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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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five hours today defending facebook. like it or not, facebook is a part of all of our lives. you see this at the joint hearing of two senate committees. this was prompted by the news that cambridge analytica, a data mining firm, may have used data from 87 million facebook users to influence past elections. the senators today repeatedly pointed out those people weren't asked or told their privacy was compromised. a couple senators voiced concern. >> i'm concerned about how much facebook values trust and transparency. if we agree that a critical coonent of a relationship of trust and transparency is we speak truth and we get to the truth. >> explain what is better about the record. >> so we've deployed new ai tools that do a better job of identifying fake accounts that may be trying to interfere in elections or spread
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misinformation. >> now, as they've done several times in the past several years, facebook and zuckerberg apologized for not getting ahead of this kind of problem, but says facebook is making strides to improve privacy and prevent data breaches. this afternoon supervisor aaron peska taking action. he's proposing a measure to create new privacy standards. it would prohibit companies who refuse and share private data. >> mark zuckerberg testifies tomorrow before the house committee. we're joined by laura at facebook in menlo park. >> a lot of people in the silicon valley not only use facebook, but they are in the
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business of social media. especially people who live near the campus here are listening to zuckerberg's every word. >> everybody was super-intent listening to what he had to say. >> yvette mcdonald is talking about the bug in the bay area: zuckerberg's congressional testimony. >> everybody was watching it. >>eporter: whether you're a techie or a social user, chances are you couldn't resist watching zuckerberg getting grilled by congress. at the heart of it, your privacy and whether it's protected. >> i'm a pretty private person and i struggle being on facebook, but it's everywhere. >> reporter: he told me today more could have been done about the scandal now shaking the world. >> we clearly see facebook fixing some of these things, but not enough of them.
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>> reporter: he believes ultimately consumers will decide. >> i don't think the history of this kind of consumer technology outcome is defined by regulation. i think it's really defined by market forces and what you and i and people do, which products we choose and don't choose. >> reporter: and people already making different choices. >> i'm not posting as much anymore. >> i'm not using it as much, either. >> reporter: hoff linger expect facebook to make changes faster than anything that might be crafted. think about an advertisement policy that's even better than what traditional advertising uses. laura sambol, nbc bay area news. >> o coverage of facebook continues on line. if you want to see wheer you're one of the 87 million affected by the data leak, we have instructions posted on how you can check. this was a pivotal day when
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it comes to cleaning up the streets of san francisco. we're talking about trash, pcs and used needles littering the city. lawmakers today voted on a new proposal. the spending plan comes after our diseased streets investigation which proposed dangerous conditions in downtown san francisco. >> it's grabbing headlines across the country and now the problem is a major issue in the race for san francisco's next mayor. we're joined at city hall with today's vote. bigad? >> reporter: the san francisco board of supervisors approved that new plan today in a narrow 6-5 vote. the proposal would use $1.1 million left over from last year's budget to put towards more street cleaners and equipment. >> they will be deployed citywide based on the needs as determined by our public works department. >> reporter: supervisor jane kim pushed the new plan which allows san francisco to temporarily hire 19 more street cleaners
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from now through june 30, the end of the fiscal year. that's an 8% boost in staff. the city will also buy two new street sweeping machines and provide $230,000 in grants for nonprofits to clean out the city. >> it's just not okay to have to step over human feces or dumping of litter on the ground when we know that with additional resources and with additional manual street sweepers that we can't address this problem today. >> reporter: kim, witome of her fellow lawmakers, and hillary ronan, said the dirty streets should be considered a health issue, so we should spend the money now rather than wait for the budget process, which won't get finalized for another three months. >> you could not get started soon enough. we don't want them to say the fiscal year ends june 1st, and then we can get appropriate funds. they want to see that started today. >> reporter: they argued it
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would be better to hold out for the budget process rather than what they describe as a temporary fix. >> i don't see why we can't wait for literally a month or two. >> that's kind of like a haphazard piecemeal approach to how we are dealing with our budgeting process. >> reporter: now, as with all ordinances, the san francisco board of supervisors will have to vote on this new plan a second time next week. but it's expected to pass with those same six votes, which is actually two votes shy of being veto-proof. behind the idea, mayor mark farrell does intend to veto the measure, saying he has a much more comprehensive approach he plans to unveil in the coming weeks. >> thank you, bigad. i'm sure you'll continue to follow that. if you have a story for bigad or anyone in the investigative unit, call 1-888-996-tips or you can go to
6:07 pm someone ripped out and stole the entire big blue mailbox. it happened on chabeau road in the rockville neighborhood. anser joins us with the details. >> you can see where this big blue mailbox was bolted down. neighbors tell us this was the second time this mailbox was taken. police hope surveillance footage will help them in their case. this mailman had one less stop on his route this afternoon. >> that is odd, yeah. again, somebody must have really wanted the mailbox. that took a lot of effort. it's just not like a smash and grab, right? >> reporter: gail peterson teaches at the school across the street. she says even in this internet anyone, t age, the mailbox was used all the time. >> i see people there almost daily. >> reporter: early in the morning around 1:00 a.m., investigators say someone ripped the mailbox right out of the
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concrete. it leaves people in oakland feeling vulnerable. >> it's flab ber gasting to me. i can't even explain why that would happen. >> the thieves drove off with the entire mailbox. >> we're not only concerned about the robbery of the mailbox but what's inside it. >> reporter: what's key is what's inside because then they could try to track the people who use the information in that mail. >> that's information that would provide us what department store, what convenience store, what gas station the information may have been used at, and that provides us with video and other evidence. >> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call the postal inspector. his information is on our website, the post office is offering a $10,000 reward. google's footprint in the silicon valley continues to grow
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by leaps and bounds. downtown san jose is a new target for a major expansion for google. the company says it will soon own enough property downtown to create a transit oriented development near the deardon train station and also the spp center. despite today's disclosure, google executives call this project really a marathon and say it will be a long while before construction actually begins. talk about a price surge. staggering numbers out today show how quickly bay area home prices rise, and in fact, in some places houses are making more money each week than the people who actually live in them. n brks krrks bc bay area looks price. >> the sign is up. for only $800,000, this little fixer-upper can be yours. that's right, $800,000 for a
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burned-out home. >> it's a lot to pay for the land. but in this area, it's a good value. >> reporter: especially when you consider the real estate data firm zillow estimates homeowners gain more than $500,000 in equity every day. in a year, it adds up to a little over $200,000. sacred heart community service agency worries what the continued boom in the housing market is doing to the average working person, including teachers. >> if housing continues to skyrocket, it's going to make it more and more difficult for low-income families to survive in silicon valley. >> reporter: one reason for the skyrocketing cost of housing is there are very few homes on the market right now. buyers are competing with each other for the low inventory. >> they're getting rejected time and time again, because the bottom line right now is price. >> reporter: and they're competing for homes like this. i spoke with a realtor here
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earlier today. she told me she's getting quite a few inquiries on this property. if someone buys, rebuilds and then sells, you're looking at a quick profit potentially of more than $300,000. we're in willow glen, i'm damian t trujillo, nbc bay area news. the new trend that's forcing city leaders to step up and respond to a lot of complaints. plus, where did they go? new details we're learning about a family of four that disappeared on their way to san jose. clear skies and sunshine in san francisco. one system brings light rain, including a stronger system tomorrow packing colder temperatures, heavy rain totals and late season sierra snow. the heavy line by line forecast when we come back. we first brou
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at 11. a family that disappeared en route to san jose, may have we have new information on a story we first brought you last night at 11:00. famy that disappeared en route to san je may have been spotted. search teams are now bracing for the worst. four members of a family from southern california failed to return home from their trip to oregon. the family is a bank vice president. the suv matches a family's minivan that crashed into the
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river during last week's storm. we spoke to an extended member of the family who said that the last contact with the family was at the klamath park area. they planned to stop there on their way to oregon. this video shows the family's suv leaving their home last week and heading out on that vacation. the big man bandit couldn't get past the law. authorities say they arrested the 300-pound bandit over the weekend. gregory vaughn made his first appearance in court today. investigators say he confessed to robbing five banks in san mateo, san jose and campbell. the city of san jose is
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worried about mayor sam liccardo of travel memos. sing san jose's sister city in japan, t mayor says the city is suffering a budget shortfall and they should be more concerned about money. they are trying to limit the number of councilmembers allowed per trip. santa clara county needs your help. the registrar of voters needs about 6,000 election officers to work at various polling elections. also needed are people who speak other languages. there are roughly 800 languages around the country. the bay area community foundation will host a debate featuring the major candidates running for governor. the 90-minute event will be broadcast live right here on nbc bay area and our sister station
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telemundo 48. it will be moderated by our political director and chuck todd. they seem to be everywhere, electric scooters at any hour of the day, scattered across sidewalks in san francisco's financial district. that's after three different companies rolled out scooters in the past few weeks. mark matthews is at city hall where at least one park manager is miffed about the scooter rollout. >> we heard andrew pesca angry about the scooter rollout. the company is line, burn and spin. they decided to put their scooters out in the public in san francisco, mostly in the financial district. >> mostly folks are using them to go to and from meetings downtown and to and from that last mile of transit. >> a spokesman for lime scooters
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said they're a helpful tool. >> it's a great way to get around when you're stuck waiting for a muni line. >> reporter: this cab driver says there's supposed to be rules but a lot don't follow them. >> i see a lot of kids using them. you're supposed to be in the bike lane. everybody seems to be in the sidewalk. >> reporter: you're supposed to wear a helmet. like other rules, if you check that box on your smartphone app, you can unlock the scooter and be on your way. any enforcement on that? >> we're not law enforcement, so we're not able to police all our users. >> reporter: when you're done, you just drop the scooter where you want. aaron pesca says he has had many complats. >> broke my toe tripping over a lime scooter laying outside my door at night. these companies, bird, lime, spin, decided to dump these on
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our streets even though they knew that that legislation was pending and winding itself through the process. >> reporter: pescan says the vote on the regulations will come up next tuesday. he believes it will pass unanimously. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> we do see the scooters everywhere. thank you, mark. melting icebergs could make future droughts much worse. scientists at the river lab say rivers at the arctic ocean could become completely snow free in a few decades. in that happens, rain in california could decrease by about 15%. melting ice tends to push storms away from california. ice is just one of many factors that shape our climate. >> at least for the next couple days, we are going to see some rain. >> we're seeing the first of three systems moving in.
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we have a few clouds in emeryville and a few clouds outside in san francisco. you needed the sunglasses until an umbrella was needed about 3:00 in the afternoon. in san jose, still mostly cloudy at 63 degrees. what's left of the system is already exiting the south bay, an i you didn' get any rain, you're not one. most of the bay area didn't get anything out of the system. this is a fairly weak system that's already moving to the east behind my shoulder here, a system that has much colder air support and it will be a more moderately strong system arriving. tomorrow will give everybody a chance at finding some raindrops. tomorrow 40s and 50s to start. we'll continue that downward trend of low 60s for highs, 50s on the coast and rain arriving as we go through the afternoon. in the morning, increasing clouds. the morning commute should be fine, but around lunchtime, we should see that rain dropping around the north bay.
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passing san francisco from 6:00 to 8:00 tomorrow evening. i do expect some moderate to heavy rain. got the rain coming back late tomorrow. tuesday, light and breezy. then we get a taste of summer again to start the weekend. two days of warming. highs close to 80 on saturday and another system drops in on sunday. in the next hour we'll take a look at how much rain we're expecting here and a big fear of snow totals ahead to wrap the week. cracking down on straws, they move to restrict how you drink from a cup in one of its restaurants. ben and jerry )s isg
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free ice cream cone day. that means you can get unlimited, single-scoop cones until 8 tonight. we posted a list of participating ben and jerry )s shops on our homepage. and also on our homepage: people are buzzing about a new disneyland dessert-- a pineapple doughnut topped with meringue. but it )s only around till the end of this week. more news coming up. but it is only around until the end of this week. more news after the break. mom you called?
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oh hi sweetie, i just want to show you something. xfinity mobile: find my phone. [ phone rings ] look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. the company let most of its workers go . it's now the size of a small silicon valley startup. theranos, the company, let most of its workers go today. you might remember last month the founder of the company, elizabeth holmes, settled fraud
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findings against her. the company once had 800 employees, but today it's down to about two dozen at best. experts say the layoffs are part of a last-ditch effort to avert, or at least delay, bankruptcy. uber is making changes to its app, giving more power to its drivers. it's been two years since the last update. uber's new ceo says, quote, drivers are at the heart of our service, but along the way we lost sight of that. the updated app i contains a realtime tracker for its users. the city council is now proposing restricting the use of plastic straws. they would allow restaurants, bars and caves to carry them but only giv them to customers if you ask for one. environmental activists say plastic straws can take up to 200 years to decompose. the city of alameda already restricts straws and san francisco is working on a plan as well. bottled water goes into a
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microscope and shows con tom nation of many prominent kinds of bottled water. researchers found 90% of all bottles tested positive for tiny particles of plastic. right now there are no rules of standards for allowable limits of plastics in bottled water here in the u.s. accusations of racism inside the san francisco police department. the officer making the allegations and the department's response. those fire victims are feeling nitpicked out of tens of thousands of dollars. we investigate what's costing them all that money and how you might be in the same tough spot. i'm consumer investigator chris gamora. nbc bay area responds, next. atd
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within the sfpd. a cop...targeted by his fellow offciers. right now at 6-30: bad blood within the sfpd. a cop...targeted by his fellow offciers. right now, 6:30, bad blood within the sfpd. a cop targeted by his fellow officers, and he says the department is making it even worse. the san francisco police officer has been the victim, he says, of vicious discrimination. but instead of correcting the problem, he says sfpd's internal affairs has exposed him. >> n brks krrbc bay area's sam exposed the police department and its leaders. >> reporter: the san francisco police department finds itself facing charges of racism from a current officer. >> last june i was transferred to central station. that's when i experienced blatant racism, bigotry towards
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me by some officers and sergeants. >> repr: tan behind the complaint recently graduated from the academy and asked that we keep his identity secret for his safety. he has been targeted for his background of muslim faith, in some cases, from positions of seniority. >> this officer is in charge of some people, and if the sergeant is joining in this conduct, it makes you wonder how widespread it is. >> reporter: he showed a picture as proof of racist behavior, an isis drawn on the officer's locker. in this case a man alleging he was called a sand n-word four times in september. he said, if i see a black person behind the wheel of a vehicle, i'll pull the car over and find probable cause later. the state says they take these
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allegations very seriously and has three ongoing investigations. >> reporter: behind me this police officer still works and says he wants to stay with the sfpd for the next 30 years but without discrimination. nbc news is reporting that porn star stormy daniels is now cooperating with federal investigators. this comes one day after the fbi raided the office and home of the president's personal attorney. president trump did not take any questions from reporters today inside the oval office. earlier, thgh,e did tweet, quote, a total witch hunt, and attorney-client privilege is dead. this is after agent see materials from cohen's office. attorney cohen made a $130,000 payment to stormy daniels before the 2016 election, which may be
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a violation of campaign finance laws. >> there had to be probable cause presented to that judge to believe that evidence of a crime or a fraud which would then abrogate the attorney-client privilege. >> president trump canceled his trip this week to the summit of the americas in south america to focus on possible military action against syria following that suspected gas attack. on that same note, a dire threat from russia to the u.s., don't bomb syria or else. they think a strike on syria could lead to a direct military clash between the two superpowers. they think a strike could hurt russian servicemen in that country, triggering a retaliation. he said russia has military means and americans know it. he also said the use of nuclear weapons would be unlikely. that situation in syria has the full attention of secretary james mattis. it means he will not come to the
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bay area as previously planned. mattis was scheduled to speak this saturday but it was canceled. the u.s. hasn't ruled out military action against syria's president. it's been six difficult months since the north bay fires. rebuilding homes and lives has been challenging and battling the insurance companies has been frustrating. >> some families say they're unable to even move on because of all the insurance roadblocks. consumer investigator chris gamora joins us now, and the issue, chris, is just a lot of little nitpicking and details, they say. >> we have heard there are people with state farm insurance having trouble getting their claims paid in full. they created a group on line, so together with our sister station, telemundo 48, we extended an invitation to meet with members of that group over the weekend. the response overwhelmed us. saturdays at first united methodist in santa rosa are normally sleeping.
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but this saturday -- >> 75 folks rsvp'd. >> reporter: the church filled up fast. >> we have 175 people. >> please raise your hand if you lost everything. that's everybody. >> reporter: everybody here lost everything in the fires. everyone here has state farm insurance. and everyone here says they feel state farm is short-changing them. >> who got everything out of their insurance policy they expected? that's nobody. >> reporter: here's why. they say state farm is requiring them to do a detailed, item by item inventory of the contents of their home in order to get 100% of their coverage. they can for gs go the itemizedt but then they won't pay them 100%. >> reporter: lots of money is on the line. tens of thousands of dollars for
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most families. >> they couldn't have made it more difficult for us to do these inventories as well. >> reporter: he received this latest letter from state farm. it said the california code has required such an inventory for some time. the state told us otherwise. that's insurance commissioner dave jones. he asked insurance companies to streamline wildfire claims. in a statement state farm said it has. it agreed to and is following the state's expedited claims process, including coverage paid up front to 75% without an inventory. jones said insurance companies don't have to stop at 75%. he even wrote them and applauded companies that paid up to 100%, while also waiving the inventory. >> some home insurers have waived it, and i'm confident they can all waive it. >> reporter: jones doesn't have the power to order them. these fire victims want that to
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change. >> how quickly? no. retroactively. >> reporter: state farm told us the inventory is a simple listing of what was lost. but many fire victims complain it's not simple at all. they said the software they have to use is glitchy and cumbersome. state farm said it assigned specialized workers called adjusters to help survivors. it called the process a personalized experience. but most policyholders in this room say they've had five to seven adjusters just this month. >> we've had seven adjusters. >> earlier in the evening we met this woman. she and her husband fernandez said they will lose their whole house. the hernandezes want state
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executives to do what we did, to visit them. >> we're not trying to get something that isn't rightfully ours and we're not lying when we say we lost it all. you can come out and see. >> neighbors are still barren five months after the fire. there is some evidence of life getting back on track. so much more could happen out here if only their insurance claims weren't so difficult. >> it would be such a relief if the insurance company had said, okay, we'll give you this, and they were done and we're able to move forward. >> reporter: people here feel the claims process is designed to be slow, to give up. >> how many of you will recommend state farm to a friend? >> not now. >> reporter: state farm told us back in january that the dollar amounts listed in its policies are maximum benefits, not automatic payments. and that is common insurance
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lili nrn lingo. you might think you're insured for $237,726. you might have to fight to get 100% of that amount right there. here's how. do a home inventory right now. take your smartphone, go around the house to every room and document everything you own. take those files and then send them to the cloud for safekeeping. if you have a consumer complaint, please let us know about them like those people in santa rosa did. go to our website, >> so hard at a time when you're already dealing with so much. >> they're brought right back to the fire scene and that is part of the frustration out there. they feel it's not necessary examine they feel it's dragging
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them right back. >> is there a chance state farm could come clean and say, we're going for theul maximum and give money? >> possibly. it's a contract dispute. you can be the insurance company and i can be the insured, i can be the policyholder, and we can agree to things outside the contract as long as we agree to it together. that's not happening right now. that's happening with some other companies but not state farm. we invite state farm to speak with us. we have an open invitation for them to go on camera and explain what's happening, and that invitation will remain as long as we're doing these stories. >> thanks, chris. have you done your taxes yet? we are one week away from the deadline. the scam pg&e is warning about as you get ready to file. missin
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county... with no luck. crews are now scaling back their another day of looking at mendocino county with no luck. crews are scaling back their efforts to find the missing
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children. no physical evidence tied to three children still unaccounted for after their mothers and siblings were killed when their suv raced off a cliff. meanwhile there is an autopsy under way on a female body that washed a shore. authorities say dna testing to determine the identity of that body may take a few weeks. be careful, with the tax deadline looming, pg&e says there are scammers out there pretending to work for them. these fake pg&e employees are telling people they might be eligible for a federal tax credit or refund. pg&e is working with law enforcement to solve this problem. some tips in the meantime, don't offer up your credit card number over the phone or through e-mail, and if pg&e does e-mail you, call them directly to verify that it's really them. we're going to start seeing it roll in in a little bit, rob. >> we're seeing it in san jose,
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clouds, light showers. san francisco struggling ill har skies. rain is on the way tomorrow. the time og thing on that comin. we have a peek at the guest list. the high-powered names that won't be attending next month's royal wedding. )ll have o
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wait a bit longer. an analyst with goldman sachs thinks tesla wi well, if you're on the list for a tesla model 3, you'll have to wait a little longer. an analyst with goldman sachs thinks tesla's new car will fall below its production market. tesla was producing 2,000 cars a week, but it looks like model 3 production will slip to about 1400 cars a week. tesla's share price has declined about 3% this year which many believe is a direct cause of the model 3 production problems. a newbill sets the zero tolerance policy for young drivers. safety advocates gathered to push for that bill. it would make it illegal for
6:46 pm
drivers under 21 to have the drug in their system. if you test positive for cannabis on a roadside test, you could lose your license for a year. >> the driver drove on the shoulder on the right side of the patrol car and drove into my son at high speeds. my son was killed instantly and the world of my family will never be the same again. >> in 2016, 1 million kids use marijuana at least once by the age of 15. the royal wedding includes close friends and family and that's it. prince harry and his fiancee, american actress meghan markle, are set to get married may 19 at windsor castle. politicians were invited to the older brother of kate middleton
6:47 pm
and prince william. >> maybe we were included. we have a chance. we're not politicians. >> do you have our updated address? e-mail? look at the golden gate bridge. it looks sunny right now. >> we had some light rain quickly moving out of the bay area right now. sunshine now to wrap up the day in san francisco. we've got winds picking up. see the flag there off to the right as the on shore winds come back in at 18 miles per hour. high was still 65 today in san francisco. emeryville at 64 degrees, but not as sunny in the tri-valley. dublin had a high of 68. yes, a bit breezy outside for the evening, and san jose still kind of gloomy. we had a high close to 70 today, 63 currently. you'll see on the radar view how the storm is already gone. there really wasn't much to it other than briefly getting the windshield wet. not much adding up in the rain
6:48 pm
gauges and you can see the clearing line has already reached the east side of the ney, getting to san jose in the hour or so. we'll have a cool start to the morning, 40s and 50s. nobody near 70, we think, around san jose. low to mid-60s for most of the santa clara valley. the tri-valley, breezy and cooler. this time tomorrow instead of clearing, we'll have an increasingly briefly heavy rain. that's a big change for tomorrow evening's commute. for the coast, 50s tomorrow. low 60s in san mateo and san francisco. here come the big changes. increasing clouds for your morning commute. by lunchtime beginning to see rain at the beginning of the golden gate, and that's an important time because the giants game tomorrow is going to be around 12:45. the game should start out dry, but if for any reason this game goes longer into extra innings,
6:49 pm
you can see the rain on the hourly outlook and here it is. from 6:00 to 8:00 tomorrow, briefly heavy rain. fast-moving system, but that band of rain may just on its own drop a quarter inch to a third of an inch of rain followed by scattered showers. so unlike today where it was widely spread scattered showers and sprinkles, tomorrow they should get half an inch in the north bay. you can see the sierra by early thursday, you could see a foot of snow. check that out, four inches below the sierras. as thursday moves on, friday and saturday, ihave weekend plans right now, surday actually looks pretty good. we could see a few spots kind of like we saw just a couple days ago in the 70s and 80s. we could see that to start the weekend, but sunday and monday. late sunday and monday we're
6:50 pm
back in this pattern again much like we're seeing tomorrow and thursday, as we wrap up the weekend with more showers and probably snow in the sierra. we've got spring, winter coming up on thursday with those chilly showers. high pressure makes it come back for the weekend and it's warm again. you got some rain and sierra snow. folks heading to the sierra on saturday could go in shorts but they'll be chaining up as they head home. >> thanks, rob. some bad news for the giants tonight. some of the best collegiate golfers also going at it in the north bay. coming up next.
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news from the giants tonight... this is live look from our exclsuive ballpark cam. here )s the upside... some bitter sweet news from the giants tonight. this is a live look from our exclusive ball cam. tyler brady will make his major league debut this evening against the diamondbacks. here's the down side. within the past hour, johnny quato was placed on the 10-day
6:54 pm
disabled list, so he'll be out for a little while. san jose state, cal berkeley and stanford will be in a three-school duel. >> stanford had a two-shot lead but they just couldn't hold it overall. >> we're a little disappointed with the way we played today, but that's also golf. >> reporter: five top ten teams in the nation part of the field. cal took home the trophy this year, but it was cal who came in with a fleourish. they came in second thanks to this birdie on her second to last hole. she shot a 69.
6:55 pm
>> to get her into par and in r 60s, we never count her out. she's one of the grittiest players cal has ever had, so it's fun having her. >> i think people have been forgetting about the bears a little bit because we have just come out with a vengeance and we're ready to rock. >> the ladies playing a venue that has bounced back from the fires of six months ago and one that the pga tour visits each year. >> i think they were using some of the pga tour hole locations, so for the young women to see what that's like and see when you miss it, you're going to pay a great price. also to be up here after the fires, it's been nice to come up and see how everyone is moving forward. >> reporter: in napa, colin
6:56 pm
resch, n brbc bay area. a move to a cure toward alzheimer's. a discovery that may help them better understand the disease. we'll share that story with you at 11:00. it looks like it's sunny, cold, windy, sunny, cold, windy all-in-one night. >> we need time to track this forecast. we have evening rain tomorrow that will take us into thursday with scattered showers and the coolest day of the week. we have sunshin coming back and high pressure just for two days. friday and saturday the pattern repee repeats again. sunday late day showers. the clash of winter and wanna-be spring. >> we'll see you later. bye bye. sorry. i can't make it.
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now on "extra." seth meyers' crazy baby emergency. >> my wife is like the baby is coming. >> a frantic call to 911. and george clooney's twins starting to talk. >> we reveal the first words. >> and gwen stefani grilled about marrying blake. >> i think you should get married, don't you? >> what are you doing? >> and "roseanne." a sneak peek at tonight's episode. and the scene


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