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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 12, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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off of her arms, you know, and break free and crawl? >> reporter: this afternoon investigators say they arrested a 19-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman in modesto saying the victim knew the suspects and told them who killed her before she died. >> that conversation is very important, something we are not going to share now. it is very important what she had to say. this young lady was very brave and strong. >> reporter: investigators say the young woman's will to survive was incredible. again, they say she identified her attackers, her killers before she died. they say there may be more people involved. reporting live near livermore, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. new details about a fire at a richmond metal plant two weeks ago. a new report shows the fire sent toxic pollutants into the air. among them, benzine which is a
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carcinogen. let's look at the fire. according to the tests significant concentrations of at least four other toxins were also recorded. last week, the air district issued two violations against the simms metal plant. an investigation is ongoing. a letter containing unidentified white powder sent president trump's daughter-in-law to a new york hospital today. the letter was mailed to vanessa trump's apartment and was addressed to donald trump, jr. she said white powder came out of the letter. she was decontaminated at the scene and taken to the hospital with two others for observation. they suffered no injuries and the powder was harmless. the secret service is investigating. president trump wants to use billions of dollars to improve our infrastructure. some say it's a scam. one of the flash points involves an nbc bay area investigation. the oroville dam could be the
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poster child for the infrastructure plan. last month our report found decades of neglect and poor maintenance led to the expensive and frightening spillway failure. today state and local leaders joined the president as he unveiled the plan. >> washington will no longer be a roadblock to progress. washington will now be your partner. we'll be your partner. a lot of money. up to $1.7 trillion. that's bigger than people thought. >> reporter: democrats call it a bait and switch since only a fraction of the dollars will come from the federal government. they say the rest will be paid by the states. >> the nfl is reviewing whether ruben foster will be suspended after he was arrested for domestic violence and possessing an assault rifle. he was arrested yesterday morning. this is a mug shot from a drug arrest last month in alabama. nbc bay area is live at the police department with more information.
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mary ann? >> reporter: this report shows that foster was arrested on three felonies including making threats to commit great bodily injury. he's posted $75,000 bail and today sources tell us he met with 49ers officials. san francisco 49er reuben foster walked out of jail last night, jumped into a car and took off. he didn't answer our questions. any comment? shortly after 9:00 police came to a home on shannon road near hicks after someone reported a disturbance. here is a recording of the dispatch call. >> there should be at least two ar-16 weapons. >> reporter: police arrested foster for possessing an illegal assault weapon. they arrested him on domestic violence charges involving his long-time girlfriend. >> just shocked. he was arrested last month for drug possession or whatever.
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and then it's another domestic violence arrest amongst the niners. >> reporter: the 49ers issued a statement saying we take matters of this nature seriously and are gathering pertinent information. we reached out to the nfl who said the matter is under review. nfl policy calls for a six-game suspension for a domestic violence arrest. >> i think definitely sports has a big role to play showing domestic violence won't be tolerated. until that happens we'll continue to see these incidents. >> reporter: foster was also arrested just last month on a marijuana possession charge out of alabama. we did reach out to his attorney here in the bay area. we have not received a response. reporting live, mariann favro. >> we'll take a break. that's a rule. uber has a new rule to stop drowsy driving. drivers have to take a six-hour
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break if they have driven for 12 straight. uber plans to enforce the rule by updating the driver app which will automatically log the driver out and won't allow them to log back on until the six hours are up. drivers will get a warning after ten hours of driving to let them know they are close to the new limit. the update will roll out over the next couple of weeks. high profile sale. google wants to buy properties near the train station and transit center. it is up to city council to approve the deal. the offer from google, $67 million. google needs those parcels to build its 8 million square foot complex. city council expected to make a decision tomorrow night. now to our continuing coverage of the winter olympics in pyeongchang. you are looking live at the olympic village. a beautiful day. team usa, by the way, on a winning streak and the americans are looking to add more medals today. there is a good chance, too, as
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snowboarding prodigy chloe kim is set to make her olympic debut. gina kim is live with a preview of what's ahead and the latest for team usa. hi, jinah. >> reporter: hi. we have four medals headed into day four in korea. in the history of the winter games, americans have won 98 gold medals. this week we are well poised to break the 100 mark. >> here's the front side 1080. >> reporter: 17-year-old chloe kim could be the youngest female medalist in snowboarding when she hits the halfpipe today. yesterday she was the only snowboarder in qualifying to score above 90. all four american women will compete today. >> jamie anderson is golden once again. >> reporter: the u.s. is showing dominance in snowboarding. the sochi gold medalist jamie anderson red gerard bringing home the first two u.s. golds despite windy conditions that knocked everyone off their a
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game. >> it's all over the place. >> reporter: mirai nagasu made her mark in olympic history with the first triple axel ever landed by an american woman at the winter olympics. >> wow! >> reporter: it helped the u.s. to a bronze in yesterday's event. >> we have a lot more to do. i'm excited. i have a lot of olympic experience to catch up on. >> really good run. >> reporter: u.s. flag bearer erin hamlin will seek her second medal in luge today. in addition to luge we have the alpine downhill slalom super combined. that was rescheduled because of the winds. ted ligety will be looking for a medal in that. we have a lot of speed skating coming up tonight. back to you. >> exciting evening in primetime. you saw the gusty winds and there is controversy surrounding the gold medal win for jamie
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anderson. she won her second gold for snowboard slope style yesterday. critics say they should have cancelled. 41 of the boarders stumbled or crashed. anderson coped with the winds by toning down her signature double flips and twists. she said she was fine with the conditions saying the nature of snowboarding means adapting to the weather. norway is leading the way with nine medals. germany is second with seven including the most golds so far, four of them. the netherlands rounds out the top three also with seven medals. the u.s. currently ranks in fifth with four medals including anderson's gold in slope style. still to come here at 3:00, an animal cruelty case in san francisco. a dog tossed off a parking garage. tonight, we are learning how police piece together the crime. >> plus amazon had one of the most profitable years. why does the company potentially plan layoffs? the jobs that may be on the
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line. >> stormranger and mobile doppler radar now. i'll let you know when rainfall could return back to the bay area. new update in eight minutes. wee.
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a man is accused of throwing this chihuahuah off the 7th floor of a chilling crime over the weekend. a man is accused of throwing this chihuahua off the 7th floor of a garage in san francisco.
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dunkie is the dog's name. it happened as part of a car break-in. sam brock joins us with the latest. sam? >> reporter: good afternoon. just to give you a sense of where this poor dog was thrown from look over my left shoulder. this area of the parking garage that juts out, the top floor is the seventh. police think the suspect might be tied to other criminal cases. they are still interviewing people and have yet to release the photo. >> reporter: an alarming turn of events at this typical san francisco parking garage which on saturday became the stage for the grisliest of animal cruelty crimes. >> where are we at as a society today that things like this are still going through people's heads that they need to lash out? >> reporter: police pieced together this 4-year-old chihuahua was collateral damage from a car break-in at the garage. they arrested best the same day
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and charged him with throwing the animal after burglarizing a car. >> that's sad. we reached the limit. very sad. i was not aware of that. it's scary. >> it's annoying and scary to have something so dangerous present in the area. >> reporter: as regular customers digest the news we have learned the dog's owner doesn't live in the city. garage employees say he was visiting from the south bay when he left the car and dog in the garage. though the warning signs are everywhere, the sheer evil of this kind of crime has san francisco stunned. >> you can only imagine how the person feels. if it happened to my dog, it would be just so horrible. >> reporter: there actually is dash cam video from inside the car that was broken into. police aren't releasing the video at this point. they say it is part of the investigation. the building is owned by the
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sfmta. they say there are cameras but they are focused on the entranceways. that's where they have the video. they have a shot of the suspect walking away. reporting live from san francisco this afternoon, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> a suspicious death led to a police chase around lake tahoe. the sheriff's office posted the photos. deputies say it started around 1:00 p.m. yesterday. they responded to shots fired on a home on the west side of tahoe. they found a dead body inside the home. deputies heard gunshots from another home. they caught the suspect after a chase around the ski resort. amazon just celebrated one of its most profitable years but they might be cutting hundreds of jobs. reportedly at the seattle headquarters. they are shifting resources from already established areas to still developing areas like the voice assistant alexa. now back to pyeongchang. our northern california athletes
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are going for gold. >> what was your favorite? the shibsibs? >> they are fun to watch and jamie anderson as well. >> we have a preview of who is competing tonight. >> reporter: greetings from south korea where the weather, particularly the wind, has played havoc with the ski and snowboard schedule. squaw valley's bryce bennett was supposed to ski in the men's downhill but that was postponed. up next for him is the alpine combined. that's a run of downhill and one run of slalom. some experts say he has a shot at a medal. >> i'm excited to see what's possible this week, see if we can do something special. >> reporter: here's a bit of trivia. at 6'7", bryce is the tallest american athlete competing in pyeongchang. we'll have coverage of his race as part of the total olympic coverage coming up tonight at
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11:00. >> looking forward to it. gar vin is posting videos and photos on line like this one about a unique mcdonald's right there at the olympic village. it's shaped like a burger, fries and -- >> that's different. >> garvin said he wasn't hungry but will be hitting it soon. follow him at nbc bay area. >> very creative. >> that looks good. >> hungry. >> jeff is here. it was gusty yesterday. how are the winds now? >> the winds started to calm down. it's been cool today. a nice change from last week, the week before, the week before that when we had these above average temperatures throughout the bay area and record setting heat. if we can't get the rainfall this moment, we do have cooler weather at least making it feel a little bit more like february. we have stormranger, the mobile doppler out. it is scanning down here in the south bay. of course there is no rainfall to pick up throughout the bay area now. we want to focus a little bit
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more on that at least to start off. the way things are trending in san jose for example, we have not had any rainfall at all this month. we could be on track for the driest february ever on record. 17 days since our last rain. the last time it was this dry was in 1953 when we had on only .002. we are going to talk about our possibility of rainfall in the extended forecast coming up in a moment. i want to get a wider look at why we have seen temperatures cool down throughout a lot of the west coast. the main reason is this area of upper low pressure. that's sunk down here sitting across california and the west. this will remain off and on throughout the week helping keep temperatures cooler and bringing in a few clouds. as we start off tomorrow morning, no issues in terms of weather obstructing your commute. just know you have got to have the jacket not only for the inland valleys but across the bay area. look in the closet, find a
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heavier coat. get the layers out. south bay down to 43 degrees with sunny skies. 42 for the peninsula. tri-valley at 38. more 40s for the north bay. san francisco, even chilly for your standards at 45. throughout the day tomorrow, temperatures will warm. it's not going to be record-setting. no chance of 70s coming back. tuesday we'll be at 65 in santa rosa. low to mid 60s from livermore to concord. low 60s from san francisco to half moon bay. the next change this week on the extended forecast shows once we hit wednesday cloud cover will increase by the evening hours. then dry weather all the way through saturday at this point. we are looking at a new storm system getting close by sunday increasing the winds, dropping temperatures in san francisco and by monday, check this out. we are keeping a close eye on low snow that could be moving in, possibly between 1,000 to
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2,000 feet. could bring the bay area a spotty shower. the hills could get the lower snow. throughout the interior valeries we are looking at the cloud cover increasing. dry all the way through saturday. more wind on sunday. look at the daytime highs. back to 61 on sunday and possibly low snow as we hit monday as well down to 59 degrees. we'll be tracking a chance of low snow coming up. let's take you to pyeongchang and the weather. it's been all over the place lately. we have snowshowers lingering. we are looking at 40 tomorrow with snowshowers in the morning. we'll see the sun come out for the rest of the week and conditions expected to be in the 30s. now for those of you keeping track, we have a lot of facts coming in. 102 events, 2,800 athletes, 15 sports. it will be the first winter olympics to award 102 gold medals.
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let's go team usa. >> i was watching luge last night. >> oh, yes. and the figure skating. >> it's great. >> every sport. the biathlon today, i'm just addicted and glued to the tv. >> it's fun to have them back. >> still to come, a northern california house overrun with guinea pigs. why they are having a hard time stopping this problem. on our ho:
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a fire at a homeless camp in oakland killed one man. no word yet on how the fire started. this was just north happening now on our home page, a fire has killed one man. no word on how it started. this was near the greyhound station in oakland. landon donovan will return to
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the bay area with his new team. he posted a video for his old teammates. you can watch it on our twitter feed. now delaying criminal case
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around the bay area. a crisis a decade in the making is delaying criminal cases in the bay area. hundreds of victims are waiting a year or longer to go to trial. steven stock joining us with the
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details. >> reporter: a decade ago during the economic downturn the governor and legislature took hundreds of millions of dollars from california's court budget. that money has never been replaced. now that lack of resources is creating a backlog of thousands of criminal cases around the state and the bay area. some courts such as sacramento county have found a way to keep the system running efficiently. >> there became a culture here in the court in our county with our stake holders of cooperativeness. >> reporter: david dealda is the presiding judge of sacramento superior court where 97% of all criminal cases are disposed of within a year or less. >> many criminal filings, felony and misdemeanors are filed in home courts. they stay in those courts unless they can't be resolved. then they are sent to a trial
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court. >> reporter: the state average for clearing criminal cases is 88% within a year. in some courts that do not use the system of home courts, including several in the bay area, that percentage is much lower. many criminal cases languish for years before they go to trial. >> we think we have learned a lot and gained a lot of the efficiencies you're concerned about because of the design. >> tonight we'll show you exactly which bay area criminal courts are lagging behind. we'll dig into why it's happening and find out what they plan to do about it. that's tonight. stephen stock, nbc bay area news. we'll see you then. have you heard about the guinea pig rescue? 400 of them. listen. [ squeaking ] there they are and they are doing well. you may recall the animals were rescued from a home in euyo eur which was over run with 700
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guinea pigs. the rescue took all the females to stop the reproduction cycle. they are still finding guinea pigs at the home in northern california. the group posted the video on a fund raising website. it's raised almost a third of the $60,000 for medicine and food for the guinea pigs. >> so many of them. the official portrait of president obama has a local connection. we'll tell you about it next. is you five. introducing value jack's way. five great ways to save. like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. that's value jack's way. the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you.
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and it )s courtesy of the silicn tonight at 4:00 team usa's secret weapon courtesy of the silicon valley. the edge that american skiers are getting thanks to local technology. that story and more coming up on the 4:00 olympics newscast. a california olympian unwittingly started a new trend this weekend. chloe kim tweeted she wanted some ice cream. the timing of the tweet confused people because she's in the middle of competition in the freezing cold. naturally the internet took it and ran with it. the official nbc twitter account started a poll to see what type of ice cream she should get. she responded saying cookies and cream would be dope. >> i was wondering. i saw it on my timeline. i missed the initial tweet. why is everybody talking about ice cream? >> you have those cravings.
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today the official portraits of former president obama and first lady michelle obama. >> both president obama and the first lady chose african-american artists. the artist who painted mr. obama is california native kyhind kyhinde wiley who does portraits against vibrant, colorful backgrounds. wiley graduated here from the san francisco art institute in 1999. the portraits will hang oat the national portrait gallery in n smithsonian. beautiful. >> comfortable weather. clouds increasing. we are dry through the weekend. next monday we are tracking low snow, maybe down to 1,000 feet. spotty showers there at the lowest elevation. for some of the hills next monday may get a dusting. we'll keep an eye on it.
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>> thanks for joining us at 3:00. we'll see you at 4:00. >> bye. tonight, olympic surprises, and an american medal rush. >> she has to go right up and do it. yes! >> boom! wow. >> holy cow. history on the ice and snow as powerful winds blow the schedule up in the air. security under scrutiny as the white house's story keeps changing about how it handled the abuse allegation scandal and dozens of white house officials operating without permanent security clearances. including jared kushner. also tonight, a terrifying scare for president trump's family. his daughter-in-law rushed to the hospital after opening a letter filled with white powder. facebook under fire. losing younger viewers as a major advertiser


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