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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 9, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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how light the traffic is. we are looking at another live california. look for the peninsula, and palo preliminary data showing 30% of alto shows no problems and an those infected are hispanic, 14% easy drive on 101. just watch your speeds. it's ery much. asian and 6%, black. breaking news for you this joining us is the director of morning. more bad news for american the african-american agency. workers. just released, the jobless with the name, you say african-american community numbers show 6.6 million agency, but you provide services americans filed for first-time to all those in need in santa unemployment, and this is on top of the 10 million we saw last clara county? >> certainly, marcus. week. over the past two weeks, nearly here at the agency founded in 2 million californians have 1978, we provide service to all, filed for unemployment. meantime to capitol hill, although we have a primarily lawmakers will vote on another black community based on the stimulus package for small businesses. disparity. >> when you talk about the tracie potts, i know we are talking about another $250 billion in aid. disparities, i saw a new study out of new york, 86% of the people in new york who died >> yeah, exactly. because of covid-19 had hopefully aid that goes to those pre-existing conditions. businesses so they can pay their we see that often times within workers. that's been the hang banks. the black community because of several different reasons. what have you seen in your
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the government says they approved the loans, and the health services in santa clara banks can't give out the checks because of the way the county? government approved the loans, >> well, we have seen several it may leave them holding the health disparities based on bag. we learned president trump is planning to create a second where the african-americans and coronavirus task force, and this one focused on the economy and a latino community is living. big part of the economy is we have a sigma behind getting getting these businesses, especially small businesses to behind health services, and work again. president trump says he hopes that's where our agency has this new money that the senate partnered with the county of is expected to vote on today santa clara and various other partners to provide services will help. >> we do not have time for the here in the community are for partisan games. we don't want that, the the community as a whole. >> when we talk about the obstruction. the totally unrelated agendas, disparities, we are talking we want to do this for the small about food deserts, like where businesses and workers. access to fresh vegetables and >> we cannot solidify the fruits are scares, and talk about what you all do to try and inequality of access to capital bridge that gap? it can be hard for a lot of while addressing the people. >> certainly. well, one the cost of living
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coronavirus. >> some banks are restricting alone here in silicon valleywouf the loans to existing customers, and that's what democrats are four children who is looking for worried about. free food or access to food, so >> tracie potts in washington for us. thank you. sad news to report here, but some of the organizations like coronavirus cases actually took the black infant program, it off in an east bay health care facility for the elderly, and although we heard about all the complications for the elderly, gives services and access to the problem here is that the food, and here at the brunt of this affected some of african-american community the health-care workers taking service, we provide people food care of those. kris sanchez has a look at the number of cases we are looking where they can come to the agency and get, and it at, and some help the eliminates the fear of asking health-care workers may get for food. soon. some of those partners we are >> it's painful to hear at this partnering with provide the food that we can even go and deliver, point in time 1 in 10 california and to some of the clients and health-care workers has tested positive for the coronavirus and nowhere is that more painfully families, and that also helps us true than in the east bay. gateway care and rehab center is to get food resources to these
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families. now under quarantine. we are a partner with several organizations to get needs to alameda county officials our families. confirmed six people died infected with coronavirus there. >> all right, thank you so much all 35 residents tested positive for your time this morning. for the virus, and 24 staff >> thank you. have a great day. members. one man said his wife is one of it's 6:08 right now. them. community groups in oakland >> she keep telling their boss, organized an online town hall today to give a voice to those hey, you have to do something, because there's a lot of people sick over here. struggling most to make it in the bay. they say, everything is okay. the event is called speakout. nobody is positive. how many people died already? it includes people have yet found somewhere to shelter you guys see the bodies come during the pandemic. they are coming up with ideas to pose to city leaders. out. >> that is just one of four let's get to kari and see the east bay with how things are looking out there. it has been spring-like lately, and that's a nice thing. adding to the infected >> it is a nice thing, because we had spring storms rolling health-care workers, and 11 of through the bay area. i wanted to talk about one of the 16 coronavirus cases at your favorite subjects, laura, carlsbad living center are the sierra snowpack.
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health-care workers. we have seen it now to 60% of normal, and compared to a month nobody wants to see what happened in riverside happen ago we were 39% normal. here, abandoned residents had to a huge gain thanks to the storms be evacuated after the staff that have been moving by. there failed to show up two days we have a storm over the region in a row. there's talk in washington of that will bring a slight chance paying front line health-care of rain for the bay area as well. i will track that in a couple workers hazard pay to the tune of $25,000, and that is still in minutes. back to you. social distancing and the talks in washington. shopping just got a little easier, laura. that's separate from the >> that's right. stimulus and assistance that that can be a good thing. coming up next on "today in the bay," we will have a look at a in the next few weeks, so as we popular app that will let you po tracie potts has been talking see the protests from about this morning, and that reserve a time to grocery shop. will be down the road.and thosee health-care workers calling for more ppe, it sounds like we we reported it as it might start be getting to that happened, so many more millions of americans out of work but the point. in santa clara county, the future is still calling for a better day on wall street as it health officers said that would continues to recover, and s&p up be one of the benchmarks of better than 23% off its low. getting back to normal, the
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availability of ppe to keep our health-care workers safe. 6:35 for y05 this morning. and alarming news, in chicago nearly 70% of those that died are african-american, even though they make up less than one-third of the population. in louisiana, again, a 70% ratio, though blacks only account for one-third of the population as well, and new york's ratio deaths in
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good morning. very happy thursday. we brought you the news as it happened, 6.6 million americans applied for first-time jobless claims last week. now that was more than economists expected but there's much bigger news in that data. that is that the labor department has resized the number from two weeks ago from
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around 3 million to 7 million. the following weeks report is more than 6 million, and then you got more than 6 million this week. so what this means is this is the largest number of americans collecting unemployment in the history of the united states. you have heard the internet that has items, and this is a connected bay area thank yermom. the data is anonymous. the ceo joins me from his home. we are talking about companies and how they collect data and how that is helpful with doctors, and i will show the viewers a map you made, and to be clear, this is an older map, it's the flu and not the coronavirus, but you were able to track the flu through your
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thermometers, as people took their temperatures. that's amazing. >> yeah, we are plotting and mapping fevers across the country and in the past it has helped to predict where the flu will strike. >> so do you have enough thermometers out there across the united states, and you have statistically good numbers to look at. is this useful? >> yeah, we have more than $1 million thermometers in the u.s. that is sending us data. there's science behind this. we have been doing this for eight years and we have shown we can predict flu on the city by city basis weeks in advance. technology now allows us to predict the flu 12 weeks in advance, and today it's detecteding covid-19. >> let's talk about covid-19.
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there's a chart that struck me that your data scientists made in which we see santa clara county compared to miami-dade. in santa clara here in silicon valley, we got a early jump in sheltering in place at our homes. famously, they were quite delayed. you can see in the chart with your own eyes, the affect of that and this is collected through your thermometer data. >> yeah, the data is clear. every single place in the country, including here in california, those areas that implemented aggressive social distancing, shelter in place, and you can see the data where levels start to level off and then falling dramatically. now that many places in the country have the social distancing activity, you athat' that means we are breaking the chain of infection and flattening the curb. one area not at zero yet is new
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york. our hypothesis is they are hovering around 2%, and it's tough to do aggressive social distancing in a high density city like new york. >> i will leave you with this one last question, a basic question. i understand why scientists want your data. why does a family, a mom and dad, was an internet connected thermometer? >> we don't talk about that today a lot, so thanks for asking that question. think of it a guidance system that starts with a thermometer, and it helps to coach you about what to do, when to go to the doctor and what is going around. that answers much more beyond what is your body temperature. >> as a young parent i remember lots of questions that could have been answered. thank you.
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i want to leave you with something that is coronavirus free, and that's an interesting new development in the space of robot cars. a company out of mountainview has gotten permission to run their cars without drivers, no safety driver at all, and they will be used to make home deliveries. it will start testing after the virus has reached safe levels. i think you will see pretty soon those cars driving by with big logos. >> that could be interesting, especially during a time like this. very handy there. thank you. speaking of just trying to get to the grocery store, it's tough but now you can book a grocery store shopping reservation. it's a grocery app that launched yesterday and now eight bay area restaurants are online, and that includes this restaurant, and
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the owner says grocery reservations help to keep everybody safe. >> they are trying to do good work for us, and i thought it made sense to give people an opportunity to book ahead. >> other stores on the app include other restaurants. a lot of the restaurants that we have seen have been converting from not being able to have people in the restaurants, but they have all the goods they use to make the food so they are selling it off. >> yeah, everybody doing what they can right now. 6:19 for you right now. meteorologist kari hall working from home this morning. kari, starting off or shaping up to be a nice day today. >> yeah, we are going to have another nice day. yesterday was beautiful but we were still tracking spotty showers close to the bay area. as we take a look out here this morning, a live view in dublin
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where we are seeing the commuters coming through the tri-valley into the bay area, we are seeing clear visibility right now, and our temperatures going from the low 50s into the upper 50s, we will gradually warm up today. as we check out what we are expecting for this afternoon, it's going to be, once again, a really nice day. we are still seeing rain to the south so that will keep a slight chance of rain for parts of the bay area as well. look how much rain they are getting just north of l.a. from the central valley over towards the central coast. some heavy rain rolling through and we're just on the northern erpblg edge of that. as we go hour-by-hour, it shows we could see rain in parts of the east bay and peninsula, and then we will start to see our rain chances going down as we go into the rest of the forecast. our inland temperatures will be in the upper 60s. going into the end of the week into the weekend, we are looking
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at mid-70s in the forecast. easter weekend is looking perfect. as we check out san francisco, we are also going to warm up with mid-60s expected this weekend. mike, anything new popping up on the morning traffic report? >> a couple things, kari. we have light-rail, and that's good news. we have video from our photographer who is out there on the tracks. the light-rail cars are back on the rails this morning. they are restoring service. a couple weeks ago, you will remember one of the trainees tested positive for covid-19. they are more limited than before so check their website. and back to the maps, no update on this crash i circled. there may be a traffic break to clear a car but no injuries. back to you. >> good to hear no injuries. an unforgettable experience.
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welcome back. it's 6:24 right now. you are watching "today in the bay." here are the latest numbers on worldwide totals of the coronavirus. there are now 1.5 million confirmed infections. nearly 80,000 people have died. new zealand's prime minister is being credited for her quick response to the outbreak, which led to one death and about 1,200 confirmed cases, and in a bit of light heartedness today, she declared the easter bunny an essential workers. >> i said if the easter bunny doesn't make it to your household, we have to understand that it's a bit difficult at the moment to perhaps get everywhere. >> difficult you smile, laura, and i know you smiled about this earlier, the san diego county man that gets a
6:20 am
welcome of a lifetime after fighting to survive a fight with the coronavirus. >> he's so lucky to be alive and thankful as well. he spent five days in the icu. after beating coronavirus, he was greeted with cheers from his entire neighborhood. >> they were cheering. they were cheering for me. >> isn't that nice? at the hospital, he was treated with several drugs, including the much-talked about hydroxychloroquine, and he is crediting prayer and the love of his family and community, and he's so thankful to have survived. what a warm welcome he got after that from hisan go a long
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way. >> you're not kidding at all. we're going to be right back with a lot more news. stick around. (clucking noises)
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she was telling her boss, hey, you have to do something because there's a lot of people sick. >> good morning, your headlines right now at 6:30. a deadly outbreak at a nursing home facility. it could be the biggest of its
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kind in the country as new numbers reveal real concerns for health-care workers across the state. a look at the numbers across the country. there are more than 432,000 confirmed cases and nearly 15,000 people who have died. here in california there are more than 19,000 infections. a very good morning to you, i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we will have more of the headlines coming up in a bit, but you see it right here, all the gang is here and ready to start the day here on "today in the bay." let's start out with kari hall and a look at the forecast. >> marcus, let's go to the east bay where we are seeing a lot of clouds to start out this morning, and it will be a partly cloudy sky today as we start to see some peaks going into the afternoon, but we will starting out in the 50s, and then we will
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be in the low 60s by the afternoon. in the north bay you will be warmer thanks to more sunshine. we are looking at mostly upper 60s and still a chance of rain, so i will have more on that. we will take a look ahead to the easter weekend forecast. as we look at our traffic, anything popping up for you there, mike? >> no, in fact, we have fewer icons. let's look at the maps. we have green sensors around the bay. we have an easy drive around contra costa, and the crash in the tunnel has cleared, and the crash near walnut creek also crashed. we will talk about what is normal and what is new out there coming up in the next report. one of the top experts in the country is starting to see a glimmer of hope in the fight against covid-19.
6:26 am
tod "today in the bay"'s bob redell, and fauci is cautiously optimistic right now. >> he spoke earlier on the "today" show, and he acknowledged the country is still struggling to try and overcome the virus and there are going to be more deaths but he believes the death toll will be much less than the original 100,000 to 200,000 facilities he predicted. >> i do. i believe the mitigation -- i think the american public has done a really terrific job of buckling down and doing the physical separations and adhering to the guidelines. as i told you on the show, models are really only as good as the assumptions you put into the model. when you start to see real data, you can modify that model. the real data of telling us that it's highly likely that we're
6:27 am
having a definite positive affect by the mitigation things we are doing, the physical separation, so i believe we are going to see a downturn in that, and it looks more like 60,000 than the 100 to 200,000. but having said that we better be careful we don't say, okay, we're doing so we will we can pull back. we still have to put our foot on the accelerator when it comes to the mitigation and physical separation. >> you can watch the full interview with dr. fauci coming up at 7:00 a.m. on the "today" show, in about 30 minutes. >> thank you, bob. happening today the city of santa clara will be handing out free breakfast and lunches to children and their parents. starting today at 2:00 p.m., parents can pick up breakfast and lunched, bagged phaeld fmea the weekend. head over to our website to see
6:28 am
where you can get the grab & go meals. we want to get a check of the forecast from our meteorologist, kari hall, working from home this morning. kari, you say get out the sunglasses and get ready for the day. oh, okay, right now -- >> mike, you get out your sunglasses. >> you know, i got them. i got my sunglasses and map and mask as well, so let's look at the roadways. the roadways are fine over my shoulder. let's talk about what is new and normal now. what has become normal, it's the line at costco. yeah, we have to get in line to get supplies, so i call it the supply line. what iss how we are handling theost about safeway. she posted this yesterday,
6:29 am
talking about how safeway has passover items for those that observe, and yesterday was the first night of seder, and so that's for folks observing that holiday. and we are looking for items in or out of stock. the next picture from kathy shows the one-way traffic, and i guess that's my area, and so that's evolving with what is going on in the store as well. the last picture does show how detailed kathy's reports are, including those worried about getting toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and that's information from her. and kari, i can say yesterday was so beautiful, and what is it like today?
6:30 am
>> all right. 6:35 for you. of course, kari is a little frozen there. that happens with live tv every now and then. it's a new normal for us around here. laura, what are you working on right now? >> well, i am trying to pull up a script right now, because we have stanford's physician, who i have been wanting the talk to for sometime, and they are doing a study , a study to pinpoint which areas of the bay area is affected, and so he's joining us now. thank you for joining us. are you there? okay. i am not hearing anything from my end. >> can you hear me? >> are you there? >> yes, i am.
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are you there? >> i am here, too. i want to talk about the daily survey that stanford is putting out. tell us about some of the questions that you ask and the information you can actually get from it. it's mapping out where coronavirus is. okay, i am told we lost our interview as i am told right now. let's go to break and we will try and work it out. a lot more news ahead. stick around. lately, i've discovered that while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru,
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right now at 6:39, let's get a live look outside as we see a lot of fog over the bay area. we will see the clouds linger for parts of east san jose and evergreen as we start out this morning. . more on this in the forecast coming up. new overnight for you, we are hearing from a woman who says she's the cousin of homicide of the year. we're now learning the unidentified victim is recently engaged. >> he was a really good guy. very passionate and loving and
6:35 am
very hard-working. he has a family. >> so far police are not saying what kind of leads they have or even whether they know what led up to the dispute. the state of the u.s. economy continues to worry washington. scott mcgrew, congress planning to hand out more money and the white house is thinking about a special economic task force now. >> that's right. and we just got word, marcus, i mean minutes ago from the fed about their program to add to the ppe, and i am still going over the numbers so can't report much on that yet, but i will. we also know nancy pelosi and congress wanting to work with republicans on the ppe, and a special focus on small business there. nbc learned the president is thinking about creating a task force that would work specifically on the economy, perhaps led by the secretary of the treasury. as we have been reporting with this week's first-time jobless
6:36 am
claims, there are right now more americans collecting unemployment than at any point in american history. so the economic task force would look similar to the coronavirus task force, which is led by vice president mike pence. we also noticed vice president pence is more often in the background as the press briefings go way off topic. this is a fault of the reporters as well as the president. for instance, on wednesday's briefing, a day 1,800 americans died, the deadliest day yet, somebody asked the question about the netflix show "tiger king" and whether joe exotic should get a pardon. >> 22 years for what? what did he do? >> allegedly he hired somebody to murder an animal rights activist. but he says he didn't do it. >> are you on his side? are you recommending a pardon?
6:37 am
>> "the wall street journal" editorial board which is generally seen as quite conservative said this morning the president should stick to talking about the pandemic or discontinue the press consequence tprup conferences. what do you think? i would be fascinated to hear from you on do. you can find me there @scottmcgrew. >> thank you, scott. after movie producer tyler perry is finding a way to give those in need, he recently toured grocery stores in the area where he lives and he paid for a group of seniors groceries this week. he paid it forward at 26 winn-dixie stores across at
6:38 am
hra atlanta, and at kroger stores in atlanta where he lives. many were floored by his generosity. nice to see. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking our forecast for today. kari, shaping up to be a good one today. >> yeah, we have seen the rain very close to the bay area. still slight rain chances, but we have had a lot of storms recently. the drought monitor was just updated this morning so i wanted to talk about it briefly as we see this map across california, and where you see it shaded in, that's where we have at least abnormally dry or drought conditions. we are still under a moderate drought, even with the rain we have seen over the past couple of weeks. as we look at what we are expecting going into the forecast climate prediction center, it says we will be below average, and we know we are headed into a drier trend as
6:39 am
temperatures reach into the uppe we will see low 70s in partsf warmer with more sunshine in the forecast. then we also have been tracking the storm system just to the south across southern california, though, rain still continues. we are on the northern edge of that. that could bring in rain as we go into today. we are still seeing some of the heaviest rain over parts of the central valley and moving off the central coast, and that rain is mostly north of l.a. as we look at the forecast today going hour-by-hour, we are looking at a chance of spotty showers, for the east bay, the south bay and peninsula. in the north bay we could see a little more sunshine, but that's going to help warm up the temperatures there and the model showing we could see another round of rain for tonight as the storm system to our south brings in wet weather here. still, as we look at the overall trend over the next seven days, we will keep slight rain chances but also warm up. by the weekend we are drying out and easter is looking beautiful.
6:40 am
we have highs in the mid-70s. for the inland areas and san francisco, we will have sunshine, and it's going to be nice for easter, and also watching some of our easter services right here on nbc bay area. as we head over to mike, you have been tracking the commute. what is going on for essential workers as they are about to head out the door? >> we have one note for the south bay, but a great ride for essential workers. and also, for easter, everybody is celebrating but find a way to do that without physically connecting. i have to have a concern for folks getting off shift and heading down 17 and getting off the freeway at bear creek road, there's a report that two or three large boulders are in the roadway, and it's dark, and if
6:41 am
you are tired after your shift, thank you for doing your work, but be careful getting home because the boulders could be an issue. and maybe better news bottom, v been restored. we were out there and some of the first trains on the back, and they are back after the trainee was diagnosed with covid a couple weeks ago. in that off time, they replaced seats with a new fabric and they deep cleaned all the trains. that's terrific, folks. we will show you the details for bart, which as you know is limited to one train every 30 minutes, and that's about half the train we had. down to only 6% of the clients they used to have. muni down to 17 bus routes and are only focusing around the hospitals and most frequently used routes. they had to downsize because the
6:42 am
number of operators are down and the money is down for the agency. >> yeah, i was talking to an engineer from cal tran yesterday, and there's hardly anybody on the trains. thank you. and in otay mesa, outside of san diego, there are now at least six confirmed coronavirus infections, and in all 34,000 people are detained across the u.s., and critics point out many have never committed a crime besides unlawfully crossing the border. new overnight a crew member on the "uss mercy" tested positive for the coronavirus. crews are caring for noncoronavirus patients.
6:43 am
according to the navy, the crew member is in isolation and onboard. that ship to be sterile of the coronavirus so they could treat conditions that are noncoronavirus. the nfl insists the season is still a go but a santa clara officer said he doesn't expect fans back in the seats until at least november, and that would mean sharks' games would also remain on hold. the 49ers tell nbc sports bay area they plan to follow league recommendations along with those from all levels of government. 6:49. now something good for you this morning. nike is working to help those working on the front lines. the oregon-based company is repurposing sneakers to create face shields for health-care
6:44 am
workers. nike has already created some to help health care professionals. now, somebody has been busy outside the park, and somebody put red sox face masks on each of the legends honored there because some of the statues stand so close to each other, and in this case they are allowing social distancing rules to fly. laura? coming up next, we will have a look at our top stories we are covering, including the growing concern for health-care workers on the front line. new tums numbers to talk to yout there. plus, new free testing sites opening up in the bay area to tell you about. we will tell you how it differs from some of the other sites we have been talking about. you are watching "today in the bay." it's 6:50.
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6:53 on your thursday morning. thanks for joining us for "today in the bay." >> here's a quick look at the top stories we are following this morning. a live look at the big board where you can see the dow is up 486 points right now. investors are hoping the fed takes stronger action to stabilize the economy. the white house says it's looking at creating another coronavirus task force, this one focusing solely on the economy.
6:48 am
weekly jobless claims showed 6.6 million americans filed for unemployment, and that is on top of the 10 million that previously filed for unemployment. and then gateway care and rehab center in hayward is in quarantine after six people there died. 24 staff and 35 residents tested positive. this is a map of east bay nursing homes that have seen a rise in cases. facilities i facilities here have confirmed cases. challenges for health-care workers on the front lines are unmanageable. new numbers show the reality they are facing. 10% of coronavirus across california are health-care
6:49 am
workers, and nearly 1,700 have tested positive and were known to contract the virus in a health setting. a clinic is located on liberty street at the tri city center. starting today walk-ups will be allowed until each day's appointments are filled. a doctor's referral is not required and they do not check immigration status. the cdc has new guidelines for essential workers, and they are allowed to work as long as they are not showing symptoms, and they have to take temperatures before shifts and wear face masks and practice social distancing. one of the first walkouts
6:50 am
appened over the weekend in a today workers at ilude a 9:00 walk-off at fast-food chains in hayward. advocates today try to plan for a release of the inmates from the santa rita jail on the heels of the jail already releasing 300 inmates into the community. they are low-level risk offenders so far. they are trying to help the spread of the coronavirus, but there's actually a little concern about this as well because a lot of cases there in that area have recently tested positive, and that's certainly raising a lot of safety concerns. >> one of the most high profile detainees there is expected to be released this weekend. the ghost ship warehouse fire,
6:51 am
almena, is said to be released. the sheriff's office says he will wear a ankle monitor once he is out. and the city of san francisco is now signing leases for hotel rooms for first responders and homeless. hotel rooms will cost the city nearly $200 a night, and three months of rooms will come to $35 million, and matt haney is producing legislation to require the city to acquire thousands of rooms for the homeless. and then something good, a melody this san francisco band put together. take a look. ♪ ♪ let it be ♪
6:52 am
>> the band is based in the bay area, and they got everybody together on zoom. chip lamary of san francisco among the talented performers there. a nice look at how they can collaborate together. >> they sound so good, too. >> right? >> yeah. >> you know we could all do that as well the way we are talking now. >> mike, are you doing the stevie wonder for us this morning? >> yeah, i am feeling it. i am feeling it. >> feeling it for us this morning. also feeling things, meteorologist kari, she's feeling the forecast for us because you said it was going to be a nice one out going to have another nice day and the temperatures will reach in the upper 60s. for the next couple of days, still a couple spotty showers
6:53 am
moving through but overall we are going to have drier weather. going into the weekend we are looking at our inland highs in the mid-70s, and it continues as we go into next week as well. for san francisco, expect more clouds today, a slight chance of showers, and then we are going to make it into the mid-60s over the next several days. once again we are going to have some beautiful conditions over the next couple of days. mike, you have been keeping an eye on traffic. what is going on out there now? >> i have a concern kari over in the south bay. as folks get off their shift, they could be tired and heading down 17 and getting off at bear creek is dark, and a number of boulders were reported to be in the roadway so be careful out there. no major problems getting over towards the bay there shows you the live pictures we have for dublin, 580 west, you can see no
6:54 am
problems. in traffic, observe the speed laws because they are still in place. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. that will do it for us here at "today in the bay." >> a live look at san francisco, out at the golden gate bridge. clouds out there this morning, but don't worry, kari hall says it's going to be a nice one. up next, live with growing pain felt coast to coast. hopeful step.
6:55 am
>> we know the mitigation is having a positive effected.
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