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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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crazy, chaotic, congested, oh, and plenty of fun too. it is a big weekend here in the bay area, and the epicenter is san francisco. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. yeah, it's going to be almost impossible to try to be bored over the next couple of days. today through sunday, an onslaught of events. we've got football, baseball out there, the playoffs, a's and giants, music, boats, and just for fun we'll toss in the blue angels. to cover it all we have a team in place to give you a jump start on your weekend plans. let's go to bob redell first. he's the only bay area reporter allowed out on to uss macon island in san francisco. bob, you got a look at the fleet week activities. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, you can't miss the uss macon island.
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she's an 847-foot-long amphibious assault ship here at pier 3032 here in san francisco. we're lucky enough to be five levels above the flight deck on the bridge. good morning to you. >> good morning. we are glad to be here. ten days ago we didn't have this mission in our sights at all. it got dropped in our lapse and we had an opportunity to return to support san francisco fleet week again. >> reporter: i'm surprised coming on the bridge that this right here is the steering wheel of this massive ship. >> absolutely. >> reporter: i thought it would be some big to do. >> well, you know, the most interesting part is that the person who actually sears tteer ship is probably the youngest people on board. we have 18 to 20-year-old sailors steering the ship. a very complicated way of driving it. we have an officer who tells the helmsman what course to steer and usually that individual gets guidance from either me or my
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officer on the deck. >> and when you're at sea, i'm curious what the atmosphere is like on the bridge. is it tense, is it calm? >> it can be either, depending on how great the weather is. for instance, on monday when we came in, the visibility was maybe about 300 to 500 yards, if that. we couldn't even see the buoys as we passed them and didn't notice the golden gate until we were passing under it. >> were you sweating as captain? >> absolutely not. i never sweat. >> reporter: you have a thousand sailors at full capacity and 1200 marines full capacity deployed on this ship. i look at you as the ceo of a midsize company? >> that could be. >> reporter: tactical capabilities? >> there are some tactical capabilities. we have our own fire department, police department, so maybe even a small city. >> reporter: captain, thank you for having us on board. the uss macon island will have
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tours starting tomorrow through monday. pier 3032. you will want to show up early. these tours are very popular, especially with everything going on in the city. bob redell, "today in the bay." this weekend you'll have the blue angels up in the air, america's cup boats out on the sea, on the bay. >> and of course by land you've got to have that and a couple of festivals to choose from. the italian heritage columbus day parade will wind its way from fisherman's wharf and the castro street fair kicking off at 11:00 on sunday at the intersection of castro and market streets. >> meantime, jon, over at at&t park, excitement already building for a pair of playoff games getting under way this weekend. csn bay area's amy gutierrez managed to sneak her way into at&t park this morning. what is going on there? good morning, amy. >> reporter: thanks so much, laura. not a lot is going on at this hour of the morning. in fact it's almost strange to be in a park that's normally
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40,000 full and extreme low loud and realize that there are quiet times here, but a lot is about to get started. some transformations have begun for game one of the nlds. some patriotic bunting has been hung from the seats here at the park. they have also started to put signage in the dugouts saying 2012 postseason. the national tv trucks have rolled in last night and are getting set up. so a lot getting started. there's also going to be an orange friday rally at willie mays plaza this afternoon that is open to the public as it is orange friday. in a couple of hours, the grounds crew will get really busy starting to get the field prepared for game one on saturday. folks know matt cain is the game one starter going up against johnny cueto and bruce bochy announced yesterday madison bumgarner will take the hill for the giants in game two. so a lot of excitement right on the precipice of it, guys.
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let's get it back to you. >> thank you very much. exciting. in fact this entire postseason comcast sportsnet bay area bringing you sportsnet central october quest. pregame one hour before every giants game and postgame coverage immediately after the final out. it's the only place to see mike krukow and duane kuiper. that's sportsncomcast sportsnet area. >> there's also 49er postgame live, the postgame show of the 49ers. tune in after the 49ers take on the bills at candlestick park. kickoff at 1:25. niners looking good but giants fever right now sweeping the area. >> a's too as well. we talk about so much going on in the bay area, how will the weather hold up. it's been up and down and all over the map, christina. >> today we're going to see some changes. more cloud cover. but we're not expecting any rain showers to rain on those parades
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or major events happening in san francisco. you're going to get a little bit of drizzle and you might actually need to bring your rain gear, maybe a poncho or something with you to san francisco if you're going to be headed out and about because hit or miss showers are in the forecast. i want to bring your attention to the cooler start we have up in the north bay in particular. temperatures were around 60 all across the board yesterday morning and now that cool air has arrived. so you want to dress accordingly for the day. by noon you're at 72 inland, up to 76 in livermore, 71 bayside and 69 degrees at the coast. when it comes to all the events happening in the bay area, i wanted to bring your attention to 4:00 p.m. these are your highs as we head through the next three days. friday, saturday, sunday. as you can see we will drop off and increase your clouds. best visibility for the blue angels will be today. you'll get pretty good visibility tomorrow and then those,0 clouds thicken up on sunday.
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so rain will be a little bit of a factor. more of a factor of course will be the traffic nightmare, mike. >> yeah, you may have thicker traffic than the fog for the san francisco area, so we'll look over here right now. i just saw flashing lights over in the parking lot there as folks -- we just heard about a new accident. a fender-bender at the metering lights, so that may slow things over on the right side passing through the metering lights and heading to the upper deck. let's get a look at the map, the maze. the focus of the commute heading over toward the san francisco side, we are showing some construction crews a little late picking up northbound 880, but no major drama there. the issue is all those cars heading into san francisco. christina talked about all the congestion and all the activities here. we're saying if you drive -- you know what, don't drive. try not to drive into the city because we have the giants playing, we have golden gate park with the music festival at the left. the embarcadero will be congested because of the fleet week activities as well as
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transit. b.a.r.t. is a great option. starting today, friday, they are running longer trains with extended service to the special events. also on the rails, the caltrain system is an option if your heading toward the giants game. golden gate bridge shows a smooth flow of traffic as well. coming from the north bay you can also take the ferries into the city. that's a great view just getting there. you can view a lot of the fleet week flyovers, so expect those parking lots to be very crowded as well. expect delays across the bridge as well. if you do drive across and there's an air show going on, focus on the road please and catch the replay because we'll be showing that to you. >> wise advice, mike. we'll have all sorts of coverage wall to wall, all over the bay area all weekend long. we're also going live to detroit in a couple of minutes to check out the oakland a's. check us out, or
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follow us on facebook and twitter. talk about taking mass transit. this is why it's going to be so important for you this weekend and beyond. drivers could be in for some major sticker shock the next time they hit the gas station. gas prices are just soaring. here in the bay area, the average price jumped 15 cents overnight. take a look at this gas station in oakland. prices range from $4.89 to $5.13 for premium. sorry to say, it's not the worst that we've found. monte francis is live in cupertino where he's going to be paying well over five bucks for the cheap stuff. that's crazy, monte. >> reporter: laura, it is pretty crazy. we have the new aaa report that is out this morning showing that bay area gas prices are up across the board. you can see here at this 76 station in cupertino that regular unleaded is selling for $5.39, premium is selling for $5.59. as you can also see, prices have
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spiked overnight. in san francisco the price is up overnight by 16 cents from $4.43 to $4.59 this morning. in oakland it was $4.34 yesterday. this morning it's up to $4.52. and in san jose the average was $4.37. today it's up to $4.53. appear lists are attributing the increase to some mishaps at some of the state's refineries and a problem with a pipeline that supplies to valero and shell stations. the chevron refinery require is also a contributing factor. all of this is hitting bay area drivers hard and taking many of them by surprise. >> i actually never knew the prices were this high. i haven't got gas in about a week or so, so i was pretty shocked. it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: in southern california the gas shortage forced some costco gas stations and a few others to actually shut down. as for if there will be any
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relief at the pump any time soon, analysts are predicting that prices will continue to rise in the coming week. one analyst said if there are any more problems, you can expect them to stay the same or possibly go higher. >> time to car pool. >> you got that right. break out the bike. 6 c:11. the question is are we healing or reeling from the recession? the numbers from the latest jobs report just ahead. >> reporter: and i'm casey pratt in detroit with the a's. now, the a's lost the season series against the tigers, but i'll tell you who the key matchup will be for oakland in this playoff series. inspecting planes for loose seats. the safety check that's already keeping one bay area flight from getting off the ground. [ boy ] with box tops for education, you can now earn even more cash for your school with two box tops
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new this morning, the monthly jobs report is out n september the country added 114,000 jobs. the unemployment rate 7.8%. it's the first time the unemployment rate has dipped below 8% in four years. we'll have more on the the numbers and the impact on the election coming up at 6:30 in a live report. the time is 6:14. here's a look at some of our top local headlines. a man bitten by a bat in contra costa county has died of rabies over in switzerland. the cdc says the man was bitten in the east bay back in march but didn't go to the hospital until early july in dubai where he was working abroad. 50 people who may have come in contact with him may have now been exposed. authorities are reaching out to say you may have rabies, go get checked. interestingly enough, today marks one year since a disgruntled employee walked into the lehigh cement plant in
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cupertino and started shooting. three people were killed, seven others injured in that shooting spree. the man shot himself during a policeman hunt the next day. and witnesses at a trial say the suspect in the murder of nursing student michelle le went to great lengths to track down her former friend. witnesses say gisele esteban pretended to be le on the phone, even stole a security badge to find le at the hospital before she worked. prosecutors say le was killed in the parking lot garage of that hospital back in may of 2011. oh, yeah, a's fans still reveling in their team's incredible run, especially this week. oakland becomes the first team ever to win a division after trailing by five or more games with nine to go. casey pratt is live this morning in detroit to set the scene for us. good morning, casey. >> reporter: how are you doing?
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you know, the a's will have to start this series in detroit. they lost the season series, but the most important thing is that they are going to have coco crisp. now, coco crisp didn't get to play much in the previous series against the tigers because he had allergic conjunctivitis in his eyes which is basically pink eye. getting off to a good start is the most important thing according to bob melvin and coco crisp is 8 for 22 against justin verlander. so the series will be very critical because the first two games are here and then they go back to oakland for three, where the crowd was raucous all weekend and helped them sweep them this week. the players tell me feeding off the energy is what helped them. in detroit they won't have that luxury. they also have to face justin verlander and max sherzer. the a's said a record for the
6:17 am
most strikeouts, but coco crisp leading off, 8 for 22 against justin verlander. that's going to be the key factor for the a's in this playoff series. casey pratt here at comerica park for nbc bay area. >> thanks so much. comcast sportsnet california brings you sportsnet central october quest. pregame one hour before every a's game. postgame coverage starts immediately after the final out. that is sportsnet central october quest on comcast sportsnet california. that's a mouthful early in the morning. >> october quest has the nice ring to it. we've got the a's, we've got the giants. let's get that world series. >> you know what, or the yankees. if it's going to be the giants, let's have them beat the yankees. we're all for the a's and the giants. temperatures are running cool this morning.
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we've got a lot of low cloud cover out there. we want to start with this live picture of san jose, mostly cloudy conditions, but not too bad just yet. as i've been pointing out, we'll see the most widespread fog the next couple of hours. i'm expecting a downright phenomenal sunrise this morning at about 7:05. as we get closer to that time we'll show you the live pictures. 56 degrees in stinson beach. you're at 58 in oaktown to start and 58 in concord. really mild out there. temperatures are not going to climb all that much. we've got cold air, area of low pressure. this has been rising up from the south and really moving along a little bit faster. that mean as it gets right over us, we head through the heat of the day, temperatures aren't going t climb all that much. in fact today you'll see a return of the midlevel clouds and those breezes will pick up. you'll notice on your kiwi stop the clock on your futurecast, 5:00 p.m. where you're getting those blues and yellows. that's the strong winds and, yes, that makes a little bit more excitement out there on the
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bay when it comes to america's cup. now, fleet week in town, a lot of navy men, ladies, a lot of sailors in the city as we head through the weekend. temperatures are going to be nice. you'll be able to take off that jacket for a few hours. 69 degrees as we head throughout this afternoon. temperatures are going to be nice and comfortable just about all weekend long. you probably had to use your ac at some point over the past couple days. today you can give it a break probably for the next seven to eight days. i don't want anybody to cancel their plans because of this shower activity. not expecting a whole lot. the system is packing more cold air than it is moisture so hit-or-miss showers from time to time, but as i said before don't bring that umbrella unless you absolutely have to, ladies. i'm talking about maybe a 30-minute hairdo and then it's maybe worth it. mike, how long to you spend on your hair every morning? >> not long enough. a little spritz, a little air and there you go. sometimes the electrical socket. i'm kidding, kids, don't ever do
6:20 am
that. we're looking over here where we have the lights on powder pie the electricity. these headlights because of the metering lights that are stopping all this traffic back past the 880 overcrossing. we do have the backup. there was the earlier accident at the metering lights that caused this. oakland also showing some slowdown as well. this is southbound with all of these headlights coming past high street. looked like earlier construction held these folks up coming out of downtown. i'll show you on the maps actually coming out of downtown approaching the coliseum. you see that slowing. through two construction zones. as they move the vehicles, we have to stop traffic and the burst comes through. 580 is a great option heading down toward that same area. castro valley y shows a little slowing for west 580 and north 238. seeing a good number of cars out there. a live look outside and see how things are shaping up for palo alto along the peninsula the north 101, no major slowing. caltrain is a great option into
6:21 am
the city. if you're driving 101 on sunday, the niners are playing a midday game. here coming down from the north bay a good volume of traffic through san rafael. no major slowing but novato down through toward the bridge we're getting that build and of course we'll have cup gest should know on the north side as a lot of folks try to watch the air show. it's safe to say not exactly a great week for american airlines. expecting delays all across the country for the next few days. we've learned one has already happened right here in the bay area, big-time delays. the airline already cancelling dozens of flights as it's scrambling, working very hard to try to fix seats in its boeing 757s. the airline says every seat on each and every 757 will be secured and in place when it reaches its destination today. earlier this week we told you how some of those seats had actually come loose during flights. it's also happened to one of the pilots. yeah, a pilot seat last night during a flight in philadelphia
6:22 am
delayed about 90 minutes as the airline tried to fix that issue. just all over their flights. american airlines has already cancelled some 44 lights today and one of those flights is right here, flight 2042 from sfo to miami. if you happen to be on that one, it has been cancelled for the day. so check your flights out of sfo. >> the weather will be decent here so maybe you should just stay. >> enjoy, get out. six:22. coming up, happy homecoming for a dog stolen in the south bay. >> love this. >> thank you to everybody who made this happen. >> tears of joy as a little girl is reunited with her puppy she thought she'd never see again. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. so thanks. from your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. talk about a feel good friday, we love these happy endings. an emotional reunion in san jose as a sweet 10-year-old girl is finally back together with her little puppy. ripped off two days ago right out of her own bedroom. >> i want to say thank you to everybody who made this happen. >> oh, she is so, so elated. i love this. now, it took a village, as they say, to return miko to that family, from the city councilman to alerted the media to police and firefighters who posted the reward money. the yorkie mix was taken during
6:26 am
a home burglary on monday. the puppy was found in a parking lot by a shopper who recognized photos and video of the puppy from tv reports. >> happy ending there. 6:26. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. how are we looking? >> we are looking much better than where we started out the week. temperatures today are going to be downright comfortable and not just bayside and at the coast, but everywhere. 76 degrees inland, bayside 71 degrees and at the coast 69 degrees. we do have changes on the way. we'll take you through those. 6:26. first let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> the volume building around the bay, but the south bay not much drama here. it's 92 that i'm worried about because even this friday traffic is showing a heavier flow coming off of the hayward side. this is after you get over off the foster city side on the peninsula and we do see a little slowing on the flat section, so a busy day here.
6:27 am
of course at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on. the backup past the 880 overcrossing to west grand avenue. it will only get heavier over the weekend. back to you. thanks, mike. still ahead, eagle scout status denied. we'll tell you why a boy scout's dreams are being dashed by politics and his sexual orientation. also remembering an icon a year to the day he passed away. we will tell you how the bay area is paying tribute to one of its greatest all-time innovators.
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a scandalous arrest and a shocking suicide. now new details into molestation claims that prompted a bay area teacher to take his own life. plus lasting legacy. a silicon valley pioneer remembered one year to the day he died. the local tribute planned in steve jobs' honor just ahead. right now we take you live to the new york stock exchange
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on wall street. there they are ringing in the bell. the new jobs report is out. about 114,000 jobs, under 8% for unemployment for the first time in about four years. good friday, october 5th. this is "today in the bay." 6:30 on the nose. good morning, everybody. yes, feel good friday, always love this day. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. you heard john mention the numbers there. new this morning investors, politicians, taking a close look at those new monthly job numbers just released about an hour ago. brian mooar is live in washington, d.c. brian, is the report expected to give president obama a boost after this week's debate? i'm sure he's going to turn it that way. >> reporter: you know what, laura, looking at these numbers, i think you can call these an october surprise. this is what politicians hope and dream will happen. this is certainly an interesting
6:31 am
turn of events here. we got the numbers we expected. let's look at them. expected 115,000, we got 114,000. that's not a barn burner. but the 7.8%, that is a drop from 8.1 to 7.8% unemployment. that is the lowest since the day president obama took office. that gives the president a chance to argue today that he has been slowly but steadily rebuilding on the economy. mitt romney, meanwhile, will have the opportunity to say the president hasn't been doing it enough, hasn't been doing it well enough and he could do it better. but this is a surprising number. the reason we have the sudden drop, we expected it to particular up a point. the reason it went down is because the july and august numbers have been revised upward pretty dramatically. we're talking about more than 80,000 jobs combined. it's not a great jobs number in terms of the overall economy,
6:32 am
but it's surprising. and the trend is that it is heading in a positive direction. right now mitt romney is behind in eight of the battleground states. he did really well in that debate the other night, but this is going to take that over in terms of messaging and in terms of just sentiment, in terms of those people who are undecided in those states that are now already having early balloting. laura. >> thank you, brian. we're just getting reports from the romney camp, already claiming 7.8 is not a recovery. so we'll keep our eyes on everything going on. thank you so much, brian. right now we have some new details to tell you about in the sexual abuse case involving a teacher at an albany middle school. police say several new victims have already come forward. james izumizaki was arrested last week on suspicion of lewd acts with a former student. he was then found dead in his car less than a week later. in a brand new report, police now confirming his death was in fact a suicide.
6:33 am
police also say several girls are now coming forward, claiming the sixth grade teacher molested them as well. izumizaki's arrest and subsequent death shocked the entire school and that community, sparking outrage among parents who say police acted rashly. police say this investigation will continue. 6:33. the mother accused of ditching her 10-year-old daughter during a grocery store shoplifting attempt is back in the bay area. this is new video of 38-year-old marcy keelin walking into the santa clara county main jail. she was arrested last week near reno. police say she drove away from a morgan hill safeway two weeks ago, leaving her daughter with a cartload of groceries which weren't paid for. a week later keelin was found in nevada. her family says she suffers from depression. a moraga boy says he is being denied the top honor of eagle scouts all because he is
6:34 am
day. the boy scouts saying he will not be given that honor because he recently shared his sexual orientation with family and friends. in fact the organization releasing a statement saying, quote, because of his sexual orientation and that he did not agree to scouting's principle of duty to god, he is no longer eligible for membership in scouting. the executive director of the national center for lesbian rights says the boy scouts, well, they're not breaking the law, but -- >> it is wrong to say that someone who is honorable, who did everything that was required to be an eagle scout, that is withheld from him simply because of his sexual orientation. they're on the wrong side of history. >> andresen's mother jumped into action starting a petition on right now there are more than 123,000 supporters signed up. 6:34. today marks one year since the death of apple ceo and co-founder steve jobs.
6:35 am
jobs died of pancreatic cancer last october. the city of cupertino has ordered the city flag be flown at half staff at the civic center today. that's where jobs made his last public presentation to the city when he revealed plans for apple's new campus last june. in a statement, the mayor said steve grew up and went to school in cupertino. as his company and vision grew, so our entire community came to realize we can change the world for the better. placing our city flag at half staff is a small reminder of the profound and very local impact this man had on our community. not to mention the world. >> absolutely, no doubt. a visionary, game-changer, touching a lot of lives with a lot of products. >> exactly. what an imprint there. all right, let's see how the weather will affect us this weekend. a lot of activity across the bay, christina. >> yeah, we have a lot of action and something you don't usually see in san francisco. look at this, you've got the a's
6:36 am
flag blowing in the breeze and the giants flag right behind it. really hoping for a bay bridge series. both teams have big games and the giants game is at home starting tomorrow. it looks like we might have a little shower activity in the vicinity. i don't think we'll see delays or a rainout by any means but you want to keep that in mind. hit or miss showers throughout the weekend. 56 in stinson beach, 58 in concord, 60 degrees in sunnyvale. as we kick off your friday morning, you made it to the weekend. i want to show you your futurecast. stop the clock at 10:00 a.m. a little shower activity lurking offshore. we're not going to see a rainout, we're not going to see any sort of a washout as we head throughout the weekend, but the low clouds will be so thick we're expecting that steady drizzle all weekend long. we stop the clock for you again at 4:00 p.m. and you can see between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00, you're going to get the most sunshine in the city today and that means you'll be able to see blue angels overhead.
6:37 am
for today 72 degrees at noon as you break for lunch inland, up to 76 at 4:00 p.m., 71 bayside and 69 in places like san francisco. we'll show you that seven-day forecast, we want to help you make those weekend plans. if you're planning on hitting the city, you need mike's help. good morning to you. >> you need more than my help but we'll show you what we can. all these bright lights at the toll plaza, let me show you the maps and one of the reasons for the drama is we have the metering lights triggered by an accident just past them heading up the upper deck. the accident now in its final clearing stages but you see the slow drive on the maps coming off of the berkeley curve. another accident recently cleared from ashby. here's south 880. we talked about a disabled vehicle reported southbound headed toward high street. once you get to the coliseum, let me show you the live shot. we still show you a burst of traffic and the northbound side picking up the volume of the you'll start to see slowing through downtown over the next few minutes.
6:38 am
back to the maps and we'll move south towards castro valley y. west 580 and north 238 shows the reds. 880 slows down into union city and west 580, we'll end with this shot of livermore and slowing through the area out of the tri-valley and toward the dublin interchange. 6:38. we're following developing news overseas. reports of an american tourist opening fire at a resort abroad. we'll have details next. ♪
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new this morning, an
6:41 am
american man is dead in his 20s after he stole a gun and then killed a hotel employee at a resort in israel. police say the attacker stole a gun from a hotel security guard and then started shooting after arguing with a hotel employee. police then stormed the hotel and the gunman fired back from the hotel kitchen until officers ultimately shot him dead. again, that man is an american in his 20s. he was visiting israel on a program that brings americans from the jewish faith to that country. the man was reportedly a former employee at that hotel. switching gears, 6:41. coming up, it is a frenzy, but a fun-filled frenzy. a live look at san francisco, a city in store for one of the busiest weekends on record. we have a team in place to tell you how to get around and enjoy all the excitement there. >> we're looking out for you.
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6:44 am
happening now, a 100-acre brush fire is burning in mason county, washington. it's now threatening over 100 homes. this is live pictures from the site this morning. the fire itself started thursday afternoon, but firefighters from two counties have been responding to the quick-moving blaze out there. this is in the rainbow lake area and deputies are alerting residents in the area to evacuate. something we're keeping our eye on this morning at si6:44. >> as they say let the games begin. they should say let the games and the races and the performances and the festivals begin. you get the feeling it's a big weekend here in the bay area? just open up the doors and run, especially over in san
6:45 am
francisco. >> boredom is not really an option in the next couple of days for you. today through sunday smooth events all over san francisco from baseball to football to blue angels and boats. we have a team in place to give you a jump start on those weekend plan bus we begin with r bob redell. he has a look at the fleet week festivities. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. yes, this is a ship you can start touring tomorrow through monday. it's at pier 3032. here we are just as the sun is coming up at its duty section. we're on the flight deck. if you're looking at this flight deck and as you pan to the left, it has a very similar look to an aircraft carrier but believe it or not it's slightly smaller. it's an amphibious assault ship, 837 feet long.
6:46 am
good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is senior chief don ryan. what would you use an amphibious assault ship for as opposed to an aircraft carrier? >> well, it is probably the most versatile ship in the u.s. fleet. we can get the marine as shore for amphibious assault. we also have huge capabilities for humanitarian assistance and disaster response. there's not much that this ship can't be configured to do. >> we were at the stern and the well deck and the back part can submerge into the water. if you have hover craft, they don't have to submerge and they can take off. you can hear the hum of the ship in the background. the hum maybe isn't any different but what's creating the hum is. >> that's right. that's part of the uniqueness of uss macon island. part of our hybrid propulsion system. we use gas turbines and electrical auxiliary propulsion motors to power the ship. huge cost savings to the navy and american taxpayer. >> senior chief, thank you very
6:47 am
much. great to have you here in san francisco. the tours are 9:00 to 3:00 saturday through monday. this is a very popular tour. you definitely want to show up early. if you show up at 2:00, you definitely may be disappointed and turned away. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob looking sharp in that pea coat. fitting right in. 6:47. the a's are in the playoffs and the giants gearing up for game one. >> csn bay area's amy gutierrez managed to sneak her way into at&t park this morning. quiet now, but boy is that place going to get rowdy, amy. >> reporter: it is. i snuck in with my orange coat. bob has the pea coat, i've got the orange coat. it is orange friday. preparations are well under way for game one of the nlds, but giants skipper bruce bochy still has a lot of decisions still on his plate to make regarding that
6:48 am
25-man playoff roster. a lot to think about. how many pitchers is he going to carry and who's he going to keep to use off the bench. one thing the giants know, the reds will challenge them. they have a great pitching staff and a very tough lineup to face. but one decision has been made. the game two nlds starter for the giants. >> bumgarner is going to go the second game. that's where we're going to leave it at right now. so we have game one, game two. we'll announce the rest of the rotation a little later. obviously we want to talk to the guys, and really that's where we're at right now so we're set for game one and game two. >> every day we go out there, our pitching is the big reason why we won the nl west. so for matty to be pitching, we're all excited for him and i'm sure he's pretty happy. >> i just can't make mistakes. even if you make your pitch, there's a chance that they're going to put the barrel on it too. so you've just got to keep
6:49 am
making pitches, keep them off balance an just got to be on your game. >> reporter: jon and laura, as you mentioned, it is a crazy weekend in san francisco. so much fun stuff going on. so game one first pitch nlds here at at&t posh,ark, 6:37. game two on sunday, the time is still to be determined. we have to see what happens with the wild card games today to get you those times, so stand by for that. guys. >> we will. we know you'll bring us all the action. thanks so much, amy. you know this entire postseason comcast sportsnet bay area bringing you sportsnet central october quest. pregame is one hour before every giants game. postgame coverage immediately after the final out. it is actually the only place to see mike krukow and duane kuiper, great guys. that's sportsnet central october quest on comcast sportsnet bay area. >> and oh, boy the way, they
6:50 am
also have a little football for you. the 49ers postgame live, the official postgame show of those san francisco 49ers. make sure to dial it up and dune in the sunday after the 49ers take on the bills or after they crush the bills at candlestick park. >> okay. got you covered there. of course we need a meteorologist to keep us covered when it comes to the forecast. christina is the girl. >> yes. >> you don't have to head to san francisco for all that action. all the sports bars in san jose through livermore. they are going to be popping off as we head throughout this weekend and the weather is going to be perfect for sitting out on the patio and watching our team take it to the field. 6:50 now. let's go ahead and show you a live picture. this is san francisco this morning. there are those low clouds we promised you. that natural coolant is kicking this morning and that will keep your temperatures in the 70s. we've got an area of low pressure on the way that's going to move right over us today so uniform temperatures, not a whole lot of separation between san francisco and san jose. those microclimates not making a big difference for us today.
6:51 am
as we head throughout the afternoon, low pressure gets closer and closer and so what you will notice as of the past couple days, we've seen the clouds completely clear and mostly sunny conditions. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds so partly cloudy skies. weekend stays even cooler than what we're expecting for today and we're only expecting the 70s. i want to start with that giants forecast on saturday. now, this is going to be very interesting. 66 degrees at 6:00 p.m. i am expecting the fog to roll in and that could reduce visibility out there if you see any of those balls pop out in mccovey cove. 64 degrees at 7:00 p.m. and 63 degrees at 8:00 p.m. then on sunday, are you ready for some football? that's right, the 49ers, 1:00 p.m., 60 degrees. same deal there, reduced visibility because of those low clouds coming in. 62 at 2:00 p.m. but you know what this equates to? perfection for tailgating. it's going to be really, really nice out there. not too hot. we still want you to drink lots of water. 71 degrees by monday into tuesday. fog and drizzle.
6:52 am
of course we want you to all stay safe out there. the weather pattern doesn't change all that much. now that we're in the fog, the drizzle, a few scattered showers. we don't get out of the 70s until potentially the end of next week, so you can give your ac a break. i don't know about giving the traffic a break. it is going to be jam packed. >> we haven't been getting a break from traffic at all and especially not this weekend. we'll talk about that in just a second. right now, this is north 280 as you come toward the 880/17 interchange. building up here but that's not the worst of it. for the south bay, san jose comes up here north from about tully all the way up here past 680/880 and heading up toward the airport. there's your burst kicking in for 101. also showing slowing north of here where there's an accident on the eastbound side. that's opposite your commute, though. north 87 starting to build up into downtown and the bottom of your screen, we have two accidents reported as you're approaching blossom hill and that will cause some backup for folks coming off 101 and forcing
6:53 am
more folks onto 101. i don't want another problem like we saw yesterday for that highway but we'll track that. looking further north at the san mateo bridge coming over from the hayward side. the westbound traffic really starting to slam down and this is what we saw early signs of. so now there's slowing heading toward the high rise. there's that mist in the air as well, christina talked about the changing weather. but the peninsula holding steady. and the bay bridge also getting over to the city, well, it's crowded now, going to get even worse on the weekend. we're talking about folks through this area you can avoid the backup at the toll plaza by taking b.a.r.t. the b.a.r.t. system itself starting today is increasing the service and making longer trains because today, tomorrow, sunday we're going to have all those activities in the city. we have fleet week, we have the america's cup, hardly strictly bluegrass and you'll have to use muni to get there as well and the giant playing. if you are going to the giants game, let me call out caltrain as well because that will take you right back 101 candlestick
6:54 am
park where folks will begin backing up there for tailgating starting at 10:00. christina says it's going to be great. traffic, though, will not, guys. >> mike got all the ways around it. jump on public transportation. we'll have live coverage of all the events all weekend long. all you've got to do is go to or follow us on facebook or twitter. don't even get in your car. have you seen the numbers at the pump? a jump is really giving drivers sticker shock. gas prices are 15 cents a gallon more than they were just yesterday. some stations already selling it for more than $5 a gallon. take a look. yeah, that's a live look from oakland. look at that premium price. >> eyes are burning. >> $5.13. your pocket is going to burn too. it's even worse in the south bay. monte francis is live in cupertino. look over his shoulder there.
6:55 am
>> i'm trying not for t.o.o. >> $5.59 a gallon? >> reporter: it's a tough one and we haven't seen many people at this particular gas station this morning. regular unleaded as you can see here is going for $5.39 a gallon. premium is $5.59 a gallon. we have the new aaa report showing bay area gas prices are up across the board. in san francisco, the price is up overnight by 16 cents from $4.43 to $4.59. in oakland it was $4.34 yesterday. this morning it's up to $4.52. in san jose the average was $4.37. today it is up to $4.53. why is this happening? analysts are attributing to mishaps at some of the state's 14 refineries causing a statewide gas shortage and a problem with an oil pipeline is also to blame. the chevron refinery fire in richmond back in august is also cited as a contributing factor.
6:56 am
now, all of this is having a huge impact on drivers here in the bay area, many of whom are being forced to shell out more than $100 in some cases just to fill up. >> it's outrageous. i can go elsewhere. i've got enough to get home and that's all i'm worried about. >> with the gas prices rising and my income level staying the same, it's very difficult to, you know, be able to afford gas and other things and rent and things like that. >> reporter: in southern california, the gas shortage forced some costco gas stations an a few others to shut down. so when can you expect relief? not any time soon, according to analysts. they're predicting that prices will continue to rise in the coming week. one analyst said if there are more problems with the refineries, you could expect those gas prices to stay the same or to go even higher. laif in cupertino, monte francis, "today in the bay." that's right, time to
6:57 am
continue our baseball inferno. like the giants, the a's also have a busy weekend ahead not here at home out on the road in detroit. the green and gold just shocking the baseball world winning, that's right, winning the american league western division title. they had a flat liner status right after the all-star game. today they're getting ready to crank it up for game one. they're taking on the tigers in detroit. comcast sportsnet casey pratt is live at comerica park in detroit with the big-time playoff preview. casey, what's happening? >> reporter: you know, it's crazy. the a's actually didn't hold soul possession of first place until the final game of the season so winning the american league west for the first time since 2006, here they are in detroit taking on the detroit tigers who actually defeated them in the alcs in 2006. so they'll have to have a little redemption on their minds. now, the tarp is on the field right now inside comerica park, but the tigers and a's will be holding workouts in just a couple hours.
6:58 am
we'll have updates on that ahead. the big thing a lot of people are making a big deal about is miguel cabrera and prince fielder, the guy that backs him up in the lineup. what a lot of people aren't talking about is the a's led major league baseball in home runs and runs scored in the second half of the season so it should be a pretty interesting matchup here at comerica park. >> instantly turn into a 12-year-old. i love it. maybe casey is done. are we taking over here? >> oh, yeah. look at the excitement of those guys. it is simply exciting. you know, the a's will play the tigers at home on tuesday. here's a live look at the coliseum in oakland this morning where fans are really hoping to open up that upper deck to accommodate more fans. you know, we caught up with team owner lou wolf who says maybe. >> it will depend on both major league baseball and the amount of people. if the demand is there. >> wolf says he doubts the first round will be a sellout, but he
6:59 am
hopes so. they didn't sell out the first round the last time they made it in 2006. let's do it for the team. >> if you can't make it to the game, comcast sportsnet california bringing you all of the action on october quest. pregame is one hour before every a's game. postgame coverage immediately after that final out. that's sportsnet central october quest and it's on comcast sportsnet california. >> no matter what you're doing this weekend, the weekend is upon us. we want to check our weather. >> take your vitamin sfls wore ready, christina. >> that smile reads ready. good morning to you. 76 inland today, 71 bayside at the coast about 69 degrees. don't forget, you can catch mike and myself right here on nbc bay area and comcast as we head through the weekend talking about all the action. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much, christina. and thank you for joining us as well. a lot going onhi


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