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tv   Today  NBC  March 13, 2020 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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bracing for that midnight ban on full guide on what to watch couple from california whose travel from europe. any american currently in europe today friday, march 13th, 2020. is expected to keep a close eye good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." on their flight information. it is nice to have you with us there may be cancellations. story is being repeated across on a friday morning. >> more than 1,500 coronavirus europe as this deadline looms. we love being in your company woken in the night by president trump's announcements, rushing cases across the country. to pack their bags, now stuck more on the "today" show next. here in london trying to get a seat on one of these planes. nervous americans overseas now and having you along with us during really difficult times in our country. >> a lot of folks are feeling anxious right now. scrambling to get back home, a lot of folks feeling the impact of the coronavirus, so that is why we are launching something very special. >> this is hoda's idea and i good morning, the united love this. >> from me and my friend good morning, the united shutdown of america. maybe you have a friend or cities across the country taking relative that is sick, self-quarantined and you can't holed up in this hotel, china and ethan smith fled portugal now on hold with their airline. >> your wait time is greater extraordinary measures. than two hours. >> so far they have spent $1,000 everyday life screeching to a halt in a desperate bid to shut extra and made multiple calls to travel we want to help you get a united yesterday they waited four hours message out. down the coronavirus. >> it's time to declare a state and still couldn't get through send us your pictures, videos, of emergency in new york city. they were caught off-guard by >> from closed schools to empty store shelves,he deep impact president trump's surprise maybe a little about that person travel ban. and let us give the shoutout we'd love to do that as you point out, we don't get on life as we know it. to have our crowd. and on wall street, the crash as >> my mom actually tested me and fears of the worst to come. >> we miss our crowd. >> fail the test. >> #withyoutoday because we are -- techsed texted me a said we need to get home asap because we don't know if this is going to affect you directly or with you. >> it is a fail. not. >> the announcement causing >> we are. widespread travel chaos. >> we are nervous we're not going to be able to get into the >> the stunning moment of candor public. from the country's top expert acknowledging the u.s. is not call your mom. folks not home a lot right now
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>> amanda from california. testing for the virus as it >> we land and get bombarded should, how that's making a bad situation worse as the virus good facetime clears that up. with messages from our families. let's get to the news. spreads silently. trump announced this, you can't shutdown of schools, offices, come back, and the end of the going dark. social gatherings is accelerating as they try to meet late night show suspended, the the demand for coronavirus curtain closed on broadway, testing. march madness canceled. tom costello joins us and the nearly all professional sports three things we're watching on hold and now major theme today on this issue. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, world and all that good stuff. >> reporter: in fact, the parks shutting their doors. president's 30-day ban only how americans coast-to-coast targets european countries from 36 countries but fears fueling savannah americans to get back quickly. that's top, up front right now the move condemned by europe's leaders and undermined by world health organization who said it's dr. anthony fauci, the top banning air travel is not an infectious disease expert who a effective way to stop a virus short time ago said he believes from spreading we're making progress and the u.s. administration sending rolling test kits out but so far the nation has failed in mixed messages providing enough test kits to vice president pence saying all americans can fly home from europe regardless of their coping friday march 13th, 2020. the general public good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." condition. it's good to have you with us on friday morning. it's friday 13th and i know >> they will go through a >> the system does not -- is not there's so much anxiety out there. we're going to try to walk everybody through what's going process but they can all come really geared to what we need on. right now, what you are asking >> we're going to try to calm fears but give you the facts. for. that is a failing. home. >> reporter: president trump >> some perspective. appearing to contradict that >> a failing. dr. anthony fauci, head of the hours later. >> americans, anybody coming >> let's admit it. nih infectious diseases back, we're testing. >> meanwhile multiple states we have tremendous testing delivered a sobering setting up message to congress saying we're not putting them on planes bluntly, we're failing to do if it shows positive.
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what we should as far as testing is concerned. >> reporter: for americans dream vacations in europe becoming a closing school systems, public and private, ohio, michigan, maryland, kentucky and d.c. the president is claiming help schools. nightmare. on this issue is on the way. >> invested a lot, thousands of march madness is now canceled. the ncaa making that >> as the crisis sweeps the dollars. nation, the toll is growing by we definitely lost a few thousand. >> china and ethan feel announcement yesterday in addition the mlb and nhl the hour. abandoned. >> we were hoping that, you know, the government would take seasons on hold. at least four states, including more concern about this, oregon and ohio, have now airlines would make more of an we can tell you we are looking ordered all schools closed. effort. at broadway plays right now, all it's a desperate measure that shows on broadway have gone could have far reaching impacts >> there's no knowing, okay, so dark on the economy. >> that would spell even more if we do get back to the u.s., theme parks across the country bad news for wall street. then what happens? do we go into quarantine because are closing and this boy, they don't need it. we've been traveling around the markets reeling in the wake of the worst trading day in 33 announcement coming this europe morning, the pga canceling the championship and also tour years. do we go home? events coming up they have got the latest on all >> a lot of confusion and the meanwhile the european travel of these moving pieces. word of the day, anxiety, keir ban is now about to take effect. start with nbc's tom costello americans are exempted from with an overview. at midnight tonight any tom, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys, good these rules. non-american coming from europe morning. people from the uk are exempted is banned from entering into the from these rules but you're this pandemic, of course, has still seeing people race to the created a major health scare, airport, afraid of what's next united states with the exception put wall street into that deep slide and threatening main of the uk and ireland. to come. all other countries nationals not allowed to come into the streets across the country from u.s. americans who are returning >> savannah, that's right. from europe must be screened for big companies to small mom and you can hear another plane any health issues. pop shops as americans hunker taking off behind me here, underscoring the fact these then according to the president planes are still flying. down to ride this thing out. they can be quarantined. as the federal government races you're right it's not entirely clear whether they are quarantined as a matter it's important to just reassure to respond to the coronavirus of course or depending on what pandemic, the nation's top families who have loved ones here in europe that there is not the results of those tests are infectious disease expert is a ban on american citizens guys, back to you. sounding the alarm over the lack getting back to the united >> tom costello, thank you very
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much. states of testing kits for americans. >> the system does not -- is not really geared to what we need right now, what we're asking the 30-day ban only applies to europeans. the fact i have to say that >> the pentagon said u.s. warplanes launched air strikes underscores what americans have in iraq to retaliate for rapid for. attack that killed american troops and a british soldier a that is a failing. been telling me, it's hard day earlier. u.s. officials say the strikes >> it's a failing. enough to face the fear of the targeted storage facilities for >> it is a failing. coronavirus, it makes it worse weapons used by an iranian-backed militia group let's admit it. when you feel confused and feel the idea of anybody getting it easily the way people in other like you're not getting support. mark esper warns the united states is prepared to respond again to protect u.s. forces in countries are doing it, we're i do want to tell you, by the way, savannah, we did reach out not set up for that. to united airlines they have just come back to us they want to reassure people they are not stranding people the region. do i think we should be? yes. but they are flooded with calls and they are asking their customers to have patience. chelsea manning was released thursday from a virginia jail >> all right where she had been jailed for a but we're not. >> one er doctor in new york expressing frustration saying we've definitely had patients that we'll need a lot of come in to get a test. thank you very much. they have been told they could from airplanes to ships. year for contempt. up next, another travel concern, get a test. she had refused to testify in with health officials urging the ongoin wikileaks investigation. cruises. she attempted suicide. social distancing to slow down the judge said the jury no the outbreak, communities around kerry sanders has the very latest on the popular ship suspending service overnight and longer needed to hear from her manning served seven years in the country now taking action. what it's like for passengers who just set sail in one of military prison for leaking those ships. >> we must treat this like what it is, and that is a crisis. that's right after this. ck!) ♪ a crisis we have not seen, most of us, in our lifetimes. >> ohio shutting down schools for three weeks. maryland schools closed for two. files. >> the head of the u.s. soccer also, new mexico, michigan, and organization, he resigned abruptly last night.
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oregon schools. california now banning all ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) gatherings of 250 people or his organization triggered an more. new york city's mayor declaring ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) uproar that players on women's national team had less physical a state of emergency. >> the last 24 hours have been responsibility and responsibilities than their male counterparts ♪ i want to...rock! (rock!) he's been replaced by former very, very sobering. >> meanwhile president trump is star player who is the first defending his decision to ban most europeans from entering the ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) country for the next 30 days. female president. we've got the news covered would you like a little boost? i think you will gold winning medalist shawn ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) johnson, she's as strong as they >> i just wanted that to stop as come it pertains to the united this is a sweet moment that states, and that's what we've done. we've stopped it. >> the president acknowledging ♪ rock! (rock) travel inside the united states ♪ rock! (rock) ♪ rock! (rock) could be restricted. >> we haven't discussed that turned her to mush yet. is it a possibility? yes. ♪ rock! ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) if somebody gets out of control, ♪ rock! (rock) ♪ i want to rock! an area too hot. (chris rock) who'd you expect? >> the white house acknowledging the president attended an event [ laughter ] >> i'm about to cry. at mar-a-lago last weekend with (sylvester stallone) i don't a brazilian government official >> they caught it, man who tested positive for the ok, i'm going to go for it now. ♪ i want to rock! (rock!) they caught baby drew laughing ♪ rock! (rock) ♪ rock! (rock) for the very first time. ♪ i want to rock! shawn basically said this, her world is now complete. when those moments happen, i wish we were rolling. >> you're never rolling. virus. pictured who are with the president here alongside vice >> they got it. president mike pence. we've got more ahead friday the white house insisted the president had almost no interaction with the individual morning including how the coronavirus outbreak is about to and does not require a test at this time. change the face of late night tv over on capitol hill republicans and democrats are inching closer
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to an emergency aid package to help americans impacted by the for a bit. >> plus talking to your kids, settling your own nerves, we're you have power over pain, going to talk to some experts outbreak. the package would include with strategies on how to cope expanding funding for sick days, so the whole world looks different. with this uncertain and anxious shoring up safety programs like time a lot of people are really food assistance and funding for the unbeatable strength of advil. feeling right now. free coronavirus testing. we'll have that in a moment, but meanwhile in canada, the what pain? first these messages government is facing a different kind of obstacle. president trudeau will be in jake from state farm? isolation 14 days after his wife tested positive for the coronavirus. here's the deal... xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt the prime minister, we're told, is in good health with no she's not the one for you. if she's not going to protect all her stuff with state farm, or pe blood clots from happening again. symptoms. how's she going to protect your heart? almost 98% of people like a good neighbor, state farm is there.® did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... as this may increase your risk of blood clots. breaking this morning we learned while taking, for strength and energy! a spinal injection increases the risk of blood clots, australian home minister is whoo-hoo! infected with the virus. great-tasting ensure. which may cause paralysis- the inability to move. with nine grams of protein he met with ivanka trump, and twenty-seven vitamins and minerals. you may bruise more easily kellyanne, barr, adviser to the or take longer for bleeding to stop. white house now in australia in ensure, for strength and energy. xarelto® can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. a hospital in queensland. it may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding one other note, an american airlines pilot tested positive or unusual bruising. do not take xarelto® if you have for the virus but the airlines believes the risk to the flying an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. public was minimal. before starting, tell your doctor
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overnight nba hall of famer charles barkley announcing he's self-quarantining after getting [ natural drums and [ music begins to build ]] tested for the virus. >> i haven't been feeling great, [ drums beat faster ] and they didn't want me to take unlimited coffee for $8.99 a month. any chances, so they told me to panera, your cup is always full. quarantine myself for 48 hours. >> the economic impact will go far beyond fans and players affecting arena workers, freelance photographers, sports reporters, vendors, parking lot attendants and many more. while cleveland cavalier star kevin love announced he will in-depth today, closer look at iconic industry hit very hard by a lot will happen in your life. coronavirus. donate $100,000 in support of wrinkles just won't. >> right now we're talking about the cavs arena and support staff cruises. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's that had a sudden life shift due to the suspension of the nba some companies have canceled all fastest retinol formula works so fast. operations others are struggling to find season. it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. great cultural institutions from passengers nbc's kerry sanders joins us neutrogena® broadway shows to museums to from the port of tampa with details on this part of the concert halls are going dark. story. i need all the breaks, that i can get. kerry, good morning to you. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. >> good morning, guys. yes, there are still cruises liberty mutual customizes your car insurance but in a region hard hit by that are departing so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. one left here 14 hours ago ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ covid-19, the seattle symphony one of the passengers told me the ship's crew told him there
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streaming the first symphony for were 1100 passengers on board gewith an extra 15% off...e savings! free, providing a sense of but the ship's crew told him 1300 people who had tickets save on women's tops. calm during the crisis. >> disney said its theme park men's dress apparel... will pay workers during the and sonoma bath towels are just $7.64! closures. other corporations have similar policies in place but so many decided to cancel. plus, take $10 off your men's or women's style event purchase people say jobs are indirectly this as the cruise ship industry, which is really connected to places and events designed as an escape from of $50 or more. plus - get kohl's cash! being canceled. reality is now where many ticket holders say is the last place right now... guys, back to you. at kohl's and kohl's dot com. >> miguel, thank you. the economic impact is a big they want to go. one for the moment let's turn to medical correspondent john >> cruise lines in crisis, one of the hardest hit companies, estamos de regreso coronavirus and its impact for the time being on life as we torres. princess, hit hard know it. >> yeah. we've talked in the last few days about this issue of cancelling all trips for 60 testing. the availability of testing. days the uncertainty has put a lot of other countries seem to be doing more than 700 passengers exposed us on edge as a nation copes with new realities to the virus, 8 have died. the full fleet of princess ships now at dock for deep cleaning here is nbc's kathy park. it as a more rapid pace. dr. fauci was blunt about it yesterday. >> reporter: this morning fear if you're not testing right, what does that mean for how and and anxiety on the rise as a coronavirus tightens its grip on we're attacking the coronavirus. the nation. >> testing is the linchpin of getting this under control. and disinfection. >> certainly not in the 20 years i've been with the company have without testing we don't know we been tested in the way we've the epicenter, outbreaks, we don't know where to put our >> what's your level of concern right now? >> medium to high. >> new york city, state of resources are. we don't have unlimited supply. >> we don't know where it's been tested the last days. >> in addition to closing theme emergency, crowds shrinking with cancellations growing on broadway and beyond. the normally packed times square spreading. >> i talked to a lot of parks, disney is suspending new also taking a hit as people stay researchers, doctors, the theme sailings away from the cross-roads of the with everybody, we need more other cruise lines still in
7:10 am
operation. on thursday world caribbean testing, we need more testing. you hear that constantly. world. >> describe the mood for me, at least from your perspective. how would you describe it. i agree with them. brilliance of the seas set sail >> it's hard to describe, you know. there's obviously fears in >> we see anecdotally people say from tampa to mexico we spoke with passengers before they are sick, flu like they left. >> you're not afraid you're getting on your ship. symptoms. >> you have to live your life. there aral but there's no worry. >> plenty of others canceling there's two criteria to get the their plans saying it's not the air but also confusion. >> reporter: worried shoppers are rushing stores, stockpiling supplies in some cases not leaving test. one, you've traveled outside the u.s. two, you've been in direct contact with someone who tested worth the risk. anything behind. >> just being in a small area >> some of the shelves are completely bare of with lots of people is dangerous nonperishables like rice and positive. they are saying we can't get tested because they won't let us sometimes. test. >> we know this does pass >> princess docked its ships and pasta. >> pandemic reaching places of through communities, community giving passengers full refunds worship. spread of coronavirus. royal caribbean, norwegian, >> i thought they loosened st. patrick's cathedral removed holy water as a precaution cardinal dolan discussing the restrictions on testing. >> they said they were loosening celebrity, msc letting passengers cancel cruises but with restrictions. restrictions on testing, you talk to most doctors, viking suspending river and measures on his weekly podcast. >> so we don't just say, who they say i'm frustrated, i've tried to get the test, called ocean cruises until may. the industry's value sinking cares, i'm not going to wash my hands. public health department, and they are still putting restrictions in place. i think the process is we don't dramatically on wall street. have all the tests out there we want. that's the failing dr. fauci is cruise lines this morning talking about. god will take care of me no, one of the ways god does take care of you is giving you sailing into uncharted waters. >> kerry, we know the cruise hand sanitizer do that. use your head. >> reporter: as the crisis industry leaders had a deepens, more americans say they are struggling to separate fact i'm thankful he said that. conversation with vice president pence and the task force once we get if he is -- testing in place. do we know what came from those >> how long does that take, weeks or days? conversations?
7:11 am
>> theoretically, it shouldn't take long at all. in some countries they have done it very, very quickly. in our country it's taking any concrete developments yet? longer. >> reporter: concrete not yet from fear. >> it's hard to know what's real >> we had vice president pence and what's exaggerated. but the cruise line industry >> reporter: a virus putting a nation on edge as it continues and they are talking about a to spread. for "today," kathy park, nbc association says they are million tests at the end of the week, then 4 million tests. enhancing protocols on board the ships already to protect news, new york. when you look at the numbers so that's the state of the right now, i think we have in nation the u.s. 1600 cases. does that tell you, that number passengers from coronavirus and how can we ease some of that anxiety and handle what can be they have proposed several difficult discussions with our changes including quarantines loved ones, little ones and at times our parents. how to talk to them about. we've got dr. torres back with us with relationship therapist good morning. on the ship and will be land based. >> morning. >> i didn't think i was that they point out what they're proposing with t task force will not cost u.s. anxious about everything and i taxpayers. found myself waking up an hour and a half before my alarm, which i have to tell you i have >> kerry, thanks. >> what do you say we take a break and go to mr. roker for a already a pretty early alarm check of the weather. a lot of people have the sense of how bad is this going to get? how do you deal with that? in and of itself that we're not >> get outside this weekend. testing. shouldn't the number be higher. that's one problem. >> we haven't been testing enjoy. enough. the numbers will go higher. temperatures nice and warm from >> that's one of the issues, the once you start testing you see the numbers skyrocket. a lot of people have it. 80% of people with mild to unknown, the fact it hit us so moderate symptoms might not even the gulf to the northeast. quickly. know they have it but they could above average temperatures, be spreading it. that's a big concern. some countries are testing everybody who wants to test or d.c., new york, charlotte, has symptoms. here in this country we've wilmington, charleston, even restricted it more. >> i had a question about kids. thankfully one of the silver linings here is kids don't seem there's so many uncertainties behind this. to be as susceptible to this. i say constantly we don't know a lot about the virus, we're though out to the west the learning as we go. people want to know the facts, but i wondered could kids be plains will be cooler, fairly decent conditions. nice conditions, 37 chicago. separating facts from fear carriers of covid-19 and carrying it around even though brisk, bracing, 42 in kansas this isn't the conversations i'm
7:12 am
they have no symptoms. city, 14 degrees below average talking about, this is the only little rock a little cooler. >> kids have a certain conversation. >> anxiety, you're scared of the the same in dodge city virus. a lot of people worried whether protection to it. temperatures start to get to they are going to be able to we're not sure why. normal tuesday omaha 50, almost 60 in st. louis part of the protection is they tuesday. 53 in detroit, warming up to 62 won't be having the same in charleston. symptoms we have but that doesn't mean they don't have coronavirus. it's important to teach them everything, hand washing, social distancing. that's why shutting down schools good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. in some instances is a good expect it to cool off near the work, anxiety is real, your income, how to best take care of your family. coast where some fog lingers. how to keep your head straight. >> double whammies in the past swine flu more worried about idea. inland areas will have one day infection, this one you worry about 401(k), income, one thing, of 70s. going into the weekend rain >> now we'll talk about moves in starting early tomorrow take a breath, a reality check, financial toll. morning. where are we for most people it's not going stocks coming off worst day on wall street since blackmon, the off and on showers expected as to affect them medically that much because 80% of the people crash of 1987. we'll see it continuing through the meltdown erased nearly all the gains in recent years and the rest of the weekend and a marked the end of the longest big drop in temperatures going from 72 today to 54 for a high bull market on record. inland tomorrow and then expect more rain in the forecast or at stocks as you can see are up least the middle of next week. have mild to moderate symptoms slightly. anyway chances are you're not going to get it you hear about situations where dow up 3.5%. communities are shutting down. >> and that's your latest okay that means i have an issue, too, not necessarily. here to help gauge what's weather. guys. >> al, thank you then realize, too, what we've been hearing from stephanie happened, where we are, where coming up next, everybody wants ruhle in particular, your we're headed, to know how tom hanks and rita nbc correspondent stephanie wilson are doing after the ruhle at the new york stock couple revealed they have the 401(k) don't touch it right now probably don't even look at it right now. exchange. coronavirus. the overnight proof they are, in keep an eye what's going on. realize we're going to get through this this isn't the first time we've >> obviously we've had a fact, in good spirits. had something like this, 9/11,
7:13 am
devastating week, now there's been a bit of a turn. coming up right after this let's go back in turn. swine flu, we've it it before. all of this is about coronavirus. we'll get through it. >> doctor, what about our kids this is a public health he was playing with kids and i emergency. so when she moved in with us, think about the things that a new kitchen became heard the word coronavirus happened, cancellation of part of our financial plan. how do you talk to your ♪ children sporting events, school, sending people home. i want to make the most of what does that do? it halts the economy. every meal we have together. ♪ it basically says let's put our economy in a self induced coma where you send everybody home, at northwestern mutual, >> dos and don'ts. you want to tell them we're going to be okay they're not out spending, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. spending is what fuels the economy. we're going through this together today you're seeing the market find a northwestern mutual advisor at nm dot com. you also want to let them know you're going to be the protector. you're the adult you're in control. tick back up after we were in kids want to know they are secure and safe. complete free fall. helps you live your dreams today. so predictability, structure and we're getting closer to an idea the government may step in with sennew color sensationalkes on athe creamsng. some program, something to from maybelline new york. pure color pigments. consistency. intervene to help the most you also want to let them know you have a plan. infused with shea butter. even if you don't have a plan, vulnerable people and help some industries hurt the most. color so crisp, lips so smooth. new color sensational the creams only from maybelline new york. tell them you're working on one, right? >> what are you saying, too, we have little ones they are out of school i can't ignore it. i don't have the structure we >> we know the markets abhor used to have i'm washing their hands every 10 uncertainty. seconds, scrubbing them to we don't know how long the closures have to last, we don't death. know if it will come back next >> you want to use children's language fall, roaring back. you don't want to lie to them. doesn't the economic picture you want to let them know, something is different and we're look rather bleak since we don't going to create a new norm know when the end is? here are the things you don't want to do you don't want to act like
7:14 am
>> absolutely, but, and that's one of the reasons we were in free fall. you're not okay. you don't want to use language at least we're now assessing, like chaos or catastrophe or addressing the risk. two days ago you still had a disaster and you want to have them president who was saying it is inclusive in the plan. kind of a hoax, down playing so come up with a progress chart like you do for chores and this thing, saying we've done things better than europe. how many times did we elbow but the tipping point honestly was the nba. bump, how many times did we keep our distance or wash our hands, it was this wakeup call for then celebrate that with the new at by selecting the no iinfinest botanicals, we say...t americans that said hold on a second. no caffeine, no stress containment is the answer. no better way to relax after look how italy handled this. a long day of ... anything. today, you're seeing all of the norms. you want to include kids so they pure leaf ... no is beautiful have a buy-in to the new norm. >> what about teenagers. apple stores in china, 42 of teenagers are pretty quiet as them open back up. the countries that went through they're out there. thousands ofr allergensyes know draconian measures to contain it in each cubic yard of air. are coming back out the other is side. no wonder you rub your eyes hundreds of times a day. they are going to have their graduations canceled we're starting to see signs of how do you talk to teenagers >> teenagers are different you want family meetings to keep but now, relief is just one drop away. them updated because they want to know. you want to ask them in an it and see improvements. yes. indirect way how are your uncertainty has been the killer. introducing pataday® now that at least we're going after this thing, the market is full prescription strength pataday works saying fine. right in your eyes. friends doing. maybe we're getting closer to right on the cells that make them itch. sometimes they won't talk about themselves but they will talk fast. just one drop, once a day about how their friends are and that will be a way to engage getting on the same page. them in the conversation text chat. get them in on information by means relief that lasts all day. >> treasury secretary said this morning this is a great time to so turn your day, into a pataday. buy, get into the market because stocks are low. now get pataday way of texts. >> let's make something clear. without a prescription. >> older people being told to isolate, isolate, isolate. i'm sorry, there's nothing more everywhere.
7:15 am
it is far out of steve mnuchin's sad for an older person to be job function to tell people when to buy stocks. the president and his economic adviser learned that last week. but there are actual investors holed up alone without interaction. how do you play that out there if you look at what's what's the best way to play it >> a better job with elderly moving up today, names like anyway disney, nike. i'm seeing more in our practice where they are grieving their if you have a long time rise, meaning you're not trading in and out the next few weeks, you friends. talking with them. if they are a little connected may say i wanted to buy apple with social media, text chat for years and want to own it for recognize that social distance years, it could be a decent time. as far as taking investment does not mean social isolation so stay engaged even more than advice from the treasury secretary, might want to take a pause. >> always good to have you. you would normally be engaged. >> thank you. coronavirus is quickly a major free? >> another thing, realize social issue in the presidential race, dominating the conversation free... isolation can be a big issue for them even though people aren't going to visit their parents as much between the democratic rivals, right now because of all that's going on, encourage them to free. joe biden and bernie sanders. free... today they prepare for the first visit other people that's right, turbotax free is free. technology-wise, skype, facetime free, free free free. people haven't reconnected i wish i could talk to my old friend from high school 50 years ago. this is a good time to one on one debate sunday. white house correspondent peter that's right, turbotax free is free. ♪ dramatic music intensifies alexander is following that. reconnect. >> if you do have little kids, ♪ dramatic music really, really intensifies ♪ we're writing letters to nanny and poppy. ♪ dramatic music ends, dramatically ♪ good morning. less than 24 hours after oval office address here, his challengers, bernie sanders and chobani flip. all good. no bad. something for them to do. joe biden are fiercely >> a postcard.
7:16 am
criticizing the president and mapping out their own proposed my 10-year-old had no idea what coronavirus responses trying to a postcard was present a clear alternative to can i ask a personal question. yes, you, unsung designated driver. my wife and i expecting a baby the commander in chief. in two weeks and you, saturday soccer dad. for anybody out there in the next few months, god willing we all you unpaid movers get 10 fingers, 10 toes. when we get home, what do we do with that little child seemingly with americans facing an unprecedented public health and "never miss a bedtime" parents. emergency, former vice president so susceptible joe biden delivering his >> keeping them protected? we see how you go out your way for others, >> can people come visit, stay and that inspires us to go the extra mile for you, prescription for action. away. >> when i'm president, we'll be every single day. better prepared, respond better >> initially for the first and be covered better. hertz. proud to be ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. couple weeks, let's keep people >> biden with obama oversaw away just now only to make sure ebola crisis in 2017 casting because you want to make sure the baby is okay they can get coronavirus as well i would talk to the himself as a seasoned manager, pediatrician, how much time should i give them before people delivering shark rebuke of president trump. we are back. come in contact. >> pervasive lack-of-trust in so happy when carson joins the table. the latest on tom hanks and rita wilson as they recover from the they can come by and see them. i wouldn't have them hold and kiss them. i know that's something they virus. want to do. >> the couple shared a new >> can you elbow bump an infant. update natalie in los angeles with that the government, fueled by the >> maybe foot tap. >> your little girl will be so atd -- adversarial relationship with the truth he continues to have. >> reporter: the former vp nat, good morning. cool asking to work with private >> hey, guys, good morning what about play dates. labs, make test kids more widely a lot of us who don't know what available, testing biden says should be provided free of tom and rita in australia with a charge, while condemning the movie they were making there to do with our kids. they are supposed to be in administration for a lack of planning, leadership, and when they both began school going crazy in a new york city apartment execution. can they be with other kids? >> we are not ready yet and the experiencing symptoms. >> this is what i told adults as
7:17 am
well clock is ticking. >> democratic rival bernie there are questions for fans and it depends how much you trust celebrities that interacted with sanders detailing his own the couple in days leading up to the diagnosis. could they now be at risk as proposed response. well at this hospital on australia's gold coast, tom hanks and rita >> the crisis we face from the wilson are being kept in isolation after announcing the people you're going with how much do you trust them to coronavirus is on a scale of a wednesday they have the stay home if their kids are sick major war, and we must act a group you trust to be okay, keep their kids home if they are accordingly. sick explain a few things try not to get too close, not >> sanders also denouncing the coronavirus. the couple posting this photo on president's handling of the outbreak while emphasizing plans instagram saying, i want to hugging, kissing to help low income and working thank everyone here down under definitely play with them especially if you're playing who are taking such good care of us different games you can keep remember, despite all the current events, there's no distance. crying in baseball >> also play dates on social class families. that reference, of course, to media. his famous line from the classic i said this is a time we are learning to use our words now. >> now is the time to come because we can't show and people together with love and compassion for all, including movie ""a league of their own." the most vulnerable people in >> there's no crying in can show you and tell you, we're our society. learning to use words like i >> with the virus upending the baseball. love you, i want to be close to primary campaign, biden and you, i'm connected to you. sanders canceling upcoming public rallies, the two then play board games. candidates will face off this >> hanks has been down under in preproduction for his upcoming lots of different things you biopic about elvis presley and wouldn't normally do sunday in their first one-on-one taking selfies with fans debate, the showdown relocated warner brothers said the studio this is an opportunity. >> operation. is working with health agencies to identify anyone who came in >> yeah, yeah. those fun things we used to do. from arizona to washington with contact with tom hanks they believe the couple >> thank you both. that was very helpful. by the way, we want to mention you can find the very latest on no audience in attendance. contracted the virus outside >> peter, the president is up australia and say the incubation everything that's happening on the coronavirus, realtime
7:18 am
and tweeting this morning about the coronavirus seeming to blame past administrations. period can last up to two weeks. updates on our live blog is that right? >> that's right. >> people who have come in close contact with tom hanks and rita with his own response under intense scrutiny this morning, wilson will need to self-isolate craig, the president is trying dr. john is on the blog all day to shift the blame to the obama administration and career officials. it's the president is again on and quarantine. twitter attacking the cdc let's get to al and the writing, for decades the cdc latest forecast. looked at and studied its testing system but did nothing >> the couple was seen hello there. sightseeing near bondi beach with their 24-year-old son about it. truman >> hello, guys he blasted the system as inadequate and slow. with growing complaints the we're looking at showers and no word whether he's been thunderstorms making the way into texas and oklahoma. no word whether he's been tested northeast corridor, showers and tests aren't widely available for the virus. thunderstorms into the mid-atlantic heavier rain in southern the president claims the changes that night wilson posted these have been made and testing will photos from the sydney opera house where she performed her california soon happen on a very large music in a 200 seat auditorium on monday she appeared on temperatures into the 90s in australia's morning program southern texas, 80s and 70s "today" extra where the host scale basis. remember, for days this through the gulf coast and president has been insisting said she seemed fine. southeastern and atlantic states, 70s through central >> she didn't have any symptoms. california anyone who wants a test could she made a joke when we came into the studio saying we get it and the process was, in shouldn't shake hands, we should heavy snow making its way through the western plains snow and cold in the rockies severe storms in the mid plains bump elbows. and look for that warmth to his words, going very smooth. savannah? >> peter alexander from the white house on this friday. peter, thank you. so we bumped elbows. >> staffers have been tested and asked to self-quarantine >> all right. days before wilson attended this >> good morning. we're caught up for the moment. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's get to al and get a check cancer benefit in beverly hills on the forecast. live look over the south bay. flanked by a-listers mostly sunny skies. what's going on in the weather. we're going to see more sunshine >> winter storm watches and today but then clouds moving in advisories out west, flood nick jonas, tom ford, renee tonight as we await our
7:19 am
zellweger. we reached out but didn't hear back. approaching storm system that watches and the sierra, looking will be moving in with some >> i think i had type 2 diabetes at heavy snow, and they need it. spotty showers starting early tomorrow morning. that's good news. based on what i ate when i was expect waves of rain throughout the weekend, but there will be areas of rain in the southwest, 13 years old some breaks in between. snow in the rockies. but temperatures will be much >> in january, hangs talked cooler with highs in the low to mid-50s throughout the weekend. we see beneficial snow for the about being a type 2 diabetic with savannah, a sierra with a couple systems disease that puts him at greater risk for coronavirus complications according to cdc on wednesday the couples' son chet spoke out about their getting ready to move on shore. rainfall amounts, anywhere from half inch to quarter inch up to hot! hot! condition. all right. best time of the day. no no no no no, there's no space there! maybe over here? >> yes, it is. time for "pop start. >> i just got off the phone with carson. oven mitts! oven mitts! everything's stuck in the drawers! them, they're both fine, they are not that sick >> first up, late night shows i'm sorry! oh, jeez. hi. they aren't worried about it, not tripping but going through the necessary health learning how to do a show with no audience. precautions. late show with that steven kelly clarkson. try wayfair! oh, ok. colbert, jimmy kimmel live, funny enough hosted by pete it's going to help you, with all of... this! >> overnight hanks said they are taking it one day at a time and buttigieg. "the tonight show" went without encouraged everyone to take care of themselves and each other crowds because of the yeah, here you go. thank you! we wish them a speedy recovery, guys. coronavirus concern. that doesn't mean jokes about oh, i like that one! >> thank you, natalie. [ laugh ] that's a lot of storage! >> a chance to exchange like an perfect. you're welcome! e-mail with tom. i love it. how did you do all this? >> we did. we exchanged an e-mail he seemed like his good jolly the virus off limits fallon doing his monologue in wayfair! front of a few staffers. >> a lot of things happening speaking of dinner, what're we eating, guys? a lot of companies sending home old self they are feeling it. they don't feel great but they nonessential employees if you're home right now i'm don't feel terrible. he said they are listening to glad you're safe and sorry good friday morning. their doctors. i'm meteorologist kari hall. you're considered nonessential last night nba announced they vintage tom. are suspending the season we'll see some clouds right now >> at the end he asked about
7:20 am
but no fog as we get a look at indefinitely the golden gate bridge and a lot you. that means across the country of sunshine. >> he said you stay clear of there are now 30 empty arenas or temperatures today warming up your kids trains in your eyes. okay as that's also known a tour for into the low 70s for palo alto. speaking of, how do we talk to three doors down. 72 for san jose and also some low 70s in napa today. our kids about coronavirus >> no, you didn't. a lot of people are wondering as we go through the rest of the >> wow. >> why you got to go to three forecast a big drop in about this about anxiety they doors down. temperatures going into the feel for their parents, too. we'll have a good conversation >> who are they? weekend. some rain arrives tomorrow about that coming up >> therein lies the problem. expect off and on showers all >> that was then throughout the weekend. that also continues into the things are changing very quickly now that "the tonight show" and middle of next week and will be it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. late night are suspending several days before we see those production through at least the temperatures warming back up end of the month again. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. next up, saved by the bell guys. coming up, the desperate it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. millennial ears perking up race to get americans home just otezla is associated... hours before the new travel ban. live from london's heathrow ...with an increased risk of depression. everywhere as reported in the pasre tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... airport. >> the crisis facing cruise ...or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. service peacock. lines with popular ships no they are all back. longer sailing at all. you can't have saved by the bell what happens if you booked a some people taking otezla reported weight loss. trip your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. what about people on a cruise upper respiratory tract infection right now. and headache may occur. without zack morris. teasing his transformation we'll have that and more, but tell your doctor about your medicines, writing one of these blondes is going to be zack morris. and if you're pregnant or planning to be. a lot of people looking forward otezla. show more of you. to that one.
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actually did it unless there's from smarter atms, to after hours video tellers undeniable cheesy dorito evidence. ♪ ♪ >> did you feed that dog any comcast business is connecting thousands of banks to technology doritos. that turns everyday transactions into extraordinary experiences. >> no, mummy >> hmm hi there. how are you? show your gut some love. do you have any lollipops in there? (laughing) no, sorry. we're helping all kinds of businesses only activia has billions of our live and active probiotics. maggie. >> is that the first go beyond customer expectations. a delicious way to enjoy probiotics every day. international click? how can we help you? >> we are expanding, yes, as the with 20 years of devotion to gut health. travel ban -- we're going the other way. activia. like no other. >> you're allowed in from the uk. hello, i saw you move in, >> it's a one-way thing. and i wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood >> straight ahead women at the with some homemade biscuits! top of the corporate ladder reaching out to help the next >>oh, that's so nice! generation succeed an inside look at a very special and a little tip, community coming up after your geico could help you save on homeowners insurance. local news >>cookies! uhh, biscuits. oh it's my mum's secret recipe. >>you can tell me. it's a secret. >>is it cinnamon? it's my mum's secret recipe. call geico and see how easy saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. i'll come back for the plate. before discovering nexium 24hr
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7:24 am
liberty mutual customizes your car insurance we're reaching up to 70s today so you only pay for what you need. in palo alto. only pay for what you need. we'll see some clouds near the ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ coast, but the inland area is all clear and rain will be ♪ approaching during the overnight ♪everyday it's a-getting closer hours into early tomorrow morning. looks like it does get heavier going faster than a rollercoaster ♪ for some spots but we'll see at times some off and on downpours love like yours will surely come my way ♪ not only saturday but sunday as well, and this could wrap up with some bay area snow on our ♪ a-hey, a-hey-hey ♪ hills going into late sunday night and early monday morning. ♪ temperature wise look at this. we're going from 72 today to 54 ♪love like yours will surely come my way♪ for a high tomorrow. and we're going to still see more of those winter temperatures going into at least ♪ the middle of next week san francisco going from 60s today (director's voice) cue rachael ray. hey friends! to 50 by sunday. today we're whipping up some delicious recipes. mike, how is it moving on the so? who's hungry? roads? better. (barking, meowing) we're thinning out the traffic pets love rachael ray™ nutrish® volume at the bay bridge toll and its kitchen-inspired recipes. with real meat, poultry or fish. plaza. the fastrak lanes have the most rachael ray nutrish. real recipes. traffic. brake tapping north 880 past real ingredients. real good.® high street. it's very little for the nimitz. remember it's 7:57. to the bay bridge just that toll plaza backup we showed you.
7:25 am
slowing for the other toll plazas at the dumbarton bridges and north 101 still slow past good morning. it's 8:26. the earlier crash which is on i'm marcus washington. nearly 80 san jose firefighters the shoulder. now back to you. remain under quarantine this thanks so much. happening now more bay area morning. city leaders announcing schools set to close starting yesterday four recently tested monday due to the coronavirus positive for coronavirus. and sources tell nbc bay area, pandemic. berkeley unified and foster city one of them is now in grave school districts are the latest to announce closures. condition. the department is now changing how it responds to medical posting a link to the entire calls. going forward, only one dispatch, we got a code bubly. list and tweeted it out this firefighter will go into a home with full protective gear at morning. president trump's ban on travel from europe takes effect at first if that patient is not are you going to get him down? midnight tonight. critical. they will then screen for the no. it is supposed to remain in bubly sparkling water. effect for the next 30 days. signs of the virus and then the head to our home page for pack a smile. firefighters union says the department has now a plan in complete coronavirus coverage ♪ including a link to bay area place to deal with the staff events and services now feeling shortage. right now, we want to get a the impact. another local update in half an look at the commute. with the cd changer that's stuck playing limp bizkit. hour. mike, how is it looking? >> very light. folks doing what they're ♪ supposed to. not going into the office if just sell it to carmax. we'll buy any car. they're asked not to. schools also being closed around even this one. the way it should be. carmax. the bay. light volume all around. especially light for friday. take 25% off adidas!... even this one. one slow spot. and save on nike... west 580. and vans... we had an earlier crash. save on adidas women's jackets... men's nike graphic tees are just $19.99... should be cleared in the next
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7:27 am
temperatures reach into the low 70s for this afternoon. reaching 72 in concord and 70 today in napa. tomorrow temperatures dip as that cold front comes in and we'll see waves of rain. off and on showers between saturday, sunday, even into monday we may see this also tapering off on monday with some snow on some of the bay area hills. then another storm system comes in right behind that and keeps it wet as we go into the middle of next week. we'll be tracking that with more updates. right now mike is tracking the commute. there's not much of one. it's free day and a lot of folks telecommuting. i believe an earlier crash cleared. west across the dumbarton and san mateo bridge a great drive. better than a half hour ago. less traffic on 880 as well. less traffic again all around the bay. so no problems for contra costa county slowing mild through it's 8:00 on "today." pittsburg and bay point highway 4 and to the bay bridge.
7:28 am
back to you. thank you very much. another local news update in coming half an hour. it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, shutdown. >> it is time now to declare a state of emergency in new york city. >> cities across the country taking extraordinary measures to stop the spread of coronavirus,a them parks closed, sports organizations postpone games, an major events canceled, a nation on edge as questions surround the government's ability to test for the virus. we're live with the latest. plus leading by example. we'll introduce you to a special club designed for female ceos to network and share advice. >> i needed to find a community, my tribe, my group. >> what this organization is doing to end gender inequity at the very top. bring on the binge watching?
7:29 am
8:30 on this friday morning. normally, of course, we would be outside with our crowd right now but doing our part in this age of coronavirus but sending our love. >> we do love you and miss you hopefully soon you'll be back with us. ahead vicky nguyen is here she has cleaning tips for hot spots in your home, talking about your kitchen and bathroom. >> female executives making room for each other and other women at the table in a really cool, neat way we were lucky to meet up with them. >> round up the best shows and movies to catch up on this weekend assuming a lot of you will be spend a quite a bit of time at home. >> we want to mention if you have questions about coronavirus and how it may impact your life, head over to "today" instagram
7:30 am
account. look, they are there experts on hand, answering those questions all morning long they are doing it in realtime. >> guys, we have to pause for a we are back. moment friday march 13th. 7:30 on this friday. >> a big day. >> a day that will live in if you're kee history because 60 years ago today bob yeager, our beloved we are back. camera man, we call him the rope. 7:30 on this friday. if you're keeping track, it >> how many years, half of those? >> 36 years. happens to be march 13th, friday >> smell it, smell it. >> smell the cake. the 13th, 2020. >> in case you weren't feeling you know the tradition at the enough anxious but we're notere "today" show we want to say happy birthday, rope, you make us smile every enough anxious b superstitious. >> go forward. >> going forward with the news at 7:30. here are the headlines in the battle against the coronavirus single day a top public health official in this country said america is we love you. failing to meet the capacity for coronavirus testing. dr. anthony fauci, director of >> that's purell. >> rope said when he started here, he used to be known as the kid. >> two hours. >> we love you happy birthday. >> bob, you don't have all day >> a check of the weather? >> all right let's check out your weekend outlook, show you what we're national institute of allergy and infectious diseases at nih says the system is not geared to what we need. expecting. >> more fallout in sports. ncaa canceled march madness we look at saturday, a soaker in while major league baseball and
7:31 am
nhl put their seasons on hold. the mid plains also looking at snow stretching from the dakotas all the way into the illinois. also out in the pacific northwest drying out in the southwest and cooling off in the universal studios and disney northeast. then as we look at sunday -- closing their parks and broadway sunday! -- the sunshine returns into the northeast, new england, has gone dark. >> meanwhile canadian prime a march chill in the air in the minister justin trudeau in central parks, snow and heavy in isolation. the sierra that's what going on around the his wife sophie tested positive. trudeau himself says he has no symptoms but is self-isolating as a precaution. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. the travel ban, that takes effect in a matter of hours. so good to see that sierra snow in the forecast. the bay area will also get some this morning there are a lot of americans overseas and they are scrambling to get home by the rain. that's after today. after we see one last day of midnight deadline. some warm weather highs in the in some cases they are paying exorbitant prices to get on a low 70s. but a big drop in temperatures plane. today senior international correspondent keir simmons with headed our way for the weekend with some off and on showers. and we're also going to see the more potential that we could see snow good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on some of our bay area peaks the good news you can see and above 2,000 feet. we'll also see another system hear, which is why i'm holding the microphone here, the planes are still flying at the world's coming in by next tuesday and wednesday that will bring in more scattered showers and well below normal temperatures. savannah. >> just ahead, women helping women. a group of female executives
7:32 am
banding together to help other females climb the executive ladder but first this is "today" on nbc can we go get some ice cream? alright, we gotta stop here first. ♪ ♪ from smarter atms, to after hours video tellers ♪ ♪ comcast business is connecting thousands of banks to technology that turns everyday transactions into extraordinary experiences. hi there. how are you? do you have any lollipops in there? (laughing) no, sorry.
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we're back at 8:35 with our celebration of women's history month. did you know we're back at 8:35 with our celebration of women's history month. did you know currently just over 30 women are running fortune 500 companies, three dozen out of 500 ceos. >> we do not like those odds according to, for every dollar a man earns, women earn just $0.79. if you're not white, that pay gap is wider. >> now there's a new organization taking on the status quo aligning female executives to help shatter the glass ceiling and raise up all women. >> these women are leaders in business, thanks to an idea so simple yet important, a club all their own called chief. >> women who are alone at the table are 1 1/2 times more
7:35 am
likely to look for another job so if we can bring them together, they are more likely to stay and have a lasting change in their companies and beyond. >> launched in 2019 and based in new york, chief is expanding nationally with a wait list of 7,000. clearly women want in. their companies often footing the 5 to $8,000 membership fee. >> honestly chief was literally the best thing, best decision i ever made for myself at this point in my career. >> why >> i was at a point in my career where i needed to find like a community. i needed to find my tribe, my group, of like minded women from different industries. >> they talk about the old boys club is this the girls club is this the answer to that >> i don't think we will looking to replicate systems that kept people out but i think we're building something that allows us to feel like we have a space
7:36 am
for us that can support each other. >> confidence is this incredibly precious commodity i think we have a tremendous obligation to try to instill it in others. >> billed at executive coaching on steroids, members meet in small teams to workshop their challenges. >> never experienced a woman who says what they think. >> also a salon series featuring a who's who of inspiring women from gina davis to amal clooney. female executives see this as a place to grow and safe haven. >> you are the ceo, is it isolating. >> very much so. >> yeah, it is it's really nice to be able to have a place where you can have the conversations and not be judged and you have people you learn from. >> why do you think it's been still so difficult for women to break into those upper echelons of business? >> i don't think it's once you get here you fall out. i think you don't get here because of the systems in place and cultures we have aren't supporting women at a much
7:37 am
earlier age. >> i saw a lot of my colleagues, it became so challenging as they were having their first kids or caring for an aging parents to go up this ladder, a ladder that wasn't built for people with other responsibilities. >> people making choices, halfway up the ladder and saying, no, i don't want to go all the way up it's not for me. >> or they don't know how. >> a lot of times it feels lying an either-or situation. >> that's right. >> how do you fix that >> it's not malfeasance on part of any companies in general everyone is struggling to find out what is the right solution a lot is sponsorship and mentorship of young women and women of color to come up the ranks. >> who paved the way was it a man or woman or who helped you blaze your path >> i work on wall street the majority of people i'm surrounded by are males. they are part of the business. so making sure that i've pulled them in as a resource to help me was an important component i realize i have to do that for the women behind me because
7:38 am
there's not enough of us >> i don't really get it but let's play. >> to build community chief holds events from poker to supper club so women can relax and bond. >> i think she might be bluffing. >> deals once made in private men's clubs or on the golf course are forged here. >> women funded, getting promotions, getting awards, asked to speak on panels, different opportunities these women wouldn't have known about without us. >> a lot of women at home feel like they have so many obstacles in front of them if you were to put your finger on an obstacle you had to overcome, what would be yours? >> i think i had to get over not always being liked, leaving the room on the happiest of notes. >> how did you get over that asking for a friend. >> if you only are concentrating on what people think about you, you're not going to live your life you have to make it work for yourself. >> when i grew up and grew my career, i could never say that when i was her age. >> that's a great example of what i would learn where i am
7:39 am
from someone like her. that's the gift of chief. >> when we actually hit the same level of representation of women in senior leadership positions as men, we will feel like we accomplished what we set out to accomplish. >> this was a great conversation i feel better about everything >> we vote i feel very hopeful. >> we vote yes. >> i can only imagine a lot of people are going only saying i want to join that group. >> what i like about it, we had ceos and executive vice presidents in that group but they are really focused on the next generation of women in middle management, facing that question of i want to have kids but i still want my career and trying to make that transition, one where they don't have to make that sacrifice. >> all those mentors in one room. the network, she ran the whole
7:40 am
thing. she was a monitor figure to me and was great. that was then. >> she probably brought up >> judy mcgrath ceo of the network, she ran the whole thing. she was a monitor figure to me and was great. that was then. >> she probably brought up a lot of people behind her. >> hoda played poker. >> two pair. not to brag. >> i was hopeless on that one. guys, this spring chief will open new locations in los angeles and chicago, san francisco and boston coming soon as well. coming up, vicky nguyen is going to help you make your home germ-free, even if you can't get your hands on those cleaning products because they are cleaned off the shelves. some creative solutions to that growing problem. but first this is "today" on nbc.
7:41 am
7:42 am
welcome back this morning on "today's" consumer big part of protecting your family against coronavirus and other germs for that matter, cleaning and disinfecting. but are we doing it right? nbc news investigative and consumer correspondent vicky nguyen i said that like it was a different language helping us with hot spots in our home
7:43 am
stuff you don't think about. i have to say, i don't think about cleaning door knobs. >> we're going to talk about basic cleaning, more if you have someone infected in your home. you've heard me say it once i've said it 1,000 times if it touches your hands, your face, your mouth you need to clean it. think about the door knob, one of the first places people touch coming into your home. we talked about this if you're going to spray it down, let it air dry this is a disinfectant spray, has everything the epa recommends wipe down that light switch. a key one we don't think about remote controls. >> how long. is that good enough? >> let it air dry. think about what everyone touches. remote controls. do it. >> coming longer i listened yesterday
7:44 am
i got home you told us to take off outside clothes and put on inside what do you do with outside clothes. >> toss them in your hamper. this is a spot when you take your clothes out you often forget to take the liner out. >> never do. >> it's annoying if you don't want to spray it down with disinfectant, this is the work around. >> remember the pillow, you had that extra liner, kind of think of this laundry bag as the same thing. you can actually put your clothes in the washer and take the laundry bag and wash that thing, too. >> the germs stay on. >> a winter coat >> dry cleaning is going to kill everything because of the chemicals. >> keep chiming in i'm with you. >> same thing with this. don't forget the plastic basket. do the same thing. use this little spray. i have these gloves here we're talking about new have an infected person in the house, ideally that person should do their own laundry. if you're going to do it, you've got to put gloves on when you take the clothes out put them directly into the washer. >> can i ask quickly, hand towels should we be washing them every
7:45 am
day. >> that's a good idea. if you have enough to change them frequently, do it use separate set for that person ideally that person should be using paper towels and throwing them away. >> temperatures for washing clothes. >> as high a heat as your clothes will tolerate. however, we talked with a global health director, not so much about the temperature of the water. if you need cold water that's okay but make sure you use enough soap or detergent don't shake them out before you put them in. if there's a virus, you don't want it airborne. >> shaking it into the air all right. over to the bathroom. >> bathrooms teeming with germs typically. >> this is a no-brainer. we're probably doing a good job cleaning our bathrooms, probably more important if there's infection in the house faucets, handles, toilet handles. that's something everyone touches. in self-quarantine we talked
7:46 am
about lucky enough to have an extra bathroom and a sick person in the house, have them use that that goes for cold and flu, if you're trying to limit infection, isolate that person. >> countertop. >> same thing. let it dry, air dry. resist going back over with paper towel. super important. i used to think the same thing you want to wipe it down, scrubbing. absolutely let it sit as long as possible because that's what's killing the germs, the liquid drying through the air. >> in the kitchen, what do we focus on. >> everything you touch. >> no matter if it's wood or stone. virus live on one more than other. >> cardboard 24 hours, hard surfaces plastic and stainless steel, two to three days the study showed that. they didn't study wood the assumption is this virus can live on surfaces
7:47 am
when we talk about wood, warm soap and water that's all you need. these wipes are great. this the thing if you have a coffee maker, blender, you're typically going to wash this part. that's the part the food is in. >> this should be okay i made margaritas, killed germs. >> probably safe there but the buttons, these are the surfaces you need to be wiping down. ideally the sick person isn't buttons, these are the surfaces you need to be wiping down ideally the sick person isn't coming into much of this during the period they are recovering anyway don't forget the handles we're touching, use the coffee a daily wipedown, maybe more frequently if someone is sick in the house. >> go to the store and the shelves are clean. how do you make your own >> we're seeing that and people are telling me on twitter all across the country i can't get my hands on some of the products you're showing i get it don't freak out. you probably have some of these things in your home, bleach. this is easy, one-third bleach solution into a gallon of water. ideally use gloves, try not to touch the bleach never mix anything with bleach except water. >> hydrogen peroxide. >> you use it for scrapes and
7:48 am
bruises. if you put it into a spray bottle, spray it on the surface, just like the other stuff i'm showing you, lysol disinfectant. >> right on the surface. does it have a smell >> not really. i wonder if you could drop essential oil. >> you could that's not necessarily for disinfectant properties but make it smell better. >> keep it away from kids. >> put it on, products and recipes and tips and it's a lot. >> remember, if you have questions about cleaning or anything else tied to coronavirus, our team of experts hard at work answering them on "today's" page if you're looking for a distraction, we've got that covered as well. just ahead, the biggest shows and movies to watch with your family this weekend with a proper distance. but first this is "today" on nbc. ok, so maybe we're new to home improvement, but we're determined. we got an insider tip on the ultimate flooring destination.
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we're back now with one silver lining to all the time you might be spending at home, the chance to catch up on latest and greatest shows. >> like "today" show. >> we like this. joining us with top picks and what to watch jeremy parsons entertainment host of people tv. good morning, how are you, honey? >> good. good to talk to you guys. >> so many things to watch, people hunkering down. >> i have new things "debs. lot of people talking about this there fx, streaming on hulu. the sci-fi thriller. it surrounds this tech company there's maybe some dirty things happening there but there's a woman investigating a murder we'll see what happened. nick, who we know from "parks and rec" as a comedic actor, he said he and his wife were so excited to have this role. he wanted a role where people said, wait a second, who is that guy and realize it's not what he usually does from fx streaming on hulu.
7:52 am
>> let's go by category. i try not to let my kids not have too much screen without school -- >> what are you going to do? >> do you have any guilt-free recommendations. >> i gave it up a long time ago. show dogs. this brought to me by two girls, they forced me to have it on the list. >> how old are they? >> five and eight. will arnett starring in a role al life -- role of a lifetime. he's an fbi agent. he's got a police dog partner voiced by ludacris they got to take out a kidnapping any other dog talking dogs will they succeed? yes, they will will you get some free time as a parent "show dogs." it's new to prime video. >> perhaps unsurprisingly here "contagion" from 2011 trending right now. >> sure. >> that's perfect. >> let's not watch that. >> if you're looking for
7:53 am
something lighter. >> nothing like it at all. i want to give a lot of love -- >> "outbreak." >> "gentefied. i want people to get on board. america ferrera is behind this it's on netflix. she's behind the camera this time this is about a latin family in east l.a they want to keep their taco restaurant afloat in the midst of gentrification of the neighborhood that sounds serious but they take on issues that affect these communities with really comedic takes. great writing, smart writing, smart characters america and that cast told me on people now recently they are so proud to have this kind of representation in this way it's lighter, fun, and on netflix. take us to action. >> "altered carbon" season two my wife and i are about this. >> i didn't know about season one. >> a long break before season two. people found how to upload consciousness into new bodies, they call them sleeves, which creates twists and turns
7:54 am
hoda is horrified. it's called "altered carbon. anthony mackey is our hero, stars in this season as a mercenary on a mission the whole show is framed with deep seated love story renee is involved, kicking butt. i think it's great. >> anthony's character is someone else. >> that's the beauty of it it can change it, the vibe if you like an escape with new rules, you'll love this. >> right up your all >> something you may have missed still trending, "love is blind." we can't stop talking about it if you're not familiar "love is blind. people start dating in pods. they can't see each other until they have a connection. >> what's the other one. >> cheer a cheer squad in a small texas town stories are fantastic. check it out. >> thank you. >> blake shelton is on it. >> "the voice" season two.
7:55 am
>> we binge that all the time, carson >> thank you. straight ahead on hoda and jenna, funny women of a certain age. >> funny guy coming up hank azaria first your local news. good morning. 8 8:56. i'm marcus washington. a live look at sfo. tonight at midnight, trump's travel ban takes effect. it limits travel from 26 countries in europe for the next 30 days. the uk and ireland are exempt. the ban applies only to foreign nationals and not u.s. citizens or green card holders. the president says that all americans returning home from europe will have to undergo health screenings. two more bay area districts announcing plans to close. berkeley and san mateo foster city. both campuses will close starting monday. happening now, other districts are still debating closing
7:56 am
campuses. we'll have a live update during our midday newscast. we've also posted a link of the entire list of closures at the top of our home page. also, the latest from washington. where lawmakers appear to be getting close to nailing down a large coronavirus aid package. check our twitter feed for any of those updates any time. a live look at the dow right now where it is up 442 points. stocks today are bouncing back somewhat from the worst day drop in three decades. this is also one of wall street's worst weeks ever. on our home page you'll find the complete coronavirus coverage and links to bay area events and services feeling the impact. we
7:57 am
developments on the coronavirus outbreak . school districts across the bay area closing classrooms. the way parents are responding. plus, rain is in the forecast.. meteorologist kari hall is tracking your wet work week. today in the bay.. monday from 4:30 - will invisalign aligners really work for my smile. - is there a better alternative to braces? - only invisalign aligners use smarttrack technology.
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♪ ♪ live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. this is the third hour of "today". >> good morning, everybody welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm al along with jill, craig, natalie a zar. a little lat we'll have hank azaria talking about the simpsons and his latest series brock meyer. >> baker using her sweet skills to help young women. >> and then a timely edition of super food friday. joy has some recipes that can help us boost our immune systems, as well looking forward to all of that.
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