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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 31, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag. a standoff -- about to enter its 11th hour. a neighborhood has been told to shelter-in-place while police negotiate with a suspected gunman. =cover shot in= scott/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i )m scott mcgrew. laura/2shot and i )m laura garcia-cannon sam and kris are off.. we )ve been covering this breaking story since we went on air at 4:30 for today in the bay. =laura//boxes= this is all going on near the castro district on 15th street and beaver. nbc bay area )s pete suratos has been live at the scene all we've been breaking this story since 4:00 a.m. this morning on "today in the bay." this is going on at castro and beaver. what's the latest now, pete? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you guys. a standoff continues here. a lot of activity still off of castro street. i want to show you where that investigation is focused.
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you see negotiators up there on this hill off of 15th street where they're dealing with a shooting suspect who has barricaded himself there since about 11:45 p.m. last night. let's go ahead and show you some new video that came in the last two hours. the bomb squad arriving on the scene here on 15th street. san francisco police say it all began with shots fired on is the 1500 block of 15th street. this happened right before midnight. police said they were able to rescue a female victim who was shot and sent her to the hospital for her injuries. they confronted the shooting suspect in his home several hours ago, but he's refusing to leave his house. that's where we are right now with police continuing to negotiate with the suspects. people who live on beaver and castro streets asked to stay in their homes for safety's sake. this morning a police rang this man's door bell with a different set of directions.
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>> i went down and there were ten police guys in full uniform with guns drawn telling me i needed to evacuate my house immediately. and i said, can you give me five minutes, because i just woke up, and they said, yeah, you need to get out of here fast. >> reporter: now, the current condition of that female victim is unknown at this time, as well as what the relationship of that victim to the shooting suspect is. you're taking a look at this scene as we speak. very active just off of 15th street and castro street as that standoff continues. you can text the department of emergency management for updates on this situation, and we have that information for you on our website at we're in san francisco, pete ack tos, n brbc bay area news. the l.a. times just reporting that los angeles has made a deal to host the 2028 summer olympics. the deal would bring the olympics back to southern tlanfornia for a third time and
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allows paris to host the games salseven years. details of the deal have not been released. the last time the u.s. hosted summer olympics was in atlanta interin 1996. salt lake city hosted the winter games in 2002. according to the l.a. times, an allrnational olympic committee announcement on los angeles is expected later today. st> new at 11:00, a morgan hillman is in police custody after allegedly trying to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex. investigators from the silicon valley internet crimes against children task force says 42-year-old jose toledo contacted an undercover police officer on the internet pose as and-year-old girl, the officer was. t ledo attempted to get the girl to send him nude photos, eventually arranged to meet r olure last thursday at hidden lakes park on the border between pleasant hill. dumps arrested him without incident. police arrested terry lee with ot. over the weekend.
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police say he started at least four separate fires early friday morning. wecar, a dumpster, among other objects set on fire during that spree. this surveillance photo allowed officers to identify the suspect. we've been reporting the it wr of a $60,000 electric train stolen in the east bay r and hey found it. we've got video of that train just in to our newsroom. it was found in walnut creek. it was stolen wednesday morning rcln it was inside that trailer di parked on pleasant hill. a )s jeric saucerman spoke to us and told us how the kids love that train. >> the kids love this train. we drive around in a circle and they laugh the entire time. at's such simple fun and the kids absolutely love it. >> reporter: nbc's bay area jodi .ernandez speaking with the ==laur now. you can see her interview later today on bay area news at 5:00. meteo're expecting another hot
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hall ahead. >> here we go. let's take a live look at sunol this morning where it's really going to get hot. those hills, remember when they were green? not now. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. it's pretty dry out there. >> it is very dry, and that's one thing we'll have to watch as we go through the week. we may have some dry lightning as we go into thursday -- late wednesday, early thursday time frame. i'll keep you up to date on that. we're seeing now as we look at tiburon and the clouds rolling across bait right now, it's 62 degrees and 64 degrees in san francisco. now that we're getting a little more sunshine, walnut creek with the sunshine there looking at some slightly warmer temperatur temperatures, and across the bay all clear aki inlooking at the bay. 88 in san jose and oakland up to 78 degrees. we'll talk about how hot it gets for spots like this, coming up in just a few minutes. thank you, kari. liogle may head to court after a
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watchdog group accused the company of violating your privacy and storing your bank information. nbc area's rick boone is live at the google headquarters with the latest. rick? >> reporter: i'm going to try to break this down and make it simple to understand here. if you buy things on line through google, you type in something on this search bar, then this probably pertains to you. the group is called the -- it's called the electronic privacy information center. they're set to file a claim with the federal trade commission today claiming that google is basically taking advantage of your information. they're saying that google is gathering the credit card and debit card purchase records of u u.s. consumers, this without revealing how they got the info. google says the program helps provide and prove the effectiveness of on-line ads, but critics worry the information could fall in the hands of hackers. now, google is also saying that
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they're not sharing your information with their partners and also google is insisting there is a way for you to opt out of this. just go into your activity settings and just say you don't want this information to go out there. so that's what they're saying. i also talked to just a little while ago the federal trade commission to see whether or not this filing has happened, and as of right now, as of this time, our time is 11:07, right now i'm not sure but it is set to be iled sometime today. we're live in mountain view, rick boone, for nbc bay area news. president trump swaears in his new chief of staff this running and several issues bear down on the white house. russia, north korea and health care. tracie potts has more from washington. >> reporter: law and order behind the scenes at the white house this morning. >> we just swore in general kelly. >> reporter: first on the president's agenda today, swearing in his new chief of
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staff, former homeland security leader john kelly. >> i think he will bring discipline to the west wing. >> ensuring that everybody who works in the white house is on the president's agenda. >> reporter: agenda includes health care. after failing to repeal and replace health care four times last week, general kelly says he's ready to move on. but the president is not, tweeting, don't give up, republican senators. the world is watching. >> the president will not accept those who say, quote, it's time to move on. he wants to help the millions of americans who have suffered. >> reporter: president trump is ready to move on from russia investigations and will reportedly sign new sanctions. plus the threat from north korea is more urgent now after reports of another missile test. >> to have a trajectory which as of the latest analysis would enable it to go about 6,000 miles and maybe even hit as far east as chicago, we can't have
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that. >> reporter: how to stop it now under new management. we're watching today's cabinet meeting because it is also expected to be the first face to face between president trump and his attorney general since the president started criticizing jeff sessions for stepping off the russia investigation. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> thank you, tracie. streetfollow-up we started over y coneekend after the death of a 54-year-old milpitas man. his body was found in milpitas. police say they're considering t a homicide but they're not saying what led them to that ants tsion. identity has not been released, either, and there is no one in custody. stilooking at the coliseum as the giants take on the a's. both teams, shall we say, are thruggling a little bit. no team near 500 but there's
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/cu== plenty of pride on the line. the lot and tomorrow night the teams play if oakland. .ednesday and thursday night winn'll play on the other side hurthe bridge at at&t park. ntuchollywood is mourning the anch of sam shepherd. the pulitzer prize-winning playwright, actor and celebrated nia, d died in his home in kentucky of complications related to lou gehrig's dees. st mrew up on a colorado ranch theserved as research director for the university of alifornia. ed -- rd was 73 years old. after u.s. lawmakers sign !!=ctions to punish russia. plus, workers wanted. jobs in sonoma need to be filled, and yes, it does involve ♪
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what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. =nats of opening = . cheering on the markets this morning. the dow started at a record and
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is up another 90 points. we get the big jobs number at the end of the week. twitter is testing a new way of making money by charging a fee to promote tweets. reports all a user has to do is pay a $99 flat fee and twitter automatically amplifies their tweets and profile for 30 days. the model is being data tested right now and users can only participate if they are invited. new this morning, vineyards in so noma is facing a shoert a of labor. they have not grown in the past 15 years even though vineyards are growing. they could probably use about 2,000 more workers. more growers are turning to automation. putin ordered the expulsion of 250 diplomats in russia. that's in response to the
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sanctions posed by the united states or will be soon when president trump signs that. it's the latest of what many are saying is the heightening tension between the two countries. matt bradley has the latest from london. >> reporter: vladimir putin made the decision before president donald trump has had the chance to either sign or veto this sanctions bill just signed by the house and senate with nearly unanimous support. it's almost as if vladimir putin in his announcement on russian state television yesterday was trying to lead a diplomatic opening straight to president trump shortly after their meeting in hamburg, germany. let's make it clear, this is a major setback for american and russian diplomacy. he said this would restore, quote, diplomatic parody. by dispelling some 675 diplomats from russia would lead 454 diplomats in russia. the same number of personnel russia has in the united states,
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but that 755 number is truly astonishing, because as many american officials have noted, there probably aren't 755 u.s. personnel, so it's not exactly achieving that kind of parody. this is a major ramp-up, a major deterioration in russia-american relationships, but putin seemed to leave a little bit of an opening. he listed all the places where moscow and russia could possibly reconcile in the coming years, including syria, ukraine, north korea and some trade issues, so it's going to be up to politicians in washington to decide where this relationship goes from here. really, the conflict now is less between washington and moscow as it is between the white house and the capitol. back to you. >> thank you, matt. a new report out overnight says russian hackers might have targeted san francisco state university students. the sf examiner says a computer expert warned the school he was able to access sensitive information like social security numbers and home addresses.
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the malware was traced back to a russian i.p. address. the school says no student information was compromised. right now vice president mike pence is in astonia, ensuring the nato president that she has american support. we see the vice president shaking hands with her this morning. they stirred aggressiveness in the region. pence plans to visit three nato allies during his trip. he's tweeting this morning, we stand with the nation of estonia, latvia and lithuania and we always will. meanwhile, john mccain is back in arizona for treatment for his brain tumor. he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. despite the diagnosis, the 80-year-old senator flew to washington last week to cast one of the deciding votes blocking republican efforts to repeal obamacare.
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today he'll begin radiation and chemotherapy treatment at the mayo center in phoenix. switching gears, how about salmon for dinner? today the commercial salmon fishing season officially opens in san francisco. several bay area lawmakers will be on hand for the big kick off at 1:35 this afternoon. it's at pier 35 in san francisco. you are urged to check for salmon fishing restrictions. the surf is expected to poind t pound the bay area coastline tonight due to two tropical storms causing stronger currents and less predictable waves. heavy surfs are supposed to impact most south-facing beaches. in southern california some beaches already closed due to those massive waves. >> that makes it kind of tough because i think a lot of people will want to head to the coast because we have some hot days approaching. >> the next few days we shouldn't have a high risk of these currents, and that's good
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news as these temperatures warm up. it's going to be a lot cooler along the coast. microclimates will be in full effect. as we start out right now, we're looking at half moon bay. it's still foggy and 55 degrees. as you look at sunol, it's more sunny, a lot more dry and warm. also anderson reservoir, we're looking at some beautiful shots here with some sunshine and temperatures that will be heating up intomid-90s for today. we'll see the highs in cupertino up to 90 degrees. as we head to the east bay, walnut creek 90 degrees there, oak creek 76 degrees. mid-80s for palo alto, and for san francisco the embarcadero making it up to 72 degrees, mill valley will be up to 84 degrees. our temperatures not too bad today. as we get a look at the temperature trend for the rest of the day in san jose, it will go from the lower 80s in early
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afternoon to the upper 80s by 3:00, and then we'll gradually see those temperatures coming back down. mostly sunny skies. if you have to get out there, you have some yardwork to do or you'll be working outside, you want to make sure you take it easy and take some breaks when you can, especially as we head through the rest of the week as it gets much hotter. we talked about this beach hazard statement in effect. our waves right now only at about 3 to 4 feet, but we do have to watch out for those sneaker waves and rip currents and also just unusual wave activity around santa cruz and ste stenton beach where we have those south-facing beaches. temperatures will be around 68 degrees around much of santa cruz. our temperatures are cooling off as the winds pick up as well. the big thing that will be making headlines for us will be this high heat over the next few days for the hills and the valleys. air quality will also worsen and we may have a higher fire danger
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and we may have a risk for thunder and lightning as the system moves in on thursday. we're not the only ones that have to deal with this high heat over the next couple days. seattle and portland across the pacific northwest seeing extreme temperatures and may break some all-time record high temperatures, and we're also going to have heat advisories issued and some really hot temperatures. this kicks in for tomorrow as we head through the next couple of days, our temperatures going way up. san francisco, not too bad. we'll be at 74 degrees, the warmest day in the motor vehicle as the inland sees 102 degrees tomorrow. on thursday we'll have to watch for a chance of some lightning. i'll have some more updates on that and i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. >> kari, thanks. coming up next, have you noticed the shrinking seats on airlines? now lawmakers want the faa to get involved. the fight over space on flights. first happening now, an
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investigation is under way after two police officers in lo los banos, two police officers were shot. they had to be airlifted to hospitals. they were shot by a suspect who reportedly got hold of one of the officer's weapons. plus, a superstar, christiano christianoro ronaldo told a jud he had never attempted tax fraud. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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case of the incredible shrinking airline seat." now the u.s. court of appeals has ordered the faa to consider whether cramped airplanes coul welcome back, everyone. a judge calls it the case of the shrinking airline seat. the faa has been ordered to consider whether cramped seats could cause problems with airline safety. >> reporter: every flyer knows it, seats are getting smaller. but this morning it's the airline industry in a tight squeeze, thanks to a court ruling one judge calls the case of the incredible shrinking airline seat. >> aim a 6'4" guy, and they seem to be made for about a 5' guy. >> reporter: the faa argued its main concern is safety, not
11:25 am
comfort. a passenger has to be able to get out of a plane within 90 seconds in an emergency, but it maintains seat size has to effect on that. the court said the faa didn't provide enough evidence and ordered them to reconsider its decision not to affect seat size. the airlines said over decades the seat pitch, or the distance between two seats has dwindled from a comfortable 35 inches to 31, some as low as 28. critics say airlines are cramming people in for one reason: profit. the impact sis unclear. the judge didn't order the faa to create new rules, just consider them. a popular south bay restaurant hopes to reopen soon after a driver caused damage to the front entrance. take a look at the aftermath.
11:26 am
this happened early yesterday morning at los gatos this morning. a woman crashed her suv into the front door and patio. the car had a little bit of front end damage. we spoke with neighbors who came by to view the scenes. >> we thought, oh, they're remodeling. didn't know they needed to. then when we came into the winery and we said, what are they doing next door? he said somebody decided to use it as a drive-through last night and here it is. so we came out to see. >> the owners seem to share that same sense of humor about the crash. they even put this note on the restaurant door suggesting someone mistook it for 24-hour drive-through. coming up, a smash-and-grab robbery at a local costco and police are wondering if the same thieves have done the same thing at other bay area stores.
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novato police are looking for a team of masked men who they say smashed open the jewelry cases at the local welcome back. a costco crime spree. nevada police looking for a team of macked men they say smashed into jewelry cases at costco and hopped into a getaway car. >> police are trying to figure out if this has been done in similar areas at other bay area costcos. >> reporter: three men wearing surgical masks struck just as the store opened for customers. >> went to the jewelry display case, smashed it open, took an undetermined amount of jewelry. >> reporter: they acted quickly and got into a getaway car driven by an accomplice. >> we'll work with outside agencies that have experienced the same incident and see if we can't collaborate. >> reporter: in the last two months, bay area costcos have been hit with the same type of robberies. the one in danville was hit two times. the first man was arrested in a second robbery.
11:30 am
the second one the bandits made off with high-priced watches. the following month another costco was robbed. in all of them, the robbers wore masks. one man said he's not concerned. >> i heard there hasn't been any fi firearms or things of that nature, so as far as the safety of people, no, not really. >> reporter: they're going to go through the video aimed at the doors to see if it will help identify the suspects. nbc bay area news. a shock for kids who thought they were going to it uc irvine this fall. the school sois overbooked. as a result, 499 incoming freshmen had their accept answers rescinded. the school says it shows students who performed poorly their senior year or missed
11:31 am
deadlines. either way, there were kids who had received acceptance letters who now can't go. several dozen students have appealed the decision and have been let back in. happening today, we're expecting to hear details about a report that finds an oakland city councilmember violated city ethics rules. the oakland ethic commission finds this woman broke ethics rules when she interfered in stopping housing project development. the city hall will have that report starting at 6:30. a girl suspected in a crash in the east bay is filed in a wrongful death lawsuit. she was walking with her friend in oakland last june when they were hit by a car. michelle died at the scene. the east bay times is reporting this morning her family filed a lawsuit against the driver as well as an off-duty chp officer
11:32 am
who was following the driver in the city of oakley. they knew it was dangerous for pedestrians. a lawsuit has been filed against a union city school district after a third grade teacher was convicted of molesting students. you may recall the case, michael howey, who taught att t alvorad school. they are suing the district who employed the teacher. the suit says the district knew about the teacher's behavior but did nothing about it. security has been stepped up in australian airports after australian police said they disrupted a plot to bring down an airplane. >> officials say it was an islamist-inspired plot but they did not link the plot to a specific terrorist group. here's more. >> reporter: this morning police are holding four men all brought in during sweeping raids over the weekend suspected of
11:33 am
plotting to blow up a passenger plane. i know nothing, this suspect says. police have not named the man and they're not yet charged. but investigators still searching for evidence this morning at several properties across the suburbs of sydney called the plot credible and said there was quite possibly a capability to carry it out. but did not yet have specifics about location, date or time. >> good intelligence, great police work, great investigation, great coordination has enabled us to disrupt that plot. >> reporter: local media citing unnamed law enforcement sources reported the plot revealed a homemade bomb hidden in a meat grinder and a plan to release poisonous gas on the plane. police would not confirm that. >> we believe it was an attempt to put a device onto an aircraft. but beyond that, the speculation is just that, it's speculation. >> reporter: at airports across
11:34 am
australia, new, tougher security measures. longer lines, more bag checks and frustrated travelers. >> i know precaution should be taken, but this is in excess, honestly. this is just too much. >> reporter: police in australia say the investigation is ongoing and they've already seized what they call a number of items of great interest. they haven't said whether the alleged plot is tied to isis, only that it was islamist inspired and involved extensive planning. callie kobea, london. the ohio fair is back up and running again after last week's deadly ride accident. all of the rides except for the fireball were back in business yesterday. on wednesday an 18-year-old was killed and several people injured when the fireball ride ripped apart. closer to home, the same ride at santa cruz's boardwalk remains closed while the park a waits word from park officials about its safety. happening now, bicyclists
11:35 am
and pedestrians are no longer allowed to cross willow road overpass in menlo park. that overpass is being replaced so a shuttle service is in place instead. caltrans replacing the overpass with a new, wider overpass. the smart train isn't working yet, but there is already talk about building more stations. they have improved the connection to larkspur scheduled to open in 2019. no date has been set for the commuter train system to open. high schoolers could get more time to sleep in. there is a bill making its way through the legislature. if approved, middle and high schoolers would be banned from starting earlier than 8:30 in the morning. later start times have been linked to better performance, but critics say the rule would disrupt families and cause problems. just before you eat lunch, we want to give you some pause. the center for science in the public interest has its 2017 extreme eating awards this
11:36 am
morning. >> these meals are filled with a lot of calories and fat. nbc's erica edwards reports. >> reporter: most people wouldn't dream of eating five bacon double cheeseburgers from burger king all at once, but at buffalo wild wings you consume even more calories by eating just one cheese curd bacon burger and fries. >> we're seeing high-calorie mash-ups from restaurants all over their menus. >> the science of public interest has released their new eating awards. the cheeseburger omelet with a side of three pancakes from ihop, as well as chili's smokehouse combo. >> all of the food we looked at had over 2,000 calories. >> the napoleonatano is topped
11:37 am
with meatballs and cheese. >> they affect one's health because they increase the risk of diabetes and heart dees. >> reporter: the restaurant association offered a statement saying the group has led the effort to implement a national standard for menu labeling so that our customers can make informed decisions on their dining choices. dietitians say watch out for portion size. >> you don't have to eat the whole thing yourself. you can share it with other people or you can bring it home with you and enjoy it, you know, the next day. >> reporter: the cheesecake factory agrees. a spokeswoman provided a statement saying, we love it when guests share. that's a great sign that our portions are generous and a large percentage of our guests take home leftovers. erica edwards, nbc news. >> do you want to share a salad for lunch? >> i think it's funny how unappetizing they look out of
11:38 am
context, like in a lab. >> or maybe something light for lunch. we're looking at a hot week ahead. >> you don't want anything heavy when it's so hot outside. it will be a nice day today. as you get ready to head out, our temperatures making it into the 80s this afternoon and cooling off nicely this evening. we'll talk about where the heat advisories will be in effect and how hot it gets, coming up next. he uses a coupon and gets taxed but isn't sure if that's right. i'm investigator chris gamora. the bay area responds, next.
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breaking news for you. a few minutes ago it was reported that anthony scaramucci lost his job 10 days after he started it. you'll remember he had very obscene things to say to a newspaper reporter the other day and today john kelly became the new chief of staff at the white house. the "new york times" is reporting kelly requested that trump remove scaramucci. it's not clear if scaramucci will play some other role at the white house. but again, 10 days after he started his job, anthony scaramucci is out. nbc bay area responds to a san francisco man who wondered if he was overcharged sales tax.
11:42 am
>> so he asked us, consumer investigator chris gamora with the answer. >> reporter: walter burns bought some eye drops at the checkout for 11.99. he was offered a $4 off coupon at the checkout. he realized later he was charged a sales tax. he wondered if that was right. apparently if it's a store coupon, the sales tax is based on the discounted price. it was a manufacturer coupon, and we've got an image right here and there is fine print at the bottom and it says, yes, the customer pays any sales tax. so yes, he paid the correct sales tax. if you have a consumer question, let us know, 1-888-996-tips or
11:43 am >> read the fine print. big bold numbers when it comes to the weather department, especially this week. >> three-digit numbers on the forecast, and i know that is not what we want to hear because it's been such a hot summer. it looks like it continues, unfortunately, and at least today we can enjoy some time outside before those temperatures get unbearable. right now as we take a live look outside in heelsburg, it is 66 degrees. beautiful there. we still have the clouds in san francisco as we take a look. 64 degrees. also sunshine inland in concord now, 73. it is still the best time to get out there and get about. 75 degrees in fairfield. wondering what is going on in napa. it was really cold there this morning and it's showing some bad readings. right now 76 degrees in livermore. oakland 64 degrees. also 64 degrees right now in san
11:44 am
francisco. as we look at today's higher temperatures, it will start to heat up for some of those valleys. just a little hotter than it was yesterday, up to 95 in livermore and morgan hill. we'll be up to 88 in napa. half moon bay 65 degrees and 70 in san francisco. here's a live look outside looking at oakland and the coliseum where we are getting ready for the battle of the bay later this evening. it's the first game in the series, so first pitch will be at 7:05. we'll be at 66 degrees and then a nice, cool evening and dropping back into the lower 60s with mostly clear skies. here's something that's been making the headlines, tropical storm emily moving right over florida. now this developed right off the coast, and it continues to bring some really heavy rain over central florida. this will be moving over the next couple of days back out to the atlantic and then it may strengthen just a bit and it's not expected to cause any more major problems. as we get a live look back here
11:45 am
closer to home, live in heavenly, we are going to see these temperatures really getting hot even in the sierra. look at tomorrow, up to 90 degrees, and we'll also be watching for the potential of some thunderstorms by the end of the week while we will have some heat advisories in effect for all of this area shaded in orange. you can see there that includes the hills, some of the valleys, parts of the north bay and our temperatures in these spots will be heating up over 100 degrees tomorrow. while there will still be some slight cooling for the bay and along the coast, a heat advisory continues until thursday, and then this intense heat begins to break down. at that point we'll begin to see an area of low pressure moving up and there will be a chance of some monsoonal moisture bringing a slight chance of some thunderstorms to the bay area. and if it dries out before it gets here, we could have some dry lightning, so that will be a major concern because it's been so hot and dry, and we are going to see those temperatures in san
11:46 am
francisco in the low 70s. we'll be watching for that chance of thunder on thursday as those temperatures come back down to 93 degrees, and it will still be hot this weekend. so get ready. make sure that air-conditioning is tuned up. >> until the temperature plunges to 93 degrees. >> how refreshing, kari. thank you. coming up, several derailments have made news over the last few months. what can be done to make trains safer? we have an inside look at the training site that's working to prevent more disasters. folks, before we take a break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. go to your waze app on iphone or android. there will be an hour glass. click on that, scroll down to see teams and you'll pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the
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community. that's how we help each other out.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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federal training site where experts are developing cutting edge technology to spot derailments before they happen. welcome back, everyone. nbc gets exclusive sight of more training to help derail trains before they happen. this year over 50 people were injured seriously. investigators are looking at what went wrong. >> now there's a way to prevent that from happening. a training site in the colorado desert normally closed to the public, but this morning we're getting some rare access. >> reporter: high-speed crashes, passenger trains out of control. >> people just screaming for their lives. >> we just heard people screaming that couldn't get out. >> reporter: freight trains derailing, too, spilling hazardous gases into neighborhoods, forcing evacuations. already this summer new train accidents from wisconsin to missouri, and just days ago, this train derailing in ohio. in washington, this amtrak train
11:50 am
was speeding when it flew off the tracks. in illinois, this tanker spilling tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil. according to the federal railroad administration, there were almost 11,000 train accidents and incidents last year alone. 805 people killed. almost 4,000 injured. now how to prevent these crashes from happening at all. unveiling cutting edge technology that could save lives. it's all happening right here at this joint training and research facility in the middle of the desert in pueblo, colorado. to show you how big this is, it is 52 square miles of train tracks and simulated train accidents like this. they haven't allowed cameras in here in 20 years, but today exclusive access for us. first up, the surprising hidden danger causing most train derailments. cracked wheels, and the new device that can stop them. >> broken wheels are a major
11:51 am
cause of derailments. what we're doing here with this technology is finding broken wheels before they actually break. >> reporter: now these high-tech sensors can take ultrasound photos of the wheels in a millisecond, capturing microscopic cracks that can cause a catastrophe. right now it's taking pictures that fast -- >> of all the wheels. >> reporter: images popping up in an instant. look, those hairline cracks are right there in red. this could be a game changer and save lives. >> it could definitely save lives. >> reporter: other reasons, traveling too fast or the engineer is unresponsive. like this train that derailed, killing four people. experts say technology called positive train control could have prevented it, stopping moving trains automatically. so if something happens and you can't run the train? >> it will be able to bring the train to a stop. >> reporter: by itself?
11:52 am
>> by itself. >> reporter: as we barrel down the tracks, we're approaching a red light. >> it's giving me a warning right now to come to a stop. >> reporter: you're not going to touch it? we're going to see if this train stops itself? >> correct. >> reporter: it's stopping. i can feel it braking. >> it's applying brakes to the entire train. >> reporter: so if something happened to you, we would be safe back there? >> yes. >> reporter: that's amazing. >> reporter: the train coming to a complete stop before the red light. in real life the difference between life and death. but when an accident does happen, first responders learning new tricks to save us all. one of the most tdramatic training exercises they do is this, a train derailment. this one has hazardous materials in it, chemicals. in the old days firefighters would take a chemical ksensor ad would actually have to walk into
11:53 am
this and put it in there so they would know if they had to evacuate your home here or on the other side. but here, something much better and faster to keep us safe. that's the chemical sensor right there and you can see it's attached to a drone. let's launch the drone up. our nbc is in the air to show you how fast this can happen. we're going to launch it and they're going to put it in there. it keeps firefighters out of harm's way and gets help for the rest of us. you're a firefighter. why is this so great for you? >> it's great because it keeps us out of harm's way and gives us rapid information to keep our community safe and tell us what's going on. >> reporter: and keep you safe as well. >> absolutely. >> reporter: thank you for what you do. this is just one of the things they're doing to deploy technology. life-saving technology that could save you from a train crash. >> jeff rossen reporting. some of the technology, like the wheel detection, is so new it
11:54 am
hasn't been rolled out. the good news, positive train control and the drones already starting to be used and more lives potentially can be saved. >> that's good news. we'll be right back. joey chestnut goes through tacos
11:55 am
11:56 am
just like he goes through hot dogs. laura the san jose native -- who is the hot dog eating champion of the world is now also the taco eating champion. so joey chestnut goes through tacos like he goes through hot dogs. >> the san francisco native is now the taco eating champion. he scarfed down 82 ta-- 92 taco
11:57 am
in 14 minutes. he holds the world record for eating more than 48 different types of -- >> those are hard shell tacos, too, right? soft shell, maybe. >> that's a lot of talk-o 'bout it. >> people are heading out for lunch as it will be nice to eat on the patio. for the inland areas, as high as 95. even hotter tomorrow and it stays in the 90s through much of the week, and by the weekend it starts to come down a few degrees but it's still going to be a toasty one. >> nice cooling trend there. we'll keep an eye on that. thanks so much for joining us this morning. our next newscast at 5:00. scaramucci on the white house throughout the day and nbc
11:58 am
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good day, everyone. we're breaking in with news of another shakeup in the trump administration. communications director anthony ska scaramucci is out of the white house. scaramucci caused a big stir last week with a profanity-laced
12:00 pm
attack with priebus and steve bannon. his successor general john kelly was sworn in as his replacement. let's get right as his replacem. let's get right to white house correspondent kristen welker. >> reporter: lester, i spoke to a source close to the administration saying the thinking was this was something that the new chief of staff, general john kelly, wanted to see happen. as you pointed out, anthony scaramucci last week unleashed that profanity-laced rant against two of the top officials here, reince priebus as well as another top official here. and that enraged a lot of people within the administration. there was a sense that, as one person said, it was a disgrace that someone who used that type of language would be allowed to serve in the white house. more broadly, lester, there were concerns that


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