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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  April 9, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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right now at 4:30, deadly violence overseas. a dozen killed and dozens injured in a deadly palm sunday servi service. who is claiming responsibility and plus reaction from the local palm sunday worship erpers. >> and on the south bay freeway, the chain of events that led to the driver being killed. >> and first, giving up hope on finding a missing san diego student, and the missing man is speaking in the desperate search. >> the news starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm the terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker, and scouring beneath the bridge
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looking for a student who mysteriously disappeared. >> kevin redrico mysteriously disappeared and he has so many searching for him by boat and by air. >> and the latest information from the search organizers is that the person matching kevin redrico has been seen in valet owe, and we have not been able to verify that information, but it is the big concrete structure behind me, and the person matching kevin's description is seen walking along it and that is the same day that he disappear and the searchers extended west to the state park. >> and then he was seen again. >> and jonathon redrico giving the instructions to the widening search. and he parked the dark red honda, and leaving behind the
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cell phone and leaving the keys. >> i can't tell you the mental state out here, and he is out here, and i have no idea where he s and with the recent storms, and you know, inundated us for the two days, i have no idea how he has fared. >> and the searchers on the paddleboats and jet skis combing the freeways and they have seen no sign of the young man and redrico's father told me that he was taking antidepressants to help him overcome a problem, and now he is a danger to himself. >> and we talked about it before, and it is a communication that he said, i am not going to do that. i am not that stupid and so in that regard, i also hope that i am wondering around because of the medication. >> and among the 40 se searchers a long-time family friend. and his dog chester. >> well, he is going to check
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every nook and cranny in the field and i need him. i think that he is more going to go under the bushesb and he thinks that he would not get into. >> kevin redrico is 5'6" and filipino and weighing 125 pounds and last seen wearing black clothing and the search is expected to continue until five or six, and as i mentioned earlier, the most encouraging news coming from the search organizers and a dozen ago, and matching kevin's description, and seen in valet olejo. >> and in egypt, a blast at a church killed more than 20 people. and a blast that isis is claiming responsibility for injured # 100 others. the first attack happened at a church 60 miles north of cairo. the man inside of the church at the time describes the h
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horrifying scene. >> i was sitting in the front, and all of the sudden, everything went dark. i passed out and someone pushed me off of my seat n. a few seconds later, i got up, and saw bodies all around many. >> and now, the disturbing footage appearing on social mood ya showing the aftermath of the explosions, and people were screaming, and some of others were injured and the second attack in egypt was alexandria, and witnesses say that the blast was so strong, and 15 nearby shots were destroyed. egypt's president has declared three-state state of emergency, and the president has sent out a tweet condemning the attack, and said that he knows that the president of egypt will handle the situation properly. today, many groups across the bay spoke out about the violence in egypt. and maryann has the latest from a catholic church.
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>> terry a a few moments ago, people from many religions came here for a press conference and denounced the violence in egypt. they called for the commune tu ti to come together to fight for racial justice, and religious freedom. and some leaders specifically denounced the suicide bombers who killed innocent people at two coptic churches in egypt. one egyptian american broke down in tears when she broke down and talked about the attacks. >> and calling for the attacks in egypt, we stand for security to be provided either physically or implore ing fing for the egy government to call for security for the churches there. >> reporter: earlier today, a procession from san jose state to holy trinity and some question the timing of the attack in egypt just weeks before the pope francis is due
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to visit egypt. and most of the participants were from p.a.c., people acting in communities today, a multi faith grass roots organization. and reporting live, maryann favro reporting live for bay area news. we will continue to follow for details and you can also check our nbc bay area twitter feed. >> and a deadly chain reaction crash in south bay caused lanes of 280 to close. t this is the scene from mclaughlin avenue in san jose and a speeding car, police say, rearended another car forcing him to roll over and pushed another car against the guardrail. that car burst into flames and killing the driver inside. the man causing the crash was arrested for alleged drunk drivi driving. and on the east bay high way, a woman was shot in the leg yesterday afternoon on highway
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four in antioch, and a woman hit two panhandlers, and they are calling ate driveby shooting, but a woman was treated at the hospital and released and since 2015 more than 100 h shootings have happened on the freeways and most of them taking place on the east bay. >> and a marin county sheriff's department has been taken to the hospital after his patrol car was hit by drunk driver. it happened around 3:00 when the deputy was patrolling mill vall valley, and the sheriff's department says that the drunk driver passed into the incoming lane and hit the deputy's car head on. the injuries to the deputy are minor, and the driver has been arrested for du ix. and today, as we are looking outside of the camera from emeryville, this is a beautiful scene here from the bay, and we are not done from the rain, and it is true, rob, with a day like today, and a nice change of events today. >> and 58 and chilly around
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ocean bay. and so no looking at the sunshine after a chilly start to the afternoon and around the mid-30s, and the trivalley, it is 64 with partly sunny skies, and in is a san jose, and look at what is looking nice, but near the coast, and we have the first of the couple of weather systems to bring a chance of the showers to the bay area, and the first of the system looks like a lot of the rain is going to stay off of the rain and certainly north of the san francisco to the morning snow, and the morning commute, and we will see more clouds and at least a few showers north of san francisco early in the day. after the system increasing chances of rain and more late sierra snow is on the way before we look at the time line for the midweek snow coming up on the forecast in about 20 minutes from now. >> thank you, rob. you, too, can track the forecast with the free bay city area app which is more accurate than tracking online. you can just tap on the app, and
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get the latest for your neighborhood. >> and after a blast, a car broke out into flames and then fla flames spread to a home with a family inside. a parent and two infants were able to get out, and they say it is a close call, because the fire was spreading rapidly. one neighbor said that he had never heard anything like that before. >> it was crazy loud and sounded like a bomb went u off and then engulff ed t engulffed the car. normally, a car would take a little bit to catch on fire, but that car torched in 3:00, and i mean torched. >> firefighters are in v investigating and nobody hurt. a man under a arrest after sexually battering students at san jose university. the campus police sent out an alert yesterday saying several reports of sexual batters there at st. paul and martin luther libra library. they say that females were inappropriately touched from behind by the suspect, and police arrested the man on
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campus, and no word if he is a student or relation to the campus community. and more attacking reported on the stanford campus. two women were groped within e minutes of each other 10:30 and 11:00 on escondido road on freshman road. it is a shorter bald man as the suspe suspect. and they have beefed up the patrols there, and some students are thinking twice before walking alone at night until that man is caught. and coming up, after drastic action in syria, a strong message from the white house overseas, the warning to north korea tonight. and plus an empty stadium now, but tomorrow, well, it is going to be maybe still going on 24 hours from now, the giants opening game at at&t. we will show you how nbc bay area is going to give you the inside peek the giants home opener. and what is happening at the skies is important for the home
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open opener. 58 in san francisco, but you will notice the clouds here dropping down the coast. those are going to bring a chance of showers tomorrow. the hour by hour outlook for the forecast and the game time forecast when we come back. syr d nth rea=err2 st==the
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a message tonight from the white house to leaders of syria and north korea. >> the trump administration says that the u.s. will strike back if international peace agreements are violate and this is as the u.s. aircraft carrier moves closer to the korean peninsula. >> we have more on this story from washington. >> reporter: as a navy strike group including the "u.s.s. carl vinson" is moving closer for the korean peninsula a warning from the white house. >> when it is a threat to others, at some point a response is likely to be undertaken. >> reporter: and a message to syria and russia after president assad launched the last week's
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chemical attack. >> in no way do we see peace in that area with russia covering up for assad, and no way peace in the area with assad as the t president of that country. >> reporter: and there are calls for changes in syria as the warplanes from assad are back in action. >> this is what assad is saying flying from the base, f-u, and he is making a serious mistake. >> reporter: but democrats want congressional approval before trump launches any more striks.s >> we don't have a system where the president can launch missiles to whoever they want to. >> reporter: and president trump condemned the isis bombings of two christian churches in egypt. so sad to hear of the terrorist attack, and i have every confidence that president el see si seesi is going to handle the attacks properly. and as there is weapons to be
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eliminated in syria, it will be a major top ig of discussion this week. jennifer johnson. >> and for all of the political information tune into bay area when our political analyst larry gergsten breaks down the latest from washington. families and friends celebrating the amaze life of rock 'n' roll legend chuck berry, and they paid respects while filing past the open casket. one of his iconic guitars hanging from the top of the k casket. he was the latest clas of musicians inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> and now, more from the shocker fans. >> and the world cup is planning to bring the world cup to north america. and right now, sunshine in san jose, and the temperatures in the 60s and maybe close to 70 degrees and parts of the south bay, but coming tomorrow, the first in the series of rain chances returning to the bay
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area, and we will give you the hour by hour outlook when we come back. live-stream your favorite sport
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well, there is no two ways about it, it is a rough start to the season for giants. this is painful for you terry, but it is not something they can't overcome. >> i say they begin to overcome it. and the giants are off to the worst start since 2008 and they are finally coming home, and live look at at&t where tomorrow 42 to 44,000 fans are going to be going nuts there. opening day, and the home opener for the giants and playing the game at 11:35 to host the arizona diamondbacks, and trying to turn it around today. oh, that is going to be deep. that ball is going. you know who that is? did you guess buster posey? >> i was about to say that. >> and amazing back-to-back. and hunter with the back-to-back, and so did buster posey posey. >> we will have wall to wall coverage of the home opener starting tomorrow at 4:30 a.m.
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on "at the bay" and look at what is new at the ball park for the fans. and really great for the baseball fans. >> and they really do it up. >> they don't get much sleep there before the opening day. >> and maybe she is drinking beer, but she is deaf nutti lyd eating a hot dog. >> and we have a chance of a shower north of san francisco, and looking live outside at at&t, it is perfect at 58 and chilly out there. in san francisco, the wind is coming in off of the ocean, and view of looking south, and 6 # 1, and clear skies, but different finish to the weekend than way things started with the thunder and the hail. and looking out to the west, and the golden gate is off to the west, and 62 degrees, and mi mid-60s with the clouds to the santa cruz mountains, and again, giving us the part ly cloudy
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skies, and how about that view from lake tahoe? and the winter storm warning there. and looking at the fresh snow still in the trees there in sierra. so a dry weekend up the coast, but this is the band that is going to be weakening considerably as it drops south, a tomorrow morning especially up to 7:00 a.m., and than knox the cold cover tomorrow morning and we will see a few a areas of drizzle and light showers very early in the day, and light temperatures tomorrow, and close to 70 east of the downtown san jose, and milpitas is going to be up to 63. so the temperatures are starting to rise there and around concord, and towards san francisco, 6 # 2 degrees, and around the mission, the showers are early and highs are low 60s for the afternoon. and early tomorrow morning, a chance of few showers, and a
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cloud band there north of san francisco, and you can see how it falls apart as it crosses through the bay area. and right around 1:30 and a few showers possible, and the hour by hour home openerb and similar to what we are seeing today, and 58 degrees and closer to the low 60s with the first pitch coming up 1:35. the rest of monday, continued clearing skies, and then things are going to trend drier for monday morn, but tuesday, this commute is going to be impacted by the lighter rain, and start the day with the focus on tuesday a loft oitt of it will san jose and it will go to san francisco and bigger changes arriving wednesday and thursday. you can see the temperature chang changes. wednesday after noon we will see the rain pushing through the bay area, and the biggest strain is wednesday afternoon and into early thursday afternoon where the skies are starting to clear. thursday late, and friday and saturday looking good with the
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start of next weekend looking dry. but here is next sunday. and it is looking like we will be dealing with more rain, and once again, like it or not, active pattern by april standards, but it is more focused now on the north bay and sierra for the bigger impacts. and the forecasts will bring in the chance for showers there, and into tuesday, but this is the san francisco forecast and a lot of it is going to be marin county northward on tuesday and wednesday and thursday, the rain line is going to be push iing through the bay area, and the rain totals are a lot less than last week, and windy, too, and it is going to be the biggest impact, and friday and saturday is dry, but next sunday not so much. >> and you have great grass and information on the twitter feed, too. and if you want to check out the snow pack, and the rain that we got, it is interesting. >> and so, for 14 days, we want to keep the average pattern, but it is not the damaging storm that we saw last week.
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>> could they be skiing in the sierra until september? >> yes, it feels that the way. the ski reports will be open for the july 4th weekend, and that is going to keep it going. >> that is crazy. thank you sh, rob. >> and now, a global event right here in the south bay. >> the intense competition to name some of the best players in the united states that also have a little bit of the brazilian star power. we will tell you about it. laratn bweetheuned ate meco d = caadaoulleato unie wod c
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a collaboration between the united states, mexico and canada to lead to a unique world cup. the three nations are going to be announcing a joint bid tomorrow to host the 2026 world cup. successful bid for north america seems possible, because europe and asia are not allowed in the
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race, because those continents have hosted the previous two tournaments. the last time that the u.s. hosted the world cup was 1994 and several matches held at stanford stadium and it was wild. >> more than 65,000 soccer players world wide are playing in a unique tournament in san jose. >> it is different, and the tournament is sponsored in part by the brazilian soccer star nay m -- neymar, and they will eventually qualify to play in miami. >> they may have played in cl g cleng -- college or a stint here or there or just passionate fans. >> and the tournament is being played in 47 countries. and dozens of faith leaders come together in san jose to call for peace and denounce the recent violence in egypt. i'm maryann favro with that
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story coming up in a live report. an intense search for a san jose student gets a strong sign of encouragement. that str ri is coming up live. and some clouds around san jose and a couple of days of rain chances in the south bay, but in the north bay, you could be looking at most of the week with rain chances. we will explain why as the first of the series of a group of storms returns to california. we will be back. at ast0 kledn pmsuay urcbomngsn
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right now at 5:00, a day meant for spiritual celebration turns deadly. at least 40 people are killed in palm sunday services in church bombings in egypt. the death toll could rise. news at 5:00 starts right now, and good evening and thank you for joining me. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker, and now the blast that isis is claiming
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responsibility for killed 43 people, and injured about 100 others. the attack happen at a church north of cairo, and man inside of the church describes the horrifying scene. >> translator: i was sitting in the front and all of the sudden, everything went dark. i passed out and someone pushed me off of my seat. a few seconds later, i got up and i saw bodies all around me. >> reporter: the second attack was in egypt's largest city alexandria, and egypt's president has declared a three-month state of emergency in his country, and donald trump sent out a tweet condemning the violence. maryann favro joining us at the trinity church in san jose. maryann? >> well, mass let out here at the holy trinity and earlier this afternoon, people of all different religions came together to denounce the


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