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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 28, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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prepare to sweat it out. live look outside at two ofhe right now at 11:00, a microclimate weather alert. prepare to sweat it out. a live look outside our windows on two of the hottest spots in the bay area, dublin and san jose. temperatures are going to be in the triple digits in some areas. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington. you know, that heat throughout the area can get very dangerous for people and pets as we face an excessive heat warning in effect right now. meteorologist kari hall spearheads our heat coverage, and kari, how long can we expect this heat to continue? >> it will continue throughout the day and we'll start to feel those temperatures coming down tomorrow. before we even hit noon, we are feeling some of the temperatures where we should be for the high
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temperature throughout the afternoon. right now in concord, it's 82 degrees, and all clear there. the excessive heat warning continues until 9:00 this evening. it mostly includes the inland hills and elevations above 1,000 feet. that's where we will have the driest conditions and also the highest fire danger. for the interior valleys, we have a heat advisory in effect. that's all of these areas shaded in red where we could reach up to 103 degrees. and we are going to continue to have unhealthy air quality so the spare the air alert continues for today, especially for the east bay and south bay. we'll talk more about this and how hot it gets coming up a little bit later. thank you, kari. firefighters are battling the wildfire and the heat in the east bay. crews spent their time at this fire, the mines fire, just south of livermore. there are no homes nearby but there are high voltage power lines, so it is a critical fight. we just checked and cal tran
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says the fire is 40% contained but the progress of the fire is contained. fire crews are also in petaluma where this fire is 85% contained. these are the only two active wildfires in the bay area, and hopefully despite the heat, it will stay that way. our nbc bay area app san excellent way to keep updated on the weather. download today and we'll send out alerts when the temperatures spike. you can also get personalized forecasts for your neighborhood. a san francisco police officer finds himself in trouble with the law. authorities say they found child pornography on his home computer. today that officer was in court. nbc bay area's pete suratos was live at the courthouse. pete, what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: good morning, marcus. the arraignment hearing for the suspended san francisco police officer was pushed back two weeks because the prosecuting
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attorney was not available for today's hearing. however, his lawyer joshua was here. we got video for you walking out of this courthouse in pittsburgh. he's joined by his attorney there. the suspended officer was arrested back in july after a months-long investigation by the contra costa county police. they removed the 10-year vet from direct contact with the public while that case was under investigation. he did not want to speak about the case as i approached him, but i was able to chase down his attorney who had this to say. >> the officer is happy for the opportunity to defend himself against these charges and we'll do our talking in court. thank you. >> reporter: i want to point ought that ania is suspended from sfpd without pay. that next court hearing is
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scheduled for september 14 . we're live in pitsburg. we can report that the faa closed both major airports in houston until at least wednesday, and governor greg abbott activated the state's entire national guard. that means about 12,000 servicemembers will respond to help in the wake of hurricane harvey. now, this morning federal emergency officials announced they expect 30,000 people will stay in emergency shelters there. houston's police chief reports 2,000 rescues, and there are 185 critical rescues pending as well, and we saw on twitter there is a call for any civilian with a boat to volunteer to help. the goal is to get everyone out by the end of today. the weather channel reports at least five people are dead, but the death toll could still
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rise. the national hurricane center says tropical storm force winds and heavy flooding remain possible through wednesday. now, that disaster is unfolding on the texas gulf coast and it is of historic proportions, as you've been seeing probably all weekend. this is video from a texas nursing home where the folks there were being evacuated by rescue workers early monday morning. workers carried many of the residents away on gurneys, many of them covered in sheets to protect them from the falling rain. hurricane harvey slammed into the coastline friday as a category 4 and then just stayed there, stalled, dumping rain on the region for days. more than 2 feet of rain has fallen and 50 inches more are expected before it's all over. nbc's sarah daloff is live in dickinson, texas. sarah, it's been difficult to watch these rescues, but it sounds like everybody who is able to pitch in is pitching in. >> reporter: yeah, that's right,
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kris, and the coast guard reports that since hurricane harvey has made landfall, they have performed more than 1,400 rescues, many of them, as we've seen on the video, by helicopter. that number and the number you referenced earlier, that does not include the number of volunteers who come out with their own boats and jet skis to help people who are trapped inside their homes. the rain keeps coming. as the remnants of hurricane harvey continue to pour over houston and the texas gulf coast, another day of historic rainfall. pretty much of the nation's fourth largest city under water. >> we rode out last year's and it was okay, but this was more than we could imagine. >> reporter: thousands have been forced from their homes. >> the water was up to here. i walked out and i was just like, screaming. >> reporter: and the worst of the flooding isn't over yet. >> bottom line is it's going to continue on.
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we need the whole community. not only the federal government forces but this is a whole community effort. >> reporter: and citizens are getting involved, joining the more than 3,000 national guard troops and coast guard called in to help rescue those caught in the floodwaters. rescues like this one that played out on live television. >> now we can see somebody on the back end of that car. >> reporter: those saved just grateful to be alive. >> we prayed a lot and we just praised god and we were rescued, so we're very thankful. >> reporter: thankful for a city and region coming together in the midst of historic catastrophe. and now the question, where do all these displaced people go? fema estimates about 30,000 people will need temporary shelter. in downtown houston, they have opened up the convention center, and dallas is preparing to open the doors to what it is calling a mega shelter. it will hold about 5,000 people. kris? >> thank you very much, sarah.
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you stay safe out there as well. >> you know, we all have been watching that video, watching people be rescued. harvey still dumping rain right now. some places might get as much as 50 inches in total from this storm. >> we'll correct ourselves, we said 50 additional, but it's 50 total. meteorologist kari hall, it doesn't make it much better even after we correct that. >> no, and when you think about how much rain we get in the bay area. in the whole year we get maybe 25 to 30 inches, and they're getting this all within just a couple days, and they didn't really need it to begin with. and to see that there's no movement with this system means there will be more bands of some heavy rain. but it has spread out and covering pretty much the whole state of louisiana and now stretching into mississippi as well. so this will bring more catastrophic flooding as the forward movement of this hurricane, now tropical storm, is only about 3 miles an hour, and over the next couple days, it will continue to move out in the gulf and then back farther to the north. as we look at what's happening
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here in the bay area, a large area of high pressure is just kind of blocking that system and creating some intense heat here. we'll talk more about that in another update on tropical storm harvey coming up a little bit later. >> kari, thank you. a lot of people helping out in this case, including from right here in the bay area. a few firefighters have arrived in houston and more expected to join those efforts. yesterday a team from the peninsula packed up food and headed out. the fire chief says the team will get right to work once they arrive. >> i anticipate they'll put these guys in the worst locations just because that's where you want them. so wherever the deepest water is, where people may be in attics, that's the best spot for these guys. >> that drive to texas takes about 26 hours. stay with nbc bay area and nbc news for continued coverage with harvey. nightly news with lester holt will be going live to houston tonight. new at 11:00, the zuckerberg
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family has a new addition. facebook founder mark zuckerberg posted a new photo of his newborn baby about an hour and a half ago along with his wife and older daughter. he says they welcomed their new daughter earlier this month. her name is august. he posted a heartfelt letter to his baby girl satisfying in part, childhood is wonderful. you only get to be a child once so don't spend too much time worrying about the future. zuckerberg posted on instagram that he would be taking two months of daddy leave to bond with his new baby. >> beautiful picture of the whole family. >> it's nice, right? >> congratulations to them. up next at 11:00, there is a driver behind the wheel at uber. we'll show you who that is and more tools to help them feel safer. the backlash of president trump's pardoning of former
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sheriff arpaio. =runs 4=
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=cont vo= ad-lib numbers and the opening of the new york stock exchange. right now the dow not looking good, down 20 points. stocks mixed as insurers and energy farms struggle to weigh through harvey's damage and a lot of people wondering about gas prices. will they go up? refineries are intact right now, but some say getting those workers to the refinery may be the issue that could cause those gas prices to rise. uber has a new ceo this morning. the company chose expedia executive as their new ceo. he managed to keep his candidacy a secret during its weekend-long decision process. there were rumors that hewlett-packard's ceo would be hired. uber launched a new tool
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aimed at making drivers feel safe. it is called share my trip. drivers can share their car's location so their family and friends know where they are. this tool launches today in 140 cities worldwide. uber says that the goal is to have it available to drivers everywhere by this fall. southwest airlines is adding service out of -- new service, rather, out of san jose airport this morning. the airline announced several new nonstop flights. they include service to orlando, spokane, st. louis, albuquerque, new orleans, cabo and houston. >> san jose is a vital part of southwest's operation here in the bay area, and we listen to our customers. they asked for more service and we're very happy to be able to deliver that request. >> we're very is happy about that. southwest will also fly more planes out of san jose. the daily average number is jumping from 73 to 91.
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new flights start in march. >> you had me at cabo. prices expected to drop at whole foods nationwide. that is the word from amazon. the tech giant's acquisition of the grocery chain closes today. amazon says all shoppers can expect lower prices on things like fruit and vegetables, beef, eggs and peanut butter. people are joking on line that whole foods may finally have to shed the nickname whole paycheck. new details now on the trump administration's role backing an obama era policy. they can once again turn over surplus military gear to local police departments. the nation's top cop attorney general jeff sessions announced the policy change this morning, addressing the fraternal order of police convention in nashville, as you see there. sessions said the restrictions hurt the law enforcement. >> these restrictions that had been opposed went too far. we will not put superficial concerns about public safety. we will do our best to get you what you need.
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>> president obama put the rules in place following protests in ferguson, missouri. at the time a justice department study concluded that military style police gear actually inflamed tensions. as president trump gets ready to head to texas tomorrow to survey the hurricane harvey damage, in washington he's facing a backlash from both sides of the aisle over his decision to pardon controversial former sheriff joe arpaio. that is just one of the things that nbc's peter alexander is keeping an eye on from the white house. >> reporter: president trump returning to the white house after whipping up a fierce political storm, granting his first presidential pardon to controversial former arizona sheriff joe arpaio. >> was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan's office writing, the speaker does not agree with this decision. leading democrats insisting pardoning racism.
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and the senators say the decision undermines the conviction of arpaio last month of contempt. this did he fefies a judge's or contempt. white house aides defend the president's decision that did not go through the usual review process at the department of justice. >> just about every president winds up with controversial pardons. i don't think it's fair to characterize him about not caring about the rule of law. >> reporter: critics denounce the timing just as hurricane harvey barrelled through texas. and the departure of another white house aide, nashville's sebastian gorka, a steve allen
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ally. when discussing the international impact of the president's response to charlottesville. >> i don't think anyone doubts america's values or the commitment of the american government or the government's agencies to advancing those values and defending those values. >> and the president's values. >> the president speaks for himself. >> reporter: a sharply worded op-ed from former vice president joe biden, writing, we saw the truth of this president. he won't stop. his contempt for the u.s. constitution and willingness to divide this nation knows no bounds. >> that was peter alexander reporting. now, biden writes that we are living through a battle for the soul of this nation. we have to do what he will not. we have to remember our kids are watching. those are the words of former vice president joe biden. it's going to be a hot one today. triple digits. could be dangerous for people and pets out there, kari. >> especially if you're spending time outdoors, you want to make sure you pay attention if you start to get lightheaded or you
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feel a little dehydrated. you also might be checking out some places like this where temperatures will be cooler. looking from san bruno mountain, you can see the fog rolling over the city in san francisco. temperatures stay cool, so as you drive around the bay area, you're watching the thermometer in the car going up or down. it may change by 20 to 30 degrees, especially during the hottest hours of the day. it's only 59 degrees right now in ocean beach, but you can see the low clouds still hanging along the coast. and the 7-day forecast is now coming up at the bottom of the screen. you'll see there won't be much relief in the forecast as we go through the week. taking a live look outside in sunol, one of the areas under that excessive heat warning for those elevations above 1,000 feet where we will have very hot and dry weather. and as we get a live look outside at anderson reservoir in morgan hill, all clear and sunny there, and the water, anywhere close to some water, will be a great place to be today. even as the temperatures there
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reach 102 degrees, la pitas will see 100 degrees. for the widespread triple digits, this is what we had yesterday. danville up to 104 degrees, while hayward looking at a high of 9 0 degrees and 86 degrees i oakland. for the coastal parts of the peninsula, really will feel nice. redwood city will be up to 83 degrees and the embarcadero today up to 75 with a lot of sunshine there. some more of those temperature readings over 100 degrees for the interior parts of the north bay. so with this high heat, let's take a look at the temperature trend for a spot like antioch where it will be up to 107 degrees. we'll be hitting those high temperatures by the middle of the afternoon. and then it gradually comes back down as we go into tonight. we'll still be in the lower 80s by 9:00. so we talk about the excessive heat warning for the inland hills. it's all of these areas shaded in orange. and this will expire by 9:00
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tonight. we've had this in effect throughout much of the weekend. well, for the valleys, it is still going to be hot, but it's a step lower. a heat advisory in effect as the temperatures there could reach as high as 103 degrees. and we mentioned, don't forget the pets. never leave your pet inside of a car. and you also want to take care of your livestock. for napa and sonoma valleys, it is going to be in the triple digits, and throughout the afternoon into the evening, those temperatures starting to come down into the lower 80s. and for half moon bay, it will be much more comfortable there. and also some sunshine. and our temperatures staying in the 60s not only throughout the afternoon but some lower 60s for later tonight as more low clouds and fog returns. we will see some more temperatures like this heading throughout the week. we'll talk more about that. another update on tropical storm harvey coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, kari. coming up next, a daily commute from san francisco to los angeles might be a reality.
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the latest up byie m elon musk make that hyper loop happen. hillary clinton is coming to california. simon shuster just announced a book tour about the 2016 campaign. she is set to hit davis, california on september 9. plus one of president trump's councils appears to be falling apart. some of the cybersecurity council resigned last week in response to the event in charlottesville, among other things. we'll be back in two minutes. in less than hour and you )re
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traveling in a tube. it may seem really futuristic -- well, imagine l.a. to san francisco in less than an hour and you're traveling in a tube. that's not even enough time to hear, are we there yet? elon musk's dream to build that hyperloop just got a little more real. >> and i'm excited about that. this is all thanks to a group of young teen engineers from around the world. over the weekend an important competition was held at elon musk's test track. here are those results. >> reporter: the race for the future of travel is moving fast. billionaire entrepreneur elon musk and one step closer to making his ambitious plan to build a high-speed underground hyperloop a reality. his concept, people traveling underground in a powerful vacuum tube brought two dozen engineering teams from across the country and around the world
11:26 am
to a competition at spacex headquarters. each built their own proet toty pods that could eventually carry humans 700 miles an hour. they were put to the test in a long vacuum tube. the winner, a german team hit more than 200 miles per hour. >> we hope that what we've shown today can make it go a little further so the hyperloop is more realistic today. >> reporter: elon musk was excited about the results. >> this was about trying new things that have never been done before that can make an incredible difference to people's lives. >> reporter: paradigm, a canadian team, zoomed in at second place, clocking in at 63 miles an hour. this started after elon musk received verbal approval to create a line in washington,
11:27 am
d.c. to new york. musk also promised san francisco to los angeles in 30 minutes and a texas loop at nearly the speed of sound. but that approval is not exactly firm. the trump white house responding, we believe our greatest solutions have often come from the ingenuity and drive of the private sector. but just last week, musk received approval from the city of hawthorne, california to build a two-mile test track beneath his rocket company spacex. pushing the limits, a pipe dream now in full force. >> transportation experts say a full-fledged hyperloop is still years away, but elon musk is forging ahead, announcing just last night that he is holding another competition next year. prison time for people in kenya. the world's toughest law aimed at reducing plastic pollution took effect this morning. anyone who produces, sells or
11:28 am
even uses a plastic bag faces up to four years behind bars or fines of up to $40,000. cloth bags will be offered as alternatives in some spots. kenya joins more than 40 other countries that have enacted similar rules, including china, france and italy. >> wow. >> jail time seems extreme. >> and $40,000. coming up, it was a weekend filled with protest and see rallira -- rallies. thousands of protesters hit the streets. before we take a break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. go to your iphone or android. click on that, click on the name at the top and go to teams and pick us. that's how you join the community, that's how we help each other out.
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we'll get back to you after this break. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine.
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share their far right conservative views.. but even after organizers called off their rally in berkeley yesterday... counter protesters many people wanted to demonstrate and share their far right conservative views. counterprotesters showed up from all across the bay area. >> we were at civic center park yesterday and has a look at how the different sides came together and who was hurt. >> we are stoppable on what is impossible. >> reporter: those who came had to set up away from civic center park because the city banned any organized events there. they had a wide range of reasons to come together. >> well, i'm jewish and i was absolutely sickened by what happened in charlottesville. >> we're a very diverse group but we wanted to send this united message against hate.
11:32 am
>> reporter: this was a loud and peaceful group. they marched with loud banners and signs and even a drum corps. but as they got closer to civic center park, trouble arrived. people with bandanas and dark hoodies joined in. people who support president trump gathered in civic center park. first they were shot down by protesters, then literally run out of the park. joey gibson, the man who tried to organize a conservative protest in san francisco saturday, was roughed up and chased by a large group. his friend, who didn't want to be identified, said they are not white supremacists, they just want their views to be heard as well. >> these cities, if they claim to be tolerant and accepting, then they should be accepting of everybody's opinion. >> reporter: according to berkeley police, six people were hurt, two people were arrested for felony assault, 11 others were arrested for trying to bring banned items into the park. nbc bay area news.
11:33 am
>> berkeley police said they changed their tactics to try to prevent any serious injuries. they called in extra officers earlier in the day to encircle the park with k-rails to prevent cars from being used as weapons. well, saturday thousands of people took to the streets in san francisco in anti-hate rallies. the castro, mission district, civic center, people all marched and protested against a primitive conservative rally which was then canceled by the organizer. other than a few scuffles, the day was mostly peaceful. we are posting all of our coverage on as well as facebook and twitter, and you can see our team's unique perspective. they were on the ground all day documenting the rallies and the protests, including this woman's story. she told police -- she told nbc bay area, police arrested her with no warning. >> happening today a hearing on judge aaron perski's recall. he sentenced brock turner to six
11:34 am
months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman. persky has filed a motion to stop the recall against him, saying he doesn't have the decision on recall but rather the secretary of state does. he stopped the recall campaign from collecting signatures. into the east bay now, this is where the piedmont city council was scheduled to vote to remove the city's mayor jeff wheeler. but mr. wheeler acted first, resigning. he did so over the weekend. this comes after his controversial conversation on facebook with a piedmont resident. wheeler wrote transgendered people are mentally ill and black lives matter movement encourages cop killing. wheeler said it lacks more leadership. >> i would absolutely defend his right to free speech but that sometimes free speech has consequences. >> wheeler will remain on the city council until his current term is over in november 2018. san francisco police are questioning a man in connection with a homicide in the excelsior
11:35 am
neighborhood. it happened yesterday afternoon on moscow street on the amazon crocker playground. when officers arrived, they found that victim who then later died in the hospital. the man who was put in custody and the victim did know each other, but they're not sure what happened at this point. we looked in our archives and found this is the sixth homicide this year in the area. we looked at the new government data base, specifically looking at the number of assaults. there have been 62 reported since the start of the year. the city of san jose reportedly agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by a man struck by batons during a police traffic stop. they report that the incident happened in august 2015 and the victim says three officers struck him with batons when he was pulled over for a vehicle code violation and that his arm was injured in the process. the city states that the officers initially cited the
11:36 am
driver for dui but eventually dropped that charge. the city calls for a $700 million payout which the city council now must approve. a non-profit group which specialized in drowning victims focuses on a bay area man who died in tahoe. on june 8, pham went out kayaking and never returned. a special sonar device located his body saturday under some 52 feet of water. we did some research and found this is one of at least three drownings at lake tahoe this summer. the water is said to be more dangerous due to high snow runoff, less beach and more visitors. at the start of july, our sister station spoke to the laredo county sheriff's office. at that time the district reported at least 20 water rescues. devastating flooding in houston that just does not seem to stop. as we speak, authorities are continuing to do search and
11:37 am
rescue operations, and the governor of texas activated the state's entire national guard. today the governor is set to tour some of the damage left by hurricane harvey, and president trump and the first lady are set to visit the flood zone tomorrow. the faa says houston's two major airports are closed until at least wednesday, perhaps thursday. emergency officials say that they expect 30,000 people to stay in emergency shelters. both victims and volunteers are showing up right now at the houston convention center. >> we're from all over the country. we're here for the va women's summit, and we got stuck here, so we decided to come over and volunteer. >> well, it's not good. i mean, it feels good to help people, but helpless. it's a helpless feeling. >> camera crews captured the moment when a police officer took off a pair of socks off his own feet to give them to a woman whose socks were soaked from the
11:38 am
flooding. >> and that storm is not even close to being finished. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the storm. kari, where is this storm headed next? >> it's just going to sit over the next few days, and we are now seeing that center of the tropical storm right there emerging over the gulf. so it will make some very slow progression over the next few days, and unfortunately, that river flooding will continue on here for weeks and the thunderstorms could continue throughout the rest of this week, and we can see how widespread those rain bands are moving out from that center. there will be more flooding and also tornadoes as we go throughout the next several hours, at least. so we'll continue to monitor that. the center of the storm once again producing wind speeds of about 40 miles an hour. it will be moving back inland near houston as we go into tomorrow afternoon and through the evening. so still some strong winds and a lot of heavy rain to continue. we'll have more updates right
11:39 am
here. >> thanks, kari. americans are being asked to donate blood in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. blood agencies across the country say anyone who is eligible should donate blood, especially people with type o-positive blood. blood drives in texas have been canceled indefinitely, so other agencies are trying to meet emergency blood needs. apple has opened a page on itunes and the app store where people can make hurricane-related donations to the red cross. 100% of the proceeds goes to the red cross and no personal information will be shared. the bodies of all 10 missing sailors from the u.s.s. john s. mccain are now recovered. last week the destroyer crashed into a tanker in singapore. this is the second accident in two months. after that collision, the commander was removed from duty and they're still looking at what led to the crash. kari hall will have more of
11:40 am
your microclimate weather alert. plus -- one international trip triggers hundreds of dollars in extra cell phone charges. but should it have? i'm consumer investigator chris gamora. nbc bay area responds, next.
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i'm hoping that my kids don't have p.e. today, because it is so hot out there, kari. it's dangerously hot. >> and you think about the football players and all those activities that go on after school, and that's also when we're at the hottest part of the day. that's why we say maybe you should head to the gym, somewhere air conditioned. as we take a live look outside in san jose right now, it doesn't really look that bad. our temperatures are still fairly manageable and they will continue to warm up very quickly as we go into the next couple of hours. we're at 77 right now. still a good time to get out there for a walk or also do those outdoor activities. then as we go into the middle of the afternoon, we see those temperatures up to 96 degrees and reaching the peak of the heat right around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon, and then you can get right back out there, but unfortunately the sun will be setting very early and that's when we will have some more comfortable weather. as we take a live look outside
11:44 am
in san francisco, the fog has rolled away everywhere except for right there over the bay and the golden gate bridge. the temperature now at 66 degrees heading up to 75. the 7-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen showing that there will be a slight dip in temperatures in san francisco, especially by wednesday. as we will reach that high temperature right around 2:00 or 3:00 today, and then mostly clear skies for tonight. looking at the high temperature for today, in east san jose, up to 100 degrees there. in cupertino 94 degrees. a lot of triple digits here around concord, antioch, livermore and pleasanton. 107 today in oakland, up to 86 degrees still included in that heat advisory and san mateo up to 80 degrees with 75 degrees on the embarcadero. while napa today expecting a high of 101 degrees. we talk about the hot and really dry weather, and some of those hills and some of the elevations
11:45 am
above 1,000 feet, so that's where the excessive heat warning will be, and then for the advisory where most of the people are, we'll have a temperature of 103 degrees. a very high fire danger today. that's something we'll be monitoring. we'll also check in on pleasanton where it's already now 85 degrees and we'll see the high temperature there up to 108 degrees today. seeing those temperatures very quickly heating up over the next several hours, and then even at sunset, we'll be feeling temperatures in the 60s -- or rather in the 80s by 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. a lot of unhealthy air quality today. what this means, if you have breathing problems, if you have asthma, you should avoid being outside during the hottest hours of the day. the high ozone levels may trigger those breathing problems getting outside today. if you are planning to go to a spot like santa cruz, it will be much more comfortable and mostly sunny skies throughout the afternoon. we'll start to see those clouds
11:46 am
moving back in right about 7:00  eveni. san francisco also will sometimes see the fog and the clouds during the morning hours, especially on wednesday. then we'll clear things out as we head toward the end of the week. inland areas dealing with the dangerous heat today. by wednesday we're at 92 degrees. and, unfortunately, that's the coolest day in this forecast. we're going to be right back up into the triple digits as we get ready to start out the weekend, and as i was looking over some of those longer term computer models, it looks like this high heat continues even into next week. so hopefully there will be some changes between now and then. kris and marcus? >> all right. thank you, kari. >> thanks, kari. nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman whose phone bill dampened her overseas trip. >> she asked our response team for help and she got it. chris gamora is here with her story. >> christine carlisle took a trip to morocco.
11:47 am
she called verizon and set up a pay as you go cell phone plan. this means she was charged every time she sent a text or used data. she only used the internet while connected to wi-fi at her hotel. but on day four of her trip, she received a text from verizon saying she had accrued $500 in data charges. christine called verizon and learned her phone and iphone was set to wi-fi assist, which switches to cellular data when the wi-fi signal is weak. christine was upset because she didn't even know about wi-fi assist and thought verizon should have told her to turn it off. she asked verizon to forgive the $500 bill, but it said no. instead it offered a $100 credit. christine didn't think that $100 credit was good enough so she reached out to us for help. we contacted verizon and it wiped away christine's data charges. in a statement, verizon said, we
11:48 am
are grateful for the opportunity to assist ms. carlisle with this issue and will work to earn her loyalty going forward. if you want to see if you have wi-fi assist turned on, go to the settings, then click cellular and scroll all the way to the bottom. if you have a consumer complaint, call us at 888-996-tips or write us at the east bay times reports that el cerrito high school is getting six new solar panels. they will provide 60% boosts of energy to the school. they tell the paper that the energy combined with the existing solar panels that they have right now will cover all of the school's electricity needs. but still, turn off the lights when you leave the classroom, right? according to the paper, the work in el cerrito is part of a work in progress of schools in the district. a map shows all the solar
11:49 am
schools in the program. they list at least 100 schools in california. >> that's pretty cool. coming up, turning destruction into art. the way one bay area person is turning trees damaged by bark beetles into an exhibit. before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. go to your android or iphone, there will be a magnifying glass. click on that and then click on app. go to your profile. scroll down to our team and click on it. that's how we help each other out. coming back after the break. now.
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68-thousand people from around the world are in the nevada desert. burning man is in full swing right now. in fact, we're missing a couple colleagues because they're out
11:52 am
there in the black rock desert. 68,000 people from around the world are in the nevada desert right now. >> this year one of the main art displays has a connection to california's drought. here's nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. >> reporter: if a tree dies in the forest, does anybody notice? how about 1 million trees? that's the staggering number of trees killed by bark beetles during california's drought. >> it's led to millions of trees dying and there is a glut of logs from these dead trees. >> reporter: most of the trees that crews have hauled off are burned unceremony ysunceremonio plants. but the trees here are finding new life. an army of volunteers is busy hammering, drilling, arranging, building the annual temple for the burning man arts festival. >> this year the temple is
11:53 am
special because it's being built entirely from lumber that has been milled from beetle kill wood. >> reporter: pg&e cleared away 300 logs near yosemite and donated them to the temple crew. and oakland mill cut them into 3,000 boards. >> once a tree is dead, it's actually not suitable for commercial lumber production. >> reporter: but for a temporary temple in the desert, this wood is perfect. >> it's a shame more of it couldn't be used, but i think this is a beautiful way to use the wood. >> reporter: the stacks of ponderosa pine bear blue stains from the bark beetle infestation -- >> and this is a tiny, tiny fraction of what's there. >> reporter: the crews are assembling the temple in oakland before hauling it out to the nevada desert. >> it's about a thousand pounds total. >> reporter: the temple . >> the temple is a primary structure for burning man.
11:54 am
it serves the trees that are lost. >> reporter: this year it pays homage to the trees killed in the drought. >> it offers a memory for the forest to be memorialized. >> reporter: there is the fact that the temple ultimately will be burned. >> we're tentatively adding carbon dioxide, but this wood will be burned, anyway. >> in a forest that will temporarily rise again. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> when they burn that, it's always so spectacular. now we have one more reason to watch. >> a beautiful sight there. >> yeah. we'll be right back. display of love at ocean beach
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
in san francisco. a group of counter protesters gathered to form a big hea. this is new video into the newsroom showing a display of love at ocean beach in san francisco. it was a group of counterprotesters gathered to form a big heart. they say this was their response to outright protests that were planned over the weekend. you can see more of this video at amazing they could get that many people together, right? >> i wish i could say the same thing about our weather. it's not as beautiful. it looks beautiful. >> in some spots. it's all about location, of course. san francisco is not bad at all. 76 degrees and the inland areas, that's where you're trying to stay cool today. 105. >> all right. thank you very much, kari. do be careful out there.
11:58 am
watch out for your kids and your pets. thank you for joining us.
11:59 am
my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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