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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  April 28, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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vegas will get second power play, they're 0 for 1. we'll take one more look. y >> eddi you see where the glass gets shorter out of the near corner. tries to go off the glass, air mails it in. what an opportunity for vegas. face-off won by hertl. braun in deep. covered by martin jones. 1:29 left. william karlsson, alex tuch will take the draw. reilly smith, jonathan marchessault and shea theodore, the group of five for gerard gallant. one back by alex tuch. theodore. moving away from tomas hertl.
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marchessault, over. out in front. rolls around. stays down in the corner. braun, hard pressed. hertl collects it. tomas hertl attempting to get it out. broken up by tuch. loose puck thrown out by vlasic. 67 seconds left. >> eddie: that last play, alex tuch was looking for karlsson on the weak side. >> john: smith, broken up at point. theodore hounded by hertl. back out. chris tierney gets to it. pull up. taken down by marchessault. good job by forward coming back as defenseman. erik haula, shifting in. supported by neal. after neal goes astray. melker karlsson down low. 36 seconds left in regulation time. out of the scrum, dug out. big hit by burns as he lures erik haula. >> eddie: chop in back of the
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leg for good measure. >> john: off the boards. hard play back to fleury. 19 seconds left in regulation time. see the time of the power play, vlasic, perron but offside. >> eddie: terrific night for brent burns, couple of goals, physical play and for all good measure there, gives erik haula a rough ride and chop in back of the leg and marchessault on tierney. tierney at end of long shift, tried to challenge the forward. former florida panther did a heck of a job there one-on-one. >> john: vlasic, wide of fleury. six seconds left. 30 seconds on the power play. schmidt, blockered down by jones. game two goes to overtime. coming up on the subway overtime
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intermission report, vegas looks to stay undefeated in postseason. what to watch for in extra hockey. 3-3 the count. nate schmidt with tying goal in late stages of game two. stanley cup playoffs presented by geico.
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sharks were 6:30 minutes
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away from dealing the golden knights first defeat of the playoffs but nate schmidt hammers home the equalizer and now will settle in o.t. liam mchugh, keith jones, three-time stanley cup champ patrick sharp. we invite him into the studio, now demand he works overtime. first period, late in the period, four-on-four hockey, this version is advantage vegas. william karlsson. >> a great banked shot by colin miller at point on purpose he misses net. goal from karlsson from a difficult angle. 1-0 vegas. >> second period, karlsson not done here, gets puck. give him space, decides to skate in and fire. >> off the turnover, stutter step and shot through reilly smith screen. 2-0 vegas. >> going into this one, guy who needed to bounce back for san jose was brent burns. he has.
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>> big way. big blast after pavelski won another face-off. off pierre edouard-bellemare, finds way to the back. first goal of the series for san jose. >> marc-andre fleury decides notice to freeze this puck, mistake, gets to logan couture, buries it. >> shielding it, james neal couldn't get the stick on it. couture buries it. >> another goal for san jose. brent burns again. >> another joe pavelski face-off win, burns does the rest of the work. timo meier knocked into marc-andre fleury, not interference, reviewed but counted for goal. >> looked to be the winner but late in this one, nate schmidt, deflection it goes. >> starting to see a pattern, face-off win. >> 3-3, vegas looking to take
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the first two on home ice. getting set for overtime. patrick sharp had overtime winner in detroit. looking for guy to be difference maker, who would it be? >> william karlsson. vegas has momentum into overtime and he's picked up big-time goals in regular season and playoffs. relentless working for loose pucks in offensive zone. first goal does all of that, little bit more. steals puck twice, gets it back. heads up play here. looks back, sees colin miller is going to shoot the puck. never takes eye off the puck, from tight angle gets to the back of the net. wasn't done there. another great read here. >> heck of a season and great night tonight. can score in a lot of different ways. use speed, get to the net. great shot. helps with screen from reilly smith in front. weird deceptive release there, feet in awkward position.
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great shot and goal. >> 43 goals in regular season. other guy to worry about? >> joe pavelski. captain of the san jose sharks. two of the big players out tonight, joe thornton and evander kane not playing, he's been counted on in a lot of different areas. crafty player, makes plays tight around the net. great in face-offs. in all situations, killing power play, even four-on-four. look for him to step up. >> and he's got a goal in him. he's done everything but score and pavelski is one of those guys that will be lurking around the net. marc-andre fleury's had his number so far but pavelski can get the job done. >> huge hockey night from overtime in vegas to big news in
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♪ >> announcer: stanley cup playoffs on nbc brought to you by subway. welcome back. big week of draft news in buffalo. on thursday the bills trade up, select the man they hope to be the quarterback of the future and sabres win the nhl draft
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lotly. kathryn tappen spoke to jason botterill. >> congratulations, we've seen historically the impact this number one pick could have on a franchise. what does it mean for the buffalo sabres? >> so excited for youour franch. we have good young players and now can bring in another to the association. teams that made big jumps this you' year, you saw impact of this. >> what is biggest area of concern for your team? >> we have a few areas to work on. but look at our speed up front and ability to move the puck from the back end, two areas where most nhl teams want to improve but we have to improve
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next year. >> back end, big swedish defenseman rasmus dahlin, would he fit in? >> he's a talented young player and been part of the olympics, two world juniors, playing in swedish league, unique dynamic. look at what phil is trying to create from defense, up in the rush, i think rasmus is the defenseman most teams would like to have. >> you didn't wear buffalo blue but red. >> i was looking at situation with ray having luck last year. you saw it with lineup and season they had. so hopefully help the buffalo sabres next year too. >> look forward to seeing you in dallas. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> sabres fans, friday june 22nd
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>> john: welcome to overtime by volkswagen tig wan. stanley cup playoffs by instagrgeico. special night in vegas. game two goes to overtime. nate schmidt with late goal in the third period. got by martin jones to force extra hockey. and as you take a look, san jose was an expansion team in 1991.
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there's their playoff overtime record. vegas on a goal by erik haula in double overtime in game two of round number one. he has their only overtime winner. playoff overtime winning goals, there's experience on the vegas side with james neal and cody eakin. john forslund, eddie olczyk, joe micheletti inside the glass, getting set for overtime at t-mobile arena. shea theodore will take it back. center ice. san jose stacks up to the blue line, theodore retreats back to his own territory. vegas jumped out to lead in first period. three unanswered goals in san jose in the second. late goal by nate schmidt to
8:19 pm
tie. reilly smith in front. jones. jonathan marchessault on the doorstep. theodore all the way back. >> eddie: you have to really be aware of your changes. your bench is farthest from the defensive zone. >> john: for james neal. shot off the side of the goal. pressure by haula. defended. played out to center by timo meier. all the way back down. no icing here. brayden mcnabb with the puck on its edge for erik haula. fights off timo meier through the middle. angled off the boards by vegas's james neal. perron in early, check that, batted down with high stick. that's why stopped play with 18:48 left in o.t. >> eddie: talk about the long changes. if you're the vegas golden knights, right winger and right defenseman have to be sure if
8:20 pm
you're going for a long change because of the ability to make long passes. for the san jose sharks it's opposite. left "d," left winger. may be absolutely out of gas, sometimes just holding that ground will keep that offensive team away from trying to attack. changes so important. shift management in overtime as well. >> john: golden knights deep out of the scrum. alex tuch will locate the puck. stood up by chris tierney. hops out. demelo tries to move along the boards. protect it. chris tierney in his own end. neutral ice by donskoi. golden knights feed it all the way back down. icing called here. just about two minutes gone in overtime. two goaltenders, martin jones, first season as a san jose
8:21 pm
shark, part of a team that made the stanley cup final. marc-andre fleury, ten up, 11 down. joe pavelski, crossing sticks with cody eakin. burns with a shot. blocked in front. alex tuch will get to it. >> joe: another clean face-off win by pavelski. >> john: through center ice. overskated by cody eakin. carried in by marchessault. outside, padded down by jones. now timo meier through the middle. interrupted. take back by karlsson. william karlsson. reset. schmidt through the middle. marchessault. shoulder by meier. joe pavelski back on it. brent burns with his head up. chipped by meier. not deep. second chance. goes deep. nate schmidt, with a quick up.
8:22 pm
marchessault through the middle. at the line by brenden dillon. fed in. reilly smith for vegas, broken up, labanc for san jose. tomas hertl will step in, lay back for couture. his shot padded down by fleury. marchessault to the rebound and reilly smith is away. pass detected by dillon. held in, reilly smith goes to work. dangle inside and take it to the outside. hit by logan couture. haula. open corner, dillon's on it. wedge, out of the zone by hertl. all the way back down. another icing. >> eddie: chances at both ends. you mentioned it johnny, good job for marchessault and labanc coming hard for second chance opportunity. marchessault a little bit earlier, deflected off the stick of vlasic.
8:23 pm
good pad save by jones. >> john: to the outside off the glass by labanc. out to neutralize, david perron sends it back for deryk engelland. veteran defenseman head mans the puck. erik haula goes deep. braun has some time. left along the wall, pitch by engelland. rolled in, dillon, battle with haula. david perron will hunt it down for vegas. good play by eric fehr. goes back down. theodore turned it over. marc-andre fleury comes up big. demelo off a stick. off the glass. to the outside. vlasic off the stick of fleury. theodore, not out. held in. right out in front. pavelski with a stick. marc-andre fleury! poke-check there. settle it down. >> eddie: smart play there from fleury. team on the run, goodrow with a
8:24 pm
chance. tries to go five hole. then joe pavelski looking to go backhand, pokes it off his stick. the turnover by theodore, tried to open up the wickets, fleury would have none of that. that's an a plus plus chance in overtime. >> john: quality stuff there. about four minutes gone in overtime. face-off. win again by pavelski. mikkel boedker, power move, sweep-check by fleury. here come the golden knights. blocked by dillon. turned out by timo meier. in the skate, william karlsson cuts across. reilly smith. separated from puck by boedker.
8:25 pm
on jones. burns to the outside. off the boards, no icing here. put it on tee for nate schmidt. quickly ahead. bellemare. interrupted, stick. great defensive play by marcus sorensen. tierney. takes a heavy hit from carrier. and it's rolled all the way back down. bellemare. through center on the attack. knights go to work again. vlasic. shove by carrier. joonas donskoi, two-on-two with sorensen. he goes deep. merrill, hit hard by sorensen. nosek. play broken up, demelo away from him. through center. merrill, puck battle he wins. moved in by james neal. dylan demelo.
8:26 pm
perron. stick lifted by dillon. sharks attempt to get it out. moved down by kevin labanc all the way down, will make it, icing is called. >> eddie: that's the third icing in this overtime. >> john: here's the play by sorensen that you referenced coming back on the play. beautiful job by marcus sorensen. fourth liner stepped in towards end of the regular season and really did a nice job. three goals in the playoffs as well. >> john: puck down by logan couture. second chance. here he comes. shot blocked by deryk engelland and goes out-of-play. >> joe: eddie you were talking about this overtime and how teams have to be careful with the change. peter deboer was talking about second periods. this is similar because of the long change. he said you know our game is
8:27 pm
built on second periods. spend a lot of time talking about how to handle the offensive zone. holding on to it. mindset of not giving the puck away and wearing down the opposition. here they are. >> john: off the draw, burns with a shot. swallowed by fleury. no further play. >> eddie: another face-off win by the san jose sharks. like how vlasic and burns are on their off side. burns' right-handed shot playing left side, more advantageous to get the stick blade towards middle of the ice and just direct it toward the net. never a bad play. never know when it will hit somebody or something and end up in the back of the net. >> john: fight for possession and vegas golden knights will move it. shea theodore. melker karlsson goes deep all the way around. cleared along by shea theodore out to center. vlasic off fehr.
8:28 pm
hectored by engelland. shea theodore looks it over. chip by alex tuch. stepping in eakin, good back-check by fehr. sharks away, melker karlsson off on a change. roll it in. reverse by theodore. along the boards safely by cody eakin. braun on defense with brenden dillon who has it. stepping in, boedker turns off the stick of fleury. pavelski. goes hard at theodore. both go down. held in. from the point braun. moving on reilly smith. mikkel boedker, again in back of fleury to the outside, joe pavelski. left there for timo meier. wound out by boedker. shot up by fleury. rebound pavelski. blocked in front. vegas will take a breath. float it out.
8:29 pm
pass. dillon across. helped out by braun. reilly smith is all over him. along the boards it's hertl. through center ice. marchessault, defers it back for schmidt. start again. jonathan marchessault. outside, neal a shot. dillon the rebound, what a save! martin jones. neal again, he goes wide with it. now held in by schmidt. braun. couture. logan couture, tomas hertl supporting him. dance in. couture. inside for tomas hertl. rolled all the way back. let go by tierney and dylan demelo is back on it. >> eddie: thought he was on the near boards. unfortunately for san jose the puck left the offensive zone. >> john: ryan carpenter. tries to locate the puck.
8:30 pm
braun. does out in front. just past jones. haula through the slot. carpenter broken up. chris tierney. through the center zone. rolled in here on fleury who hangs on for a draw with 11:43 left in o.t. >> eddie: real good shift for the san jose sharks down in the offensive zone. last chance for vegas, james neal with a couple of quality looks and that cycle. meier, pavelski. boedker. tough to handle and another good stop for marc-andre fleury. >> john: san jose with 40 shots. vegas with 23. erik haula and joe pavelski on this draw. meier. moved back. chip by perron back out. burns sends it in.
8:31 pm
fleury leave it's there for nate schmidt. look it over. san jose dropping back through center. goes by haula. wide of jones. icing called. >> joe: joe pavelski was directing traffic in the offe e offensive zone there. timo meier on the right side, he said you go in and put pressure. that's the positioning that led to the icing. now another chance in offensive zone for the sharks. >> eddie: if tierney can win this clean, burns off the wall to shoot for give to partner for one-timer. >> john: win it back, dillon for burns. shot tip is available. kicked to the outside. pavelski gets to it. tierney on the corner. eludes smith. out in front. off the stick of ryan carpenter. fed along by dillon. by carpenter. tierney to the outside.
8:32 pm
he stops. supported by meier. chris tierney, defending him nate schmidt. did a great job. erik haula pumps it back through center. burns a tough time. recovers. plays along for tierney who shoots ahead. san jose changing. schmidt expedites the puck off a body. will carrier. nosek overskated and fed in by deryk engelland all the way around. pierre edouard-bellemare losing it to melker karlsson off the boards and out. shea theodore right back at sharks ice. vlasic, burns. bellemare for vegas. and battle. 10:20 left in overtime. errant pass intended for melker karlsson, all the way back down, another icing. >> eddie: talked about how physical this game two has been.
8:33 pm
compared to game one. those hits early in this game, might not pay dividends when you put a hurting on somebody johnny but longer the game goes -- >> john: it accumulates. get the yips when they go back for puck knowing that someone's beat down. when you get tired you make mistakes. nine shots in overtime, six taken by san jose. karlsson, thwarted. >> joe: good stick by eric fehr there. he's done a lot of that tonight. >> john: through center. marchessault steps in. across. william karlsson. defensive play by justin braun. colin miller. broken stick. karlsson in front. cleaned up. good defensive play by vlasic. san jose gets it back out. outside the line. couture with hertl. merrill defending with reilly
8:34 pm
smith. direct pass by marchessault back out. san jose jumps on it. logan couture. bouncer. stick to it. going hard at merrill. marchessault fights off a check. deals it back in the san jose zone. brenden dillon makes sure he gains center. feed it in. timo meier. tierney by engelland. pavelski is on it. winder wide of fleury. >> eddie: off the referee's skate perfectly right to dillon. >> john: through the middle. perron. haula holding. stopped and covered by jones. 9:02 left to go in overtime. we're back.
8:35 pm
>> eddie: great look by our crew in vegas. joe pavelski trying to get this puck off the boards. but gets a fortune, bounces off the left skate of the official. there's a good look at joe pavelski. thez little joe right? >> joe: yeah. or the big pavelski.
8:36 pm
>> eddie: jumbo joe thornton. >> joe: getting closer. >> eddie: warm-ups tonight. what a one-two bunch they've been for doug wilson and the san jose sharks. >> john: overtime, housekeeping with the ice. walking around town, everywhere, casinos. streets. there are so many people into the team. gear they wear, jerseys, hats, shirts. all the casinos buying in. captured this town with hockey. how awesome is this scene in game two, round two in overtime, threes are wild here in vegas. >> john: san jose will get their chance at game three on monday night.
8:37 pm
off the draw. justin braun gets to it. boedker, through center. approaching shea theodore. he goes deep. >> eddie: game here tonight for san jose. >> john: deryk engelland, fore-checked by hertl. boedker, tomas hertl. power move in front. turn. rifle it high. >> eddie: great idea, just not able to execute. >> john: shea theodore cut it off. boedker did the same on him. hertl attempts a pass that didn't get through. tomas hertl, cycle out. create space off a stick. defend it. golden knights survive. here they come. haula with perron. david perron is shot on the stick, wide off braun. theodore negated again by justin braun. >> eddie: great idea by vegas. get the puck to the net. >> john: vlasic, pressure from marchessault and finishing hit. carried out by pavelski.
8:38 pm
here come the sharks. joe pavelski to the outside. fleury a save and hangs on to it. timo meier had the chance and fleury stands tall. >> joe: good play by joe pavelski to lead the rush, protect the puck. karlsson tries to get to him, quick shot by meier and look at the stick work and confidence of marc-andre fleury. here it is. sees it all the way, just bats it right back into the glove. >> eddie: san jose really only playing with five defenseman, haven't seen paul martin in a long time. >> john: william karlsson, joe pavelski on this face-off. won by the golden knights. nate schmidt will take it back. one choice, off the wall. cut off by tierney. reilly smith will settle it down to open corner. brenden dillon looks around. paid a price for it.
8:39 pm
cleared ahead. marchessault from smith. out of the zone that time by timo meier. brayden mcnabb hounded by pavelski. flushed out. alex tuch on a change for vegas. shoulder on him from meier. now schmidt, quick up. moved in by reilly smith, all the way back down. fore-checked by tuch. sharks will survive that. lobbed out by eric fehr. icing is called here. >> joe: peter deboer doesn't like this call because the defenseman going back instead of turning to puck turned other way and allowed the puck to go past. peter deboer told the officials, i don't like the call. here it comes again. defense on the left. see how he turns other way? puck to his right.
8:40 pm
that was merrill. >> john: face-off win for barclay goodrow. burns off the boards. off pavelski. accepted by colin miller. moved all the way across. barclay goodrow gets after it for san jose. ryan carpenter back out. he has the puck. ryan carpenter moves in, colin miller gets to it. he'll wind it. knocked around and sharks clear it back out. burns got to it. reset here by vegas. jon merrill shoved in by will carrier, not deep enough. burns through center. interrupted. cody eakin moves up for a shot. blocked by burns. brent burns to the outside. support by vlasic. burns again by nosek and now hertl. out to center. rolls around, bellemare is there. off the back side of hertl.
8:41 pm
now logan couture. off a stick. off engelland. bellemare. advanced on the play by carrier and stoppage of play. >> joe: we're seeing a lot of play by both teams up the boards, off the glass. very few attempted passes up middle of the ice. one of the reasons is pressure. other reason of course is just to make sure you don't make a mistake in your own zone at this juncture of the game. >> eddie: three of the six goals in this game off face-offs. >> john: braun gets to it. defense dillon. steal. chance through the blue by james neal and sharks send it back.
8:42 pm
icing once again. >> eddie: giveaway by justin braun below the goal line. vegas in on the fore-check. good stick there from james neal. and quick little wraparound and good stick there for martin jones. i thought the initial read looked like he got a piece of it. maybe not. second look we saw, san jose dodges a giveaway there by justin braun. >> john: reset the face-off. pavelski will take this one in the defensive zone. false start. erik haula will stay there. pavelski will get another chance. knights get to it. moved in by mcnabb. here's david perron in front. jones got a piece of it. james neal once again.
8:43 pm
perron. neal. shot. stopped by jones. along the boards. schmidt broken up. long pass out to center. knocked down by mcnabb. moving in braun with tierney. chris tierney, broken up and vegas is back out. vlasic, perron. jones will help out. sent back by mikkel boedker. perron has time. approach the 15-minute mark in overtime. karlsson had it, lost it, deryk engelland. at the line. here's marchessault. canceled by vlasic. gets it back. spins it off the side of the goal. out of the corner, reilly smith, william karlsson. tip doesn't work. marchessault with the tip and good block that time by vlasic. theodore. through center. transition again. marchessault. broken up by vlasic. kicked along by melker karlsson.
8:44 pm
barclay goodrow for karlsson. he'll turn off the stick of fleury. brent burns gets to it out in front. off bodies. to the point brenden dillon, to the slot. barclay goodrow lost his edge. moved back. shea theodore moves it, marchessault gets back up. plays it through center ice. bro brenden dillon taking over for san jose. had 42 shots, vegas 26. barclay goodrow at the line. broken up, hacked out of play. >> eddie: you have to recognize there if you're goodrow, end of long shift, falling all around, got to get the puck in deep. there's david perron off the shaft of the stick. james neal. then right after that neal tried instead of going high, went low and martin jones was able to make a left pad save. what a play by perron.
8:45 pm
watch twice, talk about a game of inches. wow, what a chance. >> john: vlasic off a body. captured by schmidt. get a second chance to get it out by brayden mcnabb. alex tuch with carpenter and eakin. carpenter off a stick by pavelski. corner. cody eakin for vegas. along the boards, corral it, schmidt walk in, shot stopped by jones. he's got it, maintaining control of the rebound. >> eddie: good netfront presence from alex tuch. ryan carpenter all around the blue paint and martin jones was able to see it and absorb it. >> joe: those guys, natural skaters, still have an opportunity -- there it is again eddie, unbelievable. james neal had three chances within a span of about 20 seconds. all good enough to win the game.
8:46 pm
>> john: face-off controlled by san jose. dillon for braun. moved along for kevin labanc. through center ice. bumped ahead. at line. hacked at by tomas hertl, back in. engelland moves it by theodore. marchessault, through center ice. merrill pass for reilly smith. he'll go deep. braun is back for san jose. hasled by william karlsson, sharks get to it, try to clear. engelland off the side of the goal. braun had a puck. turnover. dillon. reilly smith. shea theodore, shot, blocked, rebound scores!
8:47 pm
joe pavelski in the slot and vegas wins game two. >> eddie: does joe pavelski interfere with martin jones? he goes to the front, ties up his stick. then marchessault finds the back of the net. the positioning of martin jones, he's in the crease there. no question he makes contact. >> joe: some of the players eddie from there came over to look at my monitor as well. coaches for the sharks -- no one went to the locker room from the sharks side. just stayed in this area.
8:48 pm
>> eddie: it's right arm they're looking at. stick knocks him off balance. >> referee: upon review to determine if there was goaltender interference prior to the puck entering the net. >> john: does the goaltender have the opportunity to make the save? >> eddie: it's up to the attacking player to know where the goaltender is. i think this one is reversed. does dillon push him in. looking at everything, hands on him. does he push him into the stick on the arm of martin jones? >> joe: to me, i don't think
8:49 pm
that he changed his angle at all, marchessault. i thought he came straight and made contact with the stick before dillon made contact with him. from my opinion. i think this gets overturned. >> eddie: dillon had his hands on -- stop it right there. see the hands? see the hands of dillon? that's what they're looking at. right in that area there. here we go. more drama. >> john: kelly sutherland. >> referee: after situation room review it's determined there is goaltender interference prior to the goal. no goal.
8:50 pm
>> john: contact jonathan marchessault with martin jones. 16:58 in overtime. one more look. >> eddie: where is he? blue paint when contact is made. everything is thrown in. look at everything, the decision, agree with the call. martin jones not allowed to play his position. in the blue paint. again the only thing that i was -- looking at lot of things but did dillon like we saw earlier on the burns goal when he wrapped it around with colin miller, was there help with the
8:51 pm
contact. >> joe: and i think the other thing they look at is did marchessault have a chance to avoid that contact. >> eddie: yes. >> john: schmidt now will clear it ahead. we continue on. 2:53 left in overtime. through center. flung in, attempt by perron. vlasic. wedged in off the pad of fleury by tierney. pavelski moves it deep. lifeline for san jose. vlasic will get to it. through center ice, all the way back. vegas now reorganizing, 2:29 left here in overtime. alex tuch. jones, left for brent burns. 0 long the boards out to center. tierney muscled by deryk engelland. cody eakin back on it.
8:52 pm
engelland. through center red. knocked down by hertl. off the camera. will stop play with 2:08 left in overtime. >> joe: this being the fourth period, upper 90s in temperature here in vegas today, these pucks on the ice right now, not many are staying flat. eddie, your point about getting the puck to the net sometimes, this just adds to it. hard to make a play when the puck is on end. >> john: goal taken away from joe pavelski at 16:58 in overtime. nosek will feed it back. sharks now will get to it. moved along by mikkel boedker all the way around for couture, back out. shot all the way down by brenden dillon and fleury, have an exchange with theodore, 1:40 left this overtime.
8:53 pm
game two, vegas with 7-0 win in game one, game three monday night in san jose. vlasic moved along by barclay goodrow, all the way back down. jon merrill. william karlsson. rolls in on fleury. he'll freeze. >> joe: nice job by eric fehr to get to the boards in a hurry. he sprinted to the right-hand boards to get there just as the puck was getting to the vegas player. was able to block and continue forward. left side of the screen, all the way over there, does a nice job and fleury has to cover up with fehr looking for loose puck. >> john: pavelski and karlsson on this face-off. clean win, burns with a shot. whistled wide of fleury. vlasic goes deep again.
8:54 pm
1:13 left in overstiem. timo meier attempts to get through. pavelski across. marchessault through center by vlasic. hurried by tuch. off the glass. under a minute left in this overtime. william karlsson, alex tuch see it's now. marchessault, shot, turned out by jones. mcnabb moves inside. karlsson in front again off sticks. and sharks will get to it. elevate that puck out with 42 seconds left in overtime. timo meier. onside, goes deep. 33 seconds left in o.t., deryk engelland. be careful here. erik haula from the outside of braun. circle, hold on to it. haula, engelland. off the side of the goal. logan couture helping out the "d." 17 seconds left in overtime. engelland with a pitch for
8:55 pm
vegas. back to play, couture attempting to dig it out. eight seconds left in overtime. tie it up in the corner. we have completed the first overtime. in game number two. coming up on the subway intermission report, who will break through in overtime and bruins rookie stays hot in the round number two. show goes on in las vegas. all sorts of close chances including overturned goal for goaltender interference scored by jonathan marchessault. 3-3 after overtime.
8:56 pm
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>> announcer: welcome to the subway overtime intermission report. by subway. make it what you want. >> after situation room review, it was determined they will continue playing hockey in vegas. puck hits back of the net but contact made to martin jones. goal doesn't count. 3-3, liam mchugh, keith jones, patrick sharp. nightmare scenario, playoff game, huge moment, video review for goaltender interference and you'd sit there, not really know. but in your mind doesn't play out that way. >> first glance didn't see it but multiple looks in replay,
8:58 pm
clearly the right call. martin jones was signaling to the referee and bench there was issue. you can see the contact there. marchessault is not pushed but guided. dillon is behind him. only thing that would be controversial on the play. finds puck and knocks into the net. martin jones clearly taken out of the play. get it right. no goal is right call. >> you get that adrenaline rush, going to o.t., doesn't always play out that way. play is sluggish and guys getting tired. what did you think of this one? >> i liked it. high pace from start of overtime intermission. first san jose had better chances. marc-andre fleury stood on his head. joe pavelski had a handful of chances. this being one. and as period went on vegas carried the play and had more chances. >> and lot of face-off chances.
8:59 pm
pavelski in front of the net, again pavelski battling in front looking for rebound opportunities. really good job in creating early chances. fleury shows confidence there. then start coming after martin jones other end of the ice. >> ice was tilted last minutes of play. marchessault thought he had the game winner. one off of the knob of jones' stick. inch away from ending the game. >> there's the shot. what a chance for james neal. doesn't miss many of those. just had it go off the stick of martin jones, very skillful save. >> 3-3 game and double overtime coming up. but next, look back at boston's top line in tampa grabbing game one. highlights of the bruins series opening win over top seeded tampa after this. ..
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