highlights right after the game but you can also get lots of information about the players, like brian wilson. you can read about his life as a secret ninja among many other things. just go to 6:37 right now. it looks like the days of free
6:38 am
checking accounts are over. see what banks are doing to make up for some of those lost fees. and back to the giants, how far will fans go to throw the rangers off? one texas pitcher is tweeting about it and joking about it. we'll show you what he's saying coming up next. plus johannes mehserle will get his sentence next week. find out why his attorneys say what he's done this time. you're watching "today in the bay" with laura garcia-cannon, brent cannon, business and technology with scott mcgrew and traffic with mike inouye.
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good morning to you here live from at&t park where the fall classic will get under way in just about ten hours. boy, the coldest morning of fall so far around the bay area. you're going to want a thicker jacket than the one i'm wearing this morning. it is cold. but as we go through the afternoon, temperatures not all that bad despite the chilly start to the morning. let's show you the forecast both for the game and around the bay area. obviously 30s and 40s in some spots around the north bay, but game time temperatures should be in the low to mid-60s right around 5:00. as we go through the game you'll see temperatures actually cooling down, i think, into the 50s so it should be a little chilly as we go through the game. as we head through the afternoon, not all that batted. we're going to warm up slowly approaching lunchtime. as we head towards 4:00 this
6:42 am
afternoon we should see temperatures climbing as warm as maybe near 70 south of san jose, otherwise lots of 60s around the rest of the bay area. the only chance of showers off to the north bay but tomorrow you see it right there in the seven-day forecast. we'll have to keep a close eye on the game two forecast because as things stand right now, we could be dodging a few showers as we head into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. that's the latest here from at&t park where things are already pretty lively out here this morning. let's send it back to you. >> thanks, rob. in other news this morning, sentencing is set for next friday for johannes mehserle. his lawyers are maneuvering to try to get him out of jail. they say that the former bart police officer should get probation and not spend time in prison for shooting oscar grant. mehserle was convicted in july of involuntary manslaughter. grant was an unarmed bart passenger and was shot to death after several bart officers tried to subdue him for fighting on the train. mehserle's attorneys say that their client has already paid the price for what happened, but
6:43 am
prosecutors say that he needs to serve jail time. mehserle could get 14 years or more in prison. you can certainly count the hours until game one of the world series, even the minutes if you really wanted to. we have live team coverage continuing from at&t park coming up. a nice-looking shot out there of mccovey cove, one of the places despite the cd mpmperatures hoping for a home run ball.
6:44 am
insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business.
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met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. what's the worst that can happen? what's the worst thing that can happen? good morning to you. looking live at willie mays plaza out here at at&t park, you can expect 60-degree temperatures throughout most of the bay area, so hopefully whatever your orange and black you're wearing today will keep
6:46 am
you nice and toasty. we're here at mccovey cove and we will have the latest giants information that you need to know coming up. brent and laura. >> we'll look forward to that. thanks so much. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> we want to check in with mike this morning checking your morning commute as you head out. >> a backup at the toll plaza and it is 6:46 in the morning so you would expect that. but, you know, some folks there might be getting a little bit of a break coming down the east shore freeway as well because of an earlier accident further back up. 25 minutes off the carquinez bridge all the way down to the berkeley curve, but an earlier accident that is on the side of the road now in the commute direction causes slowdown from hercules down to richmond. berkeley and emeryville still feeling some of the lighter volume of traffic because some of the folks were held back over there. another east bay shot, sunol, antioch, livermore and sunol starts to show this slowdown. a nice clear drive -- caltrain is an option up to the ballpark
6:47 am
where you have rob mayeda. it's kind of chilly at the ballpark. >> reporter: oh, it is. come on, sun, please. it's cold out here this morning. you know it's 48 degrees in san francisco. typically this is one of the more mild spots but not the case this morning. san jose, by the way, has now dropped to 44 degrees but nobody has anything on napa. 35 at the top of the hour. let's show you the forecast hour by hour both for the fame and around the bay area. it's a chilly start, good enough for some patches of frost in the north bay. game time temperatures in the low to mid-60s around 5:00, cooling into the 50s as we go through the game. but despite the chilly start to the morning, a pretty nice day around the bay area today. we're looking at high temperatures in the upper 60s, maybe even close to 70 south of san jose. mid-60s around oakland and upper 60s to close to 70 out towards the tri-valley. today's forecast looks fine other than the fact it's very chilly in san francisco this morning. but tomorrow as we watch this next system drop in, that's going to spill clouds our way and may impact game two.
6:48 am
no worries about today, but tomorrow stay tuned. we'll have to see if those showers cause any delays for game two of the world series. live here from at&t park where we're still waiting for the sun to come up and warm us up, back to you in the studio. >> do what you can to stay warm. a major drug pipe line with oakland ties is now shut down. police say the drug runners used amtrak trains to move oxycontin across state lines. "today in the bay's" christie smith has more on this big cross-country business. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. you know, the feds say it was an ex-convict to w.h.o. caho came bought a last-minute train ticket to oakland. they say he was also carrying a large amount of oxycontin with a street value of $126,000. he paid $360 cash for the
6:49 am
ticket. apparently when he arrived, he got more than he bargained for. a drug task force waiting for him. he decided to run that, didn't work out. undercover agents caught him. they say he reeked of marijuana at the time and had more than 1600 pills with him. oxycontin is a prescription pain killer, often abused for its morphine-like high. the man arrested said he was actually just a courier here and was set to earn about ten grand just for carrying all this. agents think that this could suggest a larger drug ring, but they say exactly how large they just aren't quite sure yet. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." it is 6:49 right now. california is dealing with its largest health epidemic since 1950. more than 6200 californians have whooping cough. ten people died. all were babies, younger than three months old. the highly contagious illness has symptoms similar to the common cold, but a persistent
6:50 am
cough that lasts for weeks. the babies who died were too young to be fully immunized. doctors are urging parents to get booster shots. you can expect to see a lot more monthly service fees on your bank statement. checking account fees have risen to all-time highs this year. banks are even charging now for trips to the atm. they are tacking on the fees to recover lost money that they lost under new federal rules. banks will now collect lower fees from retailers for credit card transactions so they're trying to make up for it by charging you for checking. now, business and technology with scott mcgrew. >> good morning, everyone. dow industrials down about 68 points this morning. apple continues to be in focus. the company says that it will not be able to get its white iphone 4 out in time for christmas. also netflix stock up better than 3% after an analyst speculated maybe apple would buy netflix. apple has a huge amount of money, everybody wondering what
6:51 am
they're going to buy. c.j. wilson joking about the enthusiasm of giants fans on twitter. he went out to dinner in the city last night and he tweeted, quote, waitress just accidentally dropped a life on me. accidentally. he hash tagged it giants fans are everywhere. wilson is expected to start tomorrow in game two. laura, i know we are not talking much about other sports, but the 49ers just announced that troy smith will be the starting quarterback in london come this weekend. >> that's right, they're playing the broncos in london this weekend. >> alex smith? >> troy smith. >> troy smith. really? skipping over david carr. >> we've still got giants fever sweeping the bay area. the bay area really hoping for a big sweep. >> and we want to check in, kris sanchez is at mccovey cove, bob redell is out there, rob mayeda has been keeping track of the forecast, which is going to be cold for today. at least we don't have rain, that could be a factor in game two.
6:52 am
we'll check in on that in a minute. in the meantime we're checking in with kris sanchez as well. one of the things people will be trying to do is try to get in to get a ticket to the game. if you can't do that, you can get a kayak, be in mccovey cove. you can't really see the action. >> hey, you could catch a home run ball which could be cool. let's which can in with bob redell. he talked to folks at stub hub. i guess there are some tickets available if you've got the cash. >> reporter: yeah, stub hub says tickets are averaging $800. mario, senior vice president with the team knows something about the tickets. you've been with the team a very long time. you were here in 2002 during the world series and were telling me that the feel in the front office behind the scenes is different this time around. why? >> i think it's not just a feel in the front office but also the feel amongst our fans. there's just something different this year. we felt it in spring training. i think it has to do with the type of players we have. i think our fans are in love with this team. there's been so many story lines with panda hats and aubrey huff and lincecum's hair.
6:53 am
there's something different. but i also think that -- i was thinking about this last night. in 2002, we still had the dot-com thing going on here, the economy was different. we've all been through some rough years. and there's something wholesome about baseball. we have something really exciting to celebrate here in the bay area. what's more wholesome and exciting than coming to a baseball game and celebrating it together. it's pretty special. i've got to tell you, we've all been knocking on wood around here. every time we mention the word post-season or world series in a meeting, everybody knocks on wood. all of a sudden we realized, my g god, we're in the world series. it's almost like it hasn't sunk in yet. >> reporter: what is it it do for next season ticket sales? >> well, over the last several weeks we've been inundated with phone calls. we have about 21,000 full season tickets right now and we've sold about 3500 over the last two or three weeks. >> reporter: normally if you weren't in the post season that, wouldn't be the case? >> normally the post-season push
6:54 am
for next season starts october, november, as we start getting ready for a new season. this year with the excitement, and again to be a season ticket holder is the one way that you're guaranteed a seat, a ticket for any post-season here. >> reporter: briefly, any surprises fans should expect? >> well, you know the giants. we always try to start off with a bang. but obviously we'll have all of our hall of famers out here. we've got the most -- we have more hall of famers than any other team. including monte irvin, we just retired his number this past summer. we'll have a few surprises during the game. we've got to have a little san francisco feel to the game. >> reporter: a free round of beer to everyone in the stadium? >> that may not be it. >> reporter: soda? i'm just kidding. >> we'll have that fun, that's for sure. >> reporter: mario, best of luck to you. appreciate you getting bright and early. kris sanchez, what are you seeing down at mccovey cove? >> reporter: this is where the kayakers are going to be. at ten:00 this morning we expect manager bruce bochy to finalize
6:55 am
his roster. we don't expect to see barry seat zito on it. he is likely to appear only as a reliever. tim lincecum of course will be on the mound. the san francisco "examiner" has three tips to the giants winning the world series. the pebest one is on the front page, "trash texas." they talk about how important their fans are so this is no time to slouch in your orange and black. back to you in the studio. hopefully it's not hard to get into san francisco today. >> we're definitely going to see a weird traffic flow because folks will probably adjust their work schedules as well because of game time. no matter where they're watching. look at the bay bridge right now. you have anniey drive. you'll be distracted because of the construction on the north side. if you haven't traveled over the bridge earlier this week, a tower, 107 feet being added to the tower over pie tby the s cu.
6:56 am
now, come on over with the bart system. the map shows you where it can take you from the east bay over to the peninsula without any problems. no delays reported, take bart to muni, muni gets you over to the giants game itself. muni also adding some service tonight. caltrain will take you up the peninsula without any problems, all the way up right to the ballpark. at the ballpark right now, rob mayeda, you're telling us it might be chilly because i think you're kid of cold this morning, right? >> reporter: oh, boy, it's cold around the bay area this morning. you know, this is mccovey cove, but it looks and feels likes southlake tahoe this morning. even the sky now is turning orange, giants colors for you this morning. it is cold, though. 30s and 40s in some spots around the bay area this morning. in the afternoon we'll see upper 60s today and our game time temperatures probably low to mid-60s as we go through game time. cooling into the 50s a little bit later on in the game. for our bay area temperatures today, really looking at highs
6:57 am
today mostly in the 60s as we jump through the afternoon. game one should not be an issue in terms of the forecast, just a little chilly, but stay tuned. i hope game two could be impacted by some showers rolling in. but that's not until tomorrow. in the meantime bundle up in your favorite orange and black and go giants. that's how things look here at at&t park on this chilly fall morning on the fall classic. let's send it on back to you in the studio. >> thanks a lot. your duty is done. thanks a lot. get woemarm and come on back. >> it's only fitting to have our meteorologist there. thanks for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up necessary and we'll have a local news update coming up in half an hour. >> go giants! ♪ save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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