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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 5, 2020 11:00am-11:31am PST

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than the unified voice of the american people. right now at 11:00, hundreds of americans from wuhan, china, are quarantined in america. two planes full of passengers landed early this morning at travis air force base and now we are learning that the u.s. is going to be accepting four new planes carrying americans from wuhan. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington n. less than an hour we will get updates from officials about those passengers brought to travis air force base. pete is joining us from fairfield with the details. pete, what do you know? >> yeah, good morning, marcus. you mentioned the update from centers for disease control, and
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we are inside of the issolano county courthouse here. and they give us an update on those travelers from china this morning at travis air force base. and we will show you some video of those planes landing. this is one of the four military air bases to be on standby for travellers coming from the affected area in china who may need to be quarantined. the passengers remain at travis air force base at a hotel on site and quarantined there for 14 days that. ly be separa-- they will be sep from the other passengers there, and they were flown out after 8:00 a.m., an quarantined in miramar station in san diego. and they will be stopped at travis to refuel before flying off to san diego. solano county officials say that the risk of the virus spreading
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to the community outside of the base is low, but they wanted to put that warning out there. now, as i mentioned, that is going to be taking place this afternoon from the cdc with a news conference and this is set to be under way at 12:00 p.m. pete suratos, bay area news. >> thank you. and now, the airlines is asking the employees to take turns in taking three weeks of unpaid leave. the hong kong company is facing plunging revenue due to the viral update, and they said that the situation is as grave as the 2009 financial crisis. it is reported that disney could keep the theme park in shanghai closed for two months, because of the coronavirus outbreak. and they are reporting that disney is to take a $175 million loss if that happens. >> we expect today to be the last day of the donald trump impeachment. >> and the vote to acquit should
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come this afternoon. >> the only question is what the vote will be and will some republicans vote to convict and some democrats to acquit. we heard from the democratic senator from alabama who said he is going to vote to convict. >> and it is proven that the president has used a foreign power to influence our elections, and that is an abuse of power. >> reporter: and last night, the president did not bring up the impeachment, and instead laid out the themes for a second term, and also talked about the economy. and nancy pelosi who once told
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her party not to misbehave now did this. >> the best is yet to come. god bless america and thank you very much. >> pelosi defended her actions and the republicans are saying as you can imagine said she disrespected the tradition and quorum. and laura, some are urging her to step down. >> thank you very much, scott. and stay with nbc bay area, and that impeachment vote should happen at 1:00 this afternoon and expect a special report. >> bay area family is looking for justice after neil wilson was stabbed and killed at a b.a.r.t. station. this morning the trial of john lee cowl began. bob riddell is there live at the county courthouse in oakland and, bob, what caused this departure early? >> well, marcus, it happened in
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the alameda county superior courthouse about 45 minutes ago. the prosecution was a couple of minutes into the opening statement when the defendant john lee cowl interrupted the deputy d.a. and had an outburst. it is hard to hear what he was saying, but he was questioning some of the facts put forward by the prosecution, and the judge warned him to be quiet, and he did not listen so that is when the judge ordered the deputies to remove him from the courtroom. in the opening statement, the deputy d.a. said that evil exists in the world and causes terrible things to happen to innocent people, and evil in this case has a name, john lee cowl, unquote. he has plead not guilty by reason of insanity in murder of 18-year-old woman who he stabbed at the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station in july of 2018 and also charged in the attempted murder of her older sister. the prosecution said that he used drugs and is a schizophrenic, but they are going to prove that is not a
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factor in the murder. the deputy d.a. showed the portions of the surveillance video. this is b.a.r.t. surveillance video that captured the murder and the events before and after, but this morning the deputy d.a. did pause the video just before the attack, and you could hear members of the wilson family including nia's mother stifling the tears as the video played. this is her former sister-in-law of what is it like to be in the same room as he is. >> it is frustrating when he is coming out to greeting the family. it is humiliating, and it is really emotional. >> his attorney argued prior to today that the client is incompetent to stand trial, but the judge has ruled that he is, and the judge denied a motion to move the trial out of the county because of the pretrial publicity. there are eight women and four men and five alternates on the jury. reporting live, bob riddell.
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>> thank you, and we will continue to follow that trial. thank you, bob. we were talking about it this morning taking a live look outside of dublin and a cold start to the day and chilly for the last few days, but thankfully, a little warmup is coming our way. >> yes, kari is coming our way to talk about that warmup. >> yes, it is nice to have the sunshine and looking at emeryville from the bay bridge towards san francisco and we are already starting to feel the warmup. we started out in the upper 30s and right now, we are at 52 degrees as you head out for lunch and feeling that in san jose, livermore and oakland and little bit more now already in santa rosa, 54 degrees, but you need a jacket as you head out through the rest of the day and in campbell reaching into the low 60s and normal temperature is 60 degrees and we will match that as we see the south bay high temperatures up to 60 degrees and concord is going to reach 63, and in clear lake expect a high of 64, and we will
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have warmer air headed our way and we will show you that coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> sounds good. we will check back with you. the search is on for a man who shot at cars on the east bay freeway. it happened at 880 near the mallory on ramp near freemont. chp says two cars started following them, and then one car started shooting and then it took off. they say that the shooter hit a black suv several times. two men stopped at a fire station and called 911. officers found five shell casings near the scene and no one was hurt. >> happening today, more than 100 uber and lyft drivers are expected to file suit. according to the "chronicle" they are wanting to be considered employees and owed back pay and expenses for the last three years. both companies are trying to
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fight saying they are not employees and it will increase costs and decrease flexibility. organizers in san francisco will meet tonight to block google from taking part last year. it started when insiders agreed to the ban saying they mistreat lgbtq people in the workplace. but they said in part that the legal team has looked at a small group of the pride's 326 measure and determined that the measure is not binding. as such, there is no ban in place at this time. the small group is not representative of the larger pride community. the video of a intense moment amid kansas city with a car chase down the kansas city super bowl victory parade route. the sheriff says that the car plowed through the barricade while the fans were waiting for the parade to start. the officers used a p.i.t. maneuver to stop the car and
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several officers surrounded that car with guns drawn. nobody was injure and two people inside were arrested. >> wow. all right. ahead for you this midday, we know that making it in the bay area is rough. but young home buyers are willing to give up a piece of the american dream. >> and we are slowly getting the results in iowa, but no clear winner. the backlash after the caucus confusi confusion. coming up after bay area news at 11:00, "california live" followed by "access daily" and "days of our lives" at 1:00. here's the america i know.
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a country that puts working together ahead of standing apart. where we find common ground to expand health care and build a stronger, fairer economy and save our planet. i'm a problems solver, i build teams, i nurture good ideas, i hold myself accountable for results.
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it's how i led a complex, diverse city and it's how i'll unite and lead this country. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. the search is under way for survivors after two deadly avalanches in turkey. right now the government says that 33 people are dead. more are trapped. the avalanches slammed into a mountain road in the province near the bord over iran.
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the second avalanche struck as 30 emergency workers were searching for two missing victims. that avalanche sadly killed eight rescue workers. more than 24 hours after the caucus chaos in iowa, we are starting to get a better sense of how the contest is shaping up. now, the numbers are not complete just yet, but the initial figures show pete buttigieg and bernie sanders are vying for first with elizabeth warren and joe biden rounding the top four. nbc's peter alexander reports. >> reporter: with the democratic candidates crisscrossing new hampshire and the final tally in iowa is still up in the air. the uncertainty and the confusion preventing any of the candidates from claiming an all-important victory, and pete buttigieg and bernie sanders is neck and neck in first place and touting the early results. >> the campaign that some said should have no business even
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making the attempt has taken the place at the front of this race. >> we received more votes on the first and second round than any other candidate. >> reporter: after technical issues with the app derailing the final figures in the caucus monday night, the democratic party of iowa acknowledges that the system break was unacceptable. >> as the chair of the party, i apologize. >> reporter: and vouching for the accuracy of the results. >> the underlying data, the raw data is secure. >> reporter: the chaos reigniting iowa's outside influence in the presidential process. elizabeth warren is challenging the decision to release partial results. >> they ought to get it together and release all of the data. >> joe biden is appearing to shrug off apparent fourth-place finish in iowa and looking to
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get to new hampshire. >> i am looking you to rocket out of here to get me to first, because when i come out of here in first, you will set the tone for the rest of the race. >> reporter: and potentially opening a spot for mike bloomberg, because we are told that he is going the double his advertising in key states with super tuesday less than a month away. >> and the republican allies have seized on the debacle in iowa and the head of the dnc weighed in and said that as frustrating as the last 24 hours have been, let us not lose sight of the goal to defeat donald trump and lose millions of voters up and down the ballot. and now the coverage in the bay, the millennials are willing to make more sacrifices when it comes to buying a home in the bay area. that is according to a new study released by clever real estate
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and published in "mercury news." and the age group is willing to draw from retirement and delay starting a family in order to build equity and student loans and lower savings are the biggest hurdles for them to keep from buying. the average home for the bay area is about $800,000. and meanwhile, there is a step toward more affordable housing. there is a plan for new developments of 20 units below market race. the city staffers will have more to say on the incentives meant to reach housing goals and that the creation of affordable homes every year and they will consider new taxes to pay for affordable homes starting in two years. one of the painted ladies in san francisco has a new owner. the three-story home was built in the 1890s and as we told you last month the listing agent sid it needed a complete
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restoration. the house sold for $1 million more than the asking price. there you have the opening bell of the new york stock exchange this morning. right now dow is up 377 point, and the dow jumped 400 points, and tesla's plunge grew in the rally for nasdaq. new in at 11:00, after years of debate back and forth, a costco in pleasanton is nearer a reality. it would go up in stone bridge interchange in 580 and 680, and according to the news, they have until february 23rd to comment on the environmental reviews of the site recommended by the city counc council. they have forced in the past an election to try to get the referendum and sue the city all in hopes of keeping that costco alive. and the votes count. and we have learned that more
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than 11,000 votes were not counted in the last general election and did not count. >> they were thrown out. this is our investigative worker. >> we have discovered 11,000 mail-in and provisional ballots from a dozen counties thrown out for various reasons like voting late or double voting, but the most common reason was that the signature of the ballot did not match the records of the department of elections which includes 2,500 votes in san mateo and close to 7,000 in contra costa county and more than 9,000 in san francisco. many voters on this list had no idea that there was any issue at all with their signature and they told us that the ballot was legitimate. alameda and santa clara counties did not provide the data. while the thrown-out ballots are less than 3% of the cast, it could make a difference in a
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local referendum or a close item. the secretary of state says they are working to improve this system, and make sure that all legitimate votes are accurate, and they have to balance that with having the votes accurate and secure. for more on this, watch the full story or click on the website at i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. if you want to get a hold of steven or anyone else for the invest g investigative unit, you can always give him a call. >> this is what is so beautiful outdoors. >> and also is the national
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weatherperson, and today we celebrate kari hall. >> someone on facebook said that your forecasts are always right. >> that a girl. >> follow me on instagra instagram @karihallweather. you are so nice. now, let's check out the view in walnut creek. as you are heading tout l ing o, it is a cool start, and it is going to feel more comfortable going into the afternoon and reaching into the low 60s as we go into two, three, 4:00 and that is the best time to get out and go for the walk. as a matter of fact, the bay area and the hour by hour forecast, we will see that antioch is 65 degrees and 62 in cupertino and 75 in san mateo, and santa rosa, a chilly start reaching into the mid-60s and coming back down tonight, and it is not going to be as cold
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tonight as it was this morning, so we are getting a little bit milder here with the temperatures warming up. you will have higher humidity and probably noticing how dry the air is, and all of the rain that we have seen recently across the region is streaming just to the north, and arching up and around and staying away from the bay area, and mainly hitting much of the pacific northwest and just to the north of california. we are also going to have the pattern continuing high pressure, and keeping the storm systems away, and we are also getting a dry northerly wind, but it is bringing down the colder air, and as we go into the rest of the week, we will start to see the low pressure approaching, but it is sliding down the coast, and mainly staying over the land, and that going to dry out as it goes over wind, and still bring down cold air to the weekend and as the winds are picking up, we will see the temperatures drop. as we check out the forecast for heading out and about and making plans for the weekend, and if
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you are going to watch the pebble beach pro a.m., you will see the temperatures there in the upper 50s and breezy and be prepared for the cooler air. it will be nice in the mid of the day with the sunshine n. san francisco, the chinese parade is happening this saturday and that a huge event that we will need to have a warm jacket and enjoy, because it is all-clear, and the temperatures in the mid-50s in the start of the parade and cooling down to 52 degrees later on in the evening. we are looking at warmer temperatures in the forecast, inland area is reaching the upper 60s by the end of of the week, and friday is the warmest day, and saturday is not too shabby, either, and reaching 66 degrees and cooler sunday. once again, it is going to be windy and we will see still some above average temperatures into next week, and san francisco also keeping the same temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s into early next week. marcus and laura. >> all right. thanks, kari. coming up, the super bowl
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halftime show grabbed more viewers that on the game, and j.lo and shakira getting a bump after the performance. and now, we are hearing of a trip to hiroshima. and the visit is in part to demonstrate the commitment to nuclear disarmament, and he says he will attend the peace memorial ceremony on august 6th, and the first sitting u.n. chief to attend the event since the predecessor did a decade ago. more news for you after the break. tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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a sighting in san francisco, "matrix 4" is filming in the financial district and our reporters spotted keanu reeves. and the new code name "project ice cream" is going to be filming through march. right there. >> okay. also new for you this morning, the sunday super bowl halftime show is giving a boost to shakira's music career. her hips, nope, they don't lie. shakira's hit song "whenever" is number one on the hit chart and
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it was originally released about 19 years ago and another song "walka walka" was originally released in 2010. shakira headlined the big show with j.lo. yesterday here, laura showed a little pup online on facebook all bundled up, because it has been cold. >> yes, it is a nice assortment of the sweaters, but i asked what you are doing to keep your dogs warm, and warmly, you sent so many responses in, and a lot of the pictures of the little pups. trying to gather them all, and showing the blan kelts and the heating pads and the heaters and the sweaters and the hoodies and you name it. we saw a sweater on a cat which i can imagine was very impressive. you will have to keep the sweaters handy? >> yes, still cooler, but we are headed to 62 degrees and drop down to the low 40s and it will warm up for the next afternoon and a lot of sunshine headed our
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way. >> that is always nice to see. thank you. >> well, that is going to do it for us right now. the next newscast is coming up at 5:00. see you tomorrow morning 4:30 a.m. to 7:00. growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive.
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in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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right now on "california live," surf legend kelly slater is cleaning up and turning trash into treasure. >> kelly slater and john moore are showing that you can produce great looking organic and coastal-inspired apparel in a sustainable way. and we us mask a man behind some of of the greatest songs ever. >> we have love, sex and religion coming at you. >> and i'm not happy about this. >> how are you feeling? >> frustrated. >> it is all happening right now on "california live."


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