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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 14, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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cruise. another ship is without power. the coast guard says passengers at this point don't appear to be in distress. the ship is at port. again, this is news just coming into our newsroom. we will be keeping our eye on this developing story and, of course, we will bring you more details as soon as we get them. a big change coming the way. every driver gets around hayward. starting tomorrow, a one-way traffic loop will begin taking over downtown affecting every commuter on 580 in hayward heading to the san mateo bridge or fremont. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in fremont with what you need to know before you drive tomorrow. >> reporter: the new hayward loop, as it is called, is supposed to ease traffic congestion, ease the flow of traffic and make it easier to get into downtown hayward. the switchover happens tomorrow at 8:00. gives drivers the weekend to
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test it out before the real test. you might want to look up at the tv screen. we put together an animation to help you understand this new configuration. the loop encompasses a six-block area in the downtown. northbound traffic headed on jackson and mission, will merge on to foothill, which will now become one-way in the northbound direction. it will reverse back to two-way traffic once it crosses a street. southbound drivers will be forced in a new one-way traffic pattern on a street and then mission. mission reverting back to the two-way. the city has described its own two-way video. many negative concerned about the businesses along the loop writing that they won't shop there anymore because they don't want to deal with the one-way traffic. the hayward loop is a crucial part of the improvement project,
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$100 million improvement to improve a stretch. the largest public change for this city. the changeover takes place tomorrow night around 8:00. during that time, you can expect some major traffic disruptions. reporting live in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:04, investigators have linked a san francisco company to the hackers who public credit reports for michelle obama and other u.s. officials and celebrities. computers from the company cloud fair were used behind the scene to redirect visitors to a russian website where the stolen credit reports were being published. they used personal details about their victims to access through free credit report websites. they said they don't comment on their users the man accused of stealing a luxury yacht, going on a joyride and grounding it in pacific cajas a court hearing. leslie gartner being charged
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with grand theft, receiving stolen property and vandalism. prosecutors say he stole the 82-foot darling and convinced two others to jump on board and take a ride with him. the boat ran aground in linda demar beach. his case will be reviewed in superior court. a preliminary hearing set for monday supporters of a popular beach in half moon bay that was recently sold will be breaking it in to bring attention to public access. the group is planning to bust through the main gate to martin's beach at 10:00. it comes days after a lawsuit was filed to reopen the area. the group says the gates are illegal. the beach's owners did not obtain permits to block off access. the property was sold in 2010 to a developer who closed off martin beach road. prior to the sale, the beach was open to the public. >> a group of city have college offer san francisco students will march today demanding more
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input on the changes at their school. ccsf submitting a plan and advice to keep its accreditation. part of that plan includes a major overhaul of the college system and massive cuts. students are not happy with the choices and today they will demand to have their voices heard. the school would lose federal funding, grants, and access to financial aid if it loses its accreditation. >> an urban village built on the grounds of a historic racetrack in san mateo is about to open its doors. bait meadows development includes nearly 1200 new homes as well as office and retail space and 12 acres of parks and gardens. it is built on the historic bay meadows forest racetrack. it opened in 1934. it closed in 2008. san mateo city officials will dedicate the community park this morning. the development opens to the public on saturday. >> it is 5:06 right now. let's check back in with
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meteorologist, christina loren, who says it is still going to be niz but what did you say, the sizzle losing the fizzle. >> it is starting to fizzle wechlt kind of want that fizzle in gilroy. close to 90 degrees in the winter, a little uncomfortable. morgan hill, 84 degrees. south san jose, 80. santa rosa, 80 and 79 degrees in walnut creek. we broke temperature records in the north bay, in the south bay yesterday and extreme winter warmth. only 20 degrees above average in the warmest cities across the bay area. we are still headed toward an unseasonably warm day. you will notice the difference. by noon today, only ramping up into the mid-60s. as you run out the day, we will see more 70s than 80s. 74 for livermore. 71 on the way to fremont today. 68 degrees in san francisco. we've got a big weekend coming up. st. patrick's day. a lot of people like to celebrate that holiday here in the bay area.
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we will have your forecast for that. also, we want to take a look at what's happening up in tahoe. you still have really great conditions up there. that's coming up. 5:08. first, let's check on that drive and see what mike is tracking on a thursday. >> good morning. >> good morning. with the help of my friends in the control room and operation center, we were able to move that camera to see the traffic break going on. you see the flashing lights, northbound 880 past the coliseum. there is construction past the high street high rise. they have blocked traffic off as they start to move these crews. this is what happens as crews clear from the roadway. we do see that slowing. darkest before the dawn or the slowest before the clear. much better now heading through this direction 880 northbound past the coliseum. we will watch for southbound slowing as there is construction probably over the next hour. over here, no problems. dublin interchange, south towards sen knoll or coming into livermore. coming out of the altamont pass,
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no crashes, no incidents and the south bay of san jose looks really nice. back to you. thank you very much. it is 5:09. the head of the tsa heads to capitol hill to face mounting criticism on a man to allow passengers to carry small knives. some bay area families will be watching today's proceed yours very closely. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning. the head of tsa is in for quite a day on capitol hill. the hearing comes just days after a lawmaker introduced a bipartisan bill that ultimately protests the tsa's upcoming policy change. it is called the no knives act. as it stands. the rule allows passengers, the rule change allows passengers to carry on certain pocket knives. the caveat is the blades cannot be longer than 2.36 inches and they can't be more than a half inch wide. the tsa also plans to allow an
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asserted array of sports equipment on board like whifl ball bats and it is the knives like so many have said. a man stood up to the terrorists. she says, the change is a slap in the face. >> to completely turn our back on the possibility that a plane could be hijacked using low-tech items, box cutters and knives to turn our back on that is to condemn ourself to repeat history. i don't want that. i don't have any morrisoe sons give out. >> the chief said the knives that have been banned since 911 do nothing more than distract screeners from paying attention to bigger threats like explosives. that backlash is growing. a growing number of flight attendants and a couple of airline ceos are speaking out against the policy change to the head of tsa. he has a lot of explaining to do when he goes before the
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transportation committee on capitol hill today. that happens at noon our time. live from san jose international. i'm marla tallez "today in the bay." >> thanks, marla. >> it is 5:11. there are new developments coming to light in the infamous kidnapping case. san jose unveils a new plan to help the city go wireless. you know your car company is in trouble when the guy you named your car company after quits. we'll take a look in business news.
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in true silicon valley fashion, the city of san jose unveiling their new fast and free network for the downtown area. instead of a traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony, get a load of this. a chainsaw will cut through an
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ethernet cable of sorts to mark the launch of this new network. you might want to take your safety goggles. what this means is wherever you are within the downtown area of san jose. you will always be connected to the internet. major chuck read, counselman sam lacardo and several other wireless company heads will be on hand for today's big chainsaw event. it is 5:14. meanwhile, samsung giving apple a serious run for its money. a co a korean company unveils a new phone. samsung phones are doing a job saying they are the cooler, younger phone. this he will unveil their galaxy s4. it appears to put apple on the defensive. apple's phil shiler gave an interview to the wall street journal where he said android phones like the one that samsung
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makes are inferior. now, the interview was unusual, because apple executives don't generally speak to the press except tim cook. the timing makes it fairly obvious what apple was trying to accomplish here. the dow will open at another record shriekiqueaking up. an up arrow is an up arrow. let's turn to bertha coombs. she is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. good morning. that sort of has the bulls and the bears kind of frustrated. this market just won't go down. the bulls wonder whether this is getting tired. futures are higher. markets posted small gains you noted on wednesday on the back of positive retail sales data. the dow extending its win streak to nine days. the longest since november of 1996. we are going to get data in a few minutes on the weekly unemployment claims and also producer prices.
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the dow rising up five points. it is a win, as scott said, to 14455, the seventh straight record clothes. the nasdaq adding 2 to 3245. scott, we are tantalizingly clothes on the s&p 500, within ten points of the all-time clothes. that's the one people want to see confirm this rally. >> thank you much. we have talked in the past about how electric car companies are strugglely, at least those not named tesla. word that fisker is stepping down from fisker electric cars. it is assumed they will sell themselves to a chinese outfit. the headquarters is here in california. the cars are made in europe. it uses batteries with a small gasoline engine backup, kind of like the chevy volt, also a car that is not selling very well.
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back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. time to get meteorologist, christina loren, back there telling us what's happening. you say a slight dropoff from yesterday's balmy weather. it was so hot all across the state of california. we are talking closer to 90s. cal, closer to 100 degrees. let's start with your california temperatures. monterrey, 45. look at palm springs. they are starting the day at 5:17. it is 68 degrees. so, nice, mild start to the day is going to keep temperatures in the 70s, close to low 80-degree range for today. we are not going to see the upper 80s like we did yesterday. a cooler afternoon on top. stronger flow. it is going to usher in the strong onshore flow. westerly winds carrying in the cool air. we are done with the offshore at least for the next few days. we do have changes headed our way. 53, san jose, 48 in gilroy. want to take you into the east
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bay. yesterday, 50 to start the day in livermore. 47, danville. 50 degrees right along the east shore in hayward. fog, kind of going in and out whether it comes to your visibility readings. as we head throughout the next couple of hours, we are expecting more fog to develop, sfegsly here around the san francisco bay. if you are waking up with us or headed your way for your drive to work, give yourself extra time. we are expecting dense fog just as we had yesterday. yesterday, we broke records. today, we are going to do the same. santa rosa, the high is 75 degrees. that will likely beat out the old record setback in 2000 of 74 degrees. so it is going to be a nice warm day all across the bay area. not as hot as it was yesterday. temps dropping off on average by 5-10 degrees in some cases. so 80 degrees for gilroy today, down from 87 yesterday. getting into the weekend, temperatures staying steady all the way through saturday. st. patrick's day looks good, 71 degrees. monday and tuesday, things start to change. temperatures drop off. we bring in rain and a wintry pattern for the first official
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day of spring. go figure. 5:19. we'll check your drive. hi, mike. >> wintry for spring. we are looking over here toward the east shore freeway. we can make out the city lights. folks are coming out of richmond. we will watch for it along the waters. oakland, i couldn't show you the camera yesterday. the fog was, indeed, so bad. right now, clear. we can see that the traffic brake has cleared, as has the construction, construction between north and southbound sides. both roadways, and the freeway should be clearing right now. you see a little slowing remains. this is the area bob was talking about, the hayward loop. that construction change will happen over the weekend. we will watch that over the weekend. the south bay moves very smoothly right now. no major incidents in the
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northbound direction. except for highway 85. between 280 and 101, watch for the slow cone zone. >> it is 5:20 right now. new this morning, one of the three men who kidnapped 26 chouchilla children and their school bus driver in nothing but a terrifying scene has been denied parole. james schoenfeld will experience at lease threet more years in prison. in 1976, he and two other men buried a bus with the kids inside it at a rock query in livermore in the hopes of collecting a $5 million ransom. the kids ended up spending 16 hours inside before they finally escaped. his brother was released on parole last june. 5:20 coming up. late night has a field day with the new pope. we are going to show you what you missed.
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welcome back, everyone. we take you live to vatican city where a news conference is going on. big news since yesterday with the new pope. pope francis. his first full day ahead ahead as pope. it is 5:23. now that there is a new pope, all those late night hosts are certainly taking their shots you want to talk about some prime time material. jay leno showing viewer's what he happened to spot during pope francis' very first appearance. take a look. you know what's interesting. everybody was focusing on the pope today. i noticed something strange during his first blessing. take a look. anybody else see this. here he is. he is putting on his robe, the holy garments. is that dennis rodman? isn't that dennis?
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that is great. the 6'8" superstar. in the meantime, "david letterman" looked at the top ten rejected pope names. number five, pope w. bush. four, pope john paul van damme. pope three, pipe "the situation" sorrentino. two, i love this one, sponge pope big hat and one, francis ford popola. great stuff. all ten were great. jimmy fallon's new take. >> as you can see, the white smoke is coming out of the chimney located above the sistine chapel which means a new pope has been chosen and we are getting reports it is cardinal jorge mario bergoglio. coming up all new episodes of clergy shore, keeping up with the corinthians, waver swap and
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the big bang is just a theory. >> those would be classic reality shows. >> those writers have to be quick coming up with all that. >> good stuff. good stuff when it comes to the forecast. we want to check with meteorologist, christina loren. we have a beautiful day shaping up as temperatures get up to about room temperature. that means if you want to open up the windows in your home, go ahead and do so. let mother nature heat and do the cooling for you today. 76 in san jose. 71, fremont. 68 degrees in san francisco. now, we have a getaway friday just around the corner. your weekend numbers are going to change a little bit. i do want to take you through the noticeable differences, help you make your saint patty day plans. first, want to check your drive and get you to work on time. >> good morning. we are looking over toward the san mateo bridge. we are looking for the glow nd amaybe some effects of low clouds and fog. this is kind of a hazy lens. the westbound traffic away from us, picking up the volume, no
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problems out of hayward over towards the peninsula side, a smooth drive for 92. on the peninsula, 101, palo alto northbound with the headlights. southbound side, easy drive. a smooth flow for 101 and 280. the eastbound 880, moving nicely southbound northbound past the trucks, picking up a little volume but no slowing just yet. 5:26. how about this for a matchup, clowns and super heroes, batman and all the other super marble heroes heading the greatest show on earth. the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey creating a live show based on super heroes. it is partnering with marble entertainment, the home to spiderman, the hulk and the "x"
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man. the show will tour throughout the entire world. opening night is expected in the summer of 2014. great show. >> there you go. shoot the hook oulk out of a ca. 5:27. still to come, an overnight quake rocks the north bay. we're going to have all the details next.
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california fire truck goes careening off the road sending a number of firefighters to the hospital. we have a look at the crash next. >> sorry about that. we have six days of winter left. temperatures rivalling those that we experience in the summertime. things are going to change for your st. patrick's day weekend. we will take you through this subtle but noticeable changes. we're checking the changes in visibility this morning. i have a change at dublin interchange. it sounds like a bad change coming up. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. we are going to take you live to hayward where some major changes are under way for drivers trying
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to get through the downtown. a preview of the new hayward loop coming up. right now, a little preview live over san francisco. look at those clouds there kind of dancing in the early dawn on a friday eve, also known as thursday, march 14th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. >> since the tsa announced it was planning to allow knives on planes, there has been a whole lot of public outcry. >> it is an unwise move by the tsa. it is a slap in the face to the fellows who stood and fought. >> alice hogeland speaking to us tonight. she is one of thousands that went to the tsa. they want them to rethink that charge, the change.
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today, the head of the agency will have to answer to congress. today, the daniel lee right now live on capitol hill where a hearing on the new rules is about to take place. good morning, danielle. john, good morning. the whole issue centers around folding pocket knives that do not lock into place and are no longer than 2 1/2 inches in length. the tsa says they pose little threat. a growing number of people, as you mentioned, disagree. we are talking about airline operators, flight attendants and passengers. the head of the tsa is going to have to defend the administration's position during a hearing here on capitol hill. he is expected to tell these lawmakers that this policy change will allow screeners to focus on detecting explosives. already, he has introduced bipartisan legislation called the no knives act. today's flight attendant representatives will speak out in support of that proposal. they do not want to see this change take place.
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bans on knives have been in effect since 9/11 hijackers use box cutters to force down planes. they would be banned if this policy change went into effect april 25th. already, more than 30,000 people have signed a position to keep this ban in place. reporting live in washington, i'm danielle leigh. john, back to you. just in, a deadly standoff. an end to a standoff with a suspect in the new york shooting spree. 64-year-old kurt meyers was killed in a shootout with police. we had told you earlier in this newscast, meyers was hold up in abandoned building overnight in the town of herkermer. that's east of syracuse. he allegedly set fire to his apartment in a neighboring town and killed two men and wounded two others. police say he then went to a car shop in a neighboring town and killed two more men. myers got into a brief gun fight with police in abandoned building before that standoff actually started. 5:32. also new this morning, we are
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getting details of an earthquake overnight just north of santa rosa. a 4.6 magnitude earthquake hitting just outside of cobb. 40 miles north of santa rosa. the strike just after 2:00 a.m. no reports of damage or injuries. we have new video of a crash that sends four california firefighters to the hospital. their engine was apparently making a turn in buena park when the driver lost control and ran into a pine tree. four firefighters had to be rushed to the hospital. we've been told minor to moderate injuries. now, investigators still at this point trying to figure out exactly what caused this crash. >> plans to put new seats on b.a.r.t. trains going to take longer than expected. so far, b.a.r.t. has outfitted 250 of its nearly 700 cars with new vinyl seats. scheduled to finish that work, more than 50 soon. agency recently contracted with
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the company to replace the seats in 139 more cars but the company hired to do the work suddenly backed out. b.a.r.t. now has to restart that bidding process, which means it will take longer to outfit the whole fleet. okay. some exciting news here. today is pi day. we are not talking coconut cream or key lime. we are talking pi as in 3.14. all the math buffs are planning great ways to celebrate san francisco ex ploratorium at the new location on pier 15. it starts exactly at 1:59. the california academy of sciences holding pi night live including matthih activities.
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real pie eating and math demonstrations. pi celebrated in the third month on the 14th day, 3.14. the first three digits of this unending number. >> i'm a big fan of pi, which is the ratio of the circumstance couple france of the diameter of a circle. >> i'm a fan of cherry, berry, strawberry. >> any way you slice it, i want some. >> i want some nice weather too. let's check the forecast with christina. 5:35. taking a live look. we do have fog over san francisco. fog is going to be pretty thick around the bay. i can really tell you i'm looking at all of our humidity dew point ratings. it is going to be one of those days where you don't get out of the fog potentially until about 2:00 p.m. that's going to keep the temperatures around. 53 to start the day. as we head throughout this afternoon, we are expecting that fog to stick between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. right around the
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bay. otherwise, we are looking good. high temperatures are going to be comfortable. >> stop the clock on your futurecast, getting into 9:00 a.m. mostly cloudy. that will be the case over the bay area. we will clear out between 9:00 and noon. 80 degrees in gilroy. 72 in san jose. if you want to make the weekend plans, hold up. i have that weekend forecast coming up in my next report. it will dictate which day is better to get outdoors. let's check that drive. we are looking at 101. we are getting ready for that first burst. it is starting to kick in right now. we see that you through san jose. northbound 101 at 680 right here where we see the first build of traffic. our maps for the south bay show that. we did have a lot of slowing for highway 85 around el ka mina. we do see it smoothing out. the construction zone remains. road crews between 101 and 280 for the entire span of 85. be careful as road crews will be
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clearing over the next 45 minutes. we see slowing for highway 84 southbound towards livermore and west for 580. what we now hear about a big rig that was leaking liquid nitrogen. i will call chp and get an update. so far, it sounds like the connection is unaffected. meanwhile, we'll look over towards hayward. hayward city streets right there. that is often a problem. jackson, foothills. bob out there in the same area. some folks may get thrown for a loop but eventually, it will be an improvement for the area, right? >> you are talking about the new so-called hayward loop. the switchover is supposed to take place tomorrow night at 8:00. you can see a sign there. it is hard to see on your left advising people what's going to happen. whether it is finished, it is going to relieve traffic condition and ease the flow of traffic and make it easier to get into downtown hayward. switchover happens tomorrow
5:36 am
night at 8:00. we will enter the loop. i want to show you on your tv screen what the loop is going to encompass. we put together this animation to understand how this is going to work. it will encompass a six-block area in the downtown. traffic headed downtown on jackson, qwhich is what we are n right now. traffic headed downtown on jackson and mission will merge on to foothill, which will now become one-way in the northbound direction. it will then revert back to two-way traffic once it crosses a street. southbound drivers on foothill headed into the downtown will be forced into a new one-way traffic pattern on "a" street and then mission. mission reverting back to two-way once it hits joackson. the city has posted its own youtube video describing the changes. there are a number of comments, many negative. read one comment from one person saying they are concerned about the businesses in this area. saying i'm not going to shop
5:37 am
here anymore, because they don't want to deal with the new one-way traffic. now, this hayward loop is a crucial part of the q-38 corridor improvement project. a $100 million endeavor designed to improve a six-mile stretch between 580 and the downtown. it is the largest public works project in the history of hayward. if you have been downtown tomorrow night, this switchover is going to take some time. tomorrow night, around 8:00, there is going to be major traffic disruptions and, of course, don't forget the monday morning commute. you might want to run flthrough this so you are ready for monday. there is less confusion and less congestion as a result. reporting live in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:39 right now. coming up, with he go live to vatican city where pope francis is getting set to hold mass with the world cardinals. we will have a live report coming up for you. the rumors a former raider
5:38 am
could soon find himself sporting the niners red and gold.
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you are watching "today in the bay." welcome back, everyone. the man cuesed accused of shoot oakland rapper is scheduled to be in a los angeles courtroom. lamar harris will attend an identification hearing. he is asking prosecutors to prove he is lamar harris. police say he got into a fight with oakland rapper kenny "clutch" cherry outside a cassini on february 21. he fired shots into cherry's maserati. he was hit and crashed into a taxi cab, exploding and killing a driver and a passenger. a woman accused of kicking a toddler is also expected to be in court today.
5:41 am
24-year-old sabrina bell is scheduled to be arraigned. she allegedly walked past a man and hit daughter and kicked the little girl in the chest. the girl fell and hit her head on the pavement. luckily, she was not seriously hurt. police say bell threatened to kill other children before running away. no word on what provoked that attack. >> parents at a morgan hill daycare want to know now why it took so long for staff to report a teacher after she allegedly tried to drug a group of toddlers. dozens of parents meeting with administrators at the kiddy academy last night demanding answers about 59-year-old debra grass. police say friday morning, she was caught, literally caught putting sleeping medication into children's drinking cups. the reason the parents are upset so much, the school didn't report the incident so to police until monday morning. >> how could they sleep and how could they go through the weekend knowing what's happening and not notifying the parents. the parents, the kids that were
5:42 am
there could have got tested. waiting that long until monday probably would have been just out of their system. >> police also say they are frustrated with the timing of the report, because valuable evidence was lost. parents say daycare administrators are now telling them they plan to implement new policies. time to check the forecast now with meteorologist, christina loren. it has been a pretty springlike week. >> lovely. >> six days less of winter. go figure. each of those days are actually going to end up a little bit above average. once we hit the first official day of spring, the 20th, next wednesday, it is going to be xloes to average. we have rain in the forecast. never anything as to be expected around the bay area. always expect the unexpected. what we can tell you right now is pretty cool live pictures coming into the newsroom this morning. we have a lot of fog out there around the bay. so, basically, today, if you want to get the spectacular conditions on the water. you are going to have better conditions along the oceanside of the peninsula than the bayside. i am going to show you why in
5:43 am
just a minute. yesterday, take a look at some of these very impressive numbers. gilroy, 87 degrees. that is highly unusual. just smashing a temperature record bye-bye 10 degrees for yesterday. 84 in morgan hill. 80, san jose, santa rosa for you as well. 79 degrees in walnut creek. that's where we ended up. today we will be cooler. long shore flow. 50 degrees for livermore. to start the day, 53 in san jose. like i was saying before, you are going to get a lot better conditions on the oceanside where the wind is going to mix up the atmosphere, enough to clear the fog out. more sunshine and warmer conditions along the coast today than the inner bay. that fog deck is going to sit and hover around the san francisco bay. up in santa rosa, 1.75 of visibility right now. things will stay on the foggy side up there until about 10:00 to noon. air quality, suffering a touch by still in the good to moderate range across the bay area. open up the windows in your home
5:44 am
if you want mother nature to warm and do the heating for you. 72 in san jose, 80 in gilroy. down 7 degrees from yesterday. friday into saturday, temperatures level off. as we get into next week, the whole pattern changes. we bring in the showers wednesday into thursday for the first official day of spring. 5:46. we will check your drive. >> folks, i told you about this big rig is possibly leaking liquid nitrogen over by the dublin interchange. it sounded spectacular. things calmed down very quickly. they cleared. no further details and no further slowing. that's good stuff. we do have the build out of livermore and over to the 586/80 interchange. your standard flow flowing out of the altamore pass. over toward the bay bridge, the maze coming out of the tunnel, no major issues. a smooth drive. a little slow heading up.
5:45 am
that incline, we have your typical overnight road crews on the lower deck getting out of san francisco. let's show you the bay bridge. backup starting to form. fast-track, still a bonus. no metering lights yet. you see these glowing clouds. let's give you a look from our camera over there. a look off into the distance. clear view down the freeway. the north bay does have the low clouds christina was talking the world's 1 billion plus catholics waking up this morning with a new leader. cardinal jorge bergoglio, now pope francis, the first from south america. tracie potts joins us with what's in store for pope francis this morning. good morning. good morning. he has already been out and about visiting a basilica in rome to pay omage to the virgin mary. a press conference going on right now. as you can imagine, they are getting lots of questions about the new pope including what his official name is, according to the vatican.
5:46 am
it is francis, not francis i. they also confirmed he will not be visiting pope emeritus benedict today but will do so in coming days. taking a live look at st. peter's square where last night, we saw it filled to capacity and some with thousands and thousands of people. we're going to see that again on tuesday, the official installation happening on tuesday. the vatican working to prepare. some 200,000 to 300,000 were expected before this new pope was named. that moment was yesterday when we finally saw the white smoke coming out of the chimney. we had been waiting until the day before. five votes. we finally saw the white smoke come out before pope francis came out on the balcony, greeted the thousands of people here and asked for their prayers. so we continue to follow him and follow the events he has scheduled today, including mass
5:47 am
here with the cardinals this afternoon back in the sistine chapel where he was first elected. >> thank you very much, tracie. the 49ers appear to be very interested in charles woodson. talks with woodson went well into late last night as he was still at team headquarters. his agent told the chronicle that they need him to officially shrine with the buccaneers yesterday. all the changes are happening. niners may also be beefing up their defense with former raiders quarterback, nnamdi asomugha after he was released on tuesday. they report there is mutual interest between the 31-year-old and the niners. three other teams are reportedly interested in him. the texans, broncos and cardinals. asomugha signed with eagles in 2011. before that, he played with the raiders and cal bears.
5:48 am
linsanity fever has slowed down but tonight you will get a chance to see the documentary about pal owe alto native, jeremy native. it will be the gala of the camfest in sacramento. it follows lin during his days at harvard, his role as a reserve player for the golden state warriors and the sudden burst of stardom with the new york knicks earning him fame and lots of money. lin, who now plays for the houston rockets got a chance to see that film at sundance. we can tell you, the camfest runs through march 24th. >> good guy. >> good movie. >> no kidding it is 5:50 right now. mcdonald's breakfast menu getting a little help. >> the dow getting a little higher by just five points. we'll take a look at the new record coming up.
5:49 am
5:50 am
mcdonald's whipping up a
5:51 am
healthier version of the popular egg mcmuffin. it is being called the egg white delight. it includes yolkfree eggs along with canadian bacon and white cheddar cheese. mcdonald's says it is only 260 calories. for reference, a regular egg mcmuffin clocks in at 300. so that extra 40 is going to change your life. egg white delight. it debuts this spring. the new sandwich part of mcdonald's plan to address criticism contributing to rising obesity rate. >> it is shamrock shake time. you have to go look for one of those. we go from the wow of that to the wow of the dow. scott mcgrew joins us, two records on wall street. >> a third around the corner. the dow will open at a new record for the seventh day in a row. that's one record. it has been up nine days in a row. that's another. the s&p 500, which is a much better indicator of the overall
5:52 am
health of the stock market is close to its all-time high as well. a few minutes ago, we got data on the first-time jobless claims as we do each thursday. we expect that will help push the dow higher this morning. shares in linked in will open. linked in hit an all-time high in trading wednesday. dropped just a bit before the clothes. they said they are giving tens of thousands of dollars to employees to help them fund their own charities. ron conway, the angel investor behind all kinds of bay area companies will today unveil a new effort to bring technology to gun safety. ea he is to gather with representatives from sandy hook elementary. conway wants to see if money and technic technical knowhow can help prevent the use of guns in the
5:53 am
foo future. yesterday, mind blowingly wonderful weather. how would you break down today, sunshine, still nice? >> sunshine, still nice. room temperature. you don't need to add any cool land or heat to keep your climate inside your house nice and mild. today is going to be perfect. 50 degrees in livermore. 52 in oakland. the only area not so perfect is the allergy forecast. we do have high pollen levels yet again today. coming up, i will let you know when these levels will decreasus the around the corner. stick around if you are someone that suffers from the allergies of the season. we'll check that drive in the morning. >> getting more crowded this mornings ayou wou morning as you would expect. it extends up towards 880. let me show you on the map the same orientation. traffic coming at you northbound 101 off the 680. the north top of your screen. there is your northbound route. the slowest section between 680
5:54 am
and 880. a new crash north 880 around a street. it doesn't look like we will see any slowing just yet. >> thank you very much. this morning, japanese automaker nissan, is recalling tens of thousands of its newest cars. company executives say a faulty censor could cause the air bags to not deploy in a crash. the recall affects certain 2013 models, including the altima sedan. the fix will be offered for free. nissan says there have been no crashes or injuries related to the faulty censor. in the next story, a shift in mentality for working mothers or simply a sign of tough economic times. a pew research center study shows a big-time spike in the number of working mothers that say they prefer to work full-time rather than part-time. that number jumping from 21% in
5:55 am
2007 up to 37% in 2002. the shift may actually be due to financial reasons rather than career ambitions as most of the women say their families need two incomes now and that working part-time just is not an option at this point. 5:57 right now. we are following breaking news out of south bay high school. we are going to bring you the details next in a live report.
5:56 am
5:57 am
the sharp divide over the tsa's plan to allow knives on board planes 12 years after the 9/11 attack. a new era dawning at the vatican. the new pope's agenda already all filled up. we have new video of his first act on his morning as pope. >> throwing drivers for a loop. the convoluted and potentially
5:58 am
confusing change to your bay area commute. not quite as warm but we are still talking potential records if we head throughout this afternoon. then, things change yet again. we bring back the rain and the cold. lots to talk about in your full bay area forecast. your full bay area commute starting to kick in right now. i have a new crash that's blocking parts of two freeways in the south bay. we'll show you coming up a live look outside. it was partially there. that is the bay bridge as we get it rolling here to get you started getting close to that weekend on thursday, march 14th. this is "today in the bay." this is 6:00, a very good morning to one and all. thank you for joinings. in jon kelly. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. we start with breaking news. santa fe's east side high school district confirming a sex
5:59 am
offender was on board a busloaded with high school students on the way to a field trip. students from andrews hills and silver creek high school were traveling on a bus on february 13th when the person was discovered. it is unclear how the sex offender got on board. in a statement just e-mailed to nbc bay area, the school superintendent tells us, per our discussions with the san jose police department, enter preliminary investigative findings are that the individual in question did not have contact of any kind with any students on the bus that day. "today in the bay's" marla tallez is on her way to andrew hills high school. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. more details on developing news. a power outage on board a carnival cruise ship named carnival dream docked in the caribbean.


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