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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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stretched out the door. >> i almost got hit by a car. fighting and yelling, arguing with store employees about policies, about letting people in. it was panic. >> reporter: the coronavirus scare has sent people scrambling to stock up. cleaning supplies are flying off the shelves. irlene and her kids grabbed what they could find. >> it's hard not to feel that i have to prepare. but i'm being sensible about it. >> reporter: hand sanitizer is nearly impossible to find. this ace store took heat last week for selling hand sanitizer for $5.99. the store said they paid a high price for it themselves. >> if we can find it and get it for our customers, we're going to try to do that. >> it was right there. >> reporter: this woman of walnut creek says someone broke into her cars last week, rifling
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through her belongings but only take being ha taking hand chargers and sanitizer and wipes. >> i thought it was crazy. even police officers were rolling their eyes. coronavirus has even criminals going crazy. >> reporter: and we're back here live where you can see shopping carts are available. but earlier today there weren't any. that's because the store was at capacity, and they weren't letting anybody in. we are seeing shoppers with masks on. this costco is out of bottled water. all paper goods, and of course the disinfectant wipes. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. so that's the scene in fa fairfield. this is a live look in san jose, the lines not wrapped around the
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biddin building. it is still very active. the parking lot is full and shelves relatively empty. earlier today, same costco, hundreds of people lining up an hour before the store even opened. one shopper told us about the chaos that unfolded earlier. >> people are nervous right now and don't know what to do. when you get people together like this, it's like, i don't want to wait, i'm going in, because i got to get what i got to get. people get a little rude sometimes, and that's not fair. >> that's not just costco, look at trader joe's. food and other essentials literally sold out. yesterday was the biggest day in store history. we'll find out what the tole tals are today. >> at this hour, there are 170 cases in the bay area.
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theyle a they all announced new cases today. santa clara has the most, 79 at last count. as a result, the county is taking a hard-line to slow the spread, banning gatherings of 100 people or more. and the only exception, airport and malls where people are coming and going. those rules are meant to help people but they could bury businesses. we're joined inside a san jose restaurant. they must be worried. >> reporter: they are. this is happy hour right now here at this restaurant, and not a bad crowd, considering the circumstances. over on this side, they turned this into another bar and a nightclub where it's supposed to be happening tonight. these new rules are a tough pill to swallow. the disco light is usually in full effect on a friday night inside the bar, especially on st. patrick's day weekend. but public health leaders added
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new restrictions to combat covid-19. >> today i have signed a mandatory order prohibiting private or public gatherings of more than 100 people. >> reporter: the new rules sent shockwaves through downtown san jose. o'flaherty's doesn't know if they will have to close down. >> even at the six-foot limit we don't have people coming in. in this restaurant right now, it's more like a ten-foot almost of, there's nobody here. >> reporter: she said it was a difficult decision but one that had to be made. >> information is changing very rapidly, but we need to make them quickly. >> reporter: restaurants and bars hope they can stay afloat during one of the nation's most k difficult times. and for gatherings of 35 people,
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make sure no one who is sick is allowed in your facility. also provide hand sanitizer so people can do this as they're coming into your event. if you' are catholic, think again. if you are a parent, scrambling for the next few days and woks. school districts continuing to close. today another big batch. santa clara county public schools now on the list of closures. here's just a partial list. solano county, marin, oakland, san francisco and hayward among others. thom jensen joins us on how parents and the district plan to teach and we can't forget about lunches for students. >> reporter: especially in this district. it was not an easy decision to
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make, but the district said it's a decision it had to make, not only to protect kids but also to protect the community from the spread of covid-19. and it's leading parents to prepare for a very long spring break. the lines at the neighborhood safe way checking stand's long as oakland unified parents stock up, preparing for school closures. >> dante and rosemary mose loi have seven kids. their shopping cart overflowing today and they may be back very soon with everyone home every day all day every day. >> i find my self in the store tomorrow, start early or late at night. >> reporter: oakland unified announced all schools will close at 6:00 tonight, affecting more than 37,000 students in district schools and 12,000 more in charter schools. >> i decided to close the schools for students for three weeks beginning monday, march
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16th through the end of the regularly-scheduled spring break which ends friday, april 3rd. >> reporter: 75% of oakland unified students rely on school meals. they plan to provide three breakfasts and three lunches to be eaten at home. >> this is the right thing to do. >> reporter: even with seven kids to care for, the mosleys agree. >> it's quite stressful, but i'm glad that the schools closed. >> reporter: now faras far as t centers, where they're handing out meals. those are on the website. also as far as educating students. each individual school will set up plans to educate students while they're home based on current content, no grades given
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out, and right now there are no plans to make up the missed school days. >> san francisco's convert being pus public libraries and rec. centers into emergency child care centers. they will be closed to the general public to allow kids of health care workers and low-income families to have access to care while parents work. the plan goes into effect next monday through march 31st. a major turning point, president trump declaring a national emergency. the declaration now unleashes up to $50 billion in aid to help states pay for their own emergency responses. at today's rose garden news conference, the president faced some tough question ths, includ how his own exposure to the virus from that man in the hat, could impact everyone. and another reporter got a stunning answer to the
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disbanding of the pandemic office. >> you say me. i could have perhaps asked tony about that, because i don't know anything about it. you say we did that, i don't know anything about it. >> the pandemic office was formed during the 2014 ebola outbreak. workers claim dissolving their team crippled their response. it was eliminated after john bolton became national security adviser. the wall street weekended with a rally. experts say it was due to the president declaring a national emergency giving anxious investors a wit bit of confiden. but more market volatility is expected in coming weeks. you heard president trump's
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bold plan, and a big part of the plan is drive-thr through testi. we were at a kaiser facility, it's in the parking lot. the doctor and his medical team, a meticulous process of taking on and off the gear before every patient comes and then the actual testing. >> it is pretty fast. patients full up, turn off their car, once i have the protective equipment on i go and talk with them, make sure it's the right patient, print the labeling on the swab and i explain the procedure which is a little bit on the back of the throat and side and up in the nares. >> what happens if you get tested? it's about a five-minute process, but near athere are ot details we'll tell you at 6:00. we are in for the return of rain this weekend.
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you're looking live at our camera in san rafael. the clouds are going to be coming in. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. what are we talking about in terms of this rain? heavy rain? >> i think at times we'll see pockets of heavy rain, but not non-stop rain all the way through saturday and sunday. storm system is off to the north and not only producing wet weather but a cold blast. i expect it to begin right around 5:00 in the morning. moderate pockets around novato. showers for san francisco and the east bay. once we hit 9:30 in the morning, that moves down to the peninsula and also right there for the east bay. obviously, much-needed rafinfal after nothing in february at all. a quick look at the timeline. rain developing on saturday accumulating into sunday. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. low snow down to 2,000 feet and we'll talk about dangerous sa
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sierra snow. more coronavirus coverage to come. details about what's going to happen to the "grand princess" now that almost everyone is off the ship and in quarantine. also, we are answering your questions. that includes how long the virus can luff in the air and on house head surfaces. and before we go, we asked our team of reporters to show what distancing yourself six feet actually looks like in every day situations. here's another way to look at six feet while you're shopping. say your shopping cart is hoer, the other person's shopping cart can be six feet away. you're close enough to converse but far enough away to stay safe.
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that cruise ship is still docked at the port of oakland. you can see it there, but it will soon be on the move. the location somewhere in the san francisco bay, but the location is still not fushlly announced. during that time, the crew members still on board, and they're still on board now, they will disembark for chartered flights to various quarantine. the port of oakland will be decontaminated and the area you see here pressure washed with a bleach solution to disinfect. yesterday the last of the passengers disembarked and started their 14-day quarantine. some of those passengers taken to travis air force base in
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fairfield and other bases around the country and a hotel in san carlos. with more cases of covid-19 mounting every day, more questions are popping up on how you can catch it and how you can fight it. so we created the coronavirus crisis center to give you the most up to date information fblinformation. a consortium of researchers looked at how long covid-19 can live on different surfaces and in the air. researchers sprayed the virus in the air and three hours later it was still detectible. so that got us wondering how long the virus lives on packages, the ones that give delivered? covid-19 can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. the virus lived the longest on steel and plastic. believe it or not, up to two to three days. >> i no he thknow that sounds st no one has become infected that they know of from a surface contaminated from the virus.
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but it is still really good, remember, we've been giving you these tips, to clean the surface with soap and water and d disinfect it after and wash your hands with soap and water over and over again. finding ways to do our jobs under challenging circumstances includes working remotely. we spoke to an expert about what to do if you or your family start feeling symptoms. >> reporter: with everything changing so fast, not just our reaction but our understanding of the virus as well, we wanted to keep checking in with experts to see if their recommendations are changing. we reached out to dr. dan field. he's got 30 years experience in emergency medicine and is chief medical officer of md staffer. we asked him, with the number of infections rising, what should people do if they start to feel
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sick. >> stay the hell away from the emergency department. do not go in because you feel sick. here's what i tell people. if you wake up feeling sick, and it feels like you've got the onset of a cold or a flu, stay home and take care of yourself like you have a cold or a flu. if you feel sicker than a dog, and if you feel like you might d die call 911. if you have telemedicine available as they do at kaiser and sutter, if they have video medicine available, you can take advantage of that. but do not go into the emergency department just because you're feeling sick. >> that's all well and good, but i had to ask him, what about my family? what if i have a spouse or partner working from home and kids are home from school. how do i protect them. >> you can't send kids home from home, what do you do? the goal is you don't want
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everybody to be sick at once. they say up to 80% of our population will contract this illness. so if that number is right, then for ever ten people, eight are going to get it. if you have five people in your household, four are going to get sick. you don't all want to be sick at the same time. >> dan's big concern like so many others, just not overwhelming the medical system. he says we live in this constant, two-week window of uncertainty where people infected now don't show symptoms for a couple weeks. what that means is you never know in real team what the outbreak is like in your community, which is why it's so important to be aggressive about taking preventive measures. garvin thomas. >> i think we're all going to be inside the home for a couple days. >> we do have rain coming this weekend. it's not going to be non-stop rain all weekend long but we
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have periods of heavier rainfall at times. let's take your mind away here. we'll get a look at the weather forecast and ready to go. it's going to be all about this system dropping down from the north. it could linger into tuesday of next week. that's why i have on and off chances in the forecast. we'll get you prepared for saturday and also on sunday. can you see 5:30 in the morning brain moving in rain moving into the north bay. once we hit 9:30, moves down to the peninsula and east bay. and, as we head through saturday afternoon eventually down towards the south bay. maybe not much there in the north bay, so it's just starting to be going on saturday. then once we hit sunday, i think that's when by the morning hours, we could get in on widespread rainfall, and likely, we could see a little break here once we hit sunday afternoon. now the best thing this is going to be good for, at least most
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immediately is helping you out with your allergies. all of these pollen irritants have been in the high category, but once we hit this weekend it all drops to low, and that is at least good news to share. as we start off tomorrow morning with spotty shower chances returning, temperatures will be chilly, here in the 40s for the south bay, peninsula. as we move through the afternoon tomorrow, talk about a big temperature drop. from 70s, near record-setting heat this week down to low 50s for san francisco. saturday and sunday and rainfall totals right now about a quarter to three quarters of an inch as we head through the two-day period. low snow levels down to about 2,000 feet. and the way it looks now, also for immediate fire danger, on and off rain chances monday, tuesday and wednesday. and maybe, just maybe at this point, possibly another stronger storm lining up once we hit next
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friday's forecast. becoming active. it's excellent news with some of those drought conditions settling in. for inland valleys, instead of 70s, back down to the 50s. find your jacket and your umbrella. rainfall here means snow in the sierra, and i want to give you this big warning. if you are headed that way, you're going to have a lot of fun once you get up there, but the roads are going to be pretty tre treacherous. snow levels down to about 3,000 feet. on sunday is when i'm calling for severe snow. we would get one to two feet. and additionally, maybe another one to two feet as we head into early next week. so this will help us out tremendously. just got to get up there safely. so if anything, this rain might help to take your mind off everything that's going on. just find your zen moment in that rain and try to relax just a little bit this weekend. >> i think you've given a one-way gold ticket to everyone
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to go skiing and snowboarding. >> that's not, you don't have to be close to people doing that. >> it's perfect. >> put your thing up, goggles on. >> the white house is tapping google to help with the coronavirus testing. what the company will be asked to do. plus what staying six feet away from other people looks like. >> this is a six-foot limit at a restaurant. if you're sitting at this chair, the person you're with would have to sit way over here. that means this chair in the middle would have to go. this is six feet. we )re trackin developments on the coronavirus outbreak . school districts across the bay area closing classrooms. the way parents are responding. plus, rain is in the forecast.. meteorologist kari hall is tracking your wet work week. today in the bay.. monday from 4:30 4:30
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making it in the bay, and we have a notable change. a temporary halt on evictions.
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it's one way people hope people stay healthy. mayor breed says the order applies to anyone who cannot pay rent due to the coronavirus. the tenant needs to of notify the landlord they've lost their income due to covid-19 and need to provide some documentation to show they're facing a hardship. they will have six months to repay the rent. we have to give you a real-life example of a six-feet rule. >> this is what six feet from a cash register looks like, four, five and six. awesome internet. it's more than just fast. it keeps all your devices running smoothly. with built-in security that protects your kids... matter what they're up to.
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tonight at 6:00, can companies and stores keep up with all the demand? we've showed you all the stores across the bay area with empty shelves, long lines, experts say it's not time to worry yet about a lack of supply. that story and more at 6:00. google was a little baffled at the president's announcement that they were working with the white house to help locate testing. google says it's not working for anything for the federal government. it says it is working on something on its own though.
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>> they do want to clarify that. before we go, one last look on the friday night forecast. >> rain coming in tomorrow, starts to develop on saturday and more accumulating rain on sunday and heavy fesierra snow. breaking news tonight, president trump declaring the coronavirus a national emergency. the move freeing billions for the fight as america contracts to slow the rapidly spreading pandemic the number of cases in the u.s. rising over 2,000. at least 49 deaths schools closing in a growing number of states millions of students impacted houses of worship suspending services. landmarks, theme parks, sporting events and concerts shutting down the chaos at grocery stores, lines stretching out the door, shelves cleared out. >> nervous, scared, confused, not really sure what's going on. but on wall


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