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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 10, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good saturday morning to you. it is 7:00. a live look outside, beautiful skies over san jose. another warm day across the bay area. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. i love in this day and age we turn everything into a verb. like we are facebooking, we're googling, we're snapchating. and vianey came up with a new one. we are microclimating today. >> only because we're going to
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see some spots that are really gusty, windy. other spots are going to be in the 60s. other spots are going to be in the 70s. that's really the epitome of living in a microclimate area, right? >> i think you need to copyright that or something. >> look at the south bay camera, though. i know it's blown out right now but it is clear and beautiful out there. 50 degrees right now in the south bay peninsula. 49. tri valley, 44. and also in san francisco, beautiful, clear skies. but in san francisco, 52 degrees, it is a little bit chilly in the north bay at 42 degrees. now, overall, our temperature trend will once again start climbing into those upper 60s and 70s. but the good news, though, some spots are definitely going to feel a lot cooler than what we have seen all week. so we've got a slight cooling trend as we head into the weekend. but not by much. another thing you're going to notice is in the hillside areas, especially, above 1,000 feet and at the 1,000 feet level, it's going to be very gusty, between 20 to 40 miles per hour. of a quick look at your daytime highs, we've got a nice array of 60s and 70s.
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and, yeah, we're even tracking the conditions in pyeongchang. of course, our own garvin thomas is out there and he has been posting photos where he looks very cold but very happy. >> yeah. >> which is fair enough. right now there, it is 12 degrees. nothing compared to our 70s here. so definitely perfect weather for the winter olympics. they're expecting a high of, get this, kira, 20 degrees. >> oh, boy. >> yeah, and the wind chill, negative 11. >> so 20 degrees, but feels like negative 11. >> exactly. >> well, at least he has that snazzy nbc olympics coat. >> i'm jealous. it's a nice coat. >> i know. i want one too. maybe we can buy one or something. we'll check in with you in a bit. thanks. as we were just talking about, the 2018 winter olympics are officially under way. a live look at the olympic flame. today is the first full day of competition, including a few of our local athletes. speed skater jr sell ski will
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compete on the short track. joan joanne reid will compete in the biathlon. the first gold medal has been won. unfortunately, not by team usa but sweden. charlotte kala won the event. diggins narrowly missed out but had a strong showing with a fifth-place finish. diggins was trying to become the first u.s. woman to win an olympic medal in cross-country skiing. >> i think today was a good race for me. it wasn't my best race, by far. i was having -- my triceps were cramping out there and having a few technique issues. but i think, yeah, it was a good race. my skis were amazing. artek worked so hard. mentally, i pushed as hard as i could. my body wasn't quite cooperating in a few areas so i know what i'm going to tweak for the next
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races so i know i'm in good shape. i know things are moving well and i'm really excited where these games are headed. >> how nice of her to share the credit. so, okay, although she didn't win the medal, jessie diggins did make history. her fifth-place finish is the best ever olympic finish in a skiathlon for a u.s. woman. congratulations. our own garvin thomas is in pyeongchang. beyond appearing in our newscast, he's also bringing us a behind the scenes look, front and center with the olympians, like bobsledder nick cunningham there, who was born in los gatos. be sure to follow garvin on twitter with all of that action. vice president mike pence and his wife karen arrived in pyeongchang this morning to attend an olympic event before returning to the states. the vice president landed and quickly headed off in a motorcade to attend a men's short track speed skating event. during his travels this morning, the vice president told reporters he's grateful south korea's president, moon jae-in, has reaffirmed his strong commitment to apply maximum pressure with continued
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sanctions. this is following breaking news this morning that kim jong-un's sister, kim yo jong, delivered an invitation to president moon to visit north korea for a summit meeting at some point in the future. now to last night's highly anticipated opening ceremony. team usa has the largest delegation of any team in the history of the winter olympics with 242 athletes. if you were closely watching the team's grand entrance last night, you may have noticed one athlete was missing. speed skater shani davis didn't go following controversy. luger erin hamlin and he tied 4-4 in voting by their fellow team usa athletes in voting who should carry the flag last night. to break the tie, the team held a coin toss and hamlin won. well, two-time gold medalist davis called it dishonorable. so he decided to skip the event all together. davis was then called out on twitter by fellow team usa ⌞02nk&ú÷ç]
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qqáuv&e skie lost. you won't receive my vote. but the drama didn't overshadow the amazing. this all came after a beautiful and historic opening ceremony. we have jay gray, live this morning inside olympic park with a look at the opening ceremony last night. and a preview of what to expect from today's action on the snow and the ice. hey, jay gray. i think the last time i saw you was in rio. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of cold temperatures here. what an incredible display, as you were talking about. a fantastic opening ceremony, a bit of olympic history tucked away in the mountains here in pyeongchang. that history spilling over and on to the world political stage. ♪
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a stunning open to the 2018 winter games. fireworks lighting the way to a celebration of history and culture. artistry combined with high-tech, including thousands of drones creating the olympic ring. >> i think it hit. i think it finally hit. i'm actually here at the olympic games! >> reporter: smiles and selfies for team usa as they march in during the parade of nations. the americans have the most athletes here, 242, while team tonga has just one. but he's impossible to miss. pita taufatofua walking in topless, just like he did in approximate rio. >> it's a powerful moment. >> reporter: and then, history. athletes from south korea for the first time ever in the olympics. unity that included a handshake from south korean president moon jae-in and kim jong-un's sister, kim yo jong, carrying over to a three-hour meeting after the
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ceremony where officials say the south korean president was invite today what would be an historic summit in the north korean capital. yeah, you know, it really would be a game-changer politically. but let's get to the games. the first full day of competition. and what you expect to see. this afternoon, you'll see men's luge, as well as ski jumping and snowboarding. some intense action on the mountain. that followed in prime time by alpine skiing, as well as team figure skating. and team usa with a chance in all of those events to earn some medals. what the athletes say they're hoping to do is get some medals on the board early. and like they did four years ago, garner some momentum. you may remember four years ago, a record-setting winter games for team usa. and they expect to do better here. >> all right, jay. we're so excited. thanks for that report. and we'll check in with you in about 30 minutes. >> thanks, kira. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a menacing letter has a bay area neighborhood on alert. we'll tell you how the threat was made and who is being
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welcome back at 7:11 on this saturday morning. a beautiful look at san francisco from san bruno mountain. a little shaky there, because the winds will be picking up today. but we will still be seeing glorious sunshine across the bay area today. vianey will be along in a bit to explain how this wind will affect us. a hand-delivered letter to the homeless in san francisco is raising a lot of concern. that letter threatening and alarming. as "today in the bay" san francisco police are now responding. >> it's a threat. and i'm a veteran. >> reporter: michael is feeling uncertain about his safety after a man delivered this letter to people living in tents near the soma west skate park. threatening to harm everyone who
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doesn't leave. rabe says at one tent the man delivered more than just a hate-filled letter. >> he handed him the letter and then sprayed him with mace and told him to get the hell out of here and told him that homeless people don't belong here. >> reporter: word of the threats got to the coalition on homelessness. kelly cutler says she called police. >> i think it's awful. you know, i understand where people can get frustrated, but we've got over 1,100 people waiting on the shelter wait list. there's no place for people to go. >> reporter: rabe and his friends say they will keep an eye on each other. the director of homelessness and supportive housing says he is sending his outreach teams to the area. jean ellie, nbc bay area news. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, if you watch "this is us," you want to see this story. one of the stars of the show is coming to the bay area. we'll show you why. and if you're just now waking up, you're going to enjoy looking outside your window and seeing all of this sunshine. beautiful skies over walnut
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creek. we're talking about how we've got a little bit of a cooling trend on the way. but the winds will be picking up. i'll go into detail in just a bit. ♪ harmonica tune plays everyone thinks making websites is impossible. [mimicking motorcycle noises] ♪ harmonica tune plays but they're wrong. ♪ i know... ♪ ♪
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welcome back. at 7:15 on your saturday morning, a beautiful look at the transamerica pyramid, and some pink and blue skies towards the golden gate bridge. vianey arana will be along in just a bit to explain the winds will be picking up today. so some areas will cool down. but we will all still be seeing abundant sunshine this weekend. san francisco's oldest lgbtq bar is now permanently closed. the gangway on larkin in the tenderloin opened back in 1910. now a group called the gangway collective is vowing to save the decor and move it to a new location in the tenderloin. well, he is the first african-american to win both the s.a.g. award and golden globe for best actor. and now sterling k. brown is adding another honor to that
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list. the breakout star of nbc's "this is us" will give this year's commencement address at stanford. brown graduated from stanford back in 1988 with a degree in drama. graduation day is sunday, june 17th. we will be looking out for him. around the country and here in the bay area, there are thousands of teens and adults with special needs being treated like royalty. last night it was at the alameda county fairgrounds. they call it "a night to shine." and today in the bay's ian colt was there. >> two females! two females! >> reporter: you would think by the crowd's glitz and glamour there were celebrities filing into the alameda county fairgrounds. that's the point. an extravagant prom put on called "night to shine." >> i'll take your arm and walk this way. >> reporter: each guest was paired with their date, be then escorted to a limo ride around the fairgrounds.
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>> this so amazing. and the reason why i did this is to help people and make an impact. >> and finally, arriving at the ball. their families snapping smiles walking by. >> they have food, dancing and stuff. so exciting. >> reporter: is this one of the best nights of the year? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: and then dinner and a chance to let loose. ♪ this free event is put on by 1,000 volunteers, through the sunset community church first presbyterian church and tim tebow foundation. in fact, more than 540 churches around the globe held proms like this one friday night. >> we get the local special needs population together and show them how much we appreciate them. we love them. >> reporter: everyone remembers a high school dance. everyone deserves to. and on this night, each guest, feeling like the center of it
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all. >> it's like a heroic dance. for heroes. it's like a house of heroes. >> reporter: ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> what a beautiful story. it is time now to check in with vianey arana with a look at our weekend forecast. and this warm weather just keeps coming. >> nice little cooldown for the weekend. so but it's still going to be warm. so, you know, kind of a give and take. but i've got some exciting news, guys. first, let's get you a shot of this gorgeous sunrise, walnut creek looking absolutely beautiful. you know what we have in our parking lot. it is up and running, scanning our very own stormranger. and we're very excited for it to be a part of our weather team. so what exactly is stormranger? well, it is a mobile radar. it is currently tracking -- i know we're not tracking any rain, but i do want to let you guys know, the rain comes, we'll be ready. it scans horizontally, giving more storm data, the only in the bay area and we have it. it's an exclusive only nbc.
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and our sister station, telemundo 48 has also accessibility to this tool. i do occasionally fill in for them so i will be using it on the telemundo site. for now, even though we're not scanning rain, we're tracking plenty of sunshine. 49 degrees for the peninsula. 44 for the tri valley and the south bay right now at about 50 degrees. san francisco waking up to clear skies. it's 52 degrees, east bay 47. north bay, 42. and overall today's microclimate highs are actually going to be cooler than what we have seen. but still warm in some spots. so it's kind of a give and take. the biggest take-away this weekend is going to be the increase in those wind speeds. oakland, a high of 67. san jose, a high of 71. san francisco, 66. and santa rosa, 70. you may recall, this week long, all week long, we have hit near-record temps, made new daytime records and this weekend we're going to catch a break. i want to talk about these winds. if we take a look at the hour-by-hour wind gusts, if you notice, we're going to start picking up in terms of the
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breezy and windy conditions. right at about 6:30 p.m., especially in the higher elevation areas, above 1,000 feet or at 1,000 feet, we're talking about 20, possibly 40 mile an hour gusts. napa is going to get pretty windy. 29 miles per hour. santa rosa, 22. orinda, 22. san jose, not as windy, but definitely on the breezy side. and then if we fast forward this time line through sunday, you notice the winds significantly calm down. but as far as that long-range outlook in terms of the rain, we do have this upper level low. that is going to miss us. we've got the shifting winds facing the strong ridge of high pressure. and off to the south as we head into monday and tuesday, that upper level low is going to bring a chance of rain for areas just south, as far south as monterey. into tuesday. and then for wednesday, looks like the upper level low might bring rain to the valley. as far as san francisco and other areas, not expecting much rain. we'll keep the breezy conditions through tomorrow and, of course, pleasant 60s in the forecast. kira? >> vianey, looks good.
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thanks. it is just shy of 7:21. still ahead on "today in the bay," she is somewhat new to the sport, but she's going for gold in south korea. we'll tell you about the unlikely chain of events that inspired this bay area woman to try biathlon.
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welcome back. our olympic coverage will continue. first we want to tell you about other news. hours after leaving the bay area yesterday, canadian prime minister justin trudeau, his motorcade was involved in a crash in southern california. the prime minister was leaving an event in simi valley when a car turned in front of his motorcade. the chp officer and the driver of the car were taken to the hospital with injuries. they're both expected to be okay. mr. trudeau's vehicle was not involved. earlier in the day, the popular prime minister was here in the bay area. he met with governor jerry brown, focusing on climate change. and also discussed things with lieutenant governor gavin newsom. take a look at this video of
7:24 am
a traffic mess last night in solano county during the height of the friday evening commute. sky ranger was over interstate 80 after an excavator truck hit an overpass, creating a 15-foot crack. it happened at the manwell campos overpass on the eastbound lanes of 80. no one was hurt, but traffic was backed up for miles, as you can see there. and for about an hour and a half. now to an out of control problem in the bay area. sideshows and the ongoing issue of how to stop them. law enforcement is putting together a task force now to try to do something about them. bay area law enforcement tell us they have been working on a plan for weeks. it was tested last week in oakland when you may recall more than 100 cars were towed at foot hill and high street. right now law enforcement is trying to finetune their plan. >> instead of one agency or a couple of agencies trying to deal with this, we're going to join forces and work together.
7:25 am
>> oakland will be the lead agency. fremont police will take the lead in the south, and that also will include santa clara county. all right. back to the olympics. we have a live look for you at the olympic flame in pyeongchang. today is officially day one of the 2018 winter olympics. last night team usa was front and center on the world stage at the opening ceremony. it was an incredible moment for our athletes. among team usa marching last night, a bay area biathlete whose olympic dreams are thanks to her grandfather. here is garvin tom thomhomas wi story. >> cold. i'm going to go with cold. >> reporter: joanne reid you quickly learn after meeting her, has a great sense of humor. but like any athlete at her level, when the competition starts, she is all business. reid, though, has a back story like few others in this sport.
7:26 am
a cross-country skier in college, reid had decided to give up elite sports. but then her grandfather was diagnosed with alzheimer's, and as a precaution, weapons were removed from his home. including a biathlon rifle. it ended up in reid's hands, and so she thought she would give biathlon a try. >> two years and two months ago was my first. yeah. >> reporter: and here you are. >> and here i am. >> reporter: here she is. competing with a rifle inscribed with the lakota word for grandfather, competing in his honor. >> yeah. i had always wanted to do this for him. i'm not sure how much he understands right now. if he understands that i'm here. because of that. but i like to think somewhere -- somewhere in there, he knows. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> you should be sure to follow along with garvin's coverage of the winter olympics in pyeongchang. beyond our newscast, he's also a great follow on twitter from the latest news to profiles of our local olympians.
7:27 am
you can also follow garvin on facebook. i've been having a lot of fun liking all of his posts and commenting. during the course of the olympics, did you know nbc sports will provide 2,400 hours of content? so how do you consume it? comcast has come up with ways to follow all of your favorite events and athletes. if you have xfinity, you can browse to find live programming as well as sports, athletes, different moments and so much more. >> the idea is to put the power in their hands, whether you want to watch by athlete, by sport. you want to watch a fun channel of the funniest clips from the olympics or the best celebrations. we have everything for you to find out exactly what you want. >> you can also use all of this innovation on your mobile devices, as well. it should be noted nbc bay area is owned by comcast. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, more live coverage of the winter olympics in pyeongchang.
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good saturday morning. it's just shy of 7:30. taking a live look outside at the sun shining over san jose. another warm weekend on tap for the bay area. we really appreciate your joining us. maybe you're staying cool in the air conditioning of your place this morning. i'm kira klapper with vianey arana and a look at our microclimate forecast. i'm actually jealous you even have air conditioning. i've been sweating it out the last couple days. >> oh, boy. you know what, though, some spots will be a little bit cooler. >> good. >> in the 60s. some people might actually feel the cooler temperatures. san francisco will be one of those places. san francisco has been hitting daytime records of 70s. believe it or not. the peninsula now at 49 degrees. south bay 50 degrees. tri valley, 44, and san francisco at 52 degrees right now. a milder start all week long. east bay, 47. the north bay right now at 42 degrees. our daytime highs, looking pretty good.
7:31 am
we're talking about upper 60s, lower 70s this time around. and earlier this week, we did, of course, bring you all the latest coverage for pyeongchang. it is 12 degrees out there right now, kira. you've got to follow garvin on instagram. he's got good stuff out there. >> garvin and jay gray, who we'll get to in a moment. vianey was talking about the 2018 winter olympics under way. the live olympic flame. the first day of full competition and local athletes will be in the spotlight. jr sellski will compete on the short track. joanne reid from palo alto will compete in the biathlon. and jamie anderson and bryce bennett will hit the slopes. the first gold medal winner of the olympic has been won this morning. charlotte kala won the ski thereon event. jessie diggins got if i hafifth. her finish is the best-ever olympic finish in a skiathlon
7:32 am
for a u.s. woman. this comes after an amazing and historic opening ceremony in pyeongchang, of course. jay gray is live for us this morning inside olympic park at that -- in those freezing temperatures vianey was just showing us with a look at the olympic ceremony and preview of what to expect today. hey there, jay. >> reporter: hey, good morning, kira. and you're absolutely right. it was an incredible display last night. tucked away in the mountains of pyeongchang, a bit of olympic history that now is spilling over and on to the world's political stage. ♪ a stunning open to the 2018 winter games. fireworks lighting the way to a celebration of history and culture. ancient artistry combined with high-tech, including thousands of drones flying in formation to create the olympic ring. >> i think it hit. i think it finally hit. i'm actually here at the olympic games! >> reporter: smiles and selfies for team usa as they march in
7:33 am
during the parade of nations. the americans have the most athletes here, 242. while team tonga has just one. but he's impossible to miss. pita taufatofua walking in topless, just like he did in rio. >> it's a powerful moment. >> reporter: and then history. athletes from north and south korea under one flag. a memory that included a handshake from moon jae-in and north korean leader kim jong-un's sister, kim yo jong, according ovcarrying over to a three-hour meeting where the president was invited to what would be a historic summit in the north korean capital. you know, it really would be a game-changer politically if this meeting goes off, as we're hearing about. but let's get to the real games. to the competition here. and what can you see this afternoon? well, we'll start with the -- some men's luge, as well as snowboarding and ski jumping. so an intense afternoon in the
7:34 am
mountains. followed in prime time by some alpine skiing, as well as team figure skating. and as you talked about, carol, a lot of californians prominent in the early going of these games. >> yeah, we are proud of them and proud of you, jay. great coverage, as always. we'll look forward to seeing you later. >> thank you. and in addition to jay, our own garvin thomas is in pyeongchang beyond appearing in our newscasts. he's also bringing us behind the scenes looks of olympians like this, nick cunningham, who, by the way, born in los gatos. follow garvin on twitter and facebook with all of that action. from south korea to san francisco. a lot of emotion and excitement here as the american athletes walked in the parade of nations last night. because who would understand all of that special energy and feeling more than former olympians? today in the bay was at pier 39 where a room full of olympians watched the opening ceremony.
7:35 am
>> reporter: there was a round of cheers for team usa as they entered the stadium in pyeongchang. >> when they walk in, it just sent chills up my spine. memories come tumbling down. >> reporter: it's been a few years since beverly brockway took part in an olympic opening ceremony. she was an alpine skier when the games were in squaw valley. susie jones roy was a swimmer in the summer olympics. she says watching the winter olympics is still moving. >> it takes me back to 1968, when i was in the olympics in mexico city and how i felt in the opening ceremonies. the excitement, the wonder. >> each athlete wore their uniforms from the years they competed. you'll notice a few didn't wear red, white and blue. as the athletes in pyeongchang parade into the olympic stadium, they are becoming part of this exclusive group. and it's a lifetime membership. >> we have a seeing here in the group. once an olympian, always olympians. never former, never past. >> reporter: and each one is golden.
7:36 am
in san francisco, nbc bay area news. now again to last night's highly anticipated opening ceremony. team usa has the largest delegation of any team in the history of the winter olympics of 242 athletes. if you are closely watching, though, team usa's grand entrance last night didn't include one athlete. u.s. speed skater, shani davis, didn't go following controversy. the two-time gold medalist speed skater who had called the flag bearer selection process dishonorable after a coin toss gave the honor to luger erin hamlin and not to him, decided to skip the event all together. davis then called out on twitter by fellow team usa member and returning gold medalist, david weise. david weise, by the way, is a northern california freestyle skier. he tweeted out, quote, a true champion would walk by their teammate proudly. seems to me, the dishonorable coin made the right choice. as far as 2022 is concerned, you won't receive my vote.
7:37 am
in lighter news, a look back at the flame in pyeongchang. nbc bay area, weiby the way, is your exclusive home for the olympics. we hope you stay tuned for the next two weeks. our coverage continues online at on our olympics page, everything you can eat at olympic park from fried dumplings to moon pies. one of our top videos. i can see why. still ahead on "today in the bay," what would you do if you fi signed a record contract? jimmy g reveals how he plans to celebrate. continues.
7:38 am
7:39 am
the only thing he )s done wrong... welcome back. the jimmy g love fest continues. he referred to san francisco as san fran but we forgive him for that. the 49ers new $137 million man says he already bought his mom a new car. and he's going to take things slowly with the rest of the money. he might some day even buy a
7:40 am
home here. >> not yet. it's been a crazy 24, 48 hours here. so trying to enjoy it this weekend. got the family out here. so we're trying to, you know, lay low a little bit, get a nice dinner. >> with that money, he actually might be able to afford a home here. there is much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up a bay area attorney accused of ripping off an elderly woman. the bizarre scam he's accused. >> he can definitely take us all out. 42 degrees, beautiful clear skies. but how long is this ridge of high pressure going to hold on tight to the bay area? we'll have that answer after the break. stay with us.
7:41 am
7:42 am
it's 7:42 on this lovely saturday morning. if you've got one cup of coffee down, reach for another one. it's going to be a nice time out there. san francisco, nice and clear. beautiful, clear skies. and, yes, we have our
7:43 am
stormranger in the house. literally in the parking lot right now. and it is scanning. it's right here, scanning. and although we're not tracking any rain right now, we're pretty excited to have it. it's going to be up and ready to go when we do finally start seeing rain around the area. so what exactly is stormranger? it's our dual -- really good doppler radar. we're talking a lot better than the radars we have right now. it picks up horizontally and vertically, giving a 2-d view of the rain and we are the only in the bay area to have it. of course, we will also be sharing this with our station for telemundo. we are excited. it is ready to go and fired up. right now the peninsula is at 49 degrees. the south bay is a mild 50 degrees and the tri valley, 44 degrees. san francisco, 52. now, as you may know, we've broken a lot of daytime records earlier this week, and we've inched near some new ones. but for today, we're going to see some cooling in some spots, which will be a nice break from all of that heat, especially because we're still in the winter. san francisco expecting a high
7:44 am
of 66. santa rosa, 70 degrees. oakland, a high of 67. san jose, a high of 71. so no upper 70s for today. but the biggest impact you're going to notice is going to be a pickup in the winds. so your hour-by-hour wind forecast, we've got a shifting wind pattern. what that's doing is, well, it's kicking up the winds, especially in elevations above 1,000 feet. napa, 29 miles per hour. orinda, 22. santa rosa, 22. so if you live in any of these areas or you know -- you live in the higher elevation areas, make sure to tie down any patio furniture. don't get thrown off guard. as we head into tomorrow, by about 11:30 a.m., look how significantly calm those winds become. so we go from about 20, 30, 40 miles per hour in some spots to pretty much nothing. so it's going to be still a little bit breezy, though, for tomorrow. but your long-range outlook, if i take you through tuesday, we've got this upper level low, and yes, that's some moisture just off to the south. now, unfortunately, the bay area is not really going to get much of that rain. los angeles does have a good chance of seeing the rain, but
7:45 am
for now that strong ridge of high pressure is going to keep us dry and it's going to keep us a little bit cooler, but at least not a lot of heat as we head in towards monday. 61 degrees for san francisco. showers just off to the south on tuesday. and then on wednesday, central valley has a chance of rain, thanks to that same upper level low. but for now, well, we're going to keep the sunshine all weekend long. kira? >> you know what, we will take it. thanks, vianey. looks good. still ahead on "today in the bay," he was hired to protect a client's savings before she died. but the state says he lined his own pockets. we investigate california's commitment to protect you from fraud. bizarre scheme involving t
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accont welcome back. a lawyer accused of a bizarre scheme involving a trust account, credit cards and a dead woman. we've told you about this attorney before. our investigative reporter is back on the case and explains why the state is now taking action. >> reporter: attorney drexel bradshaw is in a legal battle of his own that could leave him banned from practicing law in california. the state bar, which investigates attorney misconduct is accusing bradshaw of engaging in a scheme to defraud one of his elderly clients out of more than $157,000. are you worried about potentially facing criminal charges? >> no. not at all. i haven't done anything wrong. >> reporter: so is the state bar just making all of this up? >> i can't speak to their
7:49 am
understanding of the law. they've made an allegation. it's false. my client's money was used by and large for 24-hour home care. >> reporter: this quiet san francisco neighborhood is where his client lived for more than four decades. she hired bradshaw to help create a trust account. and in an unusual move, she listed the attorney as one of the possible people to manage her money and home, should anything happen to her. when she fell and injured herself four years ago, a court put her attorney, drexel bradshaw, in charge of her estate. he's now being accused of funneling money from that trust into a company he helped create. bay construction. bradshaw hired bay to do work on the elderly woman's home while she was suffering from dementia. you're an experienced attorney. that doesn't seem like a conflict of interest to you? >> no. i don't. all that work was done just to maintain the safety of the home. >> reporter: bradshaw says he's never had any financial interest in bay construction. you don't have a construction
7:50 am
company that's in your name? >> no. certainly not. i'm a lawyer. >> reporter: bradshaw signed documents filed with the state to form bay construction. but he says he was simply acting as an attorney for the person who actually owns bay construction. handyman named juan gonzalez who had previously done repair work at bradshaw's own home. >> >> i agreed to loan him $1,000 and to help him get his contractors license. >> reporter: bradshaw let his former handyman register that construction company to the same high-rise address as bradshaw's law firm. >> i offered office space and allowed my receptionist to answer a phone for bay construction. and the contractor would have meetings here. my conference room. if it was not being used. and his mail showed up here. and that was it. bay construction is and has always been a 100% by juan gonzalez.
7:51 am
>> reporter: but in court, gonzalez testified that he owned 49% of the company, while bradshaw owned the other 51%. bradshaw's own son colin also worked for the business. and court documents show bradshaw, his wife, son and receptionist all had company credit cards in their names for bay construction. bradshaw says the arrangement helped the construction company get a 5% discount at lowe's hardware. so he says it was a favor to help his former handy man succeed in his business. does any of that make sense to you? >> no, it doesn't. >> reporter: jeremiah rackster is an attorney. at 90 years old, the woman passed away last june so her relative stands to inherit money from that trust. money bradshaw is accused of using to pay for his own personal expenses. >> it's unusual to have a credit card in the name of a construction company that you have no interest in.
7:52 am
it just doesn't appear correct. something -- there's something missing. >> reporter: his client is now suing to have bradshaw stripped of all responsibility involving the trust. the judge in that case is yet to weigh in on whether there was any wrongdoing. but just last month, he did remove bradshaw as the trustee, at least for now, while the state bar pursues their own separate investigation into bradshaw and possible fraud. >> normally the state bar is an entity out there but doesn't get involved. the fact they filed charges against an attorney i think is telling. >> reporter: the state bar also went after bradshaw about ten years ago, accusing him of fraud and alleging he charged grossly exaggerated fees. but how that case ended is unclear, since it was settled behind closed doors. bradshaw was allowed to keep practicing with no public record of discipline. but now the state bar has issued a consumer alert for bradshaw, warning he's accused of a major
7:53 am
misappropriation of client funds. bradshaw says he's never collected any money from that trust. >> most people don't see it, but i have a heart of gold. and i've done my very best to take care of ora. she was special to us. we were the only ones at her funeral. my wife, my children. >> her friends and relatives tell us they were never notified about a funeral. they say if bradshaw planned one, he didn't tell them about it. we asked bradshaw for details about where the funeral was held, and where gozi is now buried. bradshaw wouldn't say. but we obtained her death certificate, which shows she's buried at a cemetery in lafayette. the staff tells us no one ever purchased a tombstone for her. so bradshaw's former client now rests here in an unmarked grave. the state bar's case against bradshaw is expected to wrap-up next week. and since this isn't a criminal trial, the worst discipline he faces is losing his license to practice law. but we've learned bradshaw, his
7:54 am
former handyman and bay construction may now all be the subject of a criminal investigation by the contractor state license board. that agency would neither confirm nor deny its involvement. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, our clear the shelter segment featuring our friends from pets in need. we'll introduce you do libby and levi, next. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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what )s next: as the immigration debate heats up on monday. plus: a south bay agency ... offering 800-bucks for a room in your house. why it could change the lives of l-g-b-t youth. that )s all on monday: 4:30 to . guests from pets in need. marsa hollander and alexa bolanos are here welcome back. this morning some special guests from pets in need. we were having way too much fun over the commercial break. we're here with libby and levi. they will be ready for adoption on monday. but we wanted to show them off to you today, if you need a couple days to think about it. so they're similar, but they're not related? >> they are related, yeah. >> they are related! >> they're siblings. >> they are siblings! so you think they're chihuahua mixes. >> yeah, exactly. >> so they're 7 weeks old.
7:57 am
i remember having a 7-week-old baby. so they're not full grown yet but won't get much bigger than that. >> not much bigger. >> chihuahuas are tiny and tend to have a lot of energy. so you think a home with kids maybe? >> yeah, a family, i think they would be great. yeah. >> any household with kids respectful kids. >> respectful kids and maybe yard space or park. >> these guys are good in apartments as well, though, because they're small. as long as they get their exercise, they're fine. >> and they're actually super chill. >> they are. >> i've said it before, i'll say it again. sometimes chihuahuas can be seen as rambunctious or maybe given that stereotype. but they're good little lap dogs. >> they're a good mix. >> they're good little buddies. i have to ask, if you adopt them, do you get to keep the bows? >> of course. >> great, okay. good to know. if you're someone like me who loves dogs, but isn't quite ready to adopt just yet, you have special programs. >> we do.
7:58 am
our corporate program is a different -- little bit different way for corporations to come volunteer. we go to you. so it's not only team-building. so -- but our dogs get out, you get to socialize with our animals. you getting to for walks on your lunch hour. and enjoy outdoors and animal time. dog time. >> i love that. so they get socialized with humans, and humans get that. isn't it proven to lower your blood pressure? >> it is. >> or something with dogs? >> it is. they get to team-build with their co-workers and it's also stress relief. so you get there on your lunch time or we do yappy hours. we come in at 4:00, corporations supply the wine, we supply the dogs. >> i love that name. yappy hour. if you would like to find out more about libby and levi and the yappy hour and corp i can't tell events, head to pets in thank you so much for joining us. and thank you for making us part of your morning. we'll have more news for you at 4:00 and 12:30 following our
7:59 am
olympic coverage. stay informed all day on i hope you have a great saturday. hen u see this symbol you know you're
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