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tv   Today  NBC  December 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, welcome. we're s happy you're spending a snowy thirsty thursday with us. >> look at it, it's really coming down. >> that's called "crave" by pharrell williams because he's craving a little bahamas right now. >> wow, by the way, it's biting cold outside. it's going to get colder as the day goes on. >> we're going to go to our holiday party today. all the nbc "today" show group. >> we do it at noon. >> because we've all been up
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forever. a very cute couple that's in our kitchen. >> they're hot. >> we never know who's sort of going to find one another in our kitchen. >> there's something happening here. >> zach braff -- >> we can sense the sexual tension. >> i think it might be the early morning wine. >> you two are cute together. >> we have them both here today for separate reasons. new jersey actor zach braff is here. he's getting behind the camera. you'll be getting an exclusive first look. >> we're going to see the trailer before anybody. one of our favorite chefs, everybody love s ina, ina gartnr is in the kitchen. >> what are you making? >> potato pancakes and pru shed ta with fresh jam. >> she makes it look easy. >> also, what else? >> our girl bobbie thomas is going to help santa stuff stockings with makeup
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must-haves. all the things you need for beauty lovers on your list. >> and ambushing two women on the plaza. they're brave today. we've taken one empty nester and one birthday girl and given them brand-new gorgeous looks. >> we want to give a quick shout-out to a brand-new affiliate. nbc is now part of wral, our affiliate in raleigh, north carolina. >> we're so happy. >> and guess how old they are? >> they're younger than i am. >> they're celebrating their 60th birthday today. >> enjoy it while it lasts. >> hi, monica. >> "the voice" winner's with us today. i saw him downstairs. >> you know what, his name is sundance head. sundance head. he said like your feet and your head. >> oh, and here he is. the winner of "the voice," ladies and gentlemen. >> hi. >> thank you, sundance. >> congratulations. >> he's so cozy. you're so cozy. >> hi, sweetheart. >> i brought the snow with me. >> you did. >> did any of it get in your beard? >> not yet, but i'm going to go
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out there and take a picture of it. >> do you braid that baby? >> he does. on the air, right? and you brush it and comb it, put conditioner in it. >> do you have a name for it? >> well, i don't. >> cody, name it cody. that worked out very well for me and my child. >> cody it is. can we take just a peek at your award-winning moment? >> sure. >> never get tired of seeing that. >> some crazy eyes going on right there. >> blake of course, five-time winner. >> your mom, your dad, misty, your three kids all gathered around you. i mean, how many times have you thought about that moment since it happened? >> i don't know. i really haven't slept a lot. i'm really just glad i have the opportunity to have my family up there and the other 11 top 12 contestants. everyone really deserved to win. they all put as much time in as i did. >> at that point, it's the best of the best of the best and it
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could be pretty much anybody, couldn't it? congratulations as well. the song that you wrote -- >> darling don't go. >> it's already number one on itunes, right? >> yes, thank you very much. thank you all for going and buying that song. >> that's a song you wrote about your wife, isn't it? >> yes, ma'am. >> you were a little worried she was going to pack it up? >> well, i certainly wouldn't have blamed her, the way i was acting. i'm glad she stuck around. >> just because so many people have downloaded that song, how many other people have felt the exact same way. >> that's good song writing, capture an emotion that seems so personal to you but it resonates with everybody else. it's just human. >> sundance head, we love you. >> thank you. >> we have a drink for you in the kitchen. >> a screwdriver. >> zach braff will give it to you. >> look at that fella over there. what's up, man? >> isn't that cool? >> yeah. >> and ina will give you a potato pancake. >> sounds good, thank ya'll. >> congratulations. what a sweetheart. >> look at that guy.
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>> bye, sundance head. >> i don't usually give you too much because you only have a little a week. we told you he was getting his glasses coming up so now we're calling him specky. they discovered one of his eyes had very limited eyesight. so this is him wearing his glasses for the first time yesterday. >> what you got? you got your glasses on? can you say praise the lord? yeah. say i love you aunt kathie. >> anyway. >> christine said maybe -- >> yeah. >> got to get his hearing checked too somebody said. >> that is the cutest thing. >> my sister was afraid that he wouldn't wear them and he's just -- he's the most easy going kid in the whole world. i think it's because he can see. he's happy. >> you know what, yes. you know, little ella, my niece,
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needed glasses. she got the glasses and suddenly -- >> the world comes into focus. >> would you like a little i-hoda? i think everyone's going to love this one. >> really? that's saying a lot, hoda. >> i think you guys will. it's an old one but it's been remade, okay? that's what i'm going to tell you. >> it's a remake. >> okay, so hit it. >> love this song. ♪ the road is long ♪ with many a winding turn ♪ that leads us to who knows where ♪ ♪ who knows where >> hit it girl, go. ♪ but i'm strong ♪ strong enough >> this is the "american idol" season four finalists. >> it's such a good version!
10:07 am
>> wow. ♪ he ain't heavy ♪ he's my brother >> beautiful. >> how about that one? don't you love that? >> everybody's singing. >> love it. we got a big group in the back. can everyone just wave? we have some friends who are here. everybody wave. edwin in the house, his friends. a bunch of people. >> he pays hoda's taxes. >> he doesn't pay these, he figures them out. >> all right, gang, also you can find more of that music on apple music. i-hoda actually. >> you can find our show on sirius xm 108 every day and find our hoda woman there every monday and wednesday at 2:00 with her fabulous radio show. >> oh, thank you. so is it okay or not okay -- >> what is the question? >> to let your kids wear makeup. >> yeah. >> here's what we had to say about it. >> yeah. >> it's natural for children to play make believe with makeup
10:08 am
but they shouldn't be able to leave the house all made up until they're well into their teens. >> oh, you are such a -- you have sage advice. i say this, you're going to have a lifetime of eye liner, lipstick, makeup remover, wait as long as you can. >> that's also sage. which i also like in my dressing and my stuffing. >> okay. >> these are making less and less sense. >> you guys have to understand we record those after long, long dayings. >> we don't even know -- >> we have no idea what the question is, we don't know pictures they're going to put with it. we just say something stupid. >> there it is. >> there you go. >> baby it's cold outside. >> very cold. our ambush makeovers are hot, hot, hot. >> or at least we hope so. we think they will be. find out right after this. cheers, zach. see you in a minute, baby. should we put a jellybean on the top? purple? absolutely. ♪ ♪ ♪
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inside for ambush makeovers. >> now that theme got a brand-new look, they're ready to walk our red carpet, courtesy our crack "today" contributors. >> hairstylist to the star, you know hi, you love him, louis licari. >> and fashionista and glamour goddess jill martin. >> hi. >> chilly day. >> chilly. that's the most understated statement of the day, i tell you. it was so cold. it was like making over icicles. we had people that were freezing. they have frostbite. wait until you see them. >> but they look good. >> all right, our first lovely lady. she's 50 years old from marietta, georgia. an empty nester who is trying to figure out what she wants to do when she grows up. she's been married to her husband jeff for 23 years. he constantly has to remind her to use her inside voice. renee loves to travel. she's been to every state except north dakota. let's listen to her story. >> i know you're so excited for
10:13 am
mom. >> incredibly excited. this is such a great opportunity. we love the "today" show. >> what do you think about her getting a whole new look? >> she's an empty nester so i think it's time. >> empty nester. are you excited? >> i am so excited. so excited to be here. >> all right, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> all right, keep your blindfold on for just a second. here is renee lake's before picture. all right, renee, let's see the new you! >> wow! >> all right, you ready, kendall? >> i'm ready. >> take it off. >> all right. wow, you look incredible. >> doesn't she? >> renee, it's time. check yourself out. >> oh, my god! who is that? who is that? i honestly don't recognize myself. >> renee, that's the new you. >> tell us about it. >> of course, magnificent
10:14 am
haircut. just bold enough to cut off her hair, give her the layers and of course what i did is her hair was stuck in between, was it blonde, was it red. >> look at that. how beautiful. >> wow. >> so i just made it a little bit warmer. >> it's so pretty. >> love it. >> i like that little blazer. >> right. a leather blazer is a great investment. i love mixing and matching the colors. look at the statement necklace and the shoes. >> that's a way to tie everything together. >> can you believe it? >> i can't. >> hug your daughter. >> all right, our second lady. she's 50. her birthday is today. she's from westchester, pennsylvania. she's been an occupational therapist for 25 years. she struggled with fashion and always asked her husband and kids for advice. when we asked her what she was excited about, he said mostly her hair, and makeup, and fashion. let's listen to her story.
10:15 am
>> you're here with the whole family. mom got picked. she seems a little freaked out but you're okay. >> yeah, i'm really excited and it's her 50th birthday so we wanted to make it the best for her and we're really surprised she got picked. >> surprised but happy i hope? >> yes, i'm very happy. i always wanted to do my makeover and this was the best chance i can get. >> hooray, happy birthday. >> she's here with sanile, tushir and anutri. >> all right, let's take one last look. and bring out the new makeover! i love that. okay. oh! >> get ready. you ready, family? take them off. look at your family. >> oh, my god! oh, boy. >> wow.
10:16 am
>> samile is very excited. >> into it. >> why don't you turn around and see, honey? right into the mirror. >> awesome! my dream came true! >> you look fantastic. >> i cannot believe it. >> oh, my gosh. >> look in the mirror. >> you look great. >> the biggest change here is a small change, makes a big difference. she colored her hair pitch black. now, once you do that, your hair becomes very monochromatic and looks artificial. what i did, obviously she's a dark-haired woman. i wanted to keep her dark but i made it a dark brown instead of black. so there's nuances of color. the great haircut. again, that lipstick, so beautiful. >> that's a great blowout, let me tell you. >> i love it. >> and jill, i love that outfit. >> so this is white house black market. i love the layers. it takes a simple top --
10:17 am
>> so cute. >> the cuff at the end of it is unusual, adorable. >> very different and the necklace is rachel ryanhart. >> love it. >> beautiful, jill, thank you. >> do you have a beauty lover on your list? >> we have bobbie buzzing with the perfect stocking stuffers, b.t. after this. say hi to xiidra, lifitegrast ophthalmic solution. the first eye drop approved for the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and an unusual taste sensation. do not touch the container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait for at least 15 minutes before reinserting them. if you have dry eyes, ask your doctor about xiidra.
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we're back with bobbie's buzz. if there's a beauty lover on your guest list, you better listen up. >> we've got some makeup must haves that would make perfect stocking stuffers. here is one of our favorites, "today" style editor bobbie thomas. >> by the way, this is -- >> gorgeous. >> a hot outfit. is this for the "today" show party? >> yes. party with all of our favorites. so i'm really excited about this because i love beauty and this is the type of year i get to pick a few things for you at home to stash in there for those special ladies on your list. basics are always welcome. so if you're looking for something small, that extra, you know, ultra's got this really great complexion set. sponges are a great way to blend your makeup. this is almost like hairspray for your face. it helps the makeup stay. great little extras. one of my personal favorites. you can find it at ult ta or the drugstore. these are miracle erasers.
10:22 am
you get a mascara mess-up, this gets into the tight spots and helps you touch up during the day. these are not mini wine bottles which i know is not even a shot for you ladies. these are actually lip glosses. >> what? >> you can pull apart. they're cool. they come in different flavors. look at these adorable bottles. >> oh, my gosh, that's fun. >> jerry knows -- >> can't you do your stuff in this? >> these actually have wine extract. very fancy, from france. >> beautiful. >> did you know ysl engraves a lot of their makeup products? this says kathie lee. and hoda. they'll engave a name on a lipstick. >> oh, i love that. >> they'll do it on perfume, for men, for mom, mascaras, lip glosses. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> what's this? >> that's a compact for them, part of their holiday collection. >> i have to tell you, pin rose
10:23 am
is one of my favorite new companies. san francisco-based fragrance company. personalized perfume. they turn the label into a picture frame. kathie, that's you. and look at little miles up here. >> oh, my gosh. >> i want to see miles too. >> he's so cute. >> miles. >> miles is here. >> are they fragrant candles as well? >> you can personalize the labels. you just upload your photo. look at this one, kathie, of your hair. >> we should do that as one of our give-away, people like that. >> why are you yelling? >> i don't know. >> okay, so one of my favorite tips this time year when you're looking at beauty, gift with purchase, people. it's all about the lux limited edition compacts that come over the compact. so for example, mark jacobs offers a full compact inside. >> everything he's done this
10:24 am
year and designed has been -- >> you've got this clutch. >> -- unbelievable. look at that, hoda woman. >> and the palette. >> goes perfectly with my -- >> yes, it does. >> and the clutch, one of my personal favorites, who doesn't love chanel, these great brushes and mirror and it comes for your jewelry or anything. >> what do those cost? >> they start at $40. these are between like $40 and $80. this one's around $100. this is two gifts in one. >> absolutely. when you're done with the makeup, you just take your clutch, you put your phone -- >> and you go to the party. >> go to the party. >> yeah. >> thank you, sweetie, we love you. >> you need a gift to show your appreciation? >> no worry, we've got just the right stuff to help you say thank you. >> and all the way from the garden state, zach braff is going to give you a sneak preview of his new movie. >> what a my budget used to be a real downer.
10:25 am
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good morning, i'm chris sanchez. let's take a live look from our traffic camera in richmond. that's how soggy the commute is as folks heads towards san ra fell bridge. we have seen drivers in the
10:27 am
north bay deal with the rain and the wet roads and this is before the brunt of the storm truly arrives. cary hall is here tracking the latest. >> we have been seeing that heavy rain across the north bay. we're all seeing light rain at this point. we have at least had some showers moving through at some point. and it's all wet, especially from santa rosa down to san raphael. we are picking up on the bright reds and yellows on the radar. farther to the south, more of spotty rain moving into san jose as well. fremont and the east bay and the trivalley. we will continue to see this rain becoming much heavier and the winds picking up as we go through the day. let's head over to back to chris for a look at what's going on. >> a traffic report right after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
dooer dealing with the weather. let's get that out of there. looking at the wet roadways. mostly u green. the traffic is not a major issue. we have a light flow of traffic around the bay. the rain is starting to come in now. the south bay is seeing the slowing clear. all clear from san jose. slowing on the bridge very mild. but again, that rain coming down is going to make the conditions much worse. the bay bridge still has a backup and the water starting to hit the lens here ask still a big problem in the north. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now, we have crews n
10:30 am
fanned across the bay area tracking this storm as it arrives in the latest newscast, you can catch up to where you are. also find out about it. okay, here we go. it's thirsty thursday. hard to believe it's been 15 years since the hit tv series "scrubs" introduced america's most favorite doctors, j.d., played by the one and only zach braff. >> zach also got behind the camera, making his directorial debut in 2004 with the indy classic, a big hit, "garden state," the film he also wrote and starred in. >> and probably paid for. now zach is back directing an all-star cast in the upcoming heist comedy "going in style." >> three mature gentleman played by morgan freeman, matthew cain and alan arkin decide they're going to rob a bank. >> the best part is you're getting a very first look at it. >> you are the first to see. >> right now.
10:31 am
>> ten text steel has frozen all pension payments. >> liquidation of the fund. >> these banks destroyed these countries and nothing happened to them. >> i want to rob that bank. >> let's go get our money back. yeah. >> it's time for a practice run. >> never has anybody walked off with a whole pork loin. >> i don't know what's going on in the world anymore. looking like a colombian drug mule. >> oh, great. >> oh, yes. >> come on. >> that's the first sneak peek the world has seen. >> come on. >> four fabulous reasons to see this. number one, those leading men, every one of them. >> and ann margaret as well. >> five, and you. >> thank you so much. >> you're quite the gifted director. >> thank you very much. >> this is a remake. >> yes. >> from 1979? >> yes, martin breast's first film. it was sort of the inspiration. we didn't want to miss with his classic. so it's really three men who lose their pension and they
10:32 am
really have no -- are destitute. they decide they're going to rob the bank that stole their tension. >> very timely. >> trying to cast this, i mean, you got obviously all these stars. was it easy? did people say yes when you said here's the project? >> william devane was busy i guess. >> the idea was to have three legends play the roles. and i can't think of three actors i love more than morgan freeman, michael caine and alan arkin. >> did you make them audition? >> no, these guys don't audition. it's hard to make a movie with them in new york city. we shot in new york city in the summer. imagine walking down street with them. they stop traffic. paparazzi are everywhere. like the earth stops. because morgan freeman in particular. people really think he's god. >> yes, i know. people are very confused. >> people start crying when they see morgan freeman. you're like, we're trying to film, can you cry on that sidewalk? >> what was it like on the set, mi minus the people in awe? >> they're so fun and silly. we have a lot of stunts.
10:33 am
you saw briefly with them in the shopping cart. they just did -- they didn't want their stunt men to do anything. they're doing all the stunts. they're rubbing around. >> they were having the time of their lives. >> they laughed. they had so much fun. >> they don't get offered stuff like this. michael caine. sir michael caine. >> we, they don't do a lot action comedy. >> yeah, yeah. >> but they're so fun. morgan freeman. i made a bet with him once. he didn't think was going to wrap him as early as i did. when i won the bet, he had to do my outgoing voice mail message so i have morgan freeman saying hello, you've reached zach braff, he can't come to the phone right now. >> that's great. >> what was it like directing them? was it intimidating for you? >> of course. they were so sweet. they realized the onus was on them a little bit. because nobody wants a nervous director. they couldn't have been sweeter. they really just let me -- they really trusted me. i would whisper ideas in their ear, like a director should. and they would rub with it. they would love it. we laughed our butts off. >> can you imagine if you hadn't
10:34 am
had "garden state" under your belt already? this was your first -- >> well, i wouldn't have gotten it. between "garden state" and another film called "i wish i was here," they had to approve me, otherwise i wouldn't have gotten the gig. >> you're having an awesome year. >> thank you, it's been great. >> i asked him what he's going to do for the holidays. tell everybody. >> i'm just going to crash all my friend's house parties in l.a. because i don't have a christmas party so i'm just going to -- >> show up? >> i'm going to house party. >> he's going to mooch. so be kind to him. >> let me in your home if i come over. >> thanks for sharing it with us, okay? >> i may just knock on your door. the full trailer will be on the interwebs tomorrow morning. >> interwebs. >> it hits theaters in april. >> i think they call it, interwebs, yes. >> will you come back with the stars in april when it premieres? >> i wasn't planning on leaving between -- >> oh, good. >> and parties. >> coming up, we have what to serve your holiday guests from the barefoot contessa ina
10:35 am
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tylenol® did you hear, tired of putting out pigs in a blanket or cheese on a tray, we've got some good ideas for your next gathering. >> the superstar of the kitchen, the barefoot contessa, ina garten. >> her new cookbook, "cooking for jeffrey," her husband, is already a best-seller, of course it is. >> she's here to show us how to prepare a couple of her husband's favorite holiday hors d'oeuvres. hi, ina. >> so happy to be here. >> it was his birthday when you were making his favorite thing. he always says the same thing, right? >> he always says, this is the best thing i've ever eaten. whatever it is. the last meal. >> i think if i stopped -- he stopped saying it, he thinks i'm going to stop cooking for him, which isn't going to happen. >> what are you making today? >> potato pancakes. they're usually made from mashed
10:40 am
potatoes or grated potatoes and i do both together. >> what kind do you use? yukon gold. >> this is a ricer, you put the potatoes really well cooked. so they're tender. just smash them right into the bowl. and your team already did that for me. all right, so we've got rice potatoes. then we add onions, grated onions. >> i can do that. >> and two eggs. >> okay, that goes in. >> she's cooking over here. >> look at her cooking. >> pannko crumbs. >> panko's great. instead of bread crumbs, it's wonderful. japanese flakes. and then salt, pepper and chives. >> parsley, okay. >> then grated potatoes. >> you grate them? >> this is an idaho potato. just like this on a grater. long shreds. you put them on here. it kib of turns pink but it
10:41 am
doesn't matter. >> oh, the texture of these is going to be amazing. >> it's going to be great because the matched potatoes and the grated ones. you roll them up. >> you're getting all the moisture? >> get all the moisture out. it looks like you shouldn't do it. >> do it. >> it gets all the moisture out. then you put that right into -- >> you have to do that. >> yes, because you want them to be really crisp. >> you do all that together. >> grated potatoes and mashed potatoes. those are the potatoes. they cook like two to three minutes on both sides. >> look at that. hoda's cooking. >> she flips it like that. >> whoo. >> looks goods. >> sour cream on it? >> either one. whicher one you want. >> ooh. >> so they should be crisp on the outside and creamy inside. >> everybody loves these. >> smoked salmon on them. >> smoked salmon would be awesome. >> wouldn't that be great? >> we'll have one more.
10:42 am
>> come with me. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. next is one of my favorites. it's fig preserves with a goat cheese on a pru shed ta. just cut in half like that. and then you put in a vanilla bean, split it. >> don't you love vanilla bean. >> cook it for like an hour. >> is that what happens? >> that's what you get. >> then a little bit of goat cheese just like that on this. then put a little bit of the fig preserve. and the vanilla kind of takes down and the orange takes down all of the sweetness. so who's in charge of that? >> this guy right here. >> own, without the cheese. >> there's something about the creamy goat cheese and the crunchy, that sweet and the vanilla. >> oh, my god, that crunch. mm. >> is that good? >> yeah! we're so happy! >> oh, my gosh, you never
10:43 am
disappoint. it's fantastic, sweetie. >> thank you. >> to get these recipes, go to >> they help you out all year and now it's time to show thanks. >> affordable gifts for teachers, the mailman, more, after this. and at progressive, we let you compare our progressive direct rate... great deals for reals! ...and our competitors' rates side-by-side, so you know you're getting a great deal. saving the moolah. [ chuckles ] as you can see, sometimes progressive isn't the lowest. not always the lowest! jamie. what are you doing? -i'm being your hype man. not right now. you said i was gonna be the hype man. no, we said we wouldn't do it. i'm sorry, we were talking about savings. i liked his way. cha-ching! talking about getting that moneeeey! talking about getting that moneeeey! savings worth the hype. now that's progressive. savings worth the hype. we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it...
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it's the time of year when we want to show our precious to those who help our lives, just make them easier all year round. >> maybe like a neighbor who helps you with your kids or a favorite cashier at a supermarket. >> or janitor at your child's school. we sent our own don adorable out on streets to see who they want to help out with a special gift. >> if there's one person on your holiday list you want to get a present for but maybe you don't
10:49 am
know what to get. >> the sanitation guys that pick up my garbage. >> ups guy. >> guy who cleans my office. >> baby-sitter. >> the guy who works at our local library. >> smile, he always makes time. >> i would love to give something to our paper boy. >> our mailman. >> police officers. >> i think we can make that wish come true. for your u.p.s. guy. >> oh, my goodness, thank you. >> i don't know how santa does this. >> thank you. >> i think he would like that. >> i like that. >> adorable. >> thank you, jcpenney. that's so nice. thank you, donna adorable. lifestyle expert j.j. caris is here on behalf of jcpenney. >> it's so easy to surprise someone that least expects it. so let's start with those that keep our home running and alive
10:50 am
all year round. check the mailbox, ladies. >> mail? >> oh, it's for the mailman. >> and under $20, $14.99, a portable speaker. he can hook it up. that's a day changer. he can stream his music. he can listen to podcasts. right, give to your mail man. i would love to get that. what's next? >> the people that keep us sane, our baby-sitters. we cannot forget our sitters. >> don't have them anymore, thank goodness. >> let's start with the sephora face mask. $6. comes in all kinds of yummy flavors. avocado, green tea, pomegranate. orchid. >> very sweet. >> the mark jacobs high shine nail lacquer. >> mark jacobs, he's having a year. >> inspired by his lacquered coffee table. >> i love that bottle. >> isn't that so pretty? $18, high shine.
10:51 am
one more for the sitter, virtual reality headset. this is so cool, $20. you just hook your phone up to it. i did it last night. i did this roller coaster and i was going over this ocean. >> so just not while they're watching the kids. >> yes. >> just double-checking. >> so let's move on to -- >> dog groomer? >> yes, so for the people -- >> pay attention. >> i will. >> for people that take care of our pets. it's so important. >> a dog walker too. >> yep. >> oh, yeah. >> and the groomer. here we have the blue tooth stereo headphones, $14.99, fun colors and foldable. and then umbrellas for the neighbor. how fun to put that in your mailbox, protect them from rain and shine. >> make sure to put a card so they know it's from you. >> and our child's school, for the front desk. the people who see your children every single day, godiva, so perfect. >> color book for grown-ups.
10:52 am
>> i'm a carpool parent. starting at $5.99, take some time out. >> love those. >> everybody. >> the blender from jcpenney, cooks five in one, it's for that on the go smoothie for your carpool parent. >> genius. >> who doesn't need a pair of nice warm gloves. >> for your crossing guard, bus driver, igloves palm grip. >> thank you, and jcpenney, thank you so much. hoda and i wanted to say thank you to some special people. >> security guards here at 30 roc, those folks who stand there all day long. >> on their feet. we gave them slippers. looks like our elves madison, daniel and kevin had a great time handing those out. >> they're sweet guys. by the way, a big surprise is waiting just beyond the red curtain. >> we mean big this time. >> we'll reveal what or should we say who it is. >> maybe it's a what and a who, hoda. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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10:56 am
our 23rd annual toy drive has brought joy to millions of children and families would will have a very special christmas this year because of their generosity and we thank all of you for that. >> and a little elf told us there was somebody very special behind the curtain today. can we have a drum roll please? >> it's america's got talent winner grace vander wal. >> hi, grace. >> hi. nice to see you again. >> hi, look at you. >> how was vegas? >> vegas was great. i mean, didn't really leave the hotel a lot. unless it was, like, for a show. because vegas is not meant for someone my age. >> you're a little young for vegas. can we talk about how much money? >> how much? >> you know how much? i'll tell you how much. $130,000.
10:57 am
>> that's the hello kitty folks. >> you're doing well? >> yes. >> oh, good, happy holidays to you, sweetheart. you've had an incredible year. >> we love you. >> there's still time to donate out on the plaza, online at >> tomorrow, the hilarious jane kir kowski will be here. >> plus, the queen of italian cuisine. >> she's going to whip up something special. >> you know how she does. lilliana's here with stocking stuffers. >> plus all the best entertainment to watch during the holidays. >> it's
10:58 am
10:59 am
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