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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 12, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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ticket prices have gone up again. starting yesterday the regular price of admission is now $117. yeah, that's up $7. single day ticket during peak periods is now $135. that's up $11. prices are also going up at disney parks in florida. last year disney's 11 parks around the world brought in $45 billion. >> look at the mad latter go there. 6:00 right now. at 6:00 we're following breaking traffic news with some police activity along a busy road in the east bay. >> plus more disappointment for 49er fans, the criminal charges one of the team's rising stars is facing this morning. also the debate over immigration heating up today on capitol hill. the plan the senate will discuss today to protect dreamers. and we're keeping a close eye on the forecast and whether we have any changes -- chances, rather, for rain as we head into the new workweek. "today in the bay" continues right now.
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local athletes are in the spotlight in south korea as we are live right now taking a look at the olympic burning flightily there, the flame you can see there. this is monday, february 12th. monday morning here. monday night there. >> that's right. >> good morning to you and thank you for joining us on this monday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're going to get to mike's traffic and kari's weather in just a moment. first we want to bring in garvin thomas who has been hard at work in south korea. a really big night -- or day i should say. >> reporter: that's right. we have some local athletes we are following. we will tell you about those in just a moment, but first i want to bring new video in overnight. the winds whipping through pyeongchang, it has been so bad that organizers have had to postpone two alpine events. hopefully that wind won't effect the two local athletes coming up next to compete.
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we will have their stories in just a bit, but first back to you. >> we can feel somewhat connected, the winds have been gusting here as well. >> yesterday i was in the tri-valley and, you know, there were people out there playing soccer in the fields and stuff and once those winds started to pick up suddenly the soccer fields were all clear, everything was like, okay, i'm getting out of here. >> it was gusting. >> it was windy yesterday, the cold air moved in and we're feeling that in morning as you get ready to head out the door, it's only 1 degree above freezing in napa. we've dropped into the 30s in livermore, san jose at 48 degrees. as we get out the door in oakland that school day forecast starts out with cool temperatures, low 40s and upper 50s by the time you pick them up from school. so a cool day. we will talk about what else is ahead coming up. earlier on we were concerned about this and i do see it looks like a little bit of a traffic shift not for the tri-valley itself, not for the tri-valley proper but coming into the area west 580 seeing much more
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traffic slowing heading in toward the altamonte pass. you cannot use corral hollow or tesla if that is a connector that you use to avoid the altamonte you cannot do that this morning. an investigation continues over there and we have kris heading out to the scene but it's winding to get out there. she should get out there shortly. you see more traffic is funneling over in toward the approach into livermore. westbound 580 at high street crash blocking five lanes. i don't see in i slowing right now but that could be a big problem coming across as you pass by the warren highway. we already have the build for the maze and bay bridge toll plaza. a developing story this caño morning, disappointment for 49ers after one of the team'ss/ rising stars was arrested. >> a lot of outrage as well. rubeuben foster taken into custy yesterday morning in los gatos on a domestic violence charge. "today in the bay's" bob redell live outside levi stadium with the team's response this morning.
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bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. right now if it hasn't happened willer this case will be to the santa clara county district attorney's office where prosecutors will decide what, if any, charges reuben foster should be facing. police arrested him yesterday morning, we're talking about sunday morning at a home on shannon road in los gatos after a call came in about some sort of disturbance. foster who is 23 years old was booked and jailed on charges of domestic violence and possession of an assault weapon. santa clara county jail records show that he was released later yesterday on $75,000 bail. we want you to listen to this, this is what law enforcement was saying over their police radios during yesterday's arrest. >> ruben born in '94. >> the rp advise that there should be at least two ar-16 weapons. >> reporter: the 48ers released
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a statement yesterday saying, and i'm quoting here, the san francisco 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding reuben foster. we take matters this have nature pertinent information. foster was also arrested last month in alabama for second degree marijuana possession which is a misdemeanor in that state. if you are not familiar, foster joined the 49ers last year as a rookie linebacker. unfortunately foster is not the first 49er player to have a run in with the law. a number of other players have been arrested over the years for various charges included in that list al don smith, tramaine brock, bruce miller and mcdonald. the 49ers released brock, miller and mcdonald after they were arrested. it's not clear what if anything the 49ers will do to reuben foster. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it's interesting to see what the 49ers will do with this situation as well as how fans will react to this. thank you, bob. 6:05.
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happening today a live look out at the crosses in lafayette. the future of that memorial right now very much in the air. that's because the family that owns that land wants to sell. potential sale is being held up by an appeal of a recent lot line revision of that property. council members want more discussion before that lot line is changed. it's not clear if the crosses will be allowed to remain, but tonight's meeting starts at 7:00 that's in lafayette library. now to washington where the debate over immigration is heating up today. hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance. senate lawmakers will debate a proposal that would resolve the uncertainx#m future for so-call dreamers. republican senators released a new proposal calling for $25 billion in funding for president trump's proposed border wall. in exchange it would offer a pathway to citizenship for close to 2 million eligible immigrants. more than half of them are registered in the daca program. gop lawmakers say the plan makes
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sense. >> if someone is pulled over for speeding, the ticket goes to the driver, not to the four-year-old sitting in the back seat. >> the new proposal echoes a plan first put forth by the white house. it would also place new restrictions on family-based visas, drastically cutting the number of eligible immigrants. more details now overnight we looked closer at how significant dreamer legislation would be for our state of california. there are currently close to 700,000 immigrants enrolled in daca across the u.s., nearly three in ten of them live in california. the l.a. metropolitan area has 89,000 daca recipients, the most of any region in the u.s. at 6:07 now the coverage of your 2018 olympic winter games. >> tonight2sg in northern california athletes compete in prime time. there is ski scar bryce bennett born and raised in squaw valley and snowboarder kelly clark who
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gives in folsom. >> garvin, this is definitely going to be an exciting time today. >> reporter: every day here is exciting, marcus. interesting, these two athletes for bryce this is his first ever olympics so everything new and somewhat overwhelming, for kelly this is her fifth. you heard me right, her fifth olympic games. now, because of that she's not complacent, she is here to win, and just a few hours ago she qualified for the finals in women's snow board halfpipe. kelly has been here and done that many times. she won a gold medal in 2002 and has won two more bronzes in her career but says there is one part of the olympic experience that never gets old. >> i n"%táu&y look forward to opening ceremonies the most. that never gets old. it's one of the most amazing experiences any athlete could
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have to represent their country on the world stage and walk into opening ceremonies with that u.s.a. on your back, it's a pretty incredible experience. >> reporter: bryce bennett is going to ski the alpine combined later today, that's one run of downhill and one run of slalom. he grew up in squaw valley, he said that gave him a warped idea olympics which is why in seventh grade he declared he would win five gold"fí2[k=6 medals. >> you kind of just grow up with that, you know? like your neighbor is an olympian1q[9 and your other neir is an olympian and you are just like, oh, yeah, this is just like what you do here, you just go to the olympics and you get a medal and then you come home and like you are a legend. but, i mean, it is a lot harder
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than what i realized in seventh grade. >> reporter: fun fact about bryce, at 6'7" he is the tallest member of team u.s.a. perhaps the only thing that could keep bryce down these days is the wind. he was scheduled to ski in the downhill earlier in the week, but that was postponed until later in the week. we will have to check the forecast a little later on to see if alpine combined is going to go off. the wind has wreaked havoc with so many events being postponed and canceled. it's a bit of a scramble to keep track of when and where everybody is skiing this week. >> are you keeping warm? your pyeongchang jacket? >> reporter: oh, my gosh, i am living in this thing. we were up at snow board slope style earlier with jamie anderson, that was perhaps the coldest we have been this entire time, but down here on the coast it's a little bit -- it's a little bit warmer. so it's kind of nice down here
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now. >> just thinking you're feeling history, garvin. as garvin said both of those local athletes compete tonight, coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. after the games our team will bring you the news at 11:00. quickly going to show you the current medal count, norway most of any nation with eight medals, canada seven total medals, germany has six, the netherlands coming in with five and team u.s.a. four total medals, two gold, one silver and one bronze. right now it's 6:11. we are feeling some dusty winds here in the bay area. here is a live look outside in san jose with clear skies. want to get you out the door with that school day forecast for san jose that will start out in the lower 40s, you do need a warmer jacket on your way out the door but later on today you will need long sleeves and it will be bright and sunny. we will break down the temperature trend in palo alto in four minutes. we've been tracking over here, look, folks, over on the
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approach on the left lanes -- my goodness, i'm trying to sort this out all -- on the left lanes, fast frack lanes that's where the backup is. we will look at your map and i will explain what may have happened. we had more traffic coming in and then we had a crash coming into the area as well and there was supposedly a slowdown which i saw for a short time but that might have been enough to cause a little bit of shift there. the bigger backup on the other lanes is folks coming down through berkeley much more volume of traffic. we continue to follow the closure of tesla road causing maybe more traffic to shift on to 580 and the altamonte pass, so far no effect on the south bay or tri-valley. back to you. it's 6:12 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," tweeting while competing. what u.s. snowboarder chloe kim said on the social media platform during her olympic debut that has a lot of people talking this morning. and wall street tries to get a fresh start with the new week. happy monday when "today in the bay" continues.
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and that's why we'll always drive a subaru. right now at 6:15 we walk out the door to some cooler temperatures this morning and as we get a live look outside in palo alto i'm pretty sure a lot of these cars have the heater on. you probably have it on, too, once you get out and get started on this monday morning, temperatures in the low 50s. as we go through the 10:00 hour and only low 60s today, big difference from what we had last week and even more changes in
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the forecast. i will talk more about that coming up at about 6:20. and not a big difference but it is a difference. more traffic, more slowing right here for 680 through the tri-valley. 238 coming off the castro valley y. we will track this as well as the impact of that closure further east. mike, we are looking for a better week on wall street this week. sort of wiping the slate clean from last week. despite closing higher on friday afternoon both the dow and the nasdaq had the world week in two years last week. carolytics pulled off an ipo on friday. wells fargo back in the news, they are trying to apologize for all the customers they cheated. somehow the bank managed to sent apology willers to people who didn't even have accounts. president trump will unveil his infrastructure plan today along with the white house budget. half of it will be matching funds if a state or county spends money to fix
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infrastructure the feds will match that spending. the only down side to that other than deficits is this may goose the economy even further making interest rate hikes that much nor likely. interest rate headaches are what's been quashing the stock markets lately. do you remember this video, bay area company called kitty hawk that promises a flying car. this is an early prototype but the head of the company sebastian bruin says the company will have a major announcement next month. >> union a lever says it will pull its adds from facebook and youtube if they don't get a handle on the objectionable content and racism and sexism you are finding in there. facebook and youtube have been working at this to some degree but now we have real money at hand because unilever makes a ton of products and if they pull their adds that should get their attention. >> do you think they will do
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something. >> i appreciate that youtube and facebook are making some moves but each week there's something new. they have to crack down on this. >> money talks. >> it does. all right. an olympic halfpipe snowboarder unwittingly started a new trend on sunday. chloe kim tweeted me wanted some ice cream but the timing of the tweet confused people because she was in the middle of her competition in the freezing cold. the naturally the internet took to this and ran with this. the official nbc olympic account took a poll to figure out what the type of ice cream kim should get. >> it's happened here, you remember not too long ago i tweeted out that i wanted some neck bones and collard greens. i just had a taste for them at 5:00 in the morning. >> and then it kept trending. >> but you can tweet while the other stories are going on. you guys multi-task. >> we do. >> but there is no way you can be out there like competing in
6:19 am
the olympics -- >> maybe she had a hand warmer. >> it's a cold morning. we have had some cool temperatures and it kicked in yesterday. we had those winds gusting a big change from what we had last week. as we get a view of storm ranger this morning, this is our mobile doppler radar. you can see that red scan going around in san jose and it's not showing anything so we do have a dry morning to start but i wanted to show you some light snow coming down in the sierra this morning. may make the roads a little bit more slick but really a great sight to see, but only producing a light amount of snow. that's because of a disturbance that's been moving just to our east and we can feel the difference here with our winds picking up and our storm ranger is mobile so once we finally get a storm in the bay area we will be able to track it with improved storm accuracy, fills in the radar coverage that some of those other radar beams on top of the mountains may miss out on and it can even tell us what type of precipitation is
6:20 am
falling. really good tool there. we are scanning around this morning with a dry start. cool temperatures. livermore we are only in the low 40s this morning, we have had a few upper 30s there as well. so bundle up as you head out. a lot of sunshine today but that only warms our temperatures into the upper 50s. getting a look at all of our highs today up to 60 degrees in east san jose and 59 degrees in danville. oakland today 60 degrees and 59 in san mateo. 59 on the embarcadero today and 62 degrees today in sonoma. if you have had to deal with the allergies and the pollen really affecting you at this point, it's still going to be high, it looks like it continues to be high all week long. there is no rain in here and those winds are just blowing around that tree pollen even more. we will see some sunshine throughout the rest of the week, slightly cooler on sunday once more clouds move in and possibly some changes ahead. as you headuof÷ offer to mike, are tracking a closure and some new slowing. they are not necessarily hand in hand. we will look at the effect at
6:21 am
least of the closure. south bay you do have a crash and some slowing, slowing for north 101 coming up towards 680/280. we have that showing up, there was some sort of debris reported around downtown san jose but i will just put a marker there in case we see some slowing. over here eastbound 237 a crash is reported at 101, but westbound shows a slowing so i'm going to hold off on giving you exact details until chp arrives because it may be in your commute direction. this is the closure that continues, i will get on the other side, you cannot get over from 580 over toward tesla road, corral hollow is closed because of an investigation right there over at the scene. police activity there westbound 580 doesn't see a lot of extra slow but i did see more slowing showing up midway through the morning commute. and the build for the tri-valley and the castro valley area, pretty typical there. the peninsula looks great, no problems for the peninsula and the bay bridge has the backup. back to you. coming up, cotton tails
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controversy, the reason some health groups are encouraging people to boycott the new peter rabbit movie and how the film studio is responding this morning. you're watching "today in the bay." even if no one in your home smokes,
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go wrong. welcome back. it is 6:24 right now. nbc bay area responds to a lot of cases where deliveries go >> a san jose man called us after four, yes, four, botched attempts to have a delivery of his mattress.
6:25 am
here is consumer investigator chris chmura. >> reporter: good morning. robert purchased a california king bed from jcpenney back in september. california king, remember that. when the delivery truck arrived the workers unloaded a standard king. that is not what he ordered. so he refused delivery and rescheduled. on the second attempt the same thing happened, as well as the third and the fourth. wrong bed and refused delivery. so robert contacted our team for help. we reached out to jcpenney and it confirmed with the vendor that it was going to ship the correct mattress, but the fifth delivery in early december, yes, it was wrong again. a total of five wrong deliveries. so what was causing all these mixups? well, in a statement when we contacted jcpenney again the company said there was a coding issue associated with a different size box spring.
6:26 am
the store rescheduled delivery of the bed and attempt number six finally worked. for the trouble jcpenney also $2 381.51, he also got to keep the mattress. he plans to donate $1,000 of that refund to sacred heart community services. if you get a delivery do exactly what robert did, check the installed to make sure it is exactly what you ordered. please call us if you have a consumer complaint, the number is 888-996-tips or online at thank you, kris. well, it's 6:26 right now, the makers of the animated film peter rabbit just released are in damage control after backlash from a scene some are calling incensensitive insensitive. the scene centers6v5 character who is allergic to blackberrys. at one point he is forced to use
6:27 am
an epipen after the rabbits throw blackberrys at him. the scene has prompted calls for a boycott from some children's food allergy groups and the filmmakers have issued a joint statement with sony pictures calling food allergies a serious issue. >> the story getting a lot of reaction and spa,ing debate in our onus room. i posted a poll on my twitter feed this morning asking would you boycott a movie that made fun of food lerjs. we will let you know what viewers think in our next hour. follow me @lauragarcianbc. >> i cast my vote, you do -- your turn. coming up on "today in the bay," new this morning, helping young adults behind housing, the program designed to help young people get on their feet in the pricey bay area housing market. plus a dog killed in a smash and grab car burglary in san francisco. it is a very disturbing crime under investigation this morning.
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expecting another breezy day right now it's 6:30. we are off to a chilly start and expecting another breezy day ahead. taking a live look outside from downtown san jose. could winter be making a come back? we will see. good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to go over to meteorologist kari hall to find out that very question. kari? >> wait, what, it's winter? we have had 70s and 80s around
6:31 am
here. yes, it's still winter and we're going back to winter as we go throughout the day. here is a live look outside in san francisco, all clear skies as you get ready to head out the door and, yes, grab a coat. our school day forecast starts out with temperatures in the mid 40s for san francisco, only making it into the upper 50s today and with those winds it's going to feel a lot cooler. as we get a look at san jose's forecast, 62 for a high this afternoon, only 58 in livermore. 58 in concord and 63 degrees in santa rosa. so when are we going to get some rain in here? i will talk about that coming up in a little while. mike, you are sortingxañ out a >> we get getting all sorts of information. first we were told the closure at tesla, that reopened and then our crew got on scene said, no it's still closed. then we got a retraction saying, oh, yeah, it'ssg closed. so it's still closed between 580 and tesla, that would be corral hollow to a lot of folks or that
6:32 am
cut through taking you from 580 over to 580 to avoid the altamonte. you have to use the altamonte. haven't seen a lot of extra traffic but a little more. if you are in through livermore you are okay. slow down northbound 101 approaching bailey road, a crash may be clocking a couple lanes. over toward san jose things are moving well once you are north of that crash and north of the split with 85, back to your normal pattern. this is a heartbreaking story for any day of the week, but especially a monday. police are looking into a heartless killing in san francisco. officers say a chihuahua named dunky was killed during a car burglary near union square. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in san francisco this morning to explain what happened here. pete, just a heart wrenching story. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. definitely a heartbreaking story. it had all taken place in a busy part of san francisco in the
6:33 am
union square area. san francisco police have arrested 35-year-old joaquin best in connection to all of this. he allegedly threw that four-year-old chihuahua off the seventh floor of the sutter stockton garage right here in the union square area. now, that four-year-old black chihuahua went by the name of dunky, that's the information we are getting from san francisco police and they say that officers responded on saturday to the 400 block of stockton for dead dog. now, the victim returned to the location to find their dog in the hands of another person. the victim thought the dog got out of the car and fell from the seventh floor of that garage but police found a trail of evidence showing that the dog was thrown off of the ledge by the suspect. they say that the evidence including video and audio from a nearby dash camera. that suspect was eventually located and arrested the next day on sunday near polk and bush streets. the suspect faces several charges including animal cruelty, grand theft and burglary and while an arrest was made, police are still investigating this matter.
6:34 am
if you have any information to help out with this case contact sfpd. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." 6:34 right now. a warning from stanford university has left a lot of people feeling violated. palo alto online reports there has been a rash of thefts at the building on west sides of campus. there are expensive items stolen in places you would expect them to be safe. laptops, smart phones, other devices were taken from cubicles, study rooms and offices. a ford truck was also stolen but later found in pleasanton. investigators are looking at surveillance footage to try to identify possible suspects. continuing coverage now, a man is fighting for his life in san francisco after gusty winds knocked the fence and construction items on to him and a woman. this is video you are looking at, you can see that man getting help from emergency crews. this happened yesterday in the mission. neighbors who ran to help say that that man suffered some serious head injuries.
6:35 am
>> i mean, it wasn't that loud of a -- it was mainly i could just hear them screaming for help. the man hit his head on the back, so he was bleeding out the back of his head pretty -- pretty bad, actually. >> wow. we are still waiting on word on the man's condition this morning. some neighbors tell us the construction company that has that fencing up left the fence and other construction materials there unsecured for days. happening right now, amtrak using buses to shuttle passengers along a certain stretch of track with where a train derailed over the weekend. it derailed south of modesto. it was heading from barstow to stockton. the train was require seeing structural beams and a type of powder used to strengthen cement. luckily no one was hurt but there was damage to the track. amtrak will be using bus toss shuttle pieces between stockton and merced while repairs take place. if you have a spare room in your home and you want to rent
6:36 am
it for $800 a month you can do that and perhaps make a change in a young lgbt's life. i'm not talking about foster care but it's what's next according to a south bay social service agency. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has more on the home host program. >> reporter: you can think of this as sort of an exchange student program except for that the young person is formerly homeless. we are using video provided to us by the bill wilson center in order to respect the privacy of the young people in their shelter waiting for placement in this new home host program. it is the new way that a south bay nonprofit is trying to get lgbt youth out of shelters and into temporary housing. the bill wilson center sheltered 250 young men and women last year between the ages of 18 and 24. the ceo of the nonprofit says shelters are expensive to build and take a long time and that the young people would rather be someplace that feels more like home anyway. so the idea behind the home host
6:37 am
program is to run it like a short-term rental site like airbnb with rooms that people are already renting. agencies are in their tenth year of this model in minneapolis, they are also trying it in l.a. and new york, too. >> this is being done across the country and it's -- people have been really successful with it. so if you want to take a chance and instead of renting to a stranger, you can rent to a young person who really needs that help. that's a start. >> the bill wilson center will screen the home host and young adults, they have provide support and life skills program and intervene if something isn't working. plus they will provide an $800 monthly stipend. you can sign up or learn more at bill wilson now, the young adults coming out of bill wilson center will lgbt but you don't have to be. if you have a room for rent you can open the doors to a young person and perhaps make a change. they hope to have their first
6:38 am
placements in the next couple of weeks. in santa clara, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." hope it makes a difference. thank you, kris. if you fill up your gas tank this morning you will notice prices are going up. the average price of a gallon of regular gas jumped 7 cents nationally over the past three weeks. overnight we looked at some bay area gas prices for you. in oakland you will pay $3.32 for regular, in san jose the cost about $3.30 and san francisco prices $3.44. you drive around looking for the best deal, mike? >> not from oakland to san francisco, but i do drive around. >> not cost effective. whether you're driving or riding the commute looks pretty smooth right now. i want to point out the continuing issue over here, tesla road is closed, corral hollow is closed between 580 and 580. basically you can't avoid the altamonte pass. so far things have been moving well through the altamonte, though, getting through livermore no major delays in
6:39 am
dublin, we do have a big build suddenly around bernal south 680 between stoneridge and sunol. a little build for 880 toward the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. getting toward the bay bridge of course we have the build, the maze shows some slowing. also heard about a crash west 580 around golf links. that would be the zoo. over half an hour east shore freeway. spring like, but then it turns into winter. >> yeah, all in one day, right? so we just snap and the weather changed and you're probably ahe ahead. going to be a nice one but not the best beach weather. our temperatures reaching into the upper 60s for the inland valleys, 66 for the bay and 65 for the coast. on sunday it's going to be like more of the same, but more clouds rolling in and that's a sign that there will be some changes ahead for early next week. we're going to enjoy a dry
6:40 am
weekend. santa cruz reaching into the upper 60s on saturday. sunday a little bit cooler, once those clouds arrive and on sunday and russian river valley highs in the low 60s there and it will be a slightly cooler temperature going on. as we get a look live in kirkwood, a little bit of light snow falling. i'm noticing the snow machine going as well. as we head toward the end of the weekend, light snow flurries arriving once again. we will talk more about all of these changes on the way and today's temperature trend that's coming up in three minutes. 6:40 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," fighting the opioid epidemic. what a major drug maker is doing today to prevent future drug-related tragedies. and they are at least talking in washington about the dreamers and daca. scott, don't call it a come back, taking a look at the stock markets this morning. things are up, the dow jumps 300 points as stocks bounce back from their worst week in two
6:41 am
years. time now is 6:40.
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gs 6:43 now on this monday morning and it's a busy one. a lot of people already out there on the roads, our temperatures are cool to start this morning. live look outside in fremont3kmd our temperature trend, we will still be in the 40s at 8:00 this morning and it's going to be a much cooler day than we had, the
6:44 am
weather we had from last week. only reaching up to 58 degrees by 2:00 today. we will talk about what else is ahead as our temperatures warm back up and then maybe some rain in the forecast. we will talk about that in five minutes. and that crash coming up into san jose has cleared 101 near bailey or 85. the travel time holding steady coming up between san jose and mountain view. the east bay shows a build for the traffic volume but no major problem with these travel times. new this morning for you, san francisco police are reportedly one step closer to equipping their officers with tasers. the examiner reports the police commissioner last week approved the money to cover the cost of those taser devices and the training. the price bag $3.5 million. right now those tasers may roll out at the end of the year but that's depending on the potential future ballot measures. a new push to slow america's opioid epidemic. starting today the company that makes oxycontin is halting all
6:45 am
promotion of the drug to healthcare professionals. the announcement coincides with a local story. the press cath is reporting twice in the past two weeks rohnert park authorities helped save one overdosing from drugs. in each case the victims were revived with the help of nasal spray narcan. more questions this morning about who should have access to government secrets. >> scott mcgrew, it's supposed to be the people with security clearance. >> right, that's simple enough, isn't it? house, the fbi checks us out, make sure you are a loyal american, you get access to secrets. now we know one of the president's closest aides did not have a finalized security clearance because of concerns about spousal abuse. rob porter only had an interim security clearance which should have limited what he was allowed to see. porter is now out of the white house. so porter very close to the president didn't have full security clearance and neither does jared kushner, they are on the right, he has been at the job for more than a year.
6:46 am
the "washington post" quotes two white house officials as saying it's?oú unlikely kushner will h security clearance anytime soon. the question becomes what's he allowed to see? remember he's got a full workload. he's actually in charge of bringing peace to the middle east, but so far he is not allowed to see america's most secret information. president trump will reveal a massive infrastructure plan this morning. a short time he tweeted after wasting trillions of dollars in the middle east it's time to start investing in our country again. the plan would spend billions on bridges and airports and other infrastructure and offer matching funds to states that start their own projects. mitch mcconnell will allow discussion on daca today. the deadline to get something done, march 5th. we examine the president's tweets and executive orders and tweets ao keep you e orders and up to speed as to what to expect. we also update you on twitter. you can find me @scottmcgrew. 6:46 right now. back to our olympics coverage
6:47 am
this morning. america winning the bronze in figure skating team event, but a bit of controversy overnight as part of that event skater adam rippon had a near perfect performance but lost to an athlete from russia. if you watch you heard the commentators say they were shocked. kind of it you have to see for some of these olympics athletes. >> he skated a perfect performance but didn't have as many jumps or attempt as many jumps or something like that. >> he did more than i did. >> that's true. and that's why you're here with us. but we love you here. >> all right. always something every day. we were saying that about the weather, too, because we have had a lot of changes. last week it was so warm, it felt like the end of spring, and then today we are snapping back to winter. still no rain and even as we look at storm ranger or mobile doppler radar that's the red beam you are seeing coming out of san jose and we can even see where those wind turbines are
6:48 am
right now as you look at the altamonte pass and also in the delta, those are the blips you're right right there. we are getting light snow in parts of the sierra, really nice to see, but it's only a small amount, but if you are going in that area may be a little slippery on some of the roads. our storm ranger is mobile. once we finally get a good storm we will be able to move it around to get better detail. it also gives us improved storm accuracy and fills in the radar coverage that the other people's that are shooting up too high may miss out on and gives us an idea of the type of precipitation that's falling and we don't have any right now, but we will continue to monitor for that chance, especially early next week with our temperatures next morning stepping out the door in napa to only 33 degrees, wow, we are definitely back to winter now. 39 degrees in livermore and it's 48 now in san jose, our high temperatures today not nearly as warm as what we had on saturday. now, yesterday was pretty
6:49 am
chilly, especially with those gusty winds and it's still going to be breezy today. highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. we can see those clouds as the sunrises this morning over san jose. you look out the window and you do need a1eñ coat. ala6 on today. with this being:niháhe coolest of the week probably ócñ good choice to wear the boots.&ccñ it's a day you can get away with that and also some pants will be something nice and comfortable for today. we are going to still have those winds coming in from the north as that area of low pressure brings that snow to the sierra. we are still going to be the winds kicking up throughout the day, mostly at about 10 to 15 miles per hour but at sometimes especially this evening we may have winds sustained about 20 miles per hour. once that area of low pressure gets out of here there will be another weak storm system moving in early next week and then that high pressure that's kept us dry will finally move off to the west and allow for storm systems to move in, but that doesn't
6:50 am
happen until about monday. we will start to see the clouds moving in on sunday. we are all all dry this week and we will continue to add on to that rainfall deficit. our temperatures gradually warming up through the weekend, low 70s for the i'm land areas by friday. heading over to mike now, you've got an update on what's been happening with some slow commute areas. one of our viewers wrote to me on twitter and jm cali thank you for getting over to us and asking about 580 and tesla road. i want to make sure it's clear, folks. as we look at the entire bay a would use tesla road or corral hollow to cut through into livermore and avoid the altamonte. you can't use that right now, it's still closed. cut off. folks are using the altamonte pass. westbound is moving pretty smoothly with a pretty typical slow drive over toward grant fine getting out of the area. sorting things out for all of
6:51 am
you. the south bay sorting itself out, that crash 101 approaching bailey has cleared out of the roadway. recovery out of morgan hill and ívm that was the crash i told you about earlier, we see it now on the sensors. coming up next a first look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including one of the 49ers' rising stars arrested, the charges reuben foster facing this morning. but first at 6:51. happening now, just in, there are 17 more confirmed cases of norovirus at the 2018 olympic winter games. that brings the total amount to 194 since the beginning of the month. last week more than 1200 security workers were quarantined because of the outbreak. people voting on twitter this morning, a poll we posted about the movie peter rabbit. we asked you if you would boycott it because the film makes a joke about food allergies, so far 100 people
6:52 am
have voted, 81% saying the joke is just a joke and they won't be boycotting the film. it's still up @lauragarcianbc. we will have more news after the break.
6:53 am
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before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before you head out the door, the time now is 6:54 here are the top stories. we begin with live pictures from loaf vie stadium in santa clara.
6:55 am
another 49er is in trouble with the law this morning. star rookie rubeuben foster facg domestic violence charges. our cameras were rolling as he left santa clara county jail last night after he was arrested and booked. investigators are not releasing details about exactly what happened, but we do know that foster was also booked on suspicion of possessing an assault weapon. the 49ers said in a statement the team is aware of the situation and gathering all pertinent information. happening today, a live look at the crosses in lafayette and the future of the crosses up in the air this morning. that's because the family that owns that land wants to sell. potential sale is being held up by an appeal of a roont lot line revision of the property. council members want to have more discussion before that lot line is changed. it's not clear if the crosses will be allowed to remain. tonight's meeting starts at 7:00 at lafayette library. a live look from san francisco this morning where police are investigating a very disturbing crime. they're looking into the heartless killing of a dog.
6:56 am
dunky the chihuahua was left in a car at the sutter stockton garage mere union square on saturday. police say someone broke into that car and during the burglary they grabbed that dog and threw it off the high-rise garage. dunky was found dead on the sidewalk below. just tragic and cruel. 35-year-old joaquin best was arrested in connection with that incident. as the 2018 olympic winter games continue today it isn't all about the athletes. fans have also flocked to pyeongchang and they will need a souvenir. >> "today in the bay's" garvin thomas is live with a look inside the olympic super store in south korea. garvin, bring us something good. i hope you have a big suitcase. >> reporter: i'm going to let you pick in just a second. i'm going to take you inside in just a second. a quick tour around the olympic park where we are this morning, the building behind me this glass one is the samsung building, of course, samsung a
6:57 am
korean company, lots of phones on display there. the gangnaung center. the super store, this is massive, massive souvenir store. we will take you inside and show you what that looks like on the inside. they have everything you can imagine, clothing is popular. the mascot for these olympic games is the white tiger, he is everywhere emblazoned on pins and hats and sweaters as well. i will tell you guys if you see something in this video that you want just let me know. tell me what it is and i will make sure to bring that back for you. i would say perhaps the most -- >> you are like santa. >> >> reporter: i would say perhaps the most popular item at these olympic games are the beanie hats. we have talked about how cold it is all the time.
6:58 am
that is one thing that you see everywhere. the pyeongchang beanie hats and the great thing about that when i do get one for you, is i don't have to worry about size because beanie hats fit everybody. >> stretchable. >> i have a big head. hopefully it will fit. i expect to see that when you come back, garvin. >> i know he's going to bring lots of streets. >> reporter: i'm taking orders. >> thanks a lot, garvin. keep warm. you need a beanie yourself. it's cold there. olympics coverage continues next on the "today" show as well. savann savannah, hoda and al are in pyeongchang where team u.s.a. starting to wrack up the medals. they will talk with our own northern california's jamie anderson. that will be fun to check out just minutes on the "today" show. >> congratulations to her. where garvin is i was just checking it's still in the teens, but it's also early tuesday morning there, too, so it's time for him to go to bed. >> we're just trying to get
6:59 am
through monday here, it's going to be cooler as well, breezy winds, at times the winds picking up to 25 to 30 miles per hour and tomorrow it's going to be a little bit nicer. 62 degrees for the high in san francisco, inland areas also in the lower 60s and making it back up to 70 by the end of the week. we are crossing our fingers for some rain early next week. at this point looks pretty good. we will continue to track that. mike has been tracking this problem on tesla road all morning. >> we have our whirly bird, sky ranger is out there, the chopper. they are on their way over there. here are the hills heading through livermore and tesla. it's very, very big deal for folks traveling between 580 and 580 cutting off the altamonte pass, they try to use tesla, you cannot do that this morning, also known as corral hollow, other sections a little farther east, so that is not available right now, a continuing investigation going on there with the alameda county mare rifs. we have a local news update
7:00 am
coming up in a half an hour. >> don't forget to join us tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. so much news, weather and traffic for you. make sure you have a good day. ♪ good morning. solid gold. >> 720, nice and clean. >> jamie anderson overcomes the competition and the conditions to take home the gold in slopestyle snowboarding. and she's celebrating with us this morning. leaping into history. >> she has to go right up into it. yes! >> mirai nagasu becomes the first american woman to land a triple axel in american olympics as she leads the team to a bronze medal. we'll talk to the team, live. >> what a start. 17-year-old snowboarding sensation, chloe kim, as she


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