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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 14, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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more construction out toward the intersection. the right side of your screen, a crash reported 101 north at story. a hit and run. there was something earlier. if you saw anything, call it in to chp. i will check in on that and give you the update. it is 4:32. the world's catholics have a new leader, cardinal jorge bergolio. today's tracie potts has a look at what his first day as pope will entail. >> as the much-anticipated white smoke poured from the sistine chapel, thousands rushed to st. peter's square to see the newly elected pope. >> i waited here all day this was amazing. >> cardinal jorge bergolio of
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argentina, now, st. francis, winning the hearts of the people by asking for their prayers. >> it was a sign of hugh millity and holiness. a simple jesuit who rode the bus, cooked his own meals and gave up the archbishop palace for a modest apartment. habits that he intends to keep. >> as the last bus pulls up, guess who gets off the bus. pope francis. i guess he told the driver, i will goi with the guys on the bus. >> he was not wearing the red silk instead in a simple white cassock. >> today, pope francis visits the sanctuary in rome and will set brat mass in the sistine chapel. >> so now, the vatican starts
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preparing for tuesday's installation. early estimates were that 200,000, 300,000 people could attend. >> i'm ready to go on assignment. many headed to special matt at lady of guadalupe parish last night. >> for the first time in the church's history, catholics have a pope from argentina. 42% of the world's catholic population lives in south america. many are feeling a connection based on language and culture. >> i am happy, very happy. the first jesuit pope, secondly, from latin america, so he can identify a little bit more with some of the life that we all live here as latinos in our community. >> some are hoping they will be able to connect with pope francis in person, maybe a visit to the bay area one day. area was pope john paul ii in
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1987. we will have continuing coverage of the installation of pope francis. you can watch and read about other celebrations in the bay area and around the world. logon to the website. just search pope. >> new this morning, we are getting new details of an earthquake overnight just north of santa rosa. this one, a 4.6 hitting just outside of cobb, 40 miles north of santa rosa. that strike happening just after 2:00 a.m. this morning. despite a decent-size shaker, no reports of damage or injuries. the man accused of shooting an oakland rapper on the las vegas strip and causing a fiery crash is scheduled to be in a los angeles courtroom later today. lamar harris will attend an identification hearing. he is asking prosecutors to prove he is lamar harris before they extradite him.
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it is not clear who will testify. he got in a fight with oakland rapper, kenny "clutch" cherry on february 21st. he allegedly chased cherry down las vegas boulevard and fired five shots in the maserati he was driving. he hit another man and killed the driver and passenger. the woman accused of kicking a toddler on golden gate park on monday is expected to be in court. 24-year-old sabrina bell allegedly walked past a man and his daughter and kicked the little girl in her chest. luckily, she was not seriously hurt. they say she threatened to kill other children before running away. no word on what provoked that attack. >> parents at a morgan hill daycare want to know why it took so long for staff to report a teacher after she allegedly tried to drug a group of toddlers.
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dozens of administrators meeting at the kiddy academy. friday morning, grass was caught putting sleeping medication into children's drinking cups. the reasons parents were upset here, the school didn't report that ins don't police until monday morning. >> how could they sleep and how could they go through the weekend knowing what's happening and not notifying the parents. >> police also say they are frustrated with the timing of the report because valuable evidence was lost. daycare administrators told them they would be implementing new policies. >> let's check the forecast. what is in store for today? temperatures this morning are chilly, not too bad. it is rather mild to start the day compared to our average low. typically, we see more 30s and
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40s. we are getting a little bit more fog. i want to show you that visabilities are dropping off. up in the north are temperatures this morning, like i said, pretty doggone mild. 53 degrees to start the day in san jose. 52 in oakland. take you through your hour by hour forecast. we stop the clock at 1:00 p.m. temperatures are going to be 5-8 degrees cooler than yesterday. getting more comfortable, in fact. it was a little bit warm where we hit close to 83 degrees in south san jose. 72 on the way for today. 74, in concord, 68 degrees in san francisco. the changes keep coming for your forecast. we will take you three and show you what it holds. >> folks, we look overhead at the bay bridge. we just missed all the action. we had cones overnight blocking a couple of lanes. a couple of caltrans trucks, they have all cleared. it was the road crew clearing from the approach. a smooth drive as we see a few
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more cars. it is still very early at the toll plaza. we will take a look at another bridge. this is the foster city side of the san mateo bridge with an easy drive westbound. flashing, twinkling lights over towards the bridge. south bay, same map. construction sites typical. 880s, 101, 680 northbound. reports of a crash there. i thought maybe the same incident. i will check with chp and get you verification. last i heard, there were no links blocked on the freeway. the plans to put new seats on b.a.r.t. trains are going to take a little longer than expected. so far, b.a.r.t. has outfitted 250 of the 269 cars with new vinyl seats. it is scheduled to finish up the work on 50 more soon. the agency contracted with the
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company to rae plays the seats in 139 more cars. the company hired to do the work sudden suddenly backed out. b.a.r.t. has to restart the bidding process, which means it will take longer to outfit the whole fleet. here we go, today is pie day. i'm sorry. that's pie day as in 3.14, math buff. all over the bay area are planning ways to celebrate. san francisco's explore atore yum at their new location holding a celebration at pier 15. it starts exactly at 1.59. for all you math insiders, that is the first six values of pi. the california academy of sciences will hold pi night, including math activities and some good stuff. celebrated the third month of
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the 14th day, the first three digits of the unending number. >> here you and i were thinking cherry, berry, apple. >> coconut cream. >> we can do that anyway. a new smart phone enters the market later today. we have a sneak peek at the samsung galaxy s-4. how about facing the music. the head of the tsa heading to capitol hill to answer questions about the new plan to allow small knives on planes. >> the crash that nearly broke a fire truck in half. must-see video next.
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welcome back. good thursday morning to you. the porch of oakland all lit up this morning, 4:44. for the third time, rather, this week, president obama will meet with congressional leaders to work on a consensus on a budget. the president will have to face face to face talks with republican senators and democrats. yesterday, senate democrats unveiled a budget plan calling for $1 trillion in new taxes. earlier this week, house republicans showed off their budget which includes more than $4 trillion in spending cuts.
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the president is expected to unveil his budget plans in april. >> samsung getting ready to fire a direct shot at the new galaxy s4. bertha coombs who i believe is a con na sewer of the electronics. good morning. >> i think now i have two cell phones, the ipad, mac. i use a pc here. i am all over every platform. it is march madness when it comes to the markets. the futures are higher. positive data on retail says. the dow extending the winning streak to nine days, the longest since november of 1996.
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the dow rising five points. that 14455 ending is another record high, the seventh straight. the nasdaq joined along adding 2 to 3245. samsung firing across the bow directly at apple with a brand new smart foun. set to unveil the galaxy s4. the first major launch. the galaxy s4 giving it a head start against the apple iphone. the s4 has a five-inch screen, making it bigger with a quad core processor and here is the thing everybody is watching for. it is rumored to have an itracking capability, to
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automatically scroll content just by looking at it. that would be a real game changer if it did that. >> that is something directly out of star wars or star trucks. all right, bertha. >> very future ristick or a minority report. >> it is pretty amazing where technology takes us. >> a lot of it happening right here. including the great weather. >> kids don't know what we are talking about. zach morris and his giant cell phone, remember those days, not too long ago. 4:47. beautiful day shaping up. 40s and 50s shaping up. it is not going to be as warm. i heard a few people using the word hot, thrown it around. highly unusual in gilroy. that is where we ended up. this morning, because we are
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starting out so mild, high pressure still in control of our weather pattern, easily touching on the low to mid-70s. we are done with the 80s and close to 90s for today. not too bad just yet. we will see that fog thicken up. it is all going to clear out of here early today between 8:00 and 10:00. we will see clear conditions and a nice, beautiful day shaping up. westerly flow is going to increase. that cool, ocean air means temperatures will come down. 74, livermore, 68 in san francisco. your seven-day outlook tells the story. as we get into the weekend, temperatures level off. they will drop just a touch. we are still keeping that chance for rain in the forecast actually looking a little bit more significant on wednesday. coincidentally, that's the first day of spring. back to you, lorie and jon. police in update new york have staked out abandoned build wrg a suspect in a deadly
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shooting spree is held up. police believe 64-year-old kurt meyers is still alive inside the building. he allegedly set fire to his apartment in a neighboring town, killed two men, wounding two others. yesterday, he went to a car shop in a neighboring town and killed two more men. he got into a brief gun fight in abandoned building before the standoff started they plan to allow small knives on airplanes starting next month is getting serious pushback on capitol hill. that rule change would allow passengers to carry blades smaller than 2.5 inches long. he will testify before a house committee hearing about that change. he is arguing small knives pose little threat and distract the agents from the real problems like explosives. airlines and flight attendants disagree. >> every single day, we
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experience passenger disturbances. you introduce a deadly weapon. it is not a good idea. house representative, ed markey, introducing a bipartisan, no knives act. it is aimed at blocking the policy change. that new knives policy is set to take effect april 25th. new video of a crash that sent four california firefighters to the hospital. their engine was apparently making a turn in buena park. the driver lost control and ran up a median into a pine tree. four or five firefighters were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. there is a new warning concerning your kids. the american academy of newerology is warning doctors to stop prescribing study drugs to kids that just don't need them. concern is growing teens are using memory enhancing drugs before tests and parents are actually asking adhd drugs for
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kids who do not have that disorder. neurologists say the medications are not in the best interest of kids whose brains are still at a point of developing. they say there are natural alternatives to those drugs like getting more sleep, better nutrition and exercise. 4:51. scientists praising the state's new earthquake warning system. seismologists say the system worked as planned during monday's 4.7 tremor that struck riverside county. before the quake hit, scientists got a 35-second warning. that's enough time for trains to stop, utilities to shut off and people to take cover. the warning system is still in the early testing process. it is not yet available to the public. boy, should that happen, 35 seconds is a good amount of time. >> anybody who has been caught in one of those shakers, you know every second is valuable. >> it does count. >> 4:51. a former raider could soon be playing for the 49ers. we'll have details on the team
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and the guy he is talking to next. >> here comes linsanity. how you can see the documentary about the san diego native, jeremy lin. there is some fog that christina is talking about. i'll give you an update on that san jose action coming up.
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the san francisco 49ers appear to be very interested in
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charles woodson. talks went late last night. as of 7:50, he was still at team headquarters. his agent telling the chronicle sounds like things were going well. the niners, whom woodson played for briefly in the 90s. last year's safety, desean goldson, officially signing with the buccaneers yesterday. the niners may also be beefing up their defense with a former raider as well. quarterback, no, ma'am deasa mu ais apparently talking with the niners after released from the eagles yesterday. comcast bay area reporting there is mutual interest. the texans, broncos and cardinals are also interested in asamua. before that, he played with the raiders and the cal bears. doesn't, you are going to get your chance to see the documentary about palo alto native, jeremy lin.
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it will head tonight's opening gala of the camfest. it following his days at harvard and his role at the warriors and the sudden burst to stardom with the new york knicks. lynn, who now plays for the houston rockets, got a chance to see the film at sundance. >> that's going to be one to watch. talk about a true cinderella story. what i agreat guy. here is mike inouye to tell us what's happening on the rhodes t roads. we are looking at the fog on the golden gate bridge and the smooth drive towards san francisco. we are looking towards another life shot. a little bit of a problem seeing the city from the east bay. there is fog rolling around the. the visibility is okay. then, we will look at the south bay. this is where the crash is. this is not on the freeway, not
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on 680. we have the local police handling it, not chp. >> 4:57. live coverage of pope francis' full day as pope. next, from rome, hear from a local man that knows pope francis well.
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new this morning, a strange and unusual bay area connection to the recent hacking of celebrity information, including michelle obama's. we will let you know what we uncovered. temperatures dropping off. we do have some fog to tale you about and your st. patrick's day weekend forecast coming right up. that weather affecting a few of your rhodes. we're watching that fog drift through. we'll see how those changes affect your drive. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. we will take you live to the
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east bay with a new traffic pattern that could throw drivers for a loop. that story coming up. a live look outside. waiting for the sun's arrival and a nice day ahead for this thursday, march 14th. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." it is 5:00 on the nose. good morning, everybody. always great to have you with us. i'm jon kelly. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. new this morning, pope francis has started his first official day as head of the catholic church. we have a live look where he is getting ready to hold mass at the sistine chapel with the cardinals. earlier this morning, he was supposed to visit with pope emeritus benedict xvi. nbc news reports that meeting did not happen today but it should happen in the next few days. tomorrow, the pope will receive the cardinals at the vatican and attend a number of events and then be installed in a mass at st. peter's basilica on tuesday.
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a lot of speculation about what catholics can expect from the new pope. one local professor at santa clara university says he knows the pope personally having spent time with him at theology school. >> i think they will find him very much a person of their own. his approach to faith and to prayer and to celebration of the church is something that they will understand and he will understand them. i think they are going to feel at home with him. >> here in the bay area, there will be a number of celebrations for the new pope. st. mary's cathedral in assumption in san francisco will hold a special mass in his honor. we will have continuing coverage of the installation of pope francis. logon to our website, nbc bay search pope. this just in to our newsroom. more bad news for


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