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tv   Today  NBC  January 23, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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minute you're up, right there. >> back to twitter. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us for "nbc bay area news" at 11:00. thanks for joining us for "today in the bay." have a great morning. good morning, collision y course, lawmakers on capitol hill set to vote on competing bills aimed at finally ending the government shutdown. 33 days in, the impact hitting even harder, the fbi now saying it's made the country less safe. >> the failure to fund the fbi is making it more difficult for us to do our jobs. >> millions of families facing yet another week without paychecks. >> we're sorry you're going through this. >> we are too. >> "today" exclusive, center of the storm, the kentucky high school student involved in that confrontation caught on tape tells his side of the story for the very first time. >> why didn't you walk away? >> this morning what he's saying
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about this moment, that look, and the fallout that's become another flash point on race and politics in our divided nation. scare in the air. >> we missed the drone by about 30 feet off our right wing. >> dangerously close calls between passenger planes and drones shut down air traffic at one of the nation's busiest airports, the faa now investigating. we're live with the very latest. all that, plus reunited. >> it's amazing. >> a boston woman found alive three days after being kidnapped back in the arms of her overjoyed family and a suspect now behind bars. serena stunned. >> oh! >> serena williams upset at the australian open overnight, the remarkable comeback that ended her run at another major title. and like father, like son, the casting surprise for the
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sopranos prequel that will have fans seeing double, today, wednesday, january 23rd, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody, good morning, and thank you for being with us on a wednesday morning, and in a moment we're going to hear for the first time the other side of the story in this confrontation that has just gone viral between that young man right there and a native american elder. so many people are talking about this. >> yeah. and a lot of people -- we've heard from the native american elder a few times. it will be nice to hear the other side of the story in this case. we're going to start with the government shutdown. >> two votes are now in the senate tomorrow that could potentially end it, but that will be too late for federal workers and government contractors who now face a second week of missed paychecks. we do have complete coverage. we're going to start with nbc's tom costello. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning, we're at the federal triangle here in washington, d.c.
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thousands of people every day come into the federal triangle. people here are working at the epa, at the irs. if you go through these columns, you go all the way back there to customs and border protection and many other offices, but of course most of these workers are coming without pay or they are furloughed, this at a time when some of the top ceos are saying this is unbecoming of the united states of america. this morning business pressure is building for an end to the shutdown. the former ceo of dow. >> and another says america's dysfunction is hitting the bottom line. >> i'm a tour group, smithsonian is closed. do i really want to go to washington now?
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>> reporter: back in washington, on pennsylvania avenue, more food giveaways for federal workers who are now expected to miss a second paycheck. for quashawn latimer fighting cancer, now fearing losing her home. >> worst-case scenario, we'll lose our home. i'll be evicted. i can't negotiate with my chemo. that has to happen. if it's chemo or the rent, chemo wins. >> reporter: coast guard barely getting by without paychecks. they ended with the cam danlt saying the armed forces should not be expected to shoulder the burden. >> i find it unacceptable that coast guard men and women have to rely on food pantries and donations to get through day-to-day life as service members. >> reporter: in massachusetts, amber broadway's husband is still on duty. >> we're not leaving the house if we don't have to because that's gas money. we're not going out to eat, you know. we're really being still and quiet at home. >> reporter: the shutdown is, of course, all about the border
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wall. the president insists a wall would help stop illegal immigration and the flow of illegal drugs. >> walls are not immoral. in fact, they are the opposite of immoral because they will save many lives and stop drugs from pouring into our country. >> reporter: but the government's own statistics show most hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, and meth come through legal ports of entry and would not be stopped by a wall. meanwhile, arrests along the border have averaged 400,000 a year for the past decade, well below the peak of 1.6 million arrests in 2000. >> now just back to the economic concerns for just a second, the white house is pushing back, tom. they're saying that all this pain will be kind of short-lived. so what are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the senior white house economic adviser larry kudlow was suggesting that this will be a short-lived painful situation, that there will be a quick snapback and the economy will recover, but there's no plan
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right now to reopen the government and for there to be any sort of a snapback quickly. and, oh, by the way, we're not just talking about the 800,000 federal workers going without pay but also the millions of contract workers, they will not get back pay if and when the government reopens. they're really out of luck completely. >> that's an important point. all right, tom, thank you. now to those new proposals to reopen the government, they're expected to be put to a le vote on the hill today -- excuse me, tomorrow, and as that plays out, the president is pushing ahead with plans to deliver his state-of-the-union address next week. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. as the urgency builds to end the shutdown, president trump does seem determined to give his state of the union address despite house speaker nancy pelosi urging him to delay it. and as the senate is poised to vote on competing bills to end the stalemate, there is still no clear end in sight. this morning the white house says it's moving forward with the state-of-the-union address
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next tuesday at the capitol as planned, despite a request by house speaker nancy pelosi to reschedule it, due to what she called security concerns prompted by the shutdown. concerns trump administration officials have said are unfounded. the white house sent a letter to the house sergeant at arms asking for a dry run for the speech and overnight press secretary sarah sanders dug in. >> nancy pelosi invited the president. he accepted. she cited security concerns as a potential reason to delay that. the united states secret service and dhs have addressed those concerns, and we're moving forward until sometoving forward until something changes on that front. >> reporter: now the shutdown in its fifth week, mitch mcconnell scheduling a vote tomorrow on mr. trump's proposal to reopen the government which would restore protections for three years for dreamers in exchange for $5.7 billion for a border wall. >> it's a proposal that the
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president will support as i've stated consistently over the past month, that fact will earn it consideration here in the senate. >> reporter: democrats insist that's dead on arrival. >> the president's proposal is one sided, harshly partisan and was made in bad faith. >> reporter: mr. trump's plan is all but certain to fail because senate republicans need 60 votes to pass it requires 7 democrats to break ranks. the senate is also set to vote tomorrow on a second democratic backed po pose sal that would reopen the government for two weeks without funding for the border wall but that's also likely to fail with republican senators largely standing with the president demanding money for his key priority. >> the wall is a way to ensure that traffic is funneled to points of entry that can be monitored but it also is a way to make it harder to cross the border. >> back to the state of the union, if speaker pelosi formally resends the invitation,
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what happens next? what are the other options here. >> reporter: the white house seems to be full steam ahead on the original plan for the president to speak at the capitol, officials are also preparing separate passages of the speech just in case it's delivered outside of d.c. the president will meet with leaders later today to discuss his immigration proposal to turn up the heat on democrats. >> thank you. another story getting a lot of other attention. >> good morning to you. that's right. a drone scare at one of this country's busiest airport. newark international airport officials were forced to temporarily suspend flights. it's an issue that's becoming a safety concern here in the u.s. around around the world. morgan has more for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. newark airport is one of the biggest transportation hubs for the new york and the new jersey area, but it's also one of the
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busiest airports in the country. it was brought to a compete ground stop after two drones were found flying dangerously close to airplanes nearby. so the question this morning is how did it happen and who's responsible? >> flights delayed and arrival times left up in the air. >> we circled and you can see it on the map. >> it was about 45 minutes extra. >> reporter: a ground stop ordered at the busiest airport after two drones were spotted flying nearby. the action halting incoming flights. >> it was pretty close i would say within a quarter mile at most. >> we missed the drone by about 30 feet off our right wing. >> reporter: the drones seen hovering about 3,500 feet above a smaller regional airport just 20 miles away. the disruption causing dozens of planes to circle newark airport including a united flight from jamaica just minutes away from running out of fuel when the pilot asked for a location to land the aircraft. >> we've got about 15, 20
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minutes, i've got to go somewhere. i'll take the turnpike, whatever you want to give me. >> reporter: the incident grounding planes in other cities before all flights resumed. the faa generally prohibits jones from flying within five miles from airports because of the danger they pose to other air traffic. >> a larger format drone could do a significant amount of damage to an airplane and if it were close to ground it could result in loss of the airplane. >> reporter: drones also impacting travel overseas. most recently back in december, creating chaos at one of europe's busiest hubs. multiple sitings forcing the airport to shut down for a day and a half at the height of the holiday season. that incident cost the airline nearly $20 million in revenue. fbi and law enforcement officials have be notified and there is currently no suspect.
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however, if that person is found they could not only face criminal penalties, but they could also face up to a $15,000 fine. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. we do have a lot more to get to including a young woman who vanished in boston who vanished over the weekend and found alive. her mysterious disappearance, he is now in custody. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. talk about relief here in boston. 23-year-old is home this morning with her parents. she went missing after a night here at this bar with friends and family on saturday night. she wasn't seen then for three days until police used surveillance video and cell phone pings to track her and her alleged kidnapper down. this morning homecoming. >> we are beyond happy to have her home. it's amazing.
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>> reporter: 23-year-old olivia ambrose returning home with her parents. >> we know that many times the outcome isn't this. >> reporter: it comes after a frantic search in boston leading to a dramatic arrest. >> the suspect is now being charged with kidnapping. >> reporter: the alleged victim safe after being treated at a boston hospital. the young woman vanished after leaving this bar late saturday night. her twin sister who was dancing with her that night says no one saw olivia leave. her family growing concerns after olivia missed several appointments on sunday and did not answer her phone. >> not a minute goes by that she isn't talking to somebody. >> reporter: they observed her on surveillance video, first being engaged and physically guided by this man, 38-year-old victor pena.
7:14 am
>> he was guiding her actually clutching her, guiding her along until eventually they went into public transportation. >> reporter: more cameras capturing the two entering and exiting two metro stations. phone records indicating her mobile phonendoed up in the general location of a housing development. >> eventually the investigation led us to 49 wall ford way where boston police department located the victim alive and the suspect. >> reporter: today mr. pena is in custody and facing a kidnapping charge. >> it's obvious she did not go along willingly and we know that we have the right charge. >> reporter: the family telling nbc news in a statement the ambrose family is so grateful for the efforts of the boston police department and the mbta and transit police who have worked firelessly over the last
7:15 am
three days to bring olivia home adding the amly is overjoyed. >> reporter: olivia appears to be in good health. victor pena will be arraigned later today on that kidnapping charge and police say there could be additional charges. >> thank you. los angeles schoolteachers are returning to work this morning after a six-day strike. teachers in the nation's second largest school district reached a tentative contract agreement on tuesday. that deal includes a 6% pay hike, commitment to reduce class sizes over four years and it would add nursing positions too. teachers in denver voted to strike late tuesday. they could walk off the job as early as monday. >> al's been tracking the storm that's going to impact a whole lot of people. >> first we're taking a look at these temperature changes. it's been so cold the eastern half of the u.s. the last 24 hours we've seen an
7:16 am
uptick. 29 degrees warmer than it was yesterday in indianapolis at 45 degrees and look at today. nice warmup. brief winter break. we've got temperatures that stretch from boston all the way down to mobile and anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above average, but then for tomorrow, that cold air starts filtering back in again. it will stay warm in the east but look at this, madison, chattanooga, jackson all about 5 to 10 degrees below average and big chills for the weekend. chicago on friday, 2. same in minneapolis. philadelphia by saturday you bottom out at 32 degrees. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. s got you covered. [helium voice] ahhh, that's great to hear...robyn? what's going on? are you sure you're okay? yeah, yeah, i think so. ahhhh... ahhhhhh... we're gonna get you a tow truck, mike. thank you. real fender bender going on.
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fender bender. ♪ fender bender everybody remain calm! there's no reason to panic! go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here is a live look in walnut creek as you head out. it is a chilly morning. temperatures are dipping down into the 30s. grab an extra layer as you head out the too. it will warm up nicely. inland valleys 62 degrees today with sunshine and warmer tomorrow an as we go into the weekend upper 60s in the forecast. just a few more clouds by the weekend but overall, we're going to keep some dry weather and see those chilly mornings continue over the next few days. >> and that's your latest weather. >> the high school student at the center of that confrontation caught on camera. what he's saying to us about the moment, not walking away and the uproar. >> then the never before heard
7:18 am
prison interview with ted bundy coming to light 30 years after his execution. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ay" on nbc.
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the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, affordably and on-time. (ringing) ( ♪ ) the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. a very good morning to you. it 17:26. i'm laura garcia. authorities investigating a late night shooting in san jose a little before 11:00 last night outside the bay 101 card room on first street. you can see bullet holes in the car. the victim was shot in the leg, police tell us. they also believe he was targeted. what they don't know is whether he was shot in the parking lot or if the shooting happened in the nearby highway. 101 runs just north of the casino. let's check the forecast now kari, a cold start to our morning. >> yes, we're seeing that now as the sun rises, skies are clear and it's a beautiful start to the day, but it feels much
7:27 am
colder than it did yesterday at this time. in fact, a lot of the bay area starting out in the 30s this morning, and a few spots are below freezing especially in the north bay. after this chilly start, though, it will be a nice day, we're headed into the low 60s for our high, and we'll continue to see our inland valleys reach into the mid to upper 60s for the rest of the week, as our dry weather continues. looking at san francisco, 58 today, but we'll be in the low 60s over the next few days, and we'll see that wet continuing into the start of next week. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. >> what sounds bad is actually good. more cars headed westbound across the san mateo bridge. at 7:00, we showed you a crash that happened in the service lane that cleared. then over the last half hour another crash approaching the toll plaza involving a dump truck cleared from the lanes. i'll clear it from the report. we have a slower drive from 880 toward the hayward side and more traffic across the dumbarton bridge as a result of the all the nationals people are taking.
7:28 am
back to the san mateo bridge, folks, the south bay picking up the volume northbound routes into san jose sunnyvale and mountain view been dl thank you very much. another update in half on hour.
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7:30 am
. back now, it is 7:30 on this wednesday morning, january the 23rd. look outside here at rockefeller plaza, a chilly one but not as chilly as the last couple of days. >> i know. >> we're okay with that. >> 30 degrees, it's bikini weather. lawmakers set to vote on competiing bills tomorrow with the aim to end this partial gofrt sh government shutdown. one bill reflects the president's border wall funding. a second vote is set for a measure already passed by the house to reopen the government through february 8th. it does not provide money for a border wall.
7:31 am
neither bill is expected to advance. singer chris brown was released from police custody in paris on tuesday with no charges filed. brown and two others were detained monday on allegations of aggravated rape. the singer strongly denies those accusations. the investigation is still underway. serena williams run at the australian open is over this morning after a stunning collapse in the quarter finals. williams led karolina pliskova five games to one in the final set but went on to lose six straight games. the loss ends her hopes of making her third straight grand slam final. now to our interview with nicholas sandmann, over the past few days nbc news has sat down with nathan phillips three times and heard his side of the story, and now for the first time the 16-year-old is saying what he saw. >> do you feel from this experience that you owe anybody an apology?
7:32 am
do you see your own fault in any way? >> as far as standing there, i had every right to do so. i don't -- my position is that i was not disrespectful to mr. phillips. i respect him. i'd like to talk to him. i mean, in hindsight, i wish we could have walked away and avoided the whole thing, but i can't say that i'm sorry for listening to him and standing there. >> this morning, 16-year-old nick sandmann standing by his actions in this moment gone viral. the junior at kentucky's covington catholic high school now the face of this lincoln memorial confrontation with native american elder nathan phillips. >> and what's it been like to be at the center of this storm? >> well, i've been -- it's weird to see your face on television. i've been reading a lot, and you know, i've also been getting a lot of messages from people both support and a lot of hateful
7:33 am
things. >> sandmann and dozens of his class mamates had just finished attending a march for life rally when they -- a radical movement that is growing more militant. >> they started shouting a bunch of homophobic racist derogatory comments at us. >> what kinds of things did you hear them say? >> i heard them call us incest kids, bigots, racists. they called us [ bleep ]. >> a bunch of incest babies. >> a bunch of child molesting [ bleep ]. >> did you feel threatened at all? >> i definitely felt threatened. >> there were more of you than them, but you felt like they were stronger? >> they were a group of adults ask i wasn't sure what was going to happen next. >> it's unclear from the videos who actually started the confrontation, each side believes it was the first to be taunted. sandmann says his chaperon gave students permission to shout school chants an attempt to
7:34 am
drown out the hebrew israelites. >> do you think it was a good idea to start chanting back at the protesters? >> in hindsight, i wish we had just found another spot to wait for our buses, but at the time being positive seemed better than letting them slander us with all of these things, so i wish we could have walked away. >> did anyone shout any insults back or any racial slurs back at the group? >> we're a catholic school, and it's not tolerated. they don't tolerate racism, and none of my classmates are racist people. >> did anyone say build the wall? >> i never heard anyone say build the wall, and i don't think i've seen it in any videos. >> after a review of the videos, nbc could not hear anyone shouting that hot button phrase,
7:35 am
but nathan phillips claims he heard the teens shout build the wall. >> oh, yeah, i heard that. >> phillips was with a group of native americans coming from an indigenous people's march when he can be seen walking between the students and the protesters. >> i intervened and things just escalated from there. >> phillips says he was trying to diffuse the tense situation. sandmann says he was confused about phillips' motives and why he was there. >> at first we were unsure of whether he was trying to join in and drum to the -- our chants or what he was doing. >> did you feel like he was trying to get somewhere else, to go toward the lincoln memorial? >> i'm not sure where he wanted to go, and if he wanted to walk past me, i would have let him go. >> in that moment, he's looking at you. you're looking at him. what's going through your mind? >> i wanted the situation to die down, and i just wish he would have walked away, but i knew as
7:36 am
long as i kept my composure and didn't do anything he might perceive as aggressive or elevation of the conflict, that it would hopefully die. >> why didn't you walk away? >> well, now i wish i would have walked away. i didn't want to be disrespectful to mr. phillips and walk away if he was trying to talk to me, but certainly i was surrounded by a lot of people i didn't know tha a says he's appreciative
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
of the president's tweets but all the attention has taken a toll. >> what's this been like for you and for your family? >> it's been terrible. people have threatened our lives. >> sandmann says he doesn't want to live his life in fear, and he now hopes to come out of this with a deeper understanding of others. >> i have the utmost respect for mr. phillips. it's another person that freely used his first amendment right, and i want to thank him for his military service as well, and i'd certainly like to speak with him. >> as mentioned, we've interviewed mr. phillips a few
7:40 am
times, but we invited him again now in light of this conversation. i think we're going it hear from him tomorrow on "today." there was actually a really interesting moment at the school yesterday where protesters came, and there was a moment where a young kid who was wearing that red make america great again hat and another native american said, you know, maybe we should just sit down. >> yeah, talk about it. >> sit down and talk about it. >> they swapped phone numbers and agreed to have a meeting. it's nice to see a little thawing in those tensions, because you saw that moment. >> it was also nice to hear from that 16-year-old whose face and that expression that he made for a lot of folks became a symbol of a lot of different things. it was good to hear from him for the first time since we heard from mr. phillips. >> a situation your you actually have video. people are free to make their own judgments of what they think happened here there. >> by the way it was an adult who was there, i thought it was an student. chilling confessions from a notorious serial killer.
7:41 am
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and welcome back. we want to get a quick check of the weather now, mr. roker what are we looking at? >> we've got another storm coming in, and it's going to be bringing snow and rain. we've got flash flood watches from boston all the way down into northern north carolina. we've also got winter storm watches, advisories, even some blizzard warnings up in the dakotas as this system starts to make its way to the east. we've got snow from chicago, just to the north into green bay. we're also looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms, louisville all the way down to houston. here's what we look for. by thursday up into the u.p. of michigan, parts of western michigan, anywhere from six to nine inches of snow, tug hill plateau of new york, about nine inches as well, and a lot of heavy rain. we're talking down from the panhandle of florida all the way into the northeast, a widespread area of one to two inches.
7:46 am
loc locally, cou good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got sunshine all across the bay area, but it is chilly, as you get ready to head out the door. we've seen 30s to start out today but it will warm up quickly and headed up to 62 degrees today. a lot of sunshine in the rest of the forecast, as we see some upper 60s in the forecast for the weekend, and then as we check out san francisco, 58 degrees will be the high today, but also looking like a nice weekend ahead, with above normal temperatures that continue into next week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. still ahead, more friends, more fruit? dr. oz shares simple changes you dr. oz shares simple changes you can all make right now to live dr. oz shares simple changes you can all make right now to live it's easy to lose sight of what we should love and appreciate. milk is for a lot of things that really matter. for our bones and bodies, sure, but also to build us up when we need it.
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we're back, carson daly is back. >> where were you? >> in the land i come from chairs turn all the time. we were just shooting the voice out in l.a. >> and you said john legend's going to be on? >> oh, he's great. when it comes to our kids, we're all just doing our best, right? kate middleton opens up about even she opportunity always have it together raising three kids. then sex among 20 and 30 something's it's on the decline. jenna got a group of millennials together. together. she's getting to the bottom of
7:52 am
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good wednesday morning. right now at 7:56 we wake up to sunshine and chilly temperatures around the bay area. this is a live look outside, right now in fremont, with a light wind and we'll see temperatures going from 40 degrees at 9:00 to 60 degrees later on this afternoon. after we enjoy some sunshine, we'll see a lot more of it in the forecast, over the next few days, just a few more clouds in the mix on saturday, but still no rain in the forecast. morning temperatures start out in the upper 30s to low 40s, and even as we go into next week, our dry weather continues. san francisco looking at upper 50s today and then 60s for the rest of the week, going into next week, still no rain in this forecast, but it may be shortly thereafter we may be tracking storms so we'll keep an eye on that. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute.
7:57 am
>> looking at the south bay top of the screen, northbound 101 and lawrence expressway a disabled vehicle in lanes for 20 minutes, that's why there's no slowing there. it just cleared and should see recovery. more traffic toward mountain view. westbound 84 the dumbarton bridge has more traffic flowing across it and a slower rate, folks who are avoiding the san mateo bridge from the earlier crashes but they've all cleared. you can use west 92 again. getting toward the bay bridge a smoother drive, slower through el cerrito out of appian way. a crash cleared. a live look from our walnut creek creek camera shows you that. back to you. happening now, people on the peninsula are frustrated with how prosecutors are handling a deadly police tasing incident in millbrae that happened last fall. the d.a. is promising to release body cam video connected to the case but until next month. activists plan to protest in his office today. on our twitter feed there is a link to the full story. oracle accused by the federal government of
7:58 am
chronically underpaying women and women of color. workers were underpaid $400 million. fooled while buying a hd fridge. our consumer team helps him handle the issue. plus: san jose hosts the n-h-l all-star game this weekend. but for sharks fans--the fun starts now! where you can find all the fun- for free! join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, pressure mounting. new warnings of the economic impact. >> it's another demonstration to the outside world that america hasn't got its act together. >> as almost a million federal workers prepare for yet another $0 paycheck. we're live with the latest. plus, ted talks, the never before heard prison interviews with notorious serial killer ted bundy. >> a person of this type chooses his victim for a reason, possession. control, violence. >> what we're now learning about the infamous murderer 30 years after his execution.
8:01 am
and no sex and chill? despite what you see on tv, movies and online, new research shows millennials are actually having less sex than ever before. so are we really in the middle of a sex recession? today wednesday, january 23rd, 2019. ♪ i know i'd go back to you >> from baltimore, today i turn 63! >> hi to my fiancee alex, i love you. >> from the lone star state. >> representing the hoosier state, hi mom and dad. >> good morning to amy who's watching from california. >> from minneapolis, minnesota. >> and omaha, nebraska. >> hey, to all the stay at home moms out there, we're watching the "today" show from marietta, georgia. give them a kiss. >> love that. >> that's how you do it, that's the my today plaza thing. so simple. so happy to have you with us on the plaza or watching at home.
8:02 am
it's wednesday morning. look at al roker out there. >> roker's out there pressing the flesh. we really want to see you though. >> if you've got a few seconds to spare, blow us a kiss like the baby there. >> it's simple, put your name on it, where you watch from. put it on twitterer, insta, use the #mytodayplaza, and before you know it, you'll be on tv. we do have a busy hour to get to. we're going to start with your news at 8:00. the sna tenate is preparing to on competing votes to end the government shutdown. business leaders are among those putting pressure on all sides as the damage to this economy gets even worse. nbc's tom costello joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. listen, this live shot kind of says it all, normally this would be bustling. we would have thousands of federal workers here in the federal triangle in washington walking through this area, going to work at the irs, the epa, customs and border protection. instead, it looks like new
8:03 am
year's day. you could roll a bowling ball or a hundred bowling balls and not hit anybody. where are all the federal workers? this is really sad. a lot of them are a block or two away. they have been going to food pantries and food giveaways because we are now into missing the second paycheck this week, middle income people who simply don't have the money anymore or are running out of money to be able to afford the bills, pay the bills, and buy groceries. members of the coast guard and their families had been on capitol hill in the last 24 hours asking for the government to reopen and pay the coast guard workers as you know many of them are still out on the water performing dangerous missions while their families back on land have to go to food pantries and food banks. the coast guard commandant saying this is unacceptable that their men and women are going through this. i want to make the point that you talked about those two competing senate bills, one of them from the republicans, would essentially reopen government
8:04 am
but pay for president trump's wall. that's unlikely to pass. a democratic proposal on the senate side would reopen the government but not pay for the wall. so that's unlikely to pass either. it all spells gridlock here in washington, d.c., and nobody, nobody here in the nation's capitol is right now at the federal triangle. guys, back to you. >> tom, thanks. the kentucky high school student whose lincoln memorial standoff with a native american elder that caused an uproar is telling his story for the first time. 16-year-old nick sandmann says he felt no need to apologize but he did say there is one thing he would change about his confrontation with nathan phillips. >> why didn't you walk away? >> well, now i wish i would have walked away. i didn't want to be disrespectful to mr. phillips and walk away if he was trying to talk to me, but i was certainly -- i was surrounded by a lot of people i didn't know that had their phones out, had
8:05 am
cameras and i didn't want to bump into anyone or seem like i was trying to do something. >> nbc news interviewed mr. phillips several times after that incident went viral, and he's also agreed to sit down with us again to react to this latest interview, and we expect to hear from him tomorrow on "today." in rochester, new york, three men and a teenage boy have been charged with plotting to attack a small muslim community center near the catskill mountains. they recovered 23 rifles and shotguns and several homemade bombs when they arrested the suspects. they do not know if the men had set a date for the alleged attack. officials say the plot was discovered after the 16-year-old made an offhand comment at school and another student reported it. the baseball hall of fame is getting four new members, yankees pitcher mariano rivera heads the class of 2019. he is the first player to be voted in unanimously by the baseball writer's association. also elected was former phillies and blue jays pitcher roy
8:06 am
holiday, and edgar martinez and orioles and yankee's pitcher mike messina. new york is happy today. a little baby in michigan is seeing life from a totally different perspective after getting his very first pair of glasses. take a look. >> first pair of glasses. >> oh, he doesn't want them. but wait, but wait. but wait. >> open your eyes, buddy. hi. >> look at his eyes. >> oh. >> hi. >> hi munchkin. [ laughter ] >> oh. do you like your glasses? >> can you see now? you can see? >> he can see. >> a little apprehension in the beginning, but look at that. his parents said first time he's ever seen clear as day.
8:07 am
>> so sweet. still ahead, guys, kate middleton is getting candid about the parenting struggles and stress that all moms face. first, decades later, the fascination that still surrounds ted bundy and his unspeakable crimes and the never before heard prison interviews with the infamous welcome to our lipton tea factory. here we work together with nature. our irrigation system, the rain. [splash] our light source, the sun... ...soaks the leaves with 4,000 hours of sunshine. and when we pick them at the peak of freshness, we put that sunshine into your cup of lipton tea for that smooth, refreshing taste and aroma. ♪
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no more driving that old hand-me-down. did you trade it in? my parents handed it down to my little brother. you ready? yeah... surprise! no. not beige betty! you guys can't do this to me, seriously?! my car is like a rite of passage. how do you expect me to drive this?! just turn the key... and yeah, it's just uh... some of this...'s automatic... ...dual cupholders. go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. ♪ seed to the oat, to the o ♪ ♪ to the honey in each bite ♪ ♪ healthy hearts make life sweeter ♪ so you can live it right ♪ ♪ the good goes around and around and around and around ♪ this morning on "today"'s talker, one of the most infamous and terrifying serial killers in american history, ted bundy. >> tomorrow marks 30 years since his execution. his chilling crimes are back in
8:10 am
the headlines. stephanie gosk is here with more. >> ted bundy was a chameleon who preyed on young women and escaped from prison twice. he was convicted in the 1970s of murdering two women and a 12-year-old girl. many of his crimes are unspeakable, yet we are still captivated by him 30 years after his execution. so much so that a netflix docuseries and a feature film abili about bundy are premiering within days of each other this week. >> i have got to keep myself togeth together. >> reporter: he's been called a diabolical genius. >> i've got to stay calm. >> reporter: an all american terror. >> i've got to keep my presence of mind. >> reporter: america's handsome nightmare. >> as long as i do that. >> ted bundy, the prolific serial killer of at least 30 women, maybe dozens more. >> here's a guy who was good looking, charming, lots of friends, upward limo bily mobil
8:11 am
yet he had this overwhelming urge to kill. >> you got the indictment. it's all you're going to get. >> reporter: this morning, 30 years after his execution, never before heard bundy audio tapes will be revealed in the new netflix docuseries conversations with a killer. >> a person of this type chooses his victim for a reason, possession, control. >> bundy giving a window into his thought process, speaking about himself in the third person to two journalists during prison interviews after his conviction. >> i think we can say that he felt almost as if he was immune from detection as if he were in a dimension that he just kind of like could walk through doors. that he had some supernatural powers, that nothing could go wrong. >> reporter: a rare disturbing look inside the mind of one of america's most notorious
8:12 am
killers. >> it's this kind of boldness that you see from time to time, this permit, probably just being willing to take the risk, perhaps not even seeing risk. just overcome by that boldness and desire to accomplish a particular thing. >> reporter: that particular thing, a compulsion to kill. >> ted had made his first step towards actually understanding himself and revealing himself without ever accepting that what he had done was really, really bad. >> the defendant bludgeoned and pummelled her about the head. >> reporter: bundy's 1979 trial for the murder of two florida sorority sisters was captivating. it was the first trial televised nationally in the u.s., some 250 reporters from all 50 states and nine foreign countries swarmed miami to see bundy, a former law student, represent himself confidently in court. it was a spectacle.
8:13 am
bundy even proposed it a former colleague turned admirer on the witness stand. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> reporter: that explosive charm will also be portrayed on the big screen when zac efron takes on the role of bundy in a film called "extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile". >> what bundy taught us is that, no, it's the people you least expect that often are capable of the most evil. >> conversations with a killer begins streaming on netflix tomorrow and the alcatraz east crime museum in tennessee is updating its exhibit to mark the 30th anniversary of bundy's execution to include some of his letters, cards, and a radio given to him by his mother. it is chillingly fascinating. >> what do you think it is about it ted bundy that we still find so captivating is this. >> i think it's got to be that combination of how attractive and smooth and charismatic he was combined with the brutality of what he did. >> and so audacious in
8:14 am
representing himself in court, escaping two times. i forgot half of that stuff. it's crazy. >> a fascinating story. >> thank you. let us go over to mr. roker. >> hey, guys, we're looking at a pretty good system pushing its way east. it's bringing snow to the north from parts of eastern iowa into chicago up toward buffalo. as we stretch down the front, strong storms, showers, and thunderstorms from st. louis into the central gulf with severe storms. this heavy rain, icy conditions through central pennsylvania and western new york. this eventually is going to cause flash flooding down from washington all the way up into new england. more snow making its way into the plains, sunshine through the good morning. i'm kari hall. here's a live look at walnut creek as we start with all clear skies and sunshine. looking good as we step out the door. it is very chilly. a lot of upper 30s across the bay area and a few low 40s for the bay and coast.
8:15 am
well, after this chilly start, we will be warming up. afternoon high for the inland areas will reach the low 60s. we even have upper 60s in the forecast for the weekend. going into next week, we continue on with dry weather, chilly mornings and warm afternoons. >> and that's your latest weather. looky who's here, jenna's here. but before we get to you -- and you have an interesting story -- we're going to head to the orange room. we've got new comments about parenting. >> a lot of parents at the table. duchess kate middleton visited the family action charity in london where she launched a national help line for parents and caregivers. the royal mother of three opened up about parenting expressing empathy for the challenges that all caregivers can face. here's what she said. she said it's so hard to get a lot of support with the baby as a mother, particularly in the early days but after the age of one it falls away. after that there isn't a huge amount, lots of books to read. she also added everyone experiences the same struggle. this rare insight into her experience as a mom sparked a
8:16 am
will the of reaction online. we'll read a couple of them. mickey saying she seems like a very hands on mom even though they have nannies. being a momma can be hard no matter who you are. brent adding i agree it can be very difficult for the average mother. i have a suspicion kate has a it wee bit easier than most. but rebecca adds women are so strong, and every mother should be respected and appreciated for every second she sacrifices for her kids. now, in addition to meeting with volunteers at the charity, the duchess also took time to listen to stories from caregivers about the challenges that they face in their daily lives as well. rare insight there, guys. >> a little pop start action. a lot to get to this morning. kate hudson stopped by studio 1a to chat with hoda and savannah and stuck around after for an interview to play a little round of six-minute marathon with you savannah. roll the tape. >> which of your movies do people quote the most? >> how to lose a guy in ten days. >> is there a quote in there?
8:17 am
>> you can't lose something you never had. i hear that all the time, you know, girls are always like i love that movie and you were like sitting there and you had that diamond on your neck, and you were like you can't lose something you never had. it happens all the time still. >> it like means a lot to people. >> there's one question she wouldn't answer on camera about her most embarrassing childhood. >> yes, she did. >> did she tell you anything off air? >> she really was like you're never getting it out of me. >> what is it? >> was it one particular story you could tell she was holding back? >> 100%. she's like my most embarrassing thing, and then i tried to ask was it about this, was it about that. she's like you're not getting it out of me. >> the gauntlet has been thrown down. >> if you can't get it out of her. >> i tried really hard. i tried to go all i'll meet the press on her. >> you need to do the chuck todd combover. >> yeah. >> wow. >> so kate hudson killed somebody when she was a kid? >> that's what i got out of it. >> you can head to for
8:18 am
kate's full episode of six-minute marathon. hbo's the sopranoed premiered in 1999. last year it was announced that a prequel film called the many saints of newark was in the works. they were trying to figure out who was going to play young tony sopra soprano. a decision has been announced. michael gandolfini, the son of james gandolfini is going to take on the role. he said it's a profound honor to continue my dad's legacy while stepping into the shoes of a young tony soprano. no word on when "the many saints of newark" is released. you might remember o'shay jackson, played young ice cube straight out of compton in 2015. it was so great. >> it must be so emotional, too, i would think for him to play his father. >> great for them, good casting there. yesterday's oscar nominations brought many snubs and some surprises. none more surprised than spike lee, the director of this year's
8:19 am
hit "blackkklansman" not only received six academy award nominations for the film, but it's his first nomination for best director. take a look at the moment he found out he was going to the oscars. >> my phone's blowing up. [screaming ] >> that's awesome. >> awesome video. >> oh, my gosh. >> if he had not been nominated that would have been deleted. congratulations to spike lee, well deserved after spending more than 30 years in the film industry. good stuff. >> so deserved. i have a great click today, especially with football and everything going on. as head coach of the l.a. rams sean mcvay has his eyes on the field at all times. he's coaching the game. that can require a little extra support from the sidelines. that's where ted rath comes in. look at the guy standing behind
8:20 am
him. this is his job. he has to keep the coach out of the ref's way when he's running up and down the sidelines. he's actually the team's strength and conditioning coach. he refers to his sideline duty as a bit of a dance, kind of like the tango. here comes the ref, back up. >> it's more like a dosey doe. >> isn't that insane? we'll see if he can contain mcvay when the rams head to the super bowl. >> who doesn't need that help, sean payton. >> sean payton wouldn't need that kind of help, would he? >> we won't know after that call, will we? >> we touched a nerve. >> you had to put a ref in the story. that was unfair. >> move on. >> got to let it go. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm begging you. >> okay. now to a topic that by the way might be a little mature if you've got kids nts room. >> maria was here yesterday and she shared an eye opening discussion about sex after 50. this morning jenna has a surprising look at millennials. >> i do. i do. you all new findings reveal that 20 and 30 somethings are having
8:21 am
less sex than ever before. some even calling it a sex recession. i sat down with a group of millennials to have a different kind of sex talk. >> it's easy to assume today's youth is sex obsessed. ♪ >> from music to tv shows. >> the blockbuster movies. >> enlighten me then. >> sex dominating pop culture. today millions of women have access to free birth control, and in the era of sectioning and dating apps, your next sexual encounter can be a simple swipe away. yet, new research shows millennials are having less sex than ever before leading to what some experts are calling a sex recession. adults in their early 20s are two and a half times as likely to be ab stin ent than general x xers were at that age.
8:22 am
why the low libido? i sat down with a group to find out. >> i was reading an article with the headline that said millennials are in a sexual recession, and it surprised me. does that headline surprise you all? >> completely. >> absolutely. >> no. >> it doesn't? >> no, it doesn't. >> why? >> i think there's a lot of responsibilities that millennials have today that past generations didn't have, so we don't have that freedom. it's harder to get a job today, student loans. being overworked and underpaid does not exactly make me feel sexy. >> rising economic pressures have nicknamed millennials the boomerang generation, a third of 25 to 29-year-olds still live at home with their parents. the highest percentage in 75 years. >> can't exactly, you know, bring somebody home, hey, mom. this is my mom. >> that would be awkward. >> people don't usually want more sex. they want better sex. it's not fulfilling on whatever level it is, either the connection you feel with that person, the connection you feel with yourself. >> mental health has a lot to do
8:23 am
with it. i know that a lot of my friends, myself and my partner all struggle with mental health, and that can have like a direct effect on your libido. >> you brought up a really interesting point. there are studies that say there's a rise in anxiety and depression, for millennials in particular. i wonder why people are feeling more anxious than ever. >> i think the expectations on what we should be capable of since we have so much more available to us puts a lot of pressure. >> i think we have so many tools that save time so we're supposed to do more with our time. >> and all of these apps it's just like one more thing that people have to deal with or check off of their list. >> it's a to-do list. >> yeah. and it takes away from like the glitz of meeting someone amazing. >> and our panel agrees. the biggest contributor to the sex decline is right at their fingerti fingertips. >> how many of you have been online to date? >> everyone. >> all your friends? >> all. >> definitely. >> i think dating has totally changed. i think apps have changed the
8:24 am
way people date. it kind of has cheapened it a bit. >> you lose that connection, that ability to speak to someone, and you know, that ability to like flirt. >> my dad's favorite question is, you know, i'm going on a date. did they call? dad, no one calls. >> they don't call? >> no. >> your generation is really the first to have sort of this hook up culture. some of these apps are targeted for people to meet and hook up. not long-term dating. >> what's it like? >> it makes it frustrating if you want something that's not that and you have to weave through all these people. >> i'm looking for something a little bit more. using the apps have been amazing. i've met awesome people from it, people that i may not have met in real life. >> were you ever nervous about meeting somebody online? >> i think safety plays a big role, especially if you're having sex with someone, you're going to be going to their place or they're going to come to your place. >> or a hotel. >> lacy green, sex educator and author of "sex plus" says the drop in sex is a side effect of
8:25 am
the modern dating world. >> people are having a really hard time dating and i think that that is translating to people having a hard time having good sex. >> the sexual recession, does it ring true to you from the people that you've talked with? >> yeah. i think so. particularly about just having a hard time finding partners, finding long-term relationships, which is where people have most of their sex, so the fact that so many people seem to be having struggles with that because of media and technology is a problem. >> our panel says the sex recession all boils down to the dating depression. >> does it ring true that dating as a millennial is more complicated than ever? >> totally. >> definitely. >> 100%. >> i'm sweating. >> sorry, carson. what i really think it is is that dating is more complicated. there's no intimacy, no conversations, and so then the -- >> that doesn't sound like dating, you know? dating is supposed to be like -- >> have the butterflies. >> kind of flirty. >> making the phone calls. >> it's all about online.
8:26 am
>> that's a distraction, though, too. >> think about how long a ten-second eye lock, how intimate that can feel, and if you're not into that -- >> and not on face time. >> it's all ambiguous. nobody knows what's going on. i )m ... continued. authorities are investigating a late night shooting in san jose. it happened a little before 11 authorities are investigating a late night shooting in san jose. this happened a little before 11:00 last night outside of bay 101 card room. here's how it looked at the skoon at the time of the shooting. the c saw bullet holes in the car and a shoe on the street police are telling us that the victim was shot in the leg and they believe he was targeted but don't know at this point if he was shot in the parking lot or if that shooting happened on a nearby highway. the 101 runs just north of the casino. right now, mike has a look at your morning commute. >> things are moving pretty smoothly, the south bay saw the most slowing developing over the
8:27 am
last hour. holding steady over the last half hour. out of the san jose and pushing toward the rest of silicon valley, evenly spread out for the northbound or westbound commute. dum barton bridge slower than the stan an mateo bridge. we are earlier problems on the san mateo bridge. coming into richmond, slower for oakland, 580 and 880 and a look at the north bay. no major surprises. still chlo highway 37 out of the vallejo area toward novato. >> thanks, mike. more local news coming up in 30 minutes. ♪ no hormones!
8:28 am
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8:30 am
we are back, it is 8:30 on this wednesday morning, january the 23rd. the warmest morning of the week so far in midtown manhattan. we're actually above freezing for a change. we have a hearty crowd, a lot of people celebrating birthdays. >> that's right, going to be about 50 tomorrow, raining but 50. that's a nice scarf by the way. >> thank you. >> a little crowd moment, let's find -- we got cousins from texas. >> cousins. >> all right, it's your 55th birthday?
8:31 am
>> 55th birthday. >> well, happy birthday, tammy. >> thank you so much. >> what are you guys doing for your birthday besides being here? >> we're going to see a show. >> what are you seeing? >> we're seeing "american sons". >> i just saw that last night. >> i'm excited about it. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> this one looks like trouble. [ laughter ] >> always. >> i knew it. i knew it. i'm watching you. security, i'm watching her. >> she's caught. >> that's who you want to be with on your birthday. >> i know. >> trouble. >> you were just talking about that play, too. >> i just saw it last night, it's terrific. coming up, dr. oz is here. he's going to help us all embrace our age. we're doing a new series that's called living longer today. it's all about loving your age, i guess dr. oz is 58. >> or what else could that number be? >> or 49. >> or is he? >> whatever your age, embrace it. also how we can live longer and better. >> is this where i say i'm 45
8:32 am
but i have the heart of a 60-year-old. is that segment? if you're searching for healthier dinner options for that weeknight rotation, that is matthew jennings. he's got a fun recipe we're going to make in a brown bag, we're going to do arctic char in that bag. >> stick around for the third hour of "today" as well, we've got major star power, amy poehler is here, natasha lyonne will be here as well to tell us about their new dark comedy called "russian comedy". >> we've got andrew reynolds stopping by to talk about going back to the 1980s new york in "black monday". >> and we have something exciting for you tomorrow on "today," keir simmons sits down with 50 shades of grey author e.l. james. she's got a big surprise in store for her gazillions of fans. >> if you didn't like that millennial sex thing, this segment is not for you. it gets a little racy. >> thanks for the heads-up. first a check of the weather. >> you're not going to like thursday. >> "today"'s weather is brought
8:33 am
to you by cheerios. >> and let's see what we have for you, a lot of heavy rain making its way from the gulf into the mississippi and ohio river valleys. snow in northern new england, more snow back through the western plains. for tomorrow, colder air, another arctic express comes into the plains, heavy rain from the carolinas all the way to new england, the west coast looking fantastic with plenty of sunshine. sunny skies from the southwest all the way through the gulf and into the lower mississippi riv good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got sunshine. it will warm up fairly quickly. we're heading up to 62 degrees. and for tomorrow, we'll see more mid 60s, even upper 60s for the weekend. we also keep our dry weather, especially for the inland areas and san francisco. expect a high of 63 degrees on saturday. we'll see more weather like that going into the start of next week. so far, no rain in the forecast
8:34 am
over the next seven days. and that is your latest weather. hoda. >> thank you so much. >> guess who's here? dr. oz is here, and he's going to tell us what we can start doing today to make sure we live longer and healthier lives. how about that? one of them is eating more. we'll figure it out. first this is "today" on nbc. >> eating more? honestly?
8:35 am
8:36 am
we're back, we're kicking off a new year, long series living longer today. is it true what they say age. >> you know, it's just a number. >> all year we're going to explore aging in america with new tips for living your best life no matter how old or young you are. >> is it true what they say, is age really just a number? all year long we are taking a look at aging in america, living your best no matter how old or young you are. >> historically we had three stages of life.
8:37 am
we had our youth, we had our adult years and then we had those retired years. we're moving towards 100 year plus of life now, a new stage has emerged between adulthood and old age. >> that new stage, a sweet spot of 55 to 75 that is redefining and evolving the way many of us are living. today women are having children later in life. births among moms age 40 to 44 on the rise. the average ceo, 58. nancy pelosi was recently reelected speaker of the house at 78 making history as the oldest person to hold the gavel. 71-year-old glenn close fresh off her golden globe win received her serc7th oscar nomination on tuesday and henry wink letter to winkler took home his first prime time emmy. >> people have a lot more control over their longevity than they think they do. there's a couple prince iples ty can follow. a well balanced diet, you want
8:38 am
to stay physically active and you ls want to stay mentally active. sleep is incredibly important as is maintaining your social networks. >> the number of americans 65 and older will outnumber children, a projected 78 million. >> the rhetorical question is what's the purpose of living longer if you're not also living healthier? i think in the past people focused more on how they looked as they got older. now it's really about how they feel as they get older. >> one study suggests only 35% of people over the age of 75 said they felt old, with half of people older than 85 reporting they are healthy enough to work making the older population still engaged and still social. >> living longer means that we've got more opportunity to contribute, be relevant. living longer means that we've got more opportunity to enjoy. >> here with more on what you can do to live longer today is the host of the dr. oz show. hey, dr. oz. >> good morning. >> often we have to remind
8:39 am
ourselves, sometimes people ask me how old are you, and i'll literally do the math. i don't feel my age. >> you know you're old when you can't remember your able. >> i forget all the time, i'm like am i 47. >> there's good news and bad news, your age does matter. you saw in that beautiful package that a lot of us are going to be older. that's where a lot of assets are a lot of value there. my age, which is 58, i was born in 1960, doesn't really tell the story. none of ours will. i want to hear yours in a second. i'm much more curious about my real age. >> what do you mean? >> my real age is how old my body thinks i am. >> nice. >> how do you calculate that? >> there's a free quiz online. all you need to do is take advantage of the fact that there have been thousands of studies looking at how old we are aging. it doesn't turn out to be as related to our birth year, which is important because two-thirds of how you age is lifestyle related. it's not about your genetics. i'd love to know what your chronological ages are and some commentary.
8:40 am
>> hoda, go ahead. >> mine is -- mine's 54, and i think because of haley i feel a lot younger. i don't feel this age. i would say i'm 54 and i'm a mom. that's how i feel about it. >> i am 47, and i think 47 is the new 46, and i've never felt better in my life in every single way. >> wow. >> this is like an aa meeting. >> i'm 39, some days i feel like i'm 29, some days i feel like i'm 59. just depends on the day. >> i am 37, and i feel like i just still feel like i'm in my 20s. i eat a well-balanced meal. i'm a new mom. i exercise when i can. >> everyone feels younger than their age pretty much? the question is should you. >> that's true. i need to take that test. >> i'm 64, i'm the old guy of the group, but i still feel like i'm in maybe my late 40s early 50s just because i work with all
8:41 am
these folks and i've got fairly young kids. >> i'm 45, and i feel like crap. [ laughter ] >> what do you really think? >> it's what it is. >> what are you going to do. >> it's the red eye all the time. >> what are you going to do. >> i love your honesty. >> i'm 37, too. i'm actually the youngest on these couches. a millennial. and there's days i feel great, and there's days i don't feel as great. >> you're not having enough sex according to -- >> not having sex. >> you mentioned sex but in the real age test, sex will give you three more years of life. >> oh. >> okay. that's why. >> so for men it's how much sex, average male has one time a week, it should be double that, three more times a life. >> is that by yourself? >> credit by yourself. >> for women it's the quality of the sex, not the quantity.
8:42 am
>> so more sex means longer life. >> too late. >> this took a turn. >> you're talking diet, that's important. >> diet's a predictable one, but you get 13 years more of quality life. we're not talking about meandering through it. as an example, vegan lifestyles tend to translate to longevity. if you can get nine fistfuls of produce a day, you can eat actually more and benefit from it. the negative is sugar, especially sugar in the evening, that's a real catastrophe and you'll take away those 13 years. >> that brownie i'm eating every night. >> that glass of wine. >> is the reason you'll look older at your high school reunion than everybody else. >> wow. >> really? >> what about makeup? >> one brow knee? >> of course not. but it's the simple carbohydrates. >> does anybody here know their blood pressure? >> i do. >> knowing that's important, right? >> the number one surprising driver of aging, is high blood
8:43 am
pressure. it takes 12 years off your life. there's a fire hydrant blasting away the lining of your arteries. one-third of everyone who can hear my voice has a blood pressure that's worrisome. if you don't know your number, find it out today. >> is prehypertension a problem? >> like 138 over 88? >> are you asking for a friend? >> no. >> the doctor doesn't put me on a statin or anything for it. >> we don't medicate for under 140 over 90. the optimal blood pressure is less than 120 over 80. >> how do you get it down? >> that's like dylan has perfect blood pressure. >> how do you get it down? >> sleep is a major reducer of blood pressure. let me leave you with one big idea. the biggest epidemic in america today, you hinted at it earlier, it's loneliness. the biggest ager that i want to end with is stress. it takes about six years off your life, especially financial stress. humanity has thrived because we
8:44 am
form a social net. connection. >> real connection, not digital connection. >> a real connection gives an antidote to the effect of stress. the question you have to ask yourself is there one person that you can really confide with in order to deal with stress and is there some kind of a group, organization, entity that you hang with that gives you a sense of community. that is what we need, real friends. >> like jack daniels, my best friend, great guy. >> we'll have a lot more all year, everything from sleep to relationships. dr. oz is going to be back. we can always watch him on dr. oz, check your local listings. >> why am i talking -- the closed captioning person is like what? >> blah blah blah. >> guys, up next, this world class chef lost 200 pounds and kept it up. he's going to share one of his go-to recipes. that's "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
and this morning on "today," a remarkable story of transformation. boston chef matt jennings is a familiar face here at "today," and over the past two years his growing focus on health and wellness have taken him on quite the journey. here's more. >> exactly three years ago my doctor gave me the option to either live or die. i had shown signs of pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, acute anxiety disorder. i was about 405 pounds, and it was time to change my life. my name is matt jennings. i am a chef and five-times james beard nominee. >> being on the line in a restaurant environment is incredibly fast paced. you're constantly tasting items and prepping for the next service. i think that it got to that level of weight by simply not paying attention. what a lot of people don't understand is that food can actually be an addiction. like any good addict, i had my
8:48 am
gutter moment. i remember running around manhattan panicking and crying because i couldn't find a big and tall store. i walked home into my kitchen and said it's time to change my life. i had to get healthy for myself, my wife, and my kids. as a kid i was very creative, very curious, very active. i think somewhere along the line i lost myself, and i forgot that if i'm not good, nobody else is good. i started slow by working out, and i also started to break my diet into four or five small meals throughout the course of a day. because i had been not quite getting the results that i wanted i spoke with my doctor about a gastric sleeve procedure. getting a are procedure like this enables you to change your life slowly. i realized i had an opportunity and i had to seize it. these days i'm focusing on eating lean proteins, very vegetable heavy, some grains. i like flavor in my diet, and i like simplicity. when i look back at that guy in the past, i see someone who
8:49 am
didn't even have the chance to pick his head up from the work he was doing to recognize the ability that he had within himself to save his own life. if you don't like where you're at, all you have to do is start taking small steps to change that. >> matt, that's so inspiring. so many people watching can relate to that, you know, in a rut, want to change their life. need to change their life. it's a life or death situation. between working out and changing your meal plan or just as you say changing your spirit, what are the most important things? >> well, i mean, honestly, it all has to start in here, and it all has to start up here. once you kind of recognize that you just need to take baby steps, right? i think so many of us get overwhelmed with the enormity of trying to make these giant life changes, and that's not what it's about. small incremental steps. >> how do you work your exercise in, matt? everybody's crazed, everybody's busy, how do you work it in? >> how much did you lose by the way? >> 200 pounds. it's all about prioritizing. for me, if i don't get up and do
8:50 am
it right in the morning, it's not going to happen. we get into our day, the next thing you know it's 3:00. you're like it's never going to happen, right? you've got to set time aside and make sure it's priority. >> it didn't come off quick. if you don't get results, you went to the doc and say what do i do, how long did it take you to go from that to this? two and a half years. >> maintaining it is probably as challenging as the initial. >> i think also, a lot of people think the procedure i had is a panacea. that's not the case. you have to work hard. it buys you some time to change your life. >> people also think you're a chef, you know how to do this. you can make yourself lean meals. >> but what we're going to talk about today is doing this sort of thing at home is really easy, and you set yourself up for success by having a great pantry and some great ingredients. >> what are we going to do today? >> we're doing a brown paper char. we're using char as our alternative to salmon, a little more sustainable. we're taking play on the niece wau salad, radishes, tomatoes,
8:51 am
black olives. we've got some radishes with their tops on. we're going to cut those off. we've got beautiful green beans we're going to slice to expose some surface area, it gets them to cook more evenly and quickly. putting those into our bowl here with some radishes, some fresh lemon zest. >> nothing's diced finely, a rough chop on everything. >> this is super rustic. it's meant to be clean and delicious. olive oil our best friend. fat is flavor. we just have to know how to use fat correctly. salt and pepper here, of course we season everything that we make, right carson? >> that's exactly right. >> it's all about seasoning. we're going to toss that together. then we've got some potatoes and tomatoes and garlic we're going to add to the mix as well. >> all this cooks evenly? >> we blanched the potatoes ahead of time is the only thing we've done ahead. the rest of it goes in the bowl, we toss it with a beautiful parsley herb. i'm a proponent of fresh ingredients like herbs, spices, developing a little bit of a pantry at home.
8:52 am
>> cilantro adds flavor to everything. >> it's a love it or hate it thing, i love it. i'm with you. all that stuff will go into the bag. >> you're going to put a bag in the oven? >> this is a paper bag. look at this, we're going to toss this in here, right? >> look at this. >> i'm watching this. >> like cooking in parchment. >> our tomatoes, our garlic. >> we're going to kind of scatter those in and our herbs, our little herb nest here. >> throw it all in. >> we're also doing. >> we're just building a base. our radish greens and herbs are going to create this base. >> okay. >> we're going to come down here. we've got our char. we'll season that as well. >> how different is this from salmon? >> it's a very similar flavor, not quite as strong, a little milder. a little sweeter believe it or not for a fish. we're going to take these guys. >> i love salmon. >> very carefully going to -- >> you put the fish in there, too? >> we're going to lay them in on top of the vegetable bag inside
8:53 am
the bag. >> look at that. >> we're just doing a modern version, black olives, you can use oil cured olives, you can use kalamatas. we're going to take that and fold it up. >> this goes in the oven just like this. >> for how long? what temperature? >> 350 for 35 minutes. >> that's it? >> give or take. >> you're putting it on a baking sheet. >> exactly. >> oh, on a baking sheet? okay? >> this is perfect. >> this is unbelievable. >> this is just simple stuff. >> a great way to cook flavorfully, okay? we're going to take it out. >> i got to go. all right. this is awesome. >> let's see. >> your story's even more awesome. >> this is it. >> thank you. >> for the recipe go to we're back in a moment, matthew jennings
8:54 am
8:55 am
welcome back, you want even
8:56 am
more great stories that you love? >> yes. >> check out find some simple hacks to protect your car from winter storms using everyday items you already have on hand. plus, you saw a little bit on pop start, our six-minute marathon with kate hudson. but first on the third hour of "today," the one, the only amy poehler. and we've i )m - -... there )s growing frustration on good morning to you. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. growing frustration on the peninsula tied to a police tasing death last fall. he died when responding officers tased him in october. the da has been promising to release body camera video connected to the case but not till the next month. activists are demanding the video be released sooner but the
8:57 am
da wants to complete his investigation before making it public. activists plan to hold a protest today. >> bob riddell is at the san mateo county offices where the demonstration is expected in about an hour. you can also link to more of the back story on our homepage. oakland school teachers are getting ready to hold a row test, as well opposing district budget cuts that may include closing a middle school. is the full story behind the district's budget crisis on our facebook crisis. >> oracle accused of underpaying women and people of color. the allegations emerged in a labor department filing. the agency says that workers were underpaid $400 million. go to our twitter feed for more on the full details. we'll have more local news for you coming up in an hour. fooledd
8:58 am
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from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, and welcome to the third hour of "today," i'm dylan here with craig, al, and maria shriver is back. mom, i hope you're watching, maria is here. she gets so excited when you're here. >> your mom does? >> yes, she lovers it. >> hi dylan's mom. >> can i say happy birthday to my dad and my niece rose, born on the same day. january 23rd. >> dad and niece. you're covered now. >> i'm good to go. let's start this morning, it's the story that just continues to make headlines, government


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