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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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looking at as they try to figure out what sparked the fire. plus, a popular bay area steak house goes up in flames overnight. what investigators are revealing about the cause of the fire. and the search is resuming in the north bay where crews are looking for a missing boater. the reason his friends are hopeful he'll be okay. b"today in the bay" continues right now. thanks so much for joining us on this wednesday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we're all teaming up to bring you the news on this wednesday. we are halfway through your workweek. things have such a hot weekend but we know that there will be more hot temperatures on the way so you'd better enjoy it now. a look at what it looks like right now in san francisco. the low clouds and the fog over the golden gate bridge but most of the city all clear. it's 54 degrees and we do have a cooler start in the north bay. santa rosa. it's 49 degrees.
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59 now in oakland with high temperatures today reaching into the mid-70s for oakland. san jose, 81 degrees. some upper 80s for the inland valleys with some lower 60s in spots like half moon bay. we'll take a closer look at the forecast and what to expect throughout the week coming up in about seven minutes. mike now has a new crash in san jose. >> i do. it doesn't sound like any major injuries but this is a tough spot. an easy drive northbound 101 through san jose. you see already the red showing up as far as those speed sensors go approaching tremble road. we do have that crash. just past where the two freeways merge. the south bay does move well. we're track iing that fire just off center road south of 280. it sounds like it is confined to an area off the creek and not at the golf course. back to you. >> something to keep in mind.
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thank you very much, mike. breaking news to get to this morning we have been monitoring all morning long since we came on air out of the east bay. new video just in had from overnight showing destructive fire at a condo complex in walnut creek. we have a crew at that scene asking investigators for updates since the fire broke out just after midnight. pete suratos is live with what investigators are telling you about where the fire started. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. flames were copping from the second floor and they had to move fast to get residents out of here safely. >> everybody out. >> reporter: what you're seeing and hearing there are fi firefighters directing residents to evacuate from the
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condominiums located here on the 1900 block in walnut creek. we've been told the call came in roughly around 12:30 a.m. now we can report there were no injuries or rescues during this morning fire and fire officials say that no one was inch the building, six unit, six condominiums when crews did a check of the units. take you back out here live. now when we showed up on the scene the red cross said two families were here and they had to assist them with motel accommodations here in front of the complex. we're going to keep checking in on this. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we're live at walnut creek, pete suratos for "today in the bay." all right, thank you very much, pete. we're also follow breaking news in pleasant hill which is where a black angus steak house went up in flims. fire crews put out the flames around 2:30 this morning. it's on north main near oak park
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boulevard. firefight fire was mostly in the walls, so crews had to punch holes in the walls and pull out that damaged wood. 6:04 right now. rescue crews back out certificasearching for a missing boater on tomales bay. marin county told us there's a plan in place to start aerial, ground, and water searches. all of that renewing at 6:00 this morning. so just a few minutes ago. officials tell us the boats have sonar and they stayed out until 2:00 this morning. people in the community tell us the missing man is 70-year-old tod friend who owns the tomales bay oyster company. you've probably seen it on highway 1 24r. fire officials say the weather is slowing them down. >> we have about 30-mile-an-hour sustained wind that does create difficulties for our aircraft to see even if someone is just 2 feet below water it's difficult to see. >> officials say friend was not wearing a life jacket when he was out on the water. tell us he worked on the water
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daily and knew the bay well. a developing story on the peninsula this morning. we're pushing 7:30 last night on south delaware street not far from sunny bay elementary school. they say the suspect shot the other person and took off in the getaway car. san ma teo police investigated into the night and at this point they tell us they think those suspects knew the victim. 20 years later and a missing person's case is solved this morning. this man is 37-year-old richard saimons who disappeared in august of 1998 police say dna testing revealed skeletal remains found in the hills of moraga belong to saimons. a hiker stumbled upon the human bones four months ago but results are just being released. here is moraga's police chief with what might have happened. >> he was at home and decided he needed to go for a walk and left
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his home which is within a mile. the autopsy did not reveal any signs of foul play or anything like that. >> police say they hope the discovery can bring some degree of closure to the family. animal control teams are on alert after a small dog was snatched from a san francisco home by a coyote. "the chronicle" reports it happened early sunday morning in the balboa terrace neighborhood. a couple says they just returned home from taking two of the dogs out for a potty break when a coyote jumped out and grabbed their 13-year-old dog bella. the body was found nearby. "the chronicle" is reporting several other coyote attacks on pets around that same part of san francisco over the last two years. they include the maulings of three small dogs and three cats. animal control is doing daily patrols around the neighborhood at dusk and dawn when coyotes the are most active. good wednesday morning. we are coming up on 6:07.
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as we look at the day planner for san jose heading out early this morning we'll be in the low 60s at 8:00. a lunch time it temperature of 7 degrees. a beautiful day to enjoy lunch outside or pretty much all day outside as our highs will only reach into the low 80s with a nice little breeze. if you want some stronger breezes maybe you'll head to santa cruz. the beaches there will be nice and cool as well reaching into the mid-60s throughout the day and will be a great day to check out the a's. first pitch at 12:35. and temperatures risinging from the mid-60s to the low 70s later today. in about four minutes i'll have a look at the temperature trend for fremont for the day. mike takes us out there on the roadways with a few issues. >> that's right, kari. a couple of new issues for the south bay. we talked about the crash 101. as we back away from the screen almost everywhere is green. we see the build also for 101 and that is where we have the problems. 101 at 680 slowing and then at
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tremble we may have as many as two lanes blocked now as there's another crash i'm hearing about. a tough drive coming up out of san jose. the rest of the commute looking really good. over here for the east bay at 238, a little bit below as you make the interchange and slowing through hayward. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay" we're following breaking news out of mariposa county where firefighters are desperately trying to get the upper hand on a massive fire that is burning out of control near yosemite. we are live on the front lines of the fire keeping you updated on the progress firefighters are making this morning. plus, water woes in a peninsula city. a new proposal to help people whose water bills have spiked because of water leaks. who are these people?
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a clear start at 6:11. a live look outside had in fremont and as you get ready to head out for the day our temperatures in the low 60s are only going to reach into the upper 70s. a beautiful afternoon, very nice weather for enjoying outside with the kids or just taking a nice, long break. we are going to have warmer
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temperatures in the forecast. more on that in five minutes. and looking at travel times. look, this is better than we had a half an hour ago. speeds through the tri-valley, a better look at your commute coming up. mike, kari, thank you very much. we are following breaking news out of mariposa county where the so-called detwiler fire is burning out of control this hour. that fire is burning right near yosemite national park. >> showing that fire just continuing to rage overnight. we've been checking cal fire incident report and here is where it stands right now. 25,000 acres are burned. the fire is just 5% contained this morning. 1,500 structures are threatened. eight are already gone.
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yosemite park is still open but power is out and cell service is spotty. "today in the bay's" mike is joining us. did firefighters make any progress overnight? >> reporter: it's a good news/bad news situation. we are where all eyes will be focused this morning. overlooking downtown you can see the smoke and the little bits of fire all along the hillside. the good news is that because of the humidity dropping this morning and going up and the temperatures dropping you can see a lot more smoke a good hour and a half ago. temperatures are going to go up and the humidities are going to go down and that makes for extreme fire behavior.
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the town has evacuated. the fire continues to go up. scenes like this all morning along highway 49 when we drove in. we have crews that are stationed at individual homes and then dozers like this one and other firefighting apparatus, mobilized once this fire activity picks up. all will be on the eyes of mariposa. this is an entire town evacuated and this is the town that is immediately threatened by the fire. there's not a whole lot of a active fire through there other than your tree stumps. all eyes on mariposa as fire crews hoping to take a stand to stop this fire because so far highway 49, the merced river all
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have been unable to prove fire breaks. in mariposa, i'm mike teselle. thousands of people holding their collective breaths worried about their homes. thank you, mike. >> just last night we heard the fire will go wherever it wants. that's what cal fire was saying. our coverage never stops as the fight to contain those massive flames continues. we'll be updating you on air and online. head to on the progress firefighters are making near yosemite. to bay area news. the push to wash away the strict water leak policy starting to gain some steam. that is now getting support from some key palo alto city official s. the issue hundreds of rate payers say the current policy is just too harsh because doesn't provide any relief for undetected leaks. several members of the yutility advisory commission are in favor
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of changing the city's current policy but there's no official vote set for when that might happen. >> happening today if you use the google search app you will be able to follow certain topics. the new smart feature yesterday in san francisco. it will be available for apple and android phones starting today. that feature determines the topics that users are interested in and produces a stream of news stories. >> if you could just ask your phone to bring up the stories, kris, happy that you asked. business and tech news, change is coming to samsung phones. >> for the rest of the news before the bell we turn to susan li live at cnbc world headquarters this morning. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris. yeah, we're 15 minutes away from the wall street open today and it looks like the markets could be in for another mixed day of trade. the dow did fall for a second straight session yesterday being weighed down by disappointment from goldman sachs' earnings. net nicks helping power the
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nasdaq to an eighth straight day of gains. the longest losing streak and winning streak since 2015. more data on housing. better earnings from morgan stanley. just a recap the dow did drop to 54 points. the nasdaq gaining 29 points yesterday as we start things off. a media merger may be in the works. reports say the discovery communications is in talks with scripps network interactive. terms are still unclear but the companies have a combined value of rough $23 billion. the owner of the discovery channel, lc and the own network while scripps is the food network and htc-tv. phones could get a voice. samsung launched galaxy s8 phone it boasted about its ai helper called bixby.
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the company admitted the app signature voice feature wouldn't be ready until maybe later in the spring and only available in south korea. now samsung is rolling out bixby's voice assistance to all s 8 and plus owners in the u.s. and unlike its rivals, apple, siri and amazon's alexa bixby is better at understanding natural expressions such as what's the forecast like today or show me the weather. so it should understand you better. sam and kris, back to you. >> wouldn't that be nice to be understood a little better. >> she looked right at me. did you see that is this thank you very much, susan li. appreciate it. >> can you hear me, sam? disneyland goes all out for halloween. this year's halloween spirit will taking over disney california adventure as well. disney says during the week of halloween cars land will debut halloween. booigie-boogie from "the nightmare before christmas" will
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hover. much more and very scary, fun stuff. i don't like scary stuff so this is not for me. >> how about pumpkin carving. are you down with that? >> oh, yes. we're serious. we are serious business. okay. and i'm not even right now thinking about halloween because -- >> pumpkins are still growing. >> that, too. we are going to have some nice, cool weather. we're going to break it down the next couple of days and then it will be heating up as we go towards the weekend and as you make plans to enjoy the next several days we are starting out with clear skies looking live right now over san jose and the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. a live look outside, beautiful sun rise once again and we're still tracking those low clouds moving over san francisco and parts of the city right now look ing at 54 degrees. we he are going to are have a nice cool start as you head out with clear skies and then high temperatures in oakland today to
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74 degrees. 81 in palo alto, san jose and napa. and in morgan hills today cooler there, too. 86 degrees. if you are going hiking in the east bay and hitting some of the trails it will be a nice cool morning and then with lots of sunshine our temperatures will be the most comfortable late morning but then by early afternoon you'll want to make sure you keep reapplying the sunscreen. all of that bright sunshine heating those temperatures up into the mid-80s. and for napa valley today it will be at 58 degrees during the 8:00 hour. lunch time 74 degrees. you'll be able to enjoy lunch or ensome of those vineyards outside. the temperature roller coaster continues. be in the upper 80s for the next few days. lower 90s early next week. i'll have more on that. and mike is tracking more slowing for the south bay. we do have more slowing for the south bay.
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the rest of the bay shows a nice smooth drive. we have a couple of scattered incidents cleared from the roadways. down here in the south bay we have a couple of issues. northbound 101, that crash causing the biggest issue. we may have two lanes blocked as you travel north, approaching the 87 merge north of the crash and the backup here. 87 south is clearing up. another crash at great america parkway and other distractions north of the first one. over here highway 85 closed as well traveling north. to waze to show you what's going on. we had this reported by a number of wazers. this one got bob did report, we're going to send him a thank you, things are moving to the shoulder there but still slowing on the approach as we see nbc bay area wazers. that's the team you want to join. we'll show you in palo alto -- this is a smooth, easy drive and no problems all the way into or out of san francisco. back to you. >> say that again. that was nice. >> that's rare news. up next, the best time to book
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your end of summer getaway and save some big bucks. >> first, we like to gripe that we're being gouged when prices rise rapidly. we asked chris chmura what would you do about what we believe is price gouging. when the store doubles the price, it feels like gouging. state law says gouging only actually takes place during a state of emergency. that's after a disaster. if you see a price hike then take pictures with your phone and report it to the attorney general. report your consumer questions to us. all right, thank you. even as we go to break we never stop working for you. our team constantly posting stories and updates on social media. that includes this video of flames and damage left behind after a walnut creek condo building went up in smoke and flames overnight. make sure that you follow us on facebook, twitter and insta
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gram. we'll keep you updated on everything going on.
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you've carried on your family's tradition. let us help you prepare for your family's future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. some good news for anyone who hasn't booked their summer getaway or is considering a september or october vacation. there is a certain week when airline ticket prices suddenly drop sometimes by hundreds of
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nonprofits to begin supporting our schools throughout this month we will invite you to donate backpacks, school supplies and cash to help students. for a full list of where to donate at 6:27 right now. up next on "today in the bay," a string of suspicious fires in the east bay and new information we're learning this morning about what or more specifically who sparked the fires. >> reporter: another construction accident at the facebook campus. the piece of equipment that saved the worker's life. whoa!
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. right now at 6:30 typical summer weather across the bay area today off to a cool and foggy start. taking a live look outside. here we're getting a little fog. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. even that fog is keeping things moderate. >> fresh breezes. in san francisco expect high temperatures to reach into the mid-60s not only today but even into the weekend. in the mid to upper 80s for some of the warmest spots.
6:31 am
we'll see some mid-90s for the weekend. a look ahead to events going on this weekend and getaways where you may be headed to. an update on the crashes in the south bay. >> you see a number of crashes north of the san mateo bridge all minor. that burst of traffic, a crash at great america parkway and then maybe another approaching. we have two lanes blocked on the crash there. recovery for these speeds as you come north at 17. a better flow of traffic there. over to the bay bridge still just about half an hour westbound coming down from highway 4 over to the berkeley
6:32 am
curve. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. all new this morning we are learning about another construction accident. facebook's new campus at menlo park. >> this comes about three months after two construction workers if fell 40 feet when the steel flaming they weraming they were failed and dropped. what went wrong this time, bob? >> reporter: the most recent construction accident took place at the facebook building 21 that's under construction behind me here in menlo park. the same building, the same location as the other construction site you were mentioning that took place earlier this year. take a look at your tv screen. this worker, as you can see in the pictures, was on the fourth floor, the roof of facebook building 1 when accord iing to firefighters a piece of steel or decking became dislodged. that's when the worker lost
6:33 am
their footing and fell about 10 to 15 feet. fortunately they were wearing safety rigging which prevented them from hitting the floor below. this person was still hurt by the stop and had to be taken to the hospital. in late april of this year two other workers fell from facebook building 21, the construction site. in that accident they he were harnessed to a beam about 40 feet up in the air. that beam failed and fell about 20 feet again while both workers were injured, their safety equipment stopped them from hitting the ground. reporting live here in menlo park, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you for that update. our coverage will continue online as bob mentioned. we're learning more about what caused this accident. you can follow him on twitter. new it this morning firefighters are investigating a series of fires in antioch. a string of small brushfires popped up minutes apart from each other and pretty close together as well.
6:34 am
all of those fires were set on purpose. the first was reported at 8:50 at the fair grounds. you can see on the map on your screen, there is no doubt an arsonist. >> right now we're searching for anyone involved with our arson investigator and yok pd. >> reporter: if you believe you may have seen something suspicious in those areas call antioch police. police in san francisco are looking for a group of young people. a muni bus rider around 7:00, the bus near market and mcallister streets. police say the victim got into an altercation with a group of teenagers, about ten of them or so, and when he got off the bus the teenagers jumped him and took his phone. overnight we did some research and found muni crime is trending downward, though. official numbers from the city
6:35 am
show an overdecline in the crime rates over the past few years. to our nation's capital where president trump will sit down and meet with senate republicans in just a few hours after the gop's plan to repeal and replace collapsed. now they're planning to repeal the health care law looks doomed, too. chris pollone joins us live to explain why the president says congress should let obamacare fail and what that could mean for millions of people, chris. >> reporter: right, sam. if obamacare does collapse that would leave about 12 million americans in health care limbo. that's why we're seeing some governors from states across the u.s. as well as members of congress calling for bipartisan efforts, for congress to real areally come together to try to get a solution to this problem. with senate republicans unable to agree on a plan to replace the nation's health care law president donald trump has another idea.
6:36 am
>> let obama care fail. it will be a lot easier. i think we're probably in that position we'll just let obamacare fail. >> reporter: a disconcerting idea for the 12 million american who buy their health insurance on those individual markets. experts say if the administration cuts off obamacare subsidies, it would drive up prices and cause the exchanges to collapse. >> you can't force insurers he to be more generous than they have been without giving them something back. you have to give them money and more customers. that's exactly what the affordable care act does. >> reporter: 11 governors, five republicans and an independent are ratcheting up the pressure demanding lawmakers launch a bipartisan effort to drive down costs and stabilize the market. >> we will now try a different way to bring the american people relief interest obamacare. >> reporter: it comes after the senate majority leader says he tried just to repeal obamacare without replacing it. a vote could come next week. it's already in trouble, at least three republicans have said they oppose it. >> just an indefinite hold on this just creates more chaos and
6:37 am
confusion. >> reporter: chaos and confusion in health care with of americans paying the price. and today president trump has invited senate republicans to the white house to have lunch, the white house says health care and other issues. live in washington, chris pollone. sam and kris, back to you. >> thank you, chris. a new poll looks at the outcome of the 2020 presidential race. the poll released by polling looked at several possible combinations. according to the poll former vice president joe biden would beat president trump 54% to 39% if the race were held today. vermont senator bernie sanders would win 52 mers to 39%. senator harris would be nearly tied with president trump and mark zuckerberg was part of the poll. that poll found that a potential race between president trump and the facebook founder would be a dead heat, more than 800 registered voters participated
6:38 am
in the poll which did lean to the democratic side. so it turns out president trump did meet with russian president vladimir putin twice during the g20 summit earlier this month. that second meeting, news of it, just coming to light now. white house spokesperson sean spicer confirms that president trump and vladimir putin talked at a dinner for world leaders with their spouses. they didn't say what the conversation was about. president trump tweeted last night, quote, fake news story of secret dinner with putin is, quote, sick. all g20 leaders and spouses were invited by the chancellor of germany. press knew! a follow-up now, b.a.r.t. will start testing new train cars on its main tracks this week. you might see them rolling by though their sign will say out of service. the agency is replacinging hundreds had of old cars in a $2.6 billion effort to make service more reliable. in the announcement posted on facebook b.a.r.t. says this was the start of the final phase of testing.
6:39 am
>> over here for our camera out of emeryville looking at berkeley, you see the university overcrossing. a crash reported. there's some flashing lights that may have arrived to help out with that scene. we do see traffic start iing to jam up on the approach adding to the travel times. let's look at your map and the drive past golden gate field right about there. they're approaching university so that will be one issue. another you see on the map, we'll zoom in at 880. a crash there blocks your fast lanes. that's enough to kick off all that slowing south from 980 and jumping down to the south bay. the other big issue is northbound 101. two lanes are still blocked at that crash. a couple of others in the area but really the incident is the bigger one. highway 85 is cleared. 87 is popular heading to downtown san jose. >> you know who is popular, kari hall. your forecast for the weekend. >> popular all the time. extra, extra popular. >> you know one place that will
6:40 am
be popular this weekend, the coast. because it will be cooler. so you may be making beach plans. it's going to be nice today. we'll see the fog rolling back in and it does hang around for the weekend forecast as well. here is a look at saturday, what we are expecting from the coast to the bay to the inland areas. it will be hot in the valleys. up to 94 degrees and we will see mid-90s on sunday. you may want to hang out by the bay where it will be 80 degrees and some of the beaches in the upper 60s. one awesome place to hang out this weekend will be in redwood city for the blues, arts, and barbecue festival and weather will be really nice in the low to mid-70s. a nice breeze and sunshine. you really can't beat that. then on sunday we also have the san francisco thmarathon. the fog rolling in and it will keep it nice and cool for those runners out there. and we are looking at some perfect weather for that, too. we are going to be closely watching the wildfire situation near yosemite but if you are
6:41 am
still planning to go there the parks will be open and the weather will be very nice and warm. temperatures reaching into the mid-70s on friday and for the weekend on saturday and sunday some lower 80s. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend for willow glen in about three minutes, kris. thank you, kari. coming up, breaking news as a fire near devours a condo complex in the east bay. we're live on the scene to show you the extensive damage left behind and what it means for the homeowners there. and we're just one day away from the start of o. jcht simpson's highly anticipated parole hearing. find out who he could face in court. and, kris, we are tracking new interday highs on the s&p 500 and the nasdaq this morning. as for the dow jones industrial average, kind of flirting a little bit back and forth between negative and positive. up right now. great earnings reports from a lot of the major banks. back with more news at 6:44. ♪
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it's 6:44. with the clear sun rise, a beautiful start to this wednesday morning and it is going to be a nice one. take it and let's check out the temperature trend for willow glen in the upper 60s at 10:00 and as we go through the day rising into the low 80s we cannot complain about this. it's going to be a little bit lower than where we should be for this time in july but this weekend it heats up once again. we'll talk about how hot it gets coming up in about 6:50.
6:45 am
>> probably will complain about this jam in oakland. we actually may have all lanes stopped temporarily. there's a crash and some cleanup. there's a jam here and another in san jose. breaking news out of walnut creek. what you're looking at right now is a dough complex that was burned overnight, a fire broke out and a six unit building. it is right now to the plaza. you can see what the flames looked like earlier that were shooting out of the windows as crews responded. they got right to work and got everyone out safely. one woman said she barely had time to get out. >> i was sound asleep and someone was beating on the door yelling, fire, fire, get out, get out.
6:46 am
so i tlhrew on a robe and walke out. >> that unit suffered significant damage. we are still working to find out how many were damaged. families need help finding a place to stay. how it started is still under investigation. tomorrow is o.j. simpson's parole hearing and the backlash is growing over his possible release from prison. today simpson served nine years behind bars for robbing two sports memorabilia dealers in las vegas. his lawyer said he wasn't sentenced for robbery but it represents the punishment for the deaths of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, and friend ron goldman. >> no matter what you about his circumstance in 1995 it is clear
6:47 am
if you are a fair-minded american you know the utter abomination of the sentence that he received and he has been in jail for nine years is not because of the crime in las vegas but a consequence of what happened in los angeles. >> you might recall that in what was dubbed the trial of the century simpson was acquitted in the brutal murder of his wife and her friend in 1995. as we track tomorrow's parole heari hearing, cheryl hurd will be reporting from las vegas. continuing coverage from the midwest and the familiy of an australian woman. this is a story unfolding all weeklong. justine damond called 911.
6:48 am
she approached the patrol car when it arrived. the officer in the passenger seat fired his weapon through the driver side window skilling d damond after hearing a loud sound near the car. >> you can imagine what the police department might say to excuse it. here i can't imagine what they would say. >> as we have reported the officer's body cameras were not on. for first time we're hearing from justine damond's father back in us a traustralia. he will appear on nbc's "today" show at 7:00. a follow-up on the kidnapping of a baby in san francisco this weekend. the woman accused of taking the child will not face charges at this point. according to "the chronicle" prosecutors are not saying why the charges will not be filed. the father was preparing a bottle nearby.
6:49 am
the woman and baby were spotted on a muni bus. the father will also not face charges. a first of its kind plan and now the eidea of free tuition attracting more students. enrollment for the first tuition-free semester is up 17% compared to last year at this time. it has grown more than 25%. the spare the air team will help give out doughnuts and starbucks cards to people waiting in casual car-pool lines in oakland. this runs from 7:00 in the morning until 8:30 at the oakland avenue cue so get yourself there if you're hungry. major developing news from
6:50 am
our san francisco camera. you see thick, black from a building there. we are just now learning of the situation in san fran san fran. we have calls place d to find ot what their response is going to be, how robust as we are just learning about the fire in san francisco and, again, one of our cameras and you see just how intense it is. all right. we don't like hearing about fire when it is super hot. unfortunately it's going to be a little cooler. we are going to have more hot weather in the forecast this weekend so we are just trying to take it in now. let me show you something nice
6:51 am
and refreshing just north in the north bay and it's a bright and sunny start. it's 54 degrees in san francisco in morgan hill looks like a beautiful view there as well. no matter what you're doing about to head out the door a look at our high temperatures today. 74 degrees in oakland to palo alto and san jose. upper 80s in concord and livermore while san francisco and half moon bay will be in the 60s and the seven-day forecast you can see how warm it is going to be this weekend so as you're standing in the closet and getting ready for the day grab a hat or something that will will give you shade or the sunglasses. if you're heading out to at&t park to enjoy the giants game
6:52 am
first pitch at 12:45 in the lower 60s and rising into the upper 60s today. and if you're going to be hitting the road this a live look from hechl. it is going to be very nice. high temperatures reaching into the low to mid-80s. i wanted to give you a quick update on hurricane fernanda. it has weakened to a category 1 from a 4. it will be head iing close to hawaii. good news it looks like it stays to the north of hawaii and in san francisco our temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. all bright and sunny and temperatures heating up as we head into the weekend for the inland valleys. mike is tracking jams in san jose and. >> that's right, kari.
6:53 am
85 is recovering from a crash. starting way back to story road by the time you get there. approaching 29. we had a traffic break and some clearing. at least two lanes are blocked there. trying to clear things. we'll look at waze and waze points out what a difference the timing makes as well. it takes 51 minutes down to hayward. join nbc bay area wazers. i hope it shows up in your profile. join the team and we'll share information with you. thank you, mike. a look at top stories on "today in the bay" a fire erupting overnight at a popular east bay steak house.
6:54 am
>> we are covering fires all over the bay area. firefighters mopping up the saratoga fire. near the winery. nobody was hurt and no structures were burned. they don't expect to have it contained until later. sales are down almost 10% for harley-davidson. they are planning to cut an undetermined number of jobs. we'll be back with more on the san francisco fire.
6:55 am
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welcome back here on your wednesday morning. here are your top stories. breaking news out of san francisco. a live look. one of them where we're seeing a whole lot of smoke from what appears to be a fire although in the last ten minutes the smoke is a much lighter color at this point. folks telling us on twitter that they can see this from their apartment in areas of the city they are seeing progress as well. we have called san francisco fire as soon as we have more updates from them we'll pass it along to you. breaking news in pleasant hill. a fire at the black angus steak house. here is what it looked like
6:58 am
earlier. fire crews put out the flames. firefighters tell us a fire start ed in an electrical panel there. they say the fire was mostly in the walls so crews had to punch a hole. in the meantime keeping track of breaking developments from yosemite this morning. this video showing flames that are raging near mariposa. that fire is burning along a major artery into yosemite forest and the national park there this stands at 25,000 acres. it is only 5% contained. they had to evacuate the entire town of mariposa yesterday. this is the detwiler fire. firefighters say that eight structures have been destroyed, 5,000 residents evacuated. live now to menlo park for yet another construction accident investigation is under way at facebook. this time a worker fell 15 feet and was injured. it happened yesterday morning. menlo park fire officials say the worker fell from fourth floor of its steel structure which dislodged.
6:59 am
that man fell onto the third floor below. he was wearing safety equipment so he didn't hit the floor but he was still injured. two workers were also injured in a similar accident in april. a check right now of traffic and weather and i think most people might be complaining about allergies right now. but in terms of weather this is a huge improvement. >> talking about me over there sneezinging. we've all been suffering. especially in san francisco where we're seeing the fog rolling across now and some mid to upper 80s for the inland valleys. thank you very much, kari. >> and you've been tracking a crash in the south bay. should clear from that distraction and in the south y bay, kris, is still jammed up because of the crash at the top of the screen.
7:00 am
>> we know you'll track that. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with you live at 7:25. >> and the news at 11:00. refusing to talk, the officer who shot and killed a bride-to-be in minneapolis declined to be interviewed by investigators as his partner revealed his account of what led to that tragic shooting. state of emergency, a massive wildfire near yosemite forces thousands to evacuate.


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